The Devil's Chamber Part 7

It had been cold out when Leslie went out to perform like she normally does every morning. She didn’t have a big crowd, but she did make close to £ 200 performing. As she is putting her equipment away. Two gentlemen that she hadn’t spotted before were walking towards her.

“Are you the woman that stop the diamond heist a weeks ago?”

Leslie looks at the two guys. Both had short black hair, built rather muscular. They looked like they worked outside a lot from their deep tanned skin.

Something about these guys was giving her goose pimples. She looks at them “you could say, I had a hand in their arrest. Why does it matter?”

“Because they were friends of ours. You’re coming with us, or” He shows her a gun.

“Well, since you put it that way. Let me just grab my handbag.” Leslie takes a deep breath and slips two smoke pellets into her palm.

She releases them and when the smoke cloud starts surrounding them. She strikes out with her fist, hitting one guy in the nose. The other guy she kicks his right knee out and punches him as he falls to the ground. He drops the gun he was holding. She slides the gun away from the reach of the two guys.

Arnold and Gary weren’t prepared for the woman they had been sent after. They had been told to apprehend her. Leslie slips her handcuffs out
and handcuffs both men.

She looks down towards them “next time you come after a street magician. Make sure you have more up your sleeve then they do.” Flowers spring into her hand.”

The police shows-up and she tells them what happened. The officer in charge couldn’t believe a 5’ foot woman had taken down two 6’ foot tall walking wall of muscles.

Detective Inspector Cartwright and her partner Oliver show-up at the crime site. Detective Inspector Cartwright couldn’t believe that Leslie Wright had been involved. She was impressed that the young woman had managed to drop two guys on her own. She hadn’t heard back from Terry yet about meeting with the MI 5 agent that had been involved in the Devil’s Chamber.

Detective Inspector Cartwright interviews Leslie and asks question ever so often. Detective Inspector Oliver speaks with the police constables that showed up to find out what they know.

Detective Inspector Cartwright lets Leslie leave. As she is watching Leslie walk off, her cell phone buzzes, letting her know she got a text message. She looks at who sent it.

The number it came from was blocked.

The message read:
10 A.M. will pick you up, Terry.

A smile appears on Detective Inspector Cartwright’s face. Now she’ll be able to find out why MI 5 had raided the Devil’s chamber. She finishes up with the arrest of the two guys and gives Leslie her handcuffs back.

A few shops down from where Leslie was performing was Terry. He had parked the cab and recorded everything that went on. He had blackened out the windows, so he could watch on the monitor. He had spotted the two guys earlier and ran their faces through MI 5 database.
They were both wanted men and had been surprised that they were still free.

He sent the text to Jessica letting her know that Dakota was willing to meet with her. He continues to watch as Leslie is walking off. He starts to let the windows of the taxi go back to normal and pull up to pick Leslie up.

“Here, let me give you a hand with those, ma’am.” Terry gets out and helps Leslie with her gear.

“Thank you.” Leslie gets into the cab and relax.

She couldn’t wait to get home and strip out of her clothes and into a nice hot bath. She relaxes while Terry drives her home.

“Excuse me, but do you ever take a day off?” Every time she needed taxi or something, Terry was always available.

“I normally take the night shift off.” Terry drives Leslie back to where she lives.

When they arrive “well, here we are.” Terry gets out to help Leslie with her gear.

“How much do I owe you, Terry?” Leslie opens her purse to pay Terry.

“Don’t worry about it. The ride is on me today.”

“I can’t do that Terry. You have been nice to me. Here take £ 7.00.” Leslie puts the money in Terry’s hand.

Terry slips the money into his pants pocket and helps Leslie. Afterward, he leaves and heads towards Hatter’s and Dakota’s place to have dinner with them.

Lazy Dragon Dojo:
Kantha couldn’t believe how soundly she had slept last night. Normally, after the type of beating she had gotten, she would normally be hurting all night long. However, the ointment Ginja had applied to her wounds and cane marks. She didn’t feel anything last night. Even the tea Ginja had her drinking was helping her. As she makes her way to the kitchen.

“Good morning Kantha. I hope you slept well last night.”

“I did, thank you. “She sits down on a bar stool.

“I hope you don’t mind tea and dim sum for breakfast.” Ginja had been making some dim sum for breakfast.

“I’ve never had dim sum before.” Kantha watches as Ginja puts a bowl of pork and chicken dumplings in front of her.

“Then you are going to enjoy those.” Ginja pours a cup of tea for Kantha.

“Thank you.” Kantha notices that Ginja had honey instead of sugar on the counter.

“You’re welcome.” Ginja sits down next to her and picks up a dumpling with her chopsticks.

Kantha tries using the chopsticks by her bowl. She gets some help from Ginja in how to use them. She manages to eat her breakfast with them. It was going to take practice to use them, but she figures she’ll get the use of them.

She takes a sip of the tea that Ginja had put in front of her. She has never tasted anything like it before.

“What, type of tea is this?” Kantha was curious.

“It’s a mixture of Hibiscus, Rooibos, Rose hip tea. It will do you some good to drink it.” Ginja had put the tea mixture together for Kantha.

“Thank you Ginja for everything you have done for me.”

“You’re welcome Kantha. When we are done with breakfast, I was wondering if you would like to help me in the garden.” Ginja has been
working on building a garden behind the Dojo.

The lot behind wasn’t very big, but she knew how to make the most out of it. It gave her a place to retreat to or to just meditate. She was going to try and grow some of the plants that produce the teas and herbs she used.

“I have never planted anything before.”

“It’s easy grasshopper.” Ginja had a smile on her face.

After breakfast, Kantha changes into some more clothes that fit her better and follow Ginja out back. She was amazed how Ginja had the garden arranged. Ginja teaches Kantha how to plant and handle flowers. They work out in the garden most of the day.

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