Indeterminate sentence - Jenny & Stacie (revised 4/10/18)

(Revised 4/10/18) - Caught, convicted and waiting. There was no jury, only a panel of three women to determine your fate here; an indeterminate fate. One day you have a life and the next day you just disappear… for an indeterminate period of time. No hope of rescue. No recourse. The only ‘course’ you could expect was intercourse we were told.

(This story is ADULT fiction. There will be four chapters. Comments are appreciated.)

Prelude – Caught, convicted and waiting: "My name is Jenny"

Days 1 – 14

There was no jury, only a panel of three women to determine your fate here; an indeterminate fate. If you were pulled before this tribunal your fate was already sealed. Even if you were not “guilty” you would not like the outcome. One day you have a life and the next day you just disappear… for an indeterminate period of time. No hope of rescue. No recourse. The only ‘course’ you could expect was intercourse we were told.

It was all a matter of the amount of time that you would be held. And that involved recruits, aka ‘sluts in training’, obeying ALL the rules and complying with the ALL program. Emphasis on the word ALL. If you transgressed you would be in for a very long, indeterminate, stay.

The hormones, testosterone blockers, inoculations and ‘vitamins’ began immediately on day one. You were held in a traditional jail for two weeks while they gave you tests, examined you and took all your measurements like height, weight, shoe size, pant length. It was like going to a tailor to be fitted for a custom suit. It took them a week to figure out where they would put you, what program you’d be on and endless amount of similar bureaucratic red tape. The meds and shots were daily. No haircuts were permitted. Most ‘recruits’ were a bit shaggy looking when we arrived.

Program selection criteria

There were two weeks of post sentencing tests, interviews and evaluations that determined which program you would be placed in. Other criteria include: Under 6 foot, less than 150 pounds, open and willing to accept new ideas, not anti-homosexual, ages 18 to 28, a high femininity profile, NO inclination to violence, above average intelligence, and several other factors. A candidate for this program had to be deemed ‘salvageable’ to the ‘correct’ way of behaving.

It was during this testing and evaluation period that I (John) became acquainted with Jack, Steve and Rod. We bonded easily and it gave us someone to talk to. The ‘fabulous four’, as we called ourselves, avoided the other ten to fifteen ‘strangers’ that surrounded us. Some of these ‘others’ looked less than nice… rough and scary.

During free time the ’fab four’ talked about sports, favorite movies, school, jobs and how we came to be in this predicament. One topic was: ‘What was the most embarrassing thing about the process so far’? Rod quickly spoke up, “The full body exam, especially the rubber glove up the poop chute freaked me out.” Some of us snorted in agreement. Steve volunteered “That was bad but when they had me strip they saw I was wearing panties… er, they were my girlfriends and I had just left her. THAT was embarrassing!” The entire group laughed. The group turned towards Steve and John. “Well? What’s you guys stories?” I said “Now I don’t feel so stupid about being found wearing panties…but mine were beautiful French cut, peach colored, beauties with just the right amount of lace. The only thing is that they were mine.” Nobody laughed. We turned to hear what Jack had to say. “I feel stupid that I got caught. And that I wasn’t wearing underwear. I was going commando style. The good news for me is that the rubber glove rectal exam actually felt good.” The other’s gasped in disbelief.

In general the consensus was that no one wanted hard time in a prison: anything but that. Prison was a scary place they agreed.

“You hook my bra and I’ll hook yours”

The night before being transferred we were each given a bottle of bright red nail polish. “Here you go ‘ladies’, you’re leaving here tomorrow morning. If you don’t want to be left behind you need to paint your nails tonight; all ten of them. Your painted nails are your tickets out of this place. Be sure to bring the bottle with you as you WILL need it at your destination.” I took the bottle and immediately began shaking it in order to mix the polish. The aroma of nail lacquer soon filled the air.

I quickly had all my nails done and was blowing on my finger nails to dry the polish. I think I did a pretty good job. A few of the others were struggling to paint their toe nails. I offered to help in order to get the job done. I finished painting the toes of Steve and Rod. I stood up and stretched. “Ok, we better get some sleep.” I walked to my cot and laid down. I held my hands at arm’s length and admired the pretty color. I took a final smell of the fresh polish and closed my eyes. I was soon asleep.

Day 15

Myself, (soon to be called Jenny), Steve (soon to be called Stacie), Rod (soon to be called Rose) and Jack (soon to be called Jackie) were put on the jail transfer bus very early the next morning. We didn’t have to remove our shoes and socks and show our painted toes but everyone’s finger nails were inspected before we could board the bus. The other ‘recruits’ remained nameless to us. “Don’t make eye contact’ was our philosophy. The fact that our foursome had ‘bonded’ was noted, and reported, by our ‘guards’. Our friendship was to come in handy in the near future.

We were bound for an unknown, but far away, location. All we were told was that we were in a very exclusive program and that we should feel damn lucky.

Day 16

It was an overnight ride. The bus arrived early in the morning at a very remote area that was flat and had very few trees. We filed inside a sinister looking building and were told to wait in a large dayroom. The dayroom was furnished with a large high school looking table and bench combo (like in a school cafeteria) that was for meals. There was a large TV and a couple of chairs off to one side. Rod nudged Jack and pointed out three security cameras high on the walls.

We were met by a group of five women. A stern looking older woman stepped up to explain The Program. She was to be addressed as Matron we were told. “This facility is called The Nest. It can be comforting or it can be harsh. The choice is yours” she said. The explanation began.

Since The Nest was an experimental quasi “legal” facility, us ‘offenders’, were being held in a private location. Secret AND remote is a more accurate term.

We were all being kept, against our wills, at this secure, secret facility nicknamed The Nest. Oh, God… we all wanted to be kicked out of The Nest as soon as possible. 10 months was the minimum time IF you met their reeducation “goals”. Some ‘inmates’ had been in The Nest for over a year. We had all, allegedly, been disrespectful to women in some way and had been sentenced to indeterminate sentences. We were to learn and atone for the errors of our ways.

All of us had reportedly denigrated, disrespected, abused, raped, and/or used women. There were lesser “offenses” and worse crimes that had brought us all here. We were to be shown the errors of our ways and reeducated… we were to walk a mile (or ten) in the high heels of the females we had reportedly offended. We were to be kept until we got “it” right. “It” being empathy, true regret, atonement, and respect for femininity in general and have genuine remorse for whatever we had allegedly done… even if you had done nothing!

“Better get with the program!”

The program was nothing more than a very comprehensive forced feminization and mind altering program that could go on for a very long time. Degradation and becoming submissive were key elements of The Program. So was having a high level of intimacy with your roommate and the other ‘girls’. Your length of incarceration depended on your degree of program compliance hence the term “indeterminate”. Other factors that affected your release date were determined by your degree of femininity; your ability to become an ordinary woman functioning as a good citizen in the real world. And of course there was that ‘intimacy’ factor to be considered. To encourage intimacy we were given special ‘vitamins’ and food seasonings. They made you want to rut. They increased your libido substantially.

The process begins

We were stripped naked, given a pair of ‘granny’ cotton panties, and assigned a room and a buddy. Two ‘girls’ were assigned to each room. We were reluctant ‘recruits’ but were expected to help each other with whatever was required during our retraining. We would be ‘mates’ in the literal and physical sense of the word.

WE were all ‘girls in training’ and were expected to evolve to looking and automatically behaving and sounding like women before release from The Nest. Halfway homes were in place to help us transition back to the real world. We could return to the male world or we could choose to continue our learned feminine ways.

In the Beginning

All ten of us ‘recruits’ were assembled in the dayroom. We all were given name tags to be worn for the first day. I, John, was now Jenny. Rod became Rose, Jack became Jackie and Steve was to be Stacie. There also was a Fannie, a Beth, a Tracie, a Jewel and others. Since we were all naked we all sported one pair of pink, with tiny flowers, cotton ‘granny’ panties as we waited to be told The Rules. We were all looking around nervously sizing each other up. We knew we would be paired with a ‘girl buddy’. Some recruits were pretty scruffy and some were tattooed and mean looking. Many were visibly quivering and silently crying, trying to not make eye contact with anyone. My eyes shifted everywhere.

An intercom advised us to stand up and be quite. A door opened and a half dozen very attractive “girls” entered the dayroom. All five were dressed like models about to go on a date. Their makeup and jewelry were perfect and they wore four inch black leather pumps. The only real difference between them appeared to be their earrings. Some wore rubies, some wore two inch gold hoops or pearls, one had double ear piercings and one appeared to be wearing three diamonds earrings in each ear; three piercings in each ear! She must be someone important I thought. It was as if the earrings determined rank or status.

The head Matron wore a ‘no nonsense’, prison guard looking, uniform. She wore only basic makeup, black closed toe shoes with maybe a one inch courtyard heel. She also wore a black “cop belt” that held a walkie-talkie, a taser, hand cuffs, and something that might be a chloroform spray. The remaining five “girls” that came in with Matron stood behind Matron and were lined up shoulder to shoulder. They looked straight ahead. They were all very attractive. Some of us new ‘girls’ were showing their appreciation of their beauty in subtle, non verbal, ways. Some granny panties were beginning to bulge.

Matron cleared her throat and began in a terse, strong voice to explain what was going to happen to us ‘girls’ over the next months and possibly years.

“We have a program and a set of rules that you WILL live and abide by. There are no excuses. The time you spend here is entirely up to you. To help get you through the program you will be assigned a roommate. Your roommate is what we like to call your ‘girl buddy’. You WILL need her at some time if you are to survive and leave The Nest”.

The use of the pronoun “her” sent a low grumbling among the recruits.

“Silence I said!” the Matron bellowed. “You must pay attention. You have all been found guilty of maligning women in one way or another. You are here to atone for those mistakes by becoming feminized yourself. Our program goes through several phases. So will you all. And EVERYONE will abide by The Rules! Is that perfectly clear?”

“Immediately after your sentencing you were all deloused, showered and inoculated for a wide variety of diseases. The injections included the start of HRT and testosterone blockers. You may experience mood swings and a few other side effects. Your tits may itch and they WILL grow. We call that ‘cup size’ as in bra cup.”

“Everyone was given a thorough medical exam and everyone was given in-depth blood tests. This explains why, instead of having fourteen recruits, that we now only have ten ‘girls in training’. NO ONE in this group has an STD and NO ONE is HIV positive. This will prove to be a big relief to you as you go through ALL the programs and all of the MANDATED requirements.”

Stepping back a bit from the newbie’s the matron said “Take a very close look at each of these lovely ladies lined up behind me. They are all genetic males. All have been, or still are, in our program. Notice that Miss Diane has three diamond studs in each ear. She has completed all phases of our program. She could transition (no pun intended) from The Nest to one of our half way homes. She has chosen to remain with us at The Nest to help and assist us indefinitely. Miss Diane LIKES the security that The Nest provides. Maybe you will too.”

Matron turned to face her “girls”. “Martha, will you please hand out a copy of The Rules to our new ‘girls’?” Martha also had three piercing. She wore gold 2 inch gold hoop earrings at the bottom, ruby in the middle and a smaller sapphire one above that. She also wore several bangle bracelets that jingled pleasantly as she passed out The Rules. As Martha went through our small group everyone took a close look. Some of us went pale as it became clear what was to happen to us all.

Martha was very pretty, well endowed and was dressed like she was going on a date. Low slung blouse, black patent leather pumps with 4 inch heels, ample cleavage and breasts that appeared perfect and she smelled heavenly. Her lipstick was bright red and her eyeliner and eye shadow appeared nice but a bit heavy. Her eyelashes looked like a fashion models. Some of us clearly were beginning to tent out our granny panties. This did not go unnoticed by the Matron or by Martha. In fact Martha broke into a beautiful smile. It was as if she knew something that we didn’t.

“Listen up you ‘girls’ I see those crotch bulges.” The Matron said. “Let me assure you that VERY SOON you will not have to worry about such an affront to women again. All of you ‘girls’ were immediately placed on testosterone blockers and began a controlled regime of HRT… that’s Hormone Replacement Therapy to those that don’t know any better. This began immediately following your sentencing. Again, this may any itching you may be having with your tits. By the way Martha is a C cup and has three ear piercings.”

“Be advised that NO one leaves The Nest with less than a B bra cup.” Matron flashed a sinister smile and continued “Yes, everyone one of you will begin wearing an A cup bra in about 90 minutes. B cup is the minimum to leave this place. There may be extra credit for attaining a D cup or larger. In the meanwhile we provide you fine silicon prosthetics until you don’t need them. That day may be sooner than you hope. You WILL become fully and naturally endowed.”

Matron turned back to her girls and told them to leave. “Miss Diane, I want you to leave too but you are to go to the video monitoring room. Be sure to turn on the audio recorders, especially in the recruits rooms. Stay alert and send help if you think it’s warranted. Make notes of any infractions”. Miss Diane immediately complied.

Turning to face us Matron announced “Yes, you ALL will be monitored at ALL times, 24/7 and that includes the bathrooms, hallways, toilets, showers, beds and dayroom. You will now be paired off and then go immediately to your rooms. There will be a stack of clothing on your beds. Your vanities will be fully stocked. You WILL all be wearing red lipstick the next time anyone at The Nest sees you. If you don’t comply you don’t eat. And we have even harsher methods that you really don’t want to experience. Am I clear?”

“You have lots to read and lots to do. First on your agenda will be to shower and shave ALL the hair off your bodies except your eyebrows and the hair on your head. That means your pubic areas… front AND back. You’ll probably need your roommate to give you a hand. You’ve not had a haircut in weeks and it’s reaching a manageable length. We will schedule you with a beautician in the near future. In the mean time we have provided you wigs.”

“I will pair you off, assign a room number and you’ll IMMEDIATELY hold hands with your roommate kiss each other ON THE LIPS and exit down the hallway to your room. Did I say kiss? On the lips? I damn sure did! On the lips. What better way to introduce yourself to someone and get to know them better? You better get used to it now. It will help with what is coming later easier to endure. When you get to your room you’ll find a pile of clothes and sleepwear lingerie on your bed. There will also be instructions on your beds. Bring your Rule Book. And you better read it twice.”

“From this point forward you will only use your fem names. I’m to be addressed as Matron. If you see Diane again she’s to be referred to as MISS Diane… believe me, she has EARNED the title and your respect.”

“I’m going to begin to call names and rooms. Hold your partners hand and wait until all rooms are assigned. I’ll tell you when to kiss. When that’s over I’ll dismiss you to your rooms. This first kiss doesn’t have to be long and passionate but it damn well better not be a brief peck. As you get to know each other some passion will develop. Especially as the hormones and blockers kick in. In everything you do while here you are to treat each other AND staff with respect.”

The Matron began the roll call

“Jenny (John) and Stacie (Steve), room one.” I looked around, found Stacie and immediately took her hand in mine. Like mine, Stacie’s hand was clammy. “Jackie and Rose, room two. Beth and Tracie room three, Fannie and Joan room four and Jewel and Mary are in room five. Everybody got that? Good. Now turn and face your new buddy. Kiss her ON THE LIPS until I count ten. Start now.”

We found out later that it was not an accident that our foursome was assigned to be the other’s roommate. The Nest authorities had been notified of our budding friendships while we were awaiting our fate; it would be easier for us to acclimate and accept The Program if we knew someone.

It seemed like an eternity until we were told to stop. “You all did well. When you’re wearing lipstick it gets more enjoyable. Think of it as colored Chap Stick. Continue to hold hands and go to your rooms now. Report back here in ninety minutes for your first inspection dressed as the instructions say. A late breakfast will follow. You’ll have time to talk and get acquainted. You’ll then go back to your rooms to study and learn The Rules. Don’t fight your hormones. Go with the flow and your stay here will go smoother for you. You have ninety minutes. Breakfast waits for no one. Go!”

We all walked down the hallway, holding hands and entered our rooms. All of us were experiencing shock of some kind. WE were all dazed.

The rooms

Each room was a studio apartment with two double beds, a couch, love seat, a Queen Ann chair, two mirrored (and very well stocked) vanities, a bathroom with a large walk-in shower that could easily accommodate 3 people, a tub, toilet (with bidet) and a TV. The rooms were decorated in feminine motifs. There were two way observation mirrors on the walls. And there were several security cameras in the corners of the ceiling and over each bed. Each had video and audio recording capabilities.

An intercom in the ceiling allowed the staff to make announcements, provide instructions and encourage the ‘girls’. And the intercom was one of several conversation monitors. Staff could hear you complaining and they could hear any moans of carnal delight. Your progress could be easily tracked and recorded. You had goals to meet. The arrangements had been well thought out.

I opened the door for Stacie and we entered our room. We stood there for about thirty seconds before Stacie broke down in tears. She was sobbing and shaking. I thought she may collapse. Out of instinct I gave Stacie a hug to calm her down. That’s when I began crying too. Together we cried and mentally tried to digest what we both were going to have to endure. And we hadn’t even read The Rules yet.

Gathering a semblance of composure I broke our hug and held Stacie at arm’s length. “Hold on, Stacie. Calm down a bit. It’s going to be ok. We can get through this together. We just need to work as a team and think this through.” Out of reflex I pulled Stacie into another embrace to comfort her and gave her a gentle kiss to her cheek. I looked around their room, saw a sink and went for a glass of water for Stacie. I came back with a glass of water. “Here, take a sip. We’ll be ok. Come sit over here.” I guided Stacie over to a pair of chairs near the sink area and helped her sit down.

The instructions

We read the information silently. These instructions were for tonight only. New instructions would be issued in accord with the Program agenda. Tonight’s requirements were:

“All clothes have been selected on the measurements we took of all recruits after sentencing. All clothing and accessories fit.
Shave completely. Douche yourself rectally, deeply and completely. You need to get used to this. Use a moisturizer for any body part that you shave. Become familiar with the contents of the vanity, closet and the room. Familiarize yourself with the make-up and feminine products that are in your vanities and medicine cabinets. Tonight will be simple. Change out of the cotton panties. From the skin out you are to dress in modern female clothes. This means nylon panties of your choice and a matching camisole, a properly adjusted bra with the gel inserts in proper place, a matching skirt and blouse.

Your outfit is to be color coordinated. For footwear you can choose sandals or Mary Jane style shoes. Your choice. They must have at least a two inch court shoe heel. Use nylon foot peds if you want. Nylons and/or panty hose will be required in the future but not tonight. You are to wear basic make-up which includes mascara, lipstick and blush. You’ll need to become familiar with makeup removal and skin care. There will be classes on this and related information can be found on your in-room TVs.

Sleepwear will be baby dolls, satin pajama set, Shorty night gown or a chemise. There will be no sleeping in the nude.

Always carry these items in the provided hand bag. Include a hair brush. Select one of the two wigs that we have provided. You will use them until our hair grows out. Be sure to apply one of the four perfumes on your vanity. You each have your own vanity that is fully stocked. Your jewelry MUST include clip on earrings for now, two rings of your choice, one bracelet, a wrist watch, a necklace and a gold anklet. See you at inspection. Breakfast follows immediately.”

Stacie looked up and was about to burst into tears again. I stopped her by just saying “Shhh…don’t cry Stacie, this is easy. It could be much worse. You go shower and shave first. I’ll select and layout our clothes to save time. Call me if you need help in those… errr… awkward areas.”

“Take some deep breaths Stacie. Let’s think this through. We’re on a time schedule.” I got up and retrieved the instructions that were on our beds. The room was very cool and I had the presence of mind to grab pink nylon chemises from the pile of clothes on our beds. “Here pull this on for now. It’s cold and we have to get going. Here are our instructions. We need to read them now.” I handed Stacey the letter.

Flashback 1

Months after arriving at The Nest

I sat pensively on the edge of my bed, nervously twitching my nylon clad foot which in turn caused my black 4 inch high heels to slip on and off my foot. I was wondering WHEN my new ID would arrive.

I glanced at my blood red nail polish; ‘Cherries in the Snow’. Each nail had been grown and shaped to the ½ inch minimum extension as specified in The Rules. I knew my toenails were fine because Stacie had taken care of that for me. It was one of many mutual aid routines we had established in order to survive and end their ordeal as soon as possible. “You hook my bra and I’ll hook yours” so to speak.

Playing for the cameras I stood up from my bed and made sure to pull her my dress down in a well rehearsed lady like fashion. The hem of my dress was about seven inches above my knee and I didn’t want to expose my garter belt tabs. I walked over to a full length mirror and gave myself another inspection. My lips were perfectly done, my mascara was double coated and curled, my eyeliner was in order and my eye shadow went with my complexion. Out of habit I made sure my necklace and gold anklet were in position. I touched up my lipstick, glancing towards one of the camera monitors. I applied a light amount of Cashmere Mist perfume in all the right places. It all looked so natural. By now it was second nature to me. Perhaps, in reality, it was third nature. I chuckled at the thought.

I took a deep breath and went to a Queen Anne’s chair, sitting down, instinctively remembering to smooth out my dress as I sat. I crossed my shimmering smooth legs just like Sharon Stone had done in Fatal Attraction.

Picking up a fashion magazine I took my time in flipping the pages. I was in a hurry but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere quite yet. Stacie was out in the day room whiling away her time, chatting with others while painting her nails and listening to TV. So I was alone in our room.

While waiting and trying to be as demure as possible I let my mind wandered back to our first day days at The Nest. It seemed like such a long time ago.

I smiled and giggled as I recalled that first day with Stacie. Stacie had only been in the shower for about ten minutes before I got her call for help. It seems there were two areas of shaving that Stacie was having difficulty with. The most difficult was her backside. She just couldn’t gain access to her rear crevice. She couldn’t separate her buns enough to get a razor onto the area. “Jenny, could you help me out here? I don’t dare fail inspection. I can lather but I can’t shave. I’ll do you a favor sometime. Please.” She begged.

I had no choice. I picked up the Gillette Fusion razor and told Stacie “Ok, I’ll do it but you definitely owe me. Apply more Foamy shaving creme, bend over, squat and spread your cheeks.” Stacie did as she was told. Now there was clearly enough room to allow access for the razor. As delicately as possible I made several passes with the razor. Problem solved. Although not intentionally looking for it I was surprised at how clean and oddly symmetrical Stacie’s rear ‘rosebud’ was. Stacie had obviously thoroughly douched as instructed. It amazed me how Stacie’s sphincter reflexively puckered and contracted with each stroke of the razor. It was mesmerizing to watch.

Obviously blushing Stacie said “Jenny, I also need help up front too. I’m afraid of using a razor so close to my penis and ball sacks. It keeps hanging in the way. Sorry” she said. “For some reason it doesn’t get hard and doesn’t give me the angle I need to do the deed. I double owe you.” I rolled my eyes and said “OK, but I’ll only do this once and you DO owe me big time!”

Stacie had gotten rid of most of her pubic hair but there were clearly parts that needed help; the base of Stacie’s cock and most of one testicle. I rinsed the razor, applied Foamy where needed and grabbed Stacie’s shaft. God it felt odd. All squishy and limp. I had never held another man’s penis. It did not get hard and didn’t feel as creepy as I thought it would. I could feel a stirring in my cock. I expertly shaved all around the base leaving Stacie’s cock looking like a hairless baby. The single ball sack was easily shaved clean. I may have made a few unneeded passes with the razor; it was a good excuse to retain hold of Stacie’s dick. I recall giving it a squeeze before letting go.

I put the razor on the shower shelf and told Stacie “Next time get a depilatory; some Nair. I’m not doing this again. Now get out of the shower as I have things to do. And where did you put that douche bag and are there two nozzles?” Damn, there was only one nozzle.

I ordered Stacie out of the shower reminding her they were up against a deadline. “I laid your clothes out. Go dress yourself. I’ll hook your bra if need be. Go!”

I stepped into the shower with the douche bag already filled. Be prepared. I inserted it and cleansed my bowels and rectum thoroughly. It added to the stirrings I felt just a bit ago. Composing myself I made sure to clean the nozzle and return it to the shelf.

All of this was noted by Miss Diane via video. ‘Subject Jenny has no qualms in touching Stacie’s penis or rectum or in douching herself. She seems to be a special slut in the making. I suggest increasing both her estrogen and testosterone blocker doses.”

Fifteen minutes later I was inwardly and outwardly cleansed and shaved. In addition to using the moisturizer I took it upon myself to use after bath scented dusting powder all around my crotch. ‘That’s a pleasant smell’ I thought. This too was logged by Miss Diane.

After drying off I entered the bedroom. Stacie was 90% dressed but as expected she needed help with hooking her bra and positioning her gel inserts. I took care of the details and even shortened one bra strap to its correct length. I also took the liberty to gently plucking her nipples. Yes, they were capable of getting erect.

I quickly got fully dressed and hooked my own bra using both hands behind my back with no assistance. ‘Very feminine movement’ Stacie thought.

I took charge of my own make-up applying blush, lipstick and mascara. A big surprise to Miss Diane, I found out later, was when I picked up an eyelash curler and crimped my lashes into a more feminine look! ‘Perhaps we have a ringer in our group. Jenny seems a bit too familiar and at ease with many aspects of feminine dress and procedures’ was the next entry Miss Diane made into my file.

I looked into the vanity mirror and checked my appearance. “Not too bad” I thought. I motioned Stacie’s to sit at the vanity. Stacie’s only problem was using the mascara wand. Again, it was me to the rescue. I even used the eye lash curler on her. “Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of all this quickly enough” I said.

Glancing at the clock I saw we had ten minutes to make inspection. Grabbing both of our wigs we soon had them on and combed enough to be passable. We both had the required jewelry on and were stuffing our hand bags. I liked the way the anklet completed my outfit. The clip- on earrings are a bummer. They hurt! ‘Maybe we’ll get our ears pierced like Martha and Miss Diane’ I thought.

Stacie opened the room door and we were about to report for inspection when I said “Oh, shit. We almost forgot the perfume!” Grabbing a bottle off the vanity I gave us a light misting of perfume. “Damn, that smells great!” Stacie said. We both read the label. ‘Cashmere Mist’. “Let’s not forget the name” we both said in unison. WE giggled out of nervousness and the irony of the situation.

We gave each other a mini inspection and all seemed ok. Stacie mentioned “I really like your cleavage and bust. How did you get that that big if all our bras are the same?” I smiled and said “All you need to do is hook your bra on the next tightest hook… also I cut a wash cloth in half, folded it and placed it at the outer bottom side of my bra cup. It pushes your breasts inward and upward too”. We turned off the light and left for our first inspection.

This tidbit of info was picked up and stored by the room’s audio monitor. Miss Diane would add it to her notes later. ‘Recruit is creative, helpful AND experienced’.

I snapped out of my reverie and glanced at my ladies wrist watch. I snuck a quick glance toward one of the cameras. ‘Wow’ I thought. That was one of the longest days of my life. The memories were long ago but still vivid in my mind. I closed my well made up eyes and let my mind wander again while I waited.

Those mental images had Jenny laughing out loud! Oh boy, those were the rough “good old days” she thought. She stood, paced the room a bit and walked over to the full length mirror again. She looked fine. She made sure, for the cameras sake, to brush an imaginary hair behind her ear and to make a show of lifting her boobs back into place. She was actually proud of her C cup tits. She loved their weight and the way they jiggled when she walked. She also loved the pleasure that playing with her nipples and tits gave her.

Out of boredom Jenny walked over to the bed and laid down making a concerted effort to not mess her hair or dress. She kicked off her pumps and lay back to wait and to rest.

Back to the present

Day 16 continues

The Rules

In addition to the first days instructions The Rules were posted in every room and throughout the facility. They were also available on the in room TVs. If you transgressed you paid the consequences. Plain and simple. Consequences could be denial of food, clothing or added time to your indeterminate sentence and/or additional “goals” you would have to meet. Everyone knew. What everyone did not know is where they were being held and how long they’d be kept.

It was an exclusive program. Men only. Like the “judges” it was run by very bitter group of women that were dedicated to make men respect women and femininity. Their goal was to re-educate us and make women out of us; one way or another.

The video and audio Monitors

Every set of girls in training were assigned a staff member to monitor and report on the pair. The recruits would never know who their monitor was. By sheer luck, and good fortune, Jenny and Stacie were assigned to Miss Diane. The ‘girls’ were unaware whom their monitor was.

Miss Diane, in The Nest control room many rooms away, observed all this via the security cameras and microphones that were in all rooms. Miss Diane made an entry into Jenny’s progress report. ‘Jenny is a nurturer. She appears to better understand our program goals. She shows empathy and real concern for others. She is the most pragmatic and organized of the two roommates. She has excellent program potential.’

Opening Stacie’s file Miss Diane made note that ‘Stacie appears to be timid and scattered. May need some sedation added to her diet.’

The First inspection

Stacie and I were the first to arrive in the dayroom. We took a seat and glanced at our very feminine wrist watches. Nervously we massaged our hand bags. There was still about eight minutes before the deadline. Jackie and Rose were the next to arrive and were followed closely by Fannie and Joan. That made six of our ten. Beth and Tracie just made the cut. That made eight out of ten. Jewel and Mary missed the deadline. As a group those of us that were in the dayroom took a deep breath. We were grateful they we were not Jewel or Mary. No excuses.

The Matron and Miss Diane arrived at the appointed time. A roll call was taken. Jewel and Mary were heard running toward the dayroom. “Miss Diane, please lock the day room door. The two slackers will be diverted to a different and not so pleasant program”. The sound of the bolt locking was like the sound of a prison cell door being slammed shut.

Mary and Jewel began knocking on the day room door. There knocking increased in volume and desperation. “Miss Diane, please pull the door shade down.” The shade denied letting anyone one to see in or out. The knocking continued and the Matron used her walkie-talkie. “Security, code red. Please remove two sluts in training form the dormitory hallway. Take them to ward C. Do it NOW!” she said. The knocking and pleading ceased a few moments later. There was a muted scuffle and then silence. Several of those that were on time were quivering with what had just happened.

“Now then, shall we start the inspection? Miss Diane, you take the backsides and I’ll take care of the front side. Bring your clip board. Jewel and Mary in room five are no longer with us. So we’ll start with room four. You ‘girls’ will comply with ALL of our requests or you’ll find yourself with Jewel and Mary on ward C.”

“ALL of you are to drop your panties down to your ankles. Is your lingerie and clothes color coordinated? Are your legs AND body parts cleanly shaven? Drop them now! Bend over and grab your ankles. Do it NOW!” Miss Diane started a slow walk behind the group. She ran her hands over every recruit’s legs. “Room four. Fannie. You have hair stubble on your left leg. That’s unsatisfactory. Your clothing is coordinated. Joan, your legs are smooth but your butt us hairy AND dirty. Do a better job or get your roommate to help. Room 3. Beth your posterior and legs look fine. I do not smell any moisturizer. Tracie you also have fine, smooth legs. A good pair of nylons will make them prefect. I’d suggest a Sun Tan color with a nude toe. Good job. Room two. Jackie. You obviously missed shaving your ass area but you appear fine otherwise. If you squat when you shave you can reach all the areas you need to reach. You may want to consider a depilatory crème. I personally find them messy and time consuming. Get hairless the best way you can. Ask your roommate to assist if you have to.”

“Room one. Stacie. Your backside looks extremely clean AND inviting. Did you have any help?” “Yes Miss Diane, Jenny was a big help. She got me hairless front and back, she grabbed my shaft and shaved the base! She also did my rear crevice. All I did was to ask for some help.”

“That’s what I like to hear; roommates helping each other. The only thing former recruits Jewel and Mary did were bitch and moan. Their efforts were divided and they failed. Jenny, your legs and arm pits are smooth; you’re clean front and rear. And you remembered the perfume. You also have another fine smell. Tell your girlfriends what that is.” “Miss Diane I used an after bath powder in my crotch area. It keeps me dry, prevents chaffing and smells pretty.”

Matron told everyone to stand up except Stacie. She was to remain bent over. “Recruits: you are all to walk behind Stacie and take a close look at her anal ‘rose bud’. Note how smooth and clean it is. She knows (or her girly buddy knows) how to properly douche. Look and learn. Notice that when I touch her ‘rose bud’ with my gloved finger how there’s a nice involuntary pucker reflex. If I poked a little deeper Stacie would easily grip my finger.” As Matron made a gentle probe Stacie gave a slight wiggle and took a gasp of air. Matron pushed again and went in about three inches. “Yes, there’s that gripping reflex I was mentioning. You will learn how to control this muscle for maximum pleasure for you and your lovers. You can learn to ’milk’ your partner by just flexing. Try it. Here’s a lubricated latex finger sleeve for each of you. Penetrate yourself.” Each recruit, put on the rubber sleeve and gave it a try and felt exactly what Matron was talking about. “Everyone stand upright and get back in line.” said Miss Diane. “Matron will now inspect your front.

Matron found very little to complain about: A lipstick smudge or two, an imperfect mascara application; trivial things. “Jenny, step forward and face your new sisters. Recruits take notice of how beautiful and attractive Jenny’s eye lashes are. She used multiple applications of mascara to thicken both her upper AND lower lashes. Without being told, she found and used an eye lash curler. She also found and used eyeliner. Her use of eyeliner makes her eyes standout. She did a fine job. You all will begin using a lash curler starting tomorrow. I hope you can appreciate the nice feel of your new nylon under garments. As you walk the friction and feeling of your panty hose is almost erotic. You have a lot to learn. Adjourn to breakfast and meet back here in an hour. Take note that from this point forward any time you need to pee you MUST sit down. To not do so could put you on ward C. As you noticed there will be NO excuses. Enjoy your breakfast and special vitamins. Report back here in 60 minutes for a late breakfast. We have many things that you need to know.”

(to be continued -Chapter 2 "Day 16 - Breakfast" )

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