Suit Yourself

A little bit of fluff inspired by a recent story by one of my favorite authors on this site – me ;)

Walking about at the pool party with all the company top management and VIPs from our most important customers I remembered how hard I had worked to become a ”Suit”. My goal was Customer Relations. My great talent is that I speak several languages. I had not been very successful until my cousin James got promoted, basically for going to work dressed as a woman, and not very convincingly at that! Well, he complains, especially about the high heels. I don’t believe him for a minute. He must be thrilled by his promotion. If he could, so could I!

I asked my ex-girlfriend to help me. She was only too happy to do that. I did have some doubts on that morning when she was ready getting me dressed and make-up put on. The image wasn’t really the “business woman” I’d had in mind but Sally told me that what she had arranged would be much more effective and that skirt, that really was a bit too short, really set off my astonishing legs. I had to admit that waxed and in thin black pantyhose they were quite spectacular. My trim figure fit well into the lovely semitransparent pink blouse and with a bit of deft work with duct tape Sally had managed to get at least an illusion of B-cup breasts hidden in the lacy bra. And I must say that I handled the five inch heels quite well. I thought that the make-up was a bit on the slutty side but Sally told me that in daylight make-up looks different. Sally even had gotten me a blonde wig. I almost regretted dumping her!

I shouldn’t have trusted that vengeful bitch!

OK, some may say that she helped me succeed. I did get a soft job in customer relations. And – I became a “Suit”, kind of. I hadn’t intended the suit to be a sparkly purple woman’s one-piece swimming suit and with VERY high cut legs at that. And – I appreciate that James may have a point about high heels. After a couple of hours these six inch heels just kill me!

- Atsiprašau, Pone. Žiurėkite bet nelieskite!
- Pardon Monsieur, je pourrais vous apporter encore un Dry Martini mais ma derrière n’est pas a votre disposition.
- Please Sir, another drink? No, I’m not free tonight.

All the time with a sweet smile no matter what the lechers do.

Come to think about it – the last one, the very handsome son of a Russian oligarch, is kinda cute – and rich!
- Excuse me Sir, I just realized that I am free tonight.

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