Last Regrets - Part 4 of 5

"Finally," Brad nearly yelled. It took him a week to track down the Majune class. It looked like a store on the outskirts of the town had one.

This was at least something he had found. The web had been sparse on information about the Majune class. The only concrete information was that it existed and lost popularity about seventy years ago. This at least he found out thanks to websites dealing with world records. Miss Kirin was right. The record holders for stamina, strength, and dexterity were all held by Majune. Unbeaten for over ninety years. In his mind, he already saw himself breaking those records. After all the current record holders were women. He should have a slight advantage with his male body, right?

He informed Miss Kirin and together they drove down to the shop. It looked respectable and in the league of high-end jewelry stores. On his way in he was inspected for hidden weapons and magical contraptions. Good thing they had left the Komoro crystal at home.

As they passed the front door a sudden pressure build up around him. Security wards. Judging by the length he had to endure it there were many and strong ones too. He was relieved as he saw Miss Kirin emerge with him. It looked like none of the wards targeted spirits.

The interior was spacious and held several counters inside. Propped up behind glass he saw dozens of class stones. Many with a decorative background to illustrate their class.

A salesman hurried to greet them and Brad had to fight off to wince. It was one of those slimy ones he sometimes had to deal with if he accompanied his parents. An occasion thankfully rare. He didn't like these overdressed brownnosers and their fake smiles.

"Young Sir. How may I help?"

Brad had to suppress rolling with his eyes. "Your online stock lists one Majune class stone. I am also curious if you can help me get another specific class stone."

"Majune? That class does not ring a bell, but let me check our inventory real quick. Ah yes, there it is. You are aware that this class is on the undesirable classes list?"

"I am well aware," Brad replied and tried not to sound too tense. People like him exploit weaknesses like that if given the chance.

"Good. Good. Now, what is the name of the second class?"

"The Kirin sorceress class."

Brad saw the salesperson frown. Not a good sign. Even if it was most likely some kind of act. "Sir, store policy is that I must warn you. The Kirin class is not only on the undesirable index, it is also flagged as one of the top uncontrollable classes known to mankind. I must implore you to look for another class."

"The class stone is for a friend. She had the class before and she can handle it. Can you get it?" Brad was a little wound up. If it hadn't been for Miss Kirin signaling to calm down, he might have said regrettable things.

"I am afraid not," the clerk announced after doing some search query on his stylish pad. "But we do have other excellent sorceress classes to chose from-"

"Not interested," Brad cut him off. "It will be just the Majune class then."

"Of course." The guy hurried into the back room and came out with a small simple box. As he opened it Brad could see the stone. No velvet underground for that one. "That will be twelve thousand."

"Your store lists it online for seven thousand," Brad threw in.

"That must be a mistake. We usually sell undesirable class stones to a research company. If you want the stone you have to beat their price."

"There might be a company out there that does buy undesirable class stones. But not for over seven thousand. Such mistakes do not happen in stores like this," Brad insisted. He hated it to be underestimated just because he was young.

"Well, our store also has a reputation to uphold. Selling low worth stones would taint it. Maybe we can meet halfway. If you buy any sorcerer class from our main stock I'll throw in the Majune stone for free."

Brad wanted to curse. Slimy little weasel. Of course, the main stock was proper classes. The cheapest class he could see was for two hundred thousand. He pretended to think about it and looked to Miss Kirin. She too was looking like deep in thought.

Finally, she looked up and pointed at one of the displayed stones. "I'll promise I'll pay you back, but it might take longer to do so. It is a risk. Your decision."

Slowly Brad started nodding. "That one over there, but the price-"

Not willing to simply give up he started to haggle till the price was down to one hundred and eighty thousand. He used the bank account his parents specifically set up for him when he was ready for a class. That they were good at. Giving money. On any other front, they lacked a lot. When he collected the two stones he was once again stopped by the sales clerk.

"Sir, one last thing. You should know the Majune class is listed as fem-"

"I am well aware of every aspect," Brad cut him off. He didn't mind lying to escape this shop.

* * * * * * * * * *

Brad was giddy on his way home. Earning him a few rolling eyes from Miss Kirin. Once inside he placed the purchased items on the coffee table in his small living room. It was an uneven match. On one side the Majune class stone in its simple wooden box. Beside it was the small pile of the sorceress class stone. Complete with manual, two books on the class, and vouchers for free lessons at a local training school.

"Brad. Sit down before you walk a trench into the floor. I know you are eager to get started, but I ask you to be patient."

Miss Kirin was right and he let himself fall into the worn out armchair.

Once being seated Miss Kirin came close and looked him in the eyes. "I know this is what you waited for in a long time, but I must ask you to wait a little longer. This class stone is the right choice. I am very sure of it. But. There is always the small chance not working out. I promise that no matter what happens I'll be there for you. To make sure I can I ask you to wait for a few days. Let me change classes. Return to the living and then find a job. Once I am sure I can properly support you it will be time. Okay?"

Brad was a little confused by her words, but he reasoned caution would be a wise choice. Reluctantly he nodded. "Okay. So. In order to get my turn, you have to change. So go ahead."

She gave him a proud smile before turning towards the small pile on the table. The stone was unwrapped quickly and then Miss Kirin placed the Komoro crystal beside it. "Here goes nothing," she said. Brad wasn't sure if it was to herself or to him.

The glow of the crystal intensified as Miss Kirin took up the stone and concentrated. Strange noises came from the crystal as lines of fractures appeared on it. As the crystal burst, the class stone in her hand disappeared.

Brad didn't know what shocked him more. The sudden self-destructing crystal or the solid thump as Miss Kirin fell on her butt and started to swear worse than a sailor. The situation quickly turned hilarious as Brad realized that Miss Kirin had trouble standing up. He guessed ghosts tend to forget a lot. For example, that gravity existed or how to use their legs.

* * * * * * * * * *

Once Miss Kirin relearned to walk again she was very busy. She got the government to recognize her as alive again and managed to find a well-paying job. All within two weeks.

Despite her swift action, Brad was impatient. He felt ready after enduring so much. His will and body steeled. Many new skills learn. It was now or never. The last step before he could try courting Sarah again was to activate the small class stone in his hands.

"Alright. It's time," Miss Kirin told him. "You did read up on the Majune class, right?"

"Everything I could find on the web," replied Brad. Admittedly it wasn't much. Just enough to confirm it was a monk class and it could transfer stats like strength.

"Good. Then go ahead."

Brad didn't have to be asked twice. He channeled a tiny amount of mana into the stone and a moment later a great surge of power flooded his body.

Warmth and a pleasant tingle drowned out everything else. He barely noticed himself collapsing on the floor. When it eventually subsided Brad's heart was beating a mile a minute.

"Oh, my. You turned out splendidly."

Miss Kirin's comment brought him back. He had undergone a transformation. One he hadn't expected. With dread, his gaze wandered downward. "Holy shit! I am a girl?"

"Of course you are. The Majune class is female only. You told me you had researched the class."

Brad scampered to his feet with the help of the sorceress. "I did. I haven't read anything about a restriction." He simply had to see for himself how he looked.

What greeted him in the mirror was a girl next door pretty type of body. Far from flawless, but definitive a looker. His new skin was without blemish and a tad darker than usual around here. So his part southern heritage had carried over. Dark hair framed an attractive if a little uneven face. He saw his new wild roaming eyes that appeared to be gray with a hint of green. The pert nose and slightly puffy lips drew his gaze and contrasted against the slightly too thick and bushy brows.

His new neck and shoulders looked so slender compared to before. His gaze drifted down to his new chest. He didn't even dare to guess his cup size, but it looked to be a handful.

"Now I will never have a chance with Sarah," escaped a sorrowful whisper his soft lips.

"Oh far from it," Miss Kirin assured him while giving him a protective pat on the shoulder. "Your chances just skyrocketed. After all, I promised you to shape you into Sarah's ideal image of a partner."

With the shock of his changed body, Brad needed a few moments to process the implications. "Sarah is a lesbian?"

"Not exactly," Miss Kirin replied. She walked to the couch and sat down. Motioning to Brad to join her. After he sat down she continued. "The sexual orientation is for each person is determined in their teens. Some sooner and others later. Sarah's soul had a hard time deciding. Especially since her parents turned into a very active lesbian couple. Brad. You can help her come to terms with who she fancies. Boys or girls. To enable that for her will surely make her grateful towards you."

"But what if she decides that she likes boys?"

"Then we find a male-only class stone and turn you back. In fact, that is an option right now. You have to decide. Turn back or bridge the last stretch towards Sarah?"

Brad didn't have to think hard to choose. He had endured so much. Now he was determined to see it through. "At least now my underwear will fit better," he added dryly.

"Maybe. Maybe not. Let's find out. Come on. Strip. Time to get your measurements." When Brad hesitated she added. "Don't be shy. I have seen literally hundreds of naked girls and women in my lifetime."

"Don't you mean after your lifetime?" Brad nervously asked. When Miss Kirin remained silent he started to strip.

"If you want to be worthy of Sarah you have to get used to your new body," Miss Kirin said while measuring him. "That includes thinking of yourself as female too. I will get some clothes for you that fit. Meanwhile, I want you to come up with a few first name choices. It would be strange to continue calling you Brad when you look like this."

Brad nodded. It only made sense. Still, he wondered if he made the right decisions so far. Then again, now that he turned into a girl for Sarah he was determined to see it through to the end.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The girl was teasing herself. Dry humping the vibrator while her hands caressed the curves on her body. Again and again, she roamed over her flanks. Wound herself up by gently tracing her inner tights. Small needy moans escaped her lips.

It got all too much. She needed relief. Trembling fingers found the pulsing dick. She rolled onto her back and closed her eyes. The girl loved the next part. Was addicted to it. She gasped as the vibrating phallus parted her lips and was pushed deep inside of her. All too soon she arched her back in pleasure as an orgasm burst forth.

After catching her breath she opened her eyes and looked at the alarm clock on her bedside table. It told her that her session this time had taken just about three-quarters of an hour.

"A new record for you Bailey, isn't it?"

Bailey shot up as if bitten by a snake. At her door stood Miss Kirin with one of her enigmatic smiles on her lips.

"I see that you get used to your new you. Not just your new name," Miss Kirin.

Bailey - the name Brad had chosen - nodded. A blush spread across her face. The last week had been a revelation. Wearing female underwear was different when one possessed the intended body for them. To top it off she wore for the first time female clothes. Bailey had to admit she quite liked wearing dresses. It felt so liberating.

The workout had been hard, yet oddly rewarding. In just one week she already saw more muscles under her skin than he had as Brad. Even after his recent workouts and before his class change. Seeing her new body getting trim and fit was strangely sexy. Bailey still had a hard time accepting that this even was her body. It was an odd thought that the old Brad would have been attracted to this new body.

As rewarding the last week's workouts had been, her other training lessons made it pale in comparison. There was the ropeplay. A secret delight for her. It was meant to train her in being submissive and trusting. Which it did, but it also made her oh so horny. Miss Kirin hadn't commented about it, but Bailey was sure she had noticed.

Maybe that was the reason why a certain other training was always scheduled after ropeplay. One she had been doing right now. To get comfortable with her body - all aspects of it - Miss Kirin had insisted that Bailey learns about carnal pleasures. Of course, nothing was easy with Miss Kirin. So Bailey had to tease herself as long as possible before succumbing to the need for release. A task more devious and harder than she had thought possible.

"I am making progress," Bailey admitted.

"Good," Miss Kirin said with a smirk. "Then I guess it is time for something new. You might want to get dressed."

Blushing Bailey complied. Wondering what was in store for her now. "What aspect of being a woman do I get to learn now?"

"Oh you are doing splendidly on that front," Miss Kirin admitted. "No. Today you will take the first steps to mastering your class."

That made Bailey's heart beat faster. So far the Majune class had done nothing for Bailey. Aside from turning her into a girl. She knew that monk classes weren't flashy like others. Still, she itched to try the one gimmick that might prove herself to Sarah.

"So how do we start?" Bailey asked while slipping into a white summer dress.

"By transferring your stats of course," Miss Kirin replied. "Eventually the goal is to transfer them to Sarah. As she isn't here at the moment so I'll be her stand-in."

Bailey nodded. She had guessed as much.

"Now it took me a while, but I found an old training scroll for Majune. I already scanned it and translated it into our language," Miss Kirin said while holding up a print out.

"Why do I need a training scroll anyway?" Bailey asked. "I mean the ability should be native to my class."

"That is correct," Miss Kirin confirmed. "However, as with many monk classes, some abilities require a certain mindset while performing. A Majune without help would probably discover the proper way to do the transfer within a year or two. Luckily for us, the Majune class wasn't always as undesirable or unwanted as they are today. Back in the old days, it was researched and shortcuts had been found. One of these is this scroll. Now take a seat on the bed and read the scroll carefully."

Nodding Bailey complied while Miss Kirin dragged a chair nearby and sat down. The printout showed an old scroll with crudely photoshopped text overlaying ancient fading script. In the center was a diagram. Two persons and a complex visualization of energy flow. It showed an orb of energy above one person that get's split unevenly and the bigger part being dragged towards the second person.

The translated text pretty much explained the same. Bailey was to visualize her own physical attributes as an orb of energy. To part it and transfer one half of it to another person.

It took hours to form this orb in her mind. Bailey wondered why Miss Kirin didn't look frustrated. Bailey certainly was just that with herself. Pushing the thought away she concentrated on the orb again. Slowly creating an incision that she used as a starting point to saw it in half while dragging the halves apart. When the last thin thread was cut a wave of tiredness swept over Bailey. Thinking she might faint any moment she pushed one half towards Miss Kirin.

The moment the energy connected to her, Bailey collapsed on her bed. A few heartbeats passed before she realized that she hadn't blacked out.

"Well done Bailey," Miss Kirin praised her while taking her hand.

"Why do I feel so weak?" Bailey asked and shuddered as she couldn't suppress a slight mumbling.

"Take a look at your stats," Miss Kirin suggested while sitting down beside Bailey on the bed.

On her command, Bailey's status screen appeared. In it, she saw stats and numbers. All the class traits she had and other things that the universe thought immutable. "My physical stats. They are more than halved!"

"Yes," Miss Kirin agreed. "And mine got a substantial boost. Now, this weakness you feel is your lowered stamina along with your weakened strength. Try to take it slow and easy. No need to panic. Majune only transfers stats from non-essential muscles. Your heart and lungs are fine."

Bailey nodded, but a moment later her eyes grew wide. With panic, she tried to look down her body. However, her weakened body hindered her in doing so. Tears were dwelling in the corners of her eyes.

Worried Miss Kirin framed Bailey's head with her hands. Forcing eye contact she demanded to know. "What's wrong? I am here. You can tell me."

"I..." Bailey started but broke off. She needed a moment to gather her strength. "How can the class think that muscle is not important?"

Miss Kirin now inspected Bailey and found the source of her duress below her hips. A big wet spot matted Bailey's white dress. She had lost control of her bladder.

"Don't worry," Miss Kirin said in a soft voice. Gently sweeping some errant hairs out of Bailey's face. "This is temporary. No one is here, but us."

"Did you know this would happen?" Bailey asked with a quivering voice.

"I," Miss Kirin started only to break off. "No. I did not. But I worried it might be a side effect if one transferred a big percentage of their stats. Bailey, why did you give so much on your first try?"

Bailey's mind needed a moment to process it. Why had she? After all, she had followed the diagram of the scroll. Just like pictured she had halved the orb of energy. The sudden epiphany nearly made her curse. Of course. She had halved the ball and in turn, had halved her stats. If she had carved off less her loss of stats would be smaller too.

"I think I did take the diagram too literally. It showed half so I did half my stats too," Bailey explained. "How do I undo this?"

"I am sorry," Miss Kirin softly said. "All manuscripts I found on the topic said that new Majunes should wait a week or two before reverting. Else there might be complications. Don't worry. I will take care of you. You know that, right?"

Bailey nodded.

"That's my girl," Miss Kirin beamed. "Now let's get you out of this dress and cleaned up."

Bailey was strangely elated, hearing Miss Kirin say she was her girl. It made her feel proud and appreciated. It made her less humiliated when Miss Kirin stripped her of the dress.

Shortly after Bailey had been wiped dry, Miss Kirin lifted her up and carried her to a nice hot bath. When Bailey was done, she was carried back onto a freshly made bed.

"I have to run a few errands," Miss Kirin told her while tucking her in. "We need a few supplies for you. Now I need you to tell me honestly. In this week or two that you are stuck like this, do you want to continue your training or do you want a break? But to be honest there might be some opportunity here if you are willing to take it."

Bailey didn't have to think long. "We continue," she said firmly. After all, being stuck and doing nothing at all sounded worse than whatever Miss Kirin could cook up as a lesson plan.

"Be back soon," Miss Kirin said softly and gave Bailey a kiss on the forehead.

Maybe it was the lowered stamina or the many things that happened today, but it didn't take long for Bailey to fall asleep.

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