K&P Services Chapter 1

“Mom, have you seen my car keys?” Brittney looks around for her car keys.

“Come on sis, I’m going to be late for school.” Terry was waiting impatiently by the front door ready to go to school.

“I’m looking for my car keys, Terry.” Brittney looks over towards her younger sister.

“Did you put them in the bowl by the front door like dad and mom suggested?” Terry walks over and checks the bowl for her sister’s keys.

“I like to keep them in my bedroom, but I might have put them in the bowl.” Brittney walks over towards her sister.

Terry looks in the bowl and spots her sister's car keys “for once you did what dad suggested, sis.” Terry picks the keys up out of the bowl.

Kat comes walking into the living room with the twins in their stroller. She had stood back to listen to the girls while they talked. Terry was becoming a lot like her older sister, while Brittney was becoming more like her.

“Looks like your sister found them for you, Brit.”

Brittney turns around and looks towards her mother. The last few months there has been a few changes to the company. The company had gone from doing strictly bounty hunting to doing Private Investigation and Bounty Hunting.

Brittney glances towards her sister “I should have looked there first.”

Terry just smirks at her sister. She loved having an older sister and sure there were times the two of them fought. However, she wouldn’t trade Brittney for anyone.

“You think?”

“Alright you two, off to school and obey the speed limit.” Kat watches as her daughters head out the door.

“You tell them to watch the speed limit? I can’t believe you said that.” Paul hugs Kat from behind and kisses her on the cheek.

“I know, I know, I have a lead foot. Let’s go to the office and see how Valentina and Crystal are doing.” Kat and Paul head out to the Honda Odyssey they recently bought, instead of driving the company’s SUV’s.

They were trying to cut back on drawing attention to themselves. Plus, they needed vehicles that blended in when they did Private Investigation jobs. Their armor SUV’s and the Terradyne Gurkha RPV stuck out like a sore thumb.

K&P Services:
Valentina and Crystal were at the office waiting for Kat and Paul to show up. Carol had them scanning all the paper files they had into the computer system. She has been taking Cybersecurity classes at the local college and the company was paying for it. She got with Morgana’s company Camelot Network Solutions and they had set-up a top-notch computer network at their office.

Morgana was still their go-to person for certain files they couldn’t get, but now she was building their database with all the jobs they have done.

Valentina was still recovering from the operations she had. It was to undo some of the surgery she had to look like a porn star in order to track down her sister’s killer. Now, she looked a little bit more normal, so she could blend in when she did undercover work. She was also taking lessons from Paul and Kat to learn how to defend herself .

Crystal looks over towards Valentina “how’s the drug rehab coming?”

“It’s helping. I wish I never took the drugs when I was looking for my sister’s killer, but if I didn’t take them. The johns would think I was an undercover cop.”

“You’re lucky you didn’t catch any STD’s and such.” Crystal knew a few prostitutes that had caught herpes and HIV from a few johns they had sex with.

“I made sure any johns that wanted to have sex with me, wore rubbers. If they gave me a hassle about it. I would tell them about some of the other ladies they had sex with. That changed their minds right away.”

“Do you miss it?”

Valentina had to think about it for a second in some ways yes, but otherwise no.

“Not really. Yes, the money was easy and all I had to do was shake my ass and tits to grab someone’s attention. However, while they were fucking me and using me like I was a piece of meat. I felt degraded and lower than dirt. So, I don’t miss it at all.”

“Then why do so many of the women do it then?”

“Because, some of them are hooked on drugs and are paying their drug dealers back, others do it because they need to support their family.
Some of the transgenders that are hooking do it to afford the drugs they need. A few of them were either thrown out of where they were living or lost their jobs because they came out as being Trans.”

“I know they had it hard, but I didn’t realize that they had it that hard.” Crystal remembered when she told her parents she was a lesbian.

They didn’t want to believe it at first and gave her a hard time about it, but they slowly came around to the fact she preferred women over men.
They loved Brittney and was a little surprised when they met Kat. They hadn’t met anyone like her before. It took them time to adjust to her usual looks.

As for Brittney’s biological parents. Kat and Paul managed to gather enough evidence to put them in jail for life. Brittney renounces her relationship with them. When anyone ever asks about her parents. She tells them Kat and Paul are her true parents.

“So, how did you end up working for Kat?” Valentina hadn’t heard how Crystal came to work for Kat and Paul.

“Kat and Paul put an ad in the local newspaper looking to hire people. I had just gotten out of jail for possession of marijuana. Which was a
false charge? The person who owned the car wouldn’t confess to owning the brick of marijuana they found in the car. So, I and my friends that were in the car were charged with it. I had a lousy public defender and my parents wanted to teach me a lesson. So, I was thrown in jail for a while.

I told Kat about it and she had a friend on the Knoxville police force investigate it and they confirmed my story. So, she put me on probation and I started doing office work for her. When she got pregnant with the twins, Paul didn’t like her going into the field. So, he had me come along.”

“What did your parents think about you becoming a bounty hunter?”

“Let’s just say they weren’t to thrill about it. However, they respected my choice and hoped that maybe I would learn something. They wanted me to take a nice safe job. I don’t like safe.” Crystal enjoys her job with the Kat and Paul.

Carol just smirks. She had the only safe job. She ran the office and supported everyone when they were out in the field chasing down perps or looking for clues. That’s where she excelled at. She kept the bills paid and the employees happy.

Kat and Paul finally show-up at the office, after dropping the twins off. Normally, the twins came to the office with Kat, but there were a few things that she needed to do today.

“Greetings, we bring fresh pastries and breakfast sandwiches.” Kat had the pastries, while Paul brought in the breakfast sandwiches.

Following behind them was a guy almost as built as Paul. He looked to be some sort of salesman or businessman.

“Ladies, I would like for you to meet our newest employee’s. His name is Samuel Smith and he is a friend of Paul’s.” Kat didn’t mind people from Paul’s past working for them.

She knew Samuel just got out of prison and wanted a fresh start. He used to work for the Chicago Mafia, but when he was sent to prison. There was a change in Chicago and the family he had worked for had been killed off.

He knew Paul had gotten out of the business and was chasing down criminals now. So, when he got out. He contacted Paul and see if he could come to work for him and his wife. He doesn’t have to report to a parole officer, because he did his time.

“Welcome to the madhouse Samuel or is it okay if we call you Sam?” Crystal was curious.

“Sam is fine and thank you.”

“Your desk is over here near Alexa’s desk. She’s currently on vacation.”

“Thanks, Kat.” Samuel heads over to his new desk and adjusts things.

Just as Sam takes his seat. There is a loud explosion that shakes the building.

“What the hell was that?” Kat and the crew run outside and look around.

They spot a smoke cloud coming several blocks away from their office. Crystal runs inside and turns the scanner on. They hear several fire companies were called to downtown.

“Crystal, Valentina go with Paul and load the emergency gear in the Teradyne Gurkha RPV. Sam come with me. Carol see if you can contact my brother’s fire chief and tell him were on the way to help.”

“On it Kat.” Carol picks the phone up and tries to contact Chief Brandon.

“Paul, why are we grabbing the emergency gear?” She chases behind Paul.

“Kat and I are certified search and rescue personnel. She’s been a search and rescue person since she was a teen. I became one after I became her partner. Our company always help in a major emergency and if what we heard is what I think it is. We are going to be needed there.”

Crystal, Valentina, and Paul start grabbing the emergency gear Kat keeps at the office. They load the Terradyne Gurkha.

“Grab the riot gear as well and everyone’s body armor.”

“On it.”

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