Crazy Girl 2

Homicide Detective Jeff Regan and his partner Detective Sara Jones couldn’t believe the brutal murder of Council Member Keith Lawson. His maid had found him handcuff and spread eagle on the bed with his manhood removed in a pool of blood. This was the second unsolved murder they had come across since Halloween.

The first one had been a bunch of boys killed at a Halloween party by a person who looked like Harley Quinn from the movie suicide squad.
The girls they had found couldn’t tell them anything about what happened. According to the psychiatric doctor the girls had been examined by. They had no memory for the past four days.

The one girl they had found tied to the bed and raped couldn’t remember who had raped her or who had killed the boys they found. All they found were brunt clothing and a shattered sliding glass door. They did notice that all boys they had found, had their manhood’s smashed into grape jelly.

They wonder if the person responsible for smashing the boy’s testicles into grape jelly, was the same person for killing Council member Keith Lawson? They take pictures of him handcuffed to his bed before uncuffing his hands and feet.

“What sick person would do something like this?” Detective Sara Jones couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

She has never seen anything like this. All her years of being on the police force have never prepared her for something like this.

“I don’t know, Sara. However, do you realize that one of the girls we interviewed on Halloween is the daughter of a council member? The same daughter who had been physically raped that night? The semen they found had matched one of the dead boys? This is one the fathers of one of those girls?” Detective Regan had noticed the last name the girl had and the council member.

Two days later the same Detective’s answer a call from another man who was found in the garage he owned. He was suspended from a lift and his manhood had been burned off his body. The person had used a welder’s torch on him. They found the detached member laying on the floor with a pair of vice grips locked on it. It had been pulled and burned from his body, but not before a hammer had been used against his scrotum sack.

The guys last name was the same last name as one of the girls that were still in the hospital. The man being suspended was the girl's father. When they start digging into their background, they found he had been treating his daughter like a slave at home. As for the council member, they found he had been having sex with his daughter. They had found the girls video dairy and she had recorded what her father had been doing to her.

The shop didn’t have a security system, so they could get any identification of their perp. They got the last names of the rest of the girls and located their fathers. The police posted cars on them to watch for who might show up for them.

“Do you think someone is going to show up?” Detective Jones looks over towards her partner and wonders what he thought.

“I think they will. Whoever is taking vengeance for these girls will strike one of these men soon.” Detective Regan takes a sip of his coffee.

“Williams 256, we have a 10-57 at Saint Marks church.”

“This is Williams 256, we’re heading there now.” Detective Regan starts the car and heads towards Saint Marks church. It was only a few blocks from their location.

When they arrive and get close to the door. They could tell it had been smashed in with a heavy object. They could hear screams coming from inside the church. As they rushed in with their guns drawn they could hear laughter and screams. They spot the back of a girl standing in front of a priest hanging from a cross. He had been stripped naked and his groin area was bleeding. The girl standing in front of him had her back to the police. They notice she was wearing tight short red and blue shorts, fishnet stocks, black and white high-tops, red and blue long sleeve jacket. Most of her hair was white with a neon blue pigtail on one side and neon pink on the other side and was holding a knife and laughing.

“Drop the knife and move away from the Priest with your hands up.” Detective Regan and Detective Jones had their guns pointed at the figure.

They could hear several other police rushing in as well. Several other police officers join them and had their guns drawn and aimed at the figure in front of the hanging priest. They watched as the figured drop the knife and backed with their hands raised high in the air.

“Turn around.” Detective wanted to see the face of the person that would do what they did to the priest.

Sam turns around with a big smile on her face. She still looked like Harley Quinn from the movies.

“Hello, Officers. Are you here to admire my handy work?” She had a crazy look on her face.

“You’re under arrest.” Detective Jones puts her gun away as she moves closer to arrest Harley.

As soon as Detective Jones grabs Harley to put the cuffs on. She is grabbed and used as a human shield instead.

“I don’t think so. Their still a few more that must pay for what they have done to their daughters. That priest has been very naughty. Instead of
being a man of the cloth, he was a man of the flesh.” Harley was backing down a flight of stairs using Detective Jones as a shield. Once she manages to get to the bottom. The area around her fills with thick smoke.

Detective Jones feels a hard blow to the back of her head and the next thing she knows. She is knocked out and drops to the floor. She doesn’t feel Harley place a kiss on her cheek.

Harley rushes out of the church during the confusion without the police spotting her. She runs for several blocks till she comes to where she stashed her motorcycle and speeds away. She was laughing inside her helmet. She still had a few more people she needed to even the score with.

Detective Regan and several police officers had followed Harley down a flight of stairs and was surprised by the cloud of thick white smoke that had blocked her from their sight. As he stumbles down into the smoke and trips over his partner. He coughs as the smoke blocks everything.

Once the smoke starts to clear. He finds his partner knocked out laying on the floor before him. He checks her and finds she was okay. He does see bright red lipstick on his partner's cheek.

Detective Regan wakes his partner. He had seen how fast Harley had moved and turned the tables on his partner.

“What happened?” Detective Jones head felt fuzzy and sore from being hit on the back of her head.

“Harley knocked you out and dropped you here on the floor.” Detective Regan looked concern at his partner.

“Did you guys get her?” Detective Jones wanted that crazy bitch.

“No, she managed to get away partner. She was prepared for us.” They had found the devices she used to make the smoke cloud. They were custom made and all that was left was the ignitor. The devices themselves had been the chemicals molded in solid form to burn.

Detective Regan helps his partner back upstairs to the second ambulance that had been called to be looked at. He went back downstairs to see where Harley had escaped and found a door she had slipped through and out.

He goes back upstairs to check on his partner.

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