Girl’s Night Out - 7 New Sense of Family and Friends

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Girl’s Night Out - 7
New Sense of Family and Friends

By Jessica C

Nera took Heath for his second time to their Girls Night out…
Somewhere that night Heath became Dara and free to be…
The timid Heath easily directed by others blossoms…
There was Nathan and then Cortney…
She’s free and taking her time to be

We had left Pt Pleasant an hour early and made good time in travelling home. I asked Nera, “Do we have an agreement about me helping you tonight at the Herculean Industries Plant?”

First she commented on my looking more feminine, saying, “I can’t believe it you are already taking hormones.”

“Not true, but what I’m doing is not your concern. So tell if I’m helping or I’ll leave and call it a night.”

“Yes, you’re helping me so get whatever you need and let’s get going.”

Dara says, “I’ll get what I need but give me time to change into other clothes. You can pick me up at 301 Hawthorn Ave, Cove Center in forty-five minutes after I leave here.” With that I picked up some parts meant for that computer system. Nera had gone with cheap imitations instead.


I went home put some leggings under a skirt outfit. It was too likely I would ruin hose. I knocked at Jodie’s door and told her I was back but would be leaving soon and back very late. She only asked if I could be quiet when I drove in.

I told her Nera was coming to pick me up as I was doing an emergency job for her. She was the one who asked if it was the large Herculean Plant. She was afraid for some of her friends were going to be out of work tomorrow if things weren’t fixed.

I was upstairs still changing when Nera dove up to the house and walked toward my stairs. I heard Nera greeted by Jodi and that they were talking. I didn’t know what they talked about, but I did hear Jodi go back into the house and the door slammed behind her.

I was on my way down the back stairs when Nera opened the door at the bottom of the steps. I said, “You’re early, but did I hear correctly that you met Jodi, my landlady?”

All Nera would say at that point was, “Get in the car and let’s get going.” I needed to get the parts and some of my information out of my car. Taking my time, I knew was frustrating my wife. ‘It is hard to believe how much has changed in such a short time. She is still my wife, but it feels like we’ve been separated for a long while and already divorce. How relaxed I am is amazing.’

The first few minutes of our drive, Nera told me how I had fooled Jodi and that she defended me. From the sounds of it, Jodi tried to sympathize with Nera having a husband who so drastically changed. But when Nera said she was going to let people know how perverted I am. Jodi asked her to please leave that to the divorce court. Nera said, “If there are ramifications for you for having him living here. That will be your problem. I’m only telling you in hope that you will kick him out tomorrow.

“I am only using him tonight because I’m in a bind.” Jodi tried to defend me at that point and that was when Jodi stormed back into the house.

I was happy riding in her car as it was newer and more comfortable. Nera and I talked about our girls. That they had an enjoyable weekend with their grandparents and even behaved in church.

She couldn’t believe I took them to church. She asked many questions I decided not to answer. There was no way I would tell her about work-business possibilities.

Instead, I told her, “You know you’re going to need some good people working for you. One to cover the needs of your clients and needed changes. And another one or two to handle the office work and help with sales. Hopefully, the second could train more workers as you clients’ needs demand.”

She laughed it off, saying, “You’re over rating your importance.” I did remind her I had been saying it since the turn of the year. It was actually longer, but she said it wasn’t more than a two weeks ago.

It took over a forty minutes to get there with Nera having driven fast. The security guard took a picture of me and my contact information. The security was appropriate for some of the projects they were working on.

The guard noted that one of my phone numbers was the same as Heath’s. Well that took longer than expected to explain.

My analyzing the problem was what I expected and more. I could tell someone took the system going down as an opportunity to hack into their system. I had put any such attempts on a wild goose chase. It would be next to impossible for them to locate the point where they went outside the system. There were also several places they had to identify themselves. Even bogus information gives some information about the hacker.

Nera did take some notes of what I found. She is a very sharp programmer and systems developer. She quickly identified my replacement parts as what should have been original equipment. I even put more of their machines on line. We had designed our system to keep up with their growth.

It was three a.m. when I made notes that would go to three people. The Administrator over this plant and its offices. Their IT man and their regional VP. I wasn’t intending to get anyone in trouble. Hopefully no one would lose their job, but someone turned off their systems security. If the hacking was an inside job or other things were taken. Well their analyses should be able to detect and handle that.

It took over an hour for their systems and the plant to come back on-line. The security people called us, making sure it was as expected. Going back out to through the plant, we could tell their skeleton crew were on top of things. Harvey Wall did ask about some new lights on in their large panel.

He was delighted to hear: it would give them added capacity that would be needed when production was increased in a month or two.


It was nine thirty before I was up and around in the morning. I figured my bill for working as well as the added costs. Several items were from my inventory. I charged 115% of their costs. Nera usually charges 112-125% depending on what she decided.

I was over at the courthouse checking plat-maps for properties I might be interested in, near the interstate. I observed Nera and her lawyer in two other offices.

I was pretty sure one was to file for a divorce. It wasn’t surprised, but it did hurt. I got out of the courthouse before she filed a request for the property to go into her name. I knew that was not going to be permitted today. She either needed my signature or a court decision to accomplish that. Her lawyer had been our lawyer.

I contacted a good friend to help get needed information on financing for a potential my project. I also contacted a new lawyer I would meet in the near future. Scott Hadley, the lawyer, I would see on Thursday.

Come three in the afternoon I happened to meet Dean Proctor, at his coffee stop. I was dressed as Heath, but he heard of my other identity and asked if it were true. He chuckled when I said it was. He chuckled even more when I talked about the project I was thinking of.

He chuckled, “It’s a funny time for you to get the balls to consider such a project.” But we talked or dreamed of such a project. He liked the idea of developing a franchise that had a big name behind it. He said, “Between my knowing the other contractors and construction. You knowing the hardware business and an identifiable name: it could work real well. But we better not get too late a start and let someone get established before us.”

I said, “Good thinking. So do you think, you’d be willing to partner with me on this?”

While things would move ahead, it was outside of the general public’s knowledge. I was moving on with my life.

Thursday, my meeting with Scott Hadley by new lawyer, went well. We waited to receive my divorce notice and put things after I separated from what Nera could claim as part of the marriage. Likewise, we documented the known assets of Nera’s. I smiled handing over information of her assets that she thought I didn’t know of. I’m sure some of it she won’t report thinking I don’t know about them.

It might not be kosher, but I have over thirty five thousand dollars in my parents’ names. It was determined shortly after I changed to formally working for my wife that the marriage was fragile and I was at my wife’s mercy.


Come Thursday evening Nera showed up at my third floor apartment. Her purpose was twofold: She had part of my pay for Sunday’s emergency job. The second was to hand me my divorce notice. She had the audacity of giving me a contract for my assistance in serving her customers. The terms were $35.00 per hour and approved expenses. We argued for a while before I cut the discussion off. I said, “You already know my terms except that I will now demand half the estimated payment up front and to be paid in full within three days of completion.”

Suddenly her demeanor changed and she now sounded like a caged tiger. “I was going to offer you time and a half to help install the new system for Ballard Liquid Systems.”

I remarked, “You probably think that is very gracious from a woman who just served me divorce papers?”

Nera said, “I separate out business from personal matters. And yes, I think it is a more than adequate offer. You can have until noon tomorrow to let me know your answer.”

“You don’t have to wait, my answer to your offer and terms is no. I do not want to receive any offer for another twenty four hours. Nor do I want any offers lower than the terms I’ve shared with you.

“I will let you have the children this weekend, but I will be wanting to take them next weekend to their grandparents’ anniversary celebration. It has been on the calendar at the house for a month now.”

I had heard from neighbor friends that Elva and her car were now permanent fixtures at the house.


I had called Cortney during the week but we decided I needed time to myself to process what was happening in my life. We did talk after I received the divorce papers. She knew I was despondent and she was willing to keep me company. Instead I went out to eat alone at night. Sometimes as Dara and once had I two drinks which was my limit decided years ago.

It was Easter Sunday morning when Cortney gave me a surprise call. “Why don’t we meet me at Snuffy’s Steakhouse for dinner around 1:30? That gives us both time to go to church and be there without a big rush.”

I knew of Snuffy’s by reputation and roughly where it was. As Cortney hoped it would be Dara meeting her.

Once we were there; Cortney confided that she went to church that morning. I didn’t know I was to be surprised. She told me it had been years since she had gone to church on her own. She had gone to a lively church where friends said she’d be accepted. She had made some friends including Carmen. She felt the need to tell me Carmen would just be a friend.

There’s a glow about Cortney that warmed my spirit. I like the outfit she was wearing. It was definitely brightened with the colors of spring. It caught the blue of her eyes and the energy of her personality. There was a fragrance that was subtle and begged me to come closer. But there was more, there’s a spirit that’s connecting us. We find things in the other person that we identify with.

I do not see myself gifted in working with people and their problems like Cortney. What she does holds me in wonder; I love being there for her.

Cortney asks, “Is tomorrow your appointment with an endocrinologist?”

“I am to have an appointment with Grace’s old gynecologist Dr. Amanda Mueller for a physical so she can get base lines on my system. She or an associate will help me to know what changes I might expect. And then I will meet with Dr. Steven Gould the endocrinologist. I was hoping to meet with Dr. Cheryl and I guess sometime I will have appointments with her.”

We stay at the restaurant for after dinner drinks giving us a longer visit. Cortney did ask me, “Are you going to stay someplace tonight so you won’t have a long distance to travel to get to your early appointment?”

“I’m thinking about it. I even packed an overnight bag with an extra outfit for tomorrow just in case.”

Cortney has a gleam in her eyes, “I know where there are a number of good hotels between here and your doctors. We could stay at one of those places. I will go to work in the morning and you to your appointments. But we will have tonight.”

The evening together was wondrously beautiful. Cortney was first up to our room and sought to catch Dara off guard. The room light was off and music was playing from the bathroom, where Dara assume Cortney was. Cortney came from behind Dara partially covering her eyes. “Stop right there my pretty!”

“I want to see what you are hiding under this pretty dress.” Dara is required to slowly remove one piece of clothing after another. Cortney comments about Dara’s deceiving looks. “How are you to make love as a woman with me?” I make a sultry turn and begin to take off my clothes allowing them to drop to the floor. My blouse was first and then I loosen my skirt until it shimmies down my legs falling around my ankles. I turn my back to her and lift my hair saying, “A little help please?” My bra is unhooked and I turn back toward her saying, “Thank you.” I have brushed the straps off of my shoulders as I hold the bra in place until it is ready to fall. It is only when I push down my panty and stand back up, can she see. I have my vagina gaff on and come across totally as a woman.

It is then that I begin undressing her. I soon have undone her dress and as it falls to the floor, I hold it. It is low enough for her to step out of it. It is a very nice dress and I don’t want it ruined. I sit on the edge of a chair with her directly in front of me. A hand is high and between her legs. I know she’s surprised by my actions and now finds herself already getting excited. But I can tell she’s also nervous. I suspect because she is not in control as she expected to be. I unsnap her stockings from the garter and help to unroll them down her legs.

When she reached to help undress herself, I softly coo, “Oh no, I am quite capable and I like that the table has been turned.” I slid her panty off and unhooked her bra. I take off everything including hair pins, a bracelet and a decorative ring. She is left wearing only a pendant necklace. I smile at her saying this is very beautiful in its setting.”

I have taken the bed comforter off the bed as well as the bulky extra blanket. Pillows are tossed to where our heads will be. I bring her down and having her lay on her back. I move down along side of her. The lights are now dim and we gracefully begin to touch one another. I nibble on her breasts and suckle enough to arouse her more.

We soon entwine, I have massaged very gently a variety of erogenous areas. Her body has a gleaming coat of moisture reflecting in the little light there is. She is moaning as we continue and she is approaching her first orgasm. I am holding gently pressing against me as the orgasm brings her to song. I begin with my body rubbing against hers and we are now two unmistakable women moving in rhythm with one another.

She has moved and become passionate to me. “O Darling, I am ever so sorry I teased you. O I love you woman.”

It was late before we put on our negligees. The soft silky touch of one another helped us to drift asleep as we clung to one another.


Cortney was awake before me and partially dressed. She handed me a cup of coffee as I was getting up. She said, “Please make sure you shower well. You do not want to shout to the nurses and doctor and tell them what we did last night.”

I asked, “Do you think that Dara is woman enough?”

“You’re mean, but just remember there will be paybacks. I did so very much enjoy how you reacted and took control of us though. …It was the most beautiful night we have had thus far. Knowing with time we will do even better quite often.”

I took off my gaff, knowing it would be needed off for the exams today. We went to a nearby restaurant to get a good breakfast. It was early in the morning as Cortney needed to be away with an extra hour of driving. My drive was shorter in comparison but still a good forty minutes away in the morning traffic.

I get to the Women’s Clinic early enough to fill out all the papers before my appointment with Dr. Amanda. She is now in her mid-forties and has a good manner with patients. “So how is your sister and your nieces?” She is taking my blood pressure and lightly examining me. “You present yourself well as a woman. Please tell me why you are thinking you want to be a woman full time.”

I explain to her in depth, saying I had done some crossdressing for years.

She questioned if my desire, “Have you considered that the desire to become a woman grew out of your wife outing you? That your being a presentable woman has made you fantasize this is what you want?”

I said, “No, the ending of my marriage does give me the opportunity to become the woman who has been locked inside of me.”

Finally Dr. Amanda says, “I believe you but I am glad the transitioning takes time. Hopefully you will have worked through many things as you proceed ahead. I am willing for either myself or Dr. Gould or Dr. Cheryl to handle the hormones to be given. I am use to working with Cheryl but Dr. Steven Gould is very good as well. You will be in good hands.”

She had answered many of my questions. I needed to get to the next clinic and she had already taken extra time with me. She would be sending a short report and word that she was comfortable with me proceeding ahead with a mild hormone therapy program. I guess she included her recommendation of what that might be.

Dr. Steven Gould had me scheduled ten minutes before 2:00 p.m. as most of his patients were women. He was not sure how I would present myself, nor how much if any I would look like a woman or a man. I had blood tests taken with Dr. Amanda, but that didn’t stop Dr. Gould ordering his own as well as two more. He was the one requesting that I live 24/7 as Dara for the next six months. He wasn’t concerned with what that might mean regarding my divorce.

Before the end of the appointment he did have Dr. Cheryl come in and meet me. He asked us, “Would you two be comfortable being doctor and patient. I have no problem in being Dara’s Doctor, but I am thinking she may relax far better for you Cheryl.”

I say, “I know it’s probably just in my head, but I sometimes feel men laugh at the idea that I want to change. It is nothing against Dr. Gould; he has treated me fine. But yes, I think I would be more comfortable with you, Dr. Whittier.” She took a few minutes to check me and to read my case to date.

Dr. Cheryl started me on a low dosage of female hormones. And yes, they are as my Gynecologist recommended. I had a shot of it today and I’m to be back in two weeks. A blood sample is to be given two days before my appointment.


I stop over my folks for a discussion with Mom and later with Dad about connecting with the corporate people of his hardware group. An interesting twist is that they are considering moving close to me and downsize their home. But Dad doesn’t want an old house with inherited problems. He and I talk to Dean Proctor on the phone. Dad already had rough blueprints of what he wants.

Dean says, “Did you know that there’s seven acres of land attached to Jodi’s house behind it as what use to be old Myer’s farm. He says it would be an ideal spot for a developing eight to ten house addition to the community. Your folks could have their choice of lots. There already is speculation about a regional high school to replace three small school districts in our area. None of their buildings or grounds are capable of serving as a site.

The truth is my head is whirling with changes and possibilities. I close the night drinking hot tea with my mother. She has been reading up for me her new daughter. She is thinking of things that I had no idea to consider.

I did call up Nera to say goodnight to my girls at 8:00 p.m. Teresa and Katy went into length about their Easter. I listened with tears that I was not there. I was hugging my Mom as I listened. Mom voiced her thought that I would need them living close by if I wanted to give them a home life while getting a business started.

Nera talked to me at the end of the conversation with the girls. She needs my help to deliver on the expansion program of Ballard Liquid Control Systems. I will admit you have me in a bad position, so that I will meet your requirements.”

It will be a large project encompassing design and the proper equipment; us running our own lines and setting control terminals; and lastly the installation and bring the program on line. Nera says. “They want you in on the initial planning this Thursday. Can you do it? Davidson says, ‘If you not onboard we won’t get the project.’ And I want it, do you hear me.”

I said, “I can do the project but you and I will need to work out a reasonable divorce agreement with me. That is so we can move on yet work together. Plus you will need to get your head back into your business as well as for your family.”

Nera tried to say that couldn’t be part of the agreement and regularly I would have agreed. But I know both of us and neither one would work our best while in the midst of other conflicts between us.

One ray of hope, is that her friend Constance is now her growing love interest and Elva seems to be on the way out. I know Constance and have much more respect for her than I do for Elva. The truth is both Nera and myself should be taking our time in getting into new relationships. I’m not sure if either of us has the discipline to do so…

To be continued…

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