Dollie Finishing Academy 4

.Dollie Finishing Academy 4

Written by Dauphin
Our boy Fights to be a boy, but it is hard to do

Dollie Finishing Academy 4
I am a boy

I was worried. I was 11 years old and a boy laying in a crib with a girls diaper and a girl’s nightdress on and a pacifier in my mouth. The worse thing was the collar around my neck. It was supposed to help me accept the treatment as a sissy. I was worried most about this. What happened if I finally accepted it and wanted to be a sissy. I had to keep to my plan. Make the witch think I am the best-behaved child in the world, and then I would go home and act like a boy again. I had to beat her and I had to beat this collar. The best thing I could do was to remind myself I was a boy. I had two advantages. I still had a boy’s clit… I mean boys penis and I knew my grandmother loved me.

The only thing I had was hope. I had to hope that the police would find me. After all, what she was doing must be illegal. I had to believe my friends would save me or even my grandmother. I had to hope this nightmare would be over. I had to believe that my identity would not be replaced by a sissy one.

I knew a sissy in my class. He was not afraid to wear pink. He looked and acted like a girl. The other boys teased him. He never fought back and would end in tears. I used to tease him a lot. It was fun if I could bring him to tears. I thought he should act more like a boy. Looking back at it, I did the same as Miss Victoria is doing to me. I was trying to change his identity. When I come back to class, I will be nice to him and get to know him. Maybe we could be friends. After all, everyone deserves a friend

I am a boy… I am a boy… I am a boy.

I heard Miss Victoria’s footsteps. I quickly wiped the tears in my eyes. She had a smile on as she usually had. She picked me up and dragged me to the changing table. She sighed and said she had to do something about my short hair. She put a new diaper on me, a short toddler dress and frilly ankle socks.

“I have had many boys here, but there is something about you. You are special. I think you have potential. The fact is that you are not bad, you have been misled. You were born a boy, but deep under your skin is a girl that wants to come out. You may hate me for treating you like this, but you know that I am considering you more and more like my own daughter. I only want good things for you and I want you to be happy. I love you, sweetie.”

This woman was insane.

“I love you too,” I said smiling.

Then she lifted me to the table and sat me on the highchair. Once again she put a bib on me. My breakfast was mashed food. It looked and tasted like apples. I was beginning to miss using my teeth. Of course, my drink was in a baby bottle. I couldn’t stop to think that whoever made this sissy program was evil. However, I did not complain. I just smiled thinking I should win an Oscar.

“When can I see my mom?” I asked
“Well… She is on holidays. After years of dealing with your bratty ways, she is finally relaxing and taking care of herself”
“Does she still love me?”
“All mothers love their children.”

I questioned that… as she left me in this strange world. Most moms would ground their child and even spank them. They would even take their child to a shrink or Dr. Phil on TV. They would never take their child to some witch that changed everything about their lives, including their gender and age.

I was put in the playpen while Miss Victoria did some housework. I was holding my doll and trying to take off my collar. If I could just get that off, I could run to grannies. One of the problems I had was when I had to pee. I knew if I asked Miss Victoria that she would say to use the diaper. This was hard to do as it made me feel dirty and like a baby. I was sitting in the playpen with a wet diaper. I tried to play with the doll and some blocks that were in it, but I could not stand it. Before I knew it, I was crying. Why did I cry so easily? Was it because of my collar? Here I was at 11 years old and crying.

Miss Victoria came and noticed I had a wet diaper. She lifted me up and took me to the bedroom. Then she stripped me down to I was naked. Once again she lifted me to the tub that was soon full of perfumed bubbles. She gave me one of her speeches, “Did you notice that since you became a baby princess, that you have not been arrogant and rude. You have not been mean. Most boys do not know the limits and end up doing things that hurt other people. Deep inside them is a little girl trying to get out. There are many boys that should be sissies, but are too afraid to show it. You are lucky and you are accepting it. I think it is time that you soon go to stage 3!”

I clapped my hands, one more stage closer to freedom.

After she finished the bath and drying me, she put a diaper and told me to sit on this chair. Then I understood what was next. She had hair extensions that she was going to put on me. She did not want me looking like a tomboy. I don’t know how she put the extensions on, but I could feel they were long and it took a long time for her to do. I tried to sit patiently, but it was hard. It was a good thing I had my doll with me, as I could play with her. I smiled thinking that it takes a long time to put in, and it would take me a minute to cut.

When the hair was done, she told me to close my eyes. I expected her to show me the hair in the mirror. She just washed my ears and the next thing I knew was that she pierced them. I started crying because of the short pain. She put a pacifier in my mouth and told me to look in the mirror. I nearly fainted. I had pigtails and you could see two earring studs! I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream.

I am a boy. I am a boy

Miss Victoria smiled at the result. I was now looking like a girl. She told me it was time to get fresh air. So I ended in the backyard holding my doll once again reminded myself that I was a boy. I tied to have fun in the sand castle. I was building the best princess castle that there ever was. I built it around my doll. I didn’t notice the time going by.

“Is that you?” a voice said. It was Gloria, one of the popular girls from the class. I smiled at first, as she never gave me the time of the day. Now she was looking at me dressed like a toddler baby. How was I going to explain this?
“It is you!” She shouted
“I can explain!”
“I didn’t believe it when your friends showed pictures of you as a sissy. I thought they were joking”
“They showed everyone the pictures”
“Yes. Everyone was shocked, but some thought the pictures were photo-shopped”
“Oh no. I thought they were friends”
“I bet you would have done the same,” she said in a matter of fact way,”I love your long hair, and you even have earrings! Is that a diaper I see under your dress?”
“I can explain. I am being forced to do this. An old lady here is making me be like this! Please help. Tell the police to come and save me!”
“Don’t be so dramatic. It looked like you were having fun before I came. You were making a sandcastle with a pacifier in your mouth!”

She skipped off giggling. My life was over anyhow. Everyone saw the pictures. She was right. If I was them, I would have done the same. The worse thing is that she said I was enjoying being a sissy baby!

Miss Victoria told me that it was time to take a nap. I tried walking after her but ended crawling because it was easier. I was now once again in a crib. I actually wanted to sleep. I wanted to dream that I was a boy enjoying the summer holidays. The witch could not take the ability to dream away. As long as I could dream that I was a boy, she would not defeat me.

I had a weird dream. I dreamed that my granny came and wanted to see me because she was worried. Miss Victoria invited her in for a cup of coffee while she explained I was out playing with friends. They both sat and chatted and in no time they were chatting like they were two best friends. Granny said I could be a handful, but deep down I was a good boy. The witch actually agreed with this, saying I was a sweet child. When I came here, I was afraid and did not want to be here. Now I have settled in. She loved having me around and she admitted once in a while, I needed some guidance and strict guidance. This was a bad dream as Granny believed it all!

When Miss Victoria came to my door, she told me it was nice to meet my grandmother and she was a nice lady. It was not a dream! Granny actually came. This was my chance to escape! I couldn’t help it, I cried. I know I promised not to cry, but this was my golden opportunity that was lost... I hugged my doll and let the tears flow. Miss Victoria did not understand why I was in tears. She put a pacifier in my mouth and said that I would see my granny again.

The doorbell rang.

Miss Victoria came in with a man. He told me he was a doctor and a good friend of Miss Victoria. Any friend of Miss Victoria could not be nice!

I was told to get naked and lay on Miss Victoria's bed. He checked me all over and wrote some things down.

Then he said to Miss Victoria, “He is a healthy boy. He is very small for his age and has not yet started puberty.”
“He is easy to lift,” She said

Then he took out a needle and looked down at me. “You will get three injections.”

He gave me the first one which hurt a lot, so I had tears flowing out. Miss Victoria told me how brave I was. He said this was a hormonal blocker, which stopped my boy hormones. I really did not understand what he meant. I was just worried about the pain and the fact two needles were waiting.

The second needle did not hurt as much, but still enough to make me hate doctors. He explained that this drug stopped my growth. It has some big effects such as loss of coordination and amnesia. Once again I did not understand what he meant.

The third one hurt as well. He explained it was an estrogen booster, and I would be taking extra tablets each day to keep the estrogen levels high enough. Do not ask me what this meant.

I have put in my diaper and dress once again, and the evil doctor left, leaving me alone with the witch. She said it was time to relax as we had such an eventful day. She gave me a bottle of milk and we sat down to watch some cartoons on the TV. I was beginning to like cartoons. I bet this was the stupid collar that was on me. It was making me accept my position as a sissy more and more.

I am a boy… I am a boy…. I am a boy.

I couldn’t believe it. Miss Victoria was asleep on the sofa and I was not in the playpen. This was my chance. I could crawl out the door, but this would be no good. There was a GPS on the collar. Then I smiled. I crawled silently out to the hallway, cursing at how much the diaper crinkled. I took the telephone and rang to the emergency phone number.

“I need the police” I whispered, “This old woman is taking care of me and she-“
“You need to speak louder please, I can hardly hear you!”
“Tell the police to come. This evil woman is treating me like a –“

Then I hear Miss Victoria ask where I was, so I had to hang up the phone. Was that enough what I said? I am sure the police would investigate. I did not even have time to tell them the address. Maybe they could trace the number.

Then the doorbell rang. That was quick!

Make sure to watch out for the next part, which is the final part of act 1

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