S-Idol - Part 7


S-Idol - Episode 4 (The Fashion Show)  


Standing outside S-House:


Welcome to S-Idol. We started with 10 boys. Last week Reece was voted out. We now have 7 boys left in S-idol. 
For this weeks challenge, We have sent the boys to the mall. They were to pick out a Halloween costume that they liked. They would show this off in a fashion contest and then hang around all day at the mall with this costume This week, you are allowed to ask the boys questions. There is a link under ea ´ch boys picture where you can do this. Remember to vote who you want to leave S-Idol

To write your comments on your favourite boy, what you hope the boys will experience, your advice to them or how you think you are performing, write them here. You do not have to register to be write

Its time to hear about the boys own experiences right here in the Pink box, where each boy tells what they experienced and how they felt


Welcome to S- Idol




Today was so fun. We had to go to this mall. We went into this shop and had to pick out a costume. Of course they were all girl ones. But everyone now guessed that S-Idol now is Sissy Idol. So we know that it means we have to try to be girls. I went through all the costumes. Last year I was superman while my neighbour was super girl. I really liked her costume and after looking for a bit, I found a super girl costume. You can see the picture on the left to see what it looked like. I tried it. The boots were so cool. They came up to my knees. The skirt was a little short. I could feel the air like I never did before and I felt like everyone was looking at me. 

Nanny came and said maybe If I like wearing diapers, I should wear one that was specially made. It had super girl on it. I asked did she have it as a pull up. She said no. She was waving this diaper before me and I don't know I just laid on my back and put my legs in the air. She put the diaper on me.

I was first to walk in the fashion show. I could feel everyone looking at me. Here I am a boy walking before a hundred people as super girl. I think i blushed so hard. i walked down very carefully. Then I seen some taking pictures and some where smiling. There were even some that had signs with my name written on it. I started feeling better. I was lucky. I had long hair so maybe they thought I really did look like a girl. I gave them a twirl. Of course the skirt lifted when I swung around and now everyone could see I was wearing a diaper. I ran off the stage so quickly. 

Then i walked around the mall. Of course everyone was staring at me. Wearing a super girl uniform and it was only May. Then this boy came up to me. He asked if we could hang around. He said he knew who I was and I was a far prettier girl than boy. I blushed. As we walked around a bit he started holding my hand. His name was Mark. I looked in his face and while he was holding my hand, I felt so funny. It was nearly as if i was in love with him. Here I was a boy that was in love with another boy. I was gay. Maybe not. I did look like a girl. Then he asked me if I would show him my panties. I said no, this was not right. He kept on asking and when he kissed me, I could feel him lifting my skirt. Then he started laughing. "The Sissy is a baby. You are wearing a baby diaper.". The boy that was saying nice things to me a few minutes later was now teasing me. I started crying as he walked away shouting to everyone that I was a sissy that was wearing a diaper. I wanted the world to swallow me up. I thought he was nice but he isn't. Maybe he is nice, its just me thats weird. I was with this boy all afternoon that I thought he loved me. But he didn't. Do boys do this a lot to girls?


I was nearly voted out last time. I don't know why. But i will do my best

I was in the costume shop when I looked at all the uniforms. There were so many that It was hard for me to choose what I wanted. I couldn't decide, so I just closed my eyes and picked out the first one. It was a girls Ninja costume. It looked ugly, so I tried again. This time it was a princess costume. That would do. 


Then Nanny asked me did I want to wear princess diapers. I said that I didn't care, so she put one on me. 


Now I was rushed to the fashion show. It wasn't my fault that it was hard to pick something. I walked out where hundreds of people were looking at me. Then suddenly i felt like I was getting wet. It must be because I was so afraid that I peed myself. It was great so that I had a diaper on. My mind went off of the fashion show a bit as I walked back and forth. I just thought that it felt good being wet. 


After the show, I walked around the mall. I looked like a little princess. Maybe some thought I was a spoilt rich girl or just maybe a sissy. Then this girl comes up to me and tells me that she seen me in S-idol

" Do you know that boys are not allowed to wear girl clothes" she said
" Yes they can"
" No, that means they are freaks. Gays and sissies."
" If girls can wear boys clothes, then boys can wear girl clothes."
" Yea, if they are gay. I Bet your wearing a diaper too. Sissies like that"
I just walked away from her. She wasn't worth the trouble of arguing with. If she thought I was strange, then she didn't have to speak with me.




When i heard that we could pick a costume, I knew what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a ballerina. I found this ballerina leotard and tutu and some tights. It was so pretty that I couldn't wait to get it on. 

Then Nanny said that she had special diapers that had a ballerina on. Did I want to wear them. I thought after my wetting accident in school, that I should. I was now a baby ballerina. 

I walked out in the fashion show. I seen that some were laughing at what I had on and some were smiling. The ones that were laughing annoyed me, I don't know why. They should try to stand up here and see if they like being laughed at. I lifted my tutu up. If they wanted to look at something, they could look that I was wearing a diaper. Despite that I was wearing tights, they could see it. They stopped laughing and pointing. I think they were in shock.

After the fashion show I walked around the mall. I felt like dancing because I had the right clothes on. Then this woman comes up to me. She said that she seen me on S-Idol and would I like to hang around with her and pretend to be her daughter. I was about to say i was a boy, but that would be stupid. I did look like a girl. We went into a café and she said do i want something to eat. I said yes thanks. Then without even asking she put me in a high chair. I was small so I looked like an over sized baby. I ate my burger and then she asked if I was thirsty. Of course I was but I didn't expect her to give me a bottle of milk. On top of that she told me it was breast milk, so I would like it. I sat there drinking some mummy milk from a bottle while my new mother was telling me how pretty I was. Then she lifted my tutu and noticed I was wet. Before I could finish the strange milk, she put a pacifier in my mouth and dragged me to the babies room. I laid on the changing room while another mother changed her 4 year old daughter. I just looked at the ceiling while she took my diaper off. The 4 year old said I was a boy, but her mother said I was a girl, just my clitti was a bit big. Whats a Clitti? If I didn't have the pacifier in my mouth, I would have cried. They thought I was a baby girl



I am so happy that I am still in S-Idol. Everyone now knows it means sissy Idol. I am not a sissy. I think I am a girl in a boys body, and the more I am her, the more I am convinced that I am. I found a dress that they wore in the olden days. It was a Halloween costume but It looked so pretty that I had to try it on. The others took ages to pick their dresses, and while they did this I had time to put make up on. I wanted to be as pretty as I could. Not just to win S-Idol, but also to stay here. The secret of putting make up on is only putting a small bit on. If you put too much on, you look like a slut. 

Nanny asked me did I want to wear a diaper. I looked at her and started laughing. Usually you don't laugh at Nanny, otherwise she might put you over her knee and spank you. But she didn't. She asked me did I want Spider man briefs, and I said no, I wanted Barbie panties. 

Then I went out on the fashion show stage. Some people were cheering at me and some had their mouths wide open. I felt like everyone was amazed that I looked like a girl, and not a sissy. I liked this feeling. I liked being the centre of attention. I heard someone say, "Go girl!". I just smiled and blown him a kiss. 

The Fashion show was so fun. I was only out there for a few minutes. but I thought was so fun After the show I walked around. Then I met this old man. He seen me on S-Idol and asked do I really think I am a girl. I said yes. Then he started talking about God created me a boy and I should be happy about that. Before I knew it he had me over his lap and started spanking me. I cried so hard. It really hurt. He said he would stop if I said I was a boy. I would not lie so I thought he would have to spank until his hand got tired. Then Dauphins security guards came and stopped him. 




I was going to be wonder woman. I didn't care what anyone else thought. I always liked wonder wonder woman and the costume was cool. Everyone says this is Sissy idol. I thought If i wanted to stay. I never thought I was a sissy before. But I didn't mind playing that i was a girl. Its good fun. For example today, we could try on costumes that we would be killed for if we wore them at home. 

Nanny asked me did I want to wear a Wonder woman diaper on. I thought that I should do what she said. I mean children should do what the adults say. They know better, but i said no. I was shocked that I said no to an adult. If i said no to my aunt then I would be in trouble. I said that the wonder woman nearly wore panties. You can see that if you look at the picture. If I wore a diaper, I would look foolish 

My turn came to go out on the fashion show. I thought everyone would tease. But they all cheered and shouted my name. I was so happy. I started doing the same as wonder woman and trying to stop bullets with my hand. It was so funny because everyone laughed. Then i took out the lasso and tried to swing it. I must admit that I am no good with this lasso thing. It feel around my head. I started laughing so hard that i fell to the floor laughing. I shouted out that wonder woman was trying to hang herself. 

After the show, I met with Taylor. He has some slutty costume on. I never really talked to him before, so we went around the mall and had a good time. He told me that it looked like I was wearing panties, was that not embarrassing. I just replied that it looked like he was wearing nothing, is that worse. Then he started laughing and said that I was very pretty and would I go out with him. I asked did he mean we should be gay. He joked back and said its most likely that we will be Lesbians. I laughed and looked at him. My heart was beating quickly. I said yes. I now had a boy friend. 



We are only 7 boys left. Every time a boy leaves, it feels like there is a strange space left. Even though some of the boys here are weird, I like them all now. They are different and they are all nice. 

We had to pick out a costume. Last year i was Harry potter. So I found this witch costume. I would love to see it on my girlfriend. It was so sexy. So i decided that now I will show that being weird is cool. I would never have said that last week. If I seen a boy wear what I wore now, I would have given him a bad time. But after visiting my school where I was a sissy, I figured that weirdos are a part of life. Its not whats on the outside that counts, Its whats on the inside that counts, 

Nanny asked me if I wanted to wear a black diaper. I said no thanks, because the skirt was too short and everyone would see it. I didn't want to be that weird. 

When i went on the fashion show stage, some started to say boo when I came out. I know that I don't have lots of fans and that I am not as pretty as the others. I used to tease them that were weird. I shouted at the top of my voice that I looked like a sissy and what were they going to do about it. At least i dared to be different and not do what was cool. They still booed. If I didn't have these clothes on, I would probably have jumped on them and give them all bloody noses.

After the Fashion show, I walked around. There was this girl that had these real thick glasses on. There were two boys that were teasing her. I would have been one of them a few weeks earlier. I rushed over to them and told the boys to sod off and leave her alone. They must have thought I looked like a girl or as a witch I would have turned them into frogs which they nearly did look like. They just swore calling names and walked away. The girl said thank you. I looked at her and said that she shouldn't listen to what others say, that she did have nice eyes. I wasn't lying. 



I hate being last. Everyone looked so pretty and some got some cheers and some were booed at. What would they do with me. I would have to stand before a few hundred people and look like a sissy. But they seen me on S-idol for the last 3 weeks, so they know what i look like in girl clothes. 

I picked this fairy costume. It was so pretty. If I was to look like a sissy, then I would so it with some class. The Nanny asked me if I wanted to wear a diaper. I told her no thanks but asked if I could wear a thong. She looked at me in a puzzled way. I went down on my knees and begged if I could. She finally said OK. I put this pink thong on. it was funny with a string in my butt. 

Then it was time to Go out on stage. I walked back and forth, Everyone was polite. I think they were getting tired of watching one sissy after another sissy. So i started doing Cartwheels. This got some cheering and then all of a sudden it went quiet. I stopped and looked out at them. Why were they standing there looking like they each had a heart attack. Then i figured it out, when I was doing the cartwheels they could see my ass and not much in the front. 

After the show, I walked around with Rose. I noticed how cute he was. I as unsure if he fancied boys. He seemed to be like a little mothers boy. But after some time talking, we agreed to be each others boy friend or girl friend, depended what clothes we had on. 



Voting Finished. See next Part

Thats the 7 remaining contestants in S-Idol. Now You have an important mission. You have to vote who will be sent home next week in S-Idol. Note that the vote is not who you want to stay, but who you think should go home.



Thats it this time for S- Idol. Next week, we say goo bye to one boy. The Boys will also wake up and find a big surprise. They all seem to be accepting that they are sissies. Now we will show them the next part of being a sissy. They will be sissy babies. We hope to see you next week.

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