Step By Step: Chapter 4

I awoke and found myself lying on one of the two gurneys in the nurse's office in school. It took a moment before I remembered what had happened that caused me to be here. Let's just say that my face was fire engine red and that is when the nurse entered!

She smiled at me, then asked me to lie down again, saying, "You hit your head when you fell from your seat. You've only been here for a few minutes, child. I had to call your foster parent to inform them of your injury, she'll be here in about twenty minutes."

I groaned, if there was one thing I didn't need right now, it was Tanisha fussing over me after a little bump on my head.

I didn't have a choice in the matter, though, the nurse kept a sharp eye on me to ensure that I stayed there until Tanisha arrived.


Tanisha wasn't alone when I finally saw her about half an hour later. There was a tall Latina standing beside her.

Tanisha asked how I was feeling, I said I'd be fine, then she introduced her friend. "Estella, this is Paul, one of the two children in my care thanks to the actions of their father over the last few weeks. Paul here is like you, Estella, except just starting the journey to being a girl."

I think my jaw hit the floor, the shock from Tanisha's announcement was that strong. This was a t-girl? I wolf whistled, then turned bright red!

Estella giggled at my reaction to her, and once Tanisha was assured that I could be released into her care, we left the nurse's office.

The school day was ending, the final bell rang a few minutes later. We waited for James by the side entrance near the parking lots.

James came out right beside Sherry. Sherry said something to him, then waved and joined three of her friends next to an old Dodge Charger. I'm not a serious car buff like James, but it wasn't hard to recognize a late '60s Dodge Charger after seeing the Dukes of Hazzard show a lot.

That's one heck of a car, then I recognized the girl who was sliding into the driver's seat; Patricia Brandt-Burnett, hot damn!

So what makes Patti so special? Well, let's just say that there's only one family around this area with more money and influence than hers. That explains how she could be the possible owner of a serious muscle car like that at just seventeen years of age.

Tanisha took us back to her house where we spent a good part of the evening talking and listening to Estella telling of her experiences.

Estella lives just outside of a town several miles away from here. Tanisha drove her home just after 9 PM that evening.


James and I sat on the bed in my room at Tanisha's house. We were talking about Estella, amazed by the fact that she was like us!

"Estella is seriously hot," I mumbled at one point, James responding with a brief giggle to show his opinion of my embarrassment.

He was still giggling a moment later, but managed to stop and agree with me, then added, "We can be as beautiful and nice as she is if we try hard enough. It might take a long time to get there, and there will obviously be plenty of lessons along the way for us to learn."

I nodded, grinning at him as I replied, "Sherry and a few others from school might be willing to help us learn about girl stuff, too."

James sat up on the bed, leaning against the wall for a moment. "Have you thought of a girl name for yourself yet?"

I sat there for a few minutes, thinking, then inspiration struck and I answered, "Yeah, just now, Penelope Jasmine, what about you?"

James blushed, his face turning a fiery red as he looked across at me, "Yeah, I want my name to be Jenevieve Jacqueline, Penny."

Penny? It took a few seconds for my brain to kick into gear, Penny as in short for Penelope, duh! I laughed, "That would make you Jenny."

James snorted, holding a pillow, saying, "You think Penny and Jenny will be bad, think about us being known everywhere as PJ and JJ!"

Both of us burst into laughter at that point, loud enough that Tanisha knocked, then opened the door asking us if anything was wrong.

I giggled again as I looked up at her, then replied to her question, "Nothing wrong at all, we just decided what our femme names should be."

That had Jenny rolling on the bed, trying to stifle the giggles for a minute or two, before she squealed out, "I'm Jenny, she's Penny!"

That led to us explaining our new names. Tanisha smiled and said that she would see what she could do about updating our records and such.

Note: Thanks to Edeyn for her story Sk8r Grrls. This story is based off that series and the town of Constitution which she created. The major difference is that this story is in current time, and thus would be about nine or ten years after the Sk8r Grrls era.

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