Nora Midnight Part 14

Nora had a free period and was correcting papers when she heard a crash out in the hallway near her classroom. She gets up and sticks her head out. She notices Ginger standing over a large boy. The blouse she had worn to school was torn and you could see her neon pink bra.

Nora walks over to her older daughter “what happened Ginger?”

“He tried to grab me from behind, while I was getting a book from my locker. When I yanked away from his grip. He tore my blouse. He tried again to put me in an arm lock and I smashed my head against his nose and elbowed him as hard as I could in his chest. Once I managed to turn around. I swept his legs out from under him and punched him in his nose.” Ginger was glaring down at Joseph.

If her mother hadn’t shown up when she did, she would have stumped on his groin.

Nora notices that Joseph had a bloody nose and was having a hard time breathing. She kneels and checks his chest to see if Ginger used a little too much force when she elbowed him. He had no broken ribs, but they might be bruised. She helps Joseph up off the floor, as a security officer comes around the corner.

Nora tells him what Ginger told her. Since Joseph wasn’t talking right now. They would take him to the nurse’s office and have him look at and have an incident report filed. Everyone in school by now has learned that Ginger is her daughter.

The adoption papers for Ginger and Melody had been approved for her and Kelly to be their legal parents. So, she had Ginger’s last name and Melody’s last name changed to hers. Nora goes to the nurse’s office and makes sure Joseph is okay, before heading back to her classroom.
She writes a note for Ginger.

“Thanks, mom.” Ginger heads off to her classroom.

“You’re welcome.” Nora just watches her daughter head towards her classroom.

Some of the students had complained to the principal about them not being able to use their devices in her classroom. She found out the rule was that she could take their cellphones from them and have their parents come up to reclaim it. Her way was better, but she was willing to give the other way a try. Because she could deal with the parents.

She did have one parent threaten her until she gave him a certain look that meant pain was coming next. That shut him up fast. Her students learned she wasn’t a teacher you could pull tricks on or try to con. She was tough and fair to her students. If they needed help, she helped them.

William was waiting for Ginger by the front door. She was coming over to his house today to help him with his math. He knew Mrs. Midnight had met his mother and the two of them had gotten along. He spots her walking towards him in her gym shirt. She had worn a nice baby blue blouse this morning to go with her blue jeans.

“What happened?” He was curious.

“Joseph tried to grab me, while I was at my locker. I defended myself and bloody his nose after he ripped my new blouse. He’s in the nurse’s office right now.” Ginger wishes they would suspend Joseph for a year or more.

“He should know by now, not to mess with you. If he only got a bloody nose from you, then he got off easy this time around.” They walk towards his bus.

Ginger already cleared it with her mother’s. Christina was going to pick her up when she got off work. She was working on another project. This time her boss had put her in charge of the project from start to finish.

“How’s Melody doing?” William had met Melody and liked her. They had gone to the movies together and hung out at the mall.

“She is doing better. She has put on some weight and mom has taught her some basic moves to protect herself. Her grades have gotten better, and she might be transferring from the school she is at now, to ours. If she keeps improving like she has, that is.” Ginger has been helping her sister learn.

When Ginger arrives at Williams place “hi Mrs. Saller.”

“Hi Ginger, are you helping my poor son again?” Betty looks over towards William.

“Yes, ma’am. He needs all the help he can get.” Ginger looks at William with a playful smile on her face.

“Ha, Ha.” He leads her over to the dining room table and starts on their homework.

Around 7’o clock. There is a knock at the front door “I got it, kids.”

When Mrs. Saller opens the door, she sees Christina standing there “Hi Christina, why don’t you come in and I’ll let Ginger know you’re here.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Saller.” Christina walks in and heads into the living room to wait for Ginger.

After a few minutes, Ginger comes walking out with William following her.

“Hey, Christy.” William gave Christina the nick-name Christy.

“All bronze, no brains.” A playful smile appears on Christina’s face.

“That’s why I am tutoring him, sis.” Ginger has come to think of Christina as her older sister, just like Melody has.

Ginger and Christina finally leave to head home. Christina was driving when she spotted a car coming up behind them being chased by police cars.

“Hold on Ginger.” Just as she says those words, she turns her car right into the path of the speeding car.

Her car takes a direct hit and stops the car that was trying to escape from the cops. Ginger looks over towards the guys that hit them, and one was raising his gun at Christina. Ginger grabs Christina’s gun from its hiding spot.

“Gun!” Ginger pushes Christina down as she fires Christina’s gun right above her head.

Nora has been taking her to the gun range and teaching her how to properly fire a gun. Her shots hit the guy that was getting ready to shoot at Christina. She was stun that she had shot someone.

Christina sits back up and notices Ginger holding her concealed handgun.

“Here, give me the gun, Ginger.” Christina takes the gun out of Ginger’s hand. She was still stunned she had shot someone.

A few seconds later “are you girls okay?”

Officer David Flick had seen the car pull out to stop the car they had been chasing. He then saw gunfire coming from the car that had been struck.

Christina could hear again. Ginger had fired her 9mm right above her head. She still had some ringing, but it was slowly fading.

“We’re fine, officer. My sister is stun that she shot someone.” Christina looks at Ginger and could tell she was still stunned.

“When the paramedics get here, I’ll have them check you out. Can you get out?”

“Yes, sir.” Christina turns towards Ginger.

“Come on Ginger, we need to get out.”

“Okay.” Ginger turns around and gets out on the passenger side.

Christina follows behind Ginger. She has both their purses. She tells Officer Flick what happened. The police weren’t going to give them a ticket for stopping the carjacker or for Ginger shooting the guy.

Christina was afraid to explain everything to Nora. She had to call her to come and pick them up and tell her what happened. Ginger was still in shock.

When they get home. Nora holds Ginger in her arms and understood how she felt. After a while, Ginger starts crying as she holds onto Nora. She didn’t think she would feel the way she did. After a while she cries herself to sleep.

Nora carries her into her bedroom and with Melody’s help. She undresses her and tucks her into bed.

“W-Will-l G-Ginge-er be a-alright-t?” Melody was concern about Ginger.

“She’ll be alright Melody. We all experience our first kill in different ways.” Nora looks down at Ginger and had wished she didn’t have to experience what she did.

Sometime during the night, Ginger ends up crawling into bed with Kelly and Nora. She cries against Nora from the memory of shooting the guy. Nora just holds her during the night.

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