TG Techie: Chapter 33: Black Box

Black Box


I got up Wednesday morning and checked my closet. There were dresses hanging inside and a box with my boots, so that hadn’t been a dream. I fingered the fabric for a second. Considered slipping it on and looking at myself in the mirror.

But today was a tech day, so it was time for jeans, steel toes, and my best underwear.

My best underwear wasn’t very good. Well everything else I promised myself has fallen apart. Am I allowed to buy lingere, or do I have to be over 18?

When Bruce rolled up Autumn and I exhanged grins, a deep kiss, and a sense of anticipation. It was her turn to choose the music, and she went with a John Williams playlist. “It’s a lot of horn,” she said, “But the string parts are worth it.”

I spaced out during Design, pushing the place on my pencil where I had set the undo button on my stylus over and over again. What could Michaelangelo have accomplished with an undo button?

At lunch we took off for McDonald’s. No one had seen Bree and she wasn’t answering her texts. When I was asked the first thing I thought was she’s at the dentist and her mouth is going to need a lot of rinsing by the end of the day. And what I said was, “She said she might be late but she didn’t say why.”

It still wasn’t cold yet that year. There was some discussion over Halloween costumes and parties. Sarah’s father was out of town on business so she was holding the party in two weeks. I gathered that more than the Crew would be attending. Her sister was a senior and had booze connections. I sat on the picnic table with Autumn sitting on the seat between my legs. Her cigarette smoke kept getting in my eyes, but it was nice just to touch her. At some point Regular Dave sat behind me. I felt my body tense up, regret it, and then lean into him. His shirt was rough, but he rubbed my back.

Everyone wanted to know what Rachel would go as. She was deep into the cosplay scene, had a sewing machine, and was going to switch to costumery instead of stage construction. She wouldn’t tell us a thing, but she kept making eye contact with me as she denied.

With the hurdle of Lunch passed, the rest of the day seemed to go by in a rush. I hadn’t finished the books of the Odyssey that I was supposed to, and filled in a few things from memory. Enough to get in some conversation. That Guy continued to monopolize the conversation like it made his dick hard. It was almost more contemptable than galling, but I didn’t have any ammunition to shut him down with.

And then I came to the auditorium, and waited with the others, and wondered just what the loft was going to hold for me.


“Alright,” Susan said. We were sitting on and around stacks of platforms. “Final auditions were yesterday, the cast list will be released on Thursday. I need two people to set up the black box.”

I raised my hand.

“Okay Aisling and Bree—Where’s Bree?”

“She’s running late,” Autumn told her. “I know what the box needs the best, I’ll show Aisling.”

Susan didn’t nod, but didn’t not nod, “Then everyone else is on the special flats. I got Autumn to draw up everything we need, there are only ten.”

I followed Autumn to the shop where she oppened a cabinet and pulled out five different rolls of colored masking tape. “Find… Two tape measures and a square.”

I found the tape measures in a bin, and the square sitting on a table next to some more squares. Autumn gave me a grin that was positively wicked, and I had no idea why. She grabbed Susan’s keys off the desk and lead me down the hall to the black box.

The black box was actually a room. The wall of the room were painted black, and the floor was black and the ceiling was very high. And also painted black. Autumn went to the light panel, and pulled all the sliders up. I could see the that black walls were actually black curtains that ran around the walls floor to ceiling.

“This is where the dipshits rehearse,” Autumn laid her plans in the center of the floor, “And they need to know the dimensions they’re working with. I didn’t put any stairs on the set, just the ladder into the loft.” She thought for a second. “Remind me to remind Rachel that Wendla can’t be in high heels. At least for that scene.”

“Were there high heels in nineteenth century Germany?”

“Hell if I know. But Rachel might find out that there were, and get inventive. I don’t want Wendla catching her heel on that ladder and breaking her neck.” She kneeled and looked at the plans. “Okay, lets do the house in white tape.”

We measured out the difference in angle, so the Wendla’s house was cheated the same way in the box as it was on the stage. Then laid the tape down and used the square to get the other three sides.

Then the hayloft in yellow, over the white tape. Then the school/prison in red. Then the spacing where the bars with the trees would be in green. Autumn took a sharpie and wrote what the tape was for on every straight line.

She got up and took my hand, “Help me set up the legs.” She went to some of the curtains and started pulling them around, then dissapeared inside. I followed her, and found that it was all a cunning ruse when she grabbed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth.


There was a hard wall on my left, it was musty, and her kiss revived all of the feelings I’d been feeling less than a week ago. She wrapped her arms around me, almost beseeching, and I obliged by nibbling my way down her neck and cupping her breasts in both hands.

She leaned down to whisper, “I’ve always wanted to do something in here.”

I kissed the line of her jaw next to her ear, “Mmm?”

“Can I owe you a favor? Promise to get your fantasy next?”

I ran my hand down her tummy to the line of her jeans in answer. I didn’t know where things were going, but they were going there fast and they couldn’t get there fast enough. My eyes had adjusted enough to the dark that I could see that there was a ledge running around the edge of the wall, about shoulder height. Autumn broke the kiss, turned and scrambled up on there. There was just enough space for her to sit comfortably, back against the wall.

I moved the climb up after her, and she leaned down. She couldn’t get far down enough to kiss me, but she ran her finger over my cheek and the booped my nose. She was breathing heavily and her eyes had an uncertain question in them. I wasn’t sure what she wanted of me, what her fantasy was, until she put one leg on either side of my shoulder.


Well that was actually a fantasy of mine too. Find a nice girl and bury my head between her legs. I didn’t answer Autumn, instead I unbuckled her pants. She giggled, and scooted forward, worming her jeans down, and then popping off her panties.

“How do we…” I started, but she lifted her legs, joined at the ankle, over my head. With her feet behind my neck she drew me in close, and made little nudges.

I kissed the inside of one thigh and she sighed and opened her legs more. I kissed the other thigh and she mewled and twitched her but forward. I didn’t know what to do, and I knew she wanted me to do it right then. I would have to settle for teasing her.

So I reached my tongue out and tasted pussy straight from the source.

She was gushing wet, and tasted like skin and must. Like the inside of a flower you can’t name but can smell. I ran my tongue up one lip, and then down the other, trying to get my bearings. With my fingers I traced the sides of her thighs. She found me hands with hers, and clutched them, begging me to go forward.

My tongue found her little lips then, and she shuddered. It was pretty simple to follow the line up to her clitoris. It felt much larger under my tongue than it had under my fingers. Hotter and buldging out. When I brushed it with the tip of my tongue she gasped, “Go on luvvey.”

I went for it. Ups and downs at first, while she started moaning. Then backs and forths and she screamed. It was harder work than I thought. After very little time my jaw began to ache from being kept open. When she put her hand on the back of my head and tangled my hair in her fingers I decided to soldier on, listening to her gasps and cries of pleasure.

I learned through some experimentation that stopping to lap at her lips was less positive, and trying to get my tongue in her hole just caused her to pull my hair back up. She wanted me to lick her clit. She wanted me to keep licking it, and she wanted to cum from the way her clit was being licked.

Somehow in all of this I found that I could reach up far enough to cup her breasts. This lead to a struggle to concentrate on getting my hands under her bra and keep my jaw from snapping off. She took her hands off my head, and pulled her cups over the tops of her breasts so that I could clutch at her breasts first. When I took a nipple in thumb and forefinger, pinched and rolled, she started to climax. Shrieking like a wild cat, she kicked the back of my head a few times. I wasn’t certain at what point I should stop, so I just kept going. She jerked around and was finally still enough that I was certain I’d gotten it all out of her.

Autumn lay panting and stroking my hair, while I smiled up at her from between her legs. “Okay luvvey. I just wanted to be first. Wanna suck a dick now?”

I tried not to think about what I looked like in the dark, her legs around my, her pussy juices on my chin, as I gave an eager nod.

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