Cockatoo Volume 2


By Nikkie Silk

Vol 2

Meeting Shane

Chapter 1

It was late afternoon by the time my flight left Bangkok and dusk began to fall about halfway back to Koh Samui. Lights from the fishing boats in the Gulf of Thailand glittered like tiny jewels in the gathering darkness. I made out the shrouded bulk of Koh Tao island, and I shivered at the memory of what had happened down there only a few weeks ago. How close I had come to death in the cold, dark water, and how I was determined to make the most of the second chance I had been given.

I spent half the flight worrying if I had made the right decision to buy out Kritsada, and the other half trying to come up with a plan of what to say to Alex and Areeya when I arrived in Samui. I managed to convince myself I was doing the right thing, but by the time the seat belt signs came on, I still had no idea how I would share the news with them that I had become their new business partner. I hoped Areeya would come around to it, but I had no idea about how Alex would react. Kritsada had agreed to let me share the news of my investment in their business with them myself, and I hoped he would keep his word. He had also given me a couple of days cooling off period in case I changed my mind. I didn’t intend to, but it was a generous gesture from him.

It was dark by the time we landed at Samui’s one runway airport, and I joined a throng of tourists as we headed towards the small terminal. I had texted Alex my flight details and she and Areeya should be there to meet me. I was looking for them in the arrivals area when someone jumped onto my back from behind, wrapping their arms around my shoulders and legs around my waist.

“Surprise! Guess who?”

I staggered a little, and I heard Areeya say, “Alex, that’s enough, you will kill the poor boy.”

I heard Alex giggle, “No, that comes later, in bed.”

I turned to face Areeya with Alex still clinging like a monkey to my back. Areeya stood there smiling. “Sawasdee kha, James.”

I grinned broadly, “Sawasdee khap, Areeya. Where’s Alex? Is she here somewhere?”

That got me a punch in the ribs and Alex dropped from my back, spun me round, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” I said as she finally broke the kiss and stepped back to look at me.

Areeya stepped forward and also kissed me, albeit less extravagantly than Alex.

“She’s been impossible all day, James. She hasn’t been able to sit still for a moment and she made us come out here far too early.”

Alex gave Areeya a light punch on the arm. “Nag, nag, nag. Let’s get going, I’m starving and I need a drink.”

She put one arm through mine and the other through Areeya’s and pulled us both over to the car park. Her mention of food reminded me that other than a quick sandwich at the airport before my return flight I had not eaten all day. I expected a taxi, but Alex led us across the car park towards a large Mercedes 4x4. I hadn’t seen this before and I looked quizzically at Areeya.

“My father’s. He lets us borrow it for special occasions, I guess this qualifies. Alex, should I drive?”

“Noooo, I like driving this big boy.”

Areeya looked doubtful but shrugged her shoulders and went straight for the rear seat. I climbed in next to Alex. I heard Areeya buckle her seatbelt, and something told me I should do the same. I had quietly rejoiced at the thought of avoiding the dubious pleasures of a Thai taxi, but that was only until Alex put the car into gear and pulled away. She floored the accelerator pushing me back into my seat. I heard Areeya suck in her breath and I realised why she had claimed the back seat.

“Alex, can you slow down a little, please?” Areeya beseeched her from the back.

“What? Oh, don’t be such a baby.” Alex said, turning around to look at Areeya and nearly rear ending a car in front. She stabbed the brakes, and I was glad I had already fastened the seat belt.

Alex wasn’t only a bad driver; she was a fast bad driver. She would accelerate fiercely and then stand on the brake. I grabbed the door handle and held on for dear life. Alex didn’t stop talking all the way, although I can’t remember a word she said, as I was trying to anticipate when we might next get killed. Thai drivers are pretty crazy, but Alex was up there with the best, or worst, of them.

She would overtake on blind corners whilst looking at me or turning around to talk to Areeya, who had gone very pale. Alex was oblivious to the effect her driving was having on her passengers, and I promised myself to fight, if necessary for the back seat next time. That is, if there were to be another time. It didn’t seem likely at one point as she overtook a truck which was already overtaking a motorbike and then had to swerve sharply to avoid a car coming the other way.

By some miracle we arrived back at Koh Samui Blue in one piece, and as we climbed out of the car, I looked at Areeya and she shuddered.

Alex bounced in front of me, grabbed both my hands, “Well, did you tell Kritsada? What did he say? Was he angry? Will he do it? Tell me, tell me, please? I can’t wait.”

I frowned and paused, “Well, he said…. no, I think we should wait until we’ve had a drink at least.”

“You bastard, James, I will be really nice to you tonight if you tell me now.”

“How nice?” I said, as innocently as I could manage.

Alex punched me on the arm, “I won’t hurt you as much as I was going to, that’s how nice I will be.”

Areeya, smiling, said, “James, if you don’t tell her now, she won’t stop, I promise you.”

I grinned, “Yes, I told him and he accepted your decision. No, I don’t think he was angry and I am sure he will stick to his word.”

Before I got the last words out there were shrieks from both of them and they pulled me in for a big three-way hug.

We were all laughing by now and I managed to say, “What about that drink?”

We decided to head off to Cockatoo first and then come back for something to eat. We walked down the strip to the bar, still arm in arm, and I couldn’t stop smiling at the happiness my news had brought. I could only hope the other news I was holding back would be as well received.

Pao was working behind the bar and she gave me a big smile and a wave as we sat down. She brought over bottles of Leo beer which we clinked in celebration. Areeya said she had to sort out a couple of things in the bar and would catch up with us back at the restaurant. I think it was just to give Alex and myself some time together and I loved her for the gesture.

Alex turned to look at me, smiled, “Thank you. I think it’s only just beginning to sink in. It will take a while for me to fully appreciate what you’ve done for me.”

“Alex, I’m sure you’ll find a way to show your gratitude.”

“Do you have anything particular in mind, bad boy?”

“I’ve written down a list of things. Now, where did I put it?” I frowned and patted my pockets.

That earned me a punch on the arm.

“Mmm, comedian. How about this for a starter?”

Alex leant forward and kissed me on the lips as her hand slipped below the bar and began massaging the front of my trousers. I squirmed, and she kissed me harder, her other hand snaking behind my head and pulling me closer into the kiss.

She suddenly broke off the kiss, looked me in the eyes, “Fuck this, I want you now.”

She slid off the bar stool, grabbed my hand and pulled me to the back of the bar and through the curtain into where the short time rooms were. Behind the curtain lay a corridor with rooms on both sides. There was a light outside each room and two were glowing red, which I took to mean they were occupied. Alex opened one of the unlit doors and dragged me inside. It was very basic, a bed and a small cupboard by the side. She flicked a switch and the room was lit in a pale red glow. I opened my mouth to say something but Alex shoved me hard in the chest and I fell backwards onto the bed.

She was wearing a loose sundress which, in one movement, she pulled off over her head. Simultaneously, she unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor, tugged off her panties and stood there naked, her blonde hair tumbling over her shoulders with her cock erect and pointing straight at me. She put her hands up and ran her fingers through her hair and shook it loose; a gesture that gets my juices running every time. Her breasts were beautiful in the dim red light and my heart did a somersault. She slid onto the bed and straddled my chest, her cock right in front of my mouth. I looked up and saw her smiling down at me, and as she edged forwards her cock bounced against my lips.

My tongue flicked out and brushed the tip of her cock before sliding underneath the glistening head. I lightly touched the underneath with my tongue and I heard Alex gasp. Sucking the head into my mouth and swirling my tongue around it, I felt her move her hips as her cock slid deeper and deeper into my mouth.

Reaching behind her she unzipped my shorts and wrapped her fingers around my cock which was already hard and sensitive to her touch. I felt her fingers slide up and down my shaft, and teased the head of my cock which made me even harder. I took her as deep as I could into my mouth and I almost gagged but managed to control my reflex.

“For God’s sake, I need you to fuck me now, James.”

She wiggled backwards and her cock slid out of my mouth. I was sorry to feel it go, but mine was now was begging for attention. Alex leaned over to the bedside cupboard pulled open the drawer, opened a bottle, and smiling down at me, she lubed herself and my cock. I was desperate now to get inside her and she locked her eyes with me, raised her hips, paused a moment, and then impaled herself on my cock. I grunted as her weight drove her down onto me and she arched her back, rocking up and down on me.

My hips started to come up to meet her downward thrusts as we fucked each other fast and hard. I reached up to her breasts and twisted her nipples in my fingers. She moaned and her eyes blazed and she started to move up and down even faster. I was pummelling into her and I could feel myself swelling as the tempo kept getting faster and faster.

I was sweating now and grunting as she drove down onto me. I was so turned on, I knew I couldn’t hold myself back for long. Alex was grinding herself down onto me and moving her hips from side to side which built even more pressure on my cock. I raised my hips to meet her downward thrusts and she threw her head back.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck,” she screamed as we hammered into each other.

“I’m cumming,” I shouted, as I felt my cock spasm, and I pumped my cum into her.

“Me too,” she gasped and long strings of cum erupted from her cock over my chest and face.

We both kept moving for a while before Alex flopped forwards onto my chest and I put my arms around her and drew her close to me. I licked the corner of my mouth where some of her cum had landed, kissed her and pushed it into her mouth.

She smiled, “Yummy, tastes nice.”

She rose a fraction, licked the remainder of the cum from my face before pushing it into my mouth. I savoured the taste and then swallowed.

“Mmm,” I said, “I think you must have had Pad Thai for lunch.”

Alex looked astonished before realising I was grinning.

“Beast,” she said and twisted my nipple hard.


“Serves you right, you monster. I told you I would hurt you tonight.”

I laughed, “That was the best sex I’ve had since...ever.”

“Mmm,” she kissed me then whispered, “The best is yet to come. Come on. let’s get cleaned up. There’s a shower out the back.”

She slid off me and my softening cock slipped out of her. Pulling me up, she dragged my shorts down and off and yanked my t-shirt over my head before dragging me out of the door and down the corridor. My Englishness kicked in and I covered my groin with my hand.

“God, you are such a baby, nobody cares about your little thing.”

I must have pouted, because she laughed and held her thumb and forefinger a short distance apart, “Well, maybe I do, a little bit.” She leant down and gave my cock a kiss, “Come on, I need a shower.”

Pushing open a door at the end of the corridor, she shoved me inside. It was a large shower room, open to the night sky, with four shower heads along one wall, and I was startled to see we weren’t alone. Two of the bar girls were already in there, presumably cleaning themselves up after their short time sessions. I started to back out of the room but Alex pushed me back in.

“Don’t be silly, it’s May and Joy. You’ve seen them before and, trust me, they’ve seen much worse than you.”

True, I had seen them before, but then they hadn’t been naked, and neither had I.

May was one of the girls at the bar and Joy one of the Ladyboys there. They both giggled at the sight of me and Alex but otherwise didn’t bat an eyelid and calmly went on showering. Alex pushed me under a shower head and grabbed a bottle of gel. She squeezed some into her hand and started to wash me. There is nothing like being washed by someone else and Alex’s hands and fingers were soft and gentle as the warm water from the shower seemed to ease away all the stress and tension from the past few days.

Alex stood under the shower with me and we kissed, the water running down us both. She broke away and moved behind me to wash my back and I caught sight of Joy and May. My eyes widened as I saw May on her knees in front of Joy giving her an energetic blow job. Joy’s back was against the shower wall, her eyes closed and her hands around May’s head. I stood transfixed watching the two of them.

Alex was also watching and she squeezed my cock, “It’s simply their way to relax. Finding someone to be tender with.”

There was a faraway note in her voice and I thought she was thinking back to her own days in the Bangkok bars. I nodded, almost scared to speak, as I watched the scene in front of me. Two beautiful brown bodies locked with each other. May was using her hand on Joy’s cock as well as her mouth and Joy didn’t look too far from climaxing.

Alex squeezed again and whispered in my ear, “Hot, isn’t it? Want to join in?”

I didn’t speak but Alex took my hand and led me across to Joy and May. It was if I was in a dream and powerless to resist. May was still working on Joy’s cock as we reached them and I saw Joy’s eyes open and she smiled at me as she saw me there.

Alex pushed down on my shoulders and I dropped to my knees next to May. She stopped, looked up at Alex who nodded and May turned to kiss me and her tongue snaked into my mouth. I responded, and we kissed our tongues intertwined. May broke the kiss and moved slightly to one side so that Joy’s cock was now between the two of us. I felt Alex gently move my head forwards and my nose bumped into Joy’s cock. I heard her giggle and looked up to see she was smiling in encouragement. May reached down and took my cock in her hand to stroke it. Joy wiggled her hips so that her cock slid across my lips and I kissed the side closest to me. May kissed the other side and our tongues slid across the head and we kissed again, this time with Joy’s cock in between.

Alex again moved my head forward so that Joy’s cock pressed on my lips. I opened them and her small but very erect member slid into my mouth. Compared to Alex, it almost felt like I had a thumb inside my mouth, and as my tongue flicked at the head, I heard Joy moan above me. Her cock might have been small, but it was as hard as iron. and as Joy moved her hips she edged it in and out of my mouth.

I felt a movement to my side, and from the corner of my eye I saw that Alex had taken May’s place and was watching me as I sucked on Joy’s cock. She motioned me to stop and took over, slipping Joy gently into her mouth whilst her hand sought out my cock which was by now hard again.

I felt pressure on my shoulder and I turned to find May had moved to my side, and her glistening, naked pussy was right in front of my eyes. She moved in closer and I buried my face in her and my tongue got to work. She tasted very sweet as I lapped up and down her slit and I could feel her grinding into my face as she got more and more excited. I stole a glance upwards and May was now kissing Joy as Alex worked on her cock.

I heard Joy squeak, “I cumming.”

Alex grabbed me away from May just as Joy climaxed, her cum spraying across my face and I rocked back on my heels. Alex immediately moved my head back to May’s pussy, and I continued to tongue her as hard as I could. I felt her tense up and her hands went around my head as she ground her groin into my face. Alex was now also standing and grinning down at me with Joy’s mouth wrapped around her cock. I looked down to see May on her knees in front of me and she looked up, smiled and took me into her mouth. My knees almost gave way as I felt her tongue curl around my shaft and begin to suck. I was already on the edge and it did not take more than a few seconds of May’s sucking to get me to my second climax of the evening, and I came right into May’s mouth.

I looked across to Alex who had her eyes closed, and I saw her stagger as she came into Joy’s mouth. May and Joy kept sucking for a while and then, almost as if at a signal, they stood up and first Joy and then May kissed me, pushing cum from their mouths into mine. I had lost all sense of time and place and I flopped back against the wall, spent and overwhelmed by what had just happened.

Alex slid next to me, “Told you the best was yet to come.”

We finally made it back to the restaurant where Areeya was chatting to some customers. Areeya excused herself and came across to where Alex and I had sat down at one of the tables.

“You two took your time.”

“Something came up,” said Alex. I stifled a laugh and Areeya looked from me to Alex.

“I can imagine what it might have been.”

“Sorry, Areeya, it was my fault.” I offered.

“Hmm, somehow I doubt that, James.”

“Anyway,” Alex jumped in, “Let’s eat and James can tell us what happened with your father.”

Whilst we waited for the food to arrive, I told them about the meeting with Kritsada and how going there in person had the right decision. He respected me for coming to talk to him face to face, and that he hadn’t been surprised at Alex’s decision. Alex wanted to know if he had been upset by her decision. I told her there was no way I could tell; he had not shown any reaction at all. She seemed a little put out by that, but I think it was just her pride at work.

I asked them, “Have either of you spoken to Kritsada since I met him today?”

Areeya looked at Alex who shook her head, and Areeya said, “No, why?”

“That’s good, he said he would let me share the news with you first.”

Something in my voice must have alerted Alex because she went very still, her eyes fixed on mine.

“James, is there something you’re holding back?”

Areeya caught the tone in Alex’s voice and turned to stare at me too. Two pairs of eyes were locked onto me like laser beams.

Here goes nothing, I thought.

“There was something else that Kritsada and I discussed.”

Alex rocked back in her chair, her eyes glinting as a falcon’s must when it sights its prey.

“Fuck, what have you done, James?”

“Look, it’s nothing bad, No, it’s very good, at least I’m sure it is.”

I was starting to lose control of this and would have to get it back on track. Areeya was looking worried and Alex was relentless.

“James, tell us now, what have you done?”

“It’s been on my mind that I need to make more of a contribution. I can’t scrounge off the two of you forever. I haven’t paid for anything since I’ve been here and if I am to stay here, I need to make much more of a contribution.”

Areeya jumped in, “James, it’s not a problem, you are going to make a contribution. You’re going to update our IT for us and then there’s the new club, That will be an enormous help.”

“I know, Areeya, and both of you have been so generous to me so far, but I need something more for myself. For my sake I need to make a bigger commitment. I guess what I mean is that I need more of a personal stake in my new life.”

Alex’s eyes were still locked on mine. “Yeah, but what does that have to do with Kritsada?”

I took a deep breath, “I have bought Kritsada out of his share in the club. I’m your new partner in the business.”

There was a stunned silence. For a moment neither of them looked as if they had understood what I had said.

“I needed to make a commitment to my new life. This is it. I asked Kritsada if I could buy his share in the club. We agreed a price and shook hands on the deal.”

Areeya was the first to speak, “And my father agreed to this?”

“Oh yes. In fact, he said there was something else that he could use the money for right now.”

“How much did you agree to pay my father?”

“The $100,000 you told me he had staked you plus something extra to compensate him. He seemed satisfied with the arrangement.”

Alex spoke for the first time, “Where’s the money coming from?” Her tone was calm and measured. I doubted that was a good sign.

“From the sale of my house in the UK, and some savings I have built up. I have enough to cover the capital sum and some leftover to pay my way around here.”

Areeya jumped in, “Are you sure you know what you’re doing, James? My father can afford to lose the money if this all goes wrong, but can you?”

“Areeya, that’s more of an incentive for me to make sure this doesn’t go wrong. I need something to make my life here worthwhile. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

Areeya was about to say something, but Alex held her hand up to stop her. “How much extra did you pay Kritsada?”

“10% on top as compensation.”

“Yes, that sounds like my father.” Areeya sounded upset. “He will always try to milk the goat twice.”

“What else?” Alex was still speaking calmly. Usually a sign she was angry.

“Nothing, why?”

This wasn’t the time, I thought, to mention my agreement to work for Kritsada as a consultant.

“Kritsada always wants something else, you know that as well as we do.”

“No, nothing else, just the 10% on top, that’s all.”

Alex narrowed her eyes at my answer. I don’t think she believed me for a moment, but she didn’t follow it up.

“So you didn’t think it was important enough to ask us before you did this?”

I could tell from the tone of her voice, she was now boiling inside. This is what she was mad about.

“What would you have said, if I had asked?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “We’ll never know now, will we? You decided to take that option away from us.”

Areeya looked from Alex and back to me.

I needed to placate Alex, somehow.“I apologise for not consulting you before I did it. I was so keen to become part of all this, I acted without thinking it through, I’m sorry. Is it a big problem for you to have me instead of Kritsada as a partner?”

Areeya turned to look at Alex, “Alex, does it matter where the money comes from? Not having my father involved has its advantages.”

Alex’s eyes narrowed. “No, Areeya, you’re right, it doesn’t matter where the money comes from. After all, it means we can exert real pressure on our business partner if we need to.”

There was an edge to those words, but at that moment, Areeya proposed a toast to our new partnership, and we touched glasses and drank to our future success.

As Alex lifted her glass to her lips, I saw the look in her eyes and I knew I was going to pay a heavy price for what I had done.

Chapter 2

After dinner we walked upstairs to the flat and sat out on the terrace, drinking and talking about what our next steps should be in the plan to launch the new club. We threw around ideas for possible names, some better than others, and we settled on Cockatoo Cabaret as a tie in with the bar.

I mentioned that when I had googled Koh Samui Blue there were barely any hits, and most of them were press reports referring to the pirate attack. There was no website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for Koh Samui Blue or Cockatoo. I suggested I add this to my IT stuff, as it was easy to set up and get running. Alex and Areeya liked the idea and happily agreed that I get on with it straight away.

When it came to setting up the club, Alex wanted me to see what was already on the island and to see what other places in Thailand, such as Pattaya or Phuket had offer as well as Bangkok. Areeya had seen posters for Miss Tiffany’s Universe competition which was to be held in a couple of weeks in Pattaya. Miss Tiffany’s is Thailand’s biggest local Transgender beauty competition and has produced several winners of the Miss International Queen competition. We agreed it would be too good an opportunity to miss. We wouldn’t ever be able to afford to attract these competitors to be in the show, but I could at least see what the best of the best.

Something had changed in Alex since I told her about the deal I had made with Kritsada. She had become distant and distracted and I hoped that a good night’s sleep would improve her mood. It had been a long day for me, and the effects of the flight to Bangkok together with the activities at Cockatoo had caught up with me, and I felt my eyelids getting heavy.

“I’m sorry, I have to go to bed or I’m going to fall asleep right here.” I announced.

Areeya said she was going to sleep on the boat tonight as Sam was flying in for a few days holiday in the morning. I had completely forgotten about that, so I kissed Areeya goodnight and turned to Alex who said, “You go ahead, I’ll be there in a moment.”

I went inside and could see Alex talking animatedly with Areeya for some time, until Areeya threw her hands in the air and walked off down the stairs. Alex pulled her knees up against her chest, wrapped her arms around them and stared out into the darkness. I thought it would be better to give her some time to herself, so I undressed, fell onto the bed and was asleep in seconds.

I woke sometime during the night, and I stretched out my arm, but Alex wasn’t there. I sat up and could see a strip of light under the closed kitchen door and heard someone sobbing. I got out of bed and walked across to the kitchen door, where I could clearly hear crying through the door. I slowly eased it open, and there was Alex, sitting on the floor, with her arms around her knees, crying her eyes out. I knelt down in front of her, reached out and touched her arm, and she noticed me for the first time.

“Alex, what’s the matter? Why are you crying?”

She looked at me and her eyes were rimmed with red from crying.

“Because I’m a fucking screw up, that’s why.”

I put my arms around her.

“No, you’re not, you’re wonderful. Why do you think you’re a screw up?”

She bit her lip and turned her head away.

“Come on, come back to bed with me, please?”

I stood up and took her hand and gently pulled her to her feet. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight to me. She was still crying but not as much as before.

“Come on, let’s go to bed and talk there.”

With my arms still around her, I walked her back out to the bedroom where I picked her up and put her down on the bed. I lay down beside her, put my arm around her shoulder and held her tight. She had now stopped crying and I stroked her hair, hoping it would soothe her. She pulled her head back and bit her lip as she looked away from me. I brushed a lock of hair away from her face as she sniffed, and I smiled as she had to wipe her nose.

“Don’t you dare smile, I must look fucking horrible,” she said.

“What’s the matter? Why were you crying?”

She looked away, “Because I’m a cow and I’m scared.”

I kissed her forehead. “You’re not a cow, but what are you scared of?”

“I’m an ungrateful cow because you do the most wonderful thing anyone could ever do for me, and then I fuck it up by getting mad at you for what you did with Kritsada. I can’t get anything right.”

I hugged her as tightly as I could, “Listen, it wasn’t you that screwed up, it was me. I shouldn’t have just barged ahead and agreed it with Kritsada without talking to you first. I was so scared that you might say no, I didn’t want to take any chances. I wanted it so badly, I was only thinking of myself. It wasn’t your fault you reacted that way. It would have been more difficult not to.”

“Areeya didn’t, she took it in her stride.”

I thought for a minute, “Areeya has less to lose than you, she has the family business to fall back on, but you don’t, this is everything for you. I think Kritsada realised I was being a fool, not telling either of you, because he offered me a couple of days to say no if I wanted. He’s smarter than I thought.”

She looked at me and I knew what she was going to say, “Do you want to back out?”

“No, not a chance. Cross my heart and hope to die in a cellar full of snakes.”

She giggled, “Where on earth did that come from?”

“What we used to say as kids.”

She sniffed, “I don’t want you to back out either.”

I leant forward and kissed her. “So, what are you scared of?”

She bit her lip again, “I think I’m losing Areeya to Sam.” That explained Areeya’s arm waving outside on the terrace.

I hugged her again, “Baby, listen to me. I don’t think you will ever lose Areeya, she loves you in a way that nobody could ever replace. I promise you she isn’t going to leave you for Sam. Not going to happen. Hell will freeze over before that would come to pass.”

“Maybe.” She said, searching my face to see if she could see the truth somewhere there.

“I promise you, Areeya loves you and Sam is not going to change that, period.”

She sniffed again and smiled.

“Come on, let’s try to get some sleep. Everything will look better in the morning, I promise.”

She leant forward and kissed me, “I love you, Mr James.”

I said, “You sound like Pao.”

“She loves you too, you know that.”

I kissed her back, “Well, I love you sweetheart.”

I’m not sure she heard me as she was already asleep.

I awoke after the sun had risen and it looked like yet another beautiful day was on its way. Alex wasn’t in the bed and I yawned and stretched and called out her name.

“I’m over here.” I turned over and she was sitting at the desk, working on her computer in her robe, glasses perched on the end of her nose.

“You know I love that look, come over here and give me a kiss.”

She grinned and walked across and sat on the edge of the bed. I reached out and linked my fingers with hers. “How are you this morning?”

“Better. I’m sorry for last night. I had a bad moment. Thank you for being there.”

I kissed our interlocked fingers, “Least I could do as I was the cause of some of it.”

She bent down and kissed me and I tried to grab her.

“Steady, tiger. I have some work to do, so you’ll have to keep your dirty thoughts to yourself for a bit.”

“I’m sure I can help myself out,” I said.

She looked at me over the top of her glasses, “If you so much as touch your cock by yourself, I will have to punish you severely.”

“Yes ma’am.” I said.

“That’s right, and don’t you forget it.”

She laughed and then disappeared off to the shower, leaving me to make coffee and breakfast. I sat outside on the terrace, enjoying the morning sun and the chug, chug sound of the fishing boats as they headed out to sea. Alex came out onto the terrace, dressed in her best business suit, gave me a kiss, “We’re having dinner with Areeya and Sam tonight, don’t forget.”

“You OK with that?” I asked.

“Yeah, I was tired and emotional last night. I’ll be fine. I’ll see you later, I have to go to see our accountant. Should I tell him about the new business partner?”

“If you mean by that, do I still want to do it, yes, I do, and I won’t be backing out. I guess we need to see a lawyer too?”

“Second meeting today, I’ll set up a session for us all to do the paperwork.”

With that she gathered up her computer and disappeared down the stairs. Areeya, I knew, was up at the airport to collect Sam. I planned a swim, followed by some work on my ideas for social media, then lunch somewhere, and a massage later to iron out some of the kinks in my back before dinner with three lovely people. I smiled as I thought back to a few months ago, when I was flogging away at my dull job in rain-soaked Cambridgeshire. How much my life had changed in such a short time; I might as well now be in a different universe.

When I went to see Kritsada I had just enough time to dash into Siam Paragon, Bangkok’s flashiest shopping mall, to buy an iPhone, iPad and a MacBook Air, so I now felt fully equipped again. After the swim, I spent a few hours setting up accounts and getting the basics done for the website. We would need some good photography and I would ask Areeya if she knew someone locally. Lunch was Tom Yam Goong and a beer, after which I popped into Cockatoo. Pao wasn’t there yet, so I treated myself to a massage in one of the many massage shops along the strip. A Thai massage is one of the wonders of the world and this one was no exception. By the time I got back to the apartment, Alex, Areeya and Sam were already there, sitting on the terrace, late afternoon beers in hand.

Sam jumped up and gave me a big hug, and Alex fetched me a beer. We were planning to eat downstairs, and then head off to check out what was happening at Cockatoo. Areeya told us that they had caught the Mamasan at Cockatoo skimming off the top, had fired her today, and Pao was now in charge of the bar. I was delighted for her. Not only was I very fond of Pao, but she was also a great girl, and I thought she would do the job perfectly. Over dinner I asked Sam what was happening at my old company.

“Big changes, James. After you resigned there was a lot of infighting and backstabbing. The Board had a big clear out and a lot of people have already gone. They’ve confirmed me as your replacement and it’s all gone so well it might be made a permanent role looking after South East Asia.”

“Congratulations, Sam, that’s great news.”

“Thanks, James, that’s lovely coming from you.”

How did I feel about that? I was pleased for Sam, as she had done a great job picking up my role during my convalescence and she deserved it. I did feel an unexpected pang of jealousy; after all, I had done the groundwork in Bangkok, and she was reaping the benefit. If it hadn’t been for the trouble stirred up by that journalist, that might have been my job. On the other hand, that had given me the chance to move on with my life in a completely different direction. Would I have preferred the job to my new life? No contest; I had the better of the two options. Sometimes, you have to play out the hand you’re dealt, but I wondered how Alex would feel about Sam being out here full time. Sam’s job might not get made permanent, so it might never happen.

“I have some news of my own, Sam. I’ve decided to stay out here, there’s nothing for me back in the UK, and I feel this is where I want to be.”

Sam smiled broadly, “Well done, I’m pleased for you, but I’m not surprised. It wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with a certain old university friend, I suppose?”

I laughed, “Maybe. OK, not maybe. Certainly.”

We clinked glasses and she said, “I’m delighted for you. What are you going to do out here?”

“I’ve agreed with Areeya and Alex to overhaul their business processes, put some technology in place to help the business, and to set up some social media for them.”

She frowned, “That sounds good, but it won’t keep you busy for long, will it?”

“No,” I said, and thought I may as well tell her the rest. “I’m going to take a stake in the business here as well, setting up the new venture.”

“Oh, that sounds great. What’s the new venture?”

Before I could reply, Areeya said, “We should be getting over to Cockatoo, check out what’s happening tonight. Maybe go for a late-night swim afterwards?”

Alex was all for it, “That’s a great idea, I have to sort a few things out at the restaurant, but I’ll catch you up at Cockatoo.”

Sam looked doubtful, “I haven’t got any swimming things.”

“Don’t be so English.” I said, “You won’t need to wear anything, Sam.”

Areeya and Alex burst out laughing, and Alex shouted, “You’ve changed your tune since last time.”

Sam looked puzzled, and I went very red.

Leaving Alex at the restaurant, the three of us walked down to Cockatoo. Areeya and Sam were arm in arm, which left me feeling like the spare wheel on a bicycle. The bar was heaving when we got there with the sound system on full blast and people spilling out into the street. Areeya went to get some beers as every one of the girls was busy, either serving, or with customers. Through the crowd I spotted Joy playing pool with a guy who fancied himself as a player. He wasn’t bad, but she was just toying with him, letting him win on the last ball and he punched the air. Joy saw me watching and gave me a little smile as he put his arm around her shoulder. She whispered something in his ear, and he grinned and nodded. Joy took his hand and led him through the curtain at the back of the bar.

I spotted Pao and pushed through the crowd towards her. She saw me, gave a little squeal and pulled me into a big hug.

“Hey, congratulations, Areeya told me you’re in charge, I’m delighted.” I had to shout to make myself heard and a broad smile broke out across her face.

“Thank you, Mr James, I very happy too.”

A group of young Australians pushed between us and Pao got surrounded and serenaded with a chorus of Waltzing Matilda. I eventually found Areeya and Sam outside on the pavement, where at least we could hear each other talk. Areeya handed me a beer and we chatted happily for a while. It gave me a chance to watch Areeya and Sam together, and they seemed very happy with each other. All the signs of mutual attraction were there; the brush of fingers on arms, the way their bodies mirrored each other, heads close to each other, and the secret little smiles which weren’t secret at all. Was Alex right about Areeya? I had wondered about what Areeya felt about me arriving on the scene. Was this not the same thing, just the other way around?

Sam excused herself to go to the toilet and Pao, bless her, sent us out another round of beers. As I drank, I turned to look down the strip, and my heart skipped a beat. Alex suddenly appeared through a throng of people further down the road, and it was as if I were seeing her for the first time. Her hair was tied up in a loose bun, and she was wearing a short, strapless white dress that accentuated her colouring and her figure. She stopped to speak to one of the girls outside another bar, and they laughed together at something Alex had said. She looked radiant, and I offered up thanks to whatever God was up there that she loved me.

“She still has that effect on me,” whispered Areeya in my ear as she saw me watching Alex.

I turned to her and smiled, “Was it that obvious?”

“You looked as if you had been hit by a thunderbolt,” she said.

I nodded, “You should tell her you still feel that way, Areeya.”

Areeya sighed, “I try to, James. I know she is frightened that I will leave her, but I won’t do that.”

I kissed her, “You’re very special, Areeya.”

“Hey, no kissing until I say so,” Alex arrived and punched us both on the arm. “Place looks busy tonight, should we go somewhere else?”

Sam came back at that moment and we talked about where to go. The other bars would be just as busy, and none of us felt like going out of town.

Areeya said, “Why don’t we go to the boat? We can sit out on the stern with drinks, and then go for a swim. If it gets too late we can all sleep on the boat.”

Sam and Alex both agreed quickly and it left only me who hadn’t said anything. Alex, sensing my reluctance, put her arm through mine, “Don’t worry, it will be fine, nothing will happen.” I thought that I couldn’t avoid the boat forever, and at least this time it would be tied up.

“OK,” I said, “Come on, let’s go.”

It was a clear, still night and, although the stinging heat of the day had subsided, it was still humid on the strip, and the walk along the pier to the boat brought a little relief. The sky was so clear that even a short way from the lights of the strip, the stars could be seen clearly, with a full moon tracing its silver path across the water. I walked arm in arm with Alex, and she rested her head on my shoulder as Areeya and Sam walked ahead, hand in hand.

“Do you think I’m being stupid?” she said.

“In general, you mean?”

That earned me a soft punch.

“No, you idiot, about Areeya.”

“It isn’t about being stupid. Look, we all have things to worry about, but Areeya still loves you and that’s a fact. The two of them are happy together, but I don’t see either of them thinking this is a permanent thing. Put yourself in Areeya’s shoes. How did she feel when I arrived?”

“I hate it when you play the grown up. You’re right, all I could think of was lusting after your hot body.”

I gave her a punch this time.

“I guess that makes me a thoughtless, selfish cow, then?”

“No, you’re none of those. We all have fears and desperately try to keep them hidden away, but sometimes we can’t do that, and they come out and scare us to death, but it doesn’t make them true.”

She squeezed me her arm, “You are a lovely bloke, did you know that?”

“Yeah, all my girlfriends tell me that, just before they dump me.”

“Liar, you told me you only had one girlfriend, and you dumped her.”

I laughed, “Sad git, aren’t I?”

“Not anymore,” she said, and pulled me into a long kiss.

Areeya shouted back to us, “Can’t you two wait until we get on the boat?”

We giggled and walked quicker to catch up with the other two. Areeya had left Cockatoo 3 moored to a buoy and as we reached the other two, Areeya was readying the small tender dinghy we would use to get out to the boat. She expertly fired up the small outboard, and we all climbed in, and were soon stepping up onto the stern of Cockatoo 3.

Areeya put on the lights and Alex went to the galley to organise drinks. Sam was obviously impressed with the boat, as she couldn’t stop saying “Wow” as she looked around. Areeya put on some music, and after Alex brought out beers, we sat around the table and clinked the bottles. Sam glanced at me, “Isn’t this where it all happened? The attack, I mean.”

Alex reached out for my hand.

“Yes,” I said, “right here is where it happened. I thought I would feel bad about coming back here, but I don’t. It was traumatic alright, but luckily, it turned out OK.”

Areeya said, “Luck had nothing to do with it, James. If it wasn’t for you and Alex, none of us would be here right now.”

I said, “Enough about that, let’s get the party started. Who’s for a swim?”

Areeya and Alex immediately stood up and started to undress and I followed suit, slipping off my t-shirt and dropping my shorts and boxers. I was now used to seeing their naked bodies, but Sam just sat there with her mouth wide open as we threw our clothes into the corner.

“Come on, Sam.” Areeya said as she moved towards the stern ladder. Sam shrugged. “Oh hell, why not,” then stood up and pulled her dress over her head. She had a beautifully toned body and small firm breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra but tried to keep her knickers on. Areeya said, “Oh no, all off.”

We all watched as Sam went bright pink, turned away and peeled off her knickers.

“Stop staring,” she said, her hands over her groin.

We all laughed and she went bright red this time. Areeya switched on some lights that were fitted just below the waterline, and they flooded the area under the hull with bright light. Alex was the first one into the water, followed by me and Sam. Areeya said, “Wait, I’ll get the masks.”

She pulled four masks from the locker and threw two to me for Alex and myself, then jumped in and passed one to Sam. It was my first time underwater in the dark, and in the illumination from the lights it was a revelation. The light attracted the fish and we were soon swimming amongst schools of fish and their colours looked sharper, more brilliant and more defined in the lights. Even our own bodies looked different; skin shimmered and glinted and flashed as we swam lazily around. We bumped into each other and someone grabbed my backside and a hand brushed against my cock. I swam straight into someone and found my mask right up against a pussy. It looked bizarrely distorted through the glass of the mask.

Eventually, even in this water, it turned cold, and Areeya signalled for us to get back to the boat. I followed Sam up the ladder and I realised that it had been her pussy I had swum into. She seemed to have left her inhibitions in the water as she dried herself on one of the towels that Alex had fetched from the cabins. More beers were produced and everyone sat down wearing their towels in some form or another. Alex came over and sat on my lap and Sam did the same with Areeya. Alex wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, her tongue flicking into my mouth and I instinctively responded. She nibbled my ear and I could see over her shoulder that Sam and Areeya were also kissing, their hands all over each other.

Alex licked and then kissed my neck and I closed my eyes as I felt my cock begin to respond. Alex slipped off my lap and I opened my eyes, just as she dropped her towel and then pulled mine away as well. She stood naked in front of me, her body glistening in the lights, moving gently to the rhythm of the music and I was totally entranced. She pushed her hands through her hair and then down to cup her breasts, slowly kneading them until I could see her nipples growing hard. She lifted up her left breast and bent her head forward to flick the nipple with her tongue, and I think I moaned as she repeated the movement with her right breast.

I could just see Areeya on the other side of the boat and she seemed be mirroring Alex’s movements in front of Sam, wide eyed as she watched Areeya. Areeya’s long dark hair fell down almost to her waist and she was moving with the grace and fluidity of the dancer she was. Almost as if there had been a signal, Alex and Areeya turned to face each other and then embraced, their hands snaking around each other’s back. I was rooted to the spot as I watched them lean into each other and kiss, tongues and lips mashing together. Areeya’s darker body contrasting and complementing Alex’s lighter colour.

I could not have moved if I had wanted to, I was so transfixed. I saw Sam sliding forward on her seat and her hand slipped down to her groin, her legs now apart and her fingers stroking her pussy lips. My hand slid to my erect cock and I gently stroked myself as I watched. They were still kissing and I saw Areeya’s hands grip Alex’s bum and squeeze the cheeks hard as Alex did the same to her. Sam was now almost humping her hand and I was stroking myself harder and harder. Alex’s hands moved between her and Areeya, and I knew she would be stroking Areeya’s pussy, whose own hands would be on Alex’s cock.

The two of them suddenly broke their embrace and turned back to face Sam and me. They fell to their knees in front of us and Alex knocked my hand away from my cock, opened her lips and took me deep into her mouth. I moaned as I felt her tongue licking the head and she moved her head back and forth as her hand circled the base of my cock. I could see Areeya on her knees in front of Sam, her face buried in Sam’s pussy who was moaning loudly as Areeya licked and tongued her. I was breathing hard now and I knew I couldn’t hold out for long. Sam was now writhing as Areeya went hard at her, her head buried in between Sam’s legs. I heard Sam moaning louder as her climax approached and the sound brought me close to the edge. I shouted “I’m cumming,” just at the moment Sam went over the edge and she threw her head back and screamed “Fuuuuuuck.”

I slumped back onto the seat, and Alex stood up and sat on my lap again hugging me tight.

“Did you enjoy that, baby?”

I nodded, not trusting my voice.

She bounced up and down on my lap, “So did I. That was awesome.”

I tried to speak, but my voice was thick and I had to clear my throat before speaking, “You two didn’t plan that, did you?”

“Areeya,” Alex yelled across the boat, “James wants to know if we planned that.” Areeya, who was sitting on Sam’s lap, with her arms wrapped around Sam’s neck, laughed, “No, James, but you know there are people who finish each other’s sentences, well, we do the same kind of thing with sex.”

Alex kissed me again and whispered, “Take me to bed, bad boy, it’s my turn.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me up and through the cabin door into one of the staterooms where we fell onto the bed, arms around each other as we lay together, kissing and stroking slowly and sensuously. Alex threw her leg over my thigh and I could feel her cock getting hard as the intensity of our kissing grew. She rubbed her cock along my thigh, and I slid my fingers around it and stroked it slowly. She moaned as we kissed and I rolled over onto my back, allowing Alex to pull herself on top of me, her cock now fully erect, and rubbing between my thighs.

“Wait,” she said, and jumped off the bed. She went outside and came back in with something behind her back.

“Will you do something for me?”


“I promise it won’t hurt, in fact, I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“What is it, for God’s sake?”

“Wear these for me tonight.”

She brought her hand from behind her back and dangling from one finger were the knickers she had worn earlier. They were white, lacy and looked very small.

“I don’t know …”

“Please, it would make me very happy, baby.”

“Do I have to?” I began to whine.

“Remember you promised …”

Shit, I thought she would have forgotten that promise, but I thought if I wore them now she would let me off it.

“Ohhh, OK, but just this once, right?”

She grinned, “Whatever you say, baby. Stand up for me, will you.”

I stood up by the side of the bed and she moved in front of me.

“I’ll hold them open, so you can put your foot into them.” She held what appeared to be a tiny wisp of lace just at my knee level and I put my hand on her shoulder for balance and then placed my foot into one side.

“That’s good, baby, now the other one.”

I did as she asked and she gently and slowly pulled them up my legs and over my thighs. I could feel the softness of the lace sliding over my skin and I gave a little shiver at the sensation. Alex noticed, “Feels nice, doesn’t it? It will feel even better when we get your legs shaved.”

I ignored that because it just wasn’t going to happen, and she paused with the knickers halfway up my thighs, looked at me, “Get ready, baby, here comes the good bit.”

With that she pulled them right up so that they cupped my cock and balls and slid silkily over my bum. It was as if a little explosion had gone off in my brain as I felt them tighten around me. I had not expected that they would feel quite as sensuous on my skin as they did. I let out a little “Oh” as Alex ran her fingers around the waistband and touched the tip of my cock which had subsided by now.

“They feel so sexy, don’t they?” She whispered, her lips gently brushing my ear. I felt her hand slide down my body and her fingers slip over my lace covered bum, sending another shiver through me. Her other hand found a nipple and she rolled it between her fingers. She was playing me like a musical instrument, coaxing and stroking me with her fingers. The sensations were exquisite, my system in overdrive from Alex kissing and licking my neck, her hands on my bum and my nipples. My cock, which had become limp, now awoke and grew, pushing against the soft lace of the knickers, and my knees began to shake.

“Doesn’t this feel so good, baby? My knickers are so soft and they fit you so well. They were around my cock a little while ago, and now you know what they feel like when I’m wearing them.”

She was purring into my ear as her hands played their way across my body. She moved slightly so that she was in front of me and I felt her hands move to my shoulders and press down so that I sank to my knees in front of her, and I felt the lace stretch across my bum. Her cock was now fully erect and she placed her hands behind my head and pulled me towards it.

“Open up baby, come to mama.”

Her cock tapped against my lips and as I opened them her cock slid into my mouth. I licked greedily around the head and Alex’s hands kept me in place as I took more of her cock deeper into my mouth.

“Use your hand, baby.”

I put my hand on the base of her cock and I slid my fingers along it as I licked and sucked her. I could hear Alex making little sounds as she became more excited and her hips thrust forward, moving her cock in and out of my eager lips. My tongue was lapping beneath the head, where it is most sensitive. She moved her hips faster and I knew she was close to the edge. I slowed down a little to try to prolong the climax, but with a small cry, she came into my mouth, cum flooding past my lips and tongue. I choked a little but kept swallowing and took it all down. Alex stopped thrusting and with a little sigh she pulled out of my mouth. I looked up at her and she was smiling down at me, a glow of pleasure on her face.

I thought I heard her whisper, “Good girl,” and then, more clearly, she said, “I mean, that was great, baby, thank you.”

She pulled me to my feet and we embraced and kissed before tumbling onto the bed, our arms and legs entwined, kissing and stroking each other until we both had calmed down. Sleep finally overtook us, but not before Alex, stroking my lace covered bum one more time said, “Why would you want to wear boxers, when you could wear these?”

We awoke to the motion of the boat rocking gently. The wind had picked up overnight and the sky was darkening, a summer storm on the way. Alex went out to pick up our clothes and claimed that she couldn’t find my underpants. She said, “Keep my knickers as you’ve been wearing them all night.”


She pouted, “Don’t you like them? You seemed to last night.”

It was true that I had enjoyed the feel of wearing them last night, and it didn’t feel so silly wearing them now. I shrugged, “Why not?” and pulled my shorts up over them.

Alex smiled and pulled her dress over her head.

“Aren’t you going to wear any?” I asked.

“Well I can’t, silly, as you’re wearing mine and I don’t have any more with me. I’ll just go commando.”

Before I could say anything else, she pushed me out onto the deck where Sam and Areeya were having breakfast. They were both looking tired and I could only imagine what they had been up to last night. We joined them for coffee before Areeya got the tender ready to take us back to the pier. Alex went in first as Areeya held the rope tight for me to climb in. As I went to get in, I slipped and Areeya grabbed the back of my shorts to stop me falling into the water. I felt her hand slip inside the waistband as she held me, and I knew she would easily feel the lace knickers. I prayed she wouldn’t say anything.

“Mmm, nice underwear, James, must look cute on you.”

I blushed deep red and jumped into the tender. Alex had heard what Areeya said and she was grinning at me all the way back to the pier. We parted there, Areeya returning to the boat and Alex and I walked back to the apartment. I immediately took off my shorts and Alex’s knickers.

“Oh, why not leave them on, you look so cute.” said Alex.

“No thank you, I think I’ll go back to my boxers.”

Alex said something under breath, and I thought it sounded like, “Not for long.”

I wanted to get on with the analysis for the business and Alex was on duty in the restaurant today. I worked through the day on the business analysis for the IT support and managed to produce a rough draft of what we could do to improve the business. Frankly, anything would beat the pieces of paper they had at the moment. Around 7 o’clock my phone rang and it turned out to be Pao, calling from Cockatoo.

“Mr James. There is man here asking questions about you. He not nice. He want to know all about you, offer money to the girls for information. They not say anything and tell me about him. I thought you should know he asking questions.”

“Pao, thank you, do you know where he’s from?”

“We think Engrish, Mr James. He not very nice.”

“Ok, is he still there?”

“Yes, he getting drunk.”

“Is Areeya there?

“She gone to boat with Miss Sam, I think.”

“OK, Pao, you’ve done well, thank you. Can you try to keep him there? I’ll be straight down.”

“OK, Mr James.”

I sat back and wondered who the hell this could be? I didn’t like the idea of someone nosing around and I knew Pao and the girls wouldn’t say anything, but I wanted to see this guy for myself. As I walked down to the bar I called Alex, but it went to voicemail, so I left her a message and carried on to Cockatoo. It was just getting busy as I arrived and Pao saw me and came over.

“He over there, Mr James. In the corner with Nin, she keep him here.”

“Thanks, Pao. You can call me James, you know, it’s OK.”

“OK, Mr James.”

Pao got me a beer and I sat at the bar to get a look at this guy who was so interested in me. Nin was a very pretty Ladyboy and she was playing Connect 4 with a tall, skinny and very pale man, with a bad haircut and a loud beach shirt and shorts. He was also wearing socks with sandals, which made him English for sure. Nin was easily beating him, which wasn’t exactly a surprise, and he looked as if he was already drunk. I thought he looked familiar but I couldn’t work out where I might have seen him before.

Pao was still next to me, “What’s he been asking about, Pao? Do you know?”

“Girls say he asking about you, where you from, what you do and about Miss Alex. Do you want me to throw him out, Mr James?”

I had seen Pao deal with a few rowdy customers before and I had no doubt she would be able to deal with this guy.

“No, Pao, not yet, anyway. Let me see what I can find out, first.”

I went over and sat with my beer at the next table to Nin and the guy, caught his eye and nodded to him. He was pretty far gone and tried to nod back but his head kept going and I thought he would topple over.

“Hey” I said to him, “You OK, mate?”

“Yeah,” he said, “bit drunk, I think. Had too many of these.” he waved his empty bottle of Leo about.

“Can I buy a fellow Brit another one?” I asked.

“Ahh, good man, nice to talk to Brit, can’t understand these people, cluck, cluck, cluck all the time, horrible chatter.”

I wanted to kick him out on his arse, but not until I knew who he was.

“I’ll get us another beer then.”

“Very kind of ya, pal, yeah, cheers.”

Nin, who I knew spoke good English, and had understood everything this idiot was saying, looked at me and I waggled the bottle and two fingers. She got the message and disappeared to get us two beers. She brought them back and looked at me to see if she should stay but I shook my head at her.

I put the beer down on the table. “Here you go, mate. This one’s on me.”

“Good on ya, sport. Where ya from, then?”

We clinked the bottles together and he took a huge gulp.

“I’m from London, Tottenham. On holiday here, and you?”

“Poxy Midlands, me. Wish I could get to London, much better place than Birmingham.”

“Maybe, Brum’s OK, good Indian food there, anyway.”

“Hate all that foreign shit, me. Steak an” chips, that’s more like it.”

“If you don’t like foreign food, why are you here?”

He hiccupped twice and then looked around to see if anyone else was listening, and leant forward towards me, almost falling over again.

“Here for work, sort of undercover.”

“Wow,” I said, “you’re police, then?”

He shook his head, “Nah, journalist. Work for papers.”

Go carefully here, James, I thought,

“Oh, big story, is it? Drugs, or people smuggling then, or pirates?” For a moment I thought I’d gone too far by mentioning pirates.

“He looked at me, almost cross eyed by now, “Pirates, yes, s’right. Looking for a bloke here, s’posed to be hero, saved a couple of tarts from the pirates.”

I felt my fists start to clench, and only with a conscious effort did I manage to relax them.

“So, that’s the story, then? Sounds alright, I guess.”

He laughed, or at least, a filthy noise that could have been a laugh, gurgled out of his throat.

“He’s no fucking hero, shacked up here with some tranny, pretends she’s whiter than white.”

My fists started to clench again as he hiccupped and finished his beer. Nin materialised at his elbow with another Leo and the guy took it and belched. She looked at him as if he was something on the bottom of her shoe and turned to me to see if I wanted her to stay. I shook my head, winked at her and she spun on her heel and went back to watching us from the bar along with Pao.

“She was doing the dirty in Bangkok for years, mixed up with gangsters and everythin’.”

“So, you got the story then, I guess.”

“Nearly pal, just need to get pictures of them together and then I can sell the story, big bucks.”

“Where are they, then? Should be easy enough, I suppose.”

I thought he had sussed me because a cunning look passed across his face, but he may have just been suppressing another belch. Had he recognised me? I knew most of the photos of me taken after the attack weren’t that clear, and I had stayed away from cameras until it all died down. There had been a few stolen Facebook pictures used, but they were so old nobody would have recognised me now.

“Whadda ya say your name was?” he asked, his eyes glazing.

“Robert. Bob, I mean, what’s yours?”

He tried to focus his eyes, “Tony, nice to meet ya Bob.”

“Likewise, mate.”

“Got to go,” he staggered but managed to stand up with the help of the table. “Thanks for the beer, pal, see ya round.”

He meandered out of the bar, knocking into tables on his way out. I hurried over to the bar where Pao and Nin were watching him stumble out.

“Can we get someone to follow him? Find out where he’s staying?”

“I go.” Nin said, and disappeared onto the strip after Tony. He wouldn’t be difficult to follow.

I asked Pao to let me know as soon as Nin found out where he was staying, and I called both Alex and Areeya to meet me back at the apartment as soon as they could. By the time I got back to Koh Samui Blue Alex was already there, and Areeya arrived a few minutes later. She had been on the boat with Sam and had left her there to come back to the apartment.

We sat on the terrace with a drink, and I gave them a full rundown on my encounter with Tony. At first, Alex was very agitated and then quiet and calm as I told the story. By now, I realised the more controlled she seemed on the outside, the more she would be seething inside. Areeya, equally aware of her body language, was throwing anxious glances at Alex as she became absolutely still, a sure sign an explosion was on its way.

Areeya was the first to speak. “James, do you think this is the journalist who was chasing us a few weeks ago?”

“Yes, I think it is, Areeya. He’s from the same place, he’s using the same kind of words about us, and I’m sure it’s the same guy.”

Alex stood up, “I’m going to fucking kill him, now, the little shit.”

She turned to go down the stairs from the apartment and both Areeya and I shouted “No!” Areeya was closer to her than me and tried to grab her, but Alex was too fast and sprinted down the stairs. Areeya and I both ran after her but she had already disappeared into the darkness. I knew she didn’t know where to find the guy, so I guessed she would go first to Cockatoo. Areeya was trying to call Alex on her mobile but it went straight to voicemail. My phone rang, and I hit the answer button.

“Alex, where are you?”

“It not Miss Alex, it me, Pao, Mr James.”

“Pao,” I yelled, “Is Alex there?”

“No, but Nin followed man and we know where he live.”

“Great, Pao, but don’t tell Alex until I get there, make sure of that.”

“Yes, but Nin also saw him meet someone, Mr James.”

I was having difficulty keeping up with Areeya as I was talking to Pao.

“Who was it, Pao?”

“Mr James, I’m so sorry.”

“Pao, why are you sorry? Who was it?”

“It was Miss Sam.”

Chapter 3

I stopped dead in my tracks, “What did you say, Pao?”

“Miss Sam, she meet the man. The horrible man. Nin follow him and saw them talking.”

“Nin was sure it was Sam?”

“Yes, Mr James, she say she saw them clearly outside hotel he staying.”

I couldn’t believe it. What the hell would Sam be doing with this creep? Areeya was now well ahead of me on the way to Cockatoo, I didn’t want her to hear this until I got there.

“Pao, please don’t say anything to Alex or Areeya until I get there. Oh, and tell Nin not to say anything either.”

This was getting weird. This sleaze ball journalist turns up, then, if what Nin and Pao say is true, Sam meets with him. It didn’t make any sense.

I started to run after Areeya, but she had a head start and was no slouch. I got to Cockatoo and looked around for Alex or Areeya but couldn’t see either of them. Pao and Nin were inside the bar and I made straight for them.

“Have you seen Alex or Areeya?” I asked them.

“No seen Miss Alex. Miss Areeya just left, she say she might know where Miss Alex gone.”

“She didn’t say where that was?”

“No, Mr James, We say nothing to Miss Areeya.”

This, at least, gave me the chance to talk to Nin.

“Nin, please tell me what you saw.”

Nin looked nervous, probably wondering if she was going to be in trouble over this.

“Nin, tell me what you saw, I promise you won’t get into trouble.”

Pao said something in Thai to Nin. She still looked anxious, but started to speak, “I followed the man. He went very slow and was easy to follow.” Nin’s English was very good for a Thai bargirl. “He was, how you say, stagger?”


“Yes, he was staggering along road and sat down two times at bars. He ended up at hotel down by beach.”

Pao jumped in, “Cheap hotel, very bad.”

“Nin continued, “He sat in the hotel lobby. I was going to come back when I saw lady come up to him and start talking. I couldn’t see who it was from outside, so I sneak in and then see it was Miss Sam.”

“Nin, are you absolutely sure, it was Sam?” I asked.

Nin looked nervously over at Pao, who nodded to her.

“Yes, Mr James, I sure. I seen Miss Sam several times here with Miss Areeya. I know it was her.”

“OK, Nin, I believe you. Did you hear what they said?”

“I could not get too close, Miss Sam know me I think. Miss Sam was angry, she was talking loudly at man, but I could not hear.”

“Nin, thank you. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble at all.”

I tried to make sense of all this. I believed Nin. After all, she knew Sam well enough, and I had no doubt that she had seen her. But what did it mean? It was obvious that Sam knew Tony somehow. I was certain he was the journalist who had raked up the story in the UK about Alex and myself after the pirate attack. I had been told by a friend in the UK that someone inside the company was leaking information about us to the media. It had started about the time Sam arrived in Thailand, and it was she who told me what the journalist was publishing. Was I being paranoid? Everything seemed to fit, but why would Sam be doing this? Was it to get me out of the way, so she could get my job? That would take an almost psychopathic level of cunning and manipulation on Sam’s part. Why was she so angry with Tony? I wished Nin had been able to hear what they were saying.

While all this was flashing through my mind, I still had no idea where Alex or Areeya had got to. Neither did I know where Sam was. Fuck, this was getting crazy, I had to track somebody, anybody, down. I called Areeya and the phone went to voicemail, as did my next call to Alex. I didn’t have Sam’s number so I was back to square one. Somehow, I had to pull some of these strands together to make sense of this. I had no idea where Alex and Areeya might be, but I guessed Sam might be back on the boat. She and Areeya had been staying aboard since Sam arrived so I thought I would try there first.

Telling Pao and Nin yet again not to tell Alex or Areeya about Sam, I headed off to the boat. Nin and Pao looked uneasy, but I thought they would do as I asked, unless they were confronted by Alex or Areeya, which I thought unlikely. As I walked down the pier I tried to call Alex and Areeya again, but both calls went straight to voicemail, so I asked them to call me as soon as they could. I was also trying to work out what to say to Sam if she was there. Should I charge straight in and ask her outright what was going on, or try to find out something more subtly. After all, there was the chance this was a misunderstanding or a coincidence. My instinct told me it wasn’t, but I couldn’t rule it out completely. Areeya had moored Cockatoo stern onto the pier, so I didn’t have any problems about getting to it. The interior lights were showing and as I reached the stern, I called out, “Sam, are you on board?”

Sam’s voice came from the cabin, “Hey, James, yes I’m here, come on board.”

I slipped off my shoes and walked across to the stern. Sam came out of the cabin and smiled broadly at me.

“Hi, James, what’s up?”

“Hey, Sam, I’m trying to find Alex and Areeya, they seem to have vanished. I thought they might be here.”

“No, they’re not here, have you called them?”

“Yes, but it’s going straight to voicemail.”

“Ah, come on in anyway, I’m sure they’ll call soon.”

“I couldn’t call you as I don’t have your number, Sam.”

“Wouldn’t have done you any good. I’ve lost my phone, had to report it so it’s been blocked. Relying on emails at the moment. It’s nice not to have to worry about it. I’ll leave it until I get back to Bangkok to replace it.”

I followed Sam into the cabin, still not sure what to say. Sam produced beers and we sat down around the table. Sam sipped her beer, “I’ve been on board all day, trying to catch up on some work.”

That was a lie, I thought. If Nin was right, Sam had been in town earlier on.

“That’s rough, working while you’re on holiday. I see the company hasn’t changed that much then.”

She laughed, “No, you’re right, they still want their pound of flesh. How’s the new business going?”

“OK, I’m getting the business systems sorted first, getting them out of the way first. It’s straightforward, so shouldn’t take long.” I had the glimmer of an idea.

I asked Sam, “Is there anyone left at the company who I would still know?”

Sam thought and then shook her head, “I don’t think so. They had a pretty good clear out, why? Is there anything I can do?”

“No, I doubt it, it’s just something about the pirate attack which has nagged away at me. Don’t worry, I’ll give John a call sometime.”

“John? I don’t remember a John.”

“John Nichols, part of the back-office team, before it got disbanded. Probably left before you arrived. Gave me the heads up about something. He had heard a rumour someone in the company was spreading gossip about me. Probably nothing to it all, I always think it’s more cockup than conspiracy. It will keep. As I was here, I thought I would ask.”

I thought Sam looked a bit edgy, she wouldn’t keep eye contact with me. My phone bleeped and it was Areeya..

“James, where are you? I found Alex, she’s upset but alright. We’re heading back to the apartment.”

“That’s great, Areeya. I’m on the boat with Sam. I thought you might have come here.”

“No, I went after Alex. Can you tell Sam I will stay here with Alex, I’ll see her in the morning.”

“Will do, Areeya, I’ll see you shortly.” She rang off.

“Sam, there’s been a bit of a crisis, that’s why I couldn’t reach them. Areeya said she would stay at the apartment tonight and see you tomorrow morning. Anyway, mystery solved. I’ll shoot off now, Sam. I’ll see you tomorrow, shall I?”

“I think Areeya was planning to take the boat out tomorrow, she promised to take me to a reef on the other side of the island. I think we’ll stay the night there and be back the day after. It’s my last chance before I go back to Bangkok. Send my love to both of them, will you?”

“Will do, Sam. Goodnight and have a great trip.”

We kissed and I walked off the boat, slipped on my shoes and headed down the pier. As I reached the end by the beach, I ducked into the darkness behind a wall and waited. It was probably only 15 minutes later when I heard footsteps coming down the pier. Sam walked past me and straight into town. I let her get out of sight as I was sure I knew where she was headed. I trailed some way behind her as I didn’t want to let her see me. Reaching the hotel Nin had mentioned, I found a spot opposite the hotel, where I could keep watch unobserved. I could only think this little late-night trip was because of what I’d said about ‘John’ and the leaks.

Sure enough, a few minutes later I saw Sam and Tony through the window of the bar in what looked like animated conversation. They seemed to be arguing angrily with each other and Sam was waving her arms and shouting at him. He looked at one point if he was going to hit her until she grabbed his arm and stopped him. I took out my iPhone and took a few photos of the two of them through the window. They wouldn’t win any prizes but at least you could recognise the two of them clearly enough. I thought about getting closer to hear what they were arguing about, but I would risk being spotted and I didn’t want that at this stage. I thought I had enough evidence, so I backed away into the shadow and headed back to the apartment.

When I arrived, Alex and Areeya were out on the balcony. Alex was sitting on a chair with her arms wrapped around her legs, staring out into the darkness. Areeya was on another chair and raised her eyebrows to me as I came over to where they were both sitting.

“Hi Alex, how are you? I was worried about you when you ran off.” I sat down next to her.

“Nobody has to worry about me, I’m fine on my own.”

“Where did you go?”

“I went looking for that little prick of a journalist.”

“But you didn’t find him?”

“Not yet, but when I do, I will break all his fingers, so he can’t write any more filth and ruin any more people’s lives.”

I believe she would have done it if she could.

“What would you do if I told you I know where he is?”

Both Alex and Areeya turned to stare at me.

“Where is he then?” said Alex, quietly.

“I’m not going to tell you.”

Alex leapt up and clenched her fists, “Why not, for fuck’s sake? Tell me now.”

“I’m not going to tell you because I don’t want you running off to belt him. I have a far better plan.”

“What is it?” she said, “because if it doesn’t involve breaking his fingers I’m not interested.”

Areeya, silent up to now, said, “Alex, please sit down and let James explain his idea to us. Please?”

Alex did sit down but I could tell the red mist was still there. I waited for a few seconds to see if she would calm down a little more, but that didn’t look likely, so I shared the plan which had been fermenting in my mind on the way back from the hotel. When I finished, Areeya was the first to speak, “Yes, James, I think it could work. I need to speak to my father, but I am sure he would want to play his part.”

Alex was still quiet, but I hoped she would accept the plan. She looked at me, “You’re smarter than you look, you know.”

“Thanks, I think.” She jumped up off the chair and came and sat on my lap, her mood almost miraculously changed.

“I’m still mad that I can’t break his fingers, but I will just have to take that out on you tonight, baby.”

She kissed me and her tongue snaked into my mouth. She started to grind her bum around on my lap and my cock decided it was time to wake up.

Areeya, said, “I’ll leave you two to do whatever you want, I’m heading off to bed.”

Alex pouted, “Aww, please come give me a goodnight kiss at least.”

Areeya walked across and Alex pulled her down and kissed her hard on the lips right in front of my face. I could see Alex’s tongue trying to open up Areeya’s lips who gave a little moan before pulling away.

“You are such a bad girl, Alex. I am going to bed now, see you both in the morning.”

Alex giggled as Areeya kissed me before disappearing into the apartment.

“Where did you get to? I was worried about you.”

Alex put her arms around my neck and her head against my chest. “I’m sorry, I was so angry that I couldn’t get my hands on the little creep. I wanted to sort my head out. There’s a place out by the beach where I like to go to if I’m worried about something. It’s quiet and secluded, I can sit there, day or night, and it helps me sort things out in my mind. Areeya knows about it, so she came to find me, hugged me and just talked to me. She is so good at calming me down when I get into a mood. She never gets angry, never lets things get to her. She’s the most unselfish person I have ever met.”

That made me think of what the truth about Sam would do to Areeya. I thought I would keep it to myself for a little longer and hoped I could come up with some idea of what to do.

Alex and I sat, holding each other and enjoying the cool breeze which had spring up. She had her head on my chest and I rubbed her back which I knew she loved. I thought she was about to go to sleep when she sat up and looked straight at me.

“Did you enjoy Nana Plaza?”

“What?” I squeaked, she had taken me completely off guard.

“I said, when you went to Bangkok after we fought, did you enjoy Nana Plaza?”

Somehow, she knew about my drunken visit to Nana Plaza so I couldn’t bluff it out. “How did you know I went there?”

“Areeya called her father after you left and he had you followed when you arrived. He told her all about your visit to the bars there and your time with, who was it? Bell and Ting? Did you enjoy it?”

I was now blushing furiously and had no option but to confess.

“I’m sorry. To be honest, I can’t remember exactly what happened, I was so off my head that night. I was angry and jealous, and I was trying, in some mad way, to get revenge for what I thought you had done. I am ashamed to say it and it sounds so puerile now. I was so totally fucked up with booze and self-loathing that night, I lost sight of what was truly important. It wasn’t my finest moment and I feel so embarrassed about how I behaved. So, no I didn’t enjoy it. It did do something, though.”

“What’s that?”

“It convinced me I had been a colossal fool and that I needed to win you back at all costs, because I loved you.”

She was still looking in my eyes, trying to work out if I was telling the truth.

“Would you have told me about it?”

I thought for a moment, “Probably, but only with my last breath on my deathbed.”

She laughed, “You think we’ll be together that long?”

“I hope we both live to be 100, Alex.”

She smiled, “Me too, baby, me too. Please don’t run off again, I really couldn’t take it again.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

“OK, in that case I forgive you, but mark my words, no more fucking anybody other than me or Areeya unless I say so, is that clear?”

“How about Pao?” I meant it as a joke, but Alex grabbed my nipple through my t-shirt and twisted. “Oww, that hurt.”

“Good, I told you I would make up for you not letting me break that guy’s fingers. Your cock belongs to Areeya and me. If you want to use it anywhere else you have to get our permission, is that clear? Remember that little cock cage I showed you?”

“OK, OK, I agree.” Frankly, restricting my sexual activity to Alex and Areeya wasn’t exactly a hardship.

“So, you want to get it on with Pao again, do you?” She was smiling now.

“That’s not what I said, but she is very sweet.” I batted her hand away as she tried another assault on my nipple.

She grinned, “Yes she is, and I may have to reward her with a session with you. She is in love with you, you know. But tonight, you’re mine, you bad boy. Come with me, mummy needs to punish you.”

Alex stood up, took my hand and pulled me through into the apartment. We got to the middle of the room and she stopped, turned around to face me and let go of my hand.

“Unzip my dress.”

She turned her back to me and held her hair up so the zip was visible. I took hold of the top of the zip and pulled it downwards.


I did as she asked and slowly pulled the zip down to the bottom. She shook her hips, the dress fell to the floor and she stepped out of it, leaving her in matching bra and knickers. She looked back over her shoulder at me, “Undo my bra.”

I stepped forward and unhooked the bra and she shrugged the straps off her shoulders and the bra and let it fall to the floor. Turning to face me, she kept her hands over her breasts and I could see her cock was peeking over the top of her knickers. My head was spinning and my mouth felt dry as I imagined what was to come. Alex dropped her hands from her breasts. “I’m in control tonight, do you understand?”

I nodded, not trusting my voice to speak.

“That’s good, baby.” She whispered.

I knew all along I would have to do penance for what had happened after I left her and went to Bangkok, and it seemed like I was about to find out what the penalty would be. She reached out with one hand, stroked my cheek with her fingers and then gave me a little slap. It didn’t hurt but the shock of it was enough to make me squeal. “Oww.”

She bent her head forward and kissed me, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth as her hand started to rub my cock through my thin shorts. I responded immediately as she continued to fondle and kiss me. She broke the kiss and walked behind me, her fingers stroking my face and caressing my lips as she did so. I turned to follow her and I got a sharp slap on my bum.

“Face the front. Don’t move until mummy tells you to.”

I felt her move close behind me, her breasts pushing against my back and I could feel her hard cock jutting between the cheeks of my bum. Her hair brushed against my neck and the velvety feel of her tongue as she kissed and licked my neck. Her hands came round and she pushed them up under my t-shirt, tweaking and pinching my nipples. They hardened immediately as she rolled and stretched the nubs between her fingers and dug her nails into them as well. I heard myself groan, and I closed my eyes as she continued to attack my increasingly sensitive nipples.

She pushed her cock harder against me and I could feel myself responding in kind. I groaned again and my back arched with pleasure as she continued her assault on my tortured nipples. They were now painful, but it was such a sensuous thrill that I wanted it to go on forever. She suddenly raised her hands, pushed off my T-shirt and flung it into a corner of the room. She dragged her nails across my bare chest and I could feel the sting as they broke the skin. The pain was exquisite and it made me arch my back again as she dragged them once more across my torso.

She put one hand across my face and pulled my head back as she pushed the other hand down the front of my shorts and found my hard cock. Her fingers rolled around it, stroking up and down the length before digging her nails into the head. I winced, the pain mingling with that from my nipples. I felt her fingers roll my balls together and she squeezed, making me stagger and almost lose my balance. She had stopped kissing my neck but now she started again, licking and kissing before nipping my earlobe hard between her teeth. I felt a sharp pain, but as with the sensations from my nipples and my groin, it was exciting me; somewhere the pain had become pleasure and was turning me on. I had my eyes closed and was becoming highly aroused. Alex suddenly pulled down my shorts and I stood naked, uncertain of what she had planned next.

I felt a stinging pain and realised she had slapped the right cheek of my bum followed by another as she did it again. Her nails raked my back this time and I staggered slightly forwards. Alex used this to push me towards the wall of the room and I had to put my hands out to stop myself falling over, leaving me spread eagled against the wall. She held me in that position and thrust one leg in between mine and pushed them apart. I was now immobile, legs splayed and having to lean against the wall for balance. I got another sharp slap on each cheek, and she reached between my legs and squeezed my balls again, hard enough for me to moan with the pain. Even so, I felt my cock get even harder with the treatment.

“Have you been a bad boy?” she hissed into my ear. “Have you, James? Have you been a bad boy, putting that cock which belongs to me somewhere it shouldn’t have been?”

I nodded and she squeezed my balls once more. “Say it.”

“Yes, I’ve been a bad boy.” She gave my balls another squeeze.

“Promise me you won’t do it again.”

“I promise, I promise.”

“Good boy, James, I will hold you to that promise.”

She caressed my back with her fingertips this time and the softness of her touch after the raking from her nails almost made me climax. I felt her move between my legs and she ran her fingers gently across my bum cheeks which were burning slightly from the previous slaps. She slapped me hard on each cheek one more time and I bucked forwards allowing her to move closer between my legs. She pushed a finger into my mouth and I sucked on it as I guessed she intended. She let me cover it with saliva and pulled it out with a small plop. She reached down and I felt her finger circle the edge of my hole. She pushed it in and kept her hand on my back so all I could do was make a sound in my throat as her finger slipped in and out of my hole. I felt her push in a second finger and she started to finger fuck me, gently at first and then harder as she opened me up.

She withdrew her fingers and in an instant, I felt her cock tapping at my entrance. Spread-eagled against the wall there was nothing I could do to stop her, but I was desperate to feel her inside me. I felt this was my punishment for what I had so stupidly done in Bangkok and I deserved this as part of the price of forgiveness. I felt something wet fall onto my hole and I realised that Alex was using her saliva to lubricate me. I heard her spit once more and felt her spread it onto her cockhead. I involuntarily tensed as she pushed her cock head into me.

“Push back, baby, or it will really hurt.”

I tried to do as she said, but there was a burning pain as he pushed her cock past my muscle and then with a grunt she was inside. It hurt more than any other time she had fucked me and I was groaning loudly as she slammed into me. I can’t remember exactly when but at some point, the pain faded and instead a red hot surge of pleasure overcame me. I was now pushing back as her cock rammed into me and I could hear her grunting as her balls slapped against me. She slapped me again on the bum, and then once more, but that simply escalated the levels of ecstasy I was feeling. I could feel her cock getting even harder and she was now almost pushing me off my feet as she pounded into me. She reached up and grabbed my hair, pulling my head backwards as she accelerated her thrusts, trying to reach her climax. I could feel she was getting close and I pushed back as hard as I could, even though I was burning inside. She grunted once and I felt her come deep inside me, her cum pouring into me. I was now convulsing as I came almost at the same time as she did. My cum flooding from my rigid cock without it being touched at all. Alex pumped once or twice more to drive all her juices into me, and through the haze of all my passion and pain and pleasure I thought I heard her whisper something that sounded like, “You’re my bitch now.”

Alex pulled out of me and I felt empty when her cock was gone. I felt so shattered that I couldn’t even stand up and remained leaning against the wall. Alex put my arm around my shoulder and led me across to the wetroom, turned on the water and gently washed and cleaned me up. She didn’t speak, giving me time to think about what had just happened. Alex had not hurt me; nothing she had done had caused me real pain and I had never had any inclination for BDSM. Yet, even though the pain of what she did to me was mild, it had excited me. Alex had dominated me as a punishment and not only had I accepted that, I had enjoyed it.

“Are you OK, baby? You look miles away.” Alex’s voice cut into my thoughts.

“Oh, no. I’m good.” I wrapped my arms around her, kissed her, and as the water cascaded down over us, I said “I love you, Alex. I promise I will never leave you again.”

“Oh, James, I love you too.”

She turned off the water and brought towels to dry me off gently, before leading me across to the bed. I lay back on the cool sheets and within a few minutes I was fast asleep. I woke sometime during the night and Alex was spooning up behind me, her arm over my hip. I could hear her slow, soft breathing mixed in with the sounds of the sea and I knew I would keep my promise. I wanted to be hers forever.

I woke early while Alex was still sleeping. I slipped from the bed, pulled on a t-shirt and shorts, made myself a coffee and took it quietly out onto the balcony. I love those few moments in the early morning when the darkness dissolves into a fresh day. The sunrise on Samui is beautiful; the sun gently bruises the far horizon blue and red and finally orange as it rises, followed by the first sharp rays of sunlight flickering through the fronds of the palm trees. The sea changes colour from black to dark blue to a sparkling azure as the light spreads across the water and the heat starts to hint at what will follow. I heard the door to the apartment open and I heard someone pad out onto the balcony. Before I could look round, arms wrapped around my neck and someone kissed my cheek.

“Good Morning James. How are you?” Areeya’s soft voice made my heart lift.

I reached up and held her arms with mine as she nuzzled my neck.

“All the better for seeing you, Areeya.”

“We haven’t had much time together recently,” she said.

“You’re busy with Sam, it’s only natural.”

“Mmm, but I don’t want you to think I have forgotten you, James. Sam will go back to Bangkok soon, I haven’t deserted you.”

Keeping her arms around my neck, she slid round and sat in my lap. She was wearing a short silk robe and nothing else. I wrapped my arms around her and she laid her head on my shoulder as we both watched the sunrise.

“It’s so beautiful, isn’t it? I couldn’t imagine anywhere better, or anyone better to watch it with.” Areeya said. She raised her head and kissed me on the lips.

“I am sorry that I told Alex about Nana Plaza, James. I don’t know what I hoped to do by that. I was angry also with you for walking out on us.”

“Areeya, you have no need to apologise for anything. I was the bloody fool, remember? You were the one who trusted me enough to let me come back. If it wasn’t for you, I might not be here now. Besides, I would have told Alex about Nana Plaza, sometime, so it doesn’t matter.”

She put her head back on my shoulder, “I’m glad you came back, James. It wasn’t the same without you.” She lifted her head back up and kissed me again. At that point, I almost caved and told Areeya about Sam, but deep down I knew I had to keep this secret for a while longer.

We were interrupted by Alex, coming out on the balcony and she stood in front of us, naked and shaking her head to try and wake up.

“Don’t let me stop you two, I don’t mind watching. Although I’m impressed if James is up to it, after what we did last night.”

Areeya and I both giggled, which brought a smirk to Alex’s face.

“I heard you both, even through the door,” laughed Areeya.

“Why didn’t you come join in then?” Alex yawned as she said it.

“Mmm, it seemed to me three would have been a crowd last night.”

I laughed this time, “Yes, I think that was payback last night. It was wise to stay out of it. Anyway, I have to get on with what we agreed last night.”

Areeya stood up and for a moment I had a glorious view of her naked pussy inches from my nose. She strolled across to Alex, who had found some sunglasses from somewhere, and was wearing them and nothing else. Areeya embraced Alex and they kissed deeply then both looked across to me in a clear invitation. Alex was naked except for the sunglasses, and Areeya had let the robe fall open. Usually when faced with these two like this I had the backbone of a jellyfish, but this time I knew I had to get going if I was going to carry out our plan. I put my head in my hands.

“Oh no,” I said, “Not now, I have to get ready to go out.”

They pouted at me and giggled. “Your loss, baby.” said Alex.

I forced myself to stand up and head off into the shower, followed by howls of laughter and Alex shouting “Pussy” after me. I felt sore after last night, but a shower and a shave helped ease the aches away. I came out to find the two girls lying on the bed, wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing and caressing. I grabbed my phone and started filming them until Alex noticed and threw a plastic bottle of water at me.

“This will look great on the website,” I yelled, as Alex chased me out on the balcony.

“Bastard!” she shouted as I ran down the stairs to the restaurant but I could hear both Areeya and Alex laughing as I walked away. I popped into a local restaurant for a coffee so I could finalise my thoughts about what to do. We had agreed that I would confront Tony and try to find out what he wanted. Depending on this conversation, I would have to improvise what would happen next. Our plan depended on Tony being as greedy as he seemed to be, and me being able to act well enough to keep him doing what we wanted. It was a lucky break that Areeya and Sam would be out on the boat for the next two days.

It was just before 8 o’clock when I arrived at the hotel where Tony was staying. I found a spot in a nearby cafe where I could see the hotel clearly. I didn’t think Tony would be an early riser and sure enough, it wasn’t until 10 o’clock that I spotted him walking out of the hotel. He walked only a few yards to the nearest bar and went straight inside. He sat at a table and had ordered a beer. From his performance the other night he seemed to be a serious drinker and firing up a beer this early proved it. I waited a few minutes to let him get settled in, then walked over to him and sat down in front of him.

“Mind if I join you Tony?”

he almost choked on the beer bottle. “What the fuck? Who are you?”

“Don’t you remember me? The other night in the bar. I bought you a drink.”

His eyes told me he couldn’t remember me at all.

“Oh yeah, thanks for that. What was your name again?”

“James, but that’s not want what I said then.”

A flash of recognition passed across his face, to be replaced by that rat like look I remembered from the other night.

“Wait, you’re…”

“Yep, the guy you are looking for, Tony. Well done, you’ve found me. Want another beer?”

I waved to the bar girl and she came across with a couple of Leo beers. He looked at me suspiciously but reached out for the beer.

“What do you want?”

I took a swig of the beer.

“I thought it was more what you wanted Tony? You’re the one that’s chasing me, or us, I should say. What do you want?”

He leant back, confident now that he thought he had the upper hand.

“I’m going to publish the truth about you and your Ladyboy whore girlfriend and her lezzie partner. I’m going to tell everyone what you and they have been doing out here.”

I had to force myself to ignore his words, I had known he would do this and I let it pass.

“Doesn’t sound like much of a story. Might get you a couple of paragraphs in the red tops, if that. But I don’t think that’s what you’re here for is it, Tony?”

His eyes narrowed, “Whaddaya mean?”

“It’s not just us out here, is it, Tony? You think you have bigger fish to fry, don’t you?”

“Dunno what you mean”

“Tony, you think you can link Areeya and Alex to her father’s business dealings. That’s what you meant last time about gangsters, wasn’t it?”

He looked away and I knew I was right.

“And if that’s right, so what, it’s true.”

“But it’s very dangerous, Tony. You don’t know what you’re getting into.”

That ratty look passed across his face again.

“There is a way I could be persuaded to drop the story.”

“I guess that would involve money, would it?”

He grinned, showing dirty teeth, “Maybe, if there was enough of it.”

“How much, Tony? Let’s not prat about.”

He hesitated. He hadn’t thought this through properly and was trying to figure out how much to ask for. He was struggling to keep up.

“One hundred grand, pounds that is, not Baht, in case you were wondering.”

“Not possible, Tony. Publish and be damned.” I got up to walk away. I could see the panic in his eyes as he saw his payday disappearing.

“Wait, what do you suggest?”

“50 grand, US dollars. You can have it tonight and be on a plane tomorrow morning. I’ll throw in a free night with one of the girls at Cockatoo tonight. What about it? The offer will expire if I walk out of here and you can publish and see what happens to you.”

“Why do you care so much? What’s in this for you?”

I wanted to throw a distraction at him.

“We have a good thing going here, we don’t need you messing it up.”

“What you doin” then? Running drugs as well? I know you’ve got a new business opening up.”

I sighed, he could only have got that from Sam.

“Better you don’t know, Tony. 50 grand or nothing.”

“OK, OK. Keep your hair on. OK, 50 grand tonight, used bills so they can’t be traced.”

The idiot had been watching too many movies.

“Tell me one thing. How did you get the story you published in the UK? I’m just curious. You must have had someone on the inside feeding you the details.”

I swear for a moment he was going to tell me, to show off how clever he had been, but he shook his head.

“Never reveal my sources. Tonight, I want a clean real girl. Not one of those pervy Ladyboys you’ve got there.”

I had to dig my nails in my hands to stop myself jumping across the table.

“OK, but you leave the island tomorrow morning and then straight back to wherever you came from. Deal?”

He leaned forwards and offered his hand. I shook it and felt I needed to scrub my hand straight away.

“Ten o’clock tonight at the bar.” I said, stood up and walked out.

Chapter 4

Tony was smirking as I left the bar and I swore to myself I would wipe that look off his face as soon as I could. I hurried back to the apartment, where Alex was working on some business for the restaurant, and let her listen to the conversation on the tiny recorder I had used to tape everything. I could see she was getting more and more angry as the conversation unfolded. After it finished, she sat back.

“I wish you had let me break his fingers.”

“I had to stop myself from doing that to him this morning.”

She looked up at me and smiled, “You don’t know how good you are, do you?”

I looked at her, not sure what she meant.

“I mean the way you handled the pirate attack, and how you dealt with Kritsada. I don’t know which took more balls. Coming back over here when you didn’t know if I would take you back, and this thing with the journalist. You’ve been so smart and brave. I’m so glad you came back into my life, come here and give me a kiss.”

She pulled me down next to her and as we kissed she slid her hand under my t-shirt and gently caressed my nipples.

“That’s just to keep you going until we get rid of this pig.” she grinned.

I dragged my mind back to the matter in hand.

“Is everything arranged with Kritsada?”

Alex nodded, “Yes, I only have to confirm how much money we need and he will have it delivered this evening. They will be forgeries, but good ones. Don’t ask any questions about that, by the way. Areeya spoke to him this morning before she headed out with Sam. He also wants you to contact him. Tomorrow would be fine, he said.”

She looked up at me, frowning. “Is there anything you left out of what you told us you agreed with Kritsada?”

I looked her back straight in the eye and lied, “No, why?”

“Mmm, nothing. Just remember what I said about him, he will always expect an agreement to be honoured.”

I nodded, thinking she knows I’m hiding something, “I remember. Now, is everything ready at the bar for tonight?”

“Yes, Pao and the girls are all sorted. Nin and Pao are acting a bit strange, do you know why?”

For the second time in a couple of minutes, I had to look Alex in the eye and lie. “No, no idea at all.”

As usual with Alex, I had the feeling she could see right through me, but I had no option but to lie.

She narrowed her eyes at me, “Anyway, everything is set up, we need to make sure everyone knows what to do when.”

There wasn’t much to do except worry about things going wrong, so after a quick lunch of Thai green curry and some chicken with cashew nuts, Alex went back to work on the restaurant business and I tried to finish the business systems plan which had been interrupted by Tony. It was no use, though, I couldn’t concentrate and went for a swim from the beach. At least that relaxed me and I went to get some rest in preparation for the evening. Alex came up from the restaurant and we lay together on the bed, kissing and caressing, but I don’t think either of us wanted to go any further until we had sorted out the business with Tony. I came close to telling her about Sam, but I wanted to see if I could come up with a way to deal with that. I thought Alex would have to tell Areeya, and I didn’t know enough yet to be sure I had the true story.

About seven o’clock, we headed over to Cockatoo. It was too early for the bar to be busy, but we had to make sure everything was ready. Pao and Nin were helping us out tonight, and they were ready and happy to do so. Tony was due to arrive at ten, and we spent a tense two hours watching the clock tick round. Business picked up and by nine thirty the place was humming. We had set aside a table for Tony in the VIP area. Bin, one of the prettiest non kathoey bar girls, was going to be with him. A little before ten, two Thai guys arrived with a bag and handed it to Alex. This was the money. I took it out back and checked inside. Used dollar bills as Tony had requested. They looked like the real thing to me and I thought Tony would be so sure of himself he wouldn’t check too closely. I didn’t want to know how Kritsada had organised this.

Tony was five minutes late and he swaggered into the bar as if he owned the place. Alex had gone to the back rooms to prepare and left me sitting out front with the bag. Tony saw me and strolled across, that sickening smirk on his face.

“Everything ready, matey?”

“Yep Tony, everything’s all set.”

He sounded as if he had already had a few beers.

“Is that it in the bag?”

I nodded and handed it to him. His eyes widened with greed as he unzipped it and looked inside.

“Before you ask,” I said, “it’s all there, 50 grand as we agreed.”

“It had better be matey, if it’s a dollar short, the deals off and I publish the story.”

“It’s all there Tony, do you think we would try and cheat you now?”

That cunning look passed across his face. “If anything happens to me, the story gets published, clear?”

“Sure, sure Tony, come and have a drink.”

I took him across to the table and waved to Bin, who came over with a beer and sat next to him. Tony’s eyes lit up when he saw Bin.

“She is real, right? Not one of them pooftahs.”

“Bin is the real deal, Tony. She’ll take care of you tonight.”

“Get me an unopened beer, I don’t want any tricks tonight.”

I left them to it and retreated to the back office where I joined Pao and Nin, who were watching the bar through the security camera monitor. We watched as Bin did her thing with Tony, and before long his hands were all over her. Very quickly Bin was giggling and stroking Tony under the table, and almost wrapped around him. One of the bar girls brought across another unopened beer which she opened at the table in front of Tony. He took a big slug and Bin whispered something in his ear. We could see the leer on his face even over the monitor. Bin stood up, took Tony by the hand as he grabbed the bag with his other hand and let Bin take him through to the back rooms.

We switched the monitor to the back-room camera and watched them walk down to the last room. Tony’s hands were all over Bin as she opened the door to the last room and pulled him inside. Pao switched the feed to the camera we had installed in the room. The light was dimmed in the room but the camera was high definition and it gave us a good view. Tony sat on the bed clutching the bag of money and he watched as Bin gyrate in front of him, shedding her clothes as she danced.

“She good.” Pao said, I think in professional admiration of Bin’s skills. Nin giggled and Pao looked round in embarrassment.

Tony took another swig from the bottle and then we could see him yawn once, and then again. He swayed slightly and within a few seconds he fell back onto the bed, out cold.

I high-fived Pao, “It was a great idea to recap the drugged bottles, Pao. I didn’t think of that one.”

She blushed, “No problem, Mister James.”

Nin disappeared to let Bin out of the room and as I watched the feed from the room, an old Thai man entered the room. He placed a bag on the table, emptied the contents and we watched as he went to work on Tony. Nin came back into the room with the money bag and I took it from her and put it in the small safe in the back office.

“How long do we have before he wakes up, Pao?”

“About two hours, Mister James.”

“Will it be long enough?”

“Yes, Chanathip work fast but good.”

We watched fascinated as Chanathip finished his work. He cleaned up, repacked his bag and left the room as quietly as he had entered. Half an hour later Tony stirred on the bed as the drug wore off. He seemed very confused for a while but he jerked awake when he realised he had something in his mouth and could not move his hands and feet. He was trying to say something, but all that emerged were grunting noises. He pulled at the restraints tying him to the bed, but he couldn’t break them. His head was moving from side to side as he desperately tried to work out what was happening. We let him sweat like this for a while, leaving his imagination to run riot. He eventually realised he wasn’t going to break free and he slumped back onto the bed.

It was at this moment that Alex opened the door and walked in. Tony turned his head towards the noise and when he saw Alex, his eyes widened in fear. She had changed into a dominatrix outfit, which I assumed she must have had from her previous career. I hadn’t seen it before and, somewhat bizarrely in the circumstances, I hoped she would wear it with me someday. A black leather corset and knickers were completed with black stockings, black stilettos and long gloves. Her hair was pulled back into a bun and she was carrying something I recognised - the dildo whip she had used on me a few weeks ago. I shivered a little at the memory and could only imagine the fear Tony was now feeling. To Tony she must have looked like his worst nightmare

Tony struggled again against his restraints, but with the same lack of success. Alex stood by the bed and looked down at him. She let him struggle for a few minutes, then gave him a stroke across his belly with the whip. I could see she didn’t use it hard but Tony jerked up off the bed as if he had been electrocuted. His terror made it so much worse in his mind.

“Shhh, you little worm, be quiet and still and listen to me. You can’t say anything at the moment because you have a ball gag in your mouth. Just breathe through your nose.” She gave him another lash and he jerked again. This one was harder and meant to hurt, not just to frighten. I could almost smell the stink of his fear.

“Hello, Tony, do you recognise me?” Another stinging lash. Red welts appeared on his belly.

He jerked and grunted again, but he nodded.

“Good, Tony. Just in case you had forgotten, you called me a tranny and a Ladyboy whore. Now, Ladyboy? I can live with that, and whore? Yes, I’ve done my share of whoring, but tranny? That’s inexcusable, you little bag of shit.” He got another lash, the hardest yet. “I’m transgender and proud of it. I’m glad you know who I am because I want you to remember this for a long time to come.” Another lash, even harder, which made him arch his back in pain and moan, even through the ball gag.

“Tony, you caused me, and my friends, a lot of trouble and grief with your stories in the newspapers, but I could have ignored them for the lies they were. However, you came over here to make more trouble for me and my friends, and I cannot forgive you for that.”

Tony’s eyes were bulging and was still trying to pull against his restraints but they would not budge.

“You’re going to pay for what you have done, and we’ve started by making a few changes to you.”

His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he heard the words and it seemed all the fight had gone out of him as he slumped back down on the bed.

Alex, sat down on the side of the bed and tapped the end of the dildo against his cheek.

“First of all, you might think your cock feels a little strange.”

This time I thought he was going to pass out completely.

“Oh, don’t worry, it’s nothing permanent. Although, to be honest it’s not much of a cock is it? To make sure you don’t try and put your nasty little dick near anyone decent, we’ve put a nice cock cage on it. We had to get an extra small one, because your worthless little dick would fall out of a man sized one. It’s a nice shiny chrome one, with a padlock. Actually, you’ll be interested to know it’s a combination padlock. It has 10,000 possible combinations, so I’m sure you will be able to get it off, eventually. Or you might learn to enjoy it and keep it on.” Alex lent across and tapped the cage with the whip handle. Tony jumped again, more from fear than the actual touch. “It’s what sissies wear, Tony, when their Mistresses want to train them. Do you want to be trained, Tony?”

He shook his head from side to side.

“Pity, I would have enjoyed having you as a slave. You could sleep under my bed, tied there with your collar.”

She smiled at him, and his head fell back and looked straight up at the ceiling.

“Secondly, we’ve given you a butt plug. I hope you can feel it up your arse. We got you a big one, because unlike your miserable little cock, you have a huge arse. It can be taken out easily, but not for a while yet. Thirdly, we’ve given you a nice collar to wear. I bet you can feel it around your neck. It’s black leather and I wanted to pull you around the bar with it, but we haven’t got time, sadly. it’s got a padlock too. This one only has 100 combinations, easy peasy, I would say. Maybe you can feel the chains attached to the collar? They lead to two nice new nipple rings we’ve also given you. I bet it’s painful if I pull the chains.” Alex tugged sharply on the chains and Tony screamed into the gag. “Honestly, you don’t have to thank us, it was our pleasure. Lastly, we’ve given you a nice new tattoo.” She used the dildo to trace across his chest. “It’s in Thai, and I’ll tell you what it says later. However, before I do that, I want you to apologise for what you’ve done.”

The door opened and Pao came through holding a camera.

“I’m going to take off the ball gag, but don’t think about shouting. I can guarantee you nobody will hear you and I might have to hurt you. Do you understand?”

He didn’t move and Alex gave him another lash. He reared up and nodded his head vigorously.

“Good, Tony, you’re getting the hang of this.” She removed the gag from his mouth and you could see him trying to ease his jaw from the effect of the gag.

“Remember, Tony, if you don’t do this, I will hurt you very badly.” Alex rubbed the end of the dildo across his lips and he shuddered, tried to say “OK” but only a squeak emerged from his mouth.

Pao gave Alex a sheet of paper and then stood ready with the camera. Alex held the paper in front of his face and prodded him with the dildo. He tried to say something but his mouth was dry with fear. He coughed a few times and then started to speak, his voice hoarse and cracked.

“I wish to humbly apologise to Alex, to Areeya and James for the hurt and anguish I have caused them with my stories.” He stopped and looked pleadingly up at Alex, and she prodded him again with the dildo. He coughed and continued, “I confess that I made them up, and that none of the stories I wrote are true. I want to set the record straight and to say I am truly sorry for the harm I have done with my stories. I know I am not worthy of it, but I beg for forgiveness from Mistress Alex and Mistress Areeya, and Master James. I promise that I will not come back to Samui, and I will never mention any of them ever again.”

As he finished, Alex took the paper from him and dropped it on the floor.

“Now, Tony, we have a special treat for you. I heard you weren’t very nice about Ladyboys. Pervy, you called them. I know because I’ve listened to the tape we made when you tried to blackmail us. Is that right?”

Tony nodded as he was now so scared would have agreed with anything.

“OK, let me tell you what we have had tattooed on your chest. it’s in Thai and it’s very pretty, but what it says is “I am a cocksucker.” It sounds lovely in Thai, but that’s what it means in English. I would suggest you keep your shirt on in Thailand, or you might get some interesting attention. It will be a nice souvenir of your time here.”

Tony’s face was now a picture of absolute horror. He kept trying to look at his chest, but the restraints prevented him from doing so.

Alex sat there watching Tony squirm on the bed.

“As it seems you like sucking cock so much, we thought you should have some practice. As I’m not prepared to put anyone’s real cock near your foul mouth, I think this should be good enough for you.”

She pushed the end of the dildo between his lips, but he resisted, clamping his jaws together.

“Tony, if you don’t do this, I will take it and use it on your arse instead. That will be far less pleasant for you I think. Now, stick out your tongue and lick the tip.”

Tony resisted for a second, but he knew Alex would do as she promised. His tongue crept through his lips and it touched the end of the dildo and then went straight back into his mouth.

“Come on Tony, it’s not so bad is it? You’ve had it done to you, haven’t you? Just lick the end then slide your tongue around the head.” He did as Alex suggested, his eyes wild with fear, and Pao lent in close with the camera to make sure she was capturing it all. Tony licked the head with his tongue and Alex slid it between his teeth into his mouth. He gagged, but Alex kept the dildo firmly there and moved it in and out. Tony had gone red in his face and was making gurgling noises as it slid in and out. Alex put her hand behind his head and pushed him further on to it. I thought she was choking him, but she drew it out and gave him some breathing space. She then nipped his nostrils closed with her fingers and slid the dildo back in. He gagged again and Alex let go of his nose.

“That’s good Tony, you make a good cocksucker. I bet you’ll want to do more of this when you get home won’t you?”

Tony’s eyes seemed to have glazed over by this stage and now he was letting Alex move the dildo in and out of his mouth. Alex looked down at him and I thought I saw a look of pity cross her face. She took the dildo out of his mouth and stood over him.

“Now you’re going to leave Samui, and you’re never coming back, is that clear? You’re not going to write any more lies about us, do you understand?”

He nodded weakly, not wanting to look at her.

“You will now go back to your hotel, pack and catch the first flight to Bangkok, and then to wherever you want to go, do you agree?”

He nodded again, “Will you let me keep the money?”

I thought Alex would explode. I could see her hanging onto her temper but her eyes flashed and Tony knew that he wasn’t taking anything with him.

“You are lucky this is all we’ve done to you. I wanted to break your fingers but was persuaded against my better judgment that this would be better. However, if I hear one peep from you in the future or you publish another word about us, I will track you down and I will not only break your fingers I may castrate you as well. Now get out of my sight.”

“What about my clothes?”

“Walk back to the hotel as you are.” Alex snarled at him. He went pale.

“But I can’t like this,” he snivelled.

“Not my problem, get out.”

Pao undid the restraints and Tony unsteadily got to his feet. I almost felt sorry for him at this point, but the feeling passed.

Pao took him by the arm and walked out the back of the bar. We didn’t want any witnesses to be on the safe side. She shoved him through the backdoor and we heard him scuttling along the back wall. Nin was waiting outside to follow him and to make sure he got to the hotel. We had a couple of Kritsada’s men watching the hotel and they would make sure he left on the first flight. If he didn’t appear, they had instructions to help him get there. Alex and Pao came back into the office laughing their heads off.

“What’s the joke?” I asked.

Pao managed to stop laughing, “I almost could not, how you say, keep face, when Miss Alex say tattoo mean I am cocksucker.”

“Isn’t that right?” I said, confused.

Alex grinned, “No, it means Thailand land of smiles. I’m not a complete bastard. And it’s a temporary tattoo, it will wear off in week or so.”

I grinned and then burst out laughing, “Oh my God, and he thinks it means I’m a cocksucker.”

I turned to Pao and gave her a kiss, “Thank you Pao, you were great.”

She beamed and blushed, “I no mind Mr James, I owe you and Miss Alex a lot. I pleased I could help.”

Alex hugged her, “Pao, thank you from me too, you’ll get your bonus soon.”

Pao looked at me, blushed, then giggled and fled the room.

I sighed, “Don’t tell me, I think I know what her bonus will be.”

Alex laughed, “You won’t mind, will you? You like her too, I seem to remember.”

“Yes, I think I could enjoy being her bonus. It will be the first time I’ve been used as employee motivation. Anyway, how are you? Was that better than breaking his fingers?”

She paused, “Yes, I think it was. It gave me the chance to wear this outfit again.” She wiggled her breasts and they almost popped out of the corset. She dropped her head and looked at me sideways, “Do you like it?”

I blushed and Alex laughed, “I don’t think there’s an Englishman alive who doesn’t get turned on by this. Maybe I’ll make this your bonus.”

I smiled, “Do you think this will work with Tony?”

Alex paused and then said “Oh yes, I think so. We scared him out of his wits, and with the tapes we have I don’t see him having the temerity to try anything. Especially after what happens when he gets to Bangkok.”

“Why? What will happen in Bangkok?”

“When he flies out of Bangkok, Tony’s bags will get searched by customs, following a tip off from an anonymous source. They will find two rare, ancient Buddha statues. The Thai authorities take a very dim view of anyone exporting Buddha relics from the country. It won’t take them long to realise they’re fakes, but our friend Tony will be deported tomorrow and won’t ever be able to come back to Thailand.”

I laughed out loud, “I imagine the statues and the tip off might have something to do with Kritsada.”

Alex said with a poker face, “Couldn’t possibly say, but I’m sure we have seen and heard the last of Tony. God, we’ve called him Tony all the time, do we know his last name?”

I shook my head, thinking to myself that we may have seen the last of him but I didn’t think I had heard the last of him yet.

“Should we tell Areeya how it went?” Alex asked.

“If she’s on the boat will she get a signal on her phone? Send her a text, just say the plan worked, all OK.”

Alex grabbed her phone and started to text. I thought if Areeya has told Sam anything then it’s too late now for her to do anything. In that case I doubted Sam would say anything to Areeya, but I could not be sure. I was becoming distracted by Alex standing there, still in her Domme outfit. Now that the stress and tension had lifted, I felt a distinct attraction to her dressed like that. Without taking her eyes away from the phone, she said, “Don’t even think about it, buster. You don’t know how uncomfortable this is to wear.” She looked sideways at me, “Or maybe you would like to find out what it’s like to wear?”

Thankfully, Nin returned to break up the conversation. She could barely stop grinning..

“He is back at his hotel. He was running from door to door trying to cover himself. He couldn’t decide whether to cover his front or his back. He found a sack on the side of the road and used that to cover his front. So many people saw him and couldn’t stop laughing. He was so red when he got to the hotel. I saw the men there who will make sure he get to airport. They were laughing so much they couldn’t stand up.”

Alex said, “Thank you Nin, you’ve been fantastic, we appreciate it.” She hugged Nin and I followed suit. She looked pleased and Alex told her to go home to get some sleep. After she left, Alex turned to me, “What do you think of Nin?”

I looked at Alex, wondering if this was a trick question.

“No, you idiot, not like you’re thinking, Seriously, what do you think of her.”

“I think she’s smart, seems to have a good head on her shoulders, she’s pretty and has the best English of all the girls here.”

Alex nodded, “That’s what Areeya and I thought. We were thinking of making her your assistant for the new club. How would you feel about it?”

I thought for a minute, “Yes, it would work. She seems to tick the right boxes. Although I thought Pao would be my assistant.”

Ales stared at me, “Oh yeah? You and the love-sick puppy working together? I would need a crowbar to get you two apart.”

I grinned, “Maybe you’re right. Where did Nin learn her English?”

Alex frowned. It’s a sad story. Her father was an American diplomat who had an affair with a Thai girl, a boy being the result. The mother didn’t want to leave Thailand and, of course, the American was married. When he left Thailand, he sent money over to the mother, so the boy went to the American school and he learnt English there. When he was 11, the father died in a plane crash in the US and the money stopped. The mother had got hooked on drugs and was found dead from an overdose in an alley in Patpong. The boy was probably 12 at the time. He hit the streets, as do a lot of Thai children, got picked up by one of the gangs in Bangkok, who turned him out into prostitution. They thought he was pretty and so made him into a kathoey and she took the name Nin. She managed to run away, made her way here and came to Areeya looking for work. It’s not an unusual story for Thailand. Some parents in the North will sell children into the sex business. We don’t ever do that. I think she’s pretty smart and this might be good for her.”

“OK, I’m happy for her to my assistant. When will she start?”

“Oh, I forgot, she’s got computer skills as well. Don’t know how she picked them up, but she did, that could be useful. I’ll speak to Areeya when she’s back and we’ll set it up.”

I yawned and Alex said, “There’s nothing more for us to do here, let’s go back and get some sleep. I need to change out of this though, I’m not walking down the strip looking like an expat’s wet dream”

I looked at my watch and it was already 5 am. Alex quickly changed and we walked hand in hand to the apartment as the sun was rising. That made it 24 hours straight for me, and I was ready for some sleep. Alex’s phone trilled and she answered in rapid Thai. She smiled and gave me the thumbs up, “He’s left the hotel, the guys will follow and make sure he gets on the flight. I hope he took the butt plug out, might be an uncomfortable flight if he didn’t. On second thoughts, I hope he left it in.”

We slipped straight into bed and lay there cuddling for only a few minutes before we fell asleep. I slowly came back to consciousness smelling coffee and hearing Alex talking on the phone. She was speaking Thai and I guessed it was Areeya by the tone of her voice. It reminded me that I needed to learn some Thai. I felt useless when everyone was talking and I could only pick up the odd word here and there. I shook my head to wake up, but only coffee would do the trick properly. Pulling on a robe I walked to the kitchen, poured a coffee and went to join Alex on the balcony. She waved hello and went back to talking.

I couldn’t get enough of this view from the balcony. The sun was already high in the sky and the heat was already building. The humidity was climbing and it would be like a sauna later on. Alex finished the call and came to sit in my lap. She put her arms around my neck and we kissed, not the worst start to a day I’ve ever had.

“Good news. Tony, whatever his name is, arrived in Bangkok, tried to board the flight to London and got hauled away by a couple of policemen. He’ll have some explaining to do if they do a strip search with that cage on. I thought it might set off the X-ray scanners anyway.”

I sipped coffee, still trying to get my mind working.

“Areeya’s up to date on what happened and she’s checking with Kritsada that all is OK with him. We know his guys collected the cash last night, so that’s fine. Don’t forget Kritsada wants to talk to you today. They will be back this evening and Sam is flying back to Bangkok tomorrow afternoon. She wanted us to all meet for dinner tonight, I said yes, is that OK?”

“Sure,” I said, “did Areeya tell Sam about last night?”

Alex shrugged, I don’t think so, we thought the fewer people who knew the better.”

“Makes sense.” I was still not fully awake and yawned. I should call Kritsada, but didn’t want to do so in front of Alex. She solved my dilemma by climbing off my lap and saying she had to shower, she felt dirty after last night and wanted to wash Tony right away. I yawned again and she told me to go back to bed. I told her I needed a walk to clear my head and would come back later and have a sleep before dinner. She nodded and headed off to the shower. I was lying a lot these days and someday that would get me in trouble. In particular, I didn’t like lying to Alex, as I thought she could see right through me, but I didn’t see I had a choice at the moment.

I walked down the strip to Cockatoo and sat out front with a cold beer. Now that we had dealt with Tony, I needed to work out what to do about Sam. I guessed she would find out soon enough when she got back with Areeya that Tony had gone. I thought, let’s see what happens at dinner tonight, that’s the best I could think of for the moment. There wasn’t much more I could do until then, so I switched my attention to Kritsada. I assumed he wanted to talk about the consultancy agreement we had come to as part of my buyout of the club business. I needed to finalise the financial side of the buyout as well. Payment was coming due in a few days and I needed to talk to the banks to make things happen. The business with Tony had put everything back a few days. I dialled Kritsada in Bangkok and waited to be connected by his secretary.

“Hello James my boy, how are you this morning?”

“I’m good sir. Thank you for all your help yesterday, I think Areeya has told you it went well.”

“I believe so, James. I can also tell you that your package has now left Bangkok permanently. There was a little trouble with the export documentation but that’s been solved and the package is on its way to London and won’t be coming back. I was very impressed with the creative manner in which you planned and carried out the package delivery, that was very well done.”

I guessed the code was in case anyone was listening to the call.

“Thank you, sir, that’s good to hear. I heard from Areeya you wished to talk to me?”

“Yes, that’s right. I don’t have time to talk more on the phone, but it’s about the other arrangement we discussed last time we met in Bangkok. Do you remember?”

“I do sir, do you think we should meet face to face to discuss it?”

“James, you read my mind. Shall I come to Samui? It’s a while since I was there.”

“Is it urgent sir? If so I could come to Bangkok. I need to sort out payment for our deal.”

“That would be ideal, we could finish the paperwork at the same time. Could you come tomorrow?”

“Yes, sir, tomorrow afternoon would be fine, in your office?”

“Ideal, James. Thank you, I will have some whisky waiting for us to share.”

I closed the call and sipped my beer. All Alex’s warnings about Kritsada were bouncing around in my head. It had all seemed so harmless to agree to this in the excitement of doing the deal about the club. Alex had warned me a long time ago that Kritsada would want his pound of flesh. I think I was about to discover what that meant.

Chapter 5

Following my call to Kritsada, I stayed in Cockatoo, chatting to Nin who had brought me another beer. I asked her to join me for a while, and we talked about last night. She despised Tony and was delighted with what we had done. She impressed me; she was pretty, her English was excellent with a great sense of humour and a charming personality. I didn’t know if Alex or Areeya had mentioned the job to her, so I said nothing, preferring to leave it to the girls. I asked her again not to mention anything about Sam to Areeya or Alex. She was uncomfortable about it, but she agreed. I told her I would take any blame and that it would be sorted very soon.

Drifting back along the strip, I stopped for a Thai massage, performed by a very attractive masseuse. I politely declined the offer of extra services but tipped her well, and fully relaxed, strolled back to the apartment to find Alex dozing on one of the sofas on the balcony. I took a beer, sat down beside her and watched her sleep. Her face was almost childlike as she lay there, looking untroubled by anything. I sipped my beer and thought about how far I had come since my first evening here on Samui. It still seemed unreal that so much had happened since then. I smiled to myself as I remembered my shock when I met Alex, and how quickly I had fallen for her. As if aware I was thinking about her, she stirred, opened her eyes and smiled up at me.

“Hello baby.” she said, stroking my face with her fingers.

I bent down to kiss her, and she wrapped her arms lazily around my neck pulling me down onto the sofa. She rolled over to make room for me and I lay down beside her. She felt warm and soft as someone does who has just woken up. We kissed for a while before her hands drifted beneath my t-shirt where her fingers found my nipples, which immediately hardened under her touch. They were still tender from the other night, but she was gentle this time. I sat up and pulled the shirt over my head and as I lay down again, she used her tongue on my now rock-hard nipples. My nipples have always been sensitive anyway, and the way she was licking and sucking them now was getting my very excited. I undid the buttons on the light cotton blouse she was wearing, kissing her skin as I went. She lay back and let me undo the blouse so I could lick her nipples through the lace of her bra. I felt them stiffen even through the material and she whispered, “Oh, I like that.”

I gently pulled down the front of the bra so I could reach her nipples and I swirled my tongue around one, and then the other, returning to the first to suck the diamond hard nub. Alex moaned as I moved up to her neck with long, slow licks. She tilted her head back and I kissed the side of her neck, making her purr like a kitten. Her hands went around my head and she brought me up so we could kiss, our lips and tongues playing with each other, slowly and sensuously. She probed my mouth with her tongue for a while and then slid off the sofa onto her knees. Pulling me up into a sitting position she pushed me back against the back of the sofa, her hands stroking their way across my chest. She stopped as she saw I still had some redness from the other night when her nails had scored their way across my skin. She kissed the red tracks, then kissed and sucked my nipples again. I closed my eyes and laid my head back as she bathed my nipples with her lips and tongue and then her teeth nipped one, but the small, sharp pain heightened the pleasure this time.

She undid the belt of my shorts and opened the zip, pushed her fingers around my cock and kissed the tip. I kept my eyes closed as I wanted to concentrate on the sensations I was feeling. She took my cock in her hands and stroked up and down with her fingers before sliding back the foreskin, uncovering the head. I nearly jumped off the sofa as she blew gently across it before licking the tip. Giggling to herself, she pushed it back against my chest and licked from root to tip, three or four times, making me gasp and arch my back. She blew across the head one more time before curling her tongue around it and finding the little sweet spot between the head and the shaft. Wrapping her fingers around it, Alex slowly moved her hand to and fro, at the same time taking my balls in her other hand, making me moan in pleasure once more.

She spat onto the shaft to lubricate it as she moved her fingers faster and faster. She wrapped her lips around the head and as the tip of her tongue found its way into the slit, I nearly bounced off the sofa in surprise. Alex shoved me back down against the sofa and I tilted my head back, still with my eyes shut. Alex now plunged her mouth over my cock and took me deep until I felt her nose touch my skin. Her head was moving up and down and I could feel myself harden as my climax built inside my groin. Sensing this Alex slowed down, taking me to the edge, and then pulling back, prolonging the climax. She moved back to work on the head, her tongue flicking and licking the most sensitive parts.

She stopped suddenly, yanked my shorts down and pushed a finger into my mouth. I sucked hard on it as she moved it in and out through my lips. Pulling her finger from my mouth, she pushed my legs apart and moments later, I felt her finger slipping into my hole. I squirmed at first as she moved it deeper into me and then withdrew. She was teasing me by rubbing between my balls and my hole, making me moan out loud once more. I was now jerking my hips as she slid her finger in and out I felt the climax growing deep within me. Alex, sensing I was now so close, once more wrapped her fingers around my shaft and pumped hard, keeping her lips locked around the head. I threw my head back once more and groaned, “I’m coming, I’m coming now.” I felt myself spasm as my cum pumped into her mouth and Alex kept her lips tight around the head, swallowed everything as I jerked three of four times, and then fell back. As I slumped back against the sofa, I heard people giggling. I snapped my eyes open to see Areeya and Sam standing on the balcony, broad smiles on their faces.

Areeya clapped, “That was lovely, we enjoyed the show, thank you.”

“Bloody hell, Areeya, you will make me stroke out one day.” I looked down at Alex, who was grinning like a chimp. “Did you know they were there?”

“Of course I did, I had my eyes open. But I didn’t think you wanted me to stop.”

“You could have warned me.” I grumbled.

Standing up, Alex said, “Where would the fun have been in that?”

Blushing, I did up my shorts and found my t-shirt.

“Hello you two, did you have a good time?” Alex asked, kissing them both on the cheek. Somehow, I had my t-shirt stuck around my ears, and Alex had to come and help me. I stood up and rather sheepishly greeted Sam and Areeya.

“How was the trip?

Sam jumped in, “Wonderful. The other side of the island is so pretty, and the snorkelling was fantastic. We had a great time thanks.”

She seemed so buzzed, it didn’t feel like she had found out about Tony. Yet again, I had that nagging feeling I might have got this all wrong, but I had seen them together with my own eyes. I needed to be very careful, and very sure of my facts before I did anything.

Sam sat down next to Alex, “How was it over here?”

Alex smiled, “Oh fine, nothing exciting, although we had a pest control problem.”

“Oh, what was that?” asked Sam.

“Oh, we had to get rid of a big rat, that’s all.” Areeya sniggered and Sam gave her an odd look.

“What? Here at the restaurant, or the bar?”

Alex grinned, “It was just an annoyance, nothing more than that. Problem solved.”

I was watching Sam closely, but nothing in her face led me to think she knew what we were talking about. Sam stood up, “If it’s OK with you guys, I’ll go back to the boat and get changed before dinner.”

Alex said she needed to go sort out the restaurant for tonight’s service and Areeya wanted to have a sleep before we met for dinner. I said I fancied a massage so I would walk into town with Sam on her way to the boat. We headed off to the strip and chatted about the trip on the boat until I said I’d changed my mind about the massage, I would drop into Cockatoo instead. We parted company and I went on to Cockatoo, nodded to Nin and walked straight out the back to follow Sam from a distance. She didn’t appear to have any idea she was being followed, and it was easy to keep tabs on her.

As I had guessed, she didn’t turn off to the pier, but walked on to the hotel where Tony had been staying. She went straight in and emerged a few minutes later with a puzzled look on her face. if there was ever any doubt, there was none now. She was involved with Tony up to her neck. She looked around, clearly confused by Tony’s departure, then walked towards the pier heading for the boat. I followed her onto the pier and caught up just as she was about to board the boat.


At the sound of my voice she whirled around.

“James, what are you doing here? I thought you were at Cockatoo.”

“Sam, we need to talk, right now.”

“About what? Can’t it wait until later?”

“No, we have to talk now, Sam, before you see Areeya tonight.”

“Er, OK, let’s talk on board.”

We walked onto the boat and sat down at the table.

“Sam, I want some honest answers, what’s your relationship with Tony?”

Her face went blank, “Tony? Tony who?”

“Sam, don’t treat me like a fool, you know perfectly well who. Tony, the journalist who wrote the stories about Alex, Areeya and me after the pirate attack. He’s been here trying to shake us down. You’ve been meeting him, and please don’t deny it, because I have the photographs to prove it. You just went to the hotel where he was staying to find he’s gone.”

Her face dropped, “You were following me?”

“Sam, you’ve been caught red handed, don’t deny it, just tell me the truth.”

“Where is he? I won’t tell you anything until I know where he is.”

“He’s back in London, scared, but unharmed.” Not strictly true, but I wasn’t going to tell her that yet.

Sam leant back in the chair, blew out a long breath and looked out to sea.

“OK, OK. Does Areeya know anything about this? she asked, still not looking at me.

“No,” I said, “Only me so far. I wanted to hear your story before I did anything.”

She looked at me and I could see tears forming in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, James, things got out of hand, I’m sorry. What you have to know is that if I could roll back time, I would do so in a heartbeat, I never meant to hurt any of you.” She wiped her eyes, sniffed and went on, “Tony is my brother.”

Whatever I was expecting, that wasn’t it. But, that was why he seemed vaguely familiar when I met him.

“My half-brother. My dad died and Mum married again and had Tony. There’s about three years’ difference between us. He had a good future as a journalist once, but once the booze took hold it was downhill from there. He might have had a future on one of the big papers once, but he slid back to a grotty little regional paper.”

She paused, wiping her eyes again before continuing. “When they asked me to come out here, he found out I worked for the same company as you, and he pestered me for information. He was about to get sacked again, and he thought this story would save him, get him back up the ladder once more. I didn’t see any harm in it. I hadn’t met you, Areeya or Alex and it seemed so easy to pass on information about what was happening. But once he got his claws into me, he kept coming back for more and more, threatening to expose me as his leak at the company. I hoped it would all die down, I didn’t know it would blow up as it did.”

She looked at me, pleading with me to believe her.

“He kept on and on about it. He was getting some attention from the other newspapers and he couldn’t stop. By the time I had got here and met you, and Areeya and Alex, I stopped feeding him anything. I even tried to warn you as far as I could. He went berserk and by then, I think he had done some digging on his own and came up with Areeya’s link with her father. He saw that as his big story, his route back to the big time as an investigative reporter. I tried to put him off, but he flew out to Thailand, and then on here. I was desperate to stop him, but I think he had completely lost the plot. He was always talking about getting a payoff from you all. He was drunk most of the time and I tried and tried to get him to give up and go back to London, but he wouldn’t. Shit, shit, shit, I didn’t want any of this to happen, I was trying to stop it, believe me.”

She stopped and tears trickled down her face. “He promised he wouldn’t do anything until I got back today. I was going to pay him to go home. I’m telling the truth, you have to believe me.”

There was little doubt in my mind she was telling the truth; only a psychopath could fake the way she was telling this story, and I didn’t think she was one.

“Why didn’t you tell us, or Areeya about this? Just come clean about it?”

“I thought I could deal with it without getting anyone else involved. It had gone too far for me to confess to you, or Areeya, especially. I thought I had too much to lose. Fuck him, I should have walked away from him.”

“You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family, Sam.”

“I know, but I’ve been hauling him out of shit for as long as I can remember. Now, he’s dropped me right into it.”

She put her face in her hands and sobbed, her tears rolling down into the deck.

Without looking up she said, “What happened, James?”

“He was sniffing around Cockatoo, asking the girls questions. They called me and I went down to see who he was. He didn’t recognise me, he was too drunk. He told me he was a journalist after a story about me and Alex and Areeya, and our links with her father. He was so drunk he told me a lot more than he should. We had him followed to the hotel where you were spotted with him. I was the only one who knew about that, but the others knew about him. I thought he looked familiar, and now I know why. Alex went mad, but we calmed her down and came up with a plan to scare him away. I met him and asked him what he was really after. He wanted a hundred-grand sterling to begin with.”

“The fucking fool,” Sam shook her head. “He thought he was so smart.”

“We made him an offer of 50 US and he accepted. He came to the bar to collect and, well, he wanted one of the girls as well.”

Sam looked up and started to cry again.

“We drugged him and put the fear of God into him about what would happen if he didn’t leave and forget about the story. You don’t need to know the details, Sam. He flew out this morning, and onto London. He won’t be coming back.”

“The stupid little idiot. He was in so far over his head.”

“He’s lucky he was dealing with us, Sam. If he had gone up against Kritsada, it wouldn’t have gone well.”

She had stopped crying but sat there biting her lip and looking out to sea.

“What are you going to do, James?”

“To be honest, Sam, I don’t know. I wanted to hear your side of the story, because even though I knew you were involved somehow, it didn’t seem to square with what I thought I knew about you. Neither Alex, nor Areeya knows anything about this. I think they need to know, but it shouldn’t be me who tells Areeya.”

Sam looked at me, distraught. “You mean, I should.”

I nodded, “As I see it, you have two choices, Sam. One, tell Areeya everything, as you have just told me. She will tell Alex, anyway. They don’t keep secrets from each other. If you’re not prepared to do that, then you should leave straight away and tell Areeya it’s over between you. I can’t keep this from Areeya. I believe what you told me, Sam. It makes sense with what I know about you, but I can’t cover this up for you, it would be too much of a weight for me to carry.”

She looked everywhere but at me. “You’re right, I know. Can I borrow your phone? I lost mine. I’ll tell Areeya I’m not feeling so good for dinner tonight. I’ll ask her to come back here and tell her tonight.”

She used my phone, knowing Areeya would realise I had been here, but that couldn’t be helped.

Sam called and spoke to Areeya, telling her she had felt ill in town and I had helped her back to the boat. Areeya would be on her way in a few minutes. Sam gave me the phone back, stood up and with tears in her eyes, said, “James, whatever happens, I want you to know I think you’re a great guy. Keeping this to yourself and then listening to me first means you’re stand up. Thank you.”

She hugged me and went inside the cabin to wait for Areeya. I walked off the boat, not wanting to be there when Areeya arrived. This had to be between the two of them. I took the side streets to get back to the apartment to avoid Areeya and found Alex on the balcony. She took one look at my face, “What the fuck is going on. What have you been doing?”

“I need a drink first, it’s a long story,”

Alex fetched a beer for her and scotch for me. I took her through the whole story, from when Nin first saw Sam with Tony, until tonight and ending with Sam’s story. When I finished, Alex was quiet, normally a bad sign. I waited for an explosion, but none came. She went to fetch herself another beer and me another scotch. She sat down beside me, took a sip of her beer before she spoke. “I feel so sorry for Areeya, I don’t know how she will take this. I guess I feel sorry for Sam, too. I didn’t see this coming, and I can see now why Nin and Pao were behaving squirrelly.”

“Don’t blame them,” I said, “I asked them to keep it to themselves. They weren’t happy doing it, but it’s not their fault,”

Alex looked at me, “Oh, I don’t blame them at all. I blame you for all of it.” She paused and then went on, “I don’t know whether to punch you in the face for keeping this from me, or to give you the fuck of your life as a reward for doing it this way. You took a big risk, you know. It could have gone completely tits up.”

I nodded, “I can’t say it’s gone well, but it didn’t make sense to me that Sam would be on Tony’s side. I had to find out the truth before blowing the whistle.”

“Do you think we were too hard on Tony?” she said.

“No, I don’t think so, nothing we know now changes what he did, or was trying to do. He got what he deserved.”

Alex came and sat on my lap, “I told you that you didn’t know how good you were.”

She nuzzled my neck, “Is there anything else you’re keeping from me?”

“Well, I have to go see Kritsada tomorrow. I have to sign the paperwork for the buyout and to sort out the payment. it’s due in three days’ time. I know Kritsada will make me pay more if it’s late.”

She laid her head on my chest. “I hope Areeya will be OK, should we go see if she’s alright?”

I put my arms around her and kissed her hair. “No. I think she would want to handle this on her own, I think she will let us know what she needs.”

We stayed like that for a while, listening to the sea and holding each other. It must have been an hour later when we heard steps coming up the stairs. Areeya appeared and Alex jumped off my lap, took one look at Areeya and ran over to her. She opened her arms and embraced Areeya. I stood up and slowly walked across to them as Areeya looked at me and tried to smile. Instead, she began to cry on Alex’s shoulder and I put my hand on her arm. Areeya put one arm around me and we were all hugging. Her tears hot on my skin as she wept between Alex and myself. Areeya eventually stopped crying, grabbed hold of Alex’s hand and walked across to the sofa. They sat down on one and I took the other. She took a deep breath, “I’m sorry for what has happened, and especially I’m sorry for and you, James. You took a lot on yourself and I thank you for that.”

Alex jumped in, “You have nothing to be sorry for Areeya. None of this was your fault and we feel so sorry you had to find out this way. We wish this had never happened.”

“It goes for me too, Areeya.”

She nodded, “Thank you both, but I feel such a fool. I was taken in and should have realised something was happening.”

I said, “I don’t see how, Areeya. It’s not your fault.”

Alex said, “James, can you get us all a drink, please?”

I went to fetch beers and when I returned Areeya had her head on Alex’s shoulder. We sipped our drinks for a few minutes, and then Areeya sat up.

“Sam told me everything about her and Tony. I guess you both know the story now?”

We nodded and Areeya went on. “What I don’t understand is why she didn’t just tell me, us, what was going on before it was too late.”

I said, “I think she had got so far in, she could only see one way out. She thought she had to sort it out herself.”

“What are you going to do?” Alex asked gently.

Areeya was silent for a while and then, “Alex, I don’t know. I feel sorry for Sam, having a brother like him, but she deceived me completely and I don’t know if I could ever trust her again. She is staying on the boat tonight and then leaving for Bangkok in the morning. I need time to think about this. Above all, I need some sleep right now.”

She stood up and headed off into the flat into the second bedroom. Alex watched her go and started to cry, tears trickling down her face. I cradled her in my arms, rocking her gently.

“Come on,” I said, “let’s go to bed, I think we all need some sleep.” I led Alex through to the bedroom where we undressed and lay on the bed. We must have drifted off to sleep at some point, because I was woken by Areeya sliding onto the bed and lying next to me, with Alex on the other side. I put my arm around her and she snuggled into my side. She leaned over and kissed me once and whispered, “Thank you.”

I woke later to find I was spooning Areeya and Alex was doing the same to me. I was lying between the two people I loved most in the world, and I offered up a silent prayer that all would be well for us. Alex woke me with a cup of coffee and, as I came to, whispered, “Areeya’s on the balcony. Did you know she slept with us last night?”

“Yes, she woke me when she slipped into the bed. I think she needed to be with someone after all.”

We took our coffees out onto the balcony where Areeya was sitting, her knees drawn up and her arms wrapped around them. We bent down to kiss her and sat, content to drink our coffee in the morning light.

I reluctantly broke the silence. “Areeya, I am going to see your father today in Bangkok to finalise the deal for the club buyout. Is there anything you want me to say to him?”

She thought for a moment, “No thank you, James. I need to speak to him today but thank you for asking.” She sighed and then said, “I am not going to sit here, how you say, moping. I will go down to Cockatoo and see what’s been happening there. I have neglected it too much recently.”

Alex raised her eyebrows, but I thought it would do Areeya good to get stuck back into some work.

“Will one of you talk to Nin about the assistant job?” I asked.

“Are you happy with Nin?” asked Areeya. Before I could say a word, Alex said, “He wanted Pao as his assistant because her cock was nicer than mine.” She winked broadly at me. Areeya giggled, a lovely sound in the circumstances. “I don’t think so, Alex. You just made that up,”

“Oh, it’s closer than you think, Areeya,” I laughed. Which earned me an arm punch from Alex. I needed to get going to make my flight to Bangkok, so I told them I would see them both later and headed to the bathroom. I was on the late flight back so wouldn’t return until well after 11. Alex offered to pick me up from the airport, but with the last ride I had with her in mind, I said I would get a taxi. It would allow her to keep an eye on Areeya as well.

I was soon on the way to the airport and in a couple of hours later heading into Bangkok. My first call was to the bank to finalise the arrangements for the money transfer. Everything seemed to be ready for the payment to Kritsada in the next few days. I went on to my lawyer’s office to review the paperwork which he had reviewed and agreed the final draft with Kritsada’s lawyers. There was, of course, no mention of the added services which I had agreed with Kritsada. That was to be between the two of us. My final call was to Kritsada himself where I waited for a few minutes before being ushered into his office.

“Ah James, it is so very nice see you as always,” He came from behind his desk and shook my hand with his usual macho aggressiveness. “I have as promised a little drink ready for us. Our wonderful GlenDronach, it is always a pleasure to have a drink with someone who enjoys it as much as I.”

He poured two generous measures from a crystal decanter and we sat down on the sofas in the corner of the office. He took a sip and indulged in eye rolling and lip smacking which might have been comical in anyone else. I sipped mine and the smoky taste of the whisky worked its usual magic for me.

“Sir, it is always a treat for me to drink this with you. It is sumptuous, isn’t it?”

“Sumptuous, that’s a lovely word to describe it. I will use sumptuous in the future.” He rolled the word around a few times to get used to it, and I could picture him using it to impress his Thai friends.

“Now, to business, James. We have to sign the papers and then the agreement will be done. I want to ask you if this is what you want to do. It is still possible to back out if you so wish.”

“That’s kind of you, but I want to go ahead. Areeya and Alex are both happy with the arrangement and so am I.”

“That’s splendid, James.”

He pulled out a Mont Blanc fountain pen and signed both copies of the paperwork, then handed me the pen to do the same. I signed and thus became a business partner in a Ladyboy Cabaret. How things had changed. We took our copies of the paperwork and he leant back and looked at me over the top of his glass.

“James, I must say again how very impressed was with the way you handled the journalist. That could have become very difficult, but your actions yet again prevented anything bad. There are some enemies of mine, competitors and so on, who would be happy to see me embarrassed. Thank you.”

He raised his glass in a toast. I responded, “Thank you sir. It was in all our interests to see that he did not come back again,”

He nodded and frowned, “Let me move on to how you might help me. As I hope you know, I regard you highly. You have a rare ability to act when others wouldn’t and you also have a clear mind. I think you would be very useful to me in a troublesome matter.”

I was still wondering how, but I said, “If I can be of help, then I’m happy to do so.”

“I have a problem in my interests in the entertainment industry here in Bangkok. I have several clubs and bars in Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong. Over the past few weeks I have become convinced one of my people is being disloyal. I am not only losing revenue but I believe the same person is also leaking information to my competitors. I have a shortlist of people who it could be, but I need someone I can trust to find out who.”

“Sir, but I don’t know anything about the business.”

He smiled, “Yet that didn’t stop you investing in it, James. I need someone who I can trust, who is smart and can think and act on their feet. You, my friend, have proven that already. I also have a cover story for you. I need to upgrade my business systems to help us become more efficient, even the sex business needs good technology. I think it’s what you do, no? You would have free rein to look into the businesses to complete that project. It would allow you to get an inside view of my businesses and to observe my people.”

“Kritsada, I am very flattered, but are you sure?”

“James, I am sure. I don’t expect this to be for free, James. There would be a contract for the systems project which is real, by the way, and there will be a bonus involved if it goes well.”

“How quickly do you need this done?”

“As soon as possible, James. If you could start next week, I would be very happy. Perhaps you could spend two or three days here to meet the people and do an analysis of the systems and give me a first report? You could also use the time to do research on your new investment. We have some excellent kathoey shows here in Bangkok.”

I paused, it didn’t seem too difficult, the cover story would work and I could combine it with my new business project. The extra money would be useful too.

“OK, Sir, if you think I can do it, I’m in.”

“Splendid, James, let’s drink to it.”

We clinked glasses, and it was done.

“Thank you, sir. I’m sorry I have to run, I wanted to buy some gifts for the girls before I fly back to Samui tonight. If that’s all, I can be on my way?”

“Yes, yes. I will be in touch with you to make the necessary arrangements. In the meantime, I hope your new project goes well. I had great faith in the idea myself. I am sure you will make it a great success.”

We shook hands and said goodbye at the lift and I headed down to the street level. I wanted take a taxi to the Siam Paragon Mall and as I walked over to the taxi rank I felt someone bump into me, and something hard was pushed into my side. I turned around and there were two Thai men in suits behind me, one had something in his hand which he was pushing into my side. The other took my arm and walked me towards a large black Mercedes with tinted windows parked by the pavement. The one holding my arm said very quietly in excellent English, “Sir, it is very important that you come with us. My colleague has a gun in your side, any resistance will be painful for you.”

It all happened so fast, I didn’t have time to react. They opened the back door and pushed me inside and as my eyes adjusted to the sudden shade, I saw there was somebody else in the back seat.

“Please do not be afraid, my name is Inspector Jandaeng, from the Royal Thai Police.”

My heart was thumping in my chest as I tried to take in what had happened. I thought for a moment I was being kidnapped by gangsters, but it was the police who had snatched me from the street.

“What the hell is going on? Why have you kidnapped me?”

“Come, come, hardly a kidnap.”

“Your men stuck a gun in my side, and forced me into the car, what else would you call it?”

He smiled, “I’m sorry if they startled you, but we didn’t want to cause a big scene.”

“But why am I here at all? I haven’t done anything.”

He was still smiling, but when a Thai smiles, it doesn’t always mean it’s funny.

“We had a talk with a fellow countryman of yours before he boarded his flight to London yesterday, Mr Tony White. I believe you know him.”

Fuck, I thought to myself, this wasn’t going to be good news.

Chapter 6

Jandaeng was wearing a pair of those mirror aviator sunglasses beloved of all Asian movie heavies. It meant I couldn’t see his eyes, but even if I could see them, I guessed I wouldn’t learn much.

He let me stew for a few minutes, hoping that I would say something to fill in the silence following his remarks about Tony. I said nothing, not willing to give away anything that Jandaeng didn’t already know.

“Mr White, do you know him? He says he knows you. He is a journalist I believe.”

“Who? Tony the newspaper guy? If it’s him, I never knew his second name. He was in the bar on Koh Samui a lot, seemed to be drunk most of the time.”

Jandaeng nodded, his eyes still concealed by those glasses.

“Mr White was caught trying to smuggle what appeared to be a rare Buddha statue out of the country. That is a very serious offence. Do you have any knowledge of this statue?”

I shook my head, “No, nothing, did he say I did?”

Jandaeng wasn’t going to be drawn into answering my questions.

“Mr White claimed he didn’t know it was in his bag, and he had no idea where it came from. It turned out to be a fake, well made, but still a fake.”

He paused and took a wooden toothpick from his pocket and cleaned something from his front teeth.

“He claimed you might have something to do with it.”

“Me? Whatever for? I barely knew the guy. Had a few drinks with him, but he was a bit unpleasant, Stayed away from him.”

“We have deported Mr White, for the attempted smuggling, but he made other claims about you.”

“Me? What on earth were they?”

“He claims you kidnapped him, threatened him and tortured him.”

I tried to put on my most outraged face. “What? I kidnapped him and tortured him? Why would I do that? I hardly knew him. I did nothing of the kind. That’s ridiculous.”

Jandaeng stayed quiet for a few seconds, now chewing on the end of the toothpick. He might look and act like a B Movie heavy, but I felt there was a sharp mind there as well.

“So, you deny all those claims?”

“I do, it’s all nonsense. Was he drunk? He was most of the short time I knew him.”

He laid back into the corner of the car, those mirror glasses may be a cheap trick, but they were disconcerting.

“Mr White was an odd character, he seemed to have been fitted with some, how do you say, sex devices.”

“He struck me as weird, so I guess nothing would surprise me about him.”

“Many farangs come to Thailand for sex purposes, it is of no concern to me.”

I hoped that would be it. “If that’s all your questions, can I go?”

He smiled again, and I knew then there was more to come.

“Not yet. Mr White did make an interesting comment about your relationship with one of our prominent business people.”

“Oh, what did he say?”

Jandaeng smiled, “I understand you have a relationship with the daughter of Kritsada, is that so?”

“Well, she and I are partners in a business on Samui. I have just bought out Kritsada’s share of the business. it’s all perfectly legal. I can call him on the phone now if you want to check.”

“No, that won’t be necessary. I’m not interested in your business. I am however, interested in Kritsada. He has come to our notice because he has become involved in politics. We have to keep an eye on him as we do all who try to influence the direction our country goes in.”

This was getting serious. Politics in Thailand is notorious chaotic and corrupt. The military junta, the National Council for Peace and Order. Their power is absolute, and they have imposed martial law, banned political meetings and detained political leaders. If Kritsada is getting himself involved in Thai politics, he would be playing a dangerous game.

“I have no idea what he does, my only involvement is buying out his share of our business. I’m not involved with him in anything else.”

Jandaeng smiled again, “I don’t think that’s strictly true, is it? I think you are doing other work for him, I believe within his business?”

That shook me. Kritsada and I had only just agreed that less than an hour ago. The only way Jandaeng could have known is if he had bugged Kritsada’s office. I stored that little nugget away; it was a mistake for him to have let that slip.

I blustered as much as I could, “I’m updating his business systems for him, that’s all. It’s what I did before.”

Jandaeng broke in, “As a foreigner, you know we can declare you persona non grata and have you deported and banned from coming back here, don’t you?”

Here it comes, I thought. “Yes, I guess you could, but I haven’t done anything.”

“A mere detail, it has never stopped us before.”

I knew he could do it and that he would in an instant if he wanted to. I sighed, knowing he had me where he wanted me. “OK, what do you want?”

“Ah, you understand my drift. Excellent. It’s very simple, all I need you to do is to keep your eyes and ears open around Kritsada. I want to know everything he says to you, and I mean everything. Do you understand?”

I nodded, “Yes, but it won’t be much, I don’t speak Thai and the only things we talk about will be the systems project.”

He smiled, and this time there was no warmth in it at all. “I don’t care, I want to know everything. If you don’t agree to do this, you will be following Mr White out of the country. I don’t think your two friends on Samui would want that, do you? Don’t think of warning Kritsada either. If I find out you have warned him, then it won’t just be you on your way out, it will also be your little blonde kathoey. And please don’t forget my men carry guns.”

I nodded my head. At that moment I couldn’t see a way out. I had to agree and work out how to deal with this later.

“OK, I guess I have no choice, do I? You have made it very clear how limited my options are.”

“Good, we will contact you when you arrive back in Bangkok. You are free to go now.”

I grabbed the door handle and as I made to leave, Jandaeng leant over, “When Mr White went through security at the airport, he kept setting off the scanner. They found out it was something on his penis setting off the alarm. Everybody thought it was funny. But, of course, you didn’t know anything about that, did you?”

I got out of the car, and it sped away. I found I was shaking and felt very alone. Finding a nearby wall to sit on, I tried to calm down and gather my thoughts. I had no doubt that Jandaeng could and would carry out his threats. The thought of being torn away from the place I now regarded as home was too much to bear. I was now firmly between the hammer and the anvil. I had to come up with something, anything, to get me out from there. Right now, I had no idea what that would be. I wanted to get back to Samui and to be with Alex and Areeya. The shaking had stopped, but I was feeling sick at the mess I had gotten myself into. I knew I was in way over my head, and I thought about going straight back to Kritsada and telling him everything. But Jandaeng would probably have someone watching me, so dismissed that idea. I needed to get back to Samui and to gather my thoughts.

For the second time in a few days I was flying back to Samui, desperately trying to work out what to say when I arrived. It was after midnight when I arrived back at the apartment and everything was dark. I opened the front door and could make out two shapes on the bed. Areeya’s hair spread out around her head like a halo and she had her arm draped over Alex’s waist. Alex was snoring gently, something she tried to deny she did at all. They were both naked, and the sight of them lying there together brought a catch to my throat. I sat on a chair and as I watched them sleep tears pricked the corners of my eyes. I thought about sleeping in the other room and then decided that tonight, I needed to feel someone next to me. I slid as gently as I could onto the bed next to Alex. she stirred, but didn’t wake, so I leant across and kissed her on the forehead. She seemed to smile, and I watched her until I too, slipped into sleep.

I was kneeling in front of a huge statue of Buddha, who smiled at me and opened his mouth to speak. His words seemed to come from far away and try as I might I could not hear what he was saying to me. I was angry because I knew these were the secrets of life and I would never have the chance to hear them again. I yelled at the Buddha to speak up, but all he did was smile. As I shouted louder the statue of the Buddha dissolved in front of me, and I felt I had lost something precious.

“James, James, you’re dreaming. It’s only a dream. Come on, wake up.”

I opened my eyes to look straight at Alex, her face full of concern.

“You were shouting something about never having the chance again.”

I pulled her close and hugged her tight.

“I’m sorry, bad dream.”

She stroked my face with her fingers and kissed me. “That’s alright baby, you’re awake now. You’re safe.” She ran her fingers down to my chest and followed them down with her lips. Pushing me onto my back, she took a nipple between her lips and gently sucked it until it grew hard and she pinched it between her teeth. I tried to move my hands to touch her, but she rolled onto my chest, straddled me and pushed my arms above my head and held them there.

“Let me take control, baby,” she whispered into my ear, “just let me be in charge.”

I nodded, and she reached over and pulled a silk scarf from the bedside table, tying it around my eyes as a blindfold. She moved onto the other nipple, licking and sucking until it too was hard. My cock swelled as she kept my hands pinned above my head, and she moved her hips, grinding herself against my groin, and I could feel her cock growing as it slid over mine. She continued to roll her hips, and I moaned as I could feel our cocks rubbing between us.

She let go of my hands with one of hers, but kept the other holding me down, and slipped two of her fingers past my lips into my mouth. I licked and sucked her fingers as if it was her cock invading my mouth as she slipped them in and out. She let go of my hands, but I kept them where they were above my head, as if she were still holding them there. Sliding down my body, she kissed her way down my chest, licking and nipping the skin between her teeth. In total darkness from the blindfold, I surrendered myself to her, feeling my will slip away as she slid her fingers over my tummy, giving me butterflies inside. She must have raised her head up as I felt her hair flick against my cock which was now standing up hard. I winced as she did so although there was no real pain involved. Alex blew across the head of my cock, a gesture guaranteed to get me going, and I moaned from somewhere deep in my throat.

Submitting to Alex gave me a feeling of release, almost of freedom. The stress of the previous day melted away as I gave myself up to her. It felt so liberating to be controlled, to do without thinking or questioning.

“Turn over,” she said, “onto your stomach. Keep your hands above your head.”

I turned over, raising my hands above my head. I felt her straddle me and her cock bounced against my back. She leant forward and tied my hands with something soft, maybe another scarf. I felt the last vestige of control slip away from me as she tied my hands although the binding was so slight as to be symbolic. She kissed her way down my back, her hair tickling me as she moved down. I flinched a little as her tongue slid around my hole, but it soon gave way to pleasure as she lapped around my rosebud. She drew her fingernails down my back and I arched as I felt them scrape across the skin. It wasn’t painful as she didn’t break the skin, but in total blackness every movement, every feeling seemed to be multiplied a hundred foild. I jumped as I felt the lube she smeared around my hole, and then again as her fingers slid into me. She put two or three inside me and rocked them in and out, my muscle flexing to take them and then the empty feeling as she withdrew before sliding them back inside.

The penetration seemed more shocking because I could see nothing and I had no control over what was to happen. This seemed to heighten the pleasure I felt as her fingers slipped in and out of my hole. I expected her cock to replace the fingers, and it was with disappointment I heard her say, “On your back again.”

With my hands tied it was more difficult to turn over this time, but eventually I did so and Alex straddled my chest. I felt her cock tap against my lips and then she slapped my face with it. It wasn’t hard, but it was so shocking I let out a small yelp. She wiped it across my face in an obvious gesture of domination and this time I said nothing. She tapped her cock against my lips and I opened them to let her slide the head through my lips. I ran my tongue over and under the head, flicking the sensitive little fold of skin where the head joins the shaft. She gave a little hiss of pleasure and I did it again, getting another hiss in return. I took more and more of her cock into my mouth, and I felt Alex raise herself to plunge her cock into my mouth almost vertically. I was taking her cock deeper into my mouth than I had ever done before and I gagged and struggled to breathe. She withdrew to let me catch my breath before plunging herself back into my mouth.

I thought she was going to cum in my mouth, but she stopped and moved down until I could feel her bum against my cock which was now aching for some attention. Alex smeared lube onto my cock and I assumed into her hole as well. I felt her position herself over my cock and with her hand she steered me into her hole before impaling herself on me. Alex gasped as she took me all the way inside before raising up again and coming down on me once more and I could feel my cock sliding deep inside her. I had never felt this hard before and she was tight around my cock. She gasped as she slammed up and down and I was grunting as she rode me like a horse.

My senses were so scrambled that I came almost without warning, my cum pouring into Alex and I arched my back and fell back onto the bed. Alex stood up, releasing my still hard cock, and her lips wrapped around it, cleaning up any remaining cum with her tongue. She slipped my cock out of her mouth and untied the blindfold, my eyes blinking in the sudden light. As my eyes adjusted, she also untied my hands, and I turned over to see Areeya lying on her side looking at us, her eyes wide and her fingers busy between her legs. I had forgotten Areeya was there and we must have woken her as we fucked.

“Lick her,” Alex said, as she knelt beside Areeya on the bed and fed her cock into Areeya’s mouth. Areeya sucked Alex and I pushed her fingers away and ran my tongue over her pussy. She was wet already, and I used my fingers and tongue on her and before long she was pushing her pussy into my face. I looked up to see Alex had her eyes closed as Areeya sucked on her. Areeya put one hand on the back of my head to force me even harder onto her, and I pushed my finger inside her as I sucked on her clit. I felt her stiffen and she slammed her pussy into my face as her orgasm ripped through her. Her juices covered my face as I kept licking her. Alex moaned, and I knew she had cum too, her back arched and she fell forwards onto Areeya.

Areeya kept her hand on my head keeping me pressed against her pussy as her hips moved once or twice more before releasing me. I moved up the bed to where Alex and Areeya were already embracing. They made room for me between them and we all lay there, recovering from what had just happened. My face felt sticky with Areeya’s cum and she touched my face and giggled, “James, I should say sorry, but I enjoyed that so much. You are very good at that, you know.”

I smiled, “No need for apologies, Areeya, I enjoyed it too. It was about time I paid you back.”

She laughed, her hair tumbling down over her shoulders, “Consider the debt paid, but we must do it again soon.” She leant across and kissed me, licking my face to taste her own juices.

“Hey, don’t forget me, I was there too, remember?” Alex pouted as she sat up, her arms crossed her breasts.

“Yes, you were nice too.” I said.

“Nice? nice? I was fucking awesome.”

I kissed her. “Yes, you were, and I loved every minute.”

She grinned, “OK, good save, mister. But don’t ever forget I’m the boss, right?”

I cast my eyes down, “Yes Miss Alex, I won’t forget.” and grinned all over my face.

“Bastard,” she yelled, and hit me with a pillow.

I had forgotten what happened yesterday, and as it flooded back, it must have shown on my face, because both Areeya and Alex stopped, “What’s the matter?”

“Let’s get cleaned up and I need coffee,” I said, “I need to talk to both of you, we have a problem.”

Despite both of them badgering me, I refused to say anything before we had had showered and sat at the table with some coffee and breakfast. I took them through what had happened the previous day, word for word as I could remember the conversations with Kritsada and then with Jandaeng. I could see their faces drop as I got to the end of the story.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” was all Alex said.

“I must tell my father straightaway,” said Areeya and reached for her phone. I put my hand on her arm, “Yes, we must find a way to tell him, Areeya, but I bet Jandaeng has the phones bugged, your father’s as well as ours. If you call now, it will only tip off Jandaeng.”

She nodded, “You’re right, but we must tell him he’s being bugged.”

I thought for a moment, “Areeya, your father is a sharp operator, it wouldn’t surprise me if he knows or suspects the phones are bugged. When we spoke about Tony’s departure, the conversation was almost in code. Areeya, did you know he was into politics?”

She shook her head, “No, and I don’t believe it to be honest. He has always stayed away from getting involved. He’s had to deal with both political factions over the years, so he’s always been careful to stay neutral.”

Alex spoke for the first time, “I know that some of the people I had to get close to for him, were involved though. Maybe he’s got on the wrong side of somebody?”

Areeya nodded, “Yes, that’s always a possibility. But what do we do now?”

“I’m sorry to bring this down on you two, I had no idea what we did with that little shit Tony would lead to this.”

Alex looked up, “It’s not your fault. if Kritsada and I hadn’t run the Buddha trick at the airport, Jandaeng wouldn’t have known about you.”

Areeya put out her hands to stop us both, “I think you’re both wrong. If Jandaeng is out to get my father, then he would have found us, anyway. We fell into his hands. It’s not anyone’s fault, none of us could have foreseen it. We have to move past blame and carry on to what we need to do next.”

Alex looked at me and I nodded, “She’s right Alex, we need to come up with a plan.”

Alex frowned, “So, you did have a side agreement with Kritsada for extra work?”

I blushed, “Yes, I’m sorry. I should have told you both. I won’t keep secrets from you again, I promise.”

Areeya said, “Stop it you two, this isn’t helping.”

Alex looked at me in a way that made me think I would pay for the lie sometime. Areeya went on, “I think we must above all behave normally. I would think Jandaeng has men here and will keeping watch on us somehow. I suggest that we carry on as we would and that James goes across to Bangkok as planned to start the project. James, if our phones are bugged, can we get some they don’t know about that we can use between us?”

“Yes, that’s easy enough, we can get somebody to buy burner phones that can’t be traced back to us, and I can set us up with encrypted emails and messaging.”

“Ok,” said Areeya, “When you’re in Bangkok, James, you must tell my father what is happening, is that OK?”

“Sure, I can find a place where we can talk securely. There is one thing I need to ask. I will need an interpreter in Bangkok, on Kritsada’s project. Nin seems to be the perfect candidate, she has good enough English to translate for me and her IT skills might be useful too. What do you think? Kritsada will pay for her I know. I won’t involve her too deeply, but I think I can trust her.”

Alex smiled, “I can trust her, it’s whether I can trust you with her. I think it’s a good idea, Areeya?”

Areeya nodded, “I’ll speak to her today. Is that all agreed? If so I need to get to Cockatoo.”

We all nodded and Alex said, “I’ve got work to do downstairs.”

“And I need to finish the systems project for us, it won’t take long.”

We pushed back our chairs and Areeya and Alex disappeared leaving me to work in the apartment. Areeya had impressed me with the way she had taken over the discussion when Alex and I had got side-tracked. It showed a side of hers that I had never seen, maybe she was more like her father than she believed.

I emailed Kritsada to confirm that I would arrive to start the project next week and I would bring Nin as my interpreter. I also asked him to book hotel rooms for us both. He emailed back immediately, agreeing that an interpreter would be a good idea, and he agreed to fund the costs. He would organise the hotel rooms close to his office where we could meet on the first morning. I booked flights for Nin and myself and I was sure Jandaeng would find out.

I went back to the systems project for our business and had an outline plan finished by the end of the day ready to present to Alex and Areeya. Areeya called to say she had spoken to Nin who was overjoyed to learn of the job and had accepted on the spot. I told her I would come down to Cockatoo later to see Nin. I would also speak to Pao about getting some new phones. It’s easy in Thailand to get hold of cheap phones, and I felt sure that Pao would know where to go.

I finished the proposal and took it to a local print shop to get printed and bound. Just because it was for us didn’t seem to be a good reason to less than professional about it. I dropped it in and it would ready the following day, so I took a leisurely stroll down the strip to Cockatoo for a beer and to see Nin. She was so excited about the job, and we agreed to meet the following day to discuss what we were going to do. I smiled at her excitement and I was convinced we had made a good choice. Pao wasn’t around and nobody seemed to know where she was. It could wait a day so I had another beer and was about to head off to the apartment when I received a text from Alex.

‘Sorry babe, gotta do something with Areeya. won’t be back until late, can u sort out dinner by yourself? Might stay on boat with her tonite’

‘No probs. Anything I can do to help?’

‘No, go home. have nice dinner get early nite, Luv u’

“luv u too. cu later.’

I wasn’t looking forward to spending the evening by myself, but I suspect Alex and Areeya might like some time together. I thought how strange it was that I didn’t feel jealous. How my life and attitudes had changed since I arrived in Samui. I made my way back to the apartment, walked up the stairs and thought it was strange that there were lights on in the apartment. I was sure they were off when I left. My nerves jangled as I opened the door to find the table set for a meal for two. What the hell was going on? Someone coughed behind me and I whipped around to see Pao standing at the door. She smiled, made a Wai and bowed deeply. She looked stunning in a beautiful gold coloured Thai Chakkri dress and with her hair done up in traditional Thai style.

“Saswadee kha, Mr James, Miss Alex say I come tonight for my bonus.”

Chapter 7

Pao’s eyes flicked across my face looking for reassurance.

“Miss Alex told me it OK.”

I smiled, “Pao, it’s fine, Miss Alex just forgot to tell me it would be tonight.”

I walked across to her and gave her a kiss on both cheeks.

“You look beautiful, that dress looks lovely on you.”

She giggled and looked up at me, “Thank you, Mr James. It one of Miss Areeya’s. She say I can keep it if I like it.”

I had always known Pao was pretty, but tonight with her hair up, her makeup done to perfection, wearing that dress, she was stunning.

“Pao, it looks wonderful on you. It suits you so well.”

She giggled once more and her smile lit up her face.

My phone bleeped at that moment and from the tone I could tell it was a text from Alex.

‘Surprise! Give her a wonderful night, champagne in kitchen, restaurant will bring up food. I will even turn off cameras.’

My eyes flicked up to the camera through which Alex was undoubtedly watching. I grinned and texted back, ‘I will treat her well. Will get you back sometime’

‘Hah, just try! C u tomorrow luv u’

‘Me 2’

I turned to Pao, “That was Miss Alex, she says she hopes you enjoy tonight.”

Pao blushed and lowered her eyes. I gently raised her chin with a finger and kissed her on the lips. I brushed her lips with my tongue and she parted them in response and I slipped my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue flicked against mine and I wrapped my arms around her and I could feel Pao shaking as we kissed. I broke the kiss, “Pao, this is about you tonight. I want you enjoy this. Why don’t we have the restaurant send up our food, and then we have all night to do what you want.”

Pao smiled and nodded, “Yes, Mr James, if you want.”

It was at that moment I realised how smart Alex had been. The bonus for Pao was not me, it was that for the first time, maybe ever, Pao would have a night where she was in control. A night where she wasn’t just satisfying someone else, but able to satisfy herself. Alex guessed that I would work that out and give Pao the opportunity to be the centre of attention, to be with somebody she had chosen, not who had chosen her.

“Pao, tonight, it’s not what I want, it’s what you want, you’re in charge. OK?”

She blushed again but nodded.

“Pao, please call me James, if only for tonight.”

She giggled at this, stood up on tiptoe, kissed me, “OK, James, I like that.”

I grinned and kissed her back, “OK, come and sit down, and I will get things rolling.”

She held my hand as we walked across to the sofa where Pao sat down carefully, unused to the elegant dress. I raised her hand to my lips and kissed it. She giggled once more, but there was a beautiful smile on her face.

“Pao, I will be back in a moment, I’m just going to call the restaurant.”

I walked over to the kitchen, called downstairs, and asked them to bring the food up. Putting the champagne into an ice bucket, I placed it and two flutes onto a tray and brought it through to the main room. Pao’s eyes widened as she saw the champagne and her smile widened even further. I sat down next to Pao, popped the cork and poured two glasses. I handed one to Pao, clinked our glasses, and I said, “To you, Pao, I hope this evening will be special for you.”

She giggled and I could tell she was relaxing at last. The intercom buzzed, and I opened the door to allow the restaurant staff to bring in the food. They quickly set it out on the table and waited for Pao and I to come across to the table. I pulled back Pao’s chair for her to sit first, which prompted another giggle, and I sat down opposite her. One of the waitresses told us what the dishes were and told us to call them when we had finished so they could clear the table. I could tell that Alex had wanted the best for tonight, and the restaurant had not failed her. The table was full of dishes and bowls of the most wonderful looking food. The aromas rising from the different dishes were divine.

I poured another two glasses of champagne and asked Pao to choose what she would like as well as recommend what I should eat. We could not possibly finish all the food on the table, but we had a good try. Pao had a wonderful appetite for such a small girl and ate with an obvious relish for the food. We talked as we ate, recalling the time we had first met in Bangkok in Cockatoo. She told me that my friend Robbie had taken two kathoeys to the short time rooms and that he had an enormous cock which they talked about for days afterwards. I told her I had been so confused that night when she put my hand on her cock, which was why I ran out of the bar.

She giggled, “You not so confused now James.”

I laughed and toasted her, “No, I’m not, thanks to you.”

She reminded me of the second time we met when she had jumped on my lap in Cockatoo here on Samui in front of Alex.

“I thought Miss Alex would hit me with pool cue, she looked so angry.”

“Pao, I thought she was going to hit both of us. It was good she calmed down.”

Pao looked serious for a moment, “We were so glad to see you back after the pirate attack, it was horrible when we heard what had happened. I cried when I heard you were OK.”

“Thank you Pao, I was very happy to see you again, you took care of me so well.”

She blushed again, “I surprise you, I think, when Miss Alex ask me to look after you the night she went Bangkok.”

I laughed out loud, “You really did, I remember the bow on your cock, that was wonderful.”

She laughed too, “That my idea, Miss Alex thought it funny too.”

I told her about my surprise when after the night we spent together I had woken up to find Areeya next to me when I expected Pao.

“Miss Areeya say she wanted to surprise you.”

“Pao, believe me, she did surprise me. It nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“I glad you didn’t, James.”

That made me smile, and we touched our glasses together.

We had finished eating by now and I called the restaurant to come to collect the dinner and while we aimed for them to come up, we sat on the sofa to finish the champagne.

“Pao, what’s your story? I mean, how did you come to be at Cockatoo? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“I no mind, James. I born in Chang Mai, in north of Thailand. My family poor, I had three sisters, older than me. My father died when I was small so I had only girls in family. I think that how it started, I felt more girl than boy, liked girl stuff, not play like boy. My sisters treat me like doll, dress me up in their clothes, but I happy, it felt good. My mother work two jobs to give us food, pay rent. So I brought up by sisters. I wanted to be girl. When my mother found out she mad, she say kathoey not good life, hard life. She wanted me to be boy. We fight and I run away.”

She paused, and I asked, “How old were you then?”

“I thirteen I think. Look older though, I get job in Chiang Mai, in kathoey bar. I be servant to kathoeys, clean up rooms, wash their clothes, fetch their food, even drugs sometimes, I sleep in back room. I happy though. I could be girl not boy. One day mama-san ask if I want to be kathoey in bar, earn more money.”

She guessed the question I wanted to ask.

“I fifteen then, but I look older. I say yes, and I start work in bar.”

I took her hand and stroked it. She looked down at it and smiled.

“I nervous at first, but soon get used to it. Some men good, some bad, some very bad. Kathoeys in bar nice to me, help me to be more like girl.”

Her face darkened.

“One day I meet Thai man who treat me very nice. He come back many times for me and he very nice, say I should come to Bangkok with him, we live together, be happy. I stupid, believe him and run away with him. He sell me to bar in Bangkok, I have to work in dirty bar, with very bad men, you say gangsters, I think. No money, just get food. Locked in room at back of bar. Have to fuck with many men, beat me if I refuse. I cry every night, wish I dead.”

I squeezed her hand, and she looked up at me and smiled.

“I manage to escape one night when man guarding me get drunk and fall asleep. I live on streets for while begging, then meet nice foreign lady who say she have bed for me in hostel. I live there some time. they kind. One night I meet man, he take me to Cockatoo and I meet Kritsada. He say if I want I work at Cockatoo, Kritsada nice, he say he pay for boobies if I work for him.”

She paused, smiled, “You like my boobies, James?”

Damn it if I didn’t blush. I thought I had gotten over that.

“Yes, Pao, I like your boobies, they are lovely.”

She smiled broadly, “Men like boobies, no?”

I had to laugh as she said it, “Yes, that’s right, Pao, all men like boobies.”

She grinned and went on, “I work at Cockatoo for a while, they good to me, pay for boobies and take care of girls. good place to work. Soon after I meet you, Miss Alex visit and ask if anyone want to work in Cockatoo on Samui. I think might be good idea so I come. I so surprised to see you there. I get so excited to see someone I know so I jump on your lap.” She giggled once more, “I sorry for that, James. But I think it OK? You forgive me?”

I leant across and kissed her, “Yes, Pao, it’s OK. You did nothing wrong. You are a great girl.”

She lowered her eyes to the floor, and I guessed she was feeling shy. I lifted her chin with my finger and kissed her nose.

“I very glad I now mama-san in Cockatoo, I like job. I think I good at it. Work hard for Miss Alex and Miss Areeya,” she paused for a fraction of a second, “and get good bonus.”

We both burst out laughing, and I hugged her tight. How Pao had become such a lovely girl was beyond me. What she had endured would have broken many people and could have crippled her view of people and life forever. Instead, she was funny, charming, loyal, generous, and beautiful.

I kissed her hand, and she giggled, “We go bed now James?”

“Yes, Pao, we can go to bed now.” I stood and held my hand out to her. She took it and I helped her up from the sofa. She gave me a quick kiss, “I go change now, you wait for me?”

“Of course I’ll wait, Pao. I’ll be right here.”

She walked over to the wet room and looked back at me, almost in fear I might not be here when she came out. I used the small washroom to brush my teeth before going back to the bedroom, taking off my clothes and sliding under the sheet. I dimmed the lights, and It was only a few minutes before Pao emerged from the wet room. She had let her hair down and was wearing a sheer baby doll nightie and knickers. Standing still for a moment in the doorway, she was backlit by the light, and she looked wonderful.

Wiggling her way across to the bed she slid in next to me. Reaching out with her fingers to touch my face she stroked my cheek as if she wanted to make sure I was real.

She whispered, “James, I know you with Miss Alex and Miss Areeya but I hope you like me too.”

I smiled and kissed her forehead, “Pao, I am so happy that you came into my life. You have lit up my world and ever since we met I have liked you. I cannot imagine what it would like not to have you in my life.”

Her eyes shone, and she dipped her head to kiss me, her tongue pushing its way into my mouth and seeking my tongue. As we kissed, her hands went to my nipples squeezing them with her fingers before nipping them between her nails. I moaned as we continued to kiss and I pushed her onto her back and put my hands up under her nightie. She hissed as I cupped her breasts and I felt her nipples harden. Pushing me away, she sat up and pulled the nightie over her head in one move. Rolling over on top of me, her breasts were glistening in the dim light just in front of my eyes, and she lowered herself towards me. I took one nipple into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it and nipping it between my teeth, she hissed once more and offered me the other nipple, and I did the same with this one.

I could feel her hardening cock push into my groin, and she wiggled her hips rubbing her cock against mine. She giggled as she felt my cock rising in response and she shuffled down the bed and I felt her warm mouth slide over the end of my cock. I moaned as her tongue worked its magic. She rolled her tongue around the head and then she let the cock slip out pushing it up against my belly she licked me from root to tip. She flicked the tip with her tongue making me arch my back, drew each ball into her mouth and I almost passed out as she teased them with her tongue. Giving my cock another couple of long licks she had me panting already. She blew across the head and gave it a kiss before moving up the bed and straddling my chest, her cock poking out of her knickers and pointing at my mouth.

She looked down at me, “You suck now?”

In response I opened my lips, and she edged forwards and her cock slipped inside my mouth. I was nowhere near as good at this as Pao, but I had learned a lot and I think I was now pretty good. The hissing sounds from above made me think Pao was enjoying what I was doing. She moved her hips and her cock slipped further into my mouth, each thrust taking it deeper. She leaned forwards, her hands resting on the bed head, enabling her to push her cock almost straight down into my throat. I was taking her deeper than I had ever taken one before.

I gagged and Pao withdrew allowing me to take some deep breaths before sliding it back in. Putting my hands on her bum I slid a finger into her hole. She jumped as I did, causing another bout if gagging. She pulled out again and giggled nervously.

“Sorry, James, that surprise me. It nice, can you do again?”

She slipped back into my mouth and I slipped my finger back inside her. This time she was ready for it and I heard her hiss as she felt me penetrate her. I could feel she was getting harder, and she pulled out once more and slithered down the bed.

“I want to fuck you now, James. Is that OK?”

I laughed, “Yes, Pao, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

That produced a stream of giggles and a whispered, “Me too.”

She pulled her knickers down and throw them away, pushed my legs up onto her shoulders and shuffled towards my bum. She must have grabbed the lube from somewhere because I felt her spread some around my hole. I felt first one finger and then another pushed into me, and I felt my ring spreading as she opened me up with her fingers. She eased them in and out for a few seconds before I could feel her cock tapping at my hole, teasing me with a few short jabs that didn’t quite penetrate me. I was moaning by the time, desperate to feel her inside me. She drew back and then with one thrust she was inside and burying herself right into me. I groaned as I felt her full length deep inside me, and I pushed back at her as she plunged her cock in and out, filling me completely.

I grunted each time she pushed in and I could feel her cock grow as my muscles gripped her. She bent forward pushing my legs back onto my chest, and we kissed, our tongues fighting each other as we fucked. She picked up the pace, and she drove into me faster and faster. I could feel her balls bouncing against me each time she shoved into me. Reaching down with her hand she grasped my cock and started pumping me. I was already hard, and this just drove me crazy, feeling her ramming into me and her hands stroking my cock. Pao was now grunting as she pummelled me, and I could feel her sweat dripping onto me.

There was no warning when Pao jerked her head up and shouted, “I cumming!”

I felt her climax and then her cum was spurting into me as she continued to drive herself inside me. She kept pumping my cock as she climaxed and within a few seconds of her climax I twitched and cum shot from my cock over Pao’s hands and my belly. Pao stayed inside me, and I moved my legs from her shoulders, allowing her to fall forward onto my chest. She kissed me as we lay there, still locked together, and smiling at each other like kids with a double helping of ice cream.

She dipped her finger into my cum and sucked it before scooping up more and offering it to me. I grinned and took her finger into my mouth savouring the taste of my own cum. We both giggled as I sucked her finger and she finally pulled out of me as her cock subsided.

“Thank you James, that was great, I like to fuck you.”

“Pao, it was my pleasure, I liked it too.”

We hugged each other for a while, kissing gently as we came down from the high of making love. Pao couldn’t stop smiling and I was feeling pretty good too. She jumped up, grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bed.

“James, James, we go shower now.”

She dragged me over to the wet room, giggling all the time, and pushed me under the shower. I picked up a washcloth and washed Pao, but as soon as I touched her breasts she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, with the water pouring down over us. She dropped to her knees, looked up at me with her cheeky grin and took me into her mouth. I leant back against the wall watching Pao sucking for all she was worth, and it wasn’t long before I was hard again,

She slipped my cock out of her mouth, stood up, “James, you fuck me now, please.”

Grinning, I kissed her hand, “Anything you wish my lady.”

That produced another torrent of giggles. She turned and put her hands on the wall, and looking back over her shoulder, wiggled her lovely bum,, “Do here, please.”

I kissed her neck from behind, as I slid a finger into her hole, getting a hiss of pleasure from her. She wiggled her bum again.

“Do me now.”

I bent my knees and pushed into her. I slid in easily, and she gasped as I thrust hard into her. She pushed back and kept thrusting hard, almost lifting her off her feet as I did so. She turned her head so we could kiss, but I was now driving hard into her and she turned her head back to face the wall and was groaning at every thrust. It wasn’t long before I felt my climax building and with a final thrust, I came inside her, my legs buckling as the force of it hit me.

I slipped out and Pao turned around, dropped to her knees and took my still hard cock in her mouth, drawing the last of the cum from my cock. She stood back up and as we kissed, I could taste myself on her lips.

She had a big grin on her face, “That nice, James, you fuck good, Miss Alex say you the best. Me think so too.”

Alex clearly shared with Pao as much as she did with Areeya. I laughed, “Thank you Pao, you’re pretty good too.”

We cleaned ourselves up in the shower and having dried ourselves, Pao led me back to the bed, “You want massage now, James?”

The last massage Pao had given me was the best I had ever had, so I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Spreading towels on the bed, Pao had me lay down on my back, straddled me and began her magic, her fingers soft yet strong, kneading and probing my muscles. It was heavenly, and then she asked me to turn over to work on my back. It wasn’t long before I heard her giggle and felt her body sliding over my back. I could feel her hard cock sliding in between my cheeks, so I opened my legs and she slipped a finger into my hole. A second followed and then, I think, a third as the oil helped them slide inside me. I was squirming by now and then I felt the fingers leave, to be replaced by her cock as she slipped it deep inside me. I grasped the sheets in my fists as she slipped in and out, taunting and teasing before driving hard into me. It didn’t take long for her to cum, and she cried out as she did before falling forwards onto my back.

She rolled off me and we lay facing each other. She kissed me tenderly,, “Thank you, James.”

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight. “Pao, you are a great girl, and you fuck good too.”

That produced a torrent of giggles, and she pulled me back into the shower to clean ourselves up for the second time. We eventually went back to the bed and lay there, kissing and holding each other until we both fell asleep.

I woke in the morning to find myself spooning Pao’s back. My arm was over her hip and she was still asleep. I eased myself away from her and she rolled over onto her back where I could see her cock, lying up against her belly. It looked so enticing that I leant over and gave it a lick with my tongue. She moved slightly but didn’t wake. I gave it another couple of licks and felt it stir and begin to grow as my tongue slid over it. Taking the head in my mouth I sucked gently on it, and I felt Pao stir as her cock was now getting very hard. I rolled my tongue over the head and underneath, flicking at the sensitive spot there. Pao was now awake putting her hands down to my head to hold me in position as her cock slid in and out of my mouth. She was hissing with pleasure now and I used my hand and my mouth on her cock to bring her to the edge. I felt her cock twitch as her climax broke, and she sighed as her cum flooded my mouth.

I swallowed most of it, but my lips were sticky with some that had escaped. I rolled over on my side and looked straight at Alex, who was standing at the door with a big grin on her face.

“Fuck, Alex, don’t you ever think of knocking?”

Pao bounced up on the bed, “Good morning, Miss Alex.”

“Morning, Pao. Did you have a good time?”

“Yes, thank you, Miss Alex. Like you say, James, he a good fuck.”

Alex laughed, “He has his uses, that’s for sure. If you put him in his place, he’s pretty good.”

“Hey, you two,” I protested, “I am here you know, I can hear you.”

Alex walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge.

“Of course you are, my darling. We were just talking about you, not to you.” She kissed me on the lips, “Don’t sulk, it looks like you had a good time too, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I had a good time too.”

Pao clapped her hands, “Thank you James, I had very good time. You suck good too now.”

Alex turned to Pao, “He’s learning quite fast, I might lend him to you again one day.”

“Still here, you know.” I protested again.

Pao giggled and slid across to Alex, wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her straight on the lips. Alex put her arms around Pao and they were kissing a few inches from me, and my cock hardened at the sight. Alex broke the kiss, “Pao, I think Mr James is getting turned on by this. But it’s time for you to get home. I’m glad you had a good time.”

Pao thanked Alex again, gave me a kiss and disappeared into the wet room. Alex gave me a kiss.

“Thank you, sweetie, Pao loved it. I knew you would understand what to do for her.”

“You might have warned me,” I grumbled.

She laughed, “Yes, but that wouldn’t have been any near as much fun.”

I tried to grab her, but she skipped away, “Down tiger, we need to talk about Kritsada. Get dressed and we’ll have a talk with Areeya.”

I grabbed my shorts and pulled a clean t-shirt over my head. Pao emerged from the wet room just as Areeya walked through the main door.

Pao ran over to her and kissed her, “Thank you Miss Areeya, James say I look beautiful in your dress.”

She smiled at Pao, “I told you so, it suits you so well. Do you want to keep it?”

“Can I? It make me feel so nice.”

“Of course you can keep it, Pao. I’m glad you liked it. We’ll see you later.”

Pao gave me one more kiss, hugged me, “James, thank you, you so nice.”

She giggled once more and disappeared through the door. Areeya turned to me, “Thank you James. She really is so happy.”

“Glad to be of service, best sex I’ve had for a long time.” I said. Which earned me a laugh from Areeya and a thump on the arm from Alex. I made coffee for us all and then we sat down at the table.

Areeya said, “I am worried about my father. I know he is a careful man, but I am worried that he does not know he is being watched and bugged so closely. I know we said we should not change our plans for you to fly out next week, James, but I wish there was a way we could get you there sooner to take a personal message to him.”

“Agreed,” I said, “but how? Jandaeng will have the airport watched and if I fly my name will pop up on the police system, I am sure. In fact, if any of us fly, it will be the same. I’m sure all of us are being monitored. Could someone else take a message to him?”

Areeya shook her head, “I think it has to be you, James. He will believe you, I don’t think he would accept it from anyone else. Alex and I can’t go, it would be too obvious if we disappeared. We could cover for you if you’re gone for a couple of days, even if they are watching here, which I doubt. We tell everyone you’re ill and staying in the apartment to recover.”

Alex joined in, “There is a way you could get there without flying, or your name showing up on the computers. There’s a ferry that goes from Samui to Chumphon on the mainland where you can catch a train to Bangkok. No names, no showing passports, no passenger lists. You could be there tomorrow evening.”

“Won’t Jandaeng be watching the ferries? They will spot me, for sure.”

Areeya looked at me, “Yes, they would spot you, but they won’t be looking for two girls travelling together.”

“But you said it had to be me. You said no-one else could take the message. Who would the two girls be?”

Areeya said, “Well one of them would be Nin, we thought.”

Stupidly, I still didn’t get it, “Who would the other one be then?”

Areeya and Alex both looked back at me saying nothing, and the penny dropped.

“Oh, no. I’m not doing it. I’m not dressing as a girl.”

Chapter 8

Alex grabbed my hands, “Please, James, it’s the only way we could think of to get you over there as quickly as possible without Jandaeng being aware. You could be back here in two days and then fly to Bangkok as Jandaeng expects you to next week. Please?”

Areeya came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. “James, I am so worried about my father. I would be very, very grateful if you could do this for me.” Areeya squeezed my shoulders, and my imagination went into overdrive thinking about what that gratitude would be like.

“There must be another way, surely?”

“If there is, we can’t think of it,” said Alex. “We have to assume all electronic communications are being intercepted. We’re on an island so we can’t just drive there. The only ways to the mainland are by plane or the ferry. Flying would mean being spotted straight away. This is the only way.”

“But I would never get away with it. I would stand out like a sore thumb.” Even I realised I had moved from outright denial to raising objections.

Alex gripped my hands tighter. “No, not at all. You’re just about my size and you’re slender enough not to be too noticeable if we do it right. Your face isn’t too masculine; you have nice cheekbones. With a touch of lipstick, your lips would look feminine. Your feet and hands aren’t too large, and you have nice smooth skin.” She ran her fingers over my cheek, “A little foundation would make all the difference. You’ll be with Nin and she’ll take care of you. She’s happy to do it.”

“What?” I squealed, “You’ve asked her already?”

“Yes, of course. We had to make sure she would say yes.” Areeya said from behind me, her hands still squeezing my shoulders.

“What if I had to speak? That would be a dead giveaway.” I thought that would stop this nonsensical idea.

Alex smiled, “That’s where Nin comes in. Aside from being cover as two girls travelling together, her English is so good, she can answer questions for you. Just pretend you have lost your voice.”

I stayed silent, just hoping this madness would stop.

Alex went on, “Look, there will be hundreds of people on the ferry, I promise no-one will notice you. You can wear sunglasses all the time and a sun hat. You've let your hair grow since the pirate attack and I think we can style it in a more feminine way. If not, I have a wig you can wear that will help to cover your face. We’ll dress you casually; a top and loose sarong and sandals, so you’ll blend in with all the other travellers. You can take male clothes with you in a bag and change when you get to the bus.”

Areeya’s hands were massaging my shoulders and Alex was stroking my hands, and I could feel my objections slipping away. Alex, sensing this, provided the final push. “Look, how about trying it, get you dressed to see if it works. If it doesn’t so be it. If it looks OK, will you do it?”

I closed my eyes and nodded. “OK, I agree to try it, but if I think I look ridiculous, it’s all off, right?”

“But if it doesn’t look ridiculous, then you will do it?” Alex countered.

I opened my eyes and confident it would never happen, I sighed, “Yes, if it looks OK I will do it.”

Alex clapped her hands together and kissed me, whilst Areeya wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tight.

“But I repeat, if I look ridiculous, it will all be off, right?” I tried to stop their enthusiasm carrying me along with their hare-brained idea.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ll look fine, I promise you,” said Alex, “but you have to do everything we say, right?” I nodded, and she jumped up, “OK, let’s get started. I know you aren’t that hairy, but we need to get rid of anything you do have.”

“What? Is that absolutely necessary? I mean we’re just seeing if it might work. Can’t we do that later, if it’s necessary?” My voice tailed off as I saw the look on Alex’s face.

She glowered at me, hands on her hips, “You promised to do exactly what we said, didn’t you?”

Yes, but…”

“No buts, let’s get to it.” She grabbed my hand and dragged me over to the wet room, shouting to Areeya on the way. “Babe, can you sort out something for him to wear, casual I would say, but stylish. My stuff should fit him, I think.”

Areeya nodded and disappeared towards the walk-in closet at the end of the room. Alex had by now dragged me into the shower room, “Come on then, don’t hang about, strip. I want to look at what we have to work with.”

All I had on were my shorts and t-shirt, so it didn’t take long for me to be naked. Alex walked around me; her manner very much like a farmer sizing up a cow at the market. She even prodded me a couple of times, which I hoped was just for effect.

“Not bad, I think. You’ve dropped a few pounds since the pirate attack, makes the job easier. You’re a bit stringy, but there’s nothing we can do about that in the short term.”

“Alex, this is a one off, remember.”

“Yes, I know, but you never know, you might get to like it.” She stroked my cock and kissed me, and I stiffened in response. She gave me one more squeeze, “OK, shave your face once, and then again, to get it as smooth as possible and then use some of my moisturiser. Then we’ll get started on your body hair. I’ve got Lawan waiting outside to do the waxing. She does all the girls, me included.”

“What? No, I’m not doing that. What do you mean, she’s outside? I only agreed to see how I looked. I didn’t agree to any bloody waxing.”

Alex smiled, “Well, you did agree to do exactly what we said, didn’t you? In any case, to show you how good you could look we have to do a little preparation, sweetie.”

I turned to argue, but she gave me a sharp slap on the bum and I decided not to bother. I shaved my face once and then shaved again, finishing with her moisturiser, which felt good on my skin I have to admit. Alex had sat on the stool and watched me as I shaved.

“That’s one thing I absolutely don’t miss,” she said as she stood up and came over towards me. She stroked my chest, “I think that’s OK, but the legs need doing and your pits, ugh, they have to go, you’re not pretending to be an Australian girl for God’s sake.”

I opened my mouth, and she put her finger to my lips. “You promised, remember. The damned stuff grows back anyway, so there’s no need to get uptight.” She grinned and shouted “Lawan, you can come in now.”

The door opened and a Thai girl entered in a fit of giggles. I grabbed a towel, held it over my groin and blushed. “Alex, I will kill you one day.”

“Oh, don’t be a baby, Lawan has done this many times with boys and girls, there’s nothing she hasn’t seen, believe me.”

“Well, she hasn’t seen me.” Even I knew that sounded pathetic.

“It’s either this, or I’ll start shaving you. Which do you prefer?” Alex was making swinging motions with her hands, looking like she wanted to use a scythe to shave me.

“I said before, you aren’t getting anywhere near me with a razor. Will this waxing thing hurt?”

Alex shook her head, “No, of course not. Women get this done all the time. Come on, man up, although that’s probably not the right term considering what we’re going to do. Come into the bedroom. Lawan has set her stuff up in there.” I walked through to the bedroom, keeping the towel in front of me.

“Oh, don’t be shy, Lawan doesn’t care how little your thing is.” Alex grabbed the towel and dropped it on the floor.

“It’s not little,” I protested as Lawan giggled, which didn’t help.

“No, it’s not little, it’s kind of cute,” said Alex, winking at Lawan. Lawan indicated I should lay down on a trestle table which she must have put up whilst I was in the wet room with Alex. Areeya walked in at that moment and tried to stifle a laugh as she saw me lying down on the table.

“Don’t you dare say anything, it’s bad enough as it is.” I said, regretting that I had agreed to this crazy plan.

“What about his bikini line?” Areeya said, with a smirk.

“Bikini line? What do you mean?” I squealed.

Alex looked at me with a straight face, “We have to do a proper job, can’t have stray hairs, popping out, can we?”

“How about a brazilian?” Areeya was now trying to stop laughing and failing badly.

“What’s a brazilian?” I said. All three of them burst into laughter.

“What? What have I said?”

Alex stopped laughing, “Nothing, don’t worry about it.” Lawan was ready to start, and she applied the wax to my leg. It felt nice and warm and I closed my eyes, thinking this wouldn’t be so bad. Then I felt Lawan lay a cloth or something over the wax and press it down firmly. A few seconds later I felt a burning pain as she ripped off the cloth,

“Owww, that hurt.” I sat up and opened my eyes to see Alex and Areeya holding onto each other, trying not to laugh.

“You told me it wouldn’t hurt, you bastards.”

“Poor baby,” said Alex, “we girls have to suffer to look pretty, you know.” Areeya smothered her laughter. “I’m sorry, James, we’re only poking fun. I appreciate what you’re doing, thank you.” She leant across and gave my cock a kiss. “That’s a down payment for when you get back.”

Lawan pushed me back on the table and continued to rip away my hair. After the first shock, it wasn’t that bad, but I wouldn’t want to do it too often. Lawan got into a rhythm and I lay back and tried to ignore the pain. She came very close to my groin with the strips and I sat up in alarm as her hand brushed against my cock.

“Be careful.” I said, alarmed at what I thought she was going to do.

“Don’t be a baby,” Alex said from the sofa where she was casually flicking through a magazine. “Lawan will just trim your pubic hair, this time, we can get it waxed properly next time.”

“There won’t be a next time,” I said.

“Hmm, maybe, maybe not,” she said, her legs crossed and one shoe dangling off her foot. A gesture that somehow I find sexy. I lay back again until I heard the buzz of a hair trimmer. I looked down just as Lawan started to trim my pubic hair. She held my cock out of the way although to be honest it seemed to have shrunk in size at the thought of what she was doing. Not for the first time I thought I must be stark raving mad for going through with this. I watched as she gently trimmed away leaving what later learnt was a landing strip of hair pointing down towards my cock. She finished, looking over to Alex, who nodded, “Very pretty, Lawan.”

Lawan moved up the table and pulled my arm away from my side and quickly waxed my armpits and then ripped away the hair. I almost jumped off the table, “Shit, that stings.” I wailed.

Alex laughed, “Only one more to go, it won’t be as bad.” She lied, it was as bad.

“Thank you Lawan,” Alex said in English, then followed up with something in Thai, which made both Lawan and Areeya giggle.

“What was that?” I said, now sore and not in a good mood.

“Only that next time she could do your crack and sack as well.”

“Oh no, no way. Anyhow, there won’t be another time.” I said and got off the table. Lawan was busy clearing up her things and Alex said. “Go and take a cool shower, you’ll feel better for it, then use some of my tea tree oil.”

The shower certainly helped and I admit I felt a thrill as my fingers slipped over my now hairless legs. I used the tea tree oil as Alex had suggested and it did ease the warmth leftover from the waxing. I dried myself and wrapped a towel around my waist to give me some dignity and walked back into the room. Alex took my hand and led me across to a chair which she had placed in front of the mirror.

She bent over and whispered in my ear, “This is where the magic starts, baby. First, Lawan is going to do something about those eyebrows, they’re far too bushy and need a little thinning and shaping.”

“What? No way, I’m not having that.”

Alex sighed, “Need I remind you that you agreed to do whatever we said? It won’t be bad, I promise. Your brows will grow back if you don’t like them.” She dropped a towel over the mirror, “We won’t let you see anything until we've finished.”

“Alex, you won’t do anything too drastic, will you?” She smiled and gave me a quick kiss, “No, not this time anyway.” She put her finger to my lips before I could say anything and turned to Lawan.

“OK, Lawan, make him look beautiful.” Lawan giggled and moved between me and the mirror. “Please keep eyes closed, Mr James. Please not move either, it will sting a little but not much. I going to thread your brows first. It better than tweezing, Mr James. Don’t worry I won’t do too much.”

I felt a tug and then a sharp pain across my brows, “Ouch, that stings.” Lawan completely ignored me and carried on across both brows. I felt her rub something into my brows as she said, “Just some Aloe Vera, Mr James, very cool.” She moved behind me and I felt her hands on the back of my head. “Just give you head massage, very nice, make you relax.”

Lawan was as good as her word and before long her skilled hands had me almost falling asleep. I still had my eyes closed, and she came round to the front again and giggled, “OK, I start make-up now, Mr James. I not do too much today, just some foundation and lipstick and eyeshadow.”

Not for the first time, I cursed myself for allowing myself to be talked into this. I heard Alex and Areeya whispering in the background and I shouted, “This will be it, right?”

Areeya giggled and Alex said, “Sure baby, just the wig and the clothes after this, I promise. We won’t use any nail polish this time, but in the future who knows.”

Lawan put something over my face and spread it out with a sponge. “This to cover up any beard, Mr James, just put some concealer as well and some blush.” I had no idea what she was talking about, but I have to admit I was enjoying the feeling of what she was doing to my face. I began to appreiate why women liked to be pampered in this way. Lawan was talking all the time she was working, telling me about the eyeshadow she was using, and that it was good for daytime or night-time. As if I would know the difference I thought.

Her fingers were so soft and gentle and the feeling of the brushes or whatever on my eyes made me feel a little excited to see what it would all look like. She finished with the lipstick. “I draw around your lips, Mr James, make them look a little bigger, but you have nice lips anyway.”

I heard Alex snigger, “I might let you kiss him later Lawan.”

Lawan giggled, and I thought that might not be altogether a bad idea. She said. “Open mouth Mr James,” and I felt the lipstick sliding onto my lips. It felt somehow decadent, and I realised with a little alarm that I enjoyed the feeling. “Now press lips together gently, smooth everything, Mr James.”

I remember watching my mother do this when I was small, and it seemed a natural thing to do. The feeling of the lipstick across my lips was surprisingly nice. Lawan touched up something around my lips and then said, “OK, I finish, I think look good Mr James.”

I heard Alex and Areeya come up behind me and what sounded suspiciously like a high five between the two of them. I opened my eyes and saw Alex smiling down at me.

“OK, baby, let’s get you dressed and then we’ll finish with the wig and then you can see just how good you look.” She was holding what looked like a pair of bikini bottoms in her hand. “Stand up and let’s get these on. I was thinking of a gaff, but for now, these are tight enough to keep you in check. I can teach you to tuck another day.” Areeya couldn’t suppress a giggle but I had no idea what they were talking about.

I put one hand on her shoulder and placed first one foot and then the other into the knickers. Alex drew them up my legs and the feeling as they slid over my shaved legs was thrilling. She pulled them up tight, and I felt a little uncomfortable as my cock was compressed at the front.

“Should be OK for now,” said Alex as Areeya handed Alex a lacy bra. I felt myself blushing, “God, do I have to wear that? Can’t we just imagine for now?”

“No,” said Alex, “we want to make this look as good as possible, so put your arms out and let me put this on you.”

I stuck my arms straight out like a sulky schoolboy as Alex slid the straps up over my arms and then Areeya pulled the bra tight, fastening it at the back. As the straps pulled against my skin I felt a sudden rush and for the first time, it struck me what I was doing. Alex must have sensed something, for she kissed me and whispered, “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

I shook my head, but I couldn’t shake off the thrill I was feeling. She smiled and picked up something from the table. “These are breast forms I used to use. They’re good quality but not as nice as the real thing, unfortunately.” She slipped the forms into the bra and adjusted it so that the forms fitted into the cups. The extra weight was astonishing and I looked down at them with amazement.

Areeya laughed, “Yes, that’s what I have to carry around with me every day, and what boys love so much. Maybe they wouldn’t like them so much if they had them too.” Alex smiled, “We’re just going to give you a simple skirt and top for now, nothing too formal, you want to look as if you’ve been on holiday, not going to a business meeting.”

She picked up a brightly coloured cotton blouse, “This will slide over your head, but try not to get makeup on it.” I put my arms up, feeling the tug of the breast forms as I did so. Alex put my arms through the blouse and it fell down over my head and the bottom came down to my hips.

“Looks nice,” said Areeya fussing with it a little, getting it to settle across my shoulders. Alex picked up the skirt, “This is a wrap-around skirt, it will cover up a lot but will still be nice and cool. You just have to be careful how you sit down so it doesn’t fall open too much. We can practice that later.”

She got me to hold one side and then pulled it round and showed me how it fastened at the side. It was white and seemed to float down from my waist almost to my ankles. It felt odd to be wearing something that long but which felt light and loose and comfortable. Alex stood back and looked over to Areeya who nodded her approval. Alex sighed, and I realised she was nervous about how this would turn out.

“OK, James, the crowning glory, the wig. I don’t think we can rely on getting your hair styled in time, so we’re going to go with one of my wigs. I had a few for my previous profession if you know what I mean. It’s a good one, so it will get you by as far as we need to for tomorrow.”

I had sat down again and with Lawan’s help, they put a wig cap on my head followed by the wig. It was only shoulder length. but I had never had such long hair, and it felt strange to have so much hanging down around my face. I kept touching it and Alex gently slapped my fingers, “It draws attention to it if you keep playing with it. Leave it alone.”

Lawan and Alex did some more adjusting and then they stepped back and Areeya joined them. I thought all three were looking a bit shocked.

“What?” I said, “how bad does it look? I told you it would.” Alex shook her head and pulled me up out of the chair. I saw Areeya had her hand over her mouth and Lawan was watching, wide-eyed as I walked over to the mirror. My heart was beating so fast as she positioned me right in front of the mirror, and without a word slipped the towel off the mirror.

Time seemed to slow down as the towel dropped to the floor, and I could hear the blood pounding in my ears. I had closed my eyes, and I counted to five before slowly opening them, expecting to see some kind of monstrosity staring back from the mirror.

I was so confused at what I saw that I almost thought they had played a trick on me, putting someone behind the mirror wearing the same clothes as me. It certainly wasn’t me I could see, but a woman standing there, blonde hair falling to her shoulders and framing her face with pink lipstick and eyeshadow, wearing a pretty, brightly coloured blouse and a long white skirt. She looked somehow familiar, and then as I moved my hand to my face her hand moved as well, and with a start, I realised it was me.

Alex appeared in the mirror, standing by my side and put her arm through mine.

“I think you lost, we won.”

I couldn’t say anything, for I was trying to make sense of what I saw in front of me. My eyes and my brain were not working properly together, or that’s how it seemed. My eyes told me there was a woman standing there, maybe not a beautiful woman, but my brain was telling me it was me standing there. I shook my head and the woman in the mirror moved her head too. I put my fingers up to my lips, and the woman in the mirror did that too. Finally, my brain and my eyes were reacquainted, and I let out a little gasp.

Areeya moved onto my other side and she took my arm and smiled, “James, do you think you look ridiculous?”

I could only shake my head as I still couldn’t find my voice to say anything. It was ridiculous that I could have changed how I look so much in such a short time, but I didn’t feel ridiculous. I finally turned my eyes away from the mirror and looked first at Alex and then at Areeya.

“I don’t know what to say. I wouldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t there in front of my eyes.” I turned back to the mirror, and said as much to myself as to the others, “Do you think I can get away with it?”

Alex and Areeya looked at my eyes in the mirror and almost as one said, “Yes.”

Alex took my hand, “The most important question is, do you think you can? We’ve proved we can get you to look good, now you have to act the part, but I think you can do it.” Areeya squeezed my other hand and whispered, “I also think you can, James. I would really appreciate it you could do this for me.”

I was trapped. I had said I would do it if I didn’t look ridiculous, and they had shown me I didn’t. So, although my mind was scrambled and thinking of everything that could possibly go wrong, I gripped their hands hard and whispered, “OK, I’ll do it.”

Areeya kissed me and Alex gave me a huge hug. “Thank you,” said Areeya, and her eyes were shining. Alex turned to Lawan, hugged her, “Thank you so much Lawan, you did a great job. Can you come back tomorrow morning to get James ready again?”

She nodded and with a hug from Areeya she left. Alex led me back to the mirror, “What do you really think?”

I thought for a minute before answering. “I don’t know right now. I look a million times better than I thought I would, but to get away with it, I don’t know.” I looked at myself in the mirror again and could see I didn’t look bad. Just standing there, the transformation was almost frightening. My eyebrows had a slight curve to them, my lips shone with pink lipstick and my eyes looked larger with the eyeshadow that Lawan had used. It was me, for sure underneath, but for the first time, I felt that this might not be such a crazy idea.

Alex frowned, “OK, but we have some work to do with you to get you to act more like a woman. We can’t do much, but we can show a few things to avoid that would completely give you away.” She laughed, “Tonight is going to be a girly night.”

So it proved. Alex insisted I stay in character as she called it. She said that if I was to be convincing, then I needed to be as relaxed as possible when dressed, so practice was the only way to do it. We had lunch sent up, and I fled to the kitchen as it was brought in from the restaurant.

Alex laughed, “You’re going to have to face people, so tonight we are going out to eat.”

“No,” I squeaked, “I can’t, it would be too embarrassing, what if someone recognises me?”

Areeya held my hand, “James, it will be alright, we’ll go to a place we are not known, I promise you no-one will recognise you like this. I doubt I would be able to.”

“We'll see,” I mumbled. After lunch, Alex and Areeya spent the afternoon getting me to learn the difference between how men and women move and act. They made me watch them move and walk and then I had to try. They got me to sit down dozens of times until I got it right; don’t flop down, lower yourself slowly, tuck the skirt beneath you before you sit down, keep the knees together, no manspreading, sit up straight, don’t slouch, keep the shoulders back, don’t be tense, try to relax - the list was endless.

Alex made me put on a pair of her shoes, just a pair of sandals with a low heel that I would wear the next day and made me walk up and down the flat. She said that women walk with shorter strides than men and that I was to imagine I’m walking a straight line putting my feet down one in front of the other, keeping my elbows tucked in so I wouldn’t swing my arms so much. It never seemed to stop and my head and body ached so I called for a break. I sat down on the sofa, put my head in my hands, “I can’t do it, it’s impossible.”

Areeya came and sat down next to me, “James, you can. When you sat down just now, you did everything right. Look at how you’re sitting now.” I realised that I was sitting with my knees together, and I had smoothed the skirt out beneath me as I sat down. Somehow the lessons were sinking in.

Areeya went on, “All we need to do is enough to get you off the island, don’t forget. It’s only to stop you being spotted. Jandaeng’s men will be looking for a man, not two pretty girls travelling together. We only need to get past anyone at the ferry terminal in Samui and on the mainland. After that, it’s all over.”

I looked at her and then Alex and thought there wasn’t much I wouldn’t do for these two. I sighed and stood up.

“Alright,” I said, “Let’s keep practising then.” Alex hugged me and we went back to the lessons. By the time we stopped again, I felt exhausted. My mind was reeling and my body ached from doing simple things I had done all my life, but in a different way. Alex and Areeya declared themselves happy with progress, so we went to sit on the balcony for a drink.

I had started to feel less awkward and I felt the most confident I had about getting away with it the next day. I sat with my back to the stairs, and it was only when I saw Alex look up and smile I realised someone was behind me. Whirling around I was horrified to see Nin standing there.

“Hello Mr James, you look very nice,” she said, a big smile spread all over her face.

I turned to Alex, “You will kill me one day, why didn’t you warn me Nin was coming?”

Alex grinned and said something in Thai to Nin, making her and Areeya laugh. I absolutely had to learn to learn more Thai.

“What did you say?” I demanded.

Alex smirked, “Nothing much. It was only that Nin usually tells someone she’s coming before she actually comes.” That made Areeya and Nin laugh again, and I shot them both a look.

“Come on baby, it was a joke, anyway we thought Nin should come out with us tonight so we can plan what we do tomorrow.”

It was only then that I realised that all this wasn’t a spur of the moment thing; Alex and Areeya had planned this in advance. Alex looked thoughtful, “We can’t keep calling you James, can we? You need a femme name. What do you think? Candy? Scarlett? Lexi?”

I must have looked horrified because Areeya jumped in, “Don’t be silly Alex. How about Jamie? It’s close to James and will be easier to remember.”

Alex pouted, “Oh alright, but I think Kaylee would be cool too.”

Nin said, “Jamie is nice, I like that too.” Areeya said, “Good, that’s decided, Jamie it is.”

“Anybody care to know what I think?” I said. They all turned to look at me.

“Actually I like Scarlett,” I said.

Areeya and Nin looked stunned while Alex smirked.

“Gotcha,” I said, “Jamie is fine.”

They all burst out laughing and Alex said, “Maybe I’ll just call you Scarlett in bed.”

“It’s time we should be going out to dinner,” said Areeya, “Jamie, are you ready?”

I looked up at all of them, smiled, “I’m nervous, but with you to help me, I’m ready to try.”

Alex jumped up and headed back into the flat and emerged with some bracelets and a necklace. “We need to accessorise you before we go out.” She slipped a couple of bright bracelets on my arm and Areeya held my hair up while Alex fixed a necklace around my neck. To finish, she spritzed perfume onto me and announced that I was ready.

They all hugged me and we were off. We walked arm in arm down the strip, me with my eyes on the ground most of the time, trying to remember my lessons. The others were laughing and chattering in Thai and I hoped it looked just like four girls out for a good time.

Anyway, we seemed to get a fair amount of attention, but nobody stared at me too much and no-one pointed and laughed, which was what I was afraid of. The confidence of the others was infectious, and I began to relax more and more. It was when we got to the restaurant, and Alex announced she had to go the restroom that a full blown panic set in.

What if I had to do the same when I was dressed like this? Alex must have seen the look on my face because she said, “Come on Jamie, let’s go together.” Alex pulled me up and held my hand as walked over to the restrooms. She whispered, “There’s nothing to worry about, just use one of the stalls, but don’t forget to sit down, you’re a girl now. I’ll be here all the time.”

There were a couple of women in there already, and I felt like bolting straight out again, but Alex held my hand and pushed me into one of the stalls. I sat down, sweating and feeling like throwing up. I held my head in my hands and swore I was going to tell them it was all off when I got out of here.

“Jamie, are you OK?” Alex was outside, sounding worried.

I stood up, a bit unsteady on my feet, smoothed down my skirt and opened the door. Alex stood outside, smiling and held out her hand again. She led me across to the basins and whispered, “Wash your hands and freshen your lipstick like we taught you this afternoon.”

I was in a daze by now and automatically did as she told me. Two loud Aussie girls came in and glanced at us, but walked straight into the same cubicle and we heard the unmistakable sound of kissing from inside. I was shocked, and looked at Alex who shrugged, stuck her tongue out and made an obvious licking motion. I wanted to laugh but managed to stifle it, grabbed Alex’s arm and walked back out into the restaurant. By the time I got back to the table, I had forgotten all about pulling out.

The rest of the dinner went well and as I relaxed I felt more confident in my new persona. One thing worried me about tomorrow and that was if I had to speak. Alex had told me to forget about speaking as Nin would be there to sort that out, but I wanted to know if I had to, was there anything I could do to sound a little more feminine.

Alex thought for a moment. “There’s not much you can do about the pitch of your voice, that takes a lot of practice and time to change. Men talk in a more monotone voice, hold their head straight and vary the loudness of their voice for emphasis. You’ll hear women raising and lowering the pitch of their voices for emphasis and speaking more quietly and more precisely than men, and we move our heads more as we talk. If you have to say anything, speak quietly, act a bit shy and lean towards whoever you’re speaking to. Don’t interrupt a man, or contradict him. They hate it, their egos are too fragile. Don’t try to sound like you think a woman would. That won’t work. Try to vary the pitch of your voice a little and be more animated when you speak. The best advice I can give is, don’t speak unless it’s a matter of life and death.”

I tried to do as Alex suggested, to the general amusement of the others. It was strange but learning about being a woman was also teaching me things about being a man too. A waiter whispered something to Alex. She grinned, “Ladies, it seems we have some admirers. The waiter said the group of guys at the bar think we’re lovely and want to buy us a drink.”

Nin and Areeya turned to look, but I hissed, “What? No, tell them no.”

Areeya said, “They look alright, why not?”

I squeaked, “No, you can’t, you’re mad.”

Nin smiled, waggled her fingers at them, “It might be fun.”

“No, no, no,” I said as Alex waved to the waiter and said something in Thai.

“Has she said no?” I asked Nin.

Nin said with a frown, “Miss Alex say yes we would love to have a drink with them.”

“Noooo, she can’t, I mean we can’t, I mean, I can’t.” I was babbling now.

The others burst out laughing and Nin grinned, “I joking, Miss Jamie. Miss Alex say we flattered but unable to accept their invitation.”

Areeya and Alex were laughing so much they were crying, and Nin was trying not to laugh.

“I hate you all,” I said. I turned to look at the group and they all raised their glasses to us in a kind of salute. A few seconds later one of them stood up and walked across to our table.

“Shit, shit, one of them is coming over.” I was almost fainting by now.

“Good evening, you gorgeous ladies.” He was huge; tall, broad-shouldered and spoke with a strong Australian accent. “My name’s Shane. I know you said no, and forgive us being so pushy, but is there any way we could entice you to have just one drink with us tonight?”

Alex smiled back at him as I stared down at the table. “Well, that’s very kind of you,” she said, “but you see it’s my friend Jamie’s last night on the island for a while, she’s leaving tomorrow and it’s up to her. What do you think, Jamie?”

I heard Areeya snigger and felt Nin trying not to laugh. What I really thought was that I would kill Alex when we got back to the flat, very slowly and painfully.

I knew Shane was looking at me but I shook my head.

“Jamie is it?” I heard him say, “are you sure I can’t change your mind?” I summoned up all my courage and looked up at him, expecting him to spot me as a man straight away and start shouting. Instead, he smiled broadly and repeated what he said.

I took a deep breath, tilted my head and said as quietly as I could, “Thanks, Shane, but I have a long day travelling tomorrow. Maybe some other time?”

He nodded, “I hope you didn’t mind me trying. Have a safe trip tomorrow Jamie, and goodnight to all of you.”

He retreated back to the others with a chorus of goodnights from Alex and Areeya. I slumped back in my chair, “I want to go home, now.”

“Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” said Alex, as I glowered at her.

“That was mean, Alex,” I said.

“Look, it proved that you can carry this off, didn’t it?”

“Maybe,” I muttered. We headed back to the apartment, said goodnight to Nin who would meet us in the morning ready for the ferry trip. I was still seething when we got back to the apartment, and I threw myself down on a chair on the balcony. Alex sat on one of the other chairs whilst Areeya came and sat sideways on my lap, wrapping her arms around me.

“Jamie, Alex would never have let anything happen to you. You must know that, and neither would I. It was a compliment to you.”

“How do you figure that out?” I said, still mad.

“You were doing so well, coping with everything. What we did this afternoon, going out in public. You were dealing with it so easily, it was just a bit of fun.”

She leant in and gave me a kiss on the lips. I felt her lipstick slide across mine, and with a start, I remembered how I was dressed. It felt odd, me kissing her while wearing lipstick, but I felt the familiar stirrings of an erection as she kissed me. Alex came and stood behind me, and nuzzled my neck with her lips, her hands slipping under my blouse.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered into my ear, “do you forgive me?” I nodded as Areeya by now had her tongue in my mouth. She was kissing me with increasing fervour and I could feel my erection pushing against her bum as she sat on my lap. Alex was now nibbling my ear as my hands sought Areeya’s breasts beneath her loose top. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were already hard as I tweaked them between my fingers.

She moaned a little and broke her kiss with me and moved her attention to Alex who now had her hands on my breasts inside my blouse. I obviously couldn’t feel anything, but it felt incredibly erotic to have her playing with my bra. I dimly realised that my bra wasn’t an expression I thought I would ever say.

Areeya got up off my lap, pulled her blouse over her head and straddled me, hitching her skirt up and pulling down her knickers, in one graceful movement. My wrap around skirt had fallen away to each side and I could feel my cock straining against the tight knickers I was wearing. Alex moved round and tugged them down, releasing my cock. She grabbed it and guided me into Areeya’s sopping pussy, and she sighed as I penetrated her.

Alex stood just to one side, and I saw her take out her phone and began to film. Areeya was kneading her breasts with her hands and groaning as she moved up and down on my cock.

“God, this is so hot. Jamie, suck her nipples.” I fastened onto one nipple with my lips and I could feel the slippery lipstick against the hard nub. Alex was kissing Areeya before going back to filming the scene. I felt Areeya tense as her orgasm approached and I felt her pussy tighten and she groaned, falling forwards onto my shoulder.

Areeya stood up and dropped to her knees, taking my cock into her warm mouth. I could feel I was close to my climax as Areeya was now using her hands and her mouth on my eager cock. My climax was sudden and I came inside Areeya’s mouth, hearing her splutter as I filled her mouth. She stood up and as I watched she kissed Alex, my cum dripping from her lips as Alex sucked it into her mouth.

Areeya dropped to the floor and Alex pushed me down so that I was lying on Areeya with my nose right next to her pussy. I pushed my tongue deep into Areeya and her juices covered my face. We stayed like that for a while, Areeya sucking my cock, whilst I licked and bathed Areeya’s pussy, until my face was wet and slippery.

Alex seemed to have disappeared until I heard her voice again. “Get up you two. Areeya, I want to watch you fuck Jamie so I’ve brought your little toy with me.”

I looked up and there stood Alex with Areeya’s strap-on in her hands. She was leering and I could see she enjoying this. Areeya stood up, and I watched, almost bewitched as she stepped into the harness and strapped it on. I had watched Areeya fuck Sam with this and had dreamt afterwards that Areeya was chasing me down the strip, wearing this same prosthetic cock and now I was going to feel its power. I wasn’t scared, but I wondered how it would compare with a real cock. Areeya stood over me, and the rubber cock sticking out from her groin looked alarmingly big.

“Get it nice and wet first, Jamie,” growled Alex, her voice sounding hoarse with anticipation. I got to my knees and looking up into Areeya’s eyes, I slipped my lips over the cock. It felt huge in my mouth, and I gagged as it stuck in my throat. I took it out and tried to spit onto it, but all the moisture had vanished from my mouth and all I could do was run my tongue around the tip. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Alex was filming this on her iPhone and that gave me an extra thrill.

Areeya moved the cock in and out, but I gagged on the taste of the rubber.

“That’s enough. Jamie, get down on your hands and knees.” I did as Alex told me and I sensed Areeya go round behind me. My skirt was flipped up onto my back and I felt her, or maybe Alex, push a dollop of cold lube around and into my hole. A finger pushed its way inside and I thought that would be Alex, not wanting to be left out. A second finger slid in and I was glad because it would stretch me before the big strap-on entered me. I think a third finger was pushed in but I was quivering with anticipation by now and just wanted it inside me.

Alex came round to face me, still filming. She looked up at Areeya, “Areeya, give it to her now.”

I felt the first push of the cock into my hole and I tensed up, my muscle reacting to my fear of the thing trying to poke its way into my backside.

“Relax that little boi pussy, baby. Push back on it.” Alex was cooing at me, to get me to relax, which had the opposite effect. Areeya tried again and my muscle still resisted. I felt a sharp sting on my bum. Areeya had slapped me hard on one cheek as she pushed and it did the trick because she slid the cock in past the muscle, and I gasped as I felt it stretch me back there. Areeya slid it halfway in and then pulled back before easing it back in, letting me get used to the girth and length.

“How does that feel Jamie, does it feel good?” Alex was still filming. I grunted something, which Alex treated as good because she said,

“Areeya, give her all of it, make her feel like a real woman.” Areeya pushed harder and I could feel the hard unyielding rubber sliding deeper and deeper into me. I grunted and arched my back as the pain increased. It was unlike a real cock, cold and hard and it felt almost clinical, more like a surgical instrument burrowing its way inside me. Almost despite myself I pushed back against the thrusts, getting it deeper and deeper inside me with every push. I started to sweat and I think I screamed once as it got deeper.

“That’s it, Jamie, push back, take that big dick all the way inside.” Alex was right in front of my face and then moved off to film from behind.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I groaned as Areeya kept pushing. I knew from watching Areeya and Sam that the strap-on had a smaller dildo built in so the wearer would get stimulation from using it as well. I could hear Areeya pant as she too felt the effect. Alex was now back in front of me and still filming.

“That’s good, Jamie, I knew you could take it baby. Areeya keep fucking her, she’s loving it.” I lost track of time, but somewhere I zoned out and couldn’t hear anything, I knew Alex was talking but all I could concentrate on was the cock inside me. Then the pain faded and the pleasure took over. It must have been rubbing my prostate because without warning I felt myeslf come, cum dribbling from my cock.

Alex caught the moment on camera, “Oh, fuck, baby, that’s beautiful, you just had your first anal orgasm.”

She put the camera down and kissed me, just as Areeya pulled out of me, leaving me feeling empty and a little sore. Alex pulled me to my feet and hugged me tight before giving me a long deep kiss.

“Baby, that was so exciting. You dressed like that, and Areeya pumping away in you. I’m glad I got it on film. You’ll love it. Do you want to see it now?”

I looked at her through eyelids that were threatening to shut by themselves. “Alex, I’m so exhausted, all I want to do is go to bed.”

She was still bubbling though, and it took both Areeya and I to convince her I needed to get some sleep before the next day. Areeya removed the wig and cleaned my makeup off, telling me I would need to do this myself tomorrow when I changed back to James. She would make sure I had all the cleansers, wipes and moisturisers I needed in my bag. Alex insisted that I keep in character and gave me a nightdress and a pair of knickers to wear.

I was too tired to argue and as I pulled the lace knickers up she stroked my bum, “Why wouldn’t you want to wear these instead of boxers?” The nightdress was silky and felt nice to wear to tell the truth. But I would rather die than tell Alex that.

I collapsed into bed, quickly followed by Areeya and then Alex. I was asleep in seconds, leaving them to get up to God knows what. We woke early the next day for a quick sunrise breakfast on the terrace followed by a shower which relieve some of the soreness from the previous night. The ferry was due to leave from Maenam pier in the North of the island just after midday. It gave us enough time to get me ready and then a taxi ride up to Maenam.

The crossing to Chumphon would take about four hours on the catamaran ferry and then about eight hours up to Bangkok on the coach. It would mean getting into Bangkok just after midnight and Alex was going to fix us a place to crash when we arrived. It would be a long trip, and the plan was for me to take my male clothes in a case and change from Jamie to James before we got on the bus.

Alex had given me one of her shoulder bags which was sufficiently unisex to be OK for James and Jamie. She did insist on packing it with a makeup emergency repair kit in case of accidents as well as a couple of pairs of the tight knickers I would be wearing to keep me as flat as possible. It wouldn’t matter too much in the loose skirt, anyway.

Lawan arrived and did my face just as she had done the day before. Alex wanted to have my nails done as well, but I said I couldn’t change into James with nail polish. I reluctantly agreed to let Lawan do my toenails as I would be wearing open-toed sandals as Jamie, and shoes as James. I ended up with my toenails painted to match the soft pink shade of my lipstick.

Alex and Areeya had picked out another wraparound skirt, this time in navy blue, as I had got on so well in the one yesterday. The top was white cotton but fell just above my waist leaving a section of my stomach visible. Alex wanted me to get my belly button pierced, but I drew the line at that.

The sandals were the low-heeled ones I wore the previous day which would be fine for the time I was going to wear them. Once the wig had been fitted, Alex produced a white straw sunhat and a pair of her big sunglasses to wear. I wasn’t so scared to look in the mirror this time and with the hat and sunglasses, I thought I didn’t look too bad.

Time was ticking by and Nin had arrived with the taxi and we said our goodbyes in the apartment as we didn’t want to risk anyone seeing us all outside. We hugged and kissed and then Nin and I were in the taxi and heading up to Maenam pier for the ferry.

“You look pretty, Miss Jamie,” said Nin as we headed off.

“Thank you Nin, but you must call me Jamie, it will better if we’re overheard.”

“Ok, Jamie,” giggling as she said it. I held her hand for reassurance as my mind raced thinking of everything that could go wrong. My imagination was running wild by the time we arrived at the ferry pier. I took a deep breath and got out of the taxi in as ladylike a manner as I could manage.

After dropping our cases onto the trolley for loading onto the ferry, Nin and I found a spot in the shade to wait. It gave us a good view of the ferry pier and the people milling about. Most of them were young western backpackers, with some Thai families and a few older travellers mixed in. Nin nudged me and nodded towards a couple of hard faced Thai men standing by the loading gate. They were wearing what appeared to the standard issue Thai Police mirror aviator sunglasses and were checking out the passengers in a none too subtle way. I nodded to Nin, and I kept my eye on them behind my sunglasses as every so often one or the other would walk around the passenger area scrutinising faces.

I watched anxiously as one of them decided to do another sweep and headed over to where we were sitting. Fighting back an incredible urge to get up and run, I almost panicked, but Nin laid her hand gently on my arm to calm me down. I think I stopped breathing as he approached closer, his eyes sweeping faces as he passed. I fiddled with the earphones to my iPhone as he walked up to us, hoping he would just pass by.

Nin looked up and smiled at him, but there was only a stony face in response. He stopped in front of me and as I looked up he gestured for me to remove my sunglasses. I was sure he could hear my heart hammering in my chest, but I played dumb, pretending not to know what he meant. He made the gesture again and I slowly removed the glasses and smiled at him. I honestly believed I was done for at that moment, but he just nodded and moved on, his face still inscrutable.

As he moved away, Nin and I both let out the breaths we had been holding in. I touched her arm in relief and we smiled at each other, hoping that we had passed inspection. It wasn’t long before the boarding announcements and the passengers streamed onto the ferry. We joined the queue and followed the line towards the ferry.

As we approached the ticket collectors at the gate, one of the Thai cops shouted something and headed towards us. I froze on the spot, waiting for him to confront me. Instead, he grabbed a scruffy looking backpacker just in front of me and wrestled him to the ground. I stood there almost wetting myself with fear. Nin reacted first and dragged me on to the loading pier as the two cops were both now struggling with the backpacker.

I was now shaking with anxiety, but we walked as calmly as we could onto the ferry and headed downstairs to find seats. Nin held my hand as we sat down on a row of three seats and I could feel the tension seeping away. We looked at each other and giggled, the worst had to be over. I started to relax until I felt someone sit down on the seat next to me. I ignored whoever it was and fumbled in my bag for my book. However, I sensed I was being inspected by the new arrival, and I tensed, thinking this is when they shout, “That’s a man.”

I stared down at my book and then an Australian voice said, “Excuse me, Miss, it is Jamie, isn’t it?”

I turned and looked straight into the smiling face of Shane.

Chapter 9

Shane stuck out an enormous hand and I instinctively shook it, hoping for the first time in my life that my handshake would be a little limp.

“G’day girls. What a coincidence,” he said. “I thought it was you on the dock but I couldn’t be sure. I know you said you were leaving today, but who would have guessed we would be on the same ferry. Didn’t know myself until this morning. Had an urgent call to get back to Bangkok. All the flights are full, so I had to scramble to get this ferry and the bus. I’m in the security detail at the Aussie embassy in Bangkok. they’ve had some kind of crisis, so they called me back from leave. Had to leave me mates behind. They’re over from Oz for a break so I came down to see ‘em. Did you see that blue up on the pier? The cops jumped on that guy pretty sharpish. I reckon it was drugs, big problem all over here. Druggies are stupid, never learn. Sorry, I know I talk too much. You’re Jamie I know, so who’s this little Sheila with you? I think I saw you last night too, didn’t I?”

Nin was looking wide eyed at Shane.

“My name Nin, I with Jamie, we go to Bangkok.” Shane leaned over me and shook Nin’s hand. Her hand looked tiny in Shane’s massive paw.

“Nice to meet you, Nin. You on vacation or seeing family or something?”

Nin glanced quickly at me but I had nothing to offer. We hadn’t thought of a cover story.

“We go see my family in Bangkok, Jamie my friend, she come with me see real Bangkok. We work in hotel in Samui.”

Nicely done Nin, I thought. She was lying the accent on thick because I knew she spoke nearly perfect English, but I guess she thought all Westerners expect Thai people to speak in pidgin.

“Yeah, look I love Bangkok. Best posting I’ve had. Was in bloody Kabul last. Bloody iffy place that is, I tell ya. Hey, do you two fancy a tinnie? I’ve got some in my pack.”

Shane rummaged around in the bag at his feet and pulled out three cans of Leo beer. He offered one to Nin who shook her head and then offered one to me. I desperately wanted one to settle my nerves, but I shook my head.

“Awww, come on girls, you can’t leave a man to drink with the flies, can ya?”

Nin looked baffled and Shane said, “Sorry, I meant drink alone.”

Nin laughed, “OK, thank you Mister Shane, I take one please.”

“It’s Shane, Nin, none of this Mister stuff please.” He handed the tin to Nin and then said to me, “C’mon Jamie, will you join us?”

I nodded and leant towards Shane, “Yes please, if it’s alright.”

“No worries, Jamie. It’s my pleasure. I was dreading this journey, but now I have the company of two lovely ladies.”

I thought he must have had too much sun in Kabul if he thinks I’m a lovely lady, but I took his beer and said cheers as we knocked out cans together.

“So, Jamie, what brought you to Samui?”

The last thing I needed was a bored and chatty Aussie to spend the next four hours with.

“I came out to Thailand for work, fell in love and decided to stay. I found myself in Samui and decide that was where I wanted to stay.”

Not entirely a lie. Shane nodded, and a cloud seemed to pass over his face. I noticed for the first time how blue his eyes were; not the vivid blue or the ice blue you see sometimes, but a clear light blue that held my gaze. I remember reading somewhere that people with blue eyes have a higher threshold for pain and alcohol than other people. Bizarrely, I wondered if that had anything to with his choice of security as a job.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“No, no. It’s just I broke up with someone before I came to Thailand. Took me a while to get over them. I haven’t met anyone else yet.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “you will, I’m sure.”

He smiled and nodded, then said, “Look, I’ll let you get some rest, it’s going to be a long journey.”

I touched his arm lightly, “Thanks Shane, you’re sweet.”

Sweet! Why did I say sweet? I turned to Nin who had been watching Shane and I, and she smiled as if she knew something I didn’t.

“What?” I said.

“Nothing, Jamie, nothing. I try to get some sleep.” She curled up in her seat and was asleep in a few seconds.

A couple of hours had passed and I read my book and listened to music, but I couldn’t relax enough to sleep. Nin was fast asleep, probably one of those people who could sleep anywhere. Me, I need a good firm bed to get a proper sleep. Shane had dozed off and had been snoring quietly. I noticed he had stopped snoring, and I glanced up at him and found him looking at me with a smile on his face.

“Look, Jamie. Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?” He was whispering as Nin was still asleep.

Shit, here it comes I thought. I just hope he won’t make a huge fuss about it. Lowering my eyes to the floor I shook my head.

“I just wanted to know if you and Nin there are an item?”

I whipped round to look at him, that wasn’t the question I was expecting.

“Er, Shane…”

“Sorry, sorry, that’s was too personal. I’m sorry, Jamie.”

I smiled and touched his arm with my fingertips, “Shane, no it was a bit of a shock, that’s all. No, we’re not together, at least not like that, just friends. We work together as Nin told you. Why did you ask?”

“I just wondered, you seem close with each other, you said you had fallen in love, and what with you being transgender and all…”


My brain scrambled and I felt sick. Shit, what was I going to say? I had got this far without a problem and now it was all going to come tumbling down. He must have seen in my eyes how scared I was.

“Don’t worry, Jamie, I won’t say anything. I wondered last night and then today I was sure. You look great, but I have a friend who started to transition a while back, so I know a thing or two about it all.”

Hell, what should I say? I decided the only option was to play along. “Shane, you have to understand I’m really new to all this, I just got the courage to start dressing fully, so it’s all a little strange for me. I’m scared that people will make fun of me.” Luckily, all of that was true.

“Jamie, I promise I won’t say anything, it’s fine by me. You look great, honestly.”

He took my hand and squeezed it gently. Oh God, here I was, dressed as a woman with a man holding my hand. I bent my head towards him, “Thank you Shane, you’re so sweet.” He let go of my hand and for some strange reason I missed him holding it. I had to sort what to do after this, so I excused myself and told him I had to go the toilet. I squeezed past him and found the toilets at the back of the ferry. I was heading for the one marked men when I realised I should be using the women’s toilet. Luckily, people had settled down to sleep, so there wasn’t a queue. The toilet was filthy, and it didn’t encourage me to linger. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided I didn’t look too bad but freshened my lipstick anyway. It was then I thought that if Shane was going to stick with us, then I wouldn’t be able to change before we got on the bus as we planned. Shit, it meant I would have to stay as Jamie until we got to Bangkok. I cursed Alex and Areeya with every swear word I could think of for getting me into this.

I returned to my seat, and as I squeezed past Shane the boat hit a wave and I stumbled, falling into his lap. It took me a few seconds to get up again to find he had a big grin on his face.

“I’m so sorry, Shane.” I said, blushing furiously.

“No worries, Jamie, It’s no bother. I’ve had worse things happen, believe me.”

I sat down again, still blushing about what had happened.

“Shane, I think I’ll try to get some sleep.”

He nodded, still with a big grin on his face. “Me too, Jamie.”

I put my earphones in and listened to my beloved John Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’, which is guaranteed to calm me down. I must have dropped off to sleep at some point because I woke up to find my head resting against Shane’s shoulder. As my head cleared, I saw he was asleep too, and his hand was resting on my thigh. Oh shit, what is going on? I moved his hand from my leg, trying not to wake him and dug Nin in the ribs until she woke. “Come with me,” I whispered, and we squeezed past Shane and walked to the back of the ferry.

“I went to sleep and when I woke up he had his hand on my leg.” I said.

Nin giggled, “I think Shane likes you, Jamie. I see how he looks at you.”

“Whaaaaat? He can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m a man for God’s sake.”

“Jamie, look in mirror. You don’t look like man.”

“Yeah, but he knows about me.”

Her eyebrows shot up and her mouth dropped open. “What?”

“While you were asleep he asked me if we were together.”

She looked at me, obviously puzzled, “We are together.”

“Yes, but he meant were we lovers.”

Nin’s eyes widened, she covered her mouth with her hand and giggled.

“It’s not funny,” I said. She stopped giggling but couldn’t get rid of her grin.

“What did you say to him?”

“I told him we were friends from work. But then he said he knew I was transgender.”

“Oh, what did you tell him?”

“I had to say yes. What else could I say? I couldn’t tell him the truth, could I? We don’t know anything about him.”

“What did he say?”

“That he was OK with trans people. He has a friend in Australia who transitioned.”

She frowned, “Hmm, maybe he has kathoey girlfriend?”

“He told me he had broken up with someone before he came to Thailand. Oh God, it must have been his friend who transitioned that he broke up with.”

“Maybe that why he likes you, Jamie.”

I couldn’t believe it, but it would explain things, “No, Nin, I can’t cope with that.”

“What choice we have? It will be just for a few hours, Jamie. When we get to Bangkok, you can change and then we can get back to normal.”

Damn it, I knew she was right, but it was the last thing I wanted was a man who wants to get inside my knickers on top of everything else. I cursed Alex, Areeya, Kritsada and Jandaeng in equal measures for getting me into this spot. For a moment I considered telling Shane the truth, but then it struck me. Was it purely a coincidence he was on the ferry? It seemed to be too much to think I would run into him last night and then again today. I desperately wanted to get a message to Alex or Areeya but our burner phones wouldn’t work out here. I decided I would need to careful about what we said to Shane.

Sighing, I turned to Nin, “OK, you’re right, let’s get back to Shane and pretend it’s all OK.” We made our way back to our seats where Shane was awake and we both squeezed past him. This time I made sure I didn’t end up on his lap.

“All good, girls?”

Nin smiled, “Yes Shane, we went get some air. Not long before we dock.”

Shane brought out another round of beers, and I wondered how many he had in that bag of his. The announcement that we would shortly arrive came a few minutes later and all around us the other travellers began to get ready. We waited to let the others get off first and then we climbed out onto the deck and saw the long pier at Chumphon along which we would have to walk to get to the bus. First of all we had to collect our cases and Nin and Shane told me to sit on a bench whilst they tried to find them amongst the piles of cases coming off the ferry.

I saw Shane pick up a big rucksack and swing it onto his shoulder. He stood next to Nin, and she looked a child compared to him. I saw Nin pick up her bright yellow bag, and I expected my case to follow, but there was nothing. Nin seemed to be having an argument with the crew unloading the bags, and they were making that arms outstretched and palms turned up gesture that means the same everywhere - there’s nothing left. Shit, I thought, my bag has to be there, it has all my male clothes in it. Nin was shouting furiously at the crew who just waved her off. Shane looked over at me and shrugged his shoulders as if to say, it’s all a mystery.

I walked over to them and Nin looked distraught.

“I am sorry, Jamie. Your case is not here. The boat is empty. The crew say it must have been stolen.”

Shane said, “I looked in the hold and there’s nothing left inside. Are you sure it got loaded on Samui?”

“We put both our cases on the trolley at the ferry pier with everybody else. If Nin’s is here, then mine should be too.”

“I asked crew to contact Maenam to see if case left behind. They checking now,” said Nin.

Shane put his hand on my arm, “Look, Jamie don’t worry, I’m sure it will be found.” At that moment one of the crew members returned and spoke to Nin. She raises her eyes to the skies and I know from her look that my bag is not at Maenam either.

“Your bag not at Samui, Jamie. It’s gone.”

“Shit,” I said in a frankly not very ladylike manner. I was now so frustrated and angry with what was going on I felt like getting back on the ferry to go back to Samui. Shane took me by the hand, “Jamie, there’s nothing we can do here. It’s gone, why don’t we go on to Bangkok and you’ll have to get some new stuff there. Do you have insurance?”

I shook my head. There wasn’t much in the case, as we had planned to come straight back, but the loss of my male clothes was the most pressing problem for me.

“You’re right Shane, I’ll just have to buy some more clothes in Bangkok. Let’s get going.” It was now almost six o’clock, and we had wasted a good half hour trying to find my case. We trudged down the pier but as we approached its end, we saw two buses pull out and speed off up the road trailing clouds of dust. There were no other buses left, and I knew with a terrible sinking certainty in my stomach that we had missed the bus to Bangkok.

Nin ran up to the bus park and was arguing with someone there. We caught up with her and she turned to face us, her face dark with anger.

“These people are stupid, they say the buses cannot wait, they have to go, even if we have ticket.” She said something in Thai, which by the look on her face involved cursing the bus drivers and their entire families too.

“When is the next bus, Nin?” Shane asked.

“Tomorrow morning, no more buses tonight. He say there normally train at one o’clock in morning but it is cancelled because landslide on track.”

At that moment we heard the ferry’s engines roar as it pulled away from the jetty. We were stuck here for the night.

“I don’t believe this, how can something go so wrong?” I was tired and angry, and my back was aching from the extra weight of the breast forms. I wished I could just take them out and stretch properly. My feet were sore from the rubbing of the sandals against my toes. I was fed up with acting as a woman and I just wanted to go home.

“C’mon Jamie,” said Shane. “We’ll find somewhere to stay here and then get the first bus in the morning.” He threw his arm around my shoulder and squeezed me. It felt like I was being hugged by a bear, but just the gesture made me feel better. I was now beyond frustration and anger as I knew there was nothing I could do about the situation. Nin said, “I need to let my parents know what’s happening, I will text them now.”

I nodded, realising she meant she was going to text Alex. Shane said, “I need to let my people know too.” They both began texting, and it gave me a moment to sort out what was going on. It seemed to be almost beyond belief that so much was going wrong. Could it be bad luck or was there something more sinister at play here? That’s the trouble with paranoia; once it gets its grip on your mind, it spreads like cancer, infecting every thought and making every event seem like a conspiracy. We have to play it by ear, I thought, take everything as it comes.

Nin touched my arm, “My mother and father are sorry that we are delayed, but we should press on to Bangkok as soon as we can. They send their love and hope we are well.”

So, Alex and Areeya were at least aware of the situation, even if they could not do anything about it. Shane came over, “I’ve got some good news, the embassy have said they will pay for a taxi for me to get to Bangkok, so we can all pile in one and get on our way. We might even get there earlier than the bus.”

I smiled and Nin gave Shane a hug, or as much of a hug as she could, given the difference in their size. “Thanks Shane, you’re wonderful,” I said, and without thinking I gave him a kiss on his cheek. He blushed scarlet and Nin gave me a sideways look as if to say be careful.

Daylight was fading fast, and it struck me that we were about to set off in a Thai taxi, in the dark and probably driven by a madman for an eight-hour journey to Bangkok. My knuckles tightened at the thought of it. A Toyota minibus appeared out of the darkness, thankfully with two drivers, which in my view, significantly improved our chances of surviving the journey. We climbed on board and I headed for the back seat, hoping somehow that it would be safer than the front. Shane moved in front of Nin and climbed in after me and sat next to me on the back seat. Nin boarded last, gave me a look and sat down on one of the other seats. I glanced at Shane who grinned back at me, apparently happy that he would be spending the next eight hours sitting next to me. I prayed that he would keep his hands to himself on the journey.

We pulled out of the ferry area and onto the road. Nin said it would take a little while to reach the main highway towards Bangkok but then we should be able to make good time. It was now pitch black outside and all we could see were the houses next to the road, most of them lit with grish fluorescent tubes. We passed motorcycle repair shops, bars, fruit stalls and all kinds of businesses by the side of the road. Life is often lived in the open in these rural areas of Thailand. There was a hypnotic quality to watching this pass by the window and I could feel my eyelids droop as we drove on. The radio was playing Thai pop music, and I could hear Nin softly singing along, when the driver said something sharply to the other driver in the front.

“Nin, what did he say?” Shane asked.

“He say police road block ahead.”

“Ask him if that’s normal.”

Nin spoke to the driver, and as he replied even I could tell he sounded nervous. Nin turned towards us, “He says it is very unusual here, I think he scared.”

Shane moved quickly and was at the side passenger door in a flash.

“You two, stay in your seats and don’t move.” There was an authority in his voice that made me do as he said without question. The driver slowed down and came to a halt.

“Nin,” Shane spoke quietly, “tell the driver to lock the doors.” Nin did as Shane asked, and the driver, visibly nervous, nodded. We heard the clunk as the driver activated the door locks. We could see two torches coming towards us and the headlights of a car behind them. “Jamie, turn round, look out the back and tell me if anyone comes at us from behind.”

“I can’t see anyone, Shane.”

“Keep your eyes peeled and tell me quietly if you see something.”

Someone knocked on the driver’s window and the driver rolled it down and all we could see was the light from the torch. Whoever was holding the torch said something and Nin translated quietly. “He ask for driver’s papers and where we going. Driver say people missed ferry and going to Bangkok. He ask driver to unlock back door, he want to see bags.”

“Tell the driver to unlock the back door only, Nin.”

She did, and we heard the back door unlock. The second man moved to the back, and we could hear him pulling at the bags. So far, it seemed to be just a routine police stop, and I breathed a little more easily. The guy at the back called out something to the one at the driver’s door. Nin said, “He say it not there.” Immediately, a gun was poked through the window against the driver’s head. A burst of Thai followed, and the thump of the doors being unlocked. It was obvious now that this was anything but routine.

“Shit,” said Shane, “Try to stay calm. Don’t say anything.”

The door was pulled back and the man who had been at the back was in the open door pointing his gun at Shane and shouted something in Thai. “He say get out and kneel on ground, hands behind head.” Nin said. Shane put his hands up and edged towards the door. He stepped down and we could see the man waving his gun around in Shane’s face. Shane didn’t take his eyes off the guy’s face, and the man was getting wilder and wilder, screaming at Shane.

“He tell you to stop looking at him, he shoot you if not.” Nin shouted to Shane who slowly dropped his gaze. I was angry that once more someone was waving a gun around in front of me. I had to stay calm. I knew I might have only one chance to make something happen, and I didn’t want to miss that chance. The guy from the front came round to the open door, pointed his gun at me, “Where your bag?”

“I don’t have a bag, it was stolen on the ferry.”

“Don’t lie, where your bag?”

“I told you, I don’t have one, someone stole it on the ferry.”

Nin said something to him in Thai, I guess telling him the same thing.

“Take the bags, if that’s what you want,” shouted Shane, and got hit on the back of his head with the gun. “Shut up,” screamed the one with his gun on me. It had a been a blow that would have dropped an ox, and yet Shane was only down on his hands and knees shaking his head, trying to clear it.

“We want your bag,” he screamed at me, “where you hide it?”

“I don’t have it, it didn’t come off the ferry. Can’t you see it’s not here.”

“Liar, tell me or I shoot her.” He pointed his gun at Nin.

“No,” I shouted, “I don’t have my bag, there’s nothing in it, why do you want it?”

The man guarding Shane looked over to see what was going on in the mini bus, and like a cobra striking, Shane stood up and hit him under the nose with the flat of his hand in one motion. I heard the man’s nose break, and he flopped like a sack of rice onto the floor. The guy inside the bus turned to see what was happening, and I shoved him hard in his back, his head whipping back against the door frame and the gun tumbling out of his hand. He fell out through the open door and Shane stamped on his hand before picking up the gun. He bent down, stuck the gun in the man’s ear, “Listen, we don’t have the bag, it was stolen on the ferry, tell your bosses to look at the crew, one of them has it.” The man nodded his head and Shane clubbed him over the head with the gun.

The taxi drivers were jabbering away in Thai and Nin translated “They want to get away now, they scared.”

The two men who had held us up were moaning on the ground and Shane frisked them, removing their phones and wallets. He threw the guns into the darkness

“Nin, tell the drivers to wait while I disable the car, then we can get going.”

“Hurry Shane, they say they only wait a couple minutes.”

Shane sprinted over to the car and we could hear him smashing the windscreen, and the lights died. He came back after a few minutes, folding up what looked like a very serious knife.

“Slashed the tyres, ripped out the wiring and threw the keys into the river over there. They won’t be going anywhere soon.”

He jumped in, closed the door and the taxi driver floored the accelerator and we shot off. Shane reached out and gave Nin’s hand a squeeze, she smiled at him but I could see she was still shaking. I went to sit next to her, and I hugged her tight.

“Nice move Jamie,” said Shane, “I’m not sure I could have reached him in time if you hadn’t done that. Took some guts.”

“I’m sick of people waving guns at me,” I said.

He raised an eyebrow at me and I shook my head, “Long story, Shane, for some other time. What do you think this was all about?”

“I can only guess but I think someone slipped drugs into your case while it was on the trolley in Samui. Happens a lot, innocent travellers can be used as unwitting mules for carrying drugs. You got unlucky. Maybe the guy they caught on the pier was a diversion. I think it all went wrong though. You were meant to collect your bag, and then it would have disappeared, maybe on the bus. I guess one of the crew members got greedy, stole your bag on the ferry, took whatever was in it and probably chucked the bag overboard. It threw the reception team over here off guard and they had to pull this stunt to see if you had stolen or hidden the drugs yourself.”

Nin had stopped shaking by now, and as I looked at her I couldn’t resist giving her a quick kiss. She smiled, “Kap kun kha, Jamie.” She snuggled closer into my arms and I saw Shane giving us a glance. The taxi drivers were talking quietly to each other and Nin couldn’t hear what they were saying. We had just arrived in a small town when they pulled over to the side of the road and turned off the engine. The driver said something to Nin that obviously wasn’t good judging by the dark look on her face. She turned to us, “They refuse to take us any further, they too scared. They think we are bad luck and want to go home. They say hotel here or get new taxi, they turning round now.” Superstition is never far away from everyday life in Thailand, so if the drivers had decided we were bad luck, that was an end of it as far as they were concerned.

The second driver was already unloading Shane’s and Nin’s bags from the back of the minibus and it was obvious this was the end of the road for them. We all got out of the bus and stood there as the driver spun the wheels and headed back to Chumphon. We looked at each other, all of us thinking the same thought, could this journey get any worse? Shane and I sat on the bags whilst Nin went in search of another taxi. I was surprised to see that even as tired as I was I had remembered to hold my wrap-around skirt properly and I sat there with my knees together.

“Shane, if you’ll tell me, where did you learn to take guys down like that?”

He didn’t reply straight away but looked at his boots, “Australian Special Air Service, two tours in Afghanistan. Then into private security work, close protection and other stuff.”

I nodded, hoping Shane would say more. He didn’t, so I said, “What made you leave the army?”

He looked away, and I knew he wasn’t going to volunteer the reason.

“Was it because you’re gay?” I said it quietly, half hoping he wouldn’t hear me.

He picked up a stone from the roadside and turned it in his fingers. He played with it for a few moments before looking at me, “How did you know?”

“There were clues. You seem to like me but you know I’m transgender. I think the friend you talked about who transitioned was more than just a friend by the way you spoke of him. A few other things, I don’t have a gaydar, but it seemed to explain things.”

He turned the pebble in his fingers a few more times, “I guess I always knew I was different, but I grew up in a shit hole mining town in Western Australia and there you couldn’t be different.” He made exclamation marks in the air with his fingers as he said the word different. “I left as soon as I could to join the army, I honestly thought it would put me on the straight and narrow.” He paused and tossed the pebble into the road. “It didn’t work, of course. I could play the macho role as well as any of them. You had to, especially when I got into the special forces, but I knew inside I was still different. I suppressed it until one day in Afghanistan I got shot up, not too badly, but I had to spend time in the base hospital. One of the nurses was a guy from Sydney and we kind of hit it off. There was some clumsy fumbling and kissing behind the hospital area and we got caught. We were both offered the choice of resigning or being discharged. The military was pretty uptight even recently. The irony is that it wouldn’t happen now.” He blinked and wiped something away from his eye, He coughed once and continued. “Niall and I got together when we got back to Oz and for a while it was fine.”

I knew there was a big but coming.

“Niall wanted me to, but I couldn’t, or wouldn’t come out, and he got fed up waiting for me to sort my life out. He always wanted to transition, and he went ahead and started the process. I couldn’t cope with it and joined a private security outfit who didn’t ask too many questions about my background. Ironically, I was sent to Kabul and then onto Bangkok. Of course, Niall was unwilling to compromise, and we split up. I don’t blame him at all. He, or rather she, is Emma now. Doing well and having SRS this year.”

I reached out and touched his arm, “I’m sorry Shane, I didn’t mean to make you sad.”

He blinked a couple of times, looked at me, “Jamie, no worries, it’s good to talk about it to someone who understands.”

At that moment Nin arrived back, and we knew it wasn’t good news by the look on her face. “Don’t tell us, no taxi?” She shook her head. “No taxi in this shitty town. We can get one in the morning from next town. Good news there is hotel, bad news they only have one room.” Shane and I burst out laughing and Nin looked puzzled. “Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse,” I said.

“I guess that’s it then girls,” said Shane, “I don’t think I snore, but if I do, I apologise in advance.” We traipsed up to the hotel which didn’t look too bad, but I was prepared to put with pretty much anything to have some rest after what we had gone through. The room they showed us was basic, but it had air-con and a clean looking bathroom. It had one large double bed and a none too comfortable looking chair. We dropped the bags and looked at each other.

“I’ll sleep on the floor, you girls can have the bed.”

“No, Shane.” Nin and I chorused almost as one.

“No arguments, do you think there’s any food? I could eat a scabby horse.”

Nin looked alarmed. “He means he’s very hungry,” I said, and she looked relieved. “There is restaurant down the street, I don’t know how good.” I realised I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and suddenly I was ravenous. We found the restaurant, and the food was good but very fiery. Nin was in her element but Shane and I had to have some lime cucumber raita to cool things down. A couple of Leo beers each rounded off the meal. By the time we got back to the hotel we were all pretty spent. Shane reversed the chair and propped it up against the door handle. “Habit,” he said as explanation.

“Nin, don’t you think you should just let your mother and father know we are OK, but might be a bit later now?” I wanted Alex and Areeya to know we were OK; the details could wait until later. It was then I realised how much I missed them, and how much I wanted to be back with them. Nin looked up from her phone with a grin. “My mother and father understand delay and hope we are well. Father says Scarlett should be careful.”

“Scarlett?” Shane looked puzzled.

“My nickname,” I said hurriedly, “no idea why.”

Shane pulled some clothes from his pack, spread them on the floor, and put a sheet from the bed over them. He stretched out and laughed, “Welcome to the Ritz.” Nin and I took turns to visit the bathroom and I took off my blouse and skirt and hung them, although they were looking pretty crumpled by now. I decided to keep the bra on but put on a fresh pair of knickers from my shoulder bag. I wrapped a towel around me and came back into the bedroom. Someone had turned out the light, so I had to feel my way in the dark and managed to kick Shane on the way to the bed. Nin was under the covers and already fast asleep so I slipped inside the sheet.

“Good night Shane, and thank you for what you did today. I haven’t said thank you properly.”

“No worries, Jamie, you did well yourself babe, G’night.”

I tried to sleep but there was so much flying around in my head I lay there staring at the ceiling in the dim light. I wished that Alex and Areeya were here. I wanted to hold them and to feel their warm bodies against mine. I felt so alone and scared after what had happened, and in desperate need of someone to hold.

“Shane? Are you awake?” I whispered, half of me hoping he would say yes, and half of me dreading that he would.

“Yes, Jamie, I am. What’s up?”

“Just wondered how your head was, you took a big thump out there.”

He laughed, “It’s fine Jamie. My noggin is pretty hard, but thanks for asking.”

“That’s good.” My throat was dry and I could barely say the words, “Can I come down there?”

There was silence for what seemed an eternity. “Are you sure, Jamie?”

I wondered what he was thinking, and what he would expect if I went down there, and what I was prepared to give.

“I need to hold someone,” I said.

“Sure, Jamie, slide on down. There’s plenty of room down here.” I took a deep breath, checked that Nin was still asleep and slid off the bed onto the floor. I pulled the towel closer around me and crawled over to where Shane lay, found the edge of the sheet and reached out in the dark and my fingers brushed warm skin.

“You found me,” he said.

I sidled closer and realised he was holding up the sheet to let me slide in. I moved over and shuffled right up against him. He was lying on his back and I could feel his warmth through the towel I was wearing over my bra and knickers.

“You OK there Jamie?” he said. I couldn’t see but I suspected he was smiling.

“Thanks, Shane, I just wanted to feel someone next to me.”

“Happy to help,” he said.

I could tell he was naked under the sheet and I wondered yet again what the hell I was doing. I wanted to feel someone lying next to me, but was it more than that? If it had been just that wouldn’t I have cuddled close to Nin? Shane was a lovely guy and I owed him big time for what had happened tonight, but what did I really feel about him? Aside from an adolescent crush on a school friend I had never been attracted to a man. I was in love with Alex, but surely that was something completely different? With her I had cast aside my British middle class inhibitions about what was and wasn’t normal. Between Alex and Areeya and Pao, I had done things which I never would have thought myself capable of only a few months before. My boundaries had been blown away, and I was not sure where my new boundaries were if indeed, there were any.

Shane was gay, or at least bi, and yet here I was, lying next to him, with his arm draped over me and feeling good about it. I knew he was attracted to me, and there is always something exciting about finding out that someone likes and wants you. I had told him I was TG so none of this would be his fault. If anything happened, it would be because I wanted it to happen. So, what did I want to happen? Did I just want just to be held because I was tired and alone and scared? Or was I curious about what might happen? Was dressing as a woman for a couple of days all it took to change my perspective so completely? I decided I was overthinking this and told myself to shut up and see what would happen. Shane was still awake, his breathing hadn’t changed, and I wondered what he was thinking.

I was lying facing him and I put out my hand onto his chest. It felt as hard as granite under my fingertips and he flinched a little at my touch.

“Sorry,” I whispered.

“No need, babe. I enjoyed it.”

My fingers found a hard ridge of skin where it should be smooth. “Was that where you got shot?” I asked as I followed the ridge across his chest.

“Yeah, it was an ambush. I was lucky, the bullet caught me as I was turning and it went straight across me. A few centimetres the other way and I would have been toast. I got the little bastard who did it though. The rest of the guys dragged me out and I got choppered out to the fire base.”

“That’s where you met Niall?”

“Yep,” he didn’t want to talk about it, that was clear. “Jamie, if you keep stroking my chest like that I might get the wrong idea.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“That’s not what I said, babe. But if you keep doing it, I might have to do it back to you.”

My fingers stopped, and I thought, this is it. I can stop and it’s all over, or I can go on and then I could never say I wasn’t warned. My fingers moved again, stroking Shane’s chest. He sighed, rolled over towards me draping his arm over my hip and pulled me closer towards him.

“I told you if you kept doing it, I would have to do it back to you.” He moved his hand from my hip and tugged at the edge of the towel. I hitched up my body, and he pulled the towel away leaving me in the bra and knickers. His hand slid up my back and with the other he pushed back my hair.

“You sure you want to do this, Jamie? It’s not too late to stop if you want me to.”

I didn’t say a word, just put my arm around his neck and pulled him towards me and his lips met mine.

Chapter 10

Shane’s lips brushed mine so gently I wasn’t sure he had kissed me at all, as if he was still giving me the chance to back out. I closed my eyes and pressed my lips onto his and I felt the pressure increase and we were kissing, his lips crushing mine. I felt lightheaded, and the blood pounded in my ears as I felt his arm pull me closer. Hesitantly, I put my hand up to his face to stroke his cheek, and I was shocked to feel his stubble beneath my fingers. It was enough to jerk me into the reality what I was doing and I froze. What the hell was I doing?

I was tired and lonely and scared, and I wanted some comfort from somebody, but this had gone far too far. It was flattering that Shane was attracted to me, and I liked him, but not in the same way, surely? I had allowed myself to be drawn into something I wasn’t prepared for; it seems I did still have boundaries, and despite the dressing and the acting as a woman, I wasn’t ready for anything else.

Shane sensed something had changed, “What’s the matter, Jamie?”

“I can’t do this, Shane, I’m sorry.”

He brushed my hair back but I couldn’t look at him. He lifted my chin with his finger, “Don’t worry, Jamie. It's been a hell of a day and you’re tired and lonely. It's OK, I understand.”

I felt like I was tottering on the edge of an abyss and that a slip would send me tumbling down.

“Shane, I’m so sorry and I can’t explain, but it wouldn’t be right to go on.”

“It’s OK, babe, I understand. It’s OK. If you want to go back on the bed it’s fine, we can forget all about this. It never happened, OK?”

I didn’t know what to say. I felt horrible. Shane had given me plenty of opportunity to back out and I had ignored him. What did I think I was doing? He had been a hero with the ambush, God knows what would have happened if he hadn’t been there. I owed him a lot, but I couldn’t go any further.

“Shane, I've been a fool, and you’ve been so nice. Maybe one day, I can tell you the whole story, but I’m sorry for leading you on. I do like you, but it’s not right. Shit, I’m not making much sense.”

“It’s cool, Jamie, nothing happened, right? You’re great and I like you, but I’m not going to push you if it’s not what you want. You’ll work it out, no worries.”

He paused, giving me time to sort out what to do next.

“Jamie, it’s up to you babe, if you want go back on the bed that’s fine, if you want to stay down here that’s good with me too. Nothing will happen, I promise.”

The tone of his voice led me to believe he also wanted company. He was a tough guy, but like all of us he needed some comfort too. I made up my mind, it was the least I could do for him.

“Can I stay here? Do you mind?”

I could sense he was grinning, “Jamie, no worries, just kick me if I snore.”

“OK, Shane, sleep well.”

“G’night, Jamie.”

As tired as I was, sleep didn’t come quickly. I lay there cursing myself for what I had done. Yet, somewhere deep down there was a part of me that had wanted it, and it was that thought which kept swirling around in my mind. Shane began to snore as he fell asleep and eventually my eyelids became too heavy for me to resist and I drifted off.

“Jamie! Jamie!” I woke with a start to see Nin looking down at me from the edge of the bed, her eyes wide with surprise. I felt something heavy on me and realised that Shane’s arm was draped over my waist and he must have been spooning me from behind. Shit, this doesn’t look good. I gently slipped his arm away from my waist, slid away from Shane and pointed to the bathroom for Nin to follow me in there. We managed to get to the bathroom without waking Shane. I sat on the toilet seat with my head in my hands.

“What happen?” asked Nin.

“Nin, nothing happened, well nothing much anyway. Oh, hell, I tried to kiss him, I think.”

She giggled, her hand up to her mouth, “You think? Don’t you know?”

I put my head back in my hands, “Well yes, I tried to kiss him but we didn’t, well we did, but I stopped. Shit, I don’t know what I did.” I was babbling now, and I decided that saying nothing was better than trying to explain it.

“Why you next to Shane?” Nin was not going to let me off the hook.

“Nin, I was tired, I missed Areeya and Alex and I wanted some comfort and he said I could come down next to him, then he put his arm around me and then I kissed him. I panicked when I realised what I was doing and stopped. That was it, honestly. Shane was so nice about it but I feel terrible.”

Nin came and knelt in front of me and took my hands in hers. She smiled, “Jamie, there’s nothing to worry about then. If Shane alright about it then It all OK.” I looked up at her and she gave me a hug.

“But there must have been a bit of me that wanted it, Nin.”

“So what, Jamie? Shane very nice, he like you, you like him, what to worry about?” She smiled, and I had the distinct feeling Nin would have liked Shane to like her too.

I hugged her back, and she pulled me up, “We need to get you ready, you look a mess. You take shower and I fetch your stuff, we get you ready for drive to Bangkok.” I slipped off the towel I had been wearing along with the bra, the breast forms, wig and my knickers. I turned the shower on and gratefully let the warm water wash over me, easing away some of the stress I was feeling.

Nin came back into the bathroom with my bag, “Shane awake, he say if you need help to wash your back, he glad to help.” I looked aghast at her and she collapsed into giggles. “I joking, he said he go see if we can get breakfast.” She slipped off her bra and knickers and tossed them into the corner. She caught me looking at her breasts, “You like?” I blushed again as she giggled, “Pao right, you have nice cock.”

I laughed, realising that these girls kept no secrets from each other. “I think you have a nice cock too, Nin.”

She smiled broadly, “Thank you Jamie, I hope maybe one day I get bonus like Pao?”

I blushed again, “I would be happy to do that, Nin.” She had shaken me out of my self-pity and I felt like things might not be as bad as they seemed. Nin had her shower as I shaved and then she set to work on me. She wasn’t as skilful as Lawan but she still made a good job of my makeup. I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought I looked OK. Some of the fear of being caught out had left, but it still felt odd to feel the weight of the breast forms tugging the bra strap as I moved. It had been a good move for the girls to give me some extra makeup and a fresh pair of knickers to wear. We had not planned for me to spend a long time dressed, so I would have to wear the same skirt and top from the previous day, but they didn’t look too bad. Nin and I emerged from the bathroom just as Shane arrived back in the room.

“G’day girls, how are you? Sleep well, I hope? You both look very nice this morning.”

I couldn’t look him in the eye and Nin said, “Thank you Shane, we slept very well. I hope you did too. No disturbances in the night, I hope?” I blushed and looked away.

Shane looked at me, “No, none at all, slept like a log. Anyway, there’s a place down the road where we can get some food to eat on the way. The hotel have found us a taxi, so we can be on the road quickly.”

He held the door open for us and I scampered through, still not able to look him in the eye. We bought fruit, spring rolls and fish cakes to eat for breakfast, but we couldn’t get coffee, so we had to make do with bottled water. I was desperate for coffee so Nin told our driver to stop at the first place where we could pick some up. We climbed into yet another minibus and set off for Bangkok. Hopefully we would make it this time. This time I made sure to sit next to Nin, not allowing Shane a chance, not that I thought he would after last night. Nobody felt much like chatting and before long Shane was asleep, hunched up in his seat, and Nin followed soon after, her head resting gently on my shoulder.

We had started early but now the roads were beginning to fill with trucks and coaches, motorcycle and minibuses taking half asleep people to work. My mind wandered as I thought about what to say to Kritsada. It struck me then that if his phones were being intercepted then he might also be under surveillance. I groaned inwardly as I realised that meant I would have to meet him dressed as I was. It maybe hadn’t been all bad that I wasn’t able to change into my male clothes as we had planned. Areeya knew Kritsada was going to be in Bangkok for the next few days so with our arrival in Bangkok due about midday, we could go to his office and somehow get to see him there.

I wasn’t thrilled about meeting Kritsada dressed like this, but at least Nin would be with me. I turned to watch her as she slept, her breasts rising and falling with her breathing. I had grown very fond of her over the past few days and she had been a good choice for this trip. Inevitably my thoughts went back to last night, and I cringed as I thought about what I had done, but Nin’s calm words came back, “Shane very nice, he like you, you like him, what to worry about?” That was true, but no amount of rationalising could cover up that I had been tempted and had pulled away only at the last moment.

In the months since I had been in Koh Samui, my life had been turned upside down and I had shattered whatever boundaries I had from my previous life. How far would I go? Was I just tired and lonely last night and looking for solace? Or was it something else? Was there another boundary I had to push down in this new life? For sure, I was flattered that Shane liked me, but I had never had thoughts about a man before. I discounted Alex, for irrespective of how we made love, I had fallen in love with her as a woman. Had Alex seen something in me all those years ago at university when he had tried to seduce me? Had I been so deeply closeted then that it took meeting Alex again to bring me out? At that moment the driver called out something in Thai and he pulled into a service station. He turned round, “Coffee.”

I woke Nin and Shane and we trooped inside in search of coffee. I grabbed Nin by the hand and whispered, “I need to pee, come with me.” Shane offered to get the coffees as Nin and I disappeared into the toilets.

“Nin, where are we going to get Shane to drop us off? He will want to take us to your parents, but we have to get to Kritsada's office. We can’t ask him to drop us there.”

She thought for a moment before saying, “I will ask him to drop us at the railway station, tell him we have to get train to my parent's place. Then we go to Kritsada office.”

“OK, that sounds good. If Kritsada is being watched I have to go dressed like this. I don’t know how we will get inside to see him.”

“OK, you stuck as Jamie for a bit longer. Are you OK with that?”

“I’ll have to be,” I said, “there’s no choice.”

We headed back to where Shane was waiting with the coffees and we sat in silence as we drank.

I turned to Nin, “Can you get us some more snacks for the rest of the journey, please?” She looked puzzled but nodded and headed off. I turned to Shane, “Shane, I want to apologise for last night for what I did, it was stupid of me and I also want to thank you for being so gracious about it.”

He looked at me without saying anything and then looked away for a moment before speaking, “Jamie, there is nothing to apologise for, nothing happened as far as I’m concerned and I don’t want you to worry about it. It’s all good for me.”

I touched his hand briefly, “Thank you, you’re a star.”

He smiled, “But for God’s sake talk to me, will you? I can’t stand the silent treatment I’ve had this morning.”

I laughed, “OK, that’s a deal.” We were laughing as Nin returned with a bag of snacks and water. She looked from me to Shane with a puzzled look and then shrugged.

The journey back to Bangkok passed more quickly as we chatted and dozed. We passed Hua Hin, where the King has a palace, and sped towards the sprawling outskirts and traffic jams of Bangkok. Soon we slowed to a crawl with tuk-tuks and motorcycles adding to the mayhem that is Bangkok traffic. Nin had told Shane that we wanted to be dropped at the railway station and he had tried to argue, suggesting that he take us all the way, but Nin insisted we be left at the station. We swapped telephone numbers to keep in touch, and I thanked him for the taxi ride and for everything he had done for us. He said it was nothing and that he had enjoyed our company on the trip.

We stopped at the station and Shane wanted to see us off but the driver said he couldn’t wait. Shane lifted out Nin’s bag and gave her a big hug, almost lifting her off her feet and kissed her cheek. She was blushing and giggling at the same time. He turned to me and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tight into his chest. I tentatively put my arms around him and he whispered in my ear, “It wasn’t to be this time, Jamie, maybe there will be another time.”

He let go of me, kissed my cheek, turned to hurry back to the bus and we waved to him as he disappeared into the traffic.

Nin looked wistfully after him, “He nice man, Jamie. We were lucky to have him on the trip.”

“We were so lucky, Nin. Very lucky indeed.” To myself I thought, maybe a bit too lucky, but I shook it off and we looked for a taxi. We arrived at Kritsada's office and I had sorted out a plan how to get Kritsada's attention. I told Nin to call his office and to tell his secretary that there was a special gift delivery of GlenDronach waiting for him at reception to and that we had orders to hand deliver it to him. I guessed he wouldn’t resist the opportunity of a bottle of his favourite whisky. The secretary told us to wait in reception and that someone would be down shortly.

We sat and waited for a few minutes and then the doors opened and Kritsada emerged and we stood as he approached. We both bowed and pressed our hands together in a wai. He nodded, looked at me quizzically, but then shot a question to Nin in Thai. She motioned towards me.

“Sawasdee Kha Khun Kritsada, I have a message for you from your daughter, sir. She wishes you are well and hopes you would receive us in private for a message for your ears only.”

He looked baffled and then his expression changed to one of incredulity. He took another look at me, “James?”

“It’s Jamie, sir and we do have to talk in private.”

He said something to the receptionist. Nin whispered, “Kritsada asked for his car to the front door.”

A few minutes later a large black Mercedes drew up and Kritsada indicated we should follow him outside and the uniformed driver opened the doors for us.

“Please join in the back, Jame, I mean Jamie.”

He gave instructions to the driver as we headed out into the heavy Bangkok traffic. He placed his finger on his lips and we sat in silence as the driver miraculously weaved his way through the jams until we pulled up outside a shabby looking restaurant somewhere in Patpong. Kritsada led the way inside and then straight through to the back of the restaurant. He opened a door and ushered us both inside. In contrast to the dowdy restaurant it turned out to be a luxuriously furnished lounge with a bar, sofas, low tables and large screen televisions.

“Please sit down and let me get you both a drink so you can explain what the hell is going on.”

I asked for a whisky and Nin a coke. Kritsada came back with two glasses of scotch and a coke for Nin.

“Clever to get my attention with the GlenDronach, but now tell me why are you dressed like this?”

“Is this place secure, sir, I mean is it possible this could be bugged?”

He looked around in surprise. “James, or should I call you Jamie? This is a place I bring my closest friends for private meetings and to watch football, I guarantee you it’s not bugged.”

I picked up a remote control and turned the TV on and a pop music channel was playing K-pop videos.

“I’m sorry sir, but I want to make sure.” He shrugged, confident now he was dealing with a madman. Nin was trying to make herself as small as possible, not wanting to attract Kritsada's attention. “You remember the last time I was here, sir?”

“Of course, it was only last week.”

I told him about my meeting with Jandaeng after I had left Kritsada's office and the way Jandaeng had tried to threaten me if I would not work for him to spy on Kritsada. I also told him about Jandaeng letting slip he knew I would be doing some off the books work for Kritsada which meant that Jandaeng either had a mole in his office or was bugging Kritsada, or possibly both. Areeya, Alex and had to assume the phones were bugged and that the only safe way to get a message across was to hand deliver it. We decided I had to be the one as Kritsada might not believe it from anyone else. Travelling like this as Jamie I had hoped we wouldn't be recognised, but we had been delayed due to the lost suitcase and the holdup.

Kritsada sipped his drink and sat for a while, his face giving nothing away. He glanced down at his watch and then looked at me. “Firstly, let me give you my thanks for what you have done. When I first saw you I thought you had taken leave of your senses, but please forgive me that. I have always assumed that I am in the crosshairs, I think you say, of the police for many reasons, and yes, I know that my phones are tapped. But it adds to my suspicions that one of my employees is conspiring against me. Jandaeng is familiar to me although I did not know he was so interested in my activities. I will have to think about how I protect myself from him. I think it is even more important for you to help me track down my internal spy. James, I know that you have done this for Areeya and Alex, but I thank you for what you have done. It reinforces my view that you are a resourceful and courageous man. James, I find myself once more in your debt, and I think you know that is an unusual situation for me.”

He paused and looked at Nin, “I congratulate you both on what you have done. It sounds as if you have had a remarkable time. What do you intend to do now?”

“We need to head back to Samui, sir, and then we can come back as planned next week to start our project. It’s what Jandaeng expects.”

He laughed, “then I think we should give Jandaeng just what he wants, a spy on the inside. We can use that if we play this carefully. When will you head back?”

“I think as soon as possible, sir, but maybe we can stay overnight and catch a train back tomorrow morning. We should go down to Surat Thani and cross to Samui from there. I don’t want to go back through Lomprayah this time. After what happened there it might be too dangerous.”

“I think you’re right to be wary. I would offer you the company plane, but I think it would attract too much attention. You can stay here, there are some rooms at the back for let’s say special occasions. This is undoubtedly one of them.”

“Thank you, sir. Can I ask one favour?”

He raised an eyebrow, “Of course.”

“I would like to get out of these clothes, and as I lost my clothes on the ferry, could you lend me some money to buy some?”

“I will most certainly arrange that, but they will be my gift, not a loan. But,” he frowned and paused, “surely you have to return in female clothes? If someone has seen you then it could be dangerous to revert to James now? You have made a remarkable transition to Jamie, and I think it best you stay that way.”

I realised with a sinking feeling that he was right. He smiled, “Why don’t I let Nin here buy you some nice clothes for tonight and for the journey back. She knows your size, and I am sure she will choose well. I have accounts in many stores, it should not be a problem. Nin, would this be possible? Please also choose some clothes for yourself as well. It is a small token for what you have done.”

Nin smiled from ear to ear. “I would be happy to go shopping for Jamie.”

“Good, that’s settled then. I will make arrangements for Nin to sign on my account, and for your stay here. It is perfectly safe, although from the outside it may look a little undesirable, it helps to make it more discreet. Jamie, I am very grateful for your efforts to warn me of Jandaeng and I will not forget the service you have done me. I will see you both next week as agreed.”

He bowed to me and then to Nin before leaving. Nin giggled, “This will be fun, Jamie. I get to go shopping for us.” I shrugged, “The sooner this is over, Nin, the happier I will be.”

‘Do you not enjoy dressing as a girl even a little bit, Jamie?”

Her question caught me by surprise. “Nin, I don’t know. At first I was terrified but as I relaxed and became more confident, I felt better about it. I guess, yes, it has been fun to be someone else. It makes me feel a little different too. I can see how men treat me differently as a woman.”

“You mean Shane?”

“No, well yes, a bit. It was weird to find someone attracted to me dressed as a girl. But I feel different dressed like this, calmer, more relaxed in a funny way. It’s odd the way men look at you. I feel a bit shy, really.” I ran out of words and Nin smiled. “It not all bad Jamie.”

“No you’re right, Nin, not all bad. But I haven’t thanked you for everything you’ve done for me.” I hugged her for a moment. “I couldn’t have done this without you, you've been great.”

Nin blushed, “I have enjoyed it Jamie, you so nice and brave to do this for Miss Areeya.” Personally, I thought I was mad to be doing this, but I didn’t tell her that. Kritsada returned and apologised but there was only one room available as the others were occupied tonight. I looked at Nin and she shrugged, “We don’t mind sharing a room, it’s no problem.”

He took us through to the back of the room and showed us into a large beautifully decorated bedroom with an en suite bathroom and a very large double bed. I glanced at Nin and she winked which made me blush. I thanked Kritsada, and he apologised but he had to leave to take care of some urgent business. He thanked us both once more and gave Nin a card which he said would allow her to charge whatever she wished at the Central Embassy Shopping Mall. I saw Nin’s eyes light up at the prospect of shopping in such an upmarket mall.

When he left I flopped onto the bed and let out a huge sigh. Nin lay beside me and I felt for her hand and we lay there for a while just feeling the stress of the day ebb away. I rolled over to find she had fallen asleep and I watched her, thinking her beautiful.

Nin woke soon after and she couldn’t wait to go shopping. She told me to get some sleep as she had plans for us tonight. I groaned inwardly as I could only imagine what that could mean. Nin disappeared, and I took off my clothes and the wig, and luxuriated in a bath, the first one I had taken for a long time. I wrapped myself into a fluffy dressing gown I found in the bathroom, tumbled back onto the bed and this time fell fast asleep.

It seemed to be only a few minutes later when Nin was waking me up by shaking my shoulder.

“Jamie, Jamie, wake up, I got shopping.”

I prised my eyes open to see Nin standing in the middle of the room surrounded by bags with names like Chanel, Dior and Gucci.

“I like shopping.” said Nin, grinning all over her face. “Come on, have a look at what I bought for you.” She was like a kid in a toy store, dragging stuff from bag after bag. I eventually got her down from her shopping high and we laid out what she had bought on the bed. She had got a couple of outfits for each of us for tonight, underwear and clothes for travelling back tomorrow.

“The shops say we choose what we want and then they will take back the rest. They call Khun Kritsada and he say that OK.”

Nin took off her clothes and stood there naked, ready to try on her clothes and I thought just how beautiful she was. A woman's body with small puffy breasts and a man sized cock dangling from her groin. I couldn't help licking my lips as I watched her, just a few feet away. She caught me looking and giggled, twirled around so that her hair and her cock flew out. She was teasing me and I was finding it increasingly difficult to stop myself responding. I coughed again, “Let’s see what you got me.” She pouted, “OK, take off dressing gown.” I took it off and Nin whistled as I did so, making me blush once more.

“OK, OK, I stop now,” but she was still grinning. She handed me a bag from Victoria's Secret and out tumbled a collection of bras and knickers. I picked up one of the bras, and it felt so light and lacy in my fingers. Nin picked up one bra, “Try this one, it lovely, I think it suits you.” She came up behind me and pulled the bra straps over my arms and I could feel her breasts pressing against my back. I shivered and she giggled again, “You like? Bra I mean.”

She slid the breast forms into the cups of the bra and I felt the bra straps tighten and pull against my skin. I had gotten used to the weight of the forms but the tug of the bra straps was becoming a serious turn on for me. Nin grabbed the matching knickers and knelt in front of me, made me place first one foot and then the other into the knickers, then slid the soft material up my legs encasing my cock and balls. I could not help my reaction and my cock stiffened as it nestled into the lacy material of the knickers.

“I think you like this,” Nin said as she reached out and stroked my cock with her fingers. I let out a whimper as her touch overwhelmed me and looked down to see her rubbing my growing cock through the knickers. She looked up and whispered, “You want me to help with this, Jamie?”

I looked down at her, and I was so horny by now all I could do was nod. She slipped down the front of the knickers and slid my cock straight into her mouth. The feeling was so exquisite that I threw back my head, closed my eyes and moaned out loud. My hands fell to her head as her tongue swirled around the tip of my cock. I opened my eyes again to see her head bobbing as she took my cock all the way to the root, and I could feel her nose graze my skin. She let my cock slide from her mouth and she spat on it and used her hand to make me even harder. I was so aroused it didn’t take me long to build to a climax and she took me back into her mouth to catch my cum as it shot into the back of her throat. As it did so, my legs buckled and I had to steady myself against the wall.

Nin stood up to kiss me forcing her tongue between my lips, pushing my cum into my mouth. I gagged but managed to swallow it as Nin took a step back smiling and wiping her mouth with her hand. She reached a finger, wiped a stray drop of cum from my lip, slid the finger into her mouth and licked it clean. “You like, Jamie? Pao is right, you taste nice.” She kissed me once more, then danced away to the bathroom. I stood there transfixed, I hadn’t been blown so fast or so efficiently by anyone; Pao, Alex or Areeya. Nin would win a gold medal if the Olympics had a speed cock sucking event.

She emerged from the shower a little later, a towel wrapped around her head in a turban and wearing nothing but a smile. In the meantime I had looked into the bags and had rejected many of the sexier outfits Nin had brought along and instead had chosen a bright red pleated skirt that came down to my ankles but which had two slits almost to the waist on both sides. When I walked it showed a lot of leg but I thought it would be nice and cool in the evening. I also selected a white lace top which wasn’t totally see through, but which I also thought would be cool to wear.

Nin whistled as she emerged and saw me wearing the outfit in front of the mirror. ‘Very nice, Jamie, you have good taste.”

I blushed and told her she had picked them so she was the one with good taste. She laughed and dived into the bags to pick out her outfit. Nin picked a beautiful Gucci floral lace miniskirt and a tight black lace Alexander McQueen crop top. I stared open mouthed at her, “You look gorgeous Nin.” She gave a twirl in front of me and she looked stunning. Dragging me into the bathroom she opened yet another bag and set about my makeup. She talked all time she was doing it, telling me what she was doing. She finished and slid the wig back onto my head and let me see what she had done. I couldn’t believe how different I looked this time; the makeup was darker and heavier, and, well, frankly, sexier. With the addition of a necklace and a bracelet she produced from yet another bag, she declared herself happy.

“OK, Jamie, we go out now, trust me I take care of you. We go have a little fun tonight.” With a swift kiss to my cheek she pulled me out through the restaurant onto the street. This time I felt more confident and less inhibited about dressing, but I was still convinced someone would point and shout ‘that’s a man’. It seemed now more natural as we walked arm in arm down the streets of Patpong. We were on the end of some looks from people, but nobody made a fuss. Most of them were more interested in having a good time themselves to pay much attention to a farang and Thai girl walking together. Nin was in her element, and I remembered she had worked here in Bangkok before going to Koh Samui. She must have mixed feelings about coming back I thought, but she seemed to be happy enough. As we passed King's Corner bar a group of girls outside screamed and ran over to surround and embrace Nin who was laughing and high fiving them. She grabbed me and said something in Thai to the girls who turned to look at me with appraising eyes. “I told them you my friend from Samui, you want to see what kathoey life is like. You might want to do it. I know these girls from my time here in Bangkok. They nice girls.”

Before I could say anything we were both dragged into the bar and the mamasan came across to see what all the fuss was about. The mamasan reached out, pinched my arm and aimed a volley in Thai at Nin who listened before saying something back as the mamasan kept nodding her head at me. Nin shook her head and replied, to the mamasan's obvious disappointment.

“What did she say?” I asked Nin.

Nin was trying and failing to hold back a smile, “She ask if you were kathoey, I say yes and she ask if you want to work tonight, she know many Thai men pay lots for short time with girl like you.” She laughed as she saw the horrified look on my face, “Don’t worry I said not this time, maybe next time you in Bangkok.”

“What?” I spluttered.

“Chill Jamie, you not going to come back anyway, makes it easy this way.” The mamasan pulled at my wig, made a face before saying something to Nin.

“She say your wig not good, she have better one in back, do you want to try it?” I was sure Alex wouldn’t be happy to hear her wig being trashed, but I nodded to Nin, who grabbed my hand and dragged me with the mamasan into the back of the bar. There were the usual rooms at the back and some very familiar noises coming from one of them. We walked into what seemed to be the kathoeys’ dressing room with one of the girls sitting at the makeup mirror, smoking and reading a magazine. The mamasan shouted at her, and she lazily stood up, took a deep drag on her cigarette, flicked her hair disdainfully and stalked back into the bar. She was followed by what was obviously a stream of abuse from the mamasan.

Nin shrugged her shoulders and sat me down in front of the mirror. The mamasan carefully removed my blonde wig and returned with a long black wig in both hands. She shook it out and smoothed it over my head, and then I saw just how long it was. My blonde wig had ended just below my shoulders, but this one must have reached halfway down my back. The mamasan eased it onto my head and I immediately felt the difference in weight. She brushed it back from in front of my face and I could not believe my eyes. The blonde wig was good, but this one changed my whole face. The colour seemed to make my skin glow and the extra length made my face look narrower and smaller. I could not resist putting my fingers up to brush back the hair and to turn my head to see how it looked in profile. I turned to look at Nin and she was smiling broadly at me.

“Jamie, it looks good on you, don’t you think?”

I nodded and felt the hair move with my head, “It makes such a difference, I wouldn’t have recognised myself like this.”

The mamasan was nodding and smiling and I turned to her, “Khap kun kha, mamasan.” I think for some reason she had taken a liking to me and was saying something in Thai. Nin said, “She wants to know if change your mind about working tonight, she say you make good money tonight.”

I laughed and told Nin to tell her no, but I would consider it when I next come back. Nin came round to face me looked closely at my face, brushed back some of the hair, “With new hair you need new makeup to match, will you let me try?”

I was excited by the transformation the wig had made and I thought why not? I nodded to Nin who grabbed some makeup one of the girls had left there and got to work. She turned me away from the mirror so I couldn’t see what was going on. She worked quickly, but I knew she was doing a lot more than she had done earlier on. She started with my eyes and before long the mamasan had produced a pair of false eyelashes which Nin carefully applied. Nin moved onto my lips and she used a pencil at first followed by a brush to apply what I guessed was lip gloss. She looked at me from different angles and obviously declared herself happy, before turning me to face the mirror. My mouth dropped open at what she had done. My lips were a brilliant scarlet and my eyes were a masterpiece. She had used several colours to darken the upper lid and to feather it into the corner of the eye. Together with the false eye lashes which, although they felt odd drew attention to my eyes, which now looked enormous.

“Oh my God,” was all I could manage. Nin and the mamasan hugged each other and were grinning like they would never stop.

“You like?” asked the mamasan, revealing she knew some English.

I smiled at her, “Yes, I like very much.” She leant down and gave me a hug, then kissed my cheek. Nin grabbed my hand and pulled me up and headed off to the bar. The girls took one look at me and went crazy, crowding round me and talking excitedly to each other. They wanted to take pictures of me, both by myself and with them. I admit I was getting carried away with the attention and was preening and posing like mad. Nin was never far away, and she took a few selfies of the two of us and I was astounded at how I looked. Sure, I was no model, but with the wig and makeup I thought I looked OK.

The mamasan clapped her hands, and it was obvious that she wanted the girls to get back to work. They scattered and some went onto the stage to dance and some went outside. Business was beginning to pick up and the bar was getting busier. I sat down with Nin and she smiled, “Jamie, you can’t tell me that wasn’t fun.”

I grinned back, “Yeah, that was fun, I have to admit. What a difference the wig and the makeup made. Thanks Nin, you’ve been great.” As I leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek she moved her head slightly and I ended up kissing her on the lips. I felt for the first time the sensation of lipstick against lipstick, the taste of mine mingling with Nin’s, the erotic slipperiness of our lips as they moved against each other. I heard myself make a small moan in my throat and my tongue slipped into Nin’s mouth. Her eyes opened wide and I imagine mine must have too. I pulled back and muttered “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean that.” Nin sighed, “No worries, Jamie. Nothing wrong.”

We were both flustered, and were saved by one of the girls coming over and sitting down with us. She seemed to be very interested in Nin and as they chattered away to themselves, I scanned the bar. This was another difference between being a man and a woman. As a man I was the predator, I was the one looking and checking out everyone. I could hold eye contact with whoever I wanted. Sitting here dressed as a woman I knew I was the prey surrounded by predators. Some men would glance at me quickly as if they were really looking somewhere else and had accidentally looked at me. Others would blatantly stare and keep eye contact, and I found myself unnerved by this directness, unused to the hungry looks that men give to women. I had never been aware of this even in Cockatoo on Samui, and I spent many hours there. This felt very different, and I could maybe understand women better when they talked of their feeling of insecurity.

However, as I watched I realised there were two kinds of predator at work here; the customers and the girls. The men, they were mostly men in the bar, but there were some couples around, thought themselves the predator in search of the prey. However, the girls were as much the predator as the men, but the men didn’t know they were prey. The girls could size up in an instant who would give them the best return for their time. They could tell the time wasters, those who came to ogle and take their time over a single bottle of Leo. They spent little time with them preferring those further up the food chain. There were the newbies, so nervous you could practically smell them. They were good because it would all be over quickly and the girls could move on to the next target. They didn’t tip much, but it was an efficient use of the girls time.

There were the ones fascinated by the kathoey culture, married and jaded with their vanilla sex lives at home. So many of the men were married, the white circle around the finger where they had slipped off the ring would often give them away. The boys on tour crowd were good value for the girls, who could separate their prey from the rest of the herd in an instant. They were there for “the laughs”, egging each other on to have something to brag about when they got home. The girls could blow them so quickly that the boys would walk out looking embarrassed.

The girls could also usually tell the odd ones, those who just didn’t seem ‘right’. The ones looking for something that wasn’t on the menu. There were psychopaths too, but those are hard to spot. They can act like you and me but their sole objective is their own pleasure, and the girls hated them. There were the good ones too, the men who really were attracted to the kathoeys and sometimes, just sometimes, ended up with a kathoey girlfriend. I knew all about that, of course.

From time to time, one of the bar girls would come and sit with me and chat across me to Nin. A hand would slide under the table, would rub my cock and as I responded they would giggle and slip away again. I was supplied with beers as the night wore on and once the mamasan came to sit with me and tried one more time to get me to go with one of the men who had asked for me. I smiled and turned her down, but she didn’t seem too bothered, and stroked my cheek and even kissed me there once. She said something to Nin who looked puzzled but translated, “She says you remind her of a farang kathoey she had at another bar a few years back.”

It was with a shock I realised it might have been Alex she was talking about. I was going to get Nin to ask the mamasan, but she had move away and I never got the chance to ask her again. A group of English rugby players had come in and there was a lot of shouting and singing as they ogled and good naturedly teased the girls. I had been kept supplied with drinks and to be honest I was pretty buzzed already. An older guy came over and asked if he could buy Nin a drink. She said, “Yes, if you buy my friend Jamie, one too.” I shot her a foul look, but he grinned, “Sure, girls, what you want?” The mamasan arrived as if by magic and he ordered us a couple of ladydrinks. The mamasan actually winked at me as she went off to fetch the drinks.

“I’m Steve, hello to you two lovely girls.” He sat between the two of us, putting his arm around my waist. I couldn’t pull away as one of the other girls had squeezed in next to me. He had his other arm around Nin’s waist and she was giggling her head off. Steve appeared pretty drunk and was slurring his words as he tried to chat to us. I saw her slip her hand under the table and by the way Steve was twitching she had grabbed his cock. He leaned over and gave her a kiss. He turned to me and tried to do the same, but I moved my head and I think all he got was a mouth full of hair. He turned back to Nin they were kissing again, but I felt his hand slide onto my leg, and as I grabbed his hand to move it away, I looked up to see a group of Thai men walk into the bar. My heart jumped into my mouth as I recognised the mirrored sunglasses of Inspector Jandaeng.

Chapter 11

I couldn’t believe it when I saw Jandaeng come into the bar. The first thought which flashed through my mind was that he was following me and my instinct was to run. The problem was Steve had his arm around my waist and was holding me tight even though he was busy kissing Nin. My hands shook as I watched Jandaeng and his group as they ordered beers at the bar and laughing together as they looked around. I let out a breath as I saw they weren’t on duty but just having a good time. The bar girls stayed well away because they had made them for cops the moment they walked in. I was waiting for Jandaeng would see through what I was wearing and recognise me, but he had those mirror sunglasses on so it was impossible to tell where he was looking. The flashing lights in the bar were reflecting in the glasses which made the effect even more disturbing. Like all good cops he was scanning the bar, even off duty, instincts would kick in.

I saw him turning towards me, and even though I didn’t look like I did when he last saw me, I didn’t want him to get any idea it was me. I turned to my right and grabbed Steve, pulled him towards me and kissed him hard on the lips. I felt his surprise but that rapidly turned to pleasure, and he kissed me back, his tongue slipping between my lips. His mouth smelt of stale cigarettes and I felt sick. Nin was staring at me, her mouth and eyes wide open in surprise. I rolled my eyes over to where Jandaeng and his crew were and she followed my glance, but she had never seen Jandaeng so she looked back at me with a look of total bewilderment.

I pushed Steve’s tongue out of my mouth and whispered “Jandaeng” to her, then went back to kissing Steve. He was getting into it with me and I felt his hand slide up my leg through the slits in my skirt I had thought were such a good idea. I tried to push his hand away, but he was like an octopus and he kept shoving his hand further up. I sneaked another look and saw Jandaeng watching us with what looked like an amused smile on his face. If he recognised me, I would be spending tonight in Bangkok central police station. Steve was getting very persistent, his hand had forced its way past my defences and he reached my cock, squeezed it and I am ashamed to say it hardened at his touch. Thank God for Nin who, recognising what was happening, pulled him back towards her and he resumed kissing her. He left his hand high on my thigh but he was now fully engaged with Nin and he contented himself with stroking my leg.

I looked up to see Jandaeng beckoning to the mamasan, whose look of fear told me she knew who he was. She went over to him and I watched out of the corner of my eye as he nodded towards me, and she nervously looked at me and shook her head. He gripped her arm, and she nodded as he spoke to her. Standing up, he said something to his cronies who all looked at me and laughed. He walked towards where we were sitting and stood in front of us. I was by now trembling with fear and couldn’t look at him in case it showed in my eyes. He coughed to get Steve’s attention who broke off from Nin and looked up at Jandaeng, his eyes hidden behind those sunglasses. Steve slurred his words as he said, “Yeah? Whaddyouwant?”

I could not avoid looking at Jandaeng now, but he was looking straight at Steve. He reached into his inside pocket and pulled out his Police identification. He flipped it at Steve, who tried to read it, but I think his eyes couldn’t focus. “So what?” Steve said. Jandaeng bent forwards, “If you don’t want to end up in a cell tonight, I advise you to leave now.” He spoke with such menace that even in Steve’s befuddled state he couldn’t mistake the meaning. He mumbled something, got unsteadily to his feet and tried to walk away with some dignity left. Jandaeng turned to watch him leave and then turned back to me. “I haven’t seen you here before, what’s your name?”

I didn’t want to tell him Jamie as that was too close to the truth. Panic lent me the imagination to say, “You can call me Scarlett.”

I heard Nin stifle a sound and Jandaeng turned his head towards her like a velociraptor sensing its prey. He said something to her, and her face dropped, and she got up and left, casting an anxious glance back over her shoulder.

“Scarlett? Actually I will call you whatever I want.” He played with the word for a bit, “Like in Gone with the Wind?”

I nodded, and he sat down opposite me.

“Be my guest, what do you want me to call you?” I said, hoping my fear wouldn’t show in my voice.

“My name is of no concern to you. Where are you from?”

“I’m new here, from New Zealand.” It was as far from England as you could get.

“You sound English, not from New Zealand.”

“Private school education, then I got thrown out.”

“Why did you get thrown out?”

I smiled, “I seduced my school teacher, he was very hot.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.”

“I filmed us together in the Headmaster’s study and posted it on the internet. The school didn’t like that.”

Jandaeng nodded, “Why you come to Bangkok?”

I smiled again, “Have you been to New Zealand?”

He shook his head.

“All they do is play rugby and fuck sheep, it’s boring. I wanted some action. There is nothing there for girls like me if you know what I mean. I wanted to be a kathoey, make some money, have some fun.”

I was becoming more confident now he did not recognise me, but I still wished he would go away. He looked at me for a while, his face as impassive as ever, then said, “Come with me.”

My heart sank, he had known it was me all along and he had just been toying with me. He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to my feet. I wanted to say something but my mouth had dried up and I couldn’t say the words. I looked around desperately for Nin but I couldn’t see her in the crowd. He pulled me through the bead curtain that led to the back rooms and I thought he was going to beat me up for trying to fool him. He pushed me roughly into one of the back rooms and then down so I was sitting on the edge of the bed. I bent my head forward to protect my face, I was convinced he would hit me.

“Suck my cock, you farang whore,” he said.

What did he say? I wasn’t sure I had heard him right. He wants me to suck his cock. He doesn’t know who I am. I looked up at him, “You paid for me?”

“I don’t pay, you stupid bitch, I take what I want, now get sucking.”

He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock, grabbed my head and pulled me onto him. I didn’t have time to think as he shoved it through my lips and he put his hand on the back of my head to force himself into my mouth. My mind was reeling from the shock but I had no choice. I had to go through with it if I had any chance of getting out of this. I swirled my tongue around his cock head and I almost giggled as I realised his cock was very small. It may have been small, but it was hard enough, and he was trying to fuck my face with it. I had sucked Alex enough times by now to know what to do, and I tried to remember how Nin had gone about it, so I deep throated him a couple of times and then concentrated on the head, using my tongue to stimulate him beneath the head and put my fingers around the shaft to stroke him as well.

“Look at me bitch,” he ordered and yanked my head back so he could watch me as I sucked his cock. I could see myself reflected in the mirror lenses and I watched in fascinated horror me sucking him as he pushed himself in and out of my mouth. Of course, I couldn’t see any emotion in his eyes through his glasses and I wondered if he ever took them off, even in bed. My jaw was aching, and I gagged a couple of times and had to stop, but he pulled me back onto his cock each time and pinched my nose hard which made it worse. He was shoving his little cock into my mouth so violently I thought he would tear my mouth.

I grazed the head with my teeth and he hissed “Be careful you bitch.” I had an almost irresistible urge to bite his cock, but instead I wanted him to come as soon as possible so I picked up the pace and tried to get him off as quickly as I could. He grunted as I worked on him and holding back my increasing desire to be sick I tried to bring him on. I could feel his climax approaching as he thrust harde and his cock stiffened. I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth and just as he grunted again I pulled away and his cum sprayed from his cock across my face.

“You stupid little whore, I did not tell you to do that.” He hit me once across the face with the back of his hand which hurt like hell, then wiped his cock across my face smearing me with his cum. He bent down close to my face, grabbed me by the throat and hissed, “Clean me up you farang bitch. I will remember you and next time I come here you will swallow it all.”

At that moment there was a sharp knock on the door followed by a stream of Thai. Jandaeng spat something back and then zipped up his trousers. “You are lucky, if I did not have to go now you would be sorry.” He gave me another stinging backhanded slap across the face snapping my head to one side and then turned and left the room.

I lay there for a few moments shaking like a leaf before I crawled over to the small wash basin and tried to be sick. As I sat there with my head in the sink, I swore I would get even with Jandaeng for what he had done. I guessed this wasn’t the first time he had treated someone like this. He deserved everything I could do to him. I didn’t hear Nin come in but she appeared at my side and put her arms around me.

“Jamie, Jamie are you OK? What did he do?” I shook my head, I couldn’t speak yet.

“I’m so sorry, Jamie, it all my fault, I should not have brought you here.”

Her face was wet with tears. I reached out my hand and stroked her face, “Nin, it was not your fault, you didn’t do this, you are not to blame.” She cleaned the cum from my face with a washcloth she found by the sink and helped me to my feet. She sniffed, and I saw she was crying as she wiped her eyes with her hand, “Come, we must go, we go out through the back.”

Grabbing my hand, she led me out of the room to where the mamasan was waiting who was as upset as Nin. She was saying something in Thai and wringing her hands. Nin said she was saying she had no choice or the police would shut her down. I laid my hand on her arm and told Nin to tell her I did not blame her. The mamasan looked relieved, but she also wanted us out as quickly as she could as the police seemed to be breaking up a massive brawl in the bar.

She pushed open the backdoor, and Nin and I scampered out into an alleyway. She knew the backstreets of Patpong so well we were soon back at the restaurant. We walked through without attracting too much attention, but I guess they had seen many worse scenes in the past. Nin pushed me into the bathroom, stripped off my clothes and then her own and she took me into the shower and turned on the water. She hugged me as the water cascaded over us. I was angry, hurt and embarrassed at Jandaeng’s assault to my body and mind and I was still shaking, but slowly got myself under control. Nin just held me as the water cleansed us both. She looked up at me and whispered, “It all my fault, I’m so sorry.”

I held her face in my hands, “Nin, nothing that happened tonight was your fault. It was Jandaeng who did this, not you.”

“But if we had not been there it would not have happened.” She began crying again.

“Nin, listen to me, you cannot be responsible for other people’s actions. I do not blame you, I blame Jandaeng. I will make sure he pays for what he did. Remember how we dealt with Tony? Now let’s get some sleep, we have a long day ahead tomorrow.”

She smiled, although her eyes were red rimmed. “What did he do to you? Did he know who you are?”

“No, I don’t think he knew, I was just a farang there to suck his cock and beat up. I’m sure he didn’t know who I am. I was lucky his man called him away, it could have got much worse, the man is a pig.”

Nin nodded, “It was odd, after Jandaeng took you through to the back there was a fight in the bar. Some Australians start to hit each other. Jandaeng’s men didn’t want to get caught up in it. I heard one of them say Jandaeng should not be involved if police were called. It could get him in big trouble. But I thought he was police.”

I smiled wryly, “So Australians are good for something at least.”

“It would have been good to have Shane there,” Nin said. She hugged me again, and that made me feel better. She pulled out two beautiful short nightdresses from one of the bags of shopping. Without thinking I pulled it over my head as Nin did the same. It was a dusty pink, pleated babydoll from Victoria’s Secret with lace cups and a big satin bow just below the bust. There was a matching thong, and it now seemed natural for me to pull that on too. I glimpsed myself in the mirror and even then I didn’t think it odd. Nin smiled, “Looks nice on you Jamie, sexy.”

We climbed under the covers and Nin pulled me close to her in a gesture that was so soothing. I stroked her hair and held her tight. We stayed like that, not talking, just comforting each other. “Thank you, Nin, for everything,” I whispered to her and as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep in seconds. I woke once to find Nin curled around me and I loved the feel of her warm body against mine through the soft material of the night dress. I hugged her closer, and she stirred but didn’t wake, and for a while I lay there listening to her gentle breathing. The events of the night had brought us much closer together, but I felt far from home, and tears pricked the corner of my eyes as I thought of Alex and Areeya.

My life was changing in ways I couldn’t have imagined even a few days ago. I had begun to like being Jamie, and I enjoyed the excitement of being someone different. It seemed I was accepting, even enjoying myself in my new role. My initial resistance seemed a long time ago. Even what Jandaeng had done could not wash away the feelings I was developing. The last thought I could remember before I slipped back into sleep was how would I explain all this to Alex.

We woke late and had to rush to get ready to catch our train. On top of a new Victoria’s Secret black bra and matching knickers, I chose a plain black strapless vee neck top with some loose black drawstring cotton trousers to travel in. The outfit looked comfortable and with a twelve-hour train journey, I wanted to wear something I didn’t have to keep fussing with. Nin did my makeup although by now I was sure I could have a go myself. We had left Alex’s wig at the bar, so I had to wear the longer one, but I liked this better than the blonde one. Nin topped it off with a black straw sun hat and big black sunglasses. It all looked great with my long black wig. We dashed out and caught the train with only a few minutes to spare. Nin had sent a text to Alex and Areeya so they would meet us at the ferry on Samui. We hadn’t been able to tell them any details about what had happened, so I was prepared for an interrogation on our return.

I normally like train journeys; the monotony of the sounds of the wheels on the tracks and the movements are relaxing, soothing almost, but this one seemed to be never ending. It was hot and sticky and even with regular stops where we could buy food and water, I just wanted to be back on Samui. Thankfully, compared to the journey out, our return was blissfully uneventful. Nin was quiet and I think she still believed she was responsible for what had happened. I would have to come up with some way to convince her I didn’t blame her for anything.

We pulled into Surat Thani with just enough time to catch the ferry to Samui where we grabbed seats together. Nin cheered up a little as we approached Samui. I was desperate to see Alex and Areeya again, but as we got closer to the island, I began to feel nervous. It was as if I was coming back a different person than the one who had left even such a few days ago, and I wondered how Alex and Areeya would react. I seemed to be making a habit of coming back to Samui with no idea of how to explain myself to Alex and Areeya, but there was one thing I had to say to Nin before we arrived, and I hoped she would understand.

“Nin, when we get back and we tell the story, can I ask you not to talk about what happened with me and Shane in the hotel? I want to tell them myself sometime, but not right now. Is that OK?”

She smiled, “Jamie, nothing happened in the hotel with Shane, remember?”

I smiled back and gave her a hug.

“Nin, you’ve been so great this trip, thank you so much.”

She blushed and wiped a tear from her eye. “Thank you Jamie, that mean so much to me.”

Dusk was falling as Nin and I walked off ferry amid the usual chaotic scenes as passengers jostled each other to get off. I wore the sun hat and glasses although they weren’t strictly needed. There might be watchers there, and I couldn’t see anyone, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there.

Alex and Areeya were standing by the dock watching the arrivals, looking for Nin and me. I told Nin to go ahead and I would follow her off the boat. Letting a few people get off in front of me, I followed Nin, dipping my hat just enough to cover my face but not so I couldn’t still see Alex. I watched as Areeya and Alex embraced Nin with hugs and kisses. Alex asked where I was and Nin turned back to look for me. By this time I had sidled behind a group of tourists and approached my small welcoming party from the side.

I stood by Alex as she was peering into the crowd and I said, “Sawasdee Kha, Miss Alex,” and did a wai. I saw her turn and look at me, a puzzled look on her face, “Sawas,...” She stopped, blinked . “Oh my God, it’s you.” She threw herself at me and wrapped her arms around me with a wild shriek, almost knocking me off my feet. Areeya arrived a few seconds later and we hugged each other, the two of them attached to me like limpets. Alex eventually let me go, took a step back and held my hands as she looked me up and down. “My Lord, you look wonderful, where did you get that outfit? It looks so good on you. And your hair, it’s beautiful.”

I laughed, “Nin and I have a lot of stories to tell you, but should we get home first? I need a drink and to sit on something soft. My bum hurts from sitting on hard seats all day.”

Alex grabbed my arm and with Nin and Areeya following we headed over to the car park. I was relieved to see that Areeya had the car keys, and that she driving and not Alex. Areeya and Nin were in the front with Alex and I in the back, and she held onto my arm all the way back to the apartment, trying to get me to tell her what had happened, but I told her she would have to wait. She kept looking at me as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She grinned and shouted to Areeya in the front seat, “Areeya, our little girl is all grown up now.” That made everyone laugh, including me.

“Did you enjoy being Jamie?” she asked. “You look very good as you are now, good enough to eat I think.”

“Alex,” Areeya chided her from the front seat, “I am sure Jamie will tell you about it soon enough. There is plenty of time for that.”

“Yes mum.” said Alex, and we all laughed again.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at the apartment and Alex and Areeya carried our bags up the stairs to the balcony as Nin and I flopped down on chairs. Alex came over and sat on my lap and gave me a deep, long kiss, her tongue flicking between my lips, her fingers caressing my face.

“Alex,” said Areeya, “Please put Jamie down, we want to hear what happened.” Alex kissed me again, slid off my lap and sat next to Nin facing me.

“I’m not saying anything until I have a drink, I’m parched.”

Nin tried to get up but Areeya told her to stay where she was and went off to get the beers. She was back in a few seconds with four ice cold Leos. Alex said, “OK, we know what Nin texted us but we want to hear about everything, and I mean everything.”

I certainly didn’t plan on telling them everything, but I started with meeting Shane on the ferry, my suitcase disappearing and the three of us missing the bus. Nin picked up the story about the fake police roadblock and how Shane fought off the gangsters. Areeya was sitting next to me now, and she gripped my arm as Nin described what had happened in a rather over dramatic fashion. Alex’s eyes grew wider and wider as the story went on. As I told them about the night we spent in the hotel I looked at Nin and she nodded, she wouldn’t spill what had happened.

I turned to Areeya and told her about her father’s reaction and how grateful he was that we had come to warn him and that he wanted to use my link to Jandaeng to his own benefit.

Areeya frowned, “I hope he knows what he’s doing, and you too. This could be dangerous.”

“Areeya, I have my own reasons to want to get back at Jandaeng.”

“Why?” asked Alex, a worried look on her face.

“All in good time,” I said, holding up my hand.

Nin took up the story in the bar and as she talked about the mamasan and how she had taken to me. Alex put her hands up to mouth, then asked Nin a question in Thai. Nin replied and Alex looked shocked. “Oh my God, I think she must have been the mamasan who took me under her wing originally.” She looked at me, “And that makes what you’re wearing one of my wigs.”

I rocked back in my seat, “No, it can’t be, that would be too weird.”

“I had quite a few wigs back then, it was easy to change my look if I wanted to. I think I remember that one, she must have held onto it. How bizarre is this becoming?”

Nin said, “Cha dtaa.”

Areeya nodded, “She’s right, it’s fate.”

I shook my head, “No. it’s only a coincidence.”

Areeya held my arm, “Do not rush to judgement, Jamie. It is a very Western habit.”

I was too tired to argue, and I desperately wanted to finish my story. We paused while Alex fetched more beers and Areeya whispered in my ear, “Thank you for what you did, I will be eternally grateful. I hope I will be able to express my gratitude soon.”

We all took another beer and Areeya raised her bottle in a toast, “My thanks to Jamie and Nin for what they have done for us. I owe you both of you for this.”

Alex said, “I’m sure Jamie and Nin can think of ways you can repay them, Areeya.”

We all laughed, but I needed to be serious again. What had happened with Jandaeng would be difficult for me to tell, and I stumbled over the first few words. Alex’s face dropped and Areeya gasped as I told them about Jandaeng walking into the bar. I realised I had to get this out of my system and there was a stunned silence as I told them about him coming over and taking me into the backroom. I couldn’t look at Alex or Areeya while I told them about what Jandaeng had said and done in the backroom before he left in such a hurry. Before I had finished Alex slid across to my side and both she and Areeya wrapped their arms around me.

“I’m so sorry,” said Alex, “I would never have asked you if I had known that would happen.”

Areeya was in tears as she held onto me. “Jamie, how can you forgive me?”

I was on the verge of tears myself, but said, “Listen it was not your fault. You were not to know and neither of you are to blame. The only person to blame is Jandaeng, and believe me, I will make him pay for it.”

Nin was now kneeling in front of me and laid her hands on my legs as we hugged each other. Areeya sniffled, “Jamie, I never intended this to happen, I do not know what to do to make it right.”

“You need not do anything, Areeya. I will make this right. I will make Jandaeng pay for what he did. I don’t know how or when yet, but he will pay.”

“Whatever you want us to do to help, we will do it.” said Alex as she hugged me tight.

“We will go ahead with the plan, let Jandaeng think I am his spy and there will be a way to get my revenge. An opportunity will come and I will take it.”

“Do you really want to do that, after all that’s happened?” asked Areeya, looking incredulous.

“Yes, even more so than before, Areeya. In fact, I need to do it.”

I noticed for some reason Alex wasn’t paying attention any more. She was looking at something over my shoulder and smiling broadly. Nin’s mouth dropped open and her eyes were like saucers.

A hand gripped my shoulder from behind and an Australian voice said, “G’day everyone, my favourite ladies all together”

Chapter 12

My heart skipped a beat as I heard Shane’s voice from behind me and felt his hand on my shoulder. It couldn’t be, I thought, I must be so tired I was hallucinating. Alex said, “Hi Shane, glad you could join us.” Nin looked as if she had seen a ghost, Areeya was smiling in welcome and I felt like I would faint. The hand moved off my shoulder and Shane’s massive frame came into sight.

“Hi Nin, Hi Areeya.” he said, then paused and looked at me, “Hi Jamie, how are you? You look gorgeous babe.”

I looked at Shane and then Alex and back at Shane. It was clear Alex knew Shane, but for a moment I was so shocked I couldn’t think straight, and then in a flash everything was clear.

“It was all a setup wasn’t it?” I said, “The dinner the night before we went, and then Shane coming across to us at the table? It was for him to get a good luck at Nin and me, wasn’t it? Then, Shane coincidentally bumping into us on the ferry and tagging along.”

Alex smiled nervously as she waited for my reaction. Shane’s face was a picture, trying to look innocent, but seeming to be more embarrassed than anything.

“Alex, I swear one day you will go too far and either I’ll have a heart attack or I will kill you for one of these stunts. But it won’t be this time, because I am so glad this guy was around, he was awesome.”

I stood up and gave Shane a hug and a kiss on the cheek and I heard Alex and Areeya let out the breaths they had been holding and Shane grinned. Nin leapt up and wrapped her arms around his waist and was saying “Khap Khun Kha Shane.” He put his arm around me, “I’m sorry but Alex and I agreed it would be better not to tell you who I was. It seemed to be the best idea.”

I said, “Shane, you have nothing to apologise for, but Alex. that’s a different story.”

“Aw, look, Jamie, Alex was only looking out for you.”

“I know, Shane and that why I love her.” I went over to her and gave her a kiss, “Thanks Alex, I forgive you, I am so glad you did it.”

Alex looked relieved, “I didn’t want you and Nin out there on your own, knowing the amount of trouble you can get into, so I asked Shane to keep an eye on you. I’m pretty glad I did.”

Areeya went off to fetch more beers for us all and we sat down again, Shane perching precariously on a chair.

“How do you know Shane then?” I asked Alex.

“Oh, we go back a bit,” said Alex, “he did close protection work for a couple of people who Kritsada wanted me to be friendly with, and we hit it off.” A look flashed between the two of them and it was obvious they had more than just hit it off.

“Look, I was here on Samui with me mates like I told you. Alex knew I was here, and she asked me to do her a favour and I was glad to oblige. It was a fun trip, wasn’t it?”

Fun wasn’t the word I would have used, but I wasn’t going to argue. Areeya arrived back with more beers and we toasted to us all coming back in one piece.

Nin said, “So what did you do when you got to Bangkok, Shane?”

He grinned, “Well I kind of followed you two and stayed in the background so I could keep tabs on you.”

“Wait a minute,” I said, “Nin, didn’t you say there were a bunch of Aussies having a fight in the bar?” She nodded. “So was that you too, Shane?”

Shane looked embarrassed, “Yeah, well sort of. When that copper fella took you in the back, I rustled up some Aussies in the street and told them there was free beer in the bar for Aussies. When they found out it wasn’t free, it all kicked off. Those coppers didn’t fancy the trouble, and they fetched the guy with you pretty sharpish. I wished I could have got you out sooner, having heard what you said.”

“That’s twice you’ve gotten me out of a very tight spot, thank you.”

“You’re welcome Jamie, or is it James, I’m not sure what to call you.”

Alex laughed, “Dressed like that, let’s stick to Jamie, shall we?”

Areeya said, “I’m feeling hungry so what don’t we go down to Cockatoo first, then come back here for some food.”

“Er, people,” I said, “I can’t go like this, I’ll have to change.”

Everyone turned to look at me in amazement. Alex said, “Jamie, you look great, I promise you will be fine. You’ve had no problems so far so come on, let’s get going.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me up, and the rest of them followed us down the stairs. We walked slowly down the strip to Cockatoo, Shane flanked by Nin and Areeya, with Alex and I arm in arm separately. Shane drew lots of attention, with many of the girls giggling as he passed by with Areeya and Nin on each arm. He didn’t seem to mind, he was happy enough being the centre of attention.

We arrived at Cockatoo as the bar was getting busy and Areeya disappeared to check on something in the office. The bar girls shrieked when they saw Nin with Shane on her arm, and they clustered around them both, with Nin being interrogated about Shane I guessed. I stood with Alex and watched. “She was great, you know.” I whispered to Alex, “It was a good idea for her to come with me. She kept me going, especially after Jandaeng.”

“I noticed you two looked close when you got back.” said Alex. I looked at her to see if she meant anything by the remark, but it seemed to be quite innocent. Pao appeared from the back and shooed the bar girls away from Shane and Nin. She also cleared the VIP area at the back of the bar so we could all sit down. Pao spotted Alex, came across, gave me a strange look.

“Where Mr James? He not come tonight?”

Alex giggled, and I turned bright red. I let go of Alex’s arm, “Sawasdee Kha, Pao.” She looked at me puzzled, and then her mouth dropped open, “Is that you, Mr James?”

“It’s Jamie, Pao, not James tonight.” I said.

Pao looked from me to Alex and then back to me. She was trying to say something, but the words would not come. Alex said something to her in Thai and Pao giggled, “You look very nice Miss Jamie, I pleased to meet you.” I bent down, kissed her cheek and whispered, “I’m very glad to see you Pao, would you like to go short time or maybe long time with me?” She blushed and giggled like a schoolgirl and ran off back behind the bar.

“What did you say to her?” asked Alex.

“Oh nothing much.”

“Bloody liar, I should have brought the cock cage with me.” But she laughed and punched my arm. “Nin looks very keen on Shane.”

“We both know about Shane,” I said.

“He told you?”

“Yeah, well I guessed, and then he admitted he was gay. He told me his story about the army and Niall transitioning, so yes, I know.” I paused and asked the question I had been dreading ever since Shane had shown up. “What did Shane tell you about the trip? I assume he was keeping in touch with you all the time?”

“Nothing much, only the outline of what was going on. Although from what I can see he seems to have kept back a lot. Why do you ask?” she said, looking closely at me. I looked over and Nin was waving to us to join them. “Come on,” I said, “let’s go join the others.” I realised I would have to answer the question sometime.

We stayed in the bar for an hour or so, chatting and drinking. The word had got round the bar girls about me, and there was a constant stream of them passing close by where we were, looking and giggling. Alex went to the toilet and Shane moved over sit next to me, “You do look good, Jamie. That outfit suits you so well.”

“Thank you Shane and thank you for everything you did for us. Especially what you did in the bar, it couldn’t have come at a better time.”

“You’re pretty tough yourself, you know. What you went through would have freaked out a lot of people.”

“Shane, I need to say something. I am so embarrassed about what happened in the hotel. I mean, not about what happened, but you knew I wasn’t transitioning and then I came on to you and well…”

He paused, then looked at me, “Jamie, nothing happened in the hotel. I don’t intend to tell Alex about anything which happened, or didn’t happen there, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

I hesitated, “Thank you, but that’s not my point, I’m embarrassed for myself, making a fool of myself in front of you.”

He looked surprised. “Jamie, you didn’t make a fool of yourself. You were lonely and tired and maybe a bit scared, you wanted some company. That’s all. I liked you, still do, and if that’s all it ever is, then I’m happy. What nearly happened doesn’t matter.”

“I like you too, Shane.” I kissed his cheek quickly and then turned away to see Alex watching us from the bar. She waved to me to come over, and I half expected her to ask about the kiss, instead she said, “Let’s get everyone back for some food, I guess you’re tired as well.”

We rounded everybody up and headed off back to the restaurant. We had a wonderful dinner on one of the round tables the restaurant had for large groups. Pao came down to join us and sat opposite, unable to keep her eyes off me. What was surprising to me as how comfortable I now felt dressed as I was. Only three nights before I had gone out dressed as a woman for the first time and I had been terrified. Now, I was more at ease with myself, not so nervous about being outed. I caught myself looking at how the girls behaved, how graciously they moved their hands and fingers, and I tried to copy them. In a crazy way I felt proud of what had done over the past few days. I had begun to enjoy living as a woman but I was going to go back to being a man after tonight, and I already realised I would miss it.

The energy around the table ebbed and first Pao left to go back to the bar, then Nin said she had to go too. We all hugged and kissed her, and she cried a little as she and I hugged. I had grown close to her, and I was looking forward to seeing her again when we went to Bangkok. Shane stood up, “I should go too, guys, it’s getting late.”

“No way, Shane,” said Alex, “Let’s have a nightcap before you go. We owe you big time.”

So, we headed back up to the balcony and sat watching a vast electrical storm crackle and flash in the distance. I organised the drinks, brandies for Alex and Areeya and Scotch for Shane and me. The storm was moving our way, and we felt the wind picking up as it approached. Before long, big raindrops crashed down, and we headed inside to finish our drinks. Alex was next to me on one couch and Shane and Areeya on the other.

“So,” said Alex, “What happened the night you spent together in the hotel?”

“Nothing!” say Shane and I in unison, making it sound the complete opposite.

Alex laughed. “You two sound like kids caught with your hands in the candy jar.”

“Look, nothing happened Alex. The three of us shared a room, Nin and Jamie took the bed and I slept on the floor.” Shane was being mostly truthful.

“That’s right, we got up early the next day and headed off to Bangkok.” I added, hoping Alex would let it go.

The storm which had been threatening finally broke, and the rain lashed against the glass. The lightning flickered through the trees which were bending and shaking from the force of the wind. We were all quiet for a few minutes, content to watch the storm throw itself against the island.

Areeya stood up, “I should check the boat. This is a bad one. She’s on the jetty, but I need to check the moorings.”

Shane stood up too, “I’ll come with you Areeya, I don’t like the idea of you being out there on your own.”

I asked if I should go as well, but Areeya said no, she and Shane would check the lines. It wouldn’t take too long. They left, closing the door against the shrieking of the wind.

Alex walked over, hitched up her skirt and straddled me, pinning me against the back of the sofa. I wrapped my arms round her and we kissed, our tongues sparring with each other. She hugged me close and whispered, “I’m so glad you’re back and I’m sorry for what happened to you.”

“I know, but it wasn’t anybody’s fault except Jandaeng, and I’m going to get him back for it.”

Alex pulled back, a frown on her face. “You have to be careful with him, he’s a snake.”

“Yes, but if you cut off the head even a snake can’t hurt you.”

“You’re going to kill him?” She looked horrified.

I laughed, “No. I want him to suffer. Not sure how yet, but I’ll come up with a way.”

I kissed her again, and she moved her bum against my cock which was already hard.

“I like Scarlett,” she said, as she gyrated on my lap.

“I want to make love with her tonight.” Alex whispered into my ear. “How does Scarlett feel about that?”

I giggled, “Scarlett likes that idea very much.”

Alex plunged her tongue into my mouth and undid the buttons on my top, all the while grinding away on my cock. I pulled Alex’s top over her head to reveal a white lace bra and I sucked a nipple through the lace, feeling it harden beneath my tongue. Alex undid the final button on the front of my top and pulled it apart to reveal the black bra I was wearing.

“Mmm, nice bra, someone has good taste,” she said.

“Nin,” I mumbled, my lips still attached to her nipple. “But I like it too.”

“I knew you would like dressing up.” said Alex, her voice sounding hoarse as she pushed herself onto my cock. I switched to the other nipple and Alex moaned as I nipped it between my teeth, the lace no obstacle to my teasing teeth. Alex slid backwards, stood up and undid her skirt, allowing it to drop to the floor. Her cock was pushing out of the top of her knickers and she pushed them down far enough to let it stick out, hard and straight as a ruler. She moved forward, and I opened my lips in anticipation of what was to come. She stood up on the sofa, her hands propped against the wall and so that her cock jutting straight towards my mouth. I kept my eyes open as she edged it towards me, brushing my lips with the tip, skidding it across my lipstick. There was a small trace of my lipstick on the tip, and I shivered at the thought of what her cock would look like sliding through my lips.

She must have read my mind, because she leant sideways, picked up her iPhone and started filming as I took her into my mouth. If Jandaeng had tried to rape my mouth, Alex made love to it, sliding her cock over my lips and gradually edging past them before pulling out again, relentlessly teasing me. I flicked my tongue out, and it slid under the silky head, and above me I heard Alex moan as I licked the tip, and she slid it once more into my waiting mouth. It felt hot and hard to my tongue and she held the tip barely inside my mouth so I bathed it with my tongue, working the soft and sensitive underside to extract another moan from Alex above me.

“Look up baby,” she said. She was holding the phone a few inches above me. “It looks so hot, Scarlett.”

She turned the phone round and pressed replay, so as I was suckling her cock, I watched myself on the screen, as it must have looked to Alex. I saw my eyes looking up, Alex’s cock sliding in and out of my pink lips with the black hair framing my face as I rolled my tongue around the glistening head. She was right, it did look hot, and I knew this would not the last time I would be in this position. Alex rocked her hips forwards driving her cock deeper, and I loved it as she filled my mouth with her cock. I gagged once ot twice but kept her inside and I pushed myself further onto it. For the first time I took her full length into my mouth, and I heard her say, “Ooooh good girl, Scarlett.”

I held her there for a few seconds, but Alex pulled her cock out, letting me take a breath before plunging it back in. My jaw ached so I was glad when she eventually stopped and pushed me back against the sofa. She got down from the sofa and told me to take off my trousers. I had to hitch my bum up from the sofa to get them off, and I felt very vulnerable clad only in my black bra and knickers as she stood there filming me.

“You look beautiful, baby, just beautiful.” Alex knelt in front of me, threaded her thumbs into the waistband of my knickers and eased them down my thighs and then my legs. The soft lace felt so sensuous as Alex slowly slid them down over my skin and it made me feel so gloriously feminine right then. Alex slipped the knickers over my feet, threw them away and pushed my legs apart. My cock was standing up like a flagpole as she slid forwards on her knees and, looking up at me, slid my cock into her mouth.

“Film us baby, the phone is by your side.”

I grabbed the phone and with shaking fingers managed to film what Alex was doing. It was a bizarre experience, watching on a small screen what was happening to me a few inches away. I watched her tongue licking the shaft and then her warm mouth enveloped my cock, but through the screen it almost felt like it was happening to someone else. Her tongue was like a snake wrapping itself around my cock and I jumped when she scraped her teeth across the head. She was using her hands to stroke and she would take me to the edge and then pull back, leaving me moaning and desperate for her to finish me. She knew I was close but wouldn’t let me cum, instead stretching over to pick up some lube which she must have placed there earlier. She stood over me and applied some to her cock, grinning like a Cheshire cat as I filmed her with the phone.

She knelt down, smeared the lube around and into my hole, then smiled and slid a finger into me. I bucked as I felt it slide in and she rocked her hand around opening me up for what was to come. She took the phone from me and put it on the table pointing towards us, her erect cock swinging from side to side as she moved. She leant forwards, lifting my legs up onto her shoulders so my hole opened up for her and without hesitating she slid her cock straight into me. I gasped as it penetrated me immediately, and with my knees right up on my chest I was so uncomfortable, but that was soon forgotten as Alex began to fuck me hard and fast. She was leaning forward at an angle and there was nothing I could do but take it as she rammed her cock in and out. It started off rough, the pain searing through me at first, but the pain turned to the heat of pleasure and all I wanted was for her to go deeper and deeper. Alex leant forward a little more so we could kiss, her tongue flicking into my mouth as her cock drove into me. Every nerve in my body seemed alive, sending waves of ecstasy cascading through me.

“Don’t you love this, Scarlett?” she said in between her grunts as she pounded into me. I nodded, but she shouted again, “Tell me you love my cock inside you, Scarlett. Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

I was barely able to speak in the position I was in, my knees tight against my chest and feeling every inch of Alex’s cock as she rammed it into me.

“Fuck me, fuck me deep,” I grunted. “I want you to fuck me forever.” I couldn’t remember her ever being so deep inside me, and I loved every single sweaty, grunting thrust which threatened to rip me apart. My senses were overwhelmed with a whirling kaleidoscope of light and sound, pain and pleasure, sex and lust combining to give me a high which no drug would ever achieve. To add to it all, Alex grabbed hold of my cock and pumped it with her fist. I was as hard as granite and it wouldn’t take long for me to cum. Alex was panting with the exertion as I felt her shudder, grunt something and then she came, pouring her cum into me, and It seemed I felt every drop as it forced its way out of her cock and into me. She kept pumping my cock until I felt my own climax explode, fountains of cum spurting from my cock, over Alex’s hand and onto my chest. I had never come so hard in my life before, and I kept jerking and spurting cum for what seemed like minutes.

Alex looked down still panting, smiled and kissed me, “Baby that was fucking wonderful, I love you so much.” She leaned back sliding out of me with a pop, and I felt cold air rush into my gaping hole. I was finally able to put my legs down and I kissed her, “I love you too. I thought I would never stop coming.” She laughed and pulled me up from the sofa, my legs felt like jelly and she had to hold me steady. “Come on, let’s get cleaned up.”

I gingerly walked towards the wet room, looked round to see Alex filming me from behind.

“Stop that, I’m embarrassed.” I protested, vainly trying to cover up my cock with my hands.

She giggled, “Too late for being embarrassed, you look gorgeous. Take your hand away.”

I ran into the wet room and into the shower. Alex followed me still filming on her phone as I took off my bra and threw it and the breast forms at her. She yelped with laughter and finally put the phone down. She came over to me, wrapped her arms around me hugging me tight. We stood for a while, enjoying our bodies sliding against each other; not speaking and with our hands gently caressing each other.

Eventually Alex let me go, “We need to get your wig off before we get in the shower.” She carefully unpinned it and slipped it off my head. I felt so different without it. My own hair felt short and ugly, I had grown used to the weight and the length and I was surprised to realise I missed it. Alex carefully laid it down, “I never thought I would see that wig again.” She turned to me, “But It looked great on you, baby. I can’t wait until the next time you wear it.”

The next time - those words stabbed into my head. I hadn’t thought about what would happen next because I had been too wrapped up in the moment. As the water cascaded over us and Alex was washing me with a cloth, I tried to make sense of what I was feeling. I had got involved in all this against my better judgement and strictly as a one off to help Areeya. What, if anything, had changed? Had I enjoyed any of it? Images and scenes from the past few days; dressing up, Shane, the kathoey bar, Jandaeng, Nin, the sex tonight all made me so confused. What, or who, had i become. So much had happened to me in a few short days; not everything had been good, but much to my surprise, I realised I had enjoyed so much of it. Once the fear of exposure and ridicule had passed, I had begun to enjoy acting as a woman. The glamour of the makeup and the dressing up, had created an erotic, decadent excitement that thrilled me.

I had been given an insight into some of what it means to be a woman, and in the process I had learnt as much about what it means to be a man. Would there be a next time? I looked at Alex, and I knew she wanted there to be another time, but what about me?

“Alex,” I said, “what do you want from me?”

She stopped washing me, “Wow, where did that come from?”

“I’m so confused right now. I want to know what you want from me, what you want me to become?”

“Baby, let’s get dry and then we can talk about this, OK?”

“Yes, but I need an answer.”

We dried ourselves, Alex slipped on her robe and I wrapped a towel around my waist which looked a bit like a skirt. Alex said, “I need a drink before we discuss this, do you want one?”

She came back with two large brandies, handed me one and sat on the sofa, her legs pulled up beneath her. I sat down next to her, nervously playing with my glass.

She took a big sip of brandy and looked straight at me, “I guess the last few days brought this on?”

“Mostly, but it’s a question I guess I’ve been thinking about for a while?”

She took another sip before saying, “Do you believe I have ever forced you to do something? Against your will, I mean?”

I shook my head, “No, never.”

“Good, I didn’t think so, but I wanted to check. Another question, are you happy here, with me and Areeya?”

“Alex, you know I am, I’ve never been happier in my entire life, but that’s not the question.”

She paused, “So you’re happy here and you’re not doing anything you don’t like, or being forced to do anything. So what is your question?”

“Alex, a few months ago, I arrived on Samui for a few days R&R and to see an old uni friend. From that moment my life has been turned upside down and inside out. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I have enjoyed everything, well maybe not quite everything. I don’t like people waving guns at me for sure. I have never felt more alive and excited by what’s happening, and I wouldn’t swap this for anything. I love you and Areeya and I thought I had it figured out. Who I am, I mean.”

Alex tried to say something, but I held up my hand, I needed to finish this what I was saying first.

“Then this trip to Bangkok happened, having me dress as a woman. You know I didn’t want to do it, yet having done it, it's made me unsure of who I am and who I’m going to be. Do you understand why I need you to tell me what you want from me?”

I took a couple of large gulps of the brandy and almost choked. It’s not my drink.

Alex stretched out a hand and laid it gingerly on my arm. “Baby, I’m sorry, but another question first, and I want you to be honest, what happened on the trip to make you question yourself?”

I looked away, but I knew I had to tell her about Shane. I blushed, damn it. Will I ever stop doing that? I told her about the night at the hotel, about feeling lost and lonely and scared, and how I lay next to Shane and how I tried to kiss him, but how nothing actually happened. I couldn’t look at her as I told the story, and I was nearly in tears at the end.

Alex moved across and sat on my lap, her arms around my neck.

“Oh baby, thank you for being honest. I suspected something by the way you and Shane were behaving with each other. He is a great guy and trust me you wouldn’t be the first or the last to be attracted to him. There’s a strength and yet a vulnerability about him, which people find irresistible. And before you ask, yes we did fuck each other once or twice in the past, so I understand what you must have been feeling.”

She kissed me and stroked my hair. “If you’re attracted to him, so what? You love me, you love Areeya, but it’s also OK to like other people. So he’s a guy, I can see what you’re thinking in your eyes, so what? He has a cock, so do I and so do you. You and I seem to get on well enough, if tonight was anything to go by. Baby, there are no rules about who you get attracted to, it happens. I can equally understand it freaked you out a bit, but you’re still James,” she giggled, “or Jamie.”

“But that’s it,” I almost wailed, “do you want me to be James or Jamie?”

“Baby, if you want to be, you can be both. If you enjoy being one or the other, then choose one, I will still love you. I like to play games, you get that, and I thought you might like being Jamie, but I don’t want you to be Jamie, if it's not what you want. It's never been what I want you to be, it’s who you want to be that’s the question. When we got together, it wasn’t just me, was it? You wanted it too. You knew what had happened to me and it didn’t stop you, did it? Sure I wear a dress and Shane doesn’t, well as far as I know, anyway. He’d look sweet I think, but I’m getting off the point. I just give you the chance to try things out, but I don’t want to play games which might hurt you. You can always say no.”

I thought the idea of saying no to Alex would be about as much use as asking a charging rhinoceros to please stop. She paused and took another sip of brandy and then tilted the glass for me to take a sip too.

“Tell me,” she said, “Jandaeng aside, did you enjoy being Jamie?”

I nodded, I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

“OK, I’m glad, I thought you might. Do you want to be Jamie again, or should I say Scarlett?”

I felt like a shy school kid as I said, “Yes, and yes.”

“Good, I would like it too. We might have a lot of fun, Areeya would like it as well. Maybe Shane too?”

I blushed redder than ever and she laughed, “He has the hots for Jamie, or Scarlett, that’s for sure. You should have seen the way he looked at you earlier.”

She paused and had the look on her face she gets when she comes up with a crazy idea.

“You have to go back to Bangkok in a couple of days as James, so why don’t we all have a quick holiday? Shane has to be in Bangkok the same time as you and Nin, so why don’t we take the boat to the other side of the island, like Sam and Areeya did. Do some snorkelling, see what happens. You can be Scarlett for a couple more days at least.”

I felt dizzy as I realised saying yes would be to take a deliberate and willing step along a path that might change my life. Although not for the first time since I arrived in Samui, I thought. I would no longer be able to pretend it had only been a crazy adventure, something to be laughed off as funny memory in the future. It might have consequences that none of us could foresee. Alex didn’t help as she nibbled my ear and her fingers toyed with my nipple as I thought about it. As usual my head told me not to, and my heart was saying yes.

From somewhere my I heard my voice say, “Well, we could all do with a holiday, I guess.”

Chapter 13

Areeya returned to the apartment after we had gone to bed as the moorings needed more attention than Areeya had thought. After she and Shane got the boat secured on the pier, he had gone back to his hotel and Areeya headed back to sleep in the apartment.

In the morning, I had changed back into being James, albeit with a little reluctance. Alex had suggested I go on the boat as James and change into Scarlett for the evening. I thought it was one of Alex’s better ideas as I had nothing suitable for the boat trip or swimming as Scarlett. Alex was excitedly telling Areeya about going away for a couple of days to Lipa Noi on the west coast when I saw Areeya’s face fall.

I realised we were talking about the same place where she and Sam had gone before their break-up.

“Alex, maybe Areeya wouldn’t want to go back there.” The penny dropped with Alex.

“God, I’m sorry Areeya, I am so fucking stupid.”

Areeya held up her hand, “Don’t worry, Alex, I think it’s a great idea, but could it be just three of you this time. I have plenty to do at the bar. You can handle the boat without me.”

“Are you sure, Areeya?” Alex was apologetic, but I could tell she wanted to go.

“No, you all go ahead. It will do you good. Does Shane know yet?”

“No, I’ll call him now, if you’re sure it’s OK?”

Areeya waved her hand, “Alex, it’s fine, enjoy yourselves. She’s fully fuelled, so you’re ready to go.”

I hugged Areeya and whispered, “Thanks, you’re wonderful, you know.”

She smiled, “Consider it part payment for what you did in Bangkok. Promise me you’ll make it worthwhile, OK?” I must have looked puzzled because she whispered, “Shane’s a lovely guy.”

I blushed and mumbled something about that’s not going to happen, and she smiled as if she knew more than I did. Alex was on the phone to Shane, who had said yes judging by the look on Alex’s face.

“OK, let’s get going, Scarlett, Shane will meet us at the boat.”

“Alex,” I said, “please don’t call me that when I’m like this.”

“Details, details, come on, let’s get you a bag packed.”

Alex threw clothes into a suitcase, including what I had brought back from Bangkok, as well as some of her clothes. “We’re only going for a night.” I protested. She looked at me, entirely baffled by what I had said. “So what, we need something to choose from, you must understand these things by now.”

I sighed, unable to counter her logic. She piled the case with more clothes, makeup, underwear and a finally a couple of bikinis. “I’m not wearing them, no way.” I said.

“Maybe not the tops, just the bottoms, you’ll look so cute.” She threw them into the suitcase and zipped it up. We kissed Areeya goodbye and headed out. I, of course, had to wheel the suitcase down the pier as Alex had her hands full with her sun hat. We arrived about 10 o’clock and before Shane. Alex busied herself getting the boat ready to leave as I manhandled the suitcase to the stateroom. Alex may be a nightmare behind the wheel of a car, but I knew she was adept at the wheel of Cockatoo. She and Areeya had sailed Cockatoo many times and Alex had learnt well from Areeya, who was a qualified skipper.

As I emerged from the stateroom, I caught sight of Shane making his way up the jetty. I hovered in the shadow of the cabin to watch him approach. He was wearing beach shorts and a singlet which showed off his tanned, muscled arms and his long legs. An old baseball cap was tilted back on his head with a pair of sunglasses resting on the top and a rucksack thrown carelessly over his shoulder. I felt a flush come over my face as I looked at him.

“He’s gorgeous, isn’t he?”

I jumped a foot in the air. Alex had crept down from the bridge and was standing close behind me. “Shit Alex, why do you do this to me?”

“Because I can,” was her idiotic reply. “He’s gorgeous, but he has one flaw.” I looked at her in surprise. She grinned, “I’m telling you this because you might to need to know it for tonight. He has a very small cock.”


“It’s true, he’s a bit embarrassed about it, so don’t make fun of him if you see it up close tonight. Why do you think his nickname is Tiny?”

“Well, that’s not going to happen, so I won’t have to worry.” I said primly.

Alex grabbed my bum, “You wanna bet, buster?”

Thankfully, Shane heaved himself onto the gangway which cut short the discussion. “G’day, what a great day for a sail.”

It was true, after the storm passed through last night, as so often happens, the morning had dawned clear and sunny, but the end of the day was forecast to be hot and humid. The perfect day to escape onto the cooling water. Alex hugged him but I fist bumped him as a greeting.

“James, how are ya? Is it James today, rIght?” Alex smirked as I glared at her.

“Yes, Shane that’s right.”

Alex told me to square away Shane’s rucksack while she got the lines ready to depart. She went into her “do this, do that,” routine with Shane and me, and we grinned at each other as she bossed us both about. We were soon cutting a graceful arc out into the blue water, a double white wake behind us. I fetched beers, and we all sat up on the flying bridge as Alex guided us away from Lamai and turned north.

I thought I had left the events of the pirate raid behind, but I shivered as I remembered the events of that night. Shane noticed the small gesture, “Not a good sailor, James?” Alex looked at me, “Tell him, James, it can’t do any harm?”

Shane looked puzzled. “Tell me what?”

I sighed, “You remember when we got jumped after the ferry, I told you how I was tired of people waving guns in my face?”

He nodded, “I remember, I just forgot to ask you about it.”

“To cut a long story short Alex, Areeya and I were on the boat one night when we were attacked and boarded by pirates. We managed to overpower them in the end, but I got knocked overboard. It all ended OK, but I don’t like people pointing guns at me. Alex was the hero, she saved my life.”

Alex guffawed, “James, that’s a load of bollocks and you know it.” She turned to Shane, “there was only one hero, and it was James. Areeya was knocked out, I was shitting myself and this one,” she paused as she skilfully avoided a fishing boat whose crew seemed to be asleep, “this one attacked the pirate on our boat who had us at gunpoint, and shoved him over the side. James also went over the side and was picked up by a helicopter several hours later, more dead than alive in the water.”

Shane looked at me with what seemed to be admiration on his face. “You said, Alex saved your life, how come?”

“She grabbed the gun and shot at the pirate boat, which scared it away. She then threw everything which would float overboard, and I was picked up a few hours later clinging to a seat cushion.”

Shane looked from Alex to me and then back again. “And you didn’t mention this to me, why?”

Alex shrugged, “it didn’t seem relevant.”

“Hmm,” he laid his hand on my arm, “I knew you were tough when you laid out the guy on the minibus, and then after the cop in the bar, but this takes the biscuit.” He removed his hand, but I hoped he hadn’t seen how his touch had thrilled me. I turned to Alex, and the look on her face clearly told me she had seen it. I went pink and went below to get more beers. We were making good time, and turned to the west around the northern tip of the island, past the Big Buddha and the pier at Maenam where we had caught the ferry to the mainland. We turned south and on past Nathon pier where we had arrived back from Surat Thani, then on to Lipa Noi beach. It had been a smooth trip, the seas flat and the sun blazing from an azure sky. Alex brought Cockatoo to a dead stop, and I let the go the anchor at Alex’s command. She cut the two engines and a wonderful silence descended; this was as close to being in Paradise as I had ever felt. The western coast of Samui is less developed than the more commercialised east, and the beach at Lipa Noi is far from deserted, but is quieter and less crowded. Our plan was to spend the afternoon snorkelling and swimming, then to go ashore for food in the evening before returning to Cockatoo to sleep.

After another beer and some lunch which the restaurant had provided, Alex announced we should go snorkelling. She grabbed my hand and dragged me into the stateroom.

“Put these on,” she said, handing me a pair of bikini bottoms. I held the tiny piece of fabric in my fingers, “I can’t wear these, they show everything.”

“Nonsense, they are like Speedos, I'll wear a pair too, you'll be fine.” She whipped off her top and knickers and pulled up a matching pair of bikini bottoms to the ones I held in my hand. As I suspected they did nothing to hide Alex’s bulge and I realise I would be just as exposed. I hesitated, every step I was taking on this trip was dragging me ever deeper into a new world. A world where gender lines were blurred, and identity became a matter of choice rather than biology. I shrugged and pulled the bikini bottoms up my legs. I felt a tingling thrill as I pulled them over my cock and balls, and they did not leave anything to the imagination. Despite what Alex had said, they did not resemble Speedos in the slightest. Alex grabbed my t-shirt, dragged it over my head and pulled me out on the rear deck.

Shane had taken off his singlet and turned to look at us. I almost giggled as his eyes popped at the sight of the two of us. Alex pulled me to her side and ran her hands over my body. I played up to it by reaching over and cupping her breast in my hand.

“Like anything you see, Shane?” asked Alex, sweetly.

It was Shane’s turn to turn pink. “Look, cut it out you two, let’s get in the water.”

Alex shouted, “Last one in’s a sissy.”

Shane jumped over the back of the boat, quickly followed by Alex. They were both laughing and whooping by the time I made it into the water. I wasn’t surprised to see with his military background, Shane was a good swimmer, and Alex I knew, swam like a fish. We had forgotten the snorkels and masks, so I volunteered to fetch them from the boat. As I climbed the ladder at the back of the boat, I felt a hand on my bum pushing me up onto the deck. I looked back and Shane was grinning from ear to ear.

“Couldn’t resist it,” he said.

I stuck my tongue out at him and he disappeared, laughing and choking as he swallowed water. Serves him right I thought to myself, but the feel of his hand on my bum made me tingle.

We spent a couple of hours of hanging in the water, letting the water and the fish soothe away the stress. I wasn’t surprised to find Shane was a powerful swimmer. Despite his size he was fast and almost graceful, moving himself effortlessly through the water. At last, Alex signalled she was going back to the boat, and after a few more minutes, Shane and I followed. By the time we climbed on board Alex had slipped on a t-shirt and had her hair in a turban. She had beers waiting for us, and we sat in the shade drinking and talking about what we had seen. Alex gave me what I thought was a t-shirt, but which was in fact a very feminine white short top, which left a lot of my belly uncovered. I made a face to her about it.

She smiled sweetly, “Don’t make a fuss, it’s just us girls here with Shane.”

Shane’s grin stretched even wider if that were possible. He hadn’t bothered covering up and for the first time I got a look at his chest. I could see his scars and although his tan softened them they still looked severe. He saw me staring at them and he raised an eyebrow at me.

“You wanna touch them?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare.”

“Yea, you did, everybody does.” He said without rancour, obviously accustomed to the attention they garnered.

“Just how bad was it? I thought it was just the bullet graze.” I asked, amazed at the number of scars.

“Well, most of the stuff on my chest was the shrapnel from an IED on my first tour, and then the bullet wound from the second tour.”

“Why in God's name did you go back if you got blown up by an IED?” I blurted this out, probably already aware it was a crass question.

He looked away for a moment and when he looked back his face was clouded, “Look, some say we do it because we are natural born killers. Truth is, few of us like the killing. Sure there are some psychopaths out there, but for most of us it’s more complex, or simpler depending on how you look at it. Some of us, we get a kick from being close to death, the excitement of living on the edge, not knowing when you pull on your trousers if the dice are going to roll your way that day. Wondering if the extra step you take brings you closer to an IED, or further away from it. Adrenaline and dopamine junkies want to get as close to death as possible, never believing they will get killed, it will always be someone else.”

He paused, his eyes in a faraway place.

“Some have a death wish. Those fellas are truly dangerous because they can get you killed. We would weed those out pretty quickly, one way or the other. Many of us do it because we couldn’t think of doing anything else, it's what we do and that’s it. The comradeship is something you couldn’t get anywhere else. Having to rely on the guy next you in a firefight when he’s probably shitting himself as much as you are. You love him like a brother, you would die for him, and some end up doing that. Unless you’ve done it, there isn’t a way you can get it. Does that answer your question?”

Alex and I were both silent, I felt terrible for having asked the question. I stood up and walked across to where he sat, sat on his lap and hugged him.

“I’m sorry, it was a shit question, Shane.”

He put his arms around me, “No worries, Jamie, if you don’t ask you’re not interested, and that’s worse.”

Alex pulled me up, “Pack it in you two, save it for later, we got to go ashore for some food, which means us girls have to get ready.” She pulled me into the stateroom, leaving Shane out on the aft deck with a beer for company.

“You little hussy,” she said when we got into the cabin.


“Throwing yourself on him like that, I brought you up better than that.” she was laughing.

“Yes, Mum.” Which earned me an arm punch. “I felt so sorry for him.”

“Hmm, feeling sorry for them is what gets us girls into trouble in the first place. Come on we got work to do girlfriend.”

As Alex opened the suitcase and began pulling out clothes, I was unsure about whether I wanted to do this. The dark voice in my head was back, You’re not gay, you can’t do this. The other voice was lighter, You’re not gay, but do it anyway.

I turned to Alex, “Can you help me with my makeup? I want to try by myself, but I’ll need some help.” Alex looked delighted, “Sure, baby, if that’s what you want, go ahead and get started and I’ll sort out clothes.” Alex passed me the makeup bag, and I sat down in front of the mirror. I looked at my reflection, sighed and opened the bag. I tried to recall what Lawan and Nin had done to me, and I copied what they did as best as I could. I made a mess of my eyes, of course, and Alex had to help me out with the eyeshadow and mascara. She insisted on doing my nails, and despite my protests I ended up with pink nails to match the lipstick I had applied by myself. Alex seemed to happy with the results.

“We should let your hair grow out some more, so you don’t have to use a wig,” Alex said as she stood behind me, flicking the ends of my hair. I hadn’t had a haircut for a while so while it was already quite long it was unkempt and would need styling.

“Alex, I’m not sure how long I want this to go on,” I said, looking at her in the mirror.

“Babe, let’s worry about that tomorrow, just enjoy tonight, right?”

I nodded, and she slipped the wig cap over my head and carefully fitted the long black wig. I was used to it by now, and I liked the way it made me look. I moved my head and watched the hair move in the mirror. Alex handed me some knickers, “Let’s try without the breast forms tonight, just wear these.”

I looked doubtfully at her, “Won’t that look odd?”

“I’m betting it will drive Shane crazy, trust me.”

My dark internal voice growled, drive him crazy? You must be mad. The other voice piped up, that could be fun.

I pulled up the knickers and felt a thrill run through me as the soft lace cradled me. My cock stiffened immediately, pushing out the front of the knickers, and Alex said, “No, no, no, that won’t do. We’ll have to do something about it” She dropped to her knees and, pulled out my cock and plunged her mouth over the end. I was already hard and when her tongue started to work, I knew it wouldn’t be long. I looked into the mirror to see her kneeling in front of me, head bobbing and her hand working in my cock. It was so erotic to watch, and I felt my climax coming fast and with a grunt I came in her mouth. Alex sucked me dry before tucking me back into my knickers and grinning at me, “There, that should keep you quiet for a while.”

She made me turn round to face the mirror and close my eyes. “Stand still, don’t move, I’m going to put the dress I want you to wear over your head.”

I felt the material drop over my head and settle on my shoulders and then fall to my waist. She fussed with the dress at my shoulders and waist, before saying “OK, you can open your eyes now.”

I squinted through one eye and then snapped open both as I saw what I was wearing. It was a rose pink dress, a scoop neck, with lace panels coming to just below where my bust would have been, if I had one. The lace was fine but you could still see my nipples through it. The dress fell to my mid-thigh showing off nearly all my legs. Alex gently turned me round so I could see the lace came down in a vee to meet the dress at the back, showing off my back..

“Alex,” I stuttered, “I, I can’t wear this.”

“Why not?”

“For god’s sake it shows everything, I can’t wear it.”

“Shane!” Alex yelled, “Can you come here?”

“No, he can’t see me like this.” I tried to find something to cover me up but Alex held my hands. Shane walked in and stood there grinning. I went beetroot red.

“Scarlett thinks she can’t wear this, what do you think?”

He didn’t stop smiling but gave me a good look up and down, tilting his head to one side, before saying, “Scarlett, I think you look gorgeous. I would be proud to be seen with you dressed like that. It’s so beautiful on you.”

“See,” crowed Alex, “Now do you believe me?”

My heart was pounding in my ears, I couldn’t possibly go out like this, could I? I looked again in the mirror and did a little twirl. The dress hung beautifully and swung out at the bottom as I turned. The colour seemed to go with my tan, and I have to admit my legs didn’t look so bad. The dress was flat across the front so my lack of breasts didn’t seem to be a problem, instead it gave me an unmistakably androgynous look.

“You look great, Scarlett,” said Shane, “please wear it, I really like it.”

Alex nudged my foot in a clear “I told you so” gesture.

“OK, Ok,” I said, “I'll wear it. But you'll have to repatriate me when I die from embarrassment tonight.”

Alex clapped her hands and Shane’s smile seemed to get even broader. Alex pulled on an extremely tight pair of denim shorts and a short, white bra top and declared herself ready to go. Alex dropped the tender into the water and Shane stepped down into it with an easy movement. For a big man he moved with surprising grace. He held out his hand to me and I grabbed it and stepped down. The tender lurched slightly, and I fell straight into Shane’s arms. He caught me and then held me for a little too long.

“You can let me go now, Shane. Thanks.”

He blushed this time, and I sat down at the bow, making sure to keep my legs together. The damned dress had ridden so far up my thighs, I was sure I was showing my knickers. Alex was trying and failing to stop laughing as she hopped in last and fired up the outboard. Alex had reserved a table at the Nikki Beach Resort where she knew the owner. It was only a few minutes in the tender but dusk was falling as we arrived at the beach by the resort. Alex jumped out and held the boat steady as Shane climbed out. I sat there too scared to move in my dress, convinced I would fall over and my embarrassment might just be fatal. Shane noticed how scared I was and came back told me to stand up and put my arms around his neck. He picked me up as if I weighed nothing, one arm under my knees, the other around my back and carried me onto the beach where he put me gently down on the sand.

“You OK?”

The truth is I wasn’t. When he picked me up and I put my arms around his neck, I had felt such a sudden surge of attraction for him which set my pulse racing. I was so flustered I thought was going to pass out. I had never felt attracted to men, yet here I was practically swooning for this one. I hoped he hadn’t noticed, but by the way Alex was looking at me, she had. We walked up the beach to where Alex’s acquaintance was waiting.

“Welcome to the Nikki Beach Alex. It's nice to see you here at last.” He spoke with a slight European accent, perhaps French or Belgian. He was slim, handsome, wearing an immaculate white suit, and obviously gay.

“Jean Paul, it's so good to see you too. It’s been far too long, I should have come over sooner, my apologies.”

Jean Paul stepped forward and pecked Alex on each cheek. “Jean Paul, may I introduce my two dear friends, Scarlett and Shane.”

“Enchante, Mademoiselle Scarlett,” he actually bowed to me, then kissed me on both cheeks too. He shook Shane’s hand but even I could see he held onto it a couple of seconds longer than was necessary. “Welcome Monsieur Shane, it is so nice to have three such beautiful people as our guests.” I got the clear impression from the way his eyes lingered over Shane he would have preferred just one beautiful person as his guest, and it wouldn’t be Alex or me.

Alex put her arm through mine and whispered, “Put your claws away, Jean Paul's harmless.”

I looked at her, completely startled. “You should have seen your face, baby. You almost turned green.”

Of course, I actually went pink.

Jean Paul led us to a table by the beach, lit by small oil candles on the table and some bamboo flares off to the side. Three waiters, pulled our chairs back, and I remembered to smooth my dress as I sat, keepng my knees together. The setting was stunning as was the food which seemed to keep coming. It was almost but not quite as good as at Koh Samui Blue and Alex’s eyes lit up when I said so.

“Don’t tell Jean Paul, I'll never be able to come back, but thank you.”

We lingered a little with some whisky for Shane and myself and brandy for Alex, courtesy of Jean Paul. He came over to us as a good host should and asked us if we had enjoyed it, and as good guests we told him how wonderful it had all been, which was true in this case. A few drinks had relaxed me and by the time we had to return to the boat, I was completely comfortable in my dress. I actually enjoyed having my legs on show and I had forgotten how scared I had been. We said goodbye to Jean Paul before we left, getting another two cheek pecks while his eyes were firmly fixed on Shane.

I managed to step back into the boat without any help, despite Shane hovering beside me. It was a quick trip back to the boat and then brandies and scotch on the aft deck. The moon was up and the sky clear, and with such little light pollution there were stars overhead from horizon to horizon. Alex pointed out a small shower of shooting stars as they flashed overhead.

“Aren’t they a bad omen here?” I asked of no one in particular and shivered although it wasn’t cold.

“I hope not,” said Alex.

We watched the sky for a little longer and then Alex said, “Let’s go inside, I have something I want us to watch.” We moved into the stateroom, Shane sitting on a chair and Alex and I on the edge of the bed, all of us facing the wide screen TV.

“Is it a movie?” Shane said.

“Sort of,” Alex replied, and it was then I had a very bad feeling about what we were going to watch.

“Alex, you’re not going to show what I think you are, are you?”

She turned to me, grinned and pressed the remote and the screen flickered into life. It was the film Alex had made on the night Areeya had taken me with the strapon. The camerawork was pretty rough, but it was clear enough what was going on. I hid my face in my hands but I couldn’t blot out the sounds coming from the TV.

“Alex, turn it off.” Shane’s voice was sharp, “turn it off now.”

The sounds stopped immediately. I felt a hand on my shoulder and the bed rocked as Shane sat down next to me. He put his arm around me and as I leaned into him I felt the same rush of emotion I had earlier, and I knew exactly what I was going to do next. I turned my head and kissed Shane on the lips and unlike last time there was no hesitation on my part. I reached up and pulled him closer, mashing my lips against his. He was hesitant, perhaps fearing a repeat of what had happened before. I slid my tongue through his lips and he responded, kissing me harder and his tongue poked against mine. He pulled me closer to him and I felt the same surge of feelings again, leading me to put my fingers up to his face and this time I felt stubble but I didn’t care. I heard myself give a little moan from somewhere in my throat, and any residual inhibitions I may have still harboured slipped away.

Shane fell back onto the bed, taking me with him. His hands were around my back and I lay beside him, waiting, no, wanting, him to take the lead. His hand moved down onto my leg and gently touched my thigh. My head was spinning by now, my heart racing and all I wanted was him. His hand stroked its way up my leg and under my dress. I was getting hard now, and I knew a few inches more and he would find my cock. I briefly wondered how he would react, but a few seconds later his fingers were on my cock and he was rubbing it hard. I gasped as his fingers enveloped my cock, and my mind was imploding from the sensations I was receiving. He kissed me harder, and I felt how different it was to be kissed by a man. Alex and Areeya were gentler, more sensual when they kissed. Shane was fiercer, wanting to dominate me, but I was happy to be submissive. My breath was coming in gasps now as I felt him more and more urgently all over my body; his hands, his fingers, his tongue, even his body itself felt like fire against my skin.

He pushed himself up and in one movement, took off his top and lay down again. My fingers were all over his chest, feeling the indentations and ridges of his scars and it scared me a little to feel turned on by them. His hand found its way to my cock again, and I wanted to feel my fingers on his in return. I pushed my hand to his shorts and clumsily tried to undo them.

“Hold on, I'll do that.” he whispered into my ear. I heard the sound of a zip and I paused for a moment, realising I was never coming back from this. I shook the thought away and put my hand on the front of his shorts. Alex’s words about the size of his cock flashed into his mind and I remembered not to be surprised. I slid my fingers inside and almost jumped as I brushed up against his cock; he wasn’t tiny, he was huge. Damn you Alex, I thought, I’m going to get you back for this.

I got my hand around it and stroked it gently. It was already hard but my fingers were making it grow even more. I started to work my way down his chest, licking and kissing his nipples first before sliding down even further until my face was level with his groin. I looked up at him and his eyes were open wide, staring down at me. I grinned and pulled his shorts down, and his cock flopped onto his tummy. My eyes widened as I saw it for the first time. It wasn’t only long, it was thick as well. I gulped as I thought about what might come next. I felt hands on my shoulders and I looked round to see Alex behind me, she pressed down gently and my face collided with Shane’s cock. It twitched as I touched it, and I jumped back.

“Easy, baby, take it slowly, you’ll be fine.” Alex whispered in my ear.

She pressed me down again and my lips made contact with the top of his cock. My tongue flicked out to kiss the tip, and I felt him shiver as I licked down to the root. I heard him make a sound in his throat as I kissed his balls and ran my tongue back up to the tip again. Alex pressed down once more, and I took the tip into my mouth, my tongue working around and beneath the head. Shane moaned louder this time, so I did it again and felt his cock twitch in my mouth.

“Slide it in deeper, baby.” Alex whispered again.

I took him deeper into my mouth then moved up and down, trying to get it a little deeper each time. I gagged and had to pull back before plunging my mouth over his cock once more.

“Steady, take it slowly, baby.” Alex was whispering in my ear again.

“Come up here, I want to kiss you again,” I heard Shane say, and I let his cock slip from his mouth and moved up the bed. He pulled me towards him and we kissed; feeling his lips on mine took my breath away.

“Time to get naked, Scarlett,” Alex pulled up the hem of my dress and I sat up to let her take it off.

I lay back against Shane and gasped aloud as his tongue flicked my nipples. They were hard already,, and I writhed as he tormented them further.

“Straddle me,” said Shane, and I climbed onto his chest facing him, wondering what he wanted to do. He looked up grinned and slid my cock into his mouth. I nearly passed out as his tongue bathed my cock. He sucked and licked until I thought my cock was about to burst. I could feel his cock rubbing between my bum and I thought for a moment he would take me there and then. Shane let me slip from his lips and I rolled off him.

Alex was still there, next to us on the bed, “He’s ready baby, are you?”

I nodded, unable to find the words.

“Get on your hands and knees,” She said and as I did so I felt Shane move on the bed behind me. I looked back to see he was kneeling behind me, applying some lube to his cock. It looked even bigger now and I wondered if I could possibly take it. I felt him spread some on my hole and then there was one finger inside me. I fell forward a little and found Alex in front of me.

“You'll be fine, he knows what he’s doing.”

I winced as a second finger found its way inside, but I knew I would be grateful for this soon.

“Relax, baby, relax.” whispered Alex.

I felt the first tap of his cock against my hole and he pushed gently but insistently before pulling back. I knew this was going to hurt, and I bit my lip as I felt him push again. He went deeper this time trying to open me up, but I was tight and my muscle was unwilling to allow this invader past its defence. I felt a sharp slap on my bum and I jumped and he was inside. I gasped out loud as the pain seared through me, and I almost stopped breathing as tears pricked my eyes.

“Easy, easy, baby, you’ll be fine.” Alex was holding my shoulders as I was in danger of falling onto my face. Shane held himself inside me and I had to bite my lip again to avoid crying out. I can’t recall when things changed, but at some point the pain ebbed away to be replaced with heat and pleasure as he picked up his pace and his cock slid in and out. He placed his hands on my shoulders and I instinctively pushed back against his thrusts. I felt something touch my lips, and I opened my eyes to see Alex’s cock in front of me.

I opened my lips, allowing to her to slide it into my mouth. As Shane pushed from behind I was forced onto her, impaled on cocks from in front and back. My senses were overwhelmed and time stood still as I was aware of nothing except the waves of pleasure and lust which crashed over me in this double assault. From somewhere I heard Shane grunting, and he staggered a little as his climax crashed through him and into me. I felt his cum sluice from his cock and into me, coating my insides with his hot seed. A few seconds later Alex came too, her cum shooting into my throat and splashing onto my face.

I slumped forwards, totally spent from what had happened. Shane stayed inside me as he lay beside me and kissed my neck. I felt him gradually shrink and slip out of me. Alex lay down on my other side, kissed me. “Do you forgive me?”

“What for?” I said, completely confused.

“For showing the film, I shouldn’t have done that, it was wrong.”

“Yeah, I forgive you for that, but I’m going to get you back for telling me his nickname was Tiny.”

She giggled, “It’s true, it’s his nickname, but he got it because he is so big.”

“Bitch,” I said as I lay there, in a state of exhilaration I had never felt before. We cuddled for a while before falling asleep, me in the middle, Alex and Shane on either side of me. Sometime in the night, I woke from a dream about watching a never-ending stream of shooting stars. I was troubled by something, but couldn’t grasp what it could be.

I woke to find Alex lying next to me, looking at me with a worried look.

“Wassa matter?” My throat was dry and I could barely speak.

“Do you still love me?” she whispered.

The question shook me. I pushed back some stray hair which had fallen over her forehead.

“Of course I do, why?”

“You seem so keen on Shane.”

“Ok, let’s get this straight,” I said, “I like Shane in every way you can think of, but I love you and Areeya, nothing will come between us.”

She looked into my eyes for a second before kissing me and saying, “Fuck me please, now.”

I glanced at Shane and he was still asleep, snoring quietly. I climbed over him to Alex and we made love next to him, slowly and sensually, our movements matched to each other’s needs and likes. After being fucked last night this was making love. Two people who knew what pleased the other and were able to give to each other unselfishly. As my climax approached my back arched, and I came, her legs wrapped tightly around my back, pulling me deep into her. I pulled out of her and we rolled onto our backs, holding hands and giggling.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve seen in a long time.” Shane’s voice made us both jump. Alex thumped him on the chest, “You bastard, you could have told us you were awake.” Shane started to laugh and Alex rolled on top of him and jumped up and down until he stopped.

It was already late, so Alex wanted to make a start back to Lamai. After a shared shower which involved a lot giggling and teasing, we weighed anchor and set course for Lamai. I was flying to Bangkok as James the following day, so I decided to stay as Scarlett for one more day. I wore the black top and trousers I had brought back from Bangkok which I loved and I thought went so well with the black wig. We made good time back, stopping for lunch and a naked swim in a deserted bay. However, as we turned south towards Lamai, dark clouds were building over to the east, and it looked as if there was more bad weather on the way.

We arrived back at Cockatoo as dusk fell and the bar was already crowded and noisy. Shane had Alex on one arm and me on the other and was grinning as if he had won the Thai lottery. I felt everyone who looked at me could tell exactly what I had done last night, but I decided I didn’t care. I was happy, and that’s all that mattered to me. The bar girls were all busy either serving drinks or sitting with customers. The three of us waved to Pao, who was trying to settle an argument with a slightly drunk Brit about a bar bill he thought was too much. It was mainly the Brits who complained about the bills even though Areeya made sure the prices were among the lowest on the strip. Areeya spotted us and weaved her way through the crowd to get to us. She smiled to see I was in Scarlett mode and winked at me, which, of course, made me go as red as a stop sign.

“It’s crazy tonight, we’re doing great business. I’ll bring you some beers out here.” She almost had to fight her way back through the crowd to fetch the drinks. As we chatted waiting for Areeya to come back, I was idly scanning the crowds outside the bar when I caught sight of a Thai face which looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place him. Areeya returned with the beers and we clinked bottles. When I looked back, whoever it was had disappeared.

Areeya grinned wickedly, “So, did Scarlett have a good time last night?”

Alex giggled and Shane simply smiled.

“Actually, yes, Areeya, she had a great time thank you.” I grinned back at her.

“British, why they always complaining,” said Pao as she joined us. “Oh, sorry Miss Jamie, I forget you British too.”

Alex said, “It’s Scarlett now, Pao.” She looked completely baffled, and I stepped in.

“Pao, These days I’m not sure what I am.”

That got a big laugh from everyone.

I looked over Pao's shoulder and saw the face I had seen earlier. He was looking straight at us and then moved in our direction. My heart missed a beat as I recognised one of the men who had stopped us on the way to Bangkok. He was so close now all I could do was shout, “Shane, watch out.” I thought he was going for Shane but his eyes were fixed on me. Time seemed to slow down for the next few moments as everyone turned towards me in confusion. Shane pushed his way towards the man, but he was never going to get there in time. Pao, who was slightly to one side of me, turned to face the oncoming man, and I caught the flash of a knife blade. I tried to rock backwards but bumped into Alex, who screamed. Pao made a deliberate step to the side just as he thrust the knife at me. Pao grunted as she took the blade in her stomach and was knocked backwards into me. The man turned to run but Shane reached him before he had gone two steps, sending them both crashing to the floor.

Everybody was now screaming or shouting as I sank to my knees with Pao cradled in my arms. My hands were already red with her blood as she looked up at me, “Sorry, Mr James.”

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