S-Idol - Part 6


S-Idol - Third Elimination  

Any similarity or resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. It is neither recommended nor condoned for you to go out and attempt any of the acts depicted herein. 


Dauphin: Welcome to S-Idol. The second elimination. We started with 10 boys, tonight only 7 will remain Remember the boys do not know why they are in S-Idol. So they cannot hear the first part of the elimination, where the person that send them to S-Idol tells how they are doing.. They can hear the second part of the elimination, which is now a question to the contestant from the viewers. It must be a confusing Time for these boys. 


What he cannot hear: Aunt speaks: Last week, Paris has learnt something. It was a difficult time for him, but he learnt that we are all born with different personalities, and because we are different, we are not weird. It was hard seeing him get teased and it was hard seeing him so unhappy, but he became wise

What he Can hear: Dauphin: We have received the following question: Do you feel different when you wear girls clothes 
Paris: Of course I do, I feel like a girl. I feel that everyone is staring at me and thinking that I am a girl or some sissy. Girls are lucky. Their clothes are cool. Sometimes you don't have to act tough and cool when you wear them, if you know what I mean.

13% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol



What he cannot hear: His Father speaks: Once again he shocked me in the last show. He said several times that it felt nice being a girl and I thought he really liked the attention that he received because he was a sissy. We also seen him get his first kiss, FROM A BOY. This means that the boy is gay. I think he is finding himself. Now I must accept him for who he is. 

What he Can hear: Dauphin: We have a question for you: Do you feel like a girl now in S-Idol?
Taylor: I love being in S-House. At first the idea of wearing girl clothes and doing girls things were strange and I was dead afraid of visiting my old school. But when the other boys thought I looked pretty, I felt pretty and at times I really thought that I was a girl. Especially when my friend kissed me. I don't know if I feel like a girl. Definitely a sissy and I don't have anything against it. 

10% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol


What he cannot hear: His Sister speaks: He will probably be kicked out this time. But he did what we expected him to in School. He play with the small children, wet himself and ended up being put in with the other babies. It was good that he tried not having a diaper on.  

What he Can hear: Dauphin: We have a question, Do you feel like a baby or at times even like a girl?

Aaron: I wet myself sometimes and then I have to wear a diaper. I like wearing diapers because then I don't have to worry about wetting myself. I also like the wet feeling, so maybe I am a baby. I also think its great trying on these girl clothes. 

7% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol


What he cannot hear: His mother speaks: I was surprised when the teacher just looked up his skirt and after a while told him to close his legs. He liked the attention, but was shy when they asked him if he liked being in girls clothes and if he was Gay. Maybe this is something he has to figure out 

What he Can hear: Dauphin: We have a question, Do you fancy boys or girls?

Chrissy: It was hard in School and in S-House not to. When you wear girl clothes, you feel different, as if you are a girl. Then boys are more attractive. I think even without looking like a sissy, I do like boys better. 



What he cannot hear: His Father speaks: My first reaction last time was that he was slutty for letting that boy touch his leg. I would like to know how high up he touched. But it is obvious that he is having the time of his life in S-idol. When his time ends in S-idol. I have to take him to a doctor and find out if he has a gender disorder.  

What he Can hear: Dauphin: Here is a question that several people asked, Do you feel like a girl or are you like a girl. 

Nicolas: I am not a sissy. The Truth is that I feel like a girl. In fact I think I am a girl trapped in a boys body. This is hard for me to accept, that I was born with the wrong body. That is why I am so happy for S-Idol. It was hard last week, when I was nearly kicked out. 

0% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol




What he cannot hear: His Sister speaks: Last week, he picked out the most sissy dress there was, but when he had to be out in public, he went all shy. I don't think his dress was all that ugly. It was a nice colour. A shame that he locked himself in the car. It would have been better if he met the school friends face to face.  

What he Can hear: Dauphin: We have a question, Would it not have been better if you left the car last week?

Reece: I was afraid of being laughed at. Remember this is the School that i have to return to. They will tease and tease. When i sat in the car, it was a protest, that I will not be on display. I do like wearing girl clothes, but it was the first time I was in public, give me a break. 


What he cannot hear: His Aunt speaks: Once again, we have seen that he wants to please everyone and act as the sweet boy. This is disgusting. I was for the first time proud when he stood up to them and stood their naked to show them he was a boy. This means that he is now starting to think as himself 

What he Can hear: Dauphin: We have a question. Do you miss your mother that has died. 

Rose: My Mummy was a saint and I miss her. She was nice to everyone. Sometimes I think that my aunt hates me and that she would rather I died with My mummy. S-idol is a break from her and I hope that when she sees S-Idol, She can see that I am a happy boy. I am learning a lot here

7% have voted that he should leave Sissy Idol




What he cannot hear: His Aunt speaks: He still doesn't care, Its like he needs some fire and passion for life. He even used the pacifier and that got him teased. I think he will enjoy S-Idol when they are regressed to Babies, he is well on the way to doing this.  

What he Can hear: Dauphin: We have a question, Why did you use a Pacifier at school Surely you knew that you would be teased?

Ashley: I just didn't think about it and I didn't care. If they teased, then that is their problem.  



S-Idol in the Media

Child services interfere: The Child services has announced that Roses aunt is under investigation. The fact that her aim is to humiliate the boy in S-idol is something that should be investigated. It is rumoured that his Grandmother has offered to seek custody of Rose.S-Idol has announced that Rose is the most talked about contestant, and if he chooses to leave S-Idol, he will be allowed. However from talking with him, It seems as if he is really enjoying S-idol.
School will investigate: Chrissy's school principle has announced that the teacher in the class that was looking up Chrissy's skirt has been suspended. The S-Idol tapes show that it was some time that the teacher was staring and first when others noticed he was staring, did he stop it. The Principle said that this is unacceptable.  
S-Idol is condemned: May professionals are condemning S-Idol as being too controversial. Boys are being forced to becoming Sissyies and humiliated. The Voting also shows that the cute boys are being allowed to go through and that many boys find that it is hard. S-Idol has replied that the boys had some "sissy sides" in them, and this experience could help them find themselves. A Boy can leave S-Idol at any time they want.
Ali does not Miss S-Idol: After leaving S-Idol last week, Ali has announced that he was happy that he was kicked out. The idea that he should be feminised to be nicer would never work. He would have fought S-Idol all the way. 



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Chrissy: I Started with no votes. I am enjoying my time in S-Idol. There are cute boys here and I can try something that I never tried before. I hope that I will get a chance to stay. 

Reece: I know why I am here, because I didn't go out of the car. Many thinks that I only like wearing girls clothes in private. But now I know how the game is developing so I think I will do better.  Ashley: I don't know what to say. What do people expect of me. I do what I want and if I am being punished for using a pacifier, then so be it
Mother: I do not know why Chrissy suddenly is getting votes. I think that he has learnt a lot and it would be a shame if he didn't have this chance to learn more Sister:He started so well, and has survived until now. Last week was a shock. I ask everyone to give him a chance  Aunt: Nothing much has changed with him so far, But I think that he enjoys being in S-idol. That is something to think about 
17% has voted that he should go home 30% has voted that He should go home 17% has voted that he should go home

Thats it this time for S- Idol. stay tuned for next episode. The Boys will be part of a fashion show. Read how this is done, and what the boys think about it as well as voting boys home.


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