TransVixen Chapter 07

Michele Nylons

Chapter Seven: Panti Love - Michelle Lust

‘So how did Panti and Phil Benson get together?’ Michele pondered as she sat in the back of the limo being driven to the Bocca di Lupo restaurant for her date with Tony Carlotta.

Well it came about as follows…

After the second concert Panti lay on the park bench gratified and sated having had sex with two strangers. Wendy found her there and berated her for being a slattern, calling her a “transvestite slut”.

Unbeknown to them both, Phil Benson watched the argument from behind a grove of willows. He’d ducked outside for a smoke and heard the volatile exchange. He hadn’t seen Panti have sex with the two fans but he had heard Panti and Wendy arguing about it.

He bowed his head and clenched his fists at the thought of Panti with the two strangers.

It had been only today that he had told Cherri that he had feelings for Panti.

He watched Wendy walk away and then he swallowed deeply and came out of the shadows and sat down next to Panti.

Phil took away her can of lager and lit them both a cigarette.

“You’re not a transvestite slut,” he said.

“Well I think I just proved I am,” Panti replied, her head bowed.

“You were caught up in the moment. You were brilliant tonight Panti. You’re going to be the face of Transvixen. The stage act tonight was phenomenal,” Phil replied.

“But please tell me it’s just going to be an act. This isn’t going to be you; shagging fans in the dark after the concert?”

“Why Phil? You worried about the band’s reputation? We’re a hard rock cover band for fuck sake!” Panti snatched back her beer and swallowed.

“No. Because I care about you,” Phil stammered.

“I have feelings for you,” he continued.

“You want me to bend over for you Phil? You can stick it in my arse if you like,” Panti replied.

Phil slapped Panti across the face.

“Don’t belittle yourself Panti! I’m trying to tell you that even though I’ve only known you as Panti for a few days I’m attracted to you. Not a quick shag on a park bench attracted; I really feel something for you.”

“More like…fuck this is hard…more like, I really want to have a relationship with you and see where that goes, attracted.”

“Ah fuck! I’m not saying this right,” Phil looked sorrowful and made to get up from the bench.

Panti put a hand on Phil’s forearm and gestured for him to stay.

“Tell me!” she said.

“From the moment you walked into rehearsals as Panti; the day Snoot fainted, I’ve been infatuated with you,” Phil whispered.

“And it’s not just a sex thing; although you turn me on like crazy.”

“You’re everything I want in a woman. You rock. You like to drink. You’re forthright. And I know that underneath that lipstick and power you’re Steve Grayson; but you’re not.”

“You’re Panti Pops and I’m going to be honest. You can tell me to fuck off, but I think I’m falling in love with you,” Phil stood and looked down at Panti.

Panti tossed the empty can of lager on the ground and held out her hand.

Phil took her hand and eased her up from the bench and they stood awkwardly close to each other, neither saying a word.

“What about if I did this?” Panti whispered.

She leaned forward and pecked Phil on the lips.

“What about if I did this?” Phil responded.

He took Panti in his arms and tenderly but passionately kissed her.

Panti melted in Phil’s arms. It had been a huge night and she was exhausted.

“What about if I take you to my place. No hanky panky I promise. You need to rest,” Phil murmured in her ear.

“You know what Phil? That’s probably the best offer I’ve had all night.”

Phil walked Panti to where the band’s beat up VW Combi was parked and put her in the passenger seat. She fell asleep straight away and Phil drove her home to his one bedroom flat, carried her to the bedroom and tucked her into his bed.

He felt uncomfortable about undressing her so he lay her down fully clothed on his bed and pulled the blankets up around her.

He kissed Panti on the forehead but he couldn’t help himself and kissed her tenderly on the lips as she slept.

Phil lay down on the cold hard floor beside the bed with just a blanket and pillow. He could smell her perfume and still feel her lips on his, and he fell asleep contented.

When he awoke Panti was gone and he found a note on the kitchen table.

‘Phil, I’m not sure exactly what happened last night but I can remember enough of it. If you are serious about what you said come to my place around 1pm, Wendy will be at work and we can talk it through. Panti Pops.’

At 1pm Phil went to knock on the door of Wendy’s house but he noticed the door was a jar so he stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

“Wendy? Panti? It’s Phil,” he called out into the gloom.

“Up here!”

Phil heard Panti calling from upstairs. He cautiously took the stairs, aware of how silent the house was and the creaking sounds he made on the steps as he ascended.

He peeked into Panti’s bedroom and saw her sitting in an easy chair strumming her Les Paul. Unplugged it made hardly a sound.

“I’m working on a couple riffs Phil,” Panti looked up at him and his heart skipped a beat.

Panti was dressed in a simple denim skirt, white cotton blouse, tan hosiery and black heels. Her curly black, shoulder-length hair glistened in the light streaming through the window. Her makeup was subdued but still perfect; a little mascara, rouge and pink lipstick.

“Come in. Sit,” Panti said.

There was nowhere else to sit except Panti’s huge bed which was covered with a pink ruffled bedspread. The room smelled of perfume, powder and cosmetics. There was nothing masculine in the room. It looked like a girl’s room.

Phil sat on the edge of the bed and looked at his feet.

“How much do you remember from last night?” Phil mumbled.

“Enough,” Panti said emotionlessly.

Phil shrugged; he looked a little dejected.

“I’m sorry I said those things Panti. You were drunk and emotional after arguing with Wendy. I should have just shut up,” he sighed.

Panti had noiselessly put the guitar in its stand and made her way over to the bed. She stood before him. She reached out and gently lifted his face; a long painted fingernail caressed his cheek.

“Why? Didn’t you mean them?” Panti gazed into Phil’s eyes.

“Yes but…”

Phil didn’t get a chance to finish his answer. Panti leaned down and pressed her lips to his.

They kissed tenderly at first and then Panti pushed Phil onto the bed and fell on top of him. She looked him in the eyes again.

“Are you serious about this? It’s only been a short time that you’ve known me as Panti and I don’t…”

This time Phil shut down Panti by pulling her face to his and kissing her passionately.

Phil explored Panti’s mouth with his tongue and she bent down and stroked his face while he kissed her. She could feel him becoming erect against her groin as she straddled him. She smiled around his frenetic kisses and started to slowly gyrate her hips.

Phil gasped as he felt Panti push against his erection and grind her mound on him. He desperately wanted to free his cock from his tight jeans but Panti remained firmly pressed against him and he could feel her smiling as she kissed him.

He eased her face away from his and looked her in the eyes.


“Bullshit Phil, you love it,” Panti smiled and lowered her face to his again and kissed him.

When Phil was gasping and begging her for release, Panti eased her body away from his.

“Sorry what do you want babe?” she taunted him.

She lay beside him and kissed the corner of his mouth.

“Is it this?” she slowly unzipped Phil’s fly and unbuckled his belt.

Phil groaned with lust.

“Or this?” Panti pulled down his jeans far enough to expose the long thick cock tenting his briefs.

“Oh my god!” Phil hissed and Panti’s fingers traced the outline of his erection through his underpants.

“Oh!” Panti slid her fingers inside his underpants and began to stroke him.

She cut off his gasp by closing her mouth on his and kissing him.

Phil was shaking with desire as Panti slowly stroked his hard throbbing penis. It was leaking copious amounts of preseminal fluid and she wanted it.

Phil was disappointed when she stopped kissing him but when Panti lowered her face to his groin and took his member into her sweet, wet, warm mouth he cried out with desire.

Panti’s head bobbed up and down as she sucked Phil’s engorged phallus, she worked her tongue on his glans enjoying the moans and groans he uttered as she fellated him. Phil bucked and writhed with pleasure and he felt his orgasm building but he didn’t want to come yet; it was too soon.

Panti sensed it too and she stopped sucking and turned her head to look up at Phil who stared at her with contentment and lust in his eyes. He reached for her and pulled her to him so that she lay on top of him so he could kiss and cuddle her again. Phil’s cock slid under her skirt and rubbed on her thigh.

He opened Panti’s blouse and unsnapped her brassiere. He found her tiny breasts but they felt wonderful in his hands and he tweaked her nipples until she gasped. Phil lifted Panti away from him so he could take her nipples into his mouth; he suckled on them and she cradled his head while he did.

Panti straddled Phil again and reached under her skirt and poked a finger in the gusset of her pantyhose, ripping them slightly. She guided Phil’s fingers inside her panties and directed them to the hole she had torn.

Panti knew that this was where Phil was likely to falter. That Phil would realise that he was making love to a transvestite not a woman and that Panti had a penis.

But Phil didn’t hesitate. He ripped open Panti’s pantyhose and tore away her gaff, freeing her semi-hard penis which sprang forward and pushed against the front of her panties. Phil stroked Panti’s cock through the silky panty material and felt the preseminal fluid begin to soak the into the satin.

Panti fell forward and kissed her new beau; she slid her tongue into his mouth and groaned as he stroked and squeezed her thickening cock. She squirmed and wriggled until she had Phil’s glans positioned between her buttocks, pushing against her anal bud.

Panti pushed down on Phil’s cock, using his preseminal fluid to lubricate it as it slowly pushed past her sphincter and buried itself deep inside her. Phil moaned and Panti lifted herself up and down and slowly rode him; she gyrated her hips and ground down on him. Phil gripped her waist and fucked her, thrusting in and out of her tight anus.

Panti threw back her head and squealed with pleasure. Phil put a hand back under Panti’s skirt and stroked her cock. He caressed it through her diaphanous panties and then freed it and gripped the sleek flesh of her turgid member. Phil stroked Panti’s erection as she rode his hard cock. She was moaning, almost crying with pleasure. She could feel Phil’s cock beginning to throb as his release approached and she could feel her own impeding orgasm.

She pushed down and ground her hips, driving Phil’s glans into her prostate. She orgasmed and her scalding semen splashed onto Phil’s belly as he frantically masturbated her. Her orgasm triggered his own climax and he thrust as hard as he could into Panti as his spend erupted from his pulsating cock.

Panti squealed and pressed down harder, milking Phil of his seed as her own semen squirted from her throbbing phallus.

She fell forward as her orgasm began to subside and kissed Phil contentedly as he held her to him and kissed her back. Panti slowly eased herself off Phil and lay down beside him; kissing and caressing him.

Phil embraced Panti and returned her kisses. They disentangled briefly and Phil shucked out of his clothes while Panti stripped down to her knickers, pantyhose and bra. They slid under the covers and continued to kiss and caress each other until their desire swelled to the degree where it needed sating again.

Panti spread her legs and lifted her buttocks so that Phil could ease aside her panties and slide right into her. His time they made love slowly; gradually building to a crescendo until they climaxed together.

Phil lay on top of Panti kissing her.

He finally spoke.

“Yes I’m definitely falling in love with you,” he looked down on her and smiled.

“Don’t say that Phil! You can’t say that!” Panti sobbed.

“Panti; I know what I feel and you can’t tell me otherwise,” Phil wiped a tear away from her cheek.

“Ok Phil. Let’s just see how it goes. Let’s take it slowly,” Panti sighed.

They kissed and caressed again for a while, when suddenly Panti punched Phil in the shoulder.

“Fuck now you’ve done it!” she grumbled.

“What?” Phil looked dumbfounded.

“Now I’ll have to emulate Cherri and she’ll fucking rub it in I bet,” Panti moaned.

“I’m still confused Panti?” Phil stared at her quizzically.

“I’ll have to go full time!” Panti squealed.

“What?” Phil still didn’t get it.

“If I’m going to have a steady boyfriend I’ll have be Panti full time…goodbye Steve forever,” she smiled.

“So I’m your steady boyfriend?” Phil beamed.

“Yeah boofhead; you are,” Panti playfully slapped him.

“But you and I have to keep this secret. The whole drunken tranny slut thing is working for us. I have to have the appearance of being available,” Panti explained.

“Of course honey; I get it. It will be our secret until you say it’s not,” Phil replied.

“That could be a while babe,” Panti nuzzled up to Phil.

Phil kissed Panti and before long they were making love again.

And so it came to pass that Panti and Cherri Pops had become full time transvestites. Neither had decided how far they intended to transition but Cherri was now living on her own as Michelle Murphy and had recently been dated by Tony Carlotta. Panti was still living at home and was secretly carrying on a torrid affair with the lead singer of Transvixen. She had not told Wendy or any of the other band members and the only reason Cherri knew was because she had discovered Panti and Phil in flagrante delicto in the girls dressing room.

The day after Michelle’s date with Tony Carlotta she turned up to work at Wendy’s offices. Wendy sat behind her desk smoking and drinking coffee. She held a fax flimsy and had a bemused look on her face when Michelle entered the office.

“I take it the date went off with a bang?” Wendy smirked over her coffee cup.

Michelle blushed and stared at the fax Wendy was perusing.

“You got the fax about Wolford Hall I take it?” Michelle nodded at the document in Wendy’s hand.

“Yeah. Two weeks appearance with the same terms and conditions we currently have with Tony,” Wendy smirked.

“What did it cost you? Did you leave his place with your knickers in your purse?” Wendy sniped.

“Fuck you Wendy! I negotiated that deal on my own! I thought you would be proud of me?” Michelle pouted.

Wendy arose and held Michelle in a comforting embrace.

“I’m teasing darling. I am very proud of you. Was it nice? Did Tony behave? Come and sit on the couch while I get us both a coffee and you have to tell me all about it,” Wendy pecked Michelle chastely on the side of the mouth.

The two women sat side by side on the couch and Michelle told Wendy all about her night out with Tony.

“So??? After the driver told you that he knew where Tony lived, did he drop you off there?” Wendy asked when Michelle came to that part of her story.

Michelle nodded and blushed.


“Well I went inside and Tony and I had a drink and watched telly until four am and then I went home” Michelle grinned.

Wendy mischievously slapped Michelle’s thigh.

“Come on! Don’t make me drag it out of you!” Wendy implored.

“Well what do you think happened. We made love. Yes that’s it, we made love; it was nothing like the last time,” Michelle blushed.

“I’m not sure how I feel about him though. I know you don’t approve of him and I know he’s dangerous. I’m still very confused at the moment, working though my gender identity and my sexuality which are not necessarily aligned I suppose,” Michelle sighed.

“What do you mean?” Wendy was genuinely concerned.

“Well I definitely identify as female and I like having sex with Tony but I also adore having sex with you,” Michelle smiled.

“Well don’t think too hard about it honey; just see how things progress and you know I’m always here for you. Not just as your manager or your lover but as a true friend who loves you almost like a daughter,” Wendy replied.

“Fuck it really is complicated isn’t it?” Wendy chuckled.

“What’s complicated?” Panti entered Wendy’s office and closed the door behind her.

She was wearing tight jeans and a blouse but her hair and makeup were perfect. She was also wearing black high heels; she always wore heels, but this was the most dressed down Wendy and Michelle had ever seen her.

They both looked a little bemused.

“Well I was explaining to your mother that living full time trans has its complications but I still feel that I’ve done the right thing. I don’t feel in any way male anymore,” Michelle explained.

“Oh? Well I guess this is the right time for me to tell you both that I too am going full time trans. Since coming out as trans I too don’t have a skerrick of male identity left in me,” Panti announced.

Wendy strode over and hugged Panti.

“Are you sure honey? It’s a huge decision but I support you wholeheartedly if that’s what you want,” Wendy smiled at her new daughter.

“I’m sure…well as sure as I can be. Also there’s something else,” Panti continued, smiling guiltily.

“I don’t think I can keep it a secret much longer. Phil Benson and I are a thing,” she looked down at her shoes a little embarrassed.

Michelle smiled to herself but Wendy looked shocked.

“A thing? What’s a thing?” Wendy’s shock had morphed to confusion.

“Well, we are lovers. But more than that; he loves me and I think I love him,” Panti smirked.

“Jesus I never would have guessed. I thought you were getting drunk every night and catting around,” Wendy said.

“Nah. That’s just what I want everyone to think; that I’m some rock and roll transvestite tart party girl. It’s just an image I’m projecting,” Panti explained.

“After the show I trollop around the punters letting them cop a feel and putting on a act like I’m a loose drunken bint but I actually don’t drink hardly anything before or during the show and not that much after. And I always go home with Phil,” she smiled coyly.

“Well I never!” Wendy was gobsmacked.

Panti looked at Michelle and saw something in her gaze.

“You knew didn’t you?” Panti asked.

“Yes Panti. And I’ve been so happy for you ever since I found out,” Michelle hugged Panti and then Wendy joined in and they all three hugged each other.

“Well we have news too,” Wendy grinned.

“Michelle got a contract for a two week gig at Wolford Hall for Transvixen.”

“That’s fucking great,” Panti kissed Michelle on the cheek.

“So you’re making a go of this performer management thing then. Or did you have to fuck him?” Panti teased.

“No. But I promised him that you would!” Michelle taunted her friend.

The three of them began to natter about the details of their various announcements.

Panti informed Michelle and Wendy that unlike Michelle she intended to use her stage name as her femme name and would stay living at home with Wendy which made Wendy very happy. She wanted to see how stable Panti would be living full time as a trans woman.

Wendy had the precise details of the Wolford Hall deal to finalise before she signed Tony’s contact and she still had other performers and artists to manage so she gave Michelle the afternoon off. Michelle took off with Panti back to Wendy’s place. There was no rehearsal again that afternoon as Transvixen had their act down pat.

Back at Wendy’s Michelle and Panti decided that a drink and natter session would be in order so they poured gin and tonics and retired to Panti’s room.

“So you knew about Phil and I?” Panti sipped her drink.

“Yeah babe; you really gotta lock that door to our dressing room if you are going to fuck in there,” she smiled.

“And you’re going full time too? Are you sure?” Michelle asked.

“Well as sure as I can be. I don’t feel there is any Steve Grayson left in me. I feel like a woman, well a trans woman, all the time. I think like Panti and I dream like Panti. I guess I just don’t feel like a man any more. Do you?” Panti replied.

“Nope. I feel the same way,” Michelle took a long pull on her drink.

“So how was it being with Tony. You know; being with him willingly. I mean its weird, mom, you and I have all had sex with him,” Panti looked over the rim of her glass at Michelle.

“Well at dinner he was such a gentleman and I can see he has a genuine affection for me,” Michelle replied.

“So… what happened?” Panti had that mischievous look on her face that Michelle recognised.

“Well a girl shouldn’t kiss and tell but ok; I’ll tell you but it’s just between us special girls ok?”

Panti nodded vigorously; she really wanted to know.

“Well I wore an ankle-length red satin gown split to my thighs, a red satin strapless bra with matching red panties, black holdup stockings, red kitten-heels, silver jewellery, dark makeup and bright red lipstick. With my long blonde hair brushed out I looked gorgeous...fuckable, you know?” Michelle laughed.

“I dressed that way because I wanted to look beautiful; I wanted to look feminine but also I did want Tony to desire me I suppose,” she went on.

“I told you about how the evening at the restaurant went and how I kissed Tony goodnight and how, in the limo going home, I suddenly wanted to spend more time with Tony.

“We arrived at his London flat. It didn’t look much from the outside, just a redbrick walk-up. But inside it was really nice,”…

Michelle told Panti what happened that night; but didn’t go into great detail. What actually happened was Michelle rang the doorbell to Tony’s apartment; she was nervous and her heart was hammering in her chest.

Tony flung open the door to greet her; he obviously had a security camera and knew that the gorgeous creature he had just had dinner with was standing outside. His huge grin gave away his excitement.

“My Michelle. Te amo mi amor Mon chéri, you came back to me,” Tony expansively waved his hand inviting her in.

Michelle squeezed past him in the confines of the hallway; he had divested himself of his suit and was wearing a silk bathrobe and matching slippers.

She never made it past the hallstand before Tony wrapped her in his arms like a bear and kissed her. Michelle opened her mouth to accept his tongue and immediately felt his erection pressing against her belly. He was obviously sans underwear under the robe.

Michelle was just as aroused as Tony was but also practical; the last thing she wanted his preseminal secretions staining her satin dress. So she reached down and gripped his eight-inch, sleek, circumcised phallus and held it away from her body and stroked it.

Tony groaned in her mouth and she felt more globules of clear precum drip from his glans. Wasting no time she dropped to her knees and licked his erect penis from base to tip; cupping his scrotum and gently squeezing his large testes.

“My darling you don’t have to do that,” Tony whimpered, looking down at her pretty face.

“Shut up Tony. For once I’m in charge,” Michelle smiled wickedly and swallowed his cock.

Tony fell against the hallstand he was so aroused. He gently stroked Michelle’s face as she slowly fellated him, working her tongue around the edges of his glans, causing his cock to pulse and quiver. She knew that he was close to climax but she used all of her skills to keep him from coming.

Tony gazed down at the pretty young transvestite on her knees fellating him and honestly felt he was the luckiest man alive. He tried to fuck her face but Michelle wouldn’t let him; she stayed in control, ensuring he didn’t orgasm but keeping him on the brink.

She reached inside her spilt dress and her fingers slid inside her panties tearing away her gaff and freeing her thickening penis. She eased it from her panties and improved her own erection as she suckled Tony’s cock. She wasn’t sure if she was going to have sex with Tony when she left home, in fact she was almost determined not to, but just in case she changed her mind she had pre-lubricated herself internally.

Michelle leapt to her feet and kissed Tony passionately.

“Fuck me Tony! Fuck me right here and right now!” her voice muffled around her kisses.

She broke the kiss and spun around and leant against the hallstand; heels apart and derriere raised; presenting herself to Tony.

Tony opened the split in her dress and tugged at her panties but Michelle was impatient. She reached around and took his hard phallus and guided it inside her panties so that it nuzzled at her anal bud.

Michelle pushed back just as Tony gripped her hips and thrust. The result was that all eight inches of Tony’s cock plunged inside Michelle’s anus, impaling her.

There was no pain. Michelle was fully aroused and dilated. Tony’s cock felt wonderful as it filled her and she clenched her sphincter to grip it tighter and then began to fuck him. Tony held her hips and stood till as Michelle rocked back and forth on her heels moaning and whimpering.

She reached behind her and took Tony’s hand and guided it inside her dress and onto her own dripping hard cock. Tony squeezed her and she shuddered.

Michelle pushed back hard against Tony and wriggled her buttocks; forcing Tony’s glans to push on her prostrate. She didn’t cry…she screamed as she orgasmed.

Torrents of semen erupted from Michelle’s cock as Tony filled her with his own hot seed.

Tony cried out too as he milked Michelle of her spend; grinding himself against her so that his cock felt every spasm of her anal muscles as they pulsed and contracted and drained him of his sperm.

Tony remained inside Michelle as their orgasms subsided. He bent over her and hugged her as she panted, finding her breath.

When she was breathing normally he slid his semi-erect penis out of her anus and pulled her panties back into place but he could feel his issue soaking into them as it dribbled from her sphincter.

“I’ll buy you a new pair,” he whispered in her ear.

“I’ll buy you many new pairs,” he chuckled.

“You better,” Michelle turned her head and smiled.

Tony kissed her and then he lifted her off her feet so that he was carrying her cradled in his arms.

He was so strong she was like lifting a leaf on the wind.

Michelle placed her arms around his neck and nuzzled him.

“Where are you taking me?” Michelle nibbled his ear playfully.

“I’m taking you to bed so that I can make love to you all night,” Tony smiled at her and kissed her.

“…And he did,” Michelle finished telling Panti her story.

“Wow Michelle! You romantic you!” Panti giggled and drained her drink.

“Well shagging him in the hallway wasn’t that romantic. It was more that I really, really, really, wanted a fuck right there and then,” Michelle laughed.

Panti and Cherri Pops. The two gorgeous tranny rock guitarists nattered away the afternoon just like they used to. It was just like old times but then again not. They were both full-time trans now and both exploring their sexuality to the full extent.

Meanwhile on the other side of London from Tony’s flat Theo and Christopher Balzono were having heated discussions.

“So Big Tony swears us to secrecy about gang-banging the travisto putta! How dare he! She’s just a tranny whore; why should he care who knows that we fucked her?” Chris ranted.

“Don’t worry about it brother. I happen to know the travisto rock and roll band is going to be playing at Wolford Hall for two weeks and you know whose territory that is?” Theo grinned.

“We sell all the drugs in Wolford,” Chris replied.

“That’s right brother. We’ll be seeing those two tranny cocksuckers and their cocksucking bitch manager very soon,” Theo’s face grimaced with evil intent.

To be continued…

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