Indeterminate sentence - Jenny & Stacie- Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Indeterminate sentence - Jenny & Stacie

(This story is ADULT fiction. Comments would be appreciated. Thank you.)


“Adjourn to breakfast and meet back here in an hour. Take note that from this point forward any time you need to pee you MUST sit down. To not do so could put you on ward C. As you noticed there will be NO excuses. Enjoy your breakfast and special vitamins. Report back here in 60 minutes for a late breakfast. We have many things that you need to know.”

Day 16 - Breakfast

It was a late breakfast, as promised, but it was adequate. It was filling but very institutional tasting. Maybe some of the flavor was the ‘special’ seasonings. Beside every plate was a small paper cup with three pills we were to take. ‘Vitamins’ we were told; ‘vitamins’ that would make us want to rut. Each recruit was watched as we swallowed them. If you refused the pills there would be no food.

I studied the other recruits as they ate and noticed that all, including myself, had developed an itching in their tits and we were subconsciously scratching and rubbing the affected area. I’m sure it was caused by the program to give us a B cup size tits in a short period of time.

Unnoticed by us was that after our meals we all noticeably mellowed out and were less apprehensive; more open to suggestions and instructions. The marvels of pharmaceuticals are amazing.

As I ate I chatted a bit with Stacie but also tried to engage myself with some of the other recruits. Jackie, at the end of the table, in particular piqued my interest. She appeared to be in good shape, had a friendly smile and Paul Newman blue eyes. Her blond hair wig made it even better. ‘I need to introduce myself’ I thought.

The general conversation at the lunch table was everyone’s fears and concerns of what the program was going to involve. Our concerns were somewhat abated by what was in the food. The removal of Jewel and Mary also was brought up. Their departure had gotten our attention. It was soon time to report back to the dayroom. We cleaned the table and left for the meeting area.

The Matron explains

“Thank you for being on time. We have a lot to go over in a short period of time. As you know The Program involves both physical and mental changes to you all. Your blatant disregard for women will be gone before you are allowed to leave The Nest. There will be lots of classes and training on topics ranging from how women should be respected, to learning make-up skills, the proper way to dress and behave. Your male mannerisms and voice modulation will be scrutinized and modified as needed. Each of you will have the chance to be the giver and the receiver. Street terms call it being the ‘top’ or the ‘bottom’. One of your TV channels in your rooms covers this in graphic detail. As the hormones take effect these activities can be very pleasurable. It involves trust. Again none of you have an STD.”

“Each room has a TV. The only channels available consist of make-up techniques; love making and hygiene techniques, how to conduct your selves as women in terms of walking, talking, posture, mannerisms, intimacy and other related subjects. We are monitoring you. Your use of the various channels will be duly noted as will the number of times you access a channel and how long you watch a program. It’s crucial for your realize that you must watch them all and in their entirety.”

“Today’s inspection was very mild. Inspections will become increasingly more complex. Today you were not required to wear nylons. You will gradually be introduced to panty hose and eventually to garter belts and stockings. Your make-up today was very basic. Little by little you’ll be required to increase your femininity. Tomorrow panty hose and a bit of eye shadow are mandatory.”

You will also be required to become intimate, first with your roommate, and then with the other recruits. Your room doors remain unlocked, unless the staff locks them, you are free to cum and go. You have already kissed and held hands. And we know, by way of our monitoring systems, some of you have taken steps in that direction. Everyone must comply or you will join Jewel and Mary.”

“In a moment you will be taken to get your ears pierced. It’s quickly done with a special earring piercing gun. Medium sized gold starter posts today. As time goes by your earrings will be changed to note your progress. Some may earn double or even triple piercings. Read The Rules. After your ears are done you are to return to your rooms to get better adjusted to your roommate and the program. I suggest you start watching your TV. Your required sleepwear is already placed on your beds.”

“After your ears are pierced you will no longer be referred to as ‘recruits’. You will be referred to as ‘ladies’ or ‘girls’ which better reflects your future status. Dinner will be at 6 PM sharp. Do NOT be late and be sure to bring your hand bags."

Twenty minutes later we were slowly walking to our rooms fingering and rotating our new ear studs. Joan mentioned to me: “It didn’t look like they used the piercing gun on you.” With a sideways glance I replied “No, my ears were already pierced. Their studs slid in easily.” We talked quietly among ourselves as we walked. You could hear dorm room doors closing.

Flashback 2 – our final month

Stacie wakes Jenny

I had my eyes closed and was relaxing on my bed. Stacie entered the room placing her purse, and a large envelope, on the nightstand. I emerged from my trip down memory lane. “Are you alright, Jenny? You seem a little spaced out.” Stacie said. “I’m fine Stacie. I can’t believe a new State ID takes so freaking long! I was also thinking about our first week here. It seems so long ago.” Stacie walked over and sat on my bed. She smiled down at me and slowly stroked my head in an effort to comfort me. Bending over Stacie kissed me gently on my lips. She smelled nice. “It’s almost over” Stacie whispered.

I smiled back and pulled Stacie down for a longer and more passionate kiss. “Mmm… that’s yummy. Did you get a new lipstick? It smells nice and tastes divine. You bring out desires in me you little vixen.” With a well practiced move I pulled Stacie down onto the bed and cuddled her close. She was wearing a blouse so it was easy for me to undo a couple buttons and gently cup and fondle Stacie’s breasts.

Stacie’s bra was a front closure and I easily popped it open exposing her aureola and nipples. Her nipples were rigid in lustful anticipation. I pulled Stacie closer and licked one nipple. Stacie moaned like I knew she would. Moving even closer I began nursing on Stacie’s other tit, swirling my tongue in slow circles. Stacie moaned a little louder and did a gentle, kitten like, squirmy move. I gave Stacie’s breast a final kiss, leaving a cute lipstick imprint. ‘That’s a beautiful sight’ I thought.

Staring Stacie in her eyes I smiled and ran my hand up Stacie’s skirt. The feel of her garter belt straps was a definite turn on for me. The feel of the top of Stacie’s nylon’s was even more erotic. All concerns and anxiety about my release date were gone. Sex is a good therapy.

Stacie was a willing player in this game and while I was soul kissing her Stacie’s hands found my crotch. “My, aren’t we naughty today. No gaff. I guess it’s my lucky day. Better yet it’s my licky day.” We both chuckled at her joke. Stacie rubbed the front of my dress exactly where and how I like it rubbed.

Giving Stacie another passionate kiss I broke away and sat up. “Wait a minute; I need to get this dress off before I accidentally hose it down. Unzip my dress you little slut.” Stacie quickly had it done. I stood up and stepped out of her my dress leaving it in a pile on the floor. She too was clad in garter belt, nylons, lacy panties and pretty balconette demi-bra. I asked Stacie to lift her legs a bit and I was able to easily pull off Stacie’s skirt. Stacie made a beautiful sight lying on the bed with just her garter belt, hose, panties and an open, unhooked, bra. Stacie’s smile and sultry eyes were inviting. Her eye shadow and mascara helped the image. She made me throb.

Grabbing a blanket from the foot of the bed I rejoined Stacie in bed and pulled the blanket over us. It was a matter of being cold and had nothing to do with the video and audio surveillance units. Heck, this type of behavior was not only encouraged by staff it was expected.

Resuming our passionate kissing our lust grew. Stacie inserted her hand into my panties and freed my engorged penis. Out of impish impulse Stacie’s, while grasping my shaft, used her thumb to spread my pre-seminal cum around and around my penis. ‘God, she is really wet’ Stacie thought. It was me that was moaning now. Using her thumb and forefinger, Stacie firmly circled my cock head, making sure to gather my leakage. Stacie circled finger slowly spread the pre-cum down my shaft with a slow, downward, slide. She made it all the way down my shaft and had pre-cum to spare. “God you are really hot… and really wet” said Stacie. My eyes rolled back and I began to kiss Stacie even more passionately.

I moved my attention back to Stacie’s tits, alternating kissing, sucking and licking them both. Her hard nipples were a favorite target and I carefully nibbled them from time to time. I was also busy with my hand and was lovingly caressing Stacie’s shaft. Stacie’s panties were below her knees by now. I grabbed Stacie’s entire shaft and began the classic, but slow, jacking off movement. Copying me, Stacie also used her thumb to help increase the flow of my pre-cum by circling my cock head and pee hole. My cock head and crown were not ignored. They glistened with slick, wet, pre-seminal fluid. Our panting became quicker.

I took hold of Stacie’s perky breasts and slid down her body towards Stacie’s very rigid penis. I had just licked my lips and was getting ready to fellate her when suddenly Stacie said “Stop!” She reached over to the night stand and grabbed her new lipstick. “Here put this on first. Please.” I took the tube, flipped off the top and with seasoned practice extended the lip lube with just my thumb and forefinger. Locking eyes with Stacie I didn’t blink as I applied a liberal coat of her dark red cosmetic to my lips. I pressed my lips together and licked them for flavor.

I just as expertly retracted the lipstick tossed it onto the bed. Extending myself up to Stacie’s face I kissed her on the lips. We tongued each other and our passions became more intense. I broke off the kissing, and tenderly stroked Stacie’s hair and cheek. Giving Stacie a sly grin I threw off the blanket and began moving downwards toward my engorged target. On purpose she made it twitch. Our sex-musk permeated the room. Our hearts were pounding in anticipation. Neither of our hands had missed a stroke.

Reaching the object of my lust I maintained a firm but gentle grip on Stacie’s cock with one hand. Lifting Stacie’s penis just enough, I tickled her penis tip with my tongue, and then planted a long and sucking kiss on Stacie’s cock head leaving a souvenir in the shape of a lipstick mark. Stacie twitched again. I loved to make Stacie twitch! It felt good. It made me feel alive!

Opening my mouth to form an ‘O’, I sucked Stacie’s cock head about an inch into my mouth. Pressing my lips tightly on Stacie’s cock head, I blotted my lipstick on her rod, leaving a dark red ring. There was another, more noticeable twitch from Stacie and I thought I detected a hint of an upward thrust. I tried to smile but that’s hard to do with a cock in your mouth. Holding Stacie’s dick in place with just my firm lips I swirled and flicked my tongue in all the right places.

Maintaining a firm lip grip I slowly suctioned and licked my way down Stacie’s well lubricated shaft. Her cock head hit the back of my throat. I made a swallowing move with the back walls of my throat that squeezed Stacie’s cock head. I felt yet another twitch, a throb, from Stacie. My tongue was busy licking, swirling and caressing Stacie’s rod the entire length.

Reversing direction, and using my tongue in creative ways, I found the sizeable vein that I knew was there. I traced it with my tongue. Reaching the tip of Stacie’s cock there was a noticeable popping sound as I broke suction and my mouth pulled free. I licked my lips clean of Stacie and smiled. “Let’s see if the audio monitors heard that” I announced to Stacie. “My god that was nice! Any complaints?” I whispered.

I was about to make another run down Stacie’s rigid and throbbing pole but Stacie stopped me. Looking directly at me she leaned over the bed and retrieved her tube of lipstick. Twisting it open Stacie followed my lead and applied a thick coat of red to her own lips. “You can’t have all the fun, Jenny. It’s my turn.” In the blink of an eye Stacie quickly assumed the classic 69 position and grabbed my shaft. Foregoing any formalities Stacie quickly engulfed my cock, expertly guiding it into her mouth. In a heartbeat Stacie had suctioned her way halfway down my shaft swirling her tongue to increase my sensations. She made a point to press a red lip ring on my shaft. She slurped back upward and quietly popped free to inspect her red lip print on my cock. With no hesitation she immediately dove back making a point to make it to the base of my penis. She made sure to place another red trophy ring. I was glad I had shaved myself smooth today.

As I tried to pull her off my dick Stacie slowly and reluctantly sucked and slid her way up and off of my appendage. She made sure she had left two red rings. Stacie loved to ‘mark territory’. I grabbed Stacie and we kissed, making a point of spreading our pre-seminal cum on each other’s lips. I pushed Stacie slightly backwards and said “If we’re going to do this let’s do it right” I picked up the lipstick, reapplied yet another coat of red and passed the tube back to Stacie. Stacie did the same. She retracted the lipstick and set it on the bed.

We looked at each other and smiled. Stacie spoke up and announced “Ok, let’s roll!.” We immediately assumed the 69 position and went back to passionately sucking each other’s cocks. No one was keeping time but after a pleasant amount of time we climaxed in unison. I could feel her multiple squirts and the flexing of her penis. I held still and let her throb. It was a beautiful thing. I tightened my lips and slowly milked the remnants of her seed as I slowly backed up and off her shaft. The popping sound of uncoupling was something I always try for. As a matter of habit neither of us swallowed right then. Fully satiated we rolled on to our backs and stared at the ceiling and enjoyed our post climax glow, allowing our pulses to slow. We waited a minute savoring each other’s flavor. Then we did a slow swallow while looking into each other’s eyes. Her look was angelic. I reached over and used a finger to remove a drop of ‘me’ from the corner of her mouth. Still staring at her I licked my finger clean. Her smiled widened.

We rolled over to face each other and shared a kiss of happiness. Stacie began to laugh and said “Boy, your lipstick is all messed up!” I grinned and replied “I’m glad to hear that. I sacrificed my lipstick for your pleasure.” “By the way, yours doesn’t look so perfect either. And I thank you for that” I replied.

“I still get a chuckle recalling how when you were picked up by the cops that you were wearing panties and I was wearing French cut panties!” We laughed, pulled the blanket up to our shoulders and assumed the normal ‘both heads on the pillow’ position and spooned in contentment.

Moving my earring out of her way Stacie gave me a loving kiss on the side of my neck. “I brought you something, darling” Stacie purred. Rising from the bed Stacie retrieved the envelope from the nightstand and handed it to me. Opening the envelope I found what appeared to be a letter and some papers. Removing the papers I reached in again and pulled out my brand new, shiny, State ID card! The look of surprise on my face made Stacie laugh. Grasping the ID to my breast I looked over to Stacie and began to softly cry. They were tears of happiness.

Stacie came over and sat next to me. She wiped a tear off my cheek. Wrapping her arm around me, Stacie pulled me into a warm hug. She pulled me tighter and whispered, “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine. We got through it together, just like you said we would so long ago.” Turning to face each other we had another passionate, prolonged kiss. Breaking free I said “I can taste you on me… and I like it.”

Stacie smiled and relaxed her hug. “We ALL got our IDs just a little while ago! Jackie and Rose are sitting in the day room waiting for us. Pull some clothes on and let’s go share the moment. I would have told you sooner but ‘something’ popped up.” We both giggled like school girls.

Back to the present

There was a lunch and a dinner. Nothing to write home about… even if we were allowed to write. There were more indoctrination speeches and long explanation about the importance of following the Program. There were sessions on makeup application and removal, female voice training, proper expected girly mannerisms, how to sit, how to cross your legs, etc. It made for a very long day.

Day 17

Inspection 2

We “girls” were awake 30 minutes earlier than the day before. We removed our silky chemises that had been given us. After a quick shower, and a dusting of the after shower powder, we donned and combed our wigs and put on our panties and bras. We jiggled our silicon enhancements into place. The jiggling helped ease the constant itching. I noticed that Stacie was using my wash rag trick from yesterday to enhance her bust. So did the video monitor above.

The two new requirements for today were pantyhose and eye shadow. Both of these mandates were no problem for me. I had already done my eye shadow and I had my silky pantyhose on. A delicate anklet was on my left foot.

With practiced ease I showed Stacie how to roll down and scrunch up each nylon leg, insert your foot (one at a time) and then roll them up each leg. I emphasized the need to smooth each nylon leg out (in order to eliminate wrinkles) by grasping your ankle with BOTH hands and then sliding your hands up each leg. The hose we wore was of the control top variety and it was immediately noticeable that they could help minimize crotch bumps.

I noticed that Stacie was missing her anklet. “Pass me your anklet and I’ll hook you up” I instructed. Stacie handed me her anklet and I knelt to put it on. After hooking the clasp, and while still on my knees, I looked up and was eye level with Stacie’s crotch. There seemed to be a bulge in the middle of Stacie’s skirt. I reached over and gave her bulge a slow, but firm stroke, using one finger, from the bottom of her bulge to the top. The bulge seemed to be about six inches in length. “Where did THIS come from?” I asked.

Looking down at me, Stacie obviously blushed, and said “I couldn’t help it. I was looking how cute you look, how nice you smell and when you were touching my ankle it just happened… I’m sorry!” I stood up and looked at Stacie. I gently hugged Stacie and then pulled her closer in a friendlier hug. “Don’t worry about that, baby doll. In fact I’m flattered.” I whispered into Stacie’s ear. I planted a soothing kiss on Stacie’s lips and gave a comforting rub to her left butt and stepped back. Looking down at Stacie’s skirt I was sure the bulge was a bit bigger now. “We may need to get you some stronger control top hose or maybe a gaff.”

“With all the hormones, vitamins and blockers they’ve been feeding us it’s no wonder that we have itchy breasts, are hornier than hell and are a bit moody. It’s probably what they want” I said while glancing up to one of the video monitors.

I had already done my eye shadow and motioned Stacie to come sit on my vanity bench for some help. “This is easy. You pick a color suited for the occasion or color of your eyes and simply apply it to your closed eye lid. I dip my little finger into the color I want and just gently spread it over my lid. You can mix colors and create a unique shade. Some girls like to use a small sponge applicator or a special brush. Now you try it.” Stacie hesitated a bit while trying to process how Jenny was so knowledgeable on eye shadow application. And gaffs?

Stacie decided on a light blue color and elected to use the small sponge applicator. It went on easily and Stacie gave a sigh of relief. “That was easier than I thought it would be.” Jenny smiled and ran her hand gently on Stacie’s cheek. “You did fine and your eyes look… pretty” I replied.

Stacie started to stand up but I said “Hold on a minute I want to show you another trick that we’re going to have to know sooner or later.” I picked up a tube of eyeliner, unscrewed the cap and used a built in tiny brush to carefully outline each of her eyes. “Note that I went a bit beyond the outer corner of my eye and ended with a slightly upward line extension at the end. You need to wait a minute to let it setup and dry or you risk smudges. We will do yours tomorrow.” Stacie starred in amazement at my eyes. Yes, they did look more feminine. ‘WHY does she know these things’ Stacie wondered? Stacie stroked my cheek, flashed a friendly smile and said “Thanks for the tip.”

We both stood up and went to the full length mirror for a self inspection before leaving for the day room. Everything seemed to be correct. On impulse I opened the top button of my blouse. My necklace (and my cleavage) stood out in a better way. Satisfied with our look we grabbed our purses and gave ourselves a last minute spray of perfume.

Stacie opened the door and as I stepped into the hallway she gave me a playful pat on my butt. I quickly turned to look and we both giggled at the gesture.

Fabulous Foursome

Stacie, Jackie, Rose and I had met and became friends as we all went through the two weeks of processing. We all looked very different now. We all were attractive, very feminine looking and we smelled ‘pretty’. Our entire group was a bevy of beauties (some more than others).

Almost immediately I saw Jackie coming down the hall towards us. In an attempt at humor I stepped in front of Jackie and extended my hand in a lady like fashion. Jackie stopped and did the demur feminine handshake. “Hello, I’m Jenny and this is my roommate Stacie. I meant to say hello yesterday but things got a bit hectic. How are you doing today?” Briefly taken aback Jackie quickly recovered and played along “I’m doing OK I guess, considering the circumstances. Are you ready for today?” Jackie absent mindlessly gave her left breast a bit of a scratching.

I flashed a smile and replied “We’re doing ok too. I wanted to tell you how nice your ear studs look with your hairstyle. Your blue eyes are quite stunning.” ‘Oh God’ Jenny thought. ‘I hope she doesn’t think I’m being to forward.’ Sensing a bit of awkwardness Stacie cleared her throat and said “We better be going or we’ll be joining Jewel and Mary in ward C.” The gaggle of girls giggled and started walking to where we needed to be.

We were the second group of novice women to arrive and we immediately took a seat at what was a basic cafeteria bench style table. I made a point of sitting between Stacie and Jackie. I leaned slightly towards Jackie and took a sniff of her perfume. ‘Very subtle and tropical… I need to ask what she’s wearing’. The remaining girls arrived and took the remaining places. It was obvious that others were experiencing the chest itching too. There were some discrete tittie rubs and some not so discrete outright breast scratching going on.

There was idle talk among us. Some of us girls were commenting on the TV videos. Rose asked if anyone else had seen the video on intimacy yet. Everyone shook their heads in the negative. “You got to watch it! It is so detailed and graphic. It’s a complete ‘how to’ guide on just about anything you can imagine. It gave me a raging hard on!” Beth spoke up and admitted that she too had also watched it. “It’s a triple X and leaves nothing to the imagination! I swear I could smell the love making! It made me horny.” Our group all laughed and agreed to make viewing it a priority. Tracie volunteered that she had watched the video on makeup and hygiene and that she had found it helpful. “At least I know what things are called and how to use them. I had never douched before.” There was another round of nervous laughter.

We were just starting to talk about our new feelings, emotions and itching we were experiencing and were wondering to what degree the hormones and vitamins had to do with it. “Last night I just started crying for no reason. I had a hard time stopping.” Jackie said. Just then the Matron and Miss Diane walked in. Martha was there too as were two other “girls”. The room went silent.

Day 17 - pre-breakfast briefing

“Good morning girls we hope you had a restful night as we have another busy day ahead of us. You all have met Miss Diane and Martha. The other ladies are Cindy to my left and Rhonda is to my right. They are here to help and assist. We will do our basic inspection again, you will all go for another round of injections, and your newly pierced ears will be checked as you can’t earn the other earrings until your starter earrings have healed. Immediately after breakfast you will be given another inoculation. You will also have your eyebrows shaped and be taught how to maintain the look we expect of all our ladies.”

“Following this you will be introduced to a few new experiences and tactile sensations that should be new to all of you. This is where your roommate is needed. Be gentle with them and they will return the favor. It will make all the experiences easier. If you need additional help we have staff members at the ready. This process requires your complete cooperation. If you relax and take deep breaths it will be easier for you. For some the process will outright enjoyable.”

The Order of the Earrings

“Many of you have wondered what the different colors of earrings and number of earring piercings mean. Although these meanings can be found in The Rules book that you were given and on your room’s TVs. A copy will be provided to you shortly. “

“In conclusion it seems I need to explain more about our monitoring program. You are all constantly being monitored including video and audio. You have been told about this before. Notes are being taken and progress reports are being written about you on a daily basis. Your progress is being tracked and your release date is determined by these reports. Staff members are responsible for this and you will never be told which staffer is your monitor.”

“Let me give you a few examples of our thoroughness. Just minutes ago only two of you admitted to watching our video on intimacy and hygiene. The correct number is five. You all have been told to sit when you pee. Beth ‘forgot’ twice and Rose has failed to comply four times. I have other examples of infractions but will not bore you with them now.”

“On a lighter note it is time for breakfast. Go eat. And ladies, you may want to have a serious discussion with your roommate, and maybe others, about how you will get through this day. You have sixty minutes. Be sure to take your vitamins.”

We remained seated as the sober reality of what Matron had told us sank in. There was a lot of rubber necking as we tried to size up each other. We began standing up and shuffling towards breakfast. There was muted, yet agitated, conversations going on all at the same time.

Breakfast Day 17

Breakfast, like yesterday, was very basic; scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage links, fruit and a variety of beverages. It all had an odd after taste. And of course there were the paper cup of vitamins. Conversation was diverse yet subdued. All too quickly breakfast ended and the girls started making their way back to the dayroom. Jackie stopped as I was standing up. “Thanks for talking with me earlier. I really appreciated.” Jackie gave me a quick hug and said “Good luck today.” And then she left.

Back in the dayroom

We were all seated and waiting for Matron and Martha. We didn’t have to wait long. Martha approached our group and announced, “Listen up ladies, here’s the plan. You can see they we’ve set up what appears to look like four barber chairs. In a moment you will go there and have a seat. A beautician will shape your eyebrows into a more feminine manner. We expect you to keep them exactly like we shape them today. The process typically involves eyebrows being plucked and shaped with tweezers. Sometimes a waxing process is used. Everyone has a personal tweezers in their vanity. Watch and learn. If you can’t do it right, ask your roommate to help. As is our custom we have instructional videos on the TVs in your room.”

“Your earring piercings will be checked for infection. Your beautician will remove your studs, inspect the holes, dip the studs in alcohol and reinsert them. We expect to upgrade you all to the two inch gold hoops within the next three to four days. Before leaving the chair our medic will administer another dose of hormones. You can expect to be a little moody, a bit emotional and you may find yourself crying for no apparent reason. These side effects are normal and will cease in a couple weeks. These “side effects” are what all women go through and so will you. Your program requires you to learn what women experience. With four techs working the entire process should take 30 to 45 minutes. When you are done you are to come back to this table and await further instructions.”

Martha was right. Before 40 minutes had gone by we all were back at the table. Some were twisting their ear studs, casually scratching their evolving titties and carrying on subdued conversations. The main topic was how very feminine their new eyebrows looked. A few were reapplying lipstick. So did I.

I sought out Jackie and told her “You really look pretty. Your new brows look awesome”. “Thank you, Jenny. Yours are pretty too. I hope we can keep them looking nice. That plucking sort of hurt.” I agreed and replied “But now we have fewer to pluck!” Stacie chimed in with “Have you seen how fantastic Jackie’s brows look?” All of the ladies nodded their agreement.

Pre lunch purse inspection

Matron, Martha and Miss Diane came over to our table.

“Girls, we have a busy day but first we’re having a purse inspection. Everyone open their purse and dump the contents directly in front of you. As long as you have the basics mentioned on the first day you’ll be fine. Mascara, lipstick, blush and a hair brush.” Matron took a quick look down the table and was pleased that everyone was in compliance. “That’s great. Everyone did fine.”

“Miss Diane is passing out four more items that will be a ‘must have’ in your purse at all times. These new items are in a zip lock baggie being passed out to you now. The ‘must haves’ are a tube of personal lubricant, a makeup compact with a mirror and two Lite Days tampons. Also in your zip lock is a small 8 inch vibrator that’s only one inch in diameter. You’re to keep this in your personal vanity in your room. You will be using this device very soon. Ladies, repack your purses as I have more information about today’s activities.” A low gasp rose in unison from the table. Vibrators!?

“Here’s the drill. You are to pair off with your roommate. Put your hands palm down on the table and wait for my instructions. In general you will bend over and your roommate will lube and gently insert your vibrator into your rectum. You need to know in advance what to expect when you’re penetrated in the days and weeks to come. It will be inserted up to the 4 inch mark on the device. This will be done very slowly at first. There is no rush. The secret is to relax your sphincter. If you get lucky your roommate will find and touch your prostate gland. You will know if they found it because it feels so good that you will not be able to keep from smiling. Don’t be upset if it isn’t found today. You will have other opportunities on other occasions. Maybe, in your room, you can find it for yourself.”

“The insertion procedure will last only five minutes. During these five minutes your roomie will slide the phallus in and out of your rectum making sure to get to the 4 inch mark. At the end of 5 minutes the device will be removed and you’ll be given the opportunity to clean yourself up. You will also clean the vibrator. It’s yours so clean it well. You’ll be taking then back to your rooms. After a few moments of rest you will trade places and you’ll service your roommate. Do not be embarrassed if you involuntarily ejaculate on to the table. It’s a natural response and paper towels are cheap.” Nobody laughed at the Matrons attempt at humor.

“The girls on the hallway side of this table will be the first to receive. You will stand up, pull down your panties and panty hose, drop your skirt, bend over and keep your hands flat on the table and wait. Your roommate will pick up your vibrator and stand behind you. She will dip the tip of the vibrator in to a bowl of provided lube. The rest of your indoctrination will start when I give the command. At the five minute mark of my stop watch the device will be removed by your roomie and placed on a paper towel that will be in front of you. Again, it is your vibrator and you will clean it and put it in your purse until you get back to your rooms. Take a few minutes now to collect your thoughts. Take a few deep breaths. Those girls doing the insertion are free to rub your back or neck to help relax and soothe you. An occasional kiss has been found to be calming. Your initial response will be to clamp down on the device. Don’t do it this time. Relax. When engaged in a real sex act, with a real partner, feel free to clamp down on their penis. It is like a ‘milking’ motion that can be very enjoyable for your partner; grip, ungrip, grip again, clench, etc. Clamp and release then clamp and release again. You’ll figure it out as you learn what makes you feel good.”

“To assist you with a better understanding we’re passing out a diagram so you have an idea of where your target is for maximum satisfaction. Take a moment to review it before we proceed. Take this to your rooms and put in your notebook of rules. You may want to refer to it again. Your target area should include your prostate gland; this true if you’re have sex with a partner or if pleasuring yourself with a vibrator.”


“Everyone sit down for now and I’ll tell you when to start. If you can’t shove the dildo in deep enough, Martha, Miss Diane, Cindy or I WILL make it happen. We may not be as gentle as your roommate. Afterwards you will have time to relax and compose yourself. Lunch will follow.”

Our table went quite. You could see some of our faces become pale. Some of us started shaking. A few had tears running down their cheeks. Without an exception roommates reached across the table and gripped their roommate’s hands. You could hear the girls either begging their roomie to be gentle while others were promising their roomie that they would be gentle. Matron noticed that I was the most composed of the group. I was squeezing Stacie’s hands and whispering assurances to her. I gave Stacie a smile and told her “Take some deep breaths. Relax. Be calm. It will be over soon. I’ll be easy with you and then you get to be gentle with me, right?” I gave Stacie a wink and a final hand squeeze. The time was near.

Taking a look at her watch Matron announced “OK, first group stand up, pull your panties and panty hose below your knees and drop your skirt to your ankles, bend over, spread your legs and put your palms flat on the table. Roommates pick up the vibrator in front of your roommate and go stand behind her.” Matron waited until everyone was correctly in position.

“Roommates, using whichever is your dominate hand grab the vibrator and dip it in the bowl of lube as it’s passed around. Do not spare the lube. Dry spots hurt. Use your other hand to spread the lube evenly on the dildo… er, vibrator I mean. Using the hand without the vibrator step up to your roommate and spread her butt cheeks. Look and find her ‘rosebud’ and wait for my next command.” Looking around Matron saw that Cindy was stroking a frightened girl’s hair. Martha and Miss Diane were slowly pacing back and forth behind the receiving group that were bent over and were ready to jump in if needed.

Matron said “Get ready. See your target? I’ll start my stop watch when we begin. You ‘bottoms’, take a deep breath and exhale. Place your palms on the table. ‘Tops’, start the insertion NOW!” She clicked her stop watch. In unison the ‘tops’ began shoving the greased phallus into their roommates’ anus. “Slightly twist the vibrator back and forth like removing a wine cork and begin pushing. It spreads the lube and makes the penetration process easier.” She was right and soon everyone had full insertion. “Slide it in to the four inch mark and stop. You ‘bottom’ girls, try to relax. Try not to clamp down, don’t clench and do not ‘milk’. Exhale. Close your eyes if it helps.”

You could tell which pair was having it easier. Beth was rubbing Tracie’s shoulders, I had stepped enough to the side of Stacie that I could whisper in her ear and tenderly nuzzle on her ear lobe. I also planted a few kisses on her neck. It seemed to help. Stacie visibly un-tensed her shoulders and back, taking the plastic shaft like a pro. Miss Diane made a mental note to add this info to my file. ‘Stacie is lucky to have Jennie for a roommate’. At that moment Matron said “Begin the butt fucking now. Do not go deeper than the four inch mark. In and out. In and out. Try tilting it slightly upwards, then downwards; you might hit the magic spot. You have three more minutes to go. Increase the speed of your thrusting; try the wine cork technique. Twist it back and forth like your using a door knob; it increases the feeling. Pick up the tempo ladies.”

At the 3 ½ minute mark most of the faces of the ‘receivers’ were emotionless… except for Stacie. Stacie was beginning to smile and thrust backwards to meet my thrusting. With my free hand I gently grabbed her testicles and started caressing them. Stacie began panting and was clearly excited. She loudly moaned once, thrust backwards and immediately ejaculated half way across the table and shouted “Quicker, quicker, don’t stop. For god’s sake don’t stop”. I gladly accommodated her by thrusting more quickly, ‘turning the door knob’ and doing a little wiggle movement at the same time. She let loose with a couple more squirts.

“Stop!, time’s up. Remove the vibrators.” shouted the Matron. I did as instructed but removed it slower than normal making sure to continue ‘opening the wine bottle’. Stacie collapsed onto the table. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. “’That was a beautiful thing’ she thought. She felt hot and was horny as hell.

Stacie grabbed some paper towels from the table and quickly wiped her rear crevice as best she could. She took no time in pulling up her panties, panty hose and skirt. It was bit difficult as her penis was still semi rigid. Still breathing like a marathon runner she turned around and grabbed me around the neck. Stacie stood tall in order to kiss me on the lips. It was a lingering kiss of passion. “Oh, god! Thank you, thank you, and thank you. That was marvelous!” She kissed me again. Turning to face the bench she smoothed her skirt in a lady like fashion and sat down. The Matron, Miss Debbie and the other staff members made mental notes of Stacie’s enthusiasm.

Sitting on the bench Stacie caught her breath and began wiping up her sperm puddle from the table. Looking around the table Stacie began blushing and feeling embarrassed. “Oh, I am so VERY sorry. I really am embarrassed that I was so noisy… and so messy.” No one seemed to mind. Truth is some girls looked visibly disappointed at their experience. Her enthusiasm excited me. There was one other puddle on the table. The second puddle had cum from Jackie. It looked like it would be a few minutes before Jackie could pull her panties up and over her raging erection. Rose apparently had done her good.

“Take a short break and we’ll get on with the next session. You know the routine. Remember to clean YOUR vibrator and put it in your purse. There will be a pull string storage bag for each of you on your vanities when you return to your rooms. Keep in mind this unit is only ½ inch diameter, most men are at least two inches. Your future partners may be better endowed. As a side note, had you just been penetrated by a man or your roommate, this is when you’d insert one of your tampons to stop any leakage. You wouldn’t want to soil your clothes or your bed.”

We were chatting at the table as the initial fear of the unknown was gone. Many of us were asking Stacie and Jackie about their experience. Stacie was very animated as she spoke and was smiling broadly. There was some giggling as she recounted her experience. And then it was time for the second round of penetration preparation. My heart began to beat faster in anticipation.

The second session went quicker. Everyone knew what was expected. I was the first one to be ready to start. My panties, panty hose and skirt were pulled down further than suggested. I didn’t want anything to interfere with MY experience! I had already assumed the position while others were just getting into position. In short time roommates were standing behind their roommates. The vibrators were well lubed and ready to go.

Matron told us to get ready and then she held up the stop watch and shouted “Go!” The insertions went easier and everyone was on target. I reached backwards and helped Stacie place the device on my rose bud. Whispering over my shoulder I told Stacie “Make it good.” I helped make the initial inch of insertion. My butt fucking was going well. All around me it was a controlled frenzy with a hint of sex in the air.

Stacie was rubbing my shoulders and softly speaking encouragement to me. Out of impulse Stacie reached into my blouse and massaged and squeezed my tiny titties. She did something to a nipple that was electric. I moaned my appreciation and arched my back. I shifted left and right wanting to feel it all… to get a different feeling in my rectum. I was making an effort to have the vibrator meet my prostrate.

It seemed like only a couple minutes had gone by when Matron announce “Ninety seconds more ladies, finish strong!” Smiles were evident on several recipients and things were going well. I was already thrusting backward in a lusty attempt to increase my pleasure. My eyes were closed. I was making little grunting sounds as I thrust backwards and wiggled my butt. I was clenching and milking. I felt slutty and I wanted more. I was breathing rapidly. Twenty seconds later I thrust backwards, gripped the vibrator once and exploded. My semen made it completely across the table. I paused but a moment and continued my backward humping. It was obvious that I was clamping onto the vibrator and enjoying the feeling as it was being pulled outwards from my ass. “Times up! Pull them out and start cleaning up” Matron bellowed.

I didn’t move. My head was bent downward, my shoulders slumped and I was staring vacantly at the table top. My breathing was rapid and I was still panting. There were two other puddles of cum from the other girls on the table. Without looking up I asked hoarsely, “Will someone please toss me a towel?” Immediately three towels were thrown my way and as a group everyone began laughing. As I was cleaning myself Stacie bent down and helped pull my panties and pantyhose up and into place. Getting them over my penis felt so sexy to Stacie. Stacie gave my erection a caring caress. I pulled up my skirt with no help and turned around.

“Did I do OK? Did I hurt you?” Stacie anxiously asked. I paused but a moment and then grabbed Stacie in an ardent embrace. I gave Stacie a fevered kiss. There was no lack of passion as I used my tongue on Stacy. Breaking the embrace I said “Babe, you were great! You did fine. Thank you. I had no idea that it would feel so damn good!” Stacie noticed that a tear was slowly rolling down my cheek. Stacie leaned forward and kissed it away. We both smiled and held hands for a few moments prior to continuing with the session’s clean up.

Walking behind the group Miss Diane had been watching us all but Stacie and I, in particular, caught her attention. She liked what she saw. ‘It looks like Jenny could be a lot of fun. She sure milked that vibrator…clamped on it like a dog with a bone. I may have to give her my bone. It may be time to schedule a one on one evaluation. Damn I’m getting wet.’ she thought.

Matron began an announcement. “In general you all did well. At least you know what to expect. Most of you are experiencing feeling, emotions and desires that you’ve never felt before. Because of the hormones and vitamins you’ve been taking these feeling and sensation are normal. Embrace these feelings and desires. They are part of your reeducation program and it will lead to your eventual release. Your itching breasts are normal too and the itching will subside as your breasts grow. Most of you are already an A cup already. Enjoy your new breasts. Note how they bounce as you walk. Explore them. Rub your nipples. Ask your roommate to kiss or suck them. Your breasts can bring you and your roommate much pleasure.”

“You have asked about the meaning of the various earrings you’ve seen on the staff. I am passing out a copy that explains The Order of the Earrings. Read it. Remember it. You may want to keep a copy in your purse. For your convenience a copy is now posted in your bathrooms. As always you can find a copy on your in room TV. It’s a straight forward, easily understood, explanation of what your release is dependent on. It could help you set personal goals. Have a seat at the bench table and Martha will give you each a copy. Once you have read The Order of the Earrings you may return to your rooms. You have free time until lunch at 12:30 PM. Use your free time wisely. You have much to accomplish, requirements to be met and a lot of pleasure to experience. As a reminder do not fall behind on your mandated instructions. You may be called in for individual one-on-one counseling.”

As the staff members started to exit Miss Diane stopped and turned back to face the recently penetrated and deflowered girls. “Before you return to your rooms you are to remove your compact from your purse and reapply a fresh coat of lipstick. Get used to it. You are to do this after every meal, after every heavy episode of petting and kissing and especially after every blow job you give and as needed throughout your day. Do it now!... and then I’ll leave you be.”

We did as we were told. It was no big deal. Besides, most of us had begun to like the smell and taste of our lipstick. Some of us were also beginning to like the taste of our roommate’s lipstick as long as our roommate was wearing it. You could hear our compacts snap closed. We all went back to reading our copy of The Order of the Earrings; goals we had to meet.

Order of the Earrings

Advancement to another level requires a MINIMUM of 5 experiences from each category. You are encouraged to EXCEED the minimum. To attain release from The Program you must attain the Sapphire level, be a C cup or greater and constantly maintain a feminine appearance and demeanor.

Gold 2 inch hoops- a novice just beginning the requirements.

Pearl – Cum colored; signifies you have given 5 blow jobs minimum. You must swallow each time.**

Ruby – Red colored; signifies you have lost your Cherry and have received anal sex 5 time’s minimum. Your partner must cum in you for you to get credit. Use of condoms is not permitted**

Sapphire – Blue; signifies you have met all minimum requirements in every category. You must be a C cup or better and constantly maintain a feminine appearance and demeanor. You are eligible for release but are not guaranteed immediate release. Final determination is based on a final staff report.

Diamond - signifies you have met all requirements, are receptive to any type of sex and are fully committed to the Program and its goals. You constantly maintain a feminine appearance and demeanor. You must be a C cup or better but have decided to remain in The Nest.

Double ear piercing - wear any combination of gems, hoops or studs - has fulfilled all requirements in all categories and is receptive to any kind of ongoing sex. You must be B cup or better.

Triple ear piercing - wear any combination of gems, hoops, or studs - has fulfilled all requirements in all categories and is receptive to any kind of ongoing sex. You must be C cup or better. The only difference between double and triple piercings is that the wearer prefers to be the “bottom”.

Vibrator – All ladies in training MUST use their vibrator for self gratification that must end in ejaculation a minimum of seven times.

** If you are giving oral sex while receiving anal sex both parties get credit for the act(s) they are performing as long as there is ejaculation. The same is true for the reverse. Remember you are disease free and sperm does not taste bad. Condoms are NOT permitted.

(to be continued in Chapter 3)

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