The Mechanic

“Hey Josie, are you done with the repairs to patrol car 340 yet?” Earl walks over to where Josie was working.

Josie comes sliding out from under the patrol car she was working on. She was in the process of draining the oil. She looks up at Earl as he stood in front of her.

“Yes, so is patrol car 451 and 254 as well. All three are ready to go back out on the road.”

“It’s about time.”

“If you would recruit people who know something about cars. I wouldn’t have to go back and fixed their screw-up.” Josie hated going back and fixing other mechanics messes.

Earl just looks down at Josie “you’re lucky you still have a job. That stunt you pulled with officer Becker the other day should have gotten you kicked off the force. If you weren’t such a good mechanic, you would have lost your job.”

“Officer Becker deserve what he got. He was being a jerk for running his mouth and slapping me on my ass like he did. I should have decked him harder.” Josie had been bent over the front end of a car when he came up behind her.

She was standing on a step stool, so she could reach further under the hood. Officer Becker had slapped her hard on her ass after he said she was lucky to have a job being trans and being the brat of known felons. Her mother was in jail for killing a Federal Judge and her father was in jail for computer hacking.

He had broken into the criminal database of the New York police force and erasing people’s police records. He had somehow found a way into their system and access the National Database that stored people’s police records and was erasing anyone’s who would pay him to remove theirs. He would also create warrants and false arrest records for the right price as well.

Josie had been raised in a boy’s group home where they learned she preferred to wear girl clothes, instead of boy clothes. She had been picked on and bullied by the older boys. They bullied her for not only wanting to dress like a girl but because of her size and looks. She was only 4-foot 5-inches tall and had feminine looks.

She was lucky a police family had taken an interest in her. They had no problem with her being trans or the offspring of a bunch of felonies.
They took her in and showered her with love. She never had birthday parties or even experience Christmas with her birth family. Those days were just another day for her. Her birth parents cared more about their lives then they did about her. She had been invisible to them and was lucky if she got anything.

The family she went to live with after the group home, cared about her and encouraged her. They didn’t hold her past against her. They showed her how parents were supposed to love and care for their child.

Her foster father was a grease monkey and taught her everything he knew about working on cars. She would help him any time he did repairs to the family cars when he had time. They restored a 1968 Chevrolet Nova together. Her foster parents still had the car.

Her foster father helped get her a position in the police motor pool because of how good she is. Most of the mechanics in the motor pool didn’t mind working with her, but there were a few that either didn’t like her outright because of her gender or because she was better than they were.
The other reason they didn’t like her, was because she was the offspring of two felony’s serving time. Her foster parents wanted to adopt her, but her birth parents wouldn’t give up their rights to her. So, when they did a background check on her. Her parent's jail sentence came up.
She was lucky her foster father had some pull on the police force.

“Well next time, don’t hit him.” Earl turns and walks away from her.

Josie watches as Earl walks away from her. Officer Becker was an ass and people knew it. If he wasn’t so connected and well liked. He would have been kicked out several months ago. He had the habit of harassing the female officers and when one complained about him. They were either transferred to another division or given meter maid duties.

She was too valuable to her garage right now, so she was yelled at instead. She crawls back under the car she was working on and finished up the repairs. Once she was done with the police cruiser, she moves to an unmarked car and does a brake job on it. She curses when she pulls the wheel off and spots how chewed up the rotor is in the vehicle. She looks at the assignment sheet to see which officer or detective this car was issued to.

Officer Jack Thomas had been the last one to use this car. She wonders if that imbecile knew that you can’t wear brakes down like this? She goes about tearing the brake system apart. She checks the rear and they were just like the front. Once she has the brakes tore down, she heads to storage to see if she has them in stock.

As she is checking the shelves, for the rotors and brake pads “Hey Josie, I need your help for a second.”

“Alright coming.” Josie goes deeper into the parts department.

As she walks past a stack of tires, she is hit on the back of her head and knocked out. The thing she sees before she passes out is a guy wearing a black mask.

“Quick, tie her up and stick her.”

A guy dress all in black secures her hands and sticks a needle into the side of her neck. Once he is done with that. He rolls her unconscious body up in a tarp and carries her unconscious form out the same entrance he used to come in. He dumps her into the back of his pick-up truck and drives away from the police garage.

Several Hours Later:
“Oh, my aching head.” Josie’s head felt like it was ready to split in two.

Her mouth was dry, and it felt like she was laying on a concrete floor. She tries to move her arms, but they were shackled above her head. She tries to move her legs, but her ankles were shackled to whatever she was laying on top of. She could tell she had no clothes on and she had pain coming from between her legs.

She couldn’t see anything at all. It was pitched black and the air was cold.

She screams out “Help me, please!” several times.

After screaming for the fourth time and not getting any replay. She moves her hands together to see what was securing her hands. She feels a padlock securing the metal cuffs around her wrist. The cuffs they used were a little loose around her wrist. Her adopted uncle had taught her how to escape a pair of handcuffs before, without picking it. She dislodges her thumb and after several tries manages to slip one of her hands-frees.

She was exhausted from freeing one of her hands. However, she wasn’t about to give up. She resets her hand and manages to do the same thing to her other hand. She manages to free that one. She hears some keys and put her arms back up above her head, as a door opens letting in some light.

She sees a figure she has never seen before standing in the doorway. He comes walking in and over to her. The room all sudden gets very bright. She shuts her eyes and slowly open them.

What she sees is a middle age man, that was on the pudgy side, with very little white color hair on his head. He looked to be in his late fifties, early sixties.

The room she is in looks to be some type of storage room you would find on a ship. She was indeed naked and laying on top of a concrete slab with her hands and feet bound. There was a burn scar on her upper left shoulder. She hadn’t noticed any pain from it.

“Ah, I see you are awake, that’s very good.” He cups her breast and gives it a little squeeze.

Josie doesn’t respond or flinch when he grabs her breast and squeeze it.

“I’m afraid this size won’t do. We’ll need to enlarge them some.” He removes his hand from her breast.

“Where am I and who the fuck are you?” Josie was pissed.

“You’re on a private yacht heading for South America my dear girl. You see, your father made the mistake of not carrying through with his agreement he made in prison with my employer. So, you, unfortunately, are going to have to pay your dear old father’s debt back for him. After we have some work done to your body, that is.” An evil smile appears on his face.

“That’s what you think, you bastard.” Josie slams her fingers into his eyes as she traps his head between her legs.

She squeezes her legs tightly to cut his air off. After a few minutes of choking him with her legs. She searches his body for keys. She finds them in his pants pocket. She unlocks her legs and push his unconscious body up on the slab and secure his arms and legs. She searches him some more to see if he had a gun or something but doesn’t find anything useful.

She checks the door to see if it was still unlocked and it was. They probably figure since she was secure, that they didn’t need to lock it or post a guard outside the door. She finds the right key and locks the door behind her. She notices the light switch next to the door. She turns the lights off inside the room. Let him see how he likes it.

She grits her teeth from the pain from between her legs. She looks around seeing if she could find the engine room. She finally finds it and slips into the room. A smile appears on her face as she spots a tool chest. She locates the fuel feed to the engines and shuts it off. She also disconnects the cables going to the generator powering the yacht. She grabs the wrench she can find and wait to see who comes through the door to fix what she did.

The door opens, and a sailor comes walking in. She swings the wrench and knocks him out. He didn’t have a weapon on him, but he did have a shirt she could wear. She slips his shirt off and put it on. She uses his shoes laces to tie his hands behind his back and duct tape to cover his mouth. She grabs his radio and drags his body back to the room she left and toss him inside.

Her left shoulder felt a little stiff from where someone had burned a tattoo or mark on her skin.

She sneaks up the stairs he came down and makes her way towards the bridge. She had no idea how many people were on this boat, but she needed to make her way to either a radio or over the side of the boat. She hears a person speaking Portuguese coming from the radio. She knew it wasn’t Spanish. There was a person where she lived that spoke Portuguese. She listens as the person repeats what they said again. She finds a place to hide as she watches as several men run by her location and head down the stairs towards the engine room. She knows there was going to be no way she could beat all these men. She heads towards the galley and grabs a few bottles of alcohol.

She starts pouring them out as she backs out of the galley. She found some matches and sets the alcohol on fire. She knows these boats have fire alarms. She finds someplace to hide and wait for the men to come and put the fire out. Once smoke from the fire extinguishers and men start filling the area up, she slips out and up on the deck of the yacht. She grabs a life preserver and jumps into the ocean. She might get eaten by sharks and such, but it was better then what they had planned for her.

She swims as far away from the yacht as possible. She has no idea how far out she is from land or where she is, but she was getting as far away from the yacht as possible. She does keep an eye on the yacht to see which direction it was heading since she did set fire to the galley.
She keeps swimming as far as she can.

When her arms get tired, she uses the lifesaver ring she took off the yacht. She rests her upper body on it and just use her legs. As it starts getting dark, she spots a US Navy vessel heading her way.

“HELP!” she waves her arms trying to get their attention.


Petty Officer Third Class King was on watch when he spotted a figure bobbing up and down in the water. He takes another look to make sure he saw what he saw.

“Captain, there is a person in the water off our Starboard side.” King still had eyes on the person.

“Get alongside slowly and come to a stop.” Captain Carlos had his own binoculars and saw the person as well.

Josie saw the naval vessel pull up next to her. Several drivers jump into the water and swim over to her. They attached a safety vest to pull her up out of the water.

“Get her down to medical.” King and another sailor help Josie down to medical.

Doctor Frist examine the young woman that has been fished out of the ocean. She had a bump on the back of her head. She also had marks on her wrist and ankle. A second-degree sunburn on her arms and legs.

After Josie is done with the Doctor and given some clothes to wear. She is taken to the Captain and First Officer. She tells them what happened and what she did to escape. The Captain informs her that they were just off the coast of Virginia. She is escorted to the galley, so she could get something to eat. The Captain allows her to contact the New York Police department to let them know she is still alive. She didn’t want the NYPD to waste resources for her. A helicopter from Norfolk flies out to the Destroyer she is on and flies her back to the mainland. She
is set up in a hotel room by the NYPD.

She’s informed by her supervisor, that Detective Ramirez and Detective Gacy were coming down to bring her back. The USS Oscar Austin was the Destroyer that found her. They also found the yacht that she had an escape from.

The Coast Guard couldn’t do anything, because of the owner of the Yacht. Who happened to be the guy that kidnapped Josie, had Diplomatic Immunity. Josie was pissed that nothing could be done against him, but to repair his engines, we're going to cost him a fortune to fix. She really messed up his fuel system and the generators on the ship. Plus, the damage to the galley she caused as well.

The hotel room she was given wasn’t too bad. It was at Lansdale Traffic Circle and the Norfolk Police Training Center was just up the street from the hotel. She couldn’t believe she had been kidnapped right out of the NYPD maintenance garage. She knew the person who had called her to help them, but she couldn’t remember what their name was.

She runs a bath and gets into it. The Captain of the Austin was nice to her. As she sits in the tub thinking about what happened to her. She knew the first thing she was going to do was find out from her father what bargain he made with the guy that had kidnapped her.

She closes her eyes and relaxes. She also would like to know who had sex with her when she was unconscious. The doctor on the Austin did a rape kit on her. She just relaxes as she just soaks. When she feels her eyelids start to get heavy, she gets out and heads towards her bed, after making sure the door to her room was locked.

During the night, she wakes up in a cold sweat and looks around the room. It felt like someone was touching her. She pulls the sheets tighter around her body and slowly falls back asleep. She shivers as she sleeps.

In the morning time, she goes downstairs for the continental breakfast. She makes sure that she sits where she can see people coming and going. She wasn’t going to expose her back to anyone. She tries to eat, but only manages to drink half a cup of coffee and eat half a banana.
She goes back up to her room and waits for the detectives to come and take her home. She knows she is going to have to explain what happened to her, but the navy and coast guard said they would send over the report they had to the detectives.

Around 2 p.m. the detectives from division 54 show up.

Detective Ramirez was of Mexican ancestry and had relatives in the Hampton Roads area. Detective Gacy’s family, on the other hand, was of Irish descendant and several of his family members have always been New York City cops.

Josie tells them what she remembered and what the Coast Guard had discovered when they tried to arrest the occupants of the yacht. The bastard was using his diplomatic immunity to avoid being charged with kidnapping and abuse.

The Detectives were surprised when she told them she jumped off the yacht and swam away from it. She knew she was lucky that a US Destroyer came by and spotted her. By the time they left the hotel, they had a good six-hour drive ahead of them.

By the time they reached where she lived in New York. She was ready to get out of the car. She knew the detectives were too. They had stopped by the NYPD maintenance garage to get her belongings. They give her a ride back to her place. When she went inside her place, she could tell someone had gone through her belongings.

“Looks like someone tossed your place, officer Josie.” Detective Ramirez was looking at the mess.

“I think your right, but what they don’t know, is I have hidden cameras watching my apartment.” Josie goes over to a Hello Kitty statue she has that had fallen from her bookcase.

She picks it up and hands it to the Detectives “normally, where it sits. I can see my front door. So, it should have pictures of whoever came into my place.”

“We’ll look at it when we get back. Are you going to be alright?” Detective Gacy was concern about Josie.

“I’ll be fine, Detective Gacy.”

Josie knew she had a few more cameras hidden in her place that would tell her who it was. However, she won’t do anything about it. She’ll give the information to the Detectives and let them deal with whoever it was.

Josie spends most of the night cleaning her place up. By one in the morning comes around. She is exhausted and ready for bed. She grabs her gun from her purse and keeps it close while she is in the shower. When she gets out, she locks her bedroom door and lay down on her bed.

She slowly starts to fall asleep by three in the morning. She made sure her gun was nearby if she needed it.

When she wakes up in the morning. She is feeling tired. She didn’t allow herself to fall into a deep sleep. She makes a cup of coffee and sits at her kitchen table listening to the news. As she is sitting and drinking her coffee. Her cell phone starts ringing. She picks it up and notices it was Detective Gacy’s number.


“Good morning Ms. Sexton, we have arrested the cop that assisted in kidnapping you. I know you said you didn’t see his face, but you did say you recognize his voice. Could you come down to the station and identify him?”

“Sure, I can be there. I’ll see you in an hour.”

“Okay, be careful Ms. Sexton.” Detective Gacy ends the call.

Josie changes into a pair of jeans and a nice blouse. She tucks her handgun in the small of her back and grabs her car keys. She heads down to the parking lot to her silver and black 1971 Plymouth Duster.

As she is heading towards the police station, she notices two SUV’s following her. She steps on the gas pedal to speed up and tries to lose them. She glances back and notices they were keeping up with her. She floors the gas pedal and dodges in and out of traffic. Her duster had over 800 horsepower and a street legal performance transmission. She also had a nitro system as well.

She glances in her rear-view mirror and watches as the SUV kept track of her.

“Okay, you like to play, so let’s play.” Josie whips her Duster around in traffic and starts charging towards them.

The driver of the SUV couldn’t believe what the woman they were tailing was doing. She had changed direction and was coming straight for them. He tries to dodge out of the way and hits a parked car. The other SUV saw the silver and Black Duster coming straight for them. The driver turns into an alleyway to try and escape it.

Josie pulls her cell phone out and calls the police dispatcher.

“This is officer Sexton badge number 178524. I’m chasing a black Chev SUV heading west down a back alleyway near 45th street. We’re in the 3500 block. I need an assistant.”

“Alright dispatch.” Josie taps the rear bumper of the SUV.

After a while, Josie could hear police sirens and the SUV starting to slow down in front of her. She lets off and stops her Duster as the SUV stops and is surrounded by twenty police officers.

Josie gets out of her car with her badge held high “Police in plain clothes.”

Two of the police officers pull the occupants out of the SUV and arrest them. Josie recognized Sergeant Harrison as he walked towards her. He was always nice to her whenever he came down to the garage.

“Are you alright Josie?” Sergeant Harrison was concerned about Josie.

He had heard what happened to her. He knew she was a good mechanic and knew there were a few officers that were prejudice against her. Some of them he had suspected had been responsible for what happened to her.

“I am now. Thank you for showing up.”

“Any time. So, can you tell me what happened?”

“I was on my way to see Detective Gacy when I spotted two suspicious SUV’s following me. I tried to lose them, but they managed to keep up with me. So, I turned the tables on them and turned my Duster around and started coming towards them instead. The first SUV didn’t want to play chicken and hit a parked car. The second turned down this alleyway and I chased them down. I tapped their rear bumper several times. I called the dispatcher on my cell phone and she sent you guys. The rest you know.”

“Well, let’s get you to Detective Gacy and you can tell him and his partner what happened.”

“Okay, Serg.” Josie gets into her Duster and heads towards the precinct that the Detectives worked out of.

Josie drives over to Division 54. She parks her Duster and heads inside the building. She had to show her badge a few times to carry her weapon through the precinct. She is escorted to the Detectives.

“Sorry for being late, Detectives.”

Detective Ramirez spotted Josie walking towards him and his partner.

“You’re a little late.”

“Sorry, Detective. I ran into some problems on the way over here. So, you think you have the person responsible for kidnapping me?”

“Only you can confirm we have the right person. If you’ll follow me.”

“No problem. I know what he sounds like.” Josie follows Detective Ramirez and Detective Gacy to the interviewing room.

Josie notices that Officer Becker was in the line-up with several others. Detective Ramirez has each one step forward and says, “Hey Josie, I need your help for a second.”

When it gets down to Officer Becker, Josie already knew it was him that called her name.

“That’s him, Detective Ramirez. It’s officer Becker. He called me in the back to help him.” Josie couldn’t forget Officer Becker’s voice.

“Are you sure Josie? You’re accusing a fellow Police Officer?”

“I’m positive, I might not have seen him, but I never forget a voice.”

“Alright.” Detective Ramirez gives the okay for the officer to escort the people away.

Before Josie leaves, she calls Sergeant Harrison to see what happened to the guys she played chicken with.

14th Division:
Sergeant Harrison was working on the paperwork from booking the men sent after Josie. They were paid to capture her again. The person who hired them was a diplomat and couldn’t be touched.

Just as he was getting up to get a fresh cup of coffee, his cell phone rings.


“Hello, Sergeant Harrison, it’s Josie.”

“Hey Josie, what can I do for you?”

“I was wondering if you found out who those men were that came after me?”

“They are hired muscle, Josie. It seems that the Diplomat you escaped from, wants you back.”

“Well, I’ll be happy to introduce him to some of my toys.”

“Don’t worry about him, Josie. We’ll handle the matter.” Sergeant Harrison knew a few things they could do to convince the diplomat to leave Josie along.

“Okay Sergeant. I’ll leave the matter in your capable hands.” Josie ends the call.

She glances at what time it was and figures, she’ll go to Micky’s and get some lunch.

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