Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-39


I look good, I look really good and I help the others do things as does Shy and by the time we’re all done we all look really, really good and we’re all charged up to go out.

Some of us packed bags and I definitely did with one of my hockey jersies wrapped around thick socks and some black leggings and two extra pairs of panties all for later and for just in case.

But right now I’m in this little red plunging dress with spaghetti straps and some black stretchy flats.

The cabs we called all come and pick us up and drive into town.

We’re all going to different places and parties so we start splitting up and Cheyenne and I head with some of the older girls and some of the local girls and other visitors to a nearby house party.

*And Now…

I’m shielding and I’m not.

I want to have fun and feel things, feel what I should feel naturally as myself and what others are feeling with the partying and the dancing and the excitement.

I don’t want to sound selfish but my life has not just turned upside down but kinda left the planet.

I’ve got going back to school coming at me and the relationship, link and all that responsibility of the Tuan and Shuan thing.

So yeah as we go in through the door I pull in the feelings of dancing people and the music and I start dancing.

Shaking it.

Turning around and dancing backwards with lots of sway and shimmy pushing the feelings I’m feeling, from them but from my own body too.

I’m getting used to being me, settling in my skin, liking the way my breasts feel and move. Liking the way it’s making me sexy edgy and my nipples are hardening and the feel of the way my dress feels and looks.

I love the way that my push gets pulled in by Cheyenne and she gets this really hot, smolderingly sexy look in her eyes as she dances with me and it’s this blending with the dancers thing where we’re just going with it and everything else is sort of muted between the two of us dancing and there’s this sexy feel with it too we’re connecting hard and in a really different way that we’re usually doing and it’s definitely filled with hints of erotic feelings and possibilities.

Yeah we could go elsewhere really easily and spend the night doing that.

But we don’t as much as we want to we both don’t want to either.

Shy’s never really done this before here.

Partying hasn’t been a part of her life really and I can tell she’s enjoying it and wants to experience more of it.

I do too.

School will be starting soon and who knows what the heck is going to happen with this whole alien thing.

So I want to kinda live it up too.

And then there’s this whole other thing where this is me cutting loose as the changed me.

I really don’t look like a guy. I mean I’m really chesty and that’s not showing signs of stopping and tonight with the feelings and the shake and shimmy and all of the attention that I’m feeling I’m not sure exactly that I want them to.

My hips are wider than a guys and my butt has been filling out too. The only thing that doesn’t pass with me is my guy stuff and that’s the one thing that really hasn’t been changing.

Which is kind of sanity saving I thing but it’s apparently part of my biology.

We have four sexes.

Two regular and two like me and Cheyenne.

It’s like with our sort of psychic powers the secondary sex traits are switched around. Cheyenne is less curvy than I am and she’s way stronger too and that goes I think even as far as like muscle and bone density too but she’s technically able to function reproductively as a woman.

I think, there’s lots more to learn.

She’s getting lots of attention too.

Cheyenne comes across like this tall and striking butch girl with great muscles and this metal head like mop of black hair.

Sexy and lean.

And all the girls into girls here are checking her out hard.

And some are checking me out too.

It’s heady feeling.

The attention and the attraction.

It’d be scary likely if I went deeper but on the surface I’m a hot chick.

And I kind of feed on that and pull that into me and like help my confidence, to push my up mood into going and just turning most of it into dancing energy.

Which I was literally doing and I didn’t know that I could.

But it makes sense.

If I can use my powers and feelings to do things then that’s energy.

Even if normal humans can’t use it that are giving it off.

There’s a lot of sobering thoughts with that I know, I know and I set those aside for later.

I’m here for a good time tonight.

And we’re having it too.

Lots of dancing, lots of it like I’ve never danced before.

And I’m pretty sure it’s not a thing with my powers either just it’s me being the new and changed me and liking the freedom that comes with being me like this.

I like to shimmy, I really do.

Though after nearly an hour Shy and I stop for a break and we get some water and they have other stuff here of course but I’m not drinking tonight.

Shy isn’t either but we do grab a couple of cans of juice that our hosts are cool enough to have out.

That’s a good party rule, cans are hard for douchebags to tamper with and there’s big cans and those small cans so you can drink it pretty much in one go and not worry about the bad things that happen sometimes.

We don’t really talk much in our break either.

We went out back to the houses really big backyard and patio and they have that all lit up too. We didn’t get too far just sort of found a railing space to lean on and drank the juice and had some water and then we were kissing.

Which got a lot of looks since we really come across as two lesbins going at it.

And Cheyenne’s hands are frisky.

God or gods whatever my people believe in she’s so hot tonight honestly, she cleans up really, really good and she smells even better and there’s this so butch thing she has going on as she touches me and feels my sides and lower as she kisses me.

And it takes a good chunk of willpower to go back inside and dancing.

We’re still getting looks.

Yeah there’s some out people here and there but it’s still something that some people are shy around and about even with my generation.

I love my state a lot New Jersey is a cool place to live actually once you get past the stereotypes.

But yeah honestly they really did make Jersey Shore the show for a reason and some of those kinds of people are pretty bigoted sometimes.

I can feel some of it here not much and they’re not saying anything either but yeah it’s sort of there.

And I know I shouldn’t meddle but I kinda take some of that energy here and focus it outward into this sort of anti-bigot field of an empathic kind.

~It’s not me, it’s no big deal, oh look food! ~

While I did that Cheyenne was doing something too and she slipped through the crowds looking for food when it was right there asking for “Hey did you see the ribs?”

There’s no ribs here.

But I can feel her targeting a couple of seedy looking guys and she...I feel her share with me they have GHB...that’s the date rape rohypnol stuff and she’s picking their pockets of the stuff they have and she’s literally using the doses of one to dose the other guys.

There’s five of them and she just made it seem like she was looking for food by giving them a nudge to look for those ribs that she was looking for.

She meets up with me and we go back to dancing and I kiss her.

“That was awesome Shy.”

“I couldn’t help it, I’m Tuani it’s literally what we do, we’re protectors.”

“Still really cool and deserved.”

“Well what about you, giving out this shut down push to the homophobes here?”

“I didn’t want to mess with people but I want them to have a good time. And people stuffed full of food don’t look to start stuff.”

We end up smiling at each other then kissing.

Cheyenne says. “This, this is what it’s kinda like with us. With bonded pairs we guide and not hurt we stop things before the really bad stuff happens.”

“And in between?”

“Just try and live.”

We dance some more and we dance with some other people that ask us. It’s weird dancing with guys which are some of the people that ask me and it’s weird too since I know some of them. It’s weird since they know too who I used to be before things started and everything and they’re still very focused on my body as a girl and still copping feels.

It’s as freaky as it is weirdly okay?

Part of me actually doesn’t mind being this close to guys.

Well the non gropey non asshole kind of guys are better too.

But they weren’t the only ones that sort of got hands on….there was this one girl called Mary that was way too familiar with touching me.

We have another break or two and Cheyenne gets some of the guys and the host to take care of the GHB assholes who just became really, really drunk and ended up “passing out.”

It’s kind of good to see them getting their just desserts for a change and the tides reversed.

Someone drives them to the hospital just in case of “alcohol poisoning.”

I can feel Shy feeling better now that they’re just out of here and out of the picture.

She leaned in and nuzzled my neck. “In about four hours their nervous system will get this signal to shit themselves as hard as they can.”

I burst out laughing because fuck those rapist bastards they deserved it and worse.

“That’s cruel to the hospital staff Shy.”

“They’re not that fucked up hopefully they’ll call the police and toss them in the drunk tank.”

I still can’t help but be pleased with this.

But as fun as this place is there’s other parties and we head out with some of the cousins and some friends and we’re walking to the next one.

I’m not drunk but it’s still a lot of fun as we’re laughing and giggling and we’re talking and even yelling and screaming.

We even wave at the town cops as they roll by.

Yeah unless we’re breaking stuff tonight they leave us alone because last night of the summer stay kids and stuff is a pretty big thing here.

And they have enough assholes to deal with with the party goers all over town tonight that will get out of hand.

It’s really awesome too walking with Cheyenne like this arm in arm in the open and just being teenagers.

We kind of drift from party to party going to the friendly spots and not the stuck up sort of parties going on but those are either in the fancy houses or cottages or like at the golf club and the country club or some of them out on the boats.

There’s lots of dancing.

Bud Wilson’s place was hopping and while it was just a small house the party was outside and he spent a lot of time on his lawn this year so it wasn’t like all hard and bumpy and prickly so we all could dance out on it in our barefeet.

Dancing as a girl is awesome, dancing as a girl in nice grass in your bare feet is really awesome.

And his place was out on the edge of things enough that noise wasn’t a problem and there was a cool fire pit made and the food was really easy. Burgers and brats and hotdogs and all anyone could eat of those and a ton of chips.

The last place we end up heading to was down at the beaches where everyone usually hangs where there are the final bonfires are at with some of the people here staying with their friends and everything down by the water until dawn.

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