Indeterminate sentence - Jenny & Stacie- Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Indeterminate sentence - Jenny & Stacie

(This story is ADULT fiction)


We did as we were told. It was no big deal. Besides, most of us had begun to like the smell and taste of our lipstick. Some of us were also beginning to like the taste of our roommate’s lipstick as long as our roommate was wearing it. And some had simply begun to like the taste of their roommate. You could hear our compacts snap closed. We all went back to reading our copy of The Order of the Earrings; goals we had to meet.

The Order of the Earrings

We were sitting at the dining table reading the Order of the Earrings that we had just been given. The goals that were expected of us were clearly laid out. Comments like “Wow! Really? They must be kidding”, “The sooner we start, the sooner we can be released” were heard. The audio monitors got it all. A few of us said nothing and a few just smiled.

Everyone stood and meandered to our rooms. Some of us were holding hands and some had their arm around a new friend or their roommate. Before reaching my room I asked Jackie, “Would you like some company later? Stacie and I have talked about getting to know some of the others better and after today we think we’re ready. I’m sure we could learn some things. Maybe practice some techniques?” I blushed and continued “Geeze, I hope I’m not being to forward.” My heart beat went up.

Jackie smiled and said “I’m flattered that you thought of us. I’m OK with it but I want to ask Rose first.” Jackie reached over and stroked my cheek. “If Rose isn’t receptive right now maybe I could visit you guys. I’ll let you know at lunch.” She looked over at Stacie and said “See you guys later.” Jackie continued to her room. Rose was just behind her.

I opened the door for Stacie. As soon as the door had closed we kicked off our heels, removed our anklets and rolled down our pantyhose. “Whew, am I glad to get those off” Stacie said. I nodded in agreement and said “I’m pretty sure that’s what they want us to feel; it’s part of our education program to experience and feel what women go through.” I removed my blouse and went to the restroom to wash my face. I left my panties and bra on. As I was splashing water on my face Stacie came up behind me and unsnapped my bra. I didn’t realize how big my tits had become until I saw them dangling down and swaying as I washed.

From behind Stacie reached around and gentle grabbed both of my tits at the same time. Stacie began using her thumbs and forefingers to circle my nipples. She gently rolled my nipples between her thumb and middle finger. Her soft touch, and her groin pressed against my panty clad ass, sent a strong tingle straight to my penis. My nipples were at full rigidity and stood out like pencil erasers. I didn’t want her to stop. Stacie cupped my breasts and “You know, I can definitely feel some real tits. Your nipples are responsive too. They’ve both obviously grown since we got here. You must be one of the B cup girls they were talking about… they may be almost a C. They feel marvelous.” Stacie stepped back.

I turned around and shrugged my shoulders and easily slipped out of my bra. I hung it on a towel rack. Facing Stacie, I cupped her tits, looked down and felt her nipples. I felt and watched her nipples stiffen. “You really think so?” I asked. Stacie leaned forward and kissed my right nipple. She sucked it into her mouth and began tonguing all around the nipple while making little flicking moves with her tongue. I felt another jolt go right where I wanted it. Stacie moved to my breast and repeated the process. I groaned, closed my eyes and leaned back so that the wash basin was holding me up. It felt REALLY sensuous. I felt my cock firming up and my panties beginning to tent.

I pulled Stacie to me, wrapped my arms around her and unhooked her bra. “Lift your arms” I said. In the blink of an eye Stacie’s bra joined my bra on the towel rack. I reciprocated the pleasures that Stacie had just given me, sucking first one tit and then the other. Running my tongue around and around Stacie’s nipple was making her pulse race. It also was making my penis grow. My dick was about to pop above my panties. Looking down I saw that Stacie was responding in the same way. I leaned into her and made our nipples touch. I grabbed one of my tits and drew nipple circles around her nipples with my nipple. I had never done that before. Whatever drugs they were feeding us had to account for our high lust levels. Nobody was complaining.

I reached over and grabbed Stacie’s thickening shaft and gave it a few strokes through her nylon panties. The head of Stacie’s penis was poking above her panties. I took the opportunity to use my thumb to spread her pre-seminal leakage around and around the head of her cock. It was very slippery and wet; just the way I was beginning to like cocks. It was Stacie’s turn to moan. I pulled our panties down letting our shafts spring free. She made a slight thrusting motion and her cock touched my cock. Stacie grabbed our cocks and held them touching, side by side. I could feel us throb. I could feel the heat. She stroked us both at the same time. She mentioned a novel sex act called ‘docking’ that she had found on our in-room TVs and how we should give it a try. She had watched the video several times and said it would be very 'different' and enjoyable for us both.

Based upon the video instructions Stacie was able to insert her cock-head into my foreskin, placing her cock-head along my skin covered shaft. She then pulled my foreskin over her cock! It appeared we shared a seamless penis. We slid our cock-heads slowly back and forth alongside each other’s shaft. We were one. It was truly electric. We were both oozing and breathing heavier. Stacie leaned forward and kissed me deeply while continuing to jack us both off at the same time. We could taste each other’s lipstick.

We ‘undocked’ and somehow Stacie got hold of somebody’s panties and began to slowly slide them up and down our dicks which were still side by side. She then started to lightly “buff” our dicks with the nylon panties; it was like she was slowly buffing shoes. It was a tickle of lust. I have never been that hard in my entire life! A point of no return was fast approaching. I wanted to prolong those sensations as long as I could.

Stacie grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me to her bed. We kissed again and Stacie pulled me down onto the bed. “I really want to thank you for the pleasure you gave me in the dayroom. It was fantastic” Stacie said. We kissed and stroked each other for just a bit and while kissing Stacie whispered into my mouth “Will you fuck me? Fuck me now? Like in the dayroom but use your dick. I want to feel you throb and cum deep inside me.” Stacie spread her legs and pulled me on top of her.

“Do me first and, if I’m able, I’ll do you, OK?” she pleaded. Her voice and her eyes conveyed her urgency. I thought a minute and said “Ok, let me get some lube.” I was reaching for my purse and Stacie stopped me. “No. No lube. I’ve got a better lube.” She flipped around on the bed and grabbed my stiff shaft. My cock was standing tall and proud. Stacie moved her grip to the top of my cock and gave me a few strokes, up and down my shaft, smearing pre-seminal wetness with each stroke. I groaned and laid back. Keeping eye contact with me Stacie pulled my cock head toward her mouth. She used her closed lips and tongue to further smear my pre-cum. She then made a slow lick down and up my shaft. She tickled my pee hole with her tongue tip.

I was quivering in anticipation. Shifting to a better position Stacie puckered her lips and sucked my shaft into her mouth as if was a big piece of spaghetti. She swirled her tongue making my shaft as wet as possible. The flow of pre-cum was increasing and Stacie took advantage and made several runs up and down my cock. Sensing that the time was right Stacie sucked and licked her way up my dick. There was an audible ‘pop’ as she broke suction. “There now, I think we’re lubed up. How do you want to take me?” Before I started I pulled myself over to Stacie’s lips and gave her a passionate kiss. I ran my tongue over Stacie’s lips. “I can taste myself… and I like it” I told her. She kissed me back and made sure to kiss me in a way that transferred more of my pre-cum onto her lips.

I said, “You read the chart. If you finish the blow job you get brownie points.” Stacie gave me an unmistakable glare and tersely replied “Fuck that chart! I want YOU to fuck me. Now! So how do you want me?” God, she was hot, horny, wet and wanton. “In the porn I’ve watched it’s good if you lie on your back and wrap your legs around me” I said. In a split second Stacie was on her back and was pulling me between her legs. I grabbed my well lubed cock and pressed it gently against Stacie’s sphincter. “Yeah, that’s the spot” Stacie panted. I pushed a little harder and got my penis about two inches beyond her initial anal muscle. Stacie reached down and grabbed my penis and tried to pull my cock in deeper. She succeeded. I took the hint and made another slow, steady, forward thrust.

I stopped at about four inches and then partially withdrew which garnered another glare from Stacie. With another forward thrust I was in the full length. I stopped and held still. In return Stacie made a clenching rectal movement and gripped my cock. It made me my rod throb, which is what I’m sure she was trying for. I couldn’t help but smile.

I began a rearward withdrawal movement; Stacie’s tight anal muscle felt so warm and good when she clenched. ‘No wonder they call it ‘milking’ I thought. Stacy relaxed; her rectal muscles and anus stretched and opened wider and I began a true butt fucking. It felt so right! I increased my tempo and Stacie raised her legs up a little higher and then she moaned as my cock rubbed against her prostrate. “Argh!! Damn you, go faster”. I obliged and soon we were rutting in a sex crazed frenzy. “Quick, grip me” I begged. Stacie made multiple rectal clenches on both my in and out strokes. Finally, for maximum feeling and depth, Stacie threw her legs over my shoulders and my cock went to places never visited before. My testicles’ were beating a rhythm on her butt.

I made a several forward thrusts and then held steady as far in as I could get. It felt like I could lift her off the bed and have her hanging from my dick. To get deeper I tried to push Stacie up the bed with my dick and then I erupted. Wave’s of cum squirted deep into my roommate’s bowels. There was a second and third ejaculation but I held firm, pressing forward and holding it. I had my toes dug into the bed for leverage. Stacie was sure she could feel my sperm. She made a few more rectal clenches and gave a loud yell and arched her back.

“There’s that feeling again, make it last! Do it, do it!” she pleaded. I made a few more rapid stabs into her. And then she collapsed. She flexed her sphincter muscles a couple of more time, which I greatly appreciated, and then laid still. Stacie was completely spent and satisfied. Her breathing was rapid like a sprinter; a broad smile of contentment on her face. “I could feel your warm sperm wash my rectum.”

We laid there, coupled together between her legs, and let our bliss subside. Stacie dropped her legs onto the bed. We both exhaled and said “ah…” The moment was over. I started to slowly withdraw from my lover. Stacie made a few more, half-hearted, clenching movements and I laughed. “Nice try you naughty vixen! Now I know why you were wearing panties when you got arrested. ” She leaned into me and we kissed some more. I tried a few more tittie sucks and nipple tongue twirls but we were both done. My cock pulled free.

Stacie rolled over and snuggled up immediately to me in the classic spooning position. She pulled me as close to her stomach as possible. I could feel the length of Stacie’s softening shaft on my butt. I reached back and lifted my butt cheek and Stacie’s penis fell into my crevice. I released my cheek and it dropped, trapping Stacie’s penis like a hot dog in a bun; I could feel it squirm as it was retreating. We laid still. I made a clenching move and I felt Stacie’s cock twitch. “Oh, who’s the vixen now?” she asked. “I can feel your penis shrinking. Don’t forget it’s my turn next” I said. Stacie gave me a kiss on the back of my neck; she cupped my breast. “That reminds me. Unlike the vibrator, you are bigger than one inch in diameter. I had to work at letting you in. It will be easier next time.” She kissed my neck again.

I made another clenching movement and got the desired twitch again. “We best save our energy as Jackie and Rose may be stopping by later.” I glanced at the wall clock and immediately sat straight up. “Oh, crap. Lunch is in an hour and we need to clean up, get dressed and slap on some makeup or we’ll be late.”

Stacie looked over my shoulder, saw the clock and also sat up. “Will you get me something to clean up with… I feel something wet leaking from my ass.” Looking around, I tossed her a box of tissues from the night stand and said “This will have to do for now. They really need to give us baby wipes. This is primitive! The least they could do is to provide us with panty liners.” Stacie did her best to clean herself and climbed out of bed. We had to get a move on.

I loudly laughed as Stacie waddled toward the bath room. She had wedged a couple of tissues in her butt crack and it looked as if she had a rabbit tail. Looking over her shoulder into the full length mirror Stacie saw the tissues hanging from her butt and she began laughing too. From the video monitoring room Martha and Miss Diane broke into laughter.

Stacie sat to pee and tried, without success, to squirt some of my cum from her bowels. She wiped herself and muttered “I’ll be getting a wet spot on my skirt for sure. There’s no time to douche.” I pondered the situation and said “I have a solution.” Reaching into my purse I produced a tampon and held it up for Stacie to see. “We have to go to plan B. When you’re done in there come here and I’ll get you squared away.”

Stacie pulled up her panties and walked over to where I was sitting and asked “Ok, now what?” I replied “Watch and learn. First you peel open the tampon wrapper, remove the tampon and extend the applicator rod. The tampon is inside the applicator. See that string hanging out of the rod? That’s what you pull on to remove your tampon. The tampon itself is on the other end of the string and is inside the plastic applicator. They are skinnier than the vibrator and they are skinnier than me.”

I continued. “We’re lucky that they gave us Lite Days tampons as they are thinner than regular flow tampons. They are more comfortable and you don’t feel like you always need to take a dump. And trust me; you do NOT want to shove a heavy flow tampon up your ass. It would make you go cross-eyed. Now turn around, back towards me, drop your panties, bend over, and spread your legs. I’ll do the rest this time.”

Stacie did as instructed. “Now spread your cheeks. These come pre-lubricated but it’s never enough, especially for your first time.” I opened her tube of lube and applied about a dime sized amount of lube to the top of the tampon and smeared it around the top half of the tampon. “I’m now going to use the applicator rod to insert the tampon into your anus. When it’s in far enough I’ll keep hold of the applicator and push out the cotton part of the tampon into you. Then I’ll pull out the rod and plastic applicator. The cotton tampon remains inside you; the removal string hangs outside. You can then stand up and go about your business with no leaks or wet spots on your clothing. You have to be sure you get past your sphincter. If it feels like you have a hot dog hanging out your anus then you need to insert it deeper. You should feel like there’s nothing there. I found a diagram that will help you understand proper tampon placement for males. Look and learn. It MUST be inserted beyond the sphincter ring of muscle.” Again Stacie thought ‘How does she know these things’?

I showed Stacie a detailed diagram of what I was referring too. Very detailed!

It only took about 20 seconds and it was done. Stacie had her first tampon. I lightly tugged on Stacie’s hanging string. “Did you feel that tug Stacey? Now you reach back here and give it a gentle tug just so you know where to find the string.” Stacie found the string and gave it a gentle pull. She was pleased that it would take a stronger pull to pop it free. She pulled up her panties and continued with getting ready for lunch.

Stacie and I were ready. New pantyhose, clean panties, proper lipstick, a fresh coat of mascara, curled eye lashes, correct jewelry and a hint of perfume. I took the extra time and added her eye liner. It looked perfect. Stacie had tossed our old panty hose into the trash. She was surprised to see me retrieve them from the trash and see me cutting the legs off of the panty part. I threw the legs away which left me with the control panty part. “What in the world are you doing!? Stacie asked. In reply I said “Remember how our crotch bulges were starting to show? If we double up on the control part of the panty hose we should be less obvious. Just pull them on like an extra pair of snug panties. I just don’t want to tuck and tape or wear a gaff.”

‘Tuck and tape? Gaff? What in the world is the girl talking about’? thought Stacie. ‘The use of an extra control top is pretty damn clever, brilliant actually.’

Lunch –Day 17

Lunch was the usual. It gave us girls an hour to talk and gossip amongst ourselves. “Stacie, what was all the noise we heard coming from your room? It sounded pretty serious” asked Fannie from down the table. Stacie began blushing and then volunteered “My roommate and I were getting better acquainted.” The table laughed. Beth ventured, “Tracie and I found ways to pass the time too.” Lunch ended, lipstick was reapplied and the table was cleaned.

Miss Diane and staff member Cindy entered the dayroom. Cindy was wearing Ruby earrings. Miss Diane began the briefing. “This afternoon will be devoted to watching two important videos on feminism and the history of the oppression and discrimination of women in America. Around 4 PM you’ll be on your own until diner at 7PM. Take advantage of your free time and get to know the other girls in our group.”

Cindy spoke next. “It appears we omitted some key information today. It concerns your vibrators. Joan brought it to my attention. Your vibrator is just that; it’s a two speed, AA battery powered vibrator. The ‘turn on’ button, pun intended, is in the end of the grip. Use your thumb to activate it. Press once and it is on slow, press down again and it goes full speed. Press three times and it turns off. I’m sure you’ll put this information to good use. Joan did and she has already completed four of the ten mandated rectal ejaculations as outlined on the Orders of the Earrings. She attained these credits between breakfast and lunch. If you need extra batteries just ask.”

Joan blushed deeply and the table gave her a friendly round of applause. “You go girl!” shouted Fannie. “Can I have more batteries now?” asked Rose. “Thank you Joan,” quipped Jackie. You could hear several of the girls opening their purses so they could more closely inspect their ‘new best friend’. The buzzing of the vibrators was noticeable as they turned them on and off. The buzzing stopped but the giggles did not.

We followed Cindy and Miss Diane into the viewing room. As Jackie passed Cindy she said “Pretty earrings” and then took her seat. Cindy smiled and walked over to let Miss Diane know Jackie’s comment. Miss Diane made a note on her clip board. The first movie started.
The movies were finally over and we were on our way back to our rooms. Dinner would be in about 4 hours. Jackie took me aside and said “I’ll see you later. Rose wants to stay in the room and play with her vibrator.” She winked at Stacie.

Stacie and I stepped into our room and each found three items that had been placed on our beds. There was a container of baby wipes, two packs of panty liners, and a pack of AA batteries. “Wow! I guess they do hear what we say.” Going into the bath room Stacie found a box of tampons. “Look here Jenny, we get to share a box of tampons!” She sat, peed and stepped out of her pantyhose and tossed them on her bed. She returned to the toilet area, fresh tampon in hand, dropped her panties, bent over and pulled out her used tampon. It was soaked. She wrapped it in toilet paper and put it in the trash. She lubed her new tampon as I had instructed and was able to insert it with little effort. She tugged on her string for assurance. The insertion and her tugging her string were slightly erotic for me for me to watch.

Dressed only in our panties and bras we laid down in our own beds to relax, cool down and collect our thoughts. I removed my bra for comfort. My developing breasts were pretty I thought. My nipples were relaxed and ‘limp’ so I played with them a bit to make sure they responded. They did. They looked like perky raisins. It felt very pleasant to play with them.

Less than fifteen minutes had passed when we heard the tapping of finger nails on our door. Without rising from our beds, in unison, we said “Come in.”

The door opened and Jackie came in. She placed her purse on the night stand and closed the door. She too had removed her pantyhose but had clearly freshened up her makeup and lipstick. She looked nice in her skirt. Her blouse had the top two buttons opened. The pleasant aroma of a strawberry musk perfume followed into our room.

Stacie and I got up from our beds to greet our visitor. Stacie was about to shake hands but decided on a generic kiss of ‘hello’ on Jackie’s cheek. “Welcome” said Stacie. Jackie returned the cheek kiss and then stepped closer to me. “We’re glad to see you, please come in” I said and leaned in to do the cheek kiss too. Jackie dodged a bit and planted more than a generic kiss on my red lips. Jackie lingered a bit on my lips and flicked her tongue along them. “You’re lipstick tastes yummy” Jackie said. “I’ve been meaning to get to know you both better since I first saw you”.

Jackie stepped back but held my hands. She gave me an appreciative look-over and said “Your eyeliner sets you apart from the others. It looks like your titties are coming along fine. They must be at least a B cup. I’m sure glad you have your bra off.” She reached across and tweaked my nipples. Jackie pulled me closer and planted a kiss on my left breast leaving a red lipstick mark that ran over onto my left nipple. I jerked a little and said “Wow, that feels pretty nice.” “It did? “ Jackie asked. She then leaned forward and began suckling on my right tit, swirling her tongue in as sensuous way as she knew how. My nipples got rigid and my knees went weak. I felt the need to sit down and I sat on the edge of my bed. Due to involuntary response I was beginning to grow a crotch bump; it was beginning to take shape.

Turning to Stacie Jackie said “I don’t want you to feel left out” and she gave Stacie a non-generic kiss that lasted a pleasant length of time, and a hug. As she was hugging Stacie, Jackie reached around and unhooked Stacie’s bra. Following Jackie’s lead Stacie shrugged here bra to the floor and gave Jackie a deep soul kiss. Stacie’s hand immediately went down to where Jackie’s swelling cock was. She gave it a sexy stroking. Still hugging Jackie, Stacie reached to the back of Jackie’s bra and unhooked it. She then unzipped Jackie’s skirt. Becoming bolder Stacie pulled Jackie’s skirt completely down. A wet spot on the front of Jackie’s panties was already the size of a quarter.

Stacie stepped back and sat down beside me. “Care to have a seat?” I asked. I scooted over to open a place between me and Stacie. Stacie said “You certainly don’t mess around!” and patted the empty place on the bed. Jackie laughed and said “Yes I do! Why do you think I’m here? I want to knock out some of the program requirements.” Jackie plopped down between the two girls and began rubbing us both through our nylon panties. She was rubbing up and down on both of our panty clad penises at the same time. She was not only talented she was also determined. All three of our penises were beginning to poke above the top of our panties. Jackie used the thumb, ‘spread-the pre-cum’, technique on the both of us at the same time. Jackie’s wet spot was now about the size of a 50 cent piece. The smell of sex was in the air.

I leaned over and gave Jackie a long kiss on her mouth, and made little tongue probing moves. Jackie took the bait and in a brief monument we were engaged in sensuous French kissing. I moaned and reached into Jackie’s panties and began some pre-cum spreading of my own on Jackie’s cock head and shaft. It was Jackie’s turn to moan.

I had made about three full length strokes on Jackie’s wet shaft when Stacie reached over and swatted my hand out of the way. “Hey, leave some for me!” she said. Grabbing Jackie’s shaft with her whole hand, Stacie resumed a slow milking motion up and down Jackie’s now slick shaft. Jackie had both of our shafts in a similar grip and the three of us sat on the bed slowly jacking each other off. Stacie leaned over and kissed the tip of Jackie’s dick, making an attempt to lick it into her anxiously waiting mouth. It was marvelous way to spend the day.

I removed my hand from Jackie’s penis and asked, “Wait a minute, what do you have in mind?” Seizing the opportunity, Stacie leaned further over and swirled her tongue on the head of Jackie’s cock. It was there for the taking. Stacie had started some tip suction that was drawing Jackie’s glans into her mouth. She had just circled her lips around Jackie’s glans when Jackie stopped her. She leaned over to Stacie and licked her own pre-seminal fluid off of Stacie’s lips. “Thanks darling that was very special.”

Jackie stood and turned to face us both. Hooking her thumbs into the side of her panties she pulled them down her legs and kicked them aside. Stacie and I were at face level of a raging hard on. Jackie stepped over and offered her slick cock to me which I gladly accepted. I made a point of kissing Jackie’s cock tip and leaving my signature red lip print. I had just slurped Jackie’s cock to beyond her glans when Jackie stepped back. There was another audible pop as the suction broke. I licked my lips in an effort to taste Jackie.

Jackie said “Jenny, ever since I saw that you could cum across the width of a table, I’ve wanted to get a piece of you. I’d like to feel you squirt onto my tonsils.” “Stacie,” she continued, “when I heard you wailing the other day I knew that we needed to hook up. Both of you raise your legs and let me pull your panties off.” A second later there were two sets of legs pointing toward the ceiling. Jackie laughed as she went to her purse and retrieved her lipstick and vibrator. She stepped forward and pulled off Stacie’s panties first and then mine. Our two cocks were standing tall and proud in anticipation. Standing between us Jackie twisted open her lipstick and applied a thick coat. She tossed the tube and vibrator onto the bed. We remained seated on the edge of the bed.

Jackie stepped between Stacie’s legs and said “It looks like you’re leaking.” Indeed. A large drip of clear cum was on the head of her penis and was starting to run down her shaft. Jackie got on her knees and licked it off. Jackie then kissed Stacie’s penis tip making sure to also leave a red imprint. She then sucked in the penis to just beyond the neck and pressed her lips together leaving yet another red ring. Jackie’s lips were snug, warm and firm. Jackie swirled her tongue and moved her tightened lips up and off Stacie’s penis, slathering it as she went. Stacie looked disappointed that Jackie had pulled off. Jackie looked over at me and said “Don’t worry, your turn is cumming.”

Jackie looked back at Stacie, gave her a wink, opened her lips and dove back down Stacie’s shaft leaving another red ring at the base of her cock. She sucked and twirled her way back up the shaft dragging her tight lips up and off the penis with a milking move. Stacie moaned loudly like she does. She closed her eyes and leaned back on her elbows. Jackie reached again for her lipstick and reapplied another coat, tossing the tube back onto the bed next to the vibrator.

Jackie shuffled over, on her knees, to me. She placed a small throw pillow on the floor between my legs and gripped my shaft. “This is my real target” she said.

Maintaining a firm grasp on my rigid shaft Jackie pulled it forward and bent slightly down and repeated what she had done for Stacie, making sure to leave her trademark double red rings on my shaft too. She was starting to bob and fellate me enthusiastically when Stacie asked, “How are we going to make this work? Jenny promised ME her cherry!” Jackie slurped up and off of me. There was another breaking of suction pop noise. “I have an idea but it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full.”

Jackie explained “If Jenny moves to the end of the bed I can suck her off with no problem. That means you’d have to fuck Jenny doggie style. You’d both be on your knees. Is everyone ok with that?” We eagerly nodded our heads ‘yes’. I hurried to the end of the bed. Jackie went to stand in front of my lips. Her cock was bobbing in my face. Stacie grabbed a tube of lube and positioned herself at my butt. Jackie had the foresight to suggest that once Stacie got her cock into my puckering sphincter then she would start what she had came over to do.

Stacie was so excited that she had trouble opening the lube. I looked over my shoulder and said, “Don’t skimp on the lube.” Stacie applied a liberal coating of lube on her penis giving it several strokes up and down to grease it good. Applying a good amount on two of her fingers she smeared a teaspoon full amount all over my anus. She used one finger to lube just inside my sphincter. She circled my innards twice. I gripped Stacie’s digit by clenching. Stacie was kneeling behind me where she needed to be and placed her cock head right on target. I was accommodating enough to use one of my hands to spread my cheeks wider.

Stacie pressed forward, made contact with my puckering hole and then pressed forward again and got in about four inches. I exhaled and tried to relax. “Can I start on Jackie now?” I gasped. I was licking my lips. “Wait a moment, I want to get settled. I’ll tell you when!” Stacie said. Stacie pulled all the way out and then shoved her cock back in. She had made it to five inches this time. On the third thrust Stacie was firmly in place. “Go for it!” she barked. Jackie stepped a bit closer to my lips. I opened my lips and was about to suck in Jackie’s cock when Stacie made a sudden and earnest forward thrust that propelled me onto Jackie’s cock. It hit the roof of my mouth and caromed to the back of my throat.

Stacie stopped for awhile and savored the nice warm feeling of my tight ass. This gave me time to begin Jackie’s blow job. I had made several runs up and down Jackie’s dick when Stacie began a nice thrusting. I gasped but remained sealed on Jackie’s shaft. I began a nice head bobbing motion and Jackie started a pleasantly slow face fucking motion. The three of us set up a steady and mutually satisfying rhythm. We were all either moaning or grunting. It wasn’t long until we were all getting close to our orgasms. Jackie was making new wiggle movements with her pelvis and I was panting in anticipation. Stacie was enjoying her ride. The friction of my clamping, gripping and milking actions on her penis was pulling her towards a climax.

Seeing Jackie’s vibrator on the bed Stacie picked it up and turned it on. She rubbed it around on my scrotum and then held it on the base of her cock. The vibrator buzzing transferred up her shaft and transferred to my anal rings and beyond. It was another magical moment. I began a fevered and quicker head bobbing which caused Jackie to speed up her trusting. My tongue was alternating from trying to circle and hold her cock to cock tickling only the underside of her glans. It’s something that I like done to me.

In an inspired act Stacie’s took the vibrator and began rubbing her own balls. Less than 45 seconds later Stacie yelped “Oh, god!” and spewed her cum deep inside me. She pulled me back getting her dick as deep as possible in me. She held me tight. She let loose another blast. The warm feeling of Stacie’s sperm caused me to have a deep, twitching, orgasm that caused my eyes to roll back in my head. I did a tight, slow sucking withdrawal on Jackie’s slimy shaft and immediately slid back as close as I could get to Stacie’s cock base. I wanted to keep Stacie’s cock deep inside me. I made sure to clench and milk her. She thanked me by making herself throb large. I was sitting on her dick; keeping it deep.

Jackie leaned forward to make up for the distance between us and came in wave after wave of cum spurts that filled my throat and mouth to overflowing. I leaned forward, while still impaled on Stacie, and slid my lips down her as far as I could go. Jackie began knelling on the end of the bed which allowed me to plummet down her shaft again. I sucked and lip-squeegeed the last bit of sperm from Jackie’s balls. I stopped moving and held my mouth still, savoring the throbbing and ecstasy of the moment. I took my time in releasing the lip grip I had on Jackie’s cock, withdrawing slowly. Meanwhile Stacie enjoyed being packed into my ass as far as she could go. I could feel her try to squirt one more time.

A moment or two went by and I released my lips on Jackie shaft. Stacie did a slow withdrawal from my rectum that was pleasurable for the both of us. I kept clamping and milking Stacie as she pulled out. Eventually we were all uncoupled and breathing heavy. I turned my head toward the ceiling camera and stuck out my tongue to show off my prize. Still staring at the camera, I slowly swallowed most of the mouthful of Jackie’s cum, retaining about a half a shot glass of cum in my mouth.

I climbed gingerly off the bed and embraced Jackie. Jackie hugged me back and kissed me. I slipped her a swig of her own cum. Surprised at first she looked up at the camera, stuck out her tongue to display the cum and made an obvious swallow. Stacie was off the bed and she and I kissed deeply. “Lick my lips and you can taste Jackie.” Stacie did what she was asked.

We fell exhausted but satiated back onto the bed. Our penises slowly went limp. Stacie was the first to move and grabbed a baby wipe to clean her dick, passing the container over to us. Only I needed one and I made wiping motions up and down my crack. Jackie just smiled and laid there. “Jenny, you do know you still owe me a tonsil shower.”

We all eventually clambered out of bed. Jackie retrieved her lipstick and vibrator. As she was putting the vibrator back into its travel bag Jackie said to Stacie, “Using that vibrator in the way that you did was brilliant! Where did you get that idea?” Stacie said “Jenny inspired me based upon the first day we got our vibrators. Speaking of vibrators, it’s too bad Rose didn’t join us today. She really seems to be in love with hers.” Jackie agreed “It was buzzing before our door had closed. I hope she doesn’t wear it out!”

I looked down at the old blue bedspread we had just gotten off of and exclaimed “Damn, look at the wet spot I left. I’m seeping for sure. I wonder if they ever change the linen. I’m going to need a tampon.”

Stacie looked startled. “Tampon! Damn, I forgot to remove mine last night. Why didn’t someone tell me my string was showing?” Jackie looked bewildered. ‘Did she say tampon?’ she thought. Stacie rushed into the rest room, bent over and quickly removed, wrapped and disposed of her used tampon. “While you’re in there would you mind bringing me one? I don’t feel like douching right now” I complained.

On her return Stacie gave me what I’d requested. In a flash I had it peeled, lubed and inserted. I gave the string the tug test for reassurance. Jackie asked me to turn around, bend over and show her my butt. Sure enough there was a little ‘mouse tail’ of string clearly hanging from my recently fucked rectum. She gave it one soft tug. Now Jackie was truly amazed. “Err… would you ladies mind telling me what the deal with the tampons is?”

Stacie replied “Jenny taught me. It works fine, stops leaks and saves a lot of time.” She went on and explained all to Jackie. Jackie just shook her head in disbelief and said “You learn something new every day. I’ll have to keep that trick in mind. You never know when you might need such a time saver.”

Just then an announcement came in over the intercom. It seems pantyhose would not be required for the rest of the day. “That’s a relief” we all said in unison which caused us to break into laughter.

“None the less we better get ready for dinner. Since we don’t need the pantyhose I’m going to try a new style of panty. I saw a pair of cute tap pants that I’ve been dying to wear” I announced. With Jackie and Stacie both watching, I pulled out a pair of peach colored tap pants and slid them on. Next I grabbed a panty liner, peeled off the adhesive and attached it to the crotch of my tap pants. “There now, no wet butt drools for me tonight. A box of the thin Kotex pads with wings would be useful.” I then put on the top portion of the legless control top pantyhose I’d made earlier.

Jackie turned towards Stacie and asked “How does she know about all this stuff?” Stacie shrugged and replied “I’ve been asking that too. Pretty amazing; sort of like a Fairy MacGyver.” We had a good laugh.

Stacie, Jackie and I had pretty well pulled ourselves together and Jackie was about to leave. She had picked up her purse but stopped at the door and asked, “Jenny, would you apply some eyeliner on me before I leave? It looks so nice on you.” “No problem, have a seat. I was going to touch up Stacie’s anyway.” It only took me few moments and Jackie was done. She looked into the mirror, batted her eye lashes and smiled. Standing up she gave me a last kiss and said “Thank you, darling.” I returned her kiss and could feel her penis throb. “You better leave.” I opened the door and as Jackie exited I gave Jackie’s crotch a rub.

The door closed and I turned my back to the door and leaned against it. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths to relax. Stacie looked over and asked “What’s going on?” I took another deep breath and said “I REALLY want to fuck her.” Recovering my composure I said to Stacie “Hey, you bring out the same feelings in me.” Ten minutes later we left to the dining area.

Dinner- day 17

Dinner was just another chance to get acquainted and swap stories. Jackie made a point out of sitting next to me. Between forkfuls of salad she stroked my thigh. Her hand crept under my skirt and her fingers made contact with my crotch. I spread my legs wider. “Stop that!” I whispered. Jackie giggled softly and several girls looked to see who the new lovers were. “I just wanted to see if the panty liner and control tops worked… they don’t!” “At least there won’t be a wet spot!” I whispered.

Dinner ended and Cindy came in to make the usual announcements. The group noticed her three earrings, gold hoops, ruby and sapphire gems. “As a group you’re coming along fine. There are a couple girls that need to start meeting the requirements. A vibrator by itself will not get you out of here.” The entire table turned to look at Rose. “With that in mind I’m giving you your first Score Card. You can also find it on your in-room TV. It’s updated as needed. Take a look ladies. You may want to pick up the pace. If we’ve missed anything let me, Martha or Miss Diane know. I’ll see you in the morning.” Cindy turned and left.


We picked up the score cards and studied it intently. Beth turned to her roommate Tracie and testily said “I wondered where you went last night!” There was more than a little jealousy in her tone. The table stood and we started to make our way back to our rooms. It was only 7 PM and the night was young. As we walked some of the girls were putting their arms around each other or were holding hands. There were several new pairings and in some cases there threesomes making nice. I had Jackie held around the waist and kissed her ear. “Are you busy around 7:30? I’d like to stop by for a visit. I don’t mind if Rose is there. In fact it could make things interesting… like this afternoon. Stacie is expecting a guest that’s a little shy.” Jackie gave me a not so subtle goose to the butt with her middle finger and said “See you then, babes.”

By 8:15 PM I was fully buried up to the base of my cock in Jackie’s ass. Clothing and underwear were everywhere. Jackie was on her bed with her legs over my shoulders. I had found what I’d always wanted. And it was good. My strokes were deep and well timed. Jackie was the best ‘milker’ I had ever had. She clamped so tight it made both the inward and outward moves exquisite. She was a human squeegee.

Rose was on her knees and her ‘guest’, Tracie, was sitting on the edge of Rose’s bed enjoying a perfect blow job. Tracie came quickly and loaded Rose’s mouth. Rose immediately joined Tracie on the bed. As she was slowly swallowing Tracie’s sperm, and before it was gone, Rose was already rapidly shoving her vibrator in and out of her own ass with the vibrator turned on high. She was panting like a dog in heat. She did like her ‘magic wand’. A few moments later she was bucking and spasming on the bed. It was noted that Rose got two scores added to her Scorecard in one ‘session’; blow job and vibrator.

Tracie recovered enough to take over the thrusting and twisting of the vibrator for Rose and was doing the ‘wine cork’ routine. Tracie turned it on high and made contact with Rose’s prostate and held it there. Rose squirted so hard that her cum landed on her tit. Instantly Tracie was on it, sucking and licking Rose’s cum off her body. Or maybe Tracie was sucking and licking Rose’s tits just for fun. It didn’t matter as they were both enjoying it.

The sights and sounds of Rose and Tracie were amazing to witness. It was just before 9 PM when I kissed Jackie good night and I was about to leave. Jackie grabbed my hand and said “Bend over.” I did and Jackie grabbed my dangling tampon string and slowly pulled it out of my ass. I immediately stood up and twirled around. Jackie had a big smile and was holding the sperm soaked tampon like a trophy. “I was afraid you’d forget. Need help with a fresh one?” I laughed and said “No, not unless you need the practice.” And opened the door and left.

When I opened the door to my room I found Stacie bent over a chair and taking it up the ass from Beth. They had just finished and I was just in time to see Beth’s penis plop free. Stacie blushed and began putting the baby wipes to good use. Turning to face me, while continuing to clean herself, Stacie offered “Beth’s cock has a lot more life in it in case you’re interested. It’s insatiable!” Beth had a cute smirk on her face and was using her vibrator to motion me over to her. “Jen,” she purred, “If you’ve got the time I’d like to show you a new way you can use a vibrator. It’s pretty innovative and feels so very, very nice for both of us. Just look at Stacie’s grin.” She was slowly hitting the palm of her hand with the vibrator while awaiting my reply. I’m not sure how she sustained it but she was still very erect.

I politely declined mentioning that I needed to remove my makeup and get some rest. “I am truly worn out; maybe another time. It sounds like fun.” I entered the bathroom and closed the door.

Day 25… or was it 35?


Breakfast was no big deal; the usual round of vitamins and a basic breakfast. The dining table was all buzzing with yesterday’s news, when would the Scorecard be updated, and Rose’s love affair with her vibrator was topics. It was noted by consensus how larger their breasts had become and how grateful we were that the itching had stopped.

As breakfast was breaking up Cindy announced that me, Stacie, Jackie and Tracie were excused from the morning’s activities. We were told to report to the administrative building for a progress evaluation meeting. We were asked to remain at the dining table after the others had left. Another wave of buzzing and speculation rose from the table. The rest of the girls finished their breakfast leaving us four at the table.

Cindy came to our table. It seems that Jackie and I were to meet with Miss Diane and Stacie and Tracie were meeting with Martha. “Follow me girls” Cindy said. We all stood up. I gave Stacie a hug and a quick peck on her cheek. “Good luck” Stacie said. I held Jackie’s hand as we walked to the admin building. No one had been there since our arrival.

Cindy led us down a hallway and told Stacie and Tracie to enter office 2. Jackie and I were to go into office 2. The agenda would be explained when we were inside.

We entered office 2 and sitting behind a large desk was Miss Diane. She looked as beautiful as always but today she was wearing a lovely silk lavender colored chemise. Two chairs were in front of her desk. We waited by the door for instructions.

Miss Diane began. “Good morning ladies. Before you sit down I want you both to strip down to just your bra and panties. To your right is a shelf to put your purses and clothes on. When that’s done please take a seat. Also be advised that there is audio and video monitoring in here.”

As I we were disrobing I asked Jackie “Is my makeup ok?” Jackie nodded her head to indicate yes. We were soon seated and facing Miss Diane.

“You are not in any kind of trouble but on occasion we like to have more informal conversations with our students. What’s happening here is also happening with Martha.“

“I want to begin with telling you how feminine looking you both have become. The eyeliner in particular was a nice touch and its use has been picked up by several of the girls. I know this began with Jenny. I also know Jenny was responsible for several other ideas. Her comments are the reason that additional feminine items were placed in your rooms. The use of tampons was a new concept we hadn’t thought of before. We feel in enhances the feminine experience we are looking for. Jenny, when you get back to your room you’ll find a new bed spread that is much nicer and girly than that old blue one that suddenly became soiled.” I turned three shades of red at the compliment.

“Also you ladies have become obviously more endowed in the chest area and before you leave you’ll be given several new bras that better enhance your pert breasts. Unlike standard issue bras these will be prettier, under wired, balconnette demi-bras that will enhance your cleavage. There will be additional clothing and items that I’ll mention later. Don’t be surprised if the other girls are somewhat jealous.”

“As a reward for what I’ve already mentioned, and because of your progress on your Scorecards you will be issued two inch gold hoops. I think that you’ll like the feeling when they bounce or touch your cheek. They’ll remind you of how girly you’ve become. Please remove your studs now. You may keep them. If you advance to additional ear piercings, and we’re sure you will, the studs will come in handy. Matron insists on doing second piercings herself.” We did as we were told.

Miss Diane stepped from behind her desk and gave the girls a small jewelry box that contained the new two inch gold hoops. “Take a box, take out the hoops and place the studs in the box. Because you ladies seem to be so close, you are to insert the hoops in each other’s ears. The staff jokingly calls them ‘training wheels’.”

Doing as instructed we inserted and closed the hoops in each other’s ears. There seemed to be a louder ‘click’ sound as they snapped shut than normal. The proximity to each other, clad only in panties and bras, (and combined with the touching of each other’s ears) was beginning to have an effect on us. An obvious erection response was creating panty bulges. Out of impulse we kissed each other deeply. Our passion and bulges increased. We held hands and turned to face Miss Diane.

“These earrings have a thicker wire and the click you heard was locking mechanisms that can only be opened by a staff member. They earned the nick name ‘training wheels’ because when you’re giving someone a blow job they can hook their fingers in the hoops and guide you to where they get the most pleasure. Up, down, sideways; just tug and pull gently as you don’t want to tear out an ear. I want you to explain their functionality to the other girls. They get theirs NEXT week” Miss Diane paused to let all this information sink-in.

“To give you a practical experience with your ‘training wheels’ I have an exercise that you must do.” Miss Diane opened and discarded her robe. She was dressed in only a breast enhancing bra, and a garter belt with silk stockings. She wore no panties. The most noticeable feature was that she had at least an eight inch cock dangling between her legs! It was thicker in diameter than any cock we’ve seen since arriving. It appeared to be almost three inches in diameter. It was not totally flaccid. In fact it appeared to be ‘on the rise’.

She smiled at our surprised look. In a dramatic gesture she gave her shaft one slow stroke from base to tip. The bulges in our panties increased. “It appears you should have worn that extra control top panty that you invented, and a Lite Days panty liner, as I see some wet spots” she said pointing towards are panties. “You must have noticed the thickness of my cock. Sometimes a bit of a stretch is good for you as it prepares you for what may find in the future.”

She walked over and sat on a love seat that had been covered with a large towel. There were long skinny pillows waiting on the floor. “You are to remember that YOU are to service me. I DON’T service you! Staff takes care of each other, which IF you elect to remain at The Nest, could be a good thing. Both of you are to remove your bras and then come over here and kneel on the pillow.” The bras came off quickly and were tossed on the shelf. We were soon kneeling as instructed.

“Jenny, you are to kneel between my legs. Jackie you are to kneel beside Jenny. Jenny, you are going to give me a partial blow job. Jackie will finish it when I say so. Maybe you will learn something by observing each other. Before you start I want you to reapply your lipstick. I want to see a red ring as far down my shaft as possible.” Miss Diane passed me a tube that was my usual shade of red. I quickly slathered it on. Miss Diane inserted a finger into each of my new hoop earrings and gently guided my mouth to her cock. “Get started Jenny.”

I reached over and hefted Miss Diane’s penis. It was getting stiffer by the second. It seemed so long and BIG! I encircled the base using my middle finger and thumb. It was almost three inches wide for sure. I first made two pumping motions up and down her shaft and then used my thumb to smear the inevitable, clear, pre-seminal fluid around her cock head. I dragged more of the slippery wetness down her shaft. I made one last jack-off stroking motion and then kissed her cock head leaving an expected red imprint. Miss Diane guided me down her dick. I left the requested red rings as far down as I could go. Jackie got so hot watching that she started rubbing one of her own nipples while fingering and teasing one of nipples. Despite having a cock in my mouth I made a low moan but never broke suction. I felt my earrings pulling my head back up to the top of her shaft. I spent more time and attention to the top of Miss Diane’s cock.

Making an ‘O’ with my mouth I put a lip grip just beyond her cock-head, using my tongue to lubricate and tantalize. I also used my tongue on Miss Diane’s pee hole which caused an involuntary twitch of her shaft in my mouth. She made a low groan of appreciation. Jackie got behind me and cupped and fingered both of my tits while I was working on Miss Diane’s penis. It made me feel hot.

I made three or four up and down runs on her shaft and then dove for the base just as my earrings were signaling me downward. Holding for a moment, to tongue tickle and swirl, I pressed my lips tightly on the shaft and left another red ring as far down her penis as I could. I was about to gag so I slow milked my way back up her dick giving a lot of tongue action as I went.

I enjoyed rubbing Miss Diane’s stockings and tugging gently on her garter straps. ‘Damn, that’s hot!’ I thought. Making one last tonguing of the neck of her glans I popped free, took a deep breath, and was about to go down for more. Miss Diane gently held my chin to make me stop, looked me in the eyes and said “You can stop now darling. You learned why we call the hoops ‘training wheels’.” She removed her fingers from my hoops. “It’s Jackie’s turn.” We traded places.

“Jackie, here is a darker shade of lipstick. You know the drill. Put it on. I’m curious as who can take more.” Jackie did as instructed keeping direct eye contact with Miss Diane as she did. Jackie looked down at Miss Diane’s cock, rubbed her inner nylon encased thighs, and also left a kiss print on the other side of her cock head. Miss Diane grabbed Jackie’s hoops and gave them a tug to get Jackie’s attention. Jackie gripped the base of Miss Diane’s shaft and continued where I had left off. I went behind Jackie and was massaging and caressing both of Jackie’s tits like she had done for me. I loved to thumb and tweak nipples. Anybody’s nipples.

With such encouragement Jackie’s head bobbing increased. Sucking her way down the shaft, because her earrings were pulling her downward, she could feel the cock head at the back of her throat. She clamped her mark about four times. On the third time Miss Diane came. Lots of the sperm seem to go immediately down her throat but a lot didn’t. Jackie had a mouthful of love sauce. Opening her mouth to show Miss Diane her mouthful of cum, Jackie winked and swallowed.

Both of us were still on the pillows. Jackie pulled me close and kissed me squarely on her lips. She also spewed a teaspoonful of Miss Diane sperm into my mouth. I didn’t break our kiss. Instead I ran my tongue back and forth on Jackie’s lips. Larger wet spots were spreading on our panties. Miss Diane watched as we each reached over and grabbed and stroked each other’s hard on. It was a beautiful thing.

Sensing that this was a special moment Miss Diane stood up and told us “You may as well finish each other off. You can “69” on my love seat. I need to recover for awhile anyway. Besides I’d like to watch.” In an instant Jackie and I were on the love seat and were head bobbing each other with urgency in the classic “69” position. There was some mutual tugging and pulling of our new ‘training wheels’. Within moments of each other, we spewed. I told Jackie “There’s the tonsil wash I owed you.” We sat up and turned to face Miss Diane, opened our mouths and we swallowed the leftovers. “So noted” Miss Diane said and pointed to the ceiling camera.

Miss Diane said “To show our appreciation we have a few things for the both of you. We’ve prepared a goodie bag for each of you that includes: Victoria’s Secret garter belt, several pairs of 15 denier nylons, 3 under wired size B demi-bras with cleavage enhancers, Victoria’s Secret panties that has your names on them and an eight inch silicon dildo. Wear them and use them with pride. And please take the lipsticks you used today; your names are engraved on the tubes. We’ve included a bottle of blue nail polish that will be mandated next week. You’re ahead of the times.” Handing us each a new Victoria’s Secret bra Miss Diane told us to put them on. Both were midnight blue and looked very sexy.

“There’s one more token of our appreciation: Immediately after leaving here you will get a professional makeover, manicure and eyebrow waxing. Also we’ve noticed that your natural hair length now allows us to give you a hair salon pixie cut. No need for a hot wig anymore.”

Assuming we were finished we were making our way to our purses, clothes and goodie bags.

Miss Diane said “Hold on, there’s two more things before you can leave. First, Jackie was able to take more cock then Jenny.” She pointed at her semi-flaccid penis. The lipstick marks were clear. Jackie was able to eat about ¾ inches more cock then me.

“The last thing before you leave is a tightness test. I’m going to penetrate you both. I won’t cum in your ass. I’m glad I’ve had some time to recover from my blow job. Both of you girls remove your panties, go to the front of my desk and wait for me. I need to get my lube and a few warm and wet wash cloths. Jenny, you’ll be first.” Stacie and I looked at each other in surprise. Neither of us had seen THIS coming. The eight inch, three inch diameter snake was going to invade us!

We were at the desk and Miss Diane brought the lube and warm wash cloths. “Here’s the drill. Because I’m fucking Jenny first she will lube me to erection, face the desk and bend over with her hands on the desk. I’ll fuck her for awhile, perform a tightness test on you and then withdraw. Jenny will then take a warm wash cloth and clean me off. Jackie will then lube me again, insure my erection, bend over, grab the desk and get fucked. I’ll check her tightness, withdraw and she’ll clean me with another wash cloth. You’ll get dressed, take your presents and report for your makeovers.”

Handing me the lube she ordered “Get started”. Taking a large amount of lube I picked up Miss Diane’s cock and began smearing it on the head of her dick. I made a palm swirl on the cock head and then ran the lube down her shaft. Returning to the lube I filled the palm of my hand and began stroking her cock up and down. I was really ‘greasing the pole’ and the results were quick and obvious; Miss Diane’s cock was stiff and eager. I wiped my hands, grabbed the desk, bent over, closed my eyes and gritted my teeth. Miss Diane placed some lube on my rose bud and inserted her middle finger to ensure that it too was well greased.

Miss Diane wasted no time and quickly had the tip of her cock in my rectum. I grabbed the desk harder and Miss Diane’s next thrust went in about four inches. “Ouch!” I exclaimed as I tried to relax my anus. On the next thrust she was in and set up a steady thrusting, going deeper with each forward shove. I clenched down on Miss Diane’s cock a couple times. Entering me as far as she safely could go Miss Diane held still, doing a flex-throb move of her cock that actually felt erotic to me. ‘So deep, so filling, so warm’ I thought. A moment later Miss Diane withdrew completely. “Clean me” Miss Diane ordered. I took the warm wash cloth and cleaned the cock that had just been in me. I took the liberty to take a new clean cloth and wipe the lube from my crevice. I tossed the cloth on the desk and went to get dressed leaving Jackie on her own.

“It’s your turn Jackie.” Jackie turned around and in a bold move dropped to her knees and began blowing Miss Diane. Taken by surprise Miss Diane held still. A few more slurps later, one slurp down to the red ring she had just placed there, Jackie stood up and said “You said make sure you were hard.” She then packed her hand with lube and greased Miss Diane’s shaft. Taking an extra glob of lube Jackie reached between her own legs and lubed her self. She smeared some into and around her rectum. Jackie turned, grabbed the table, bent over and spread her legs.

Miss Diane was right there and was five inches deep in just a few fucks and was at her maximum depth a few thrusts later. Miss Diane began thrusting very quickly and began grunting. She grabbed Jackie by the waist and pulled her back while thrusting forward. She held Jackie tight, at maximum depth. Jackie clenched several times. Miss Diane immediately ejaculated. Still holding Jackie tightly she squirted three times more. All motion stopped for about a 30 seconds. Jackie did a final ‘milking clench’ move and pulled herself clear of the offending shaft, squeezing it as tight as she could as she dragged it from her bowels. “Damn, you! You said you wouldn’t cum!” Grabbing a wet cloth she cleaned herself first and then used the same rag to clean Miss Diane. “I’m sorry Jackie; I thought I could control it. I’m sorry”.
Jackie stormed over to her purse, got out a tampon and shoved it home. She threw the wrapper and empty applicator on the shelf. She was determined to not be a butt drooler.

Jackie got dressed, grabbed her belongings, grabbed my hand and stomped out of the room. And that’s how Jackie got an extra score for taking it up the ass. The Rules said you get credit for anal sex if the partner cums inside of you. Miss Diane had cum. In fact Jackie had to insert a new tampon about three hours later.

The makeover

Jackie and I thoroughly enjoyed our makeovers. It gave us time to relax and compose ourselves. I’m natural a dirty blonde and went with a fringed pixie cut with some nice highlights; Jackie, being a brunette, opted for a longish shag with bangs and with hint of red. We had our brows waxed to perfection and the manicure left our toes and fingernails well shaped and a vibrant dark blue. None of our ‘class’ had that color. Our eyes, eyeliner and eye shadow, lips, etc. looked perfect! Lunch was soon and we were getting ready to leave.

The beauticians told us to relax for a little longer and brought out everything needed to wax our legs and other body parts. Jackie said “I don’t think so; this isn’t what we were told.” The head beautician said “We got instructions from Miss Diane that we were to do something extra and that you’d understand.” I started laughing and told Jackie “Sit down and enjoy the perks of having done someone a favor. You’ve become a wax whore!” We sat back and relaxed and watched the beauticians work their magic. Jackie reached over and took hold of my hand. Jackie looked at me and asked “I’d still like to ask her who of us is the tighter!” I retorted “You may have been tighter but I was the better fuck!” We both began to laugh. The two technicians looked at each other and agreed “Let’s give them the works”.

An hour later Jackie and Jenny left waxed and smooth in every area possible. I had never had a Brazilian wax before. The process and the smoothness were amazing. I knew that Stacie and Jackie would enjoy our smoothness eventually too.

I asked Jackie, “Pass me your new tube of dark red lipstick.” I applied the new shade and passed the tube back to Jackie. “The monogram looks classy.” We took time to put on our new garter belts and hose for the first time. I had them on in short order. Jackie struggled and I helped clip her garters to her stockings being sure to put panties over the garter belt. “Over, if you’re just going to work, makes it easier to pull down your panties and pee. If you’re going on a date then you put them under the garter belt as it looks sexier for your date.” I explained. Jackie wondered ‘How does she know these things’?

As we slipped on our two inch pumps I told Jackie that a good pair of four inch heels would make our legs look nicer. We unbuttoned the top two buttons of our blouses and turned to hug each other. The hug evolved into a few kisses with each of us giving a few good natured tugs on each others ‘training wheels’. We broke off our kissing and strode, hand in hand, into the dining area with our ‘goodie bags’. We could catch the last 30 minutes of lunch.

A final Chapter with a surprise ending is next.

(The final chapter has been posted since April and has the least amount of reads of all the previous chapters. The last few paragraphs explain how and why our main character became so 'girly'. It's actually a poignant revelation and ties up a very key element. That explanation begins in the paragraph entitled 'Revelations'. I encourage you to read the final reveal.)

"Revelations" is found in the next and final chapter.

“I have something I want to share with you. We’ve become special (and very intimate) friends as we’ve gone through the program. On more than one occasion you, and several others, have asked ‘How does she know about all these things?’

(Comments would be appreciated. Thank you.)

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