A Visit To VentureRealm Part 8- Finale

The finale of the homage/crossover. This is also the final story set in "Generation 1" as the next stories will take place years 16+ years later. Thank you to Snowfall for allowing me to write using your characters. It was tough thinking up ways of incorporating many characters and finding so many obscure or forgotten about characters who fit the storyline perfectly. Sadly not all could be use, with a heavy heart Zeke the overnight security officer and who touched us as readers wasn't included due to timing issues.

A special hank you to anyone who read this series and were not offended that it wasn't the same quality that you expect from a Snowfall story. I hope that in the very least this series brought in new readers to "VentureRealm" and into Snowfall's many amazing stories.


The kids were enjoying their dancing and showed JD, Cat, Kylie, Logan, and Ella how to dance. The boys weren't aware that the dances that the girls were performing were supposed to be done by females, if they did learn it would have caused extreme embarrassment in them and they would have refused to attempt the dancing at all. The girls didn't know that fact and the elders were pleased to see that the kids were trying to learn alongside the girls so it felt best to just let them dance and have fun and enjoy the culture as is and not tell the boys the truth.

Michelle tried to get John to dance but found just how badly he was at it. It took all of her willpower to keep Valerie from cracking jokes but Will and the guys happily told Michelle that John had two left feet and the timing of an iceberg making dancing anything except a slow dance impossible. John happily agreed, even going so far as to show Michelle just how bad he was making her back away laughing.

Kylie and Cat were dancing better than expected, with Danica and Nichole asking how they were so good. Kennedy pointed out that they had two and three years of ballet dancing already learned with Kylie learning other dances for her school dances that year. She then added that JD and Logan learned thanks to helping with their aunt's dance recitals so the kids had boys around them to dance male roles and dance in the background.

Blaire asked if it was true, getting a big nod and happy "our aunt is like us, she was born with a birth defect like we have. She became a girl in college and danced until they got rid of her. She loves to teach kids and has a couple more girls and a boy like us in her school. She's even a mother of two boys, she adopted her husband's son and then adopted a boy who needed a home."

Blaire felt her heartwarming at knowing that she could be successful as a dancer even if she didn't dance beyond special occasions. Kylie had won her over again and was just being honest with her. She gave her the drive to continue being who she really was and learn new things.

Kylie asked if she wanted to know more about others like them, getting a fierce head nod. Kylie started to list off the girls and boy like them and what was special about them. Hearing another dancer and one who had been forced to become a girl then thriving as one made Blaire feel bad then great about her lot in life, especially as she learned that she was capable of great things if she put her mind on them.

The news of a genius like them caused all sense of self-loathing to evaporate, especially as Blaire saw that being a smart girl was a thing to take pride in. Kylie loved sharing what she knew, it was family and Blaire was trying to learn things about herself. Kylie knew just what to say and even though she was glossing over the tough parts of their lives she still painted a positive future for Blaire.

Taylor came over with several other girls and asked what they were talking about. Bethany listened and gasped at hearing about Kylie while the other girls didn't believe her. Bethany was looking at Cat for how to react to the news, with Cat whispering "she's got a girlfriend too!" which only caused Bethany to smile and see that it was something that was not a bad thing and Kylie was as normal as them.

Bethany was just a couple of months older than the twins and but she had been around the princesses since her mom was hired to run the IT department at the park. She was in a bubble most of the time but she was a good judge of character. She had heard and seen just what kind of person Kylie was, and to her, Kylie was a good person despite how others felt about how she was born.

The little girl just lets things go and kept on enjoying the fun as the adults finished breaking down the cameras and chairs and dousing the fire. There was some sadness as they had to get changed but it was quelled when they were told they were going to get lunch at Chef Andre's Étouffée Café. It was part of the ceremony, one where friends and family shared a meal with the newlyweds.

Andre's food was chosen as it was Sylvia's favorite food at the park. She was from Mississippi and grew up around a displaced Cajun family so she got accustomed to enjoying their cuisine and had struck a chord with Andre over her family disowning her for something that she had no control over. He acted like a big brother to her when she needed one, always ensuring that she was alright and met with her counselor and ate her lunch even if others had already ensured that Sylvia had done just that.

Andre greeted the group as they entered the restaurant, saying hello to everyone and kissing Sylvia on the cheeks when she entered last. The kids giggled at her blushing but he was a proud big brother to her and happily told her that he watched the whole wedding on the park's CCTV channel. He gave her the proper due and moved on to the kids, ensuring that the little ones knew that he had seen them and was proud that they did well and acted like little princesses.

The food was served, with Andre telling the kids that they don't have to worry about eating seafood as he knew that they weren't fans of it. He just smirked and told them "poulet etouffee" which none of the younger kids seemed to understand but enjoyed nonetheless. Cat figured it out and boldly proclaimed "it's chicken" which caused the kids to eat more of ensuring that all had a good helping by the end.

John and Reed joined the kids in eating the chicken etouffee, showing them that they weren't alone in having it while the teens and adults ate the crayfish and shrimp version. Andre had to be forced to sit down and eat alongside them by Nicole, who herself was dragged into eating by Danica as she was so busy trying to be a facilitator and acting the role as Storm Bayou's princess that she was neglecting her own meal. The kids loved the sight and were happy to see the real friendship between the ladies and Andre, it was their real selves shining through.

The meal was a big hit and Sylvia was in tears as Andre announced each course as well as the desserts. She was a chocoholic and his chocolate filled beignets doused in cocoa powder were the perfect match for the etouffee, giving her a calming end to the meal as well as giving the kids a little sugar rush that propelled them to enjoy the next few hours in the park. Sylvia was sticking with her friends and family, with the Gibsons enjoying the day with their son and daughter-in-law and getting used to the idea that their baby boy had become a man and would in the near future become a father.

To the relief of Jennifer, Kennedy, Valerie, and Paige Holloway, their daughters and sons had kept clean and were ready to run around. The four mothers were forced to rush along with them, leaving Willie and John to keep an eye on the three older kids while the teens were on their own. Debbie Oberlin joined Blaire and Kylie as a middle school triad with Ella and Logan going along with them as their older brothers and sisters and cousins enjoyed some private time in the park.

Madeline volunteered to take the kids off their parents' hands, getting a thank you from John and Willie while Elaine and Jerrod asked if she was alright with the hyperactive Debbie. Madeline asked if they were alright with Blaire being around their daughter, not wanting her to upset anyone who supported Elaine, especially in an election cycle. Elaine brushed off the fears, Debbie was her own person and if she was alright with Blaire then Blaire was not going to have a problem around Debbie.

The kids didn't even talk about Blaire and Kylie's shared secret, they were aware and didn't care. It was a big shock to Blaire but Debbie actually liked Blaire before she started her transition and was happy to be her friend, especially as she was one of the few who wanted nothing from her and whose mother was not trying to use her to get at Elaine. Debbie was her mother's daughter and saw the good in you even if you didn't know it, she was going to befriend Blaire and become her best friend and learn all there is to know about being a girl even if she had to drag her over kicking and screaming.

The girls were getting close and Madeline had to hold back tears at times as Blaire and Debbie walked together and at points shared close conversations. It was new for Blaire, she was actually happy and was acting as close to normal as you can get. She wasn't fearful of anyone hurting her or saying words to her, she and Debbie were true friends now.

The girls saw Madeline's reaction which caused Blaire some fear but Debbie hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek, telling her affectionately "she's happy that I'm being your friend. it's a mom reaction and one she hasn't seen from you before. I like you a lot, you aren't like other girls and boys and I would have been your friend sooner but you always ran home after school before we could talk."

Blaire timidly asked "are you OK with me liking girls? I don't want it to be awkward for you." Debbie gave her a big smile, telling her "my cousin likes girls, but she's too old for you."

Saffron was cute but she was not Blaire's type, she preferred girls who were more adventurous. Debbie would have been her type of girl but Debbie wasn't into girls and was just a friend anyway. It hit Blaire hard, she actually loved the idea of having a best friend who shared things that she liked and who she could talk about things with that nobody else could understand especially her mom.

Saffron was busy dealing with Rick Oberlin's love life as the poor boy was tongue-tied as he saw the girl that he had his eyes on for months. Saffron thought that she looked pretty plain, but Rick seemed to be enamored with her beauty. The girl noticed his lingering stares and blushed, she had a clear interest in him but the 16-year-old couldn't bring himself to talk to her let alone ask her out.

Saffron casually asked the girl about Rick, getting a blush and reluctant "he's too handsome for me, he could get any girl in school if he wanted to. He's always nice to me but the guys around him are jerks. I like that he isn't too much of a jock, but he's too good to date someone like me."

Saffron smirked, then shot back "he's head over heels in love with you. He can't keep his eyes off of you. He has had those idiots Ginger and Pepper after him since they started growing breasts so he has kept away from most girls for their own protection but he loves you. Give him a chance."

Saffron backed away and pushed Rick forward, forcing him to meekly say "hi" while trying to look away from her in embarrassment. Saffron walked off, but first told the two to talk or else she would make them go out and would have Debbie asking a bunch of annoying questions. That was enough to get Rick to walk off with the girl who asked if he really did like her then told him that he was too good for her and he could get a better girl easily if he wanted to.

Rick did the only thing that he could think of and kissed her deeply then told her "you are worth it. I have loved you since the 7th grade and don't want bimbos or other girls- I want you. I need you."

The two kissed deeply, this time with her initiating the kiss. She was gasping for breath but finally got herself together as she had to return to work at the games booth that she operated, but first made plans to go out with Rick later on in the week when she had the night off. Rick was walking on air as he saw Saffron, trying hard not to thank her but loving her for making them talk.

Saffron had a smug look on her face, to which Rick had to admit she had been right and he was being a fool to not try to go after the girl of his dreams. She felt that it was part of her job as a family to help out Rick, but it was also a penance for how she acted for years to others. She was just happy to finally help.

Rick's sudden happiness caught his parents by surprise. They asked Saffron what was going on, only to be told: "he's in love and has a date with his dream girl." Elaine was about to demand an answer but the sight of him smiling at his new girlfriend as she passed by him stopped her inquiry in its tracks.

Mace had a tougher time with Missy as his aunt was close by and keeping an eye on them. It was more to ensure that the two weren't going too far too fast and do something that they might regret or end up in a compromising situation leading to one or both giving up their dreams. The two were an item by all accounts, but they were acting more like they were married than just starting a relationship.

Mace got some ribbing from guys that he went to school with as they walked through the park. He was happy to show off Missy and she, in turn, was happy to play the loving girlfriend. They felt anxious around Elaine but she left them far enough away to not interfere with their romance.

The couple kissed under a tree and couldn't stop smiling as others that they knew were shocked to see the two together let alone kissing so deeply. Mace's biggest fears regarding his relationship with Missy was that Basil and Dill would do something to sabotage him, which he had heard rumblings about the past two days. He would never leave Missy, and the two were just talk and little action anyway.

Dill and Basil had been hard at work behind the scenes trying to work against Mace to the point that they had a bunch of guys willing to "knock some sense into him"...for a price. It was in the planning stages but unfortunately for the duo was never going to happen, once their dads were in jail the money was tied up and the two were stuck with nothing. That only led to the two trying to get into the good graces of girls to get them to go after Mace but with the help of Trent working as Missy's unofficial uncle all attempts stopped dead in their tracks as he carefully told the girls to back away or they would have a lot to answer for and would pay for trying to ruin Missy- literally and figuratively.

The two couldn't land a girl in their hometown without their money, and thanks to the work of Sheriff Roy Dodd, DA Howard O'Neil, and both Miles and Reed, there was no money left for the two to use regardless. Their fathers had only a small amount available to them to use for legal defense that was from outstanding payments owed to them from legitimate business deals but otherwise they were bankrupt. The duo was left with houses that they didn't own and no jobs nor prospects for jobs other than as dishwashers or fast food workers.

Trent was working with Jerrod to go after Chili Carney, Sage Herbert, and Magnus Opal for the money owed to him and was finding that the Sage had owed more money than he actually had on hand. All of his finances were in a shambles and when Trent was finished the only thing he had left was his house but that was going to need to be sold to pay his mounting legal expenses. Chili and Magnus were no better, all they could do was sign over their homes to Jerrod as compensation leaving Rose Opal out in the cold and begging her brother for help.

Jerrod had to field multiple calls for help from his sister, all of which he ignored to the point of shutting off his cellphone. In the morning Rose showed up at his door and begged him to help her. He just gave her a big smile and angrily told her "you ignored me for years, repeatedly forced my niece to endure men who were nothing but lecherous perverts, and try to have two people who are the most upstanding of citizens that you will ever encounter arrested and you have the gall to ask for help? No."

Rose wouldn't accept that he was refusing to help, telling him that he had an obligation to help her out of respect for their family. Jerrod scoffed at that, asking her "what about your duty to your daughter? What about your duty to protect her? You tossed her out when she refused to be a pawn of two jealous sluts whose fathers got your husband into this mess. Don't contact me again, we are through."

Rose left him with an angry threat, but Elaine happily told her "you have nothing to use against him, and there is not one person in this town that will help you hurt me. Well, maybe your lover can be duped into helping you so long as you continue to give him a little bit of sex. Sadly he doesn't have a chance of beating me in the election and he won't leave his wife for you. I may tip her off about the two of you having a longstanding affair though, I'm tired of dealing with your messes anyway."

Rose left in a hurry but Elaine made the phone call to her friend, the woman who happened to be the wife of her opponent in the election, to warn her that she couldn't hold off on her secret any longer. It was fine with the woman, she was ready to file for divorce anyway. He was starting to get too far out of line regarding Elaine and some of what he wanted to do were beyond politics, it was all well and good to go after Elaine for her actions in office but going after Saffron and her sex life was too much.

That afternoon in the park, Elaine was shocked to receive a text from her friend explaining how her husband had just been caught in bed with Rose and she had tossed him out of the house for his rampant infidelity. She was proud to file for divorce and seek sole custody of their kids. It took all of Elaine's energy to not call her, she knew it wouldn't help things but she did text that she knew a good lawyer.

Jerrod noticed this interaction and asked about it. Elaine sighed and informed him "your sister was just caught in bed with my rival. I'm sorry to say it but it looks like she's going to file for divorce from him and take him for everything that he has. He's stuck with Rose, but it's only until he loses every penny."

Jerrod just nodded and moved on, there was nothing that he would do to help Rose and she deserved everything that she was getting. Her house was going to be sold to pay him back so they were stuck with finding a new home, a new job, and good lawyers to defend against their divorces. It was not the best news to tell Saffron and Mace, but both understood and were glad Rose got her comeuppance.

Trent was enjoying the day with Tessa and Missy. When Mace joined them he asked if he had decided on what he was going to study in college. Mace had to think and blushed as he said "law. I wanted to be a lawyer but dad hates them and wanted me to work for him so that's not happening now."

Trent could sense that he needed an experienced hand and countered "you have a quick mind and a long memory. From what Missy has told me, you are the perfect kind of person to be a lawyer. You just need to hone your skills and learn. Judging by your business classes in school, you might make for a good business attorney and guide clients through mergers, acquisitions, and other kinds of messes."

Trent was no fool, from what he had been told about the recent high school graduate, Mace was going to be one of the best lawyers in the town when he graduated from law school and Trent wanted to have him working alongside him. Mace was trustworthy, loyal, and had the personal integrity that he wanted from a lawyer. Mace just needed confidence, which was starting to build but it would take years and the support of Missy to break through to undo his father's influence.

Missy may have been going for a paralegal degree, but she and Mace would make for a good office for his small firm in seven years when Mace went to pass his bar exam. He just hoped that Mace didn't get enticed by offers from large firms in the cities, they wanted him for his ability to make money and for his access to his aunt. Hopefully, Mace saw local ties as a good thing but he was his own person.

Trent asked when they started their semester at the local college. Mace blushed and reluctantly told him "I haven't applied yet. Things happened so fast and my dad wouldn't let me send out applications to any of the colleges in the state or neighboring states." This was not a problem for Trent, he had a good working relationship with the local university and could get Mace signed up in a matter of seconds especially as he had strong support behind him in Tessa and with multiple strong character references.

Trent made a phone call and got everything set up for the two to go to the nearby state university in two days time to speak with the admissions officials about their education. He would be in a business college but it was his best fit. Even if Mace failed as a lawyer, he had a good degree to fall back on which would be sought after by the town's many businesses.

Tessa remained stoic but was pleased to see Trent's initiative in helping two who were benefits to him and to the town. She loved that her friend was covertly doing something for himself even if it was helping other people. She didn't need to say anything, he knew she heard everything and wouldn't hesitate to put in a word with both the university and with the bank regarding a loan.

Across Storm Bayou, John and the elders were talking about how he could help young people in their tribes. John was serious about offering some financial support for education, there were those who fell through the cracks because they had commitments to the family that caused issues with their grades and made them look lazier and apathetic as students. He wanted to help, which would trickle down to help the tribe as a whole as they would be able to perform needed jobs beyond simply existing.

There was passion and empathy in his voice, which was what they knew to be him doing it for the good of the people rather than for image purposes. John was known to be a philanthropist, but it's different to give money because you care rather than give money because you can. They agreed to talk with their tribal councils and arrange something, especially as there were several who could use the help.

Taylor's and Blaire's dance troupe led the kids through the park and enjoyed talking with them about the city and how different it was from Bayleston. It was weird to hear about all the different people and even odder to hear how it was dangerous and fun at the same time. The kids were hooked on the stories but some of them had to be watered down to protect the kids' friends' privacy.

When they passed by Sgt. Kowalski, he happily said: "hello Duchess Kylie, Princesses Ella and Cat, and Princes JD and Logan." The five cringed as he said that, with Kowalski smiling at getting one over on them. He knew that it was forgotten by them that they had been dubbed that by Tessa but it was worth reminding.

Taylor asked what that was about, Kylie explained "it's because of Queen Tessa. She dubbed us that since we are 'visiting nobles from the Kingdom of Wonderland'. It's the name of the closest amusement park to our hometown. Uncle John would be the King of Wonderland so we would be the next level down from a king and queen, Cat and Ella are princesses and JD and Logan are princes. I'm a duchess because I'm not his daughter, I'm only his niece."

Cat added "our cousins are really nobles. They saw the wedding." JD nodded while Logan explained "our aunt is married to a noble and our cousins inherited titles. It's complicated and our eldest cousins would rather not have their titles since they inherited them from their great-uncle."

All the others could say was a collective "awesome!" They didn't need to know more, it was something that Tessa would do and there was no hint that it was a lie. Logan sounded remorseful about the death of a relative making it even more powerful and meaningful to them.

The kids walked on and enjoyed more rides before they had to return to their parents. Taylor hugged Cat tightly while JD reluctantly hugged her and had to move away as she tried to kiss his cheek. He was too old for that kind of stuff anymore and to get one from a girl who wasn't related was too much.

Bethany had kept quiet during her time with the kids. She and Cat stuck together when the kids left and were feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of kids who were around. She had fun, and Cat ensured that she enjoyed herself.

When the kids went on rides too big for them Cat and JD waited with her. She was only a couple of months older than the twins but they were the same size. They were smaller than the others which only make things tougher for Bethany but to JD and Cat, it was alright since they were happy to have her there with them especially as she knew the park better than anyone thanks to her mom's job.

Cat sensed Bethany's fears and told her that the kids were alright with her and she had the best mom in the world since she worked in a fun place and Bethany knew all of the princesses personally and got to taste all of the cool foods and treats that the chefs came up with. Bethany hadn't thought about that but it was true, she did get to do all of that stuff and she was often the first to try out the new rides and get to play the games when they were being looked at by the park. Her mom working at the park was the best thing in the world, she even got to be babysat by Tessa when her mom had to do things at a far off place for the park and got treated like a princess by everyone in the park during those times.

Jennifer arrived to take Bethany off their hands and was met with a big hug from the little girl. Cat had a big smile on her face while JD just shrugged, it was typical Cat behavior. Jennifer asked if Bethany had fun and if she enjoyed being around the other kids now that she was going to be going to school, getting a nod and happy smile from Bethany as she realized that school would be just like that at times.

Jennifer left with the relieved Bethany starting to show fatigue from the fun. The five walked on with the grinning Kennedy, who had kept herself a discrete distance from the kids but close enough to be there in case they had trouble. It was time to go and the kids were showing exhaustion even if they were not ready to admit it, with only Kylie, Ella, and Logan not showing signs of slowing down.

The family gathered together to leave, with Sylvia and Mitch being given hugs and kisses from the 14. Mary and Les had to suppress tears as they saw Sylvia and little Sylvia hugging goodbye, with the little infant being happy to get attention for Sylvia but showing no signs of wanting to remain with her. She had become so accustomed to Jaimie that she never realized that Jaimie wasn't her "real" mother but she did show love to Sylvia as she did to the other ladies and even Mary.

Mitch received a wedding present from his parents, a cruise around the Caribbean in a stateroom. It was also advised to not get too overly enthusiastic but they supported the couple should anything come from their "fun". Mitch blushed deeply but it was his parents showing that they wouldn't abandon the two no matter what, unlike Sylvia's birth parents had done to her in her time of need.

The group departed the park with Will, Eric, George, and Scott saluting Dave, who returned the salute. They had spent enough time around military officers to know one when they saw one, and Dave being the head of the company of security officers was worthy of a salute from them just on principle. Rick, Michael, and Miles didn't salute but did shake Dave's hand as they left and offered a quick "you run a tight ship" as they departed, which meant a lot to Dave and the officers as it meant they did their best possible job for the guests.

At the hotel, the twins and Billy took a nap while the teens relaxed and John got to work changing the two infants' diapers. Valerie had to feel for him, and tell him that she had miscalculated on something. He blushed and asked "you were so busy getting things in order for the trip and helping Courtney and Jaimie that you forgot when you were due, didn't you? I may be busy at times but I thought the timing was off. I'm sorry hone, I know you would have loved to have shared your love one more time."

Valerie blushed and added "it's fine, and we both agree about Sylvia becoming part of the family. She will be a good daughter for us. She needs love and support and she will get it from us." Michael, Miles, and Jaimie heard all of this and gasped at what they meant, they would be Sylvia's siblings.

Michael shook his head and smiled. Jaimie looked at him oddly while Miles nodded. Miles explained "Sylvia's going to be adopted by mom and dad. They want her to be part of the family in full. She's going to be the big sister to Cat and Ella that you can't fully be. Sorry, but it's true for some things."

Jaimie wasn't offended by that, as much as she could give them advice and deal with clothes and boys she was in no way able to help them deal with periods and personal hygiene that came with it. She loved Sylvia and doing this for her was a big step for her as she now had siblings and support, especially as Mitch was going to have to endure agents seeking him out for when he was drafted into the NFL. The family wouldn't let them take advantage of Mitch, and with their clout, nobody would bother Mitch or try to go after him for his relationship to them.

Dinner was spent in the hotel's restaurant with everyone feeling that it was too much of a strain to go out on the town and endure the restaurant owners trying too hard to please them or cause others to have to wait until they were done with their meal to have their six tables. The restaurant wasn't too bad, it was actually much better than some of the restaurants in town but they didn't try to advertise too much as it would offend too many people in town due to being in a major hotel corporation's hotel. Elaine was trying to work with them to get them to try to improve their reputation, but the town's restaurants worked against her actions frustrating her at each bend.

The group went to bed and were up early the next morning as they packed all of their clothes and the little gifts that they hadn't had a chance to send off. The Penas went off on their own with their rented RV while the Finns and the 14 teens drove to the airport for their private plane home. The four Gibsons saw them off, with Sylvia being told that when she returned from the cruise to see John and Valerie.

The plane was as large as a regional passenger plane and looked normal, but inside it was luxurious and had all of the comforts of home. The Gibsons were impressed, but John had to tell them "we would have flown in a smaller private plane but with these 14 joining us it was the smallest we could get. I hate showing off my wealth but it was necessary."

The Penas were simply happy to drive off once the Gibsons left, Kylie did have a quick hug with Blaire and was happy to see that Debbie was there enjoying her new friendship with Blaire. Taylor was also there, but she was being babysat by Blaire's mother Madeline while she was called into work. Taylor was doing her best to enjoy the two and was treated like one of them despite their age difference.

The Penas drove onward, first stopping in St. Louis to enjoy the city and the famous metal arch and were lucky to be in town when the St. Louis Cardinals were playing. Billy enjoyed the sights and even got to enjoy a foul ball landing at his feet causing him to appear on TV and smile at the cameras. He and Willie bonded more that trip than they had during the previous three years that they had been together, making father and son happy and giving Billy a sense of pride at being a son to Willie.

Their next stop was Chicago then Erie, PA. Chicago was a two day stop which was fine with the kids especially as they enjoyed the museums while Reed enjoyed some time with his mother as they talked about his upcoming work with her office. For the first time ever, he was acting like Reed the colleague and not Reed her son. She felt a sense of pride as well as a tinge of old age as the young teen that she had taken into her home when he needed a parent had grown to be someone that she could hold a long, well thought out conversation with about things that both enjoyed doing.

It was similar to how Willie felt with Billy now that he was old enough to appreciate these father/son moments, it was her bonding with her son on a more personal level and it felt great to her. She may have shared hundreds of hours just talking at home with Kylie and walking around the city as they spent time as mother/daughter to bond over their shared budding femininity, but Reed was different. Her boy had become a man and with it, he had started his next phase in life and sought guidance from her in a way that she had once felt she may never share- passing on her knowledge to her offspring.

Kylie knew not to say anything about her mother and brother getting closer, she was just happy that it was because Reed was working with their mom and not because something bad had happened. She and Willie had not had that kind of moment yet but she still loved him and although they didn't share much in common she still loved that he was there for her. He was her dad, and he understood her.

The family drove onward and enjoyed a fun family outing, even stopping briefly in Niagara Falls to take pictures from the US side. The whole family felt stronger after the finally arrived back in their hometown, with the kids spending hours telling their friends about the trip and what they did. Reed and his girlfriend Jessie were inseparable, but the two simply missed one another and after hearing about the troubles that Reed encountered she felt the need to be close to him to show that he was alright.


Things in Bayleston were dire for the incarcerated Chili, Sage, Magnus, Ginger, and Pepper. They were met with a harsh reality that they were not going to receive special treatment from the deputies overseeing them nor get help from anyone since they had nothing to use against anyone and had no access to money. When they were arraigned in court all of their crimes were listed for the town to hear with most gasping at the actions of the five as their true faces were exposed for all to see.

It took a lot for Howard O'Neil to not smile as he heard the list of charges against the five but he did allow some pride to show through as the girls were remanded to custody for breaking their bail for their assaults on Dave and the VentureRealm security officers. The girls fought the deputies as they were told that they were not getting out, getting more charges of assault brought against them while their fathers had to feel that the world was closing in on them as their pride and joy were shown to be nothing but spoiled brats having temper tantrums. The girls were no different than their fathers, they were just as nasty and not afraid to show that they would hurt you to get what they demanded.

When they tried to contact their sons to get them to force their "employees" to get them out, Basil and Dill were apprehended and forced to accept a plea bargain to testify against their fathers or they would be facing prison for soliciting hit men who were going to "take out" key people to force the release of Sage and Chili. They were no fools, they agreed to testify as their fathers were stuck with nothing to use against them and would have left them to rot in jail if they were free and their sons in jail. They testified against their fathers and were ridiculed by them in court but it only served to work against Chili and Sage in the eyes of the jury.

Justice was swift and merciless as the three men were tried and convicted on dozens of counts of fraud, embezzlement, criminal conspiracy, assault, hiring hit men, drug trafficking, and bribery. Their daughters were no better, they were tried and convicted of criminal conspiracy, assault, extortion, civil rights violations, and even sexual soliciting as they tried to entice several teens in town while out on bail before the arrests as well as deputies in the jail during their trial. The whole group was sentenced to prison sentences ranging between 10 and 40 years, with Sage getting the worst sentences as he had been the mastermind behind it all.

Dill and Basil were evicted from their home when it was sold, with the two having to seek temporary shelter with friends. After a few weeks, they were forced to get jobs and ended up working as strippers in the next county just to make ends meet. Initially, they were humiliated by the jobs but started to enjoy them after they saw that they were no longer going to have to worry about their fathers and the job was steady money with the ladies enjoying the duo and the duo enjoying the fun side of being free.

The duo never returned to Bayleston, instead they stayed on at the strip club as dancers and later as the new managers. They turned their lives around and earned college degrees but still spent much of their time at the club among ladies. They dated and married women who had taken a shine to them and were new men, with the ladies being the ones who finally showed that they were not their fathers.

Rose Opal was publicly ostracized by her brother and sister-in-law over her extramarital affairs. She lost everything in her divorce from Magnus and forced to live on the streets as she had nowhere to go and as the family home had been in Magnus' name before being sold to Mace as a way of getting quick cash for his legal defense. Mace refused to help his mother and told her to never contact him again and if she did he would file a restraining order against her, forcing her out on the streets without a home.

She and her lover were forced to move into a small trailer on the outskirts of Bayleston, one where she had once claimed she would send her daughter if she ever got out of line. It was a fitting punishment for a woman who had wronged her family in multiple ways as well as a happy bit of comeuppance that she needed. Neither Mace nor Saffron took pleasure in seeing Rose forced to live in such poverty but it was her own doing and with luck Rose and her lover would become better people.

Mace borrowed money from Elaine and Jerrod to buy his family home, but the loan was not needed as Jerrod got full payment from Sage's manipulations of the Herbert Corporation, the business that was the front for Sage's illegal activities and who "owed" Jerrod. Jerrod told Mace that it was a gift from family and he should make it his own home, refusing to be paid back a penny and holding the money that owed from Sage in trust for all four of the Oberlin children. Saffron moved in with Mace and convinced Missy to move in as well, with the couple sharing a bed instead of trying to act like they were just roommates when they were already lovers...not that she would dare tell them that she knew.

Saffron, Mace, and Missy went to the local university together and became friendly with other LGBT students. Saffron blossomed at the university, shedding her timidity and anxiety and becoming a strong force among the freshmen. She met and fell in love with a fellow student, an older woman who was in the same degree program as her but who was trying to earn a second degree to have a fallback career.

The two dated for months before she moved in with Saffron, Mace, and Missy. She acted like a big sister to the trio but was in love with Saffron and was happy to have someone who knew the same pain and suffering of hiding her true self from the world while finally getting help when they needed it. It was a chance that they were in the same classes that semester, but to them, it was fate and led to marriage when the two finished their fall semester together.

Elaine cruised to an easy victory as her opponent's infidelity and subsequent attempts to use her being so close to Saffron as well as her connection to Magnus and indirectly Sage and Chili fell on deaf ears. All of that was known to the town and none of it mattered as Elaine's strong record of being friendly to the LGBT community was not up for debate and it was seen as a sleazy move that hurt people who were not running for office. His loss was only made worse as his ex-wife came out in support of Elaine and thrashed her ex-husband for being a hypocrite for extolling family values while he himself was sleeping with a married woman.

The Gibsons received some flak from troglodytes in town over their son being "allowed" to marry someone who was seen as unfit and beneath him. Their true intentions were clear, they had wanted Mitch to marry their own daughters so they could exploit his fame for their own needs. Les had harsh words for most of them, with Mary calling them out for trying to force their daughters on her son when he was his own man and could choose whom he wanted to marry as he was old enough to do so.

Mary held firm and when pressed too far she refused to even speak about her son to anyone who she did not like. She had enough friends and had a steady job with US Postal Service so there was nothing that could be done to her. Les, however, went one further and happily told them that they were trying to upset a man who could easily ensure that their businesses were bought out and sold to outsider companies without breaking a sweat, especially as they were targeting his new daughter.

John and his wealth were legendary in the town after only a few days of actually being there making the threats prophetic and true, he would do just that to protect his family. Les and Mary were left alone by the town after that, the only people who dared to speak with them were the ones who were actually their friends and who were happy to see Mitch enjoying his life and finding the woman of his dreams. It didn't matter one bit that Mitch had married a woman who had a child out of wedlock, Sylvia had shown to many that she was a great daughter and who had won over them without realizing it.

Mary did have to play things close to her vest when sports agents started to come calling at her house. Les let her have her fun, he was too short-tempered and would have ended up in jail because he couldn't stop himself from hurting them. Mary was nicer, she would make you see the error of your ways without so much as lifting a finger or raising her voice.

The agents were asked if they were registered with the NCAA and if they were aware that she could ensure that they never set foot on a college campus if they didn't back away from trying to speak with an amateur athlete by way of his or her family. They tried to call her bluff but she recited the very same regulations that she was referring to word for word making them back away. Word spread after the first to lose his license was uncovered, the few who challenged her and even threatened her found that they were in legal trouble and facing bans from all major sports for their actions and barred from speaking to any athletes while they were enrolled as students in the US.

Mary and Les found themselves often having to speak with Blaire and the perky Taylor while they were at the post office, with the two hearing stories about Mitch and Sylvia that they had just been told and loving every second of the kids seeing things differently than they had in the past. The kids were like new people and were more outgoing, making the Gibsons proud to have played a small part in that.

Blaire found herself being treated differently once school started. She had Debbie by her side and in the same classes as her, but she was never fully sure if Debbie was her friend or not. Debbie was her friend and was more than happy to introduce Blaire to her friends so Blaire had ones of her own, especially ones who Debbie knew were OK with Blaire's transition.

Blaire received a lot of stares and whispers throughout the first weeks of school but with Debbie by her side, she found her inner strength to ignore them and focus on school and her new friends. Her being friends with the girls caused a lot of tension among parents, especially when Elaine was forced to ask the parents what they really had against their daughters being friends with Blaire, with their daughters asking if it was because Blaire was once a boy or that she liked girls.

Blaire's sexuality was addressed by the girls early on, with Blaire telling them about the people that she had met who showed her that just because she was a girl inside didn't mean that she had to immediately like boys. The girls started to realize that Blaire wasn't a threat to them nor did she like them that way, even if she did find them attractive. Blaire didn't fall for any of the girls, there were girls who liked girls in her school but the ones who did keep to themselves and their friends and ignored Blaire entirely.

The boys in school were told about what happened to their colleagues over the summer and when they heard that the girls had been close to the princesses of VentureRealm they started to act nicer to them but still hostile to Blaire. She didn't react, they had their reasons for being that way and it was tough to go against years of knowing Blair the boy while looking at Blaire the girl. There were a couple who treated her nice and who had been nice, but distant, to her before her transition.

Those boys were the only boys who got close to the girls of the school, especially Blaire's friends. They were seen as the most mature among boys and once the girls started to get to know them the girls found out that they were not the boys they thought they were. The boys were interested in the same things as the girls, with some differences in typical things like shopping and after-school activities but still it was a big shock to them to learn that they were alike to the point of being different only in anatomy and clothing making both groups see that they had a lot to learn from one another.

Blaire and Debbie became close friends. There were snide remarks about their closeness but Debbie was happy to be her friend regardless of what others thought or said. Blaire loved Debbie but happily said she was a sister not a potential date, making Debbie hug her tightly and say the same to Blaire.

Debbie hosted several sleepovers at her house and enjoyed Blaire being around especially as she took no notice of what Blaire had in her panties when she accidentally saw it when the two changed. The other girls were intrigued but once they saw that it was no big deal they treated it like a deformity and never took notice of it again, giving Blaire the needed support and unintentionally showing that they were true friends and not just friends through Debbie.

When they returned from their honeymoon cruise, they were immediately put to the test as Mitch had to start training camp before the start of the football season. Sylvia moved into their new apartment off campus and started to prepare for her new start at the nearby Smif College and got to know her new classmates who had some compassion for her but felt a little put off by her being married and not able to enjoy the "fun" that they wanted to have with the UMass and college area guys. Sylvia didn't let them get to her, it made them look worse as those who had families and friends nearby understood why she was not letting Mitch get away from her and married so young.

She made sure to go to Winnisimmet every weekend to visit John and Valerie as well as the others. It was during one of those trips that she was shown the paperwork that would change her life forever. It was something that she would never dare admit, but she dreamed of being their daughter ever since she had seen just how loving they were to Michael, Miles, and Jaimie as well as their spouses.

Sylvia was in tears as she signed the forms, with Valerie and John hugging her after her shaky hand finished with her signature. It was tough on all three of them and made even tougher as the seven entered and saw the two hugging Sylvia. John pulled himself together and told all of them "we did what we felt was best for Sylvia, we made her your sister. Don't make a big deal out of this, it's already tough enough for her and it'll be even tougher when she tells Mitch tonight."

The group helped her take a room in the Finn home, one that would be hers and Mitch's when they were in town on the weekends. Sylvia took a few hours to come to terms with having new parents, ones who were what she had wanted her's to be but never became. She felt even better when she realized that she now had four younger siblings who looked up to her, with Ella and Logan feeling like it was their turn to help ease someone into the family after Cat and JD helped them a year and a half before.

Mitch was satisfied with how everything turned out. John and Valerie were the perfect in-laws and he could immediately see how people started to back away from him once they heard about Sylvia's new family. Those who didn't back away were met with swift action by the school and the state, especially those who tried to extort Mitch to get something for themselves. It always ended badly, Mitch was just too heavily entrenched in the Finn Family to get anything other than their just desserts.

When Sylvia found herself pregnant in the fall, John and Valerie helped her deal with it and keep the school from forcing her out. It was tough for Sylvia but with the help of the family, she was able to arrange for a sitter and complete her degree while Mitch dealt with his own studies and football. She was always supportive of Mitch, but the extra support from John and Valerie was what made her stay with Mitch whenever her fears of infidelity and jealousy of other girls got the better of her.

The whole family gathered for the birth of Sylvia and Mitch's first child together, with Les and Mary coming east to see the birth and help the couple deal with the aftermath of becoming parents. Little Lester Miles Gibson was the spitting image of his father and carried his mother's eyes and hair color, making for a stark contrast to his dad's deep blue eyes and blonde hair. He was his father's son making Sylvia happy that he wouldn't take notice that he happened to have the same hair and eyes as the younger Sylvia, his biological half-sister.

Les and Mary got to meet the rest of the family and saw just how much of an impact John, Valerie, and the rest had on so many others with Sylvia just being the newest in a large number of people. They were proud that their son had joined them indirectly, then directly, and had a family there when they couldn't be. He was closer to Miles and Michael than his friends in high school, with the two being what they had hoped the guys in Bayleston would become but never did.

Sylvia spent the rest of her summer in Bayleston, going to VentureRealm for only three weeks in total thanks to the birth of little Les. Her absence was felt but it was allayed when her work at the park was done mostly as followups to her work from the Finn home just before giving birth. She had done a lot in a short period of time and what she did do was banked for later use by the marketing department.

The ladies at the park kept asking for pictures of Les, with Sylvia blushing at how often they said he was cute and how he looked like his father. Danica, Michelle, and Nicole were all in tears when she told them that they would be mothers one day, their commitment to the park was something that was preparing them for motherhood. It was from the heart and she was full of hormones but it was the kind of encouragement that they needed even if they didn't realize it.

Tessa was pleased with the work that Sylvia had done and was even happier to see the little one and enjoy listening to how Sylvia had made a strong impact on so many of the younger employees at the park. The few who were not happy with Sylvia were jealous of her and thought that she was getting special treatment from Tessa. She wasn't, the park had a strong maternity/paternity leave system and she had prepared herself in advance for the loss of hours but had done more than she would have done if she had worked the full eight weeks over the summer.

When she and Mitch graduated, they moved permanently to Winnisimmet. Tessa couldn't sway her to stay with the park but she made a pledge to visit every summer with her kids especially since there was no way that they could visit Les and Mary and not visit the park too. It was the best that Tessa could do, and something that she happily accepted especially as Sylvia was one of her greatest employees.

The park itself thrived on its own, but the visit by the Finn and Pena families left a lasting impression on it. They weren't just VIPs, they were people who came with a sense of wanting to enjoy something different and left feeling like it was the best trip that they could have hoped to have. The town was its own entity, but the park was the place to enjoy and they did just that.

Tessa was pleased that they had done exactly as she had planned. Sure there were outside influences that changed plans during the visit, but they were exactly as she had thought could happen. The Finn and Pena families were ones to respect and admire, and after spending time with Tessa she had earned the same from them. VentureRealm would never be the same, but change can be a good thing.

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