School Life Chp. 11(Updated)

Lindsey, Terry, Jamie, Ian and the new guy Dan were all sitting around Terry and Jamie’s dining room table. Dan had done well in the interview and was asked to join the group. He would switch out with Lindsey when she needed to change musical instruments.

“So, what name are we going by/calling ourselves and where is the gig?” Lindsey was curious because Terry was the one to arrange this gig.

Terry takes a deep breathe before he speaks “were registered as Dusty Gasket and the gig we are playing at, is a Steampunk convention. They had a band cancel and needed to fill the spot. I accepted the gig for us.”

Lindsey tries to remember what genre steampunk music was. She uses her cellphone to look it up and finds a few examples of the music. As she listens to a few examples while the guys talked about other things. She mentally goes through her list of music they have composed and rehearse. They only had four songs they could use.

“Guys, we have a problem. We only have four songs we can use for this performance. Most of our music is constructed towards pop rock or soft rock. I know we have some hard rock and country pop songs, but we only have four songs that sort of fit into the steampunk genre.”
Lindsey looks at all the guys.

“How much of a hassle, will it be to convert some of our songs over to steampunk?”

“Not much work. Just a little rewrite. We have four, maybe five songs we can do that too. The others would require a major rewrite and we would have to practice them. We only have until next weekend to have our songs ready.”

“Which of our songs would only need a few tweaks to them?” Terry needed to know.

“Gypsy Wisp, Dragon Woman, Black Clouds Blowing, Atomic Storm, Love the Dust” Lindsey knew she could change a few cords for the guitar
players. She could add a little more keyboard and drums.

“So, that gives us a total of nine songs?” Terry looks at Lindsey since she was the major songwriter among them.

“That’s about right. I have a few more that I have been playing with, but they aren’t ready yet.” Lindsey had four more she has been working on during the week.

“What are they?” Jamie was curious now.

“Electric Blues, Hammer and Anvil, Drum Storm, and Hollow Cat. Drum Storm is heavy on drum solos. Hammer and Anvil are heavy on Bass and Keyboard playing. Electric Blues is mostly for all the guitars, starting with Jamie and ending with Terry. Now, that we have Dan. He can do the rhythm guitar in the song. Each instrument has their own cords in it, that sounds like an electric storm.” Lindsey was having fun with it.

“So, that will give us a total of twelve songs? Do you think you could have them finishes by Wednesday and send a copy to all of us to play?” Terry really needed to hear those other songs. He liked what Lindsey has told him so far.

“I'll try to have the rewrites to you by Wednesday.I do have a question. Why am I the only one rewriting the songs?” Lindsey thought they were going to help.

“Because you wrote most of the songs. You know how to adjust them to make them sound more like the genre were playing in, then any of us would.” Terry looks at Lindsey with pleading eyes.

Lindsey sighs and mentally go over her list of things she needs to do. She knew she could move a few things around and try to get as much of her homework done at school.

“I might be able to have the unfinished songs by Thursday, Terry. There’s no way I can get them done any sooner.”

“Thanks, Lindsey. I’m sorry for putting you in this situation. As for our performance costumes. I figure since it’s a Steampunk convention, that we all could wear costumes of that genre. Most of the costumes we can either make from what we have around the house or go to party city.
The costumes aren’t that expensive.” Terry had done some research on the cost for them.

“Okay, we have the name down, the costumes down and the music as well. However, we have one major problem. How are we getting there and the equipment we are going to take with us, other than our instruments?” Lindsey was curious about that.

“If you guys can cover the gas, we can use my SUV and rent a trailer to pack all our instruments in. Also, I know a part-time DJ, that can handle our soundboard.” Dan has done this with his other band.

“Do you know if he will come?”

“I don’t see why he wouldn’t. He owes me a favor.” Dan had done a favor for him.

“If he doesn’t I know someone from the music store that can do it.” Jamie knew a girl at the store that was a real whiz.

“That still leaves a few things we will need. I was thinking if we want to make some money for the band, we could have a stall and sell CD’s, Shirts, and things along that nature.” Terry had done some research and was going to see if they could make some money as well.

“How are we supposed to afford this and what music are we putting on the CD’s?” Ian was curious about this.

“I was thinking maybe asking the companies our parents work for, to sponsor us. I know my dad has said he would front us some money. His company said they would match what he gives us.” Terry had gone to his father asking if he would invest in them.

His father said yes and had gone to his boss to see if they would sponsor the band. The owner had promised to match what he was willing to spend on his kid’s band. So, they had come up with a contract between his father and the owner.

“Who’s doing the artwork for the CD’s?” Lindsey didn’t know anyone, but maybe the instructor who was handling the drama club might.

“An artist I found online said he would do it and copyright it, just for us.” Jamie knew a person online that was good.

“You never said what music we are putting on the CD.” Ian looks directly at Terry since he was acting as their leader.

“The songs we do at the convention. We can record it before we go and sell the CD.”

“So, that means I need to have the music finish by Thursday, so we can practice and record it Saturday. So, we can send it off to be burned on CD’s?” Lindsey just shakes her head.

Terry could see the frustration on Lindsey’s face. He felt sorry that he was putting all their music on her.

“Lindsey, I’m sorry for doing all this to you. Next time I promise to be better prepared and more organized.”

“Maybe we should find someone to be our manager?” Lindsey was thinking that maybe someone could handle most of the arrangements.

“I know someone. She’s going to school to be a paralegal and could handle all our legal problems as well.” Dan’s older sister would be perfect for this.

“Alright, let's practice some of these that need adjusting first. Then hear what you got for us so far.” Terry gets everyone a drink before heading out to practice.

The practice runs longer than normal because of some of the changes to the music. Also, she plays what she has for the new songs. They play around with some of the lyrics and adjust the cords to the music. Lindsey made sure to send a text to her mother letting her know what was going on.

Instead of playing for four hours like they normally do. They stay and works things out till almost 8’o clock at night. Terry and Jamie’s parents order dinner for the group.

When Barbara comes to pick Ian and Lindsey up. Lindsey tells her everything that they talked about, including looking for sponsors for the band.

“Me and my partners will sponsor the band, Lindsey. As for your costumes, we can go out tomorrow and see what we can find. Your welcome to come with us, Ian.” Barbara looks in the rearview mirror at him.

“Thanks, Mrs. Weathers, I’ll let my mother know.” Ian didn’t mind spending the day with Lindsey and her mother.

Barbara drops Ian off first. Ian had gotten a second drum set from helping his father. He kept the newer set over at Terry’s place. Lindsey carried her musical instruments back and forth with her. Jamie had hooked her up with some traded in speakers for her gear. A guy had come into the music store and upgraded to a newer set of speakers, so Jamie had gotten a discount on the trade-ins. This way, Lindsey didn’t have to transport her speakers all the time.

On Sunday they pick-up Ian at 9’o clock and go out shopping for their performance costume. They do Ian first, since men were easier to find than women. Barbara had done some internet searching after Lindsey had gone to bed for idea’s and found a few she liked. They decide for Ian to go shirtless with a strange top hat, leather pants and overcoat or shirtless with goggles, leather pants, and no overcoat.

They find a cute outfit for Lindsey at party city. Barbara was thinking after they bought it, she would talk to a person she knew that owns a tailor shop. She could have a few different ones made in different colors for her.

For the next two weeks, Lindsey is busy redoing the music and finishing up the new stuff, so they can practice it. She meets with the drama teacher and is given the music that she was going to need to play. She plays the first piece of music and it sounded fine on the piano. But it would sound better coming from her synthesizer.

She also meets all the people in the drama club. She does ask the drama teacher if she knows of a person who could do the graphics for their CD cover. So, far they haven’t heard back from the artist that Jamie knew on the internet.

The teacher calls over a student named Kaja. She oversaw set construction and design in the drama club.

“Hey Kaja, I’m Lindsey and I’m in a band called Dusty Gasket. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind designing our CD cover and logo we could put on t-shirts?”

Kaja had heard their teacher talk about getting a person to play the piano for their play. She has seen Lindsey around the school and was nice to people. She wonders if they were willing to pay for the design?

“Would your band pay for the design, if I came up with one for you?” Kaja wouldn’t mind earning a few dollars for a new graphics software she wants to buy.

“If they don’t, I will.” Lindsey could get the money from the donation her mother’s company was giving them.

“Okay, I’ll do it for you. When do you need it?”

“In a few days. Is that too short for you?” Lindsey wanted to have something to take to the guys.

“I can have an idea for you by Thursday.”

“Great. Just let me know how much it will cost.” Lindsey will send an email to the guys informing them.

On Thursday, Kaja shows her a few ideas she came up with for their logo and a picture they could put on their t-shirts. She had given Kaja a sample of their music and she created a CD cover for the band as well.

She sends the picture to Terry and since Jamie hadn’t heard back from his source and their time was getting short. They go with Kaja’s pictures, because her pictures were inspiring.

Barbara has a photographer that takes pictures of the homes and property they sold. She hires him to take the band’s picture while in costume.They do group one and then individual ones.

By the time the Friday before the gig arrived.They pack up the trailer with all their gear and arrange to meet at Terry and Jamie’s house. Both of Terry’s parents were coming with them and so was Barbara. The adults had gotten into character with wearing the same clothes they were performing in.

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Ian,Lindsey, Terry, Dan and Jamie

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