Alexa B-Side: #25 - The Playdate

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Alexa B-Side: #25 - The Playdate

“Just relax. Enjoy it.” Jenny whispered into Alexa’s ear as they broke the hug. There was a bit of fear in her eyes as Jenny took leave of her fiancée. Little Jenny was all excited to get a chance to spend some time with her “special friend" and ‘Big’ Jenny was as well. But there was still part of the American woman that was back at the flat with Alexa. This was going to be a first for Alexa, and Jenny for that matter. The couple had always been together for these moments, but Jenny couldn’t be this time. “It’s bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the wedding” Charlotte, Alexa’s mother, warned the two of them playfully before their trip to London. Jenny’s heart longed to be there to see the most wonderful person in the world in that incredible gown.

The Older Jenny was grateful for the distraction spending a few hours with Nikki’s little sister would provide. She was hoping that the energy the little tornado would provide would keep her from dwelling on the activities back at the flat. “So, what is the plan?” Jenny asked trying to put on a smile. Sandra, Nikki and little Jenny’s mother, had a curious look on her face as she studied her older daughter’s American friend. Sandra recognized that the young woman was putting on some sort of cover but decided to let it slide a bit.

“Since it is a fairly nice day, I though it would be good for Jenny here to go to a playground for a bit. Get some exercise in her and there is a wonderful one over at Regent’s Park. There are some geese at the lake in the park and I brought some bread to feed them. Jenny loves that. Plus, there is a little café there in case we get hungry.” ‘Big’ Jenny though it sounded great and they moved towards Sandra’s car. After getting little Jenny situated and secure in her car seat, the other two got in the front seats and made the short drive over to The Regent’s Park.

After finding a spot to leave the car, the three got out. The toddler began dragging the American to the elaborate playground equipment. “Come on Jenny. We can go down the slide together”, the young Thomas girl said as they moved quickly over to the play structure. Being that it was a school day, there were only a few younger children around, so the two Jenny’s had the run of the place to themselves. The two went down the slide and ran across the suspension bridge that connected various towers and traversed the stairs in every direction. “Come on Jenny,” the little one would yell out and had proved to be a good distraction, but when Little Jenny said something about her being the princess and this was her castle, Big Jenny went into thought. “Sorry little one, but the real princess is back at your sisters flat” and the sadness that she couldn’t be with Alexa hit her again.

The change in attitude did not go unnoticed by Mrs. Thomas. Sandra recognized the look. And she wasn’t too old to remember the feeling of not being with the one you love at a very special time for her. Sandra said nothing but continued to watch the blonde American woman. For all the crazy things that Nikki, Sarah and their American friends had done over the last few days, Sandra was quite impressed with the three young women that Nikki and Sarah had become good friends with. They seemed very polite and kind. All three of the Americans had fit right in with Sarah and Nikki’s Uni friends and the special bond between Sandra’s two older daughters and the American couple was quite evident. Add to that the interesting connection Sandra’s youngest daughter had made with the young woman had given Sandra a very positive feeling towards the Americans, but there was still something bothering this one.

The toddler was beginning to get tired out so the three walked down to the lake to feed the geese. The two older women sat on a bench while little Jenny went down towards the lake to feed the geese. “I have the feeling that while you are enjoying yourself, you would rather be back at Nikki’s?” Sandra asked a few minutes. The blonde American laughed.

“Is it that obvious?” Jenny asked.”

“It is. You obviously are quite in love with Alexa and this must be terribly hard on you, am I correct?” Sandra asked. Jenny nodded. “I have seen the look before, in Nicola. She would be the same way when she was away from Sarah. When Sarah started University and Nikki would come home from her job with the Angels, she would sit around sulking. At first I thought it was because she hadn’t go to Uni, but it was because she wasn’t with Sarah at Uni. I know I have only met you a few times, but I am not blind to see that what you two have is very special. Keep that. Fight for that.” Jenny smiled at the advice.

“I plan on it” Jenny said and then looked at her friend’s mother a little closer. “Thanks. How do you know so much?”

Sandra thought for a moment. “I’m a mum. Come on I bet they are done, let’s see if the dressmakers are done and get you back to your soulmate.”

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