Jem...Chapter 206


That all takes a lot of work but Molly and Mike have been working at this all through the fair and they really, really did a whole huge amount of work.
We make copies of them all, a whole bunch of them for Lorna to take and to pass around too.
This, this is a big deal for Starlight Entertainment & Music.
I feel really proud of all of us too.
It’s pretty funny that we celebrate this with fresh bread and butter and rolls with bowls of hot chicken soup once all the bread and things are done and the cabbage rolls are in the oven and with the timer set I’m leaving them in there to cook and cool overnight.
We actually kill the entire pot too while we write our letters to Kotex, Always, Playtex, U, Up & Up, Stayfree to start and we make a little video shoot with it all in between bowls of soup from all of us as we talk about how important it is to have these readily and available to women and girls that can’t afford them. Molly tells them her side of things from the way it feels to have the right choices the esteem differences the basic respect and then how hard it is on the street. We all do our part with it as a band and then put it up to the site and attached to the letters/e-mails to the companies with a link to know our talk is out there on our site already.
It’s one in the morning but that’s fine...more than fine as we really got so much done.
So much done and we’re stuffed too.
We hug and hug then Rayne and I head off to bed together. So much one of the best sleeps and cuddles we’ve had really.
It was like I could feel the energy in the house of all of us having been part of doing this. It’s a big deal, we’re all really young and that took a lot of work and a lot of focus really.
Everyone went to bed really upbeat and happy.
I think I love my life.

*And Now…

Kimmie as usual or rather back to her usual wakes up the house with her drumming and it’s definitely load too with the amps on and everything and she’s drumming out the opening to the remade Hawaiian police show.

I roll over and moan into the pillow and half into Rayne who’s chuckling in bed at it and she says. “It really is not the same without the rest of the band instruments playing, but still pretty cool.”

She then rolls over onto my back and she starts kissing my back in between the shoulder blades singing. “Ta dant dant da da...da da da da…”

Which is so awesome as she kisses her way up and to my neck and she keeps kissing there in my favorite spot and nibbling there... and sucking there… before she guides me to roll over as she sits up on her knees to give me room and she then leans down and kisses with me.

Those deep and sweet and soft kisses.

And her hands slide up my sides and cup my breasts and she’s not pushing flesh up and molding it any more to do it.

They’re small handfuls but they’re there.

My PAIS hormone starved body has been reacting well to my special vitamins.

I especially feel it as pleasure zooms through my nerves and Rayne massages gently as she’s hitting all the good things like the ache and the itch and the ache but from the good attention that makes me want her to do more.

Then it’s her mouth and me at her mercy and the tender mercy of her touch as she slips her hand down and pushes down as she rubs me to took longer this time.

Well for me, for Rayne I slid my hand down and got her started and when I popped off and was kissed to recovery I shimmied down between her legs and wrapped my arms around her thighs as she sank her weight down and I made love to her orally until she was riding and grinding herself and had both of her hands in my hair.

After her first one I rolled her and me over so that I’m on top but still between her legs and that’s actually easier for me to do the things that she likes so much and it’s a lot easier to get my fingers in there for her third time.

We are getting better at this.

It’s getting more normal or like more of a normal for us.

Okay well sex in the morning is not usually our normal but Rayne doesn’t have to be at work for her usual time with the fair so we’ve kind of been taking advantage of this as much as we can.

We’re really happy and touchy and blushing when we’re done and after about ten minutes of downtime and catching our breath we grab out things and we head off and shower.

I know I’ve talked about the shower stuff before and like I said we’re not really sexing it up in there we’re washing but y’know having someone there to wash your back is wonderful and it’s really awesome when you kinda trying or their trying to like massage you while that’s going on.

There’s a lot to be said about someone putting the right kind of pressure in that spot in the small of your back or like Rayne’s spot in the middle of her back right sort of where her shoulder blades stop. It’s even better with a washcloth soaked with hot water.

My weakness is the combo of having my hair washed and feeling fingers massaging my scalp and then them moving to my shoulders.

Bliss, serious bliss.

Then there’s just some other things that are just cool like helping each other dry off.

All the padding dry and sweet looks and little lingering touches.

The first kisses after brushing your teeth.

And yeah just all of it.

And we’re sort of morning dressed or I am while Rayne’s in her underthings and then getting ready for her Walmart gear and Brooklyn and Mike take the shower from us.

I head down and Kimmie’s there and up and she’s cooking breakfast for everyone and she’s been definitely up and supercharged and the waffle maker is out.

She’s made blueberry waffles and I can smell muffins or something baking off in the ovens.

I didn’t know we had blueberries but we must have or she bought some because there’s also this sauce that’s not really a sauce but thickly stewed blueberries with sugar and there’s whipped cream if we want it and she’s made bacon and sausages for everyone too.

Which is really awesome.

“Hey you made breakfast what’s the occasion!”

Kimmie just grins at me. “Practice! I want to get to be good at this kind of stuff for Max and well everyone me included. My mom literally couldn’t do this.”

I hug her and I take one of the waffles dry and try it and it’s really good. Fresh and just sort of crispy and yet just fluffy enough inside. I love waffles I like pancakes too but waffle irons are just kind of cool anyways especially the idea of like savory ones.

Kimmie made coffee too and she’s got another basket loaded and ready and she’s got beans out and she grinds some fresh stuff up and then she loads it into a french press pot. “When did we get one of those?”

She grins. “I bought one to like try stuff out and to like maybe have like special coffee and things for people.”

And with that she smiles and she actually kisses Molly on the cheek and sets the press carafe in front of her. “It’s that Blue Mountain stuff that you wanted.”

Which Molly looks surprised at and she stares at Kimmie in a little wonder and a little bit questioning way. “You did this for me?”

Kimmie looks at her. “Hey Angel’s not the only one that wants or has taken care of everyone here. Besides I wanted to try some of these other beans and stuff and I’ve always wanted a french press pot too. It’s win-win.”

I kiss Kim’s cheek. “Thank you that’s really cool and a nice thing for the house. And yeah Rayne’s said you held things together after Summer left Kim.”

“She did?”

“Yeah she did, and you’ve always been the big hearted one in the house Kimmie. I mean I wouldn’t likely even be here if it wasn’t for you.”

We hug again and Molly gets up and she engulfs Kimmie in one of those big Molly hugs.

Molly while short and really kind of goth punk is a bigger girl so she’s really ample and her hugs are well...engulfing.

And the hugs lasts until Kimmie says this muffled but excited. “Mmm… Boobies!”

Which had Molly let the hug go and she turned a voosh speed of red.

Which got deeper as Carmen slid in behind her and wrapped her arms around Molly and crossed her arms in a criss-cross style like she was cradling her and crossing or guarding her heart.

“I agree they’re awesome.”

Which made Molly blush even harder and look amazing in this powerful mix of embarrassed and self conscious while looking happy and absolutely smitten.

I love this.

I mean both Molly and Carmen’s been through their own kinds of hell.

And they’re both here and doing this and they’re so much in love.

I love my friends too.

I mean I know Kimmie loves her coffee and anything that’ll ramp up her hyperness but I know her too. She didn’t by the French press pot for the house or for her but because Molly had said that she loved French pressed coffee.

I love that we’re taking care of each other.

Mike and Brooklyn join us and soon we’re in the whole breakfast chaos and family feast mode and we’re talking and we’re laughing and still kind of happy and buzzed after all the stuff we got done last night with the sites and the letters and the videos.

And then there’s the fact that I’m pretty sure that we all some this morning too.

The only one missing is Max who Kimmie said he cut out early so he could go to work with Dad.

She baked the blueberry muffins for him and for Dad and the boys and she’s made some for work too.

Yeah I instagrammed the finished products and the fact the Roxy-Moogle can cook as well as bake.

We even posted up a plate of waffles with that neko-neko kitty face thing that Japanese people sometime do over omelettes once we get some of her sauce into a squeezy bottle.

The girls and Mike get all packed up and ready for classes and Rayne heads out ready for work and they drive off.

I stay outside and just take my time to finish my coffee.

It’s getting slowly colder and colder so soon this won’t be worth it but it’s just one of those things that I like doing.

Actually one I’m taking my GED course and doing that I won’t likely have time for that either.

It’s nice though to have the breather while it’s here.

Molly and Carmen have the dishes done even by the time I’m back inside too and while it’s too early to head to the fair it’s more than enough time to sit down in the living room and start looking at things on our site and our other pages and just go through messages and posts and comments from things and make my own and reply to others.

It’s good to have that kind of content I think and it helps spread the word and it helps out sales online too.

It’s funny we are not a big band, heck we’re really just a one town local band with some decent gigs.

It always shocks me with our online presence though and how much the fan base we have is really far out there.

The accounts are looking good too and we’re still making really decent money. Well we’re not making like big money but we’re paying bills and our suppliers and we’re making enough to bank.

Which is what I’m doing online for part of this paying our bills and putting money in the pay accounts for each of us and some in the concert fan account and then our savings and the one’s for the girls and college or whatever they’re going to do after they’re done school.

I always leave some in there a few hundred at least.

But all those other accounts for the rainy days and the future they’re slowly getting bigger and bigger.

Then I head upstairs to get changed and ready for the rest of the fair and I go for a baggy band t-shirt over a white tee-shirt and I go for skinny faded jeans and a hoodie to go with my jean jacket.

Nice boots and a check on my hair and make-up and I call Jimmy and get him to come and pick me up.

I make up a care package of a loaf of homemade bread from last night and some of the blueberry muffins.

He’s pleased as punch to get them. “Oh Angel girl you are spoiling this old man way too much.”

“Well these are Kimmie’s muffins but the bread was from last night.”

He smiles. “Well I won’t be eating these in one place.”

I kiss him on the cheek. “Share them with friends.”

It’s a short drive in and with the fair winding down the things going on have changed with some things already packed up and gone with the majority of the crowds.

It’s local repeat business with the kids not in school and seniors mostly and some of the tourists of course that stopped by but right now during the day is all of the Farm Exhibition part of the fair stuff with some of the food competitions and some of the auctions too.

So there’s no music during the day as it’s all being converted into auction space.

Which is bringing its own crowd actually with there being everything from food and preserves being sold to giant squashes and pumpkins plus all of the craft things and then there’s even more things like you’d see at actual auctions and flea markets.

It’s kind of nice really that they’ve invented things and reasons for people to come to the last days of the fair.

Josie’s already at our booth waiting with her someone new that she hired and they’re already selling things and there’ a good line of around a dozen or so people there and I go over and I hug her and shake hands with Ginny.

Yepper Ginny like in Harry Potter.

She’s nothing like her though with long straight blonde hair and a this almost dutch fair and tall look but she’s really curvy too.

She might have been a little intimidating like at first seeing her because she is gorgeous.

Which she blew in this almost funny way when she seen me and she looked super self conscious and when I shook her hand while getting introduced she was staring.

“You’re Jem…”

“Yeppers, well that’s my stage name.”

“You’re Jem, you’re Angel Benton…”

“Uhm yes…”


Yeah it came out that fast.

She was still holding my hand and I think she was holding her breath too.

I looked at her. “Ginny, Ginny it’s alright breathe.”

She blushed amazingly like the way some people with that blonde fair skin only can.

“I’m sorry, sorry it’s just you’re Jem.”

“I know, I’m right here.”

She’s still just sort of staring and she actually tears up some.

“You don’t get it you’re Jem, you’re from Starlight Butterfly and you’re so amazing…”

“I’m just me Ginny.”

“No, you’re like not you’re like out. You’re like out and lesbian and so is the band and that’s huge.”

“Ginny there’s other girl bands and even Lesbian girl bands but SLB is more LGBT plus.”

“Yeah but you and Raven and you’re here, here in Harpers Point and not in some big city or moving to some big city and the stuff here you’ve done with the shelter and on your web pages and Facebook and Instagram…”

“I take it you’re a fan?”

She nods. “You’re not fake…”

She looks like this means a lot to her.

“We just really try to be us Ginny.”

She nods and she looks at me and then at Josie and says to her. “This is so cool…!”

I smile and go and help one of the people coming up that’s a customer and a few others and we’re selling out of the Fall Fair Shirts and Sawyer’s Fun Rides shirts as this crowd seems to like to get them and they’re buying some of the shirts for The Amsterdam which Josie is selling with a poster combo and a two for one deal on any breakfast or lunch combos. Hey I’m cool with them selling things here and I talk them up too letting people that don’t know what the food is like but also the live music they have there and that The Amsterdam has a long history of Rock and Roll groups going there like from the sixties through to the eighties and that there’s a lot of cool history there.

Which is pretty cool because well it’s Rock and Roll and I’m all about that and some of this crowd is the whole auction and history buffs and buyers plus the breakfast and lunch thing is a great idea.

Then after that I’m off to get my keyboard and guitars with the amp and the acoustic and the electric from the music storage tents that we’ve been using and one of the country players from Thompson Country is there and he offers to help me carry things as he’s getting things for his band.

I make a stop at the Tim Horton’s Kiosk and get coffees and buy him one too and get a mixed large timbits as well and bring all of it back over to our booth and Ginny is like happy gleeful that I bought her a coffee and Josie does the hug and kiss thanks and Keith helps me set up.

That’s his name Keith.

“Thanks for the extra set of hands Keith.”

“Not a problem and thanks for the coffee.”

“Well earned, hey are you doing anything?”

“Not really we’re playing this evening but nothing until then.”

“Care to jam a little?”

He sets his guitar case down and opens it with a smile. “Sure it might take me some to catch up.”

“How about we take turns?”

He smiles and gets seated and takes a sip of his coffee. “Ladies first.”

One of the people in line asks. “Play oncology.”

I look at him and he nods. “I like that one I think I know it pretty well enough to play it.”

“Alright then, double acoustic?”

He grins and I set up my tablet and I show him the sheet music and he fingers for a while while reading the lyrics and then when he gives me the nod we start playing with each of us playing the chords but changing the note scheme so he’s playing it in lower notes and I’m playing in higher notes but complementing each other as we sing it as a duet in this definite country style.

*Oncology* By Starlight Butterfly…

Let me sit close to you to say goodbye …
Don’t mind the tears here in my eyes …
Because they’re not sad tears …
Because I love you …
I’ll love you forever …

Let’s savor the times we had together!
Savor those words we pledged forever!
We both still have love, we still have love!
It can’t take that! It can’t touch that!

Let me sing to you a lullaby.
It’s one last song, it’s one last try …
To see that light, to see that smile …
Baby I need this.
I hate all this suffering …


Oh close your eyes and rest your head.
On the cool steel of that hospital bed …
You look too tired yet so serene …
You can let go …
Let our tears flow …

Let’s talk together one on one …
About all the things we’ve seen and done …
And all those good things … those great big little things.
Before it became …
Before our life with cancer …
Hey; We’re not over, we’re not done …
There’s one more shot, there’s one more try …
Because I’ll see you, forever after … forever after …
In that sunshine …
I’ll be there …
Just wait for me …

The crowd that was there liked it a lot and we seemed to pull in a few more people and there were some phones out and I introduced “Keith Porter Everyone from Thompson Country, they’re a really good bunch of guys with a good sound and worth checking out.”

There’s some clapping and I look at him. “Play a few more?”

“It’d be my pleasure Angel. How about Nothing but a child?”

“I love that song, you sing and I’ll come in as harmony?”

He nods and we start in again with *Nothing but A Child.* By Steve Earle and it’s always a great song and keith sings that main parts of it while I come in on the chorus.

And when we’re done that we end up going from that after him suggesting the next one and we go into *Fishin in the Dark* By Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and it’s one of Thompson Country’s cover songs.

Which went over well and when we were done we got some applause and Keith got up and thanked us all and he packed up his guitar and headed off and I played a little more just sort of messing around and talked to people that were buying shirts and other things of ours.

And there were a few guitar lessons from some people that seen the sign and could play or used to play and that was cool too plus we are charging for them.

It’s briskly busy up until lunch when the auction starts and Josie and I leave the booth in the hands of her girls and Ginny and we head over to see what they have over there.

It’s actually really busy there and there’s the regular auction of things there and there’s five tables for things that are for the silent auctions that are usually for charity and that ranges from a table of baked goods to some old antiques which is mostly furniture which I really know nothing about other than some of the stuff likely could be on Antiques Roadshow.

I see Adam Senior-Senior there with his butler fellow and he gives me a smile and a polite nod.

“Miss Benton it’s rather nice to see you again.”

“You too sir, do you see anything that you like?”

He shrugged. “Not overly much the whole antique thing isn’t something that I know well but some of these are for charity and you young people this year have spurred me into coming out and getting some of the dust off of my cheque book.”

I smile politely. “Somehow I don’t think that you have any trouble spending money sir.”

Yes as much as I don’t like the man or his family I’m being civil and polite and calling him sir.

“Did you submit anything Miss Benton?”

“No sir, maybe next year. I really hadn’t thought about it with it being my first year living in town.”

“Ah yes, well there is that. Are you looking for anything in particular then?”

“Food probably, I might bid on some of the baked goods and other things here for charity. We’ve kind of have a houseful with all the band members.”

“Yes, I heard that too.”

“You did? Are you looking into me sir?”

“Of course I did Miss Benton I always do my due diligence with these things and I’ve only heard good things.”

“Well that’s good sir.” I’m so faking being okay with that because the thought of this man taking a high powered deep look at me makes me have the bad shivers.

Adam and his father are products of this man and his family.

He’s the old snake that knows how to charm it’s prey before a kill.

“Several people speak very well of you and the fact that you include all of the non playing members in your company as part of the band well it shows a very good for business lack of ego.”

“I thought ego was good for business?”

“No dear, ego has you cutting your nose off to spite your face. Ultimately all companies are run by their workers. If you treat them well then they work hard.”

“Careful sir you sound almost like a liberal.”

“Oh never perish the thought, I’m mostly not a party player myself but if I’d have my druthers I’d like to see strong New Party Democrats get in.”

That surprises me. “Really they’re pretty pro-union.”

“And most of my businesses are as well Miss Benton. Yes unions cost more but union jobs pay more and those people spend money in their communities. I can remember when a lot of the people here had union jobs from the auto parts to the railroads and even the old foundry here. And of course Marshal Fisheries and Forestry. People built homes here and just about every house in the town had Marshal Forestry lumber in it or was built from it. We did very well just being here in our town not even counting everything we exported.”

“You sound like you miss those days.”

He looks at me. “What’s not to miss? But you seem to as well from things that I’ve heard with the ride company here and the other side businesses that you plug and help out.”

He looked at Josie who looked at him and she smiled. “SLB has been great for business for me at least and some others. But while we’re talking about business I can give you a great set of prices on t-shirts for the fish plant and for the mill.”

He looks at her and nods. “We’ll have to definitely make an appointment then, we’ve never had t-shirts for either place it might be time to fix that.”

They shake hands and then he shakes mines as well and then the auction is starting and we head our separate ways.

I really try to enjoy things with the auction but Adam Senior-Senior looking into me has me freaked out and I take out my phone and text him.

[I had a run in with Adam-1 we need to talk.]

He replies with. [Definitely there’s been things happening we can meet?]

[Please where?]

[I’ll pick you up in an hour in my own car.]

[Okay, and Thanks.]

I put my phone away and I try and enjoy the auction and there are a few things that bid on and like some instruments that I seen there going for pretty cheap. There’s a lot of general stuff in the auction and there’s some into lots and I won a couple of bids on things which is surprising since I think that part of me thought that Adam Senior-Senior might try and run my bids out but he pretty much left me alone and he kept to buying things for charity like some of the baked goods dropping some really decent money on those things.

I pay for my purchases with the credit card and get things held for me and I see “Uncle Bobby” and he’s waiting for me and he opens the door and I get in. He’s sort of pulling the undercover things too because his car has mud on it from like a dirt road or someplace muddy and he’s got a cammo hoodie on with a whole combination of hunting gear and hunters orange. He looks like a local type and he doesn’t break character to get my door instead I get it myself and hop in trying not to get too much mud on me and then he gets in and we start driving.

“Am I safe?”

“As far as I know yes.”

“As far as you know?”

“Adam Eldest had you looked at, he had all of the band looked at as far as we can tell but you he looked into...Professionally looked into.”

I swallow. “Oh god how bad?”

“Not as bad as it could be honestly but it was a good reputable firm that has a strong reputation. We checked and we double checked and your ID has held up.”

“It could be worse?”

“The Marshalls have a lot of money stateside and abroad he could have hired someone a lot worse to look into things.”


“He still looked hard Angel, he still looked hard and he’s been dogging you right?”

“Sort of? He’s been friendly and everything but it’s sort of got me on edge like too friendly. I don’t know if I’m just reading into things but with him and Adam likely to get out because of that bullshit with his dad supposedly coercing him. I’m on edge.”

“Well I don’t blame you but Adam the 3rd isn’t going anywhere soon. He’s got a lot more charges pending.”

“What why?”

“He Stabbed another inmate while he was in county lock up.”

“Oh crap.”

Uncle Bobby is nodding. “With a prison styled shank and there were witnesses too so he’s definitely not going anywhere. The CP is coming down hard on this one. It’s showing that he’s connected enough to get a weapon on the inside. They’re even moving him from Country to Federal.”


“Prison, they do that a lot actually.”

“ it’s over?”

“Not until you testify.”


“That’s going to be a while and this thing with Adam Eldest still makes me nervous and some of Adam Junior’s friends that got swept up made bail.”

He’s looking at me. “We have the Doctor already lined up Angel do you want to go all the way?”

“All the way?”

“SRS or whatever it’s called. I understand that you have a condition from the medical reports right?”

I nod. “You seen those and you sort of mentioned this kind of before a little...are you sure that’s an option?”

He smiles at me in that almost an Uncle way. “Seriously it’ll be your best cover. We have it officially listed as plastic surgery and given your lack of curves you did what a lot of people do especially trying to make a name in the business and got some work done.”

“I’ll do it, when?”

“After your Halloween gig, Likely in November so clear some time and get back to me so then you’ll be healing up over X-mas.”

“The court stuff and the trial is going to take that long?”

Uncle Bobby makes a face and sighs. “Yeah unfortunately they’ll try their hardest to get the first hearings and sentencing to happen before the end of March but even then there’s no solid time when and that’s not counting how long that the Marshall’s lawyers can drag things out between now and then.”


“I want you bulletproof. So when you get your GED you’re going into business school and you’re joining a gym.”

“A gym?”

“There’s nothing like eyewitnesses to discredit anyone trying to match you with Jason.”

“And what about him?”

“Jason will be testifying in closed chambers like you and Carmen will. After that given the well known eneminity between him and Adam Junior he went into witness protection.”

I nod. “Never to be seen again.”

“I’d highly suggest it. Coming out might be really dangerous Angel.”

I nod. “Honestly coming out wasn’t in my head. It’s not just me that’s affected if I did. Rayne might be awesome with me and everything but there’s a lot of the community, of her community that would make things hard.”

He nods. “I’ll leave that as a personal matter between you all then.”

We pull into the parking lot for Crystal’s and get out and it’s still pretty busy and we head inside and up to the counter to order and I get waved at from people at some of the tables and I smile and wave back.

Uncle Bobby looks at me. “I’m buying.”

“For who?”

He looks at me. “Just us, unfortunately the department can’t afford to buy all of your little legion of a company dinner.”

I grin. “Yeah public servant money. You get ours but I’m still going to ask everyone if they want something.”

There’s a few new items there listed and Dad and the others definitely want things so I talk with Crystal’s dad who takes the orders down and I get some of the fog soup and I get myself a Bass Player.

Another play off of the bad connection with us but it’s lake caught yellow bass and it’s two really decent sized fillets that are deep fried and there’s a lemon mayo with it and a tartar sauce with pickled jalapenos and like shredded lettuce.

It’s good, crunchy and really spicy or well spicy to me.

I eat half before instagramming it to the sites and talking about it a little bit while giving Crystals another shoutout boost.

Uncle Bobby has one with some fries and it was so good that he had a second one.

I’m enjoying the Fog soup it’s a sort of light chowder? And looking around and there’s a lot of locals here right now.

Fishing is still a fairly good source of work in town and they buy locally.

It’s nice it’s becoming a thing here and giving this place new life.

I pay for everyone’s order and with the credit card and get Crystal’s dad to write catered lunch on it so that we can claim it and Uncle Bobby helps me get it into his car on the backseat and he drives me back to the fairgrounds and helps me carry things over to our booth where Dad and Molly and the others have all gathered and Dad’s looking at him and he looks at Dad and there’s that Dad and Cop thing that he has with Uncle Mitch who’s also there.

It’s that guy language thing that never totally computed with me that definitely worked with guys like Dad.

Yeah that’s one of those “oh looking back trans moments” isn’t it?

Uncle Bobby leaves after giving me a hug and an envelope that looks like it has another cheque in it and some other stuff and he leaves and there a look between him and Carmen too.

Dad catches my eye and slides over. “Everything okay?”

I nod. “Yeah, just stuff’s starting to happen again and was all sort of meshing with other stuff.”

“Go for a walk with me and tell me about it?” He holds up his food. “Have sandwich will travel.”

I smile at him and hook my arm in with his. “Definitely.”

We get some looks from the others but no one says anything as Dad and I head for the the rides.

The ferris wheel is a good place for stuff like this.

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