Rock It: Chapter 2

Life went on, although it sure was different living with the Giacomos than it had been in the hellhole before we were rescued.

For one thing, we were given either food for lunch at school, breakfast and dinner being eaten at home, or cash to buy lunch at school. For another, on the first Saturday after we ended up in their home, Jenny, Jill and I were taken into Duluth to do some girl shopping.

Considering that the clothing we had then was either threadbare to the point of nearly falling apart, or we had outgrown items, the Giacomos had decided we needed decent clothing. To be honest, I felt relieved as I hated looking like my clothes might fall off at the slightest touch.

Mrs. Giacomo knew of a few places that sold clothing for teens, so we wandered around Duluth from one store to the next. She told us that cost of items was not a problem, so long as we didn't try to buy out entire stores! We started at a store called Ragstock.

I almost drooled over a rather pretty pair of black bell bottom pants with coral floral designs on them, so they ended up in the cart.

Jenny and Jill agreed they were nice and found several pairs of a similar style, in a variety of colours. They went into the cart.

There were some nice matching short and top outfits suitable for summer, in black or white with floral patterns. We grabbed some of those. Yeah, we might not be able to wear them right now, it's early October, but that doesn't mean we can't plan ahead for next summer!

We roamed through the selection of dresses available, it was clear we all liked the ones that were at least mid-thigh in length. Plenty of other dresses looked nice, but they were so short that you would most likely flash everyone in sight just by bending over a bit. Ewwww!!!!

Jenny, Jill and I each tossed a few dresses in with the other stuff in the cart and started looking at the pants available.

Huh, the only jeans we could see were either the skinny ones or the "distressed" ones, you know, the ones with holes and stuff? Well, we each grabbed a couple of pairs of skinny jeans, then an overall and some jogging pants plus leggings in a variety of colours.

Then it was on to the tees and other tops. A lot of what we could see just didn't appeal to us, we just wanted simple, right? There were some semi-cute baseball tees, we each grabbed a light burgundy one and a grey one. The other item that caught our attention was the selection of long side split tee shirts. They were offered in a few colours, so we threw some into the cart along with all the other clothing.

A fair assortment of flannel shirts for casual long sleeve wear were picked and thrown into the cart. Most of the sweaters we could see were just meh, the only ones that we really liked were the fleece navidads which got us all to giggle. We each snatched one of those.

There were hoodies available that matched a bunch of the leggings and jogging pants we'd bought, so they too went in the cart.

I guess it's a good thing that Mrs. Giacomo brought the credit cards, we'd just spent about a thousand dollars of their money!

Mrs. Giacomo suggested we get some outerwear, it can get seriously cold up here, so we hit Northwest Outlet after crossing the I535 bridge.

Jenny, Jill and I all squeed over the North Face Aconcagua jacket. Mrs. Giacomo laughed as we each hugged one tight.

Remember how I said it can get almighty cold here? Well, yeah, it can, so we played smart and grabbed a set of outerwear pants as well. It would have been nice if there was more variety, but after a quick look, the Columbia "modern mountain" pants were the best option.


We decided that we would do the rest of our shopping for clothing at Sears, but first we needed to eat.

After a bit of discussion while crossing the bridge going back toward Sears, we settled on the Texas Roadhouse. Hey, we were hungry!

Just walking into the restaurant, the four of us were salivating, the smells coming from the kitchen were totally awesomesauce!

Mrs. Giacomo ordered cheese fries and buffalo wings as starters, then we looked at the menu. I picked the fried catfish, Jenny and Mrs. Giacomo both opted for the country fried sirloin and Jill waffled for a bit before deciding to get a pulled pork sandwich as her main item.

Soft drinks for the three of us and coffee for Mrs. Giacomo rounded out the meal.

Oohhhh!!! we were all sitting in our seats when we had finished, rubbing our swollen tummies, the food was just that good!

After relaxing for a few minutes, occasionally nibbling on the few leftover fries, Mrs. Giacomo paid and we waddled out to the car.

We took our time going through the clothing at Sears. We were mostly looking for jeans and skirts.

Wow, there was a huge variety of jeans here, we spent nearly two hours in that area finding ones that we liked. Once we were happy with the jeans, we looked at skirts, especially ones that were suitable for colder weather. There was a fair variety to pick through, but we were looking for longer skirts, at least mid-calf length. Most were really lightweight, but we found several from one clothing line that we liked.

There were about half a dozen different styles available from that line, so we each grabbed the ones we liked the most.

We picked out some nice denim skirts for spring. There was only one item available for juniors, so we each grabbed two of them.

We headed to the checkouts and Mrs. Giacomo pulled out that credit card again, another few hundred dollars gone!


All that shopping had worn us out, perhaps a bit of that was due to that big lunch we ate, but we were having a good time, so there!

We loaded everything into the SUV and headed back to Oak Hill, a trip that took a bit over an hour thanks to it being rush hour.

It was just after five PM when we parked by the house and started lugging bags inside. Mr. Giacomo's truck wasn't there.

Once we had the bags inside, we settled down in the living room and started sorting out the clothing. Jenny's stuff went in one set of bags, Jill's in a second set and mine in a third. Mrs. Giacomo hadn't bought much for herself, so she just laid those items across her lap.

With the clothes sorted, we started hauling them up to our rooms to put them away. That took about twenty minutes to finish.

We were just settling back down in the living room when Mr. Giacomo's truck pulled into the driveway and parked next to the SUV. What SUV, you ask? Well, they both had the pick-ups for general daily use but the SUV was a recent purchase after they brought us home.

Anyway, when Mr. Giacomo came in, he was carrying a fair sized box in his hands, which he passed over to an astonished Jill.

"You mentioned something a while back, so... Open it up, girl!" he prompted her.

Jill looked up at him for a moment, then opened the box and pulled out a brand new over $3K value alto sax, her eyes widening until they were nearly bug-like in sheer astonishment. How did we know the price of the sax? Well, the price tag was still on the box, that's how!

I swear Jill hugged that sax like it was a lover, then gently set it down on the sofa and jumped up to give Mr. Giacomo a well-deserved hug!

We lounged around for a while, then Mr. Giacomo called Swede's Drive In and placed an order for a good amount of chicken.

When the food arrived, we enjoyed a nice meal of hot chicken and other items, then relaxed for the rest of the evening.


I guess it was some time late that night when everything went sideways on me.

I started dreaming, believe me, it wasn't a good one. I was reliving in the dream one of the times when I had been raped.

I couldn't for the life of me tell you which time it was, as after enough experiences like that, they just run into each other, ya know?

What I do know is that that dream was way too vivid, I could see and feel first Jerry, then Walter, ramming their dicks into my poor butt.

The actual experiences lasted a few minutes each time; this dream, though, seemed to be slowed down a fair bit.

If I had thought it couldn't get worse, I was wrong. The rape scene ended, I thought it was finished. Oh, gods, how I wish it was!

Barely an instant after the scene had finished, the dream "flipped" and it started all over again. My stomach lurched in shock.

Every single time I thought that it would finish, it would flip again and start showing the whole scene from the beginning.

I have no idea how long this lasted, or how many times the scene or one very similar to it repeated itself. It was just too much too handle.

At some point, I woke from that dream, screaming at the top of my lungs, not just once but many times.

In seconds, everyone else in the house was running into my room, by which point I had fallen to the floor and expelled my dinner.

I have no idea what happened after that, as everything around me faded to black.

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