the new neighbors

The new neighbors

it was a few days after my 17th birthday.

A large truck parked in front of the house next to us
in front stood a Mercedes, from the Mercedes stepped
two beautiful women, one dressed in a gorgeous leather gown
and the other in a fifties style maids dress.

The fabric appeared to be PVC, from under the skirt showed a petticoat
her top was very low cut showing of her gorgeous breasts.

Now here's where it got strange, her arms and legs were restrained with shackles
and around her neck hung a steel collar.

Her heels were unbelievably high and were locked to her feet
the woman made sure she never was in front of the other
until she came to the door, with a swift motion from her mistress
she opened the door and curtsied and let her mistress enter the house.

While the maid curtsied I thought I saw something that shouldn't be there
but then decided It was my mind playing tricks on me and went back in our house
but, it couldn't get the image from my head.

It wasn't the mistress but the maid that intrigued me
in this day and age maids didn't dress like that no more
but here she was.

I never had any interest in cross dressing, but after seeing her
I wondered what it would be like dressed like that and serve someone powerful
when I looked down I noticed I had a full blown erection.

The next day a man came from the house wearing a t-shirt and leather hot pants
the t-shirt seemed right but the hot pants were clearly female
he also seemed to wear pantyhose.

He didn't seemed to care as he was walking back and forwards
removing box after box from the truck, the fact there wasn't any trace of his cock
intrigued me.

I walked outside and asked if he needed any help, just to see up close
before answering he looked over his shoulder towards the house
as if to ask permission
looking back at me he answered, sure, but only to the front door.

That's odd I thought but then thought about what I saw the previous day
I carried the boxes from the truck to the door, as he carried them in the house
an hour later I had a smoke break and he came outside holding some beers
as we drank our beer I couldn't help looking at his hot pants
they looked so sexy together with his pantyhose.

He looked at me anticipating the questions I had, but I remained silent
it was after all none of my business
we resumed unloading the truck
it was well beyond ten in the evening when he called it was enough for one day
I couldn't agree with him more, we were tired and agreed we would do the rest the following day.

Before I went home his mistress came outside and handed me a package
I tried to tell her I didn't needed payment, but she wouldn't take no for an answer
reluctantly I accepted her gift and went home.

Once at home I took another beer and talked with my mother about the day
I told her what he wore, did you ask him about it she asked
nah, I answered, none of my business
clever boy she said and then went to bed
I finished my beer and then also went up to my room.

As I walked up I remembered the package so I walked back down
and picked it up
one's inside my room I opened the package and was stunned as to what was inside
a beautiful pink baby doll with matching panties were inside.

The baby doll was made of PVC as well as the panties
I had no intentions of wearing it, but curiosity got the best of me
I took of all of my clothes and placed the baby doll over my head
it was a perfect fit as did the panties.

I was intrigued as how the material felt against my body
the smoothness against my skin actually aroused me
I didn't know what to make of it so I walked up to my mothers room
I gently knocked at her door
a moment later I heard my mother calling me in
as I walked in she turned on the lights
as she saw me she asked 'why are you dressed like that'.

That’s what I wanted to talk about I answered
this was in the package our new neighbor gave me for helping her this afternoon
I always had breasts so to speak, man breasts that is
but wearing the baby doll accentuated them
they really filled the cups of the baby doll.

I as well as my mother looked at the bump, or lack of it in my panties
mother took the lead and placed her hand on my panties
she expected to feel my genitals but couldn't
she pulled at the panties and found my cock was tucked between my legs
and my balls were hidden inside my body.

Did you do this, she asked me
no, I answered, I just put them on out of curiosity
amazing mother said
next mother did something I never expected
she picked up her brush and started combing my hair.

I always had long hair, at least fifty cm long but never took care of it
for at least a quarter of an hour later my hair was in perfect condition
she even had used hair spray to keep it that way
when I turned to face her she had a strange look on her face.

What! I said, if I didn't knew you're a boy I would swear I had a daughter she said
to prove her point she turned me around and face her full mirror
I couldn't believe what I saw, a woman was staring back at me.

That night we slept together in the same bed, not as mother and son but as her daughter
it was in the middle of the night when I woke up to the strangest sensation
with one hand mother stroked my breasts and with a finger from her other hand
she gently pushed in and out my ass
she had pulled my panties down to my knees to gain access to my ass.

When she noticed I was awake she whispered 'you like'
I didn't knew why but I answered 'yes'
she momentarily withdrew her finger only to fill my ass with something bigger
she pumped my ass with a good size dildo
she didn't use any lube as I was wet already
she then turned me on my stomach and mounted me
I then knew she was wearing a strap-on dildo
I was about to shoot my semen on the sheets
but as like she knew placed her hand over my cock and catches my semen
she then placed her hand in front of my mouth and told me to lick it up
as I did so she said 'now your a real girl'.
Before we went to sleep she whispered 'next time it's your turn'.

the next day I helped my neighbor with the rest of their stuff as promised
when I came to their door I noticed something strange
on the door hung a plaque which said 'no men allowed'.

I rang the bell expecting the neighbor to come out to finish the job
but instead the maid opened the door, not knowing the maid and my neighbor
were one and the same person I said hi.

She invited me in and lead me to a small room
on the table lay a hand written letter addressed to me
I was invited in but only as a woman
I guessed she planned this all along, why give me the baby doll in the first place.

The clothes laid out for me were extremely erotic
a PVC blouse, extremely short PVC skirt, PVC stockings and high heels were draped neatly over a chair, as well a PVC bra and panties set all of them in a shiny pink color.

Dressing up I could master but to complete the transformation I needed make-up
that's where the maid came in handy
she came back in the room to finish my transformation
finishing my look with some clip on earrings
and still I was clueless she really was a man.

Finally I was lead before the mistress, she was as stunning as the first time I saw her
standing before her I could see she was annoyed
unknown to me she was expecting me to pay respect to he
even if I wasn't her slave.

Being invited freely I didn't care what she wanted me to do
then, with anger in her voice she ordered me to kneel before her
I looked her straight in the face and simply told her NO.

she reached to a table beside her and picked up an item
it appeared to be a bondage collar and she expected me
to accept it to be placed around my neck.

I took a step back to let her know I wasn't doing this
when someone grabbed me from behind and forced me to my knees
even I wanted it or not the collar was locked around my neck.

I broke free from who was holding me and started to curse at the woman
look lady, I yelled, I respect you don't allow men in your home
but that doesn't give you the right to do this to me.

Without waiting for her to answer I ran out of the house
I didn't bother to change and since there were no personal belongings
present I left them where they lay and went straight home.

When mother saw me walk in the way I was dressed
she asked what in earth was going on
I told her everything that had happened
when finished mother told me 'you stay right here young lady'
and stormed out the house.

After she left it dawned to me, young lady? I'm a young man
why did she revered to me as a girl!
As I happen to look in the mirror it hit me
looking back at me wasn't a boy but a 17 year old girl
she looked perfect in every way except for the collar around her neck.

I examined the collar and there didn't seemed to be a key hole
which meant the collar was there to stay permanently
while I waited in the house I listened carefully if I could hear something
from the other house but to no avail.

An hour passed and mother hadn't returned home
I started to get worried that they may have done something to her as well
an hour or so later there was a knock on the door
I walked to the door and opened it
there was no one there except a small package
I picked it up and went inside again
as I opened the package it appeared to be a video tape
with a simple note which said play me
I placed the cassette in the player and started watching it.

The tape showed mother walking up to the mistress
they argued for some time when suddenly she and the maid forced mother to the ground
while the maid held mother down the mistress placed something around mothers neck
as they stepped away I noticed mother trying to get up, but failed to do so
next they cut away every piece of clothing until she was stark naked
they quickly forced some of the cut clothes in her mouth securing them with several layers of tape.

Next they started wrapping her with layers of black tape
starting at her feet and working there way up to her head
the covered her hair with a swimming cap before wrapping her head also with tape
there she lay on the floor like a caterpillar in his cocoon
mother tried to move but couldn't.

Then suddenly the mistress looked directly in the camera
and said to me, 'get your sissy ass over here or never see your bitch again'.

At first I didn't knew what to do, but then got the answer
I called the cops and told them what had happened and urged them to come as quickly as they could, I even told them the door to our house was open
and they should watch the video for evidence.

I told them that by the time they got here I also would be enslaved
I then got the courage and walked to the mistresses house
when I got in I was quickly secured with wrist and leg cuffs
a ball gag was forced in my mouth to render me silent
as they dragged me further in mother was no where to be seen.

Again as I stood before the mistress she ordered me to my knees
this time I obeyed, seeing no alternative, the had mom
then I felt a needle being stuck in my arm and then nothing.

Amazingly it took the cops a whole week before they reacted to my call
by that time they had altered my body
I was given large nipple rings, a belly button ring a ring through my cock
witch they locked to the belly button ring, a large nose ring was fitted
witch they used to guide me from place to place.

I also was given permanent full face make-up and huge earrings
witch meant I would never be able to walk as a man again
it was a few hours before I would be transported to another location
when finally the cops raided the house and arrested the two
the cops searched the house and found mother tied in the basement
she had been raped several times by the maid/neighbor.

They were arrested and during their trial it appeared they done this many times
at least one's in every town they had lived
they were sentenced and placed behind bars for a long time.

Although we were set free again our lives never been the same again
mother never been the same again, she scares easily
she had an abortion when she found she was pregnant
as for me I had my cock, nose and belly button piercings removed
but kept the nipple rings as a reminder as to how fast things can go wrong.

I now live full time as a woman and have plenty of garments, courtesy of the neighbors, well not really I stole them when I was freed.

I'm not fully a woman, maybe some day I’ll do the final operation
is my life better now?, well I don't know
as always in life some accept what happened and others don't
the most important thing for me is that I accept what has happened
and although it hasn't happen free of choice
I can't dwell on the past
I legally changed my gender and all other legal documents
and on the way I made new friends who care for me and protect me.

Life is blooming.


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