Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency Case 4 Part 4

Mr. Blackstone and Leetha were the first two to arrive at the office. They walked in and found Luna standing under a tree near her mushroom. She was eating a berry she took off her bush. Mr. Blackstone checks the security system and could see where it had tampered. He walks over towards the biometric lock to see if anyone has managed to by-pass and tamper with it.

Leetha takes a pair of glasses out of a pouch on her waist and put them on.

Fiat mihi videre praeterita.” The glasses Leetha slipped on glow.

She scans the room and watches as the two thieves’ move about the room. She spots where they came in at.

“Mr. Blackstone, over here.” Leetha had followed the tracks the glasses were showing her.

“What did you find, Leetha?” Andre walks over to the garden door where Leetha was kneeling looking at the floor where she had found some strange tracks.

“I found tracks, and these don’t make any sense.” She looks up at Mr. Blackstone with the glasses still glowing. They showed some marks on his face.

“Now that’s weird.”

“She takes the glasses off and hands them to Mr. Blackstone. She’ll keep quiet about the marks she saw on his face.

“What do these do?” He looks at them as they continued to glow.

“They allow you to see the past, as long as the event hasn’t been too long.”

Mr. Blackstone puts them on and looks at the tracks Leetha had revealed to her. He saw two sets and one set had a weird glow to them. He
had no idea what could cause that glow.

“So, they came in through the opening in the garden?”

He stands up and walks out the door into the garden. He notices that Luna was following him and Leetha. He searches one side of the garden/courtyard, while Leetha took the other side.

Leetha carefully looks for any tracks or impressions where they had landed or enter. After a good few minutes, she finds where they had disturbed the ground. On a casual inspection, she knew you wouldn’t see it. However, she was an experienced tracker and it stuck out like a sore thumb to her.

“Over here.” Leetha marks the spot.

Mr. Blackstone walks over as Luna lands next to the print. He kneels, being careful of Luna as she walks to the other side of the prints.

“We need to make a cast of these prints.” Mr. Blackstone looks towards Luna to see if she could help.

Luna looks towards the pond in the courtyard/garden. She draws some water from the pond to fill the impression and jellify the water.

“Thanks Luna.” He carefully picks the jellified water up out of the impressions.

One pair was some sort of boot print, while the other set was bare human feet. He wonders why there was two different style of footprints.

“Why is one wearing boots and the other is bare feet?” Leetha was curious about that.

Luna flies up and points to the pond. She could answer that question.

“I guess we are about to find out, Leetha.” They follow Luna over to the pond.

Luna uses her ability to control water to cause two fully watery forms to raise out of the water. They showed the images of both people. One
showed wearing some sort of suit, while the other one shows a naked person.

Mr. Blackstone walks into the office to grab a camera to take a picture of them. He comes back out and takes a few pictures of them.

“Thanks, Luna.” He looks at the pictures he took.

Leetha had gone through the office and around the front of the office building to look on the other side for tracks. She spotted some tracks where they had gone up and over the building. She had gotten her glasses back and followed the ghost images back to a cargo van. She couldn’t tell the color exactly, but it was some dark color.

“Off!” Leetha takes the glasses off and places them back in the pouch.

She spots Cleo being dropped off by her latest boyfriend. Following her was Joanna and Trinity. Ralph pulls up in his pick-up truck after Joanna and Trinity parked.

Cleo spots Leetha outside the office watching her and everyone else. She wonders why she was outside and where everyone else was. She
hears Joanna pull up and then Ralph afterward.

Everyone heads into the office building.

Leetha doesn’t say anything as she leads everyone inside the office. When they walk in, they noticed Mr. Blackstone sitting at his desk and the 3d printer was constructing an image. Luna was sitting on one of the shelves of the bookcase.

Trinity spots Luna and walks over to speak to her. She was curious about why they had been called in. She asks Luna a question and Luna tells her everything that happened.

“What did she say, Trinity?” Mr. Blackstone had looked up and watched as Trinity and Luna spoke.

Trinity turns around and tells Mr. Blackstone what they said and saw. She was curious about who the two men were. When she tells him one man was totally nude and he said something about a formula.

“Are you sure he said something about a formula?”

“That’s what Luna said. She said that he only had ten minutes left and they were trying to by-pass the biometric lock.” Trinity always thought that was impossible.

“What formula are they talking about?” Leetha looks over towards Mr. Blackstone.

He takes a deep breath before he explains “during WWII a German scientist created a formula that can turn people invisible. The formula had side effects that caused the user to go crazy. It caused the scientist who created it to go crazy and he started killing innocent people. Everyone thought the formula had been burned when the authorities caught up with him. He was hiding out in an old farmhouse and during the shootout, it had caught fire. Everyone had thought the book had burned up with the scientist himself.”

“How do you know about all this stuff?” Trinity was curious.

She was still getting used to her new form. She was also getting used to being able to pick-up anything written in a different language and
being able to read and understand it.

“Let’s just say I have been around for a while and leave it at that.”

Cleo and Joanna looked at him with a surprised look on their faces. Ralph, had done some research and knew a little bit of Mr. Blackstone background.

“Okay, so you know about this formula. Do you know who these men work for?” Leetha would like to go after them and show them justice from where she comes from.

“They work for Ordo Templi Orientis and they are still after the necklace.”

“Is the necklace safe here? Can they get to it?” Trinity was worried about that.

“It’s safe here Trinity. Even if they get past the biometric lock. The safe has other safeguards in place. On top of that, we have Luna. They never saw her and don’t know about her.” He looks at Luna with a smile.

“Are you going to do anything against them?” Leetha was wondering what his response will be.

“Once we know what they look like. We’ll let the police handle the problem. This agency does Supernatural research. We don’t deal with criminals. That is the police duties.” Mr. Blackstone looks at Leetha.

“If you say so.” Leetha wasn’t going to push.

She just turns and walks out to the garden/ courtyard. She has other ideas in mind and it might be better if Mr. Blackstone doesn’t know what she has planned.

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