Family Found Part 15

The children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Brent and Catherine Finn assemble to meet their newest family member. All of the kids introduced had some mention in "...You Are Cordially Invited To An Epilog" as that was the default epilog for Generation 1 stories.


The two kids were worn out by the time they arrived at home, Hugh was a walking zombie while Anne needed to be carried inside by Bryan. The kids didn't fight their bedtimes, both were out as soon as their heads hit their pillows. They slept straight through the night, with Anne up later than Hugh but the two feeling energized and happy.

Paige awoke to her phone buzzing with a text demanding to know what was going on in the picture. She texted "she's the girl I told you about before, my niece Tracy Daniels. They met through Eli, our cousin Jaimie's son. They took a liking to one another. love at first sight. It may not be much."

The text was immediately followed by a phone call, with Paige explaining Tracy to Isabella again while both tried to hold back smiles at Hugh's big jump in life with just one simple meeting. Paige added a quiet "he's on the cusp of becoming a man physically. BJ is moving back in today so Hugh will have a masculine figure to help him through the tough times ahead. He's like his father, he's good with younger kids. BJ will be the older brother Hugh needs."

Paige realized her mistake but Isabella countered "he's family and sadly my brothers were content to not have any more children after Ava and Emily were born. His second-cousins are all too young for him so it's just him as the sole boy among us. He's all alone with nobody to understand him, it's best that the closest he has to a brother helps him."

Isabella asked about Tracy and the others around her, with Paige explaining how they knew about Hugh and were happy to include him even if they didn't understand him. The two talked for an hour as they were finding it easier to work out what was best for Hugh and Paige insisted on Isabella knowing all of the things that her son was going to do and why. She was laying down the law, Isabella was his mother even if Hugh was not comfortable at home anymore and wanted to remain in Paige's care.

Hugh heard a lot of what was being said and blushed as Paige looked at him and smiled. Anne giggled at the boy's reaction, getting him to proclaim "how long before you start to like boys?" Anne blushed and ran off, her teasing was turned around on her and he had hit something that she didn't consider yet.

The family ate in silence once Paige ended her call, Bryan cooked their eggs and bacon with Anne not even asking what it was as she appreciated the food regardless of how different it looked to her. It was understandable, the cut of meat was different but the usage was the same. They were alright with it but it wasn't something that the two would want to eat every day, although some in the family probably would as Bryan later joked.

The kids were left with little to do so spent time in their rooms. Anne was playing with her doll while Hugh was busy with classwork and coming up with some ideas for games that sounded like fun to him. Neither wanted to do much and Hugh didn't want to get stuck with Eli again, especially as it was clear to him that Eli only thought of him as a gamer and not as another boy.

When the time came to head to the Finn home, Paige prepared them for the onslaught of well-wishers and hugs. Hugh was told that a lot of the ladies would hug him and likely also some of the younger kids but he didn't have to stay there and endure the greetings as they were being polite to him.

The kids were about to get in the car but were stopped and walked two blocks to the largest house of the whole of the family, John and Valerie Finn's home. Anne asked if it was as big as their old house in Oldham, getting a laugh and happy "it's smaller. It doesn't have a pool or fitness room."

Bryan rang the doorbell then looked next door and across the street at the neighbors. All eyes were on the family, with Hugh getting special attention. It was expected by them, all of those looking at them were members of the extended family particularly the Herman, Kelly, and Pena, and Lopez branches.

The door felt like it took forever to open, but it was merely two minutes and saw John Finn complain that the four kids were getting lazier and lazier. Anne and Hugh were scared when they heard that, but it was only leading to Bryan and Paige fighting a laugh as it was clearly planned by the four teens. He opened the door and ushered them in, complaining that they had reached a new low in laziness and are on the verge of getting stuck doing dishes and washing the cars.

Once inside, Valerie hugged and kissed the two kids then introduced John, who then called for the four teens to come downstairs. Hearing John's tone they rushed down and apologized for not answering the door, which he didn't believe for a second and happily told Paige and Bryan "they are your problems now. They have been on edge and pretty much stopped doing anything since Monday."

John led them to the living room and told Hugh to go downstairs and play on the game systems if he wanted to give them some privacy or didn't want to be stuck meeting so many new people. He didn't need to be told twice, he went off to play while leaving the adults and teens to talk and keeping out of the line of sight lest he gets forced to talk about things he didn't want to. Anne didn't budge, she didn't want to get lost in the strange house and walk into the wrong room and end up upsetting the Finns.

The talk was basic, John brought them up to speed on what they were learning in school, what they had gotten so far for grades, who their teachers were, and how much trouble they had caused. Bryan glared at BJ but it was Ophelia who winced. Paige sternly asked, "what did you do?"

Ophelia cringed and confessed "I got caught in the locker room with a boy. We didn't see that we were being followed by Uncle Thomas until he called out to me. I'm sorry mom, I didn't mean to do that."

Paige looked at John for an explanation, to which he added "the boy blackmailed her into going into the locker room. Thomas heard what he was saying to her and dragged him out to the main office. He was expelled for what he did, you weren't told due to being en-route here and her wanting to let it drop. She is still under punishment, she should have used her recorder but she forgot to turn it on. It was a slip of her mind, but given that she was under pressure and in physical danger it's understandable."

Bryan let out a sigh and told both "this is our fault. You shouldn't be punished for our not being here. You are grounded for a week but your previous punishment is lifted."

Ophelia hugged him tightly while John was left unable to counter his logic. Valerie told them that the others would be getting there soon, ending the awkwardness. The doorbell rang and multiple little kids entered followed by several complaining teenagers, giving Anne her first look at her new relatives.

The youngest kids ran over to Anne hugged and kissed her, causing her to smile at them being so happy to meet her. Valerie introduced each of them as Johnny, Abigail, Ryder, and Quinn Finn. Ryder and Quinn were eight while Abigail was 10, Johnny was the eldest of the Finn grandchildren at 16.

Their parents, Michael and Courtney, said hello then asked where Hugh was. Bryan pointed out "trying to stay out of things downstairs. He's not good with people and already has Eli using him for gaming. He knows that this is really for Anne so he's trying to not take the spotlight from her."

Michael nodded and moved on, Eli was notorious for being forceful especially when he wanted you to do something for him. Courtney asked if they had gotten a doctor yet, getting a simple "Aunt Sarah will be seeing them soon. We had to get her signed up for school first, it was more important."

Before they could respond with Courtney's usual caring forceful opinion, they were stuck having to endure the entrance of Miles and Christina Finn and their kids. 16-year-old Violet Finn ignored the younger kids and sat down next to Ophelia. Eight-year-old Miles Jr. took to his new second-cousin right away, fawning over her to the point of making her feel weird.

It wasn't anything sexual, he was just happy to have her as a relative and wanted to be close to her as a family member. He was more like his mother than his father, Violet was similar to her dad and was tough to argue with or get the better of thanks to her observations and instincts. She was happy to sit quietly and watch Anne and see if she was getting anxious before she would help her out.

The next to enter were Jaimie and Rick Samuels and their three kids. Sylvia went right for her cousins and asked if Anne was taking the introductions well. Anne nodded yes, showing she was doing alright.

Eli demanded to know where Hugh was, getting his parents to tell him "he's downstairs playing. Don't force him to do what you want to do. He has a right to be alone and not get hassled by you."

He was about to say something but his mother's look shut him up. He was still new to being part of the family but was known for his ability to manipulate you into doing what he wanted. He liked Hugh and looked up to him but he didn't know his limits and didn't see that Hugh didn't like being used by him.

He went downstairs to play with Hugh but didn't join him until Hugh made the motion to hop on the other controller and play him. Neither said anything, they only played in silence. Miles Jr. and Ryder came down and tried to play Hugh but were soundly beaten, then started playing Eli and turned the tables on him as he tried to outwit them but couldn't get him to fall for his tricks.

The four were closely observed by Miles Sr. and Michael, the kids were a stark contrast to one another with Hugh being the most naive, Eli the most irrational, Ryder the most dominant, and Miles Jr. the most compassionate. In essence, they were their fathers' kids.

Upstairs, the next group arrived with Sylvia and Mitch Gibson entering with their children, Jaimie and Mathew Gibson. Sylvia introduced them and asked that Anne call Jaimie "Jae" as she liked it that way. The teen was apathetic to being there but knew not to get grumpy at her grandparents' house or she'd end up cleaning the place after school.

She left them to deal with Anne and sought out her cousins downstairs, stopping as she saw Hugh and felt jealousy over him landing Tracy already without even trying. Michael and Miles told her not to start trouble, they could tell that she was jealous and couldn't get over her rivalry with Tracy. It was not something the family was used to, the kids were normally OK with one another but the two of them were at the other's throats when the adults weren't there to play referee.

Anne asked how many more were coming, getting a laugh from Paige while Bryan explained "our cousins Ella and Logan and their wives, your uncle Nigel and possibly his girlfriend, your uncle Ethan and his wife, your aunts Emma and Nichole and their husbands, mom, dad, Aunt Leslie and Uncle Mark, our cousins Marcus and his boyfriend Brent, Rachel and Reyna and their kids, our cousin Claire and her husband Will, her sister Daisy and her husband, and our cousin Iris and her wife Sam. Yes, all of those people are related to you, they are our first cousins and their children your second cousins."

Ella and her wife Flora entered and went right for Anne, giving her a big kiss and whispering to her "it's nice to see another of us who are starting young." Ella added "she's like you and had the surgery. It's going to take a long time so don't get upset. You do not want it early. Trust us, you will hear why. It's going to be a long road and none of us will accept shortcuts especially at the price that one costs."

The two didn't have children yet but were planning on it in the near future especially as they had no reason to delay any longer. They were replaced in the meet and greet by Daisy Peterson and her husband Matt Fisher. The two were timid around Anne, neither wanted to say the wrong thing which may upset her but each showing her great care and loving how she was acting so far.

Daisy was pregnant with their first child, Anne didn't say anything about it but felt some jealousy. It did have an impact on Anne in a positive way as she knew that she could be a mother in some form, but how was not known to her. She had seen the results firsthand already, she just wasn't sure if she liked boys or if she liked girls and at her age, it wasn't expected that she would know yet either.

Next to enter were Reyna and Rachel, with their two toddlers in tow. Anne smiled at the little four-year-old boy and girl, but the two were scared of her and clung to their mothers for support. They weren't used to new people, especially ones who were so nice to their parents, and were always with their parents when they weren't at their grandmothers' preschool.

They were soon followed by Marcus Sylvester and his boyfriend Brent Jones. The two were an oddity to Anne but they weren't any different than any other couple. She expected them to be campy and look like drag queens but she knew that was a bad image that mean people made you think was true.

Anne hugged both before they went downstairs to meet Hugh. Hugh was caught by surprise by the two guys and was shocked to hear that they were dating one another. He could hear the kids in his school laughing at him for being so close to gay teenagers but looking at Marcus it was like looking at a giant and seeing Brent it was like looking into a mirror as he was geeky and gangly but looked nice.

Brent took over and challenged Hugh, leading to the two having a strong battle and causing cheering and laughs from the boys as the two went at it hard and heavy and to Hugh's pleasant shock and surprise- was an even match. Brent had his dad's instincts and reactions and could plot ahead while not falling for Hugh's clever traps and tactics. It was the most fun Hugh had so far, it was invigorating to have an intellectual challenge in Brent even if it was for a short period of time.

Upstairs, Iris and Sam York arrived with their two-year-old toddlers and greeted Anne warmly. The toddlers hugged Anne and jumped in her lap, showing how much they loved her but were really like that to everyone. It was touching to Anne, she was happy to have their attention even if it was just normal for them to show their affections to the family.

The next in was Logan Finn and his wife Piper. Piper was pregnant with their first child and looked like she wasn't feeling well. Anne didn't want to upset her by making her come there but Piper complained that she shouldn't have teased her sister-in-law about her pregnancy as Karma was a bitch and she was feeling the impact way too hard.

They were followed by the arrival of the JD Finn, his wife Candace, and her three-year-old daughter Skylar. Skylar hugged her grandparents and said a timid hello to Anne before going off with the young kids. Candace was visibly pregnant and hugged Anne before sitting down next to Piper.

JD was upstaged by his twin sister Cat arriving with her husband Gavin. Gavin hugged Anne tight before seeking out the other husbands and leaving Cat to face her punishment over the joke about her former cabbit Sammi. He was warned that the ladies weren't happy with Cat so fled before he got put in the crossfire of having to defend Cat and having to agree with her cousins that she was out of line.

Cat tried to say something but was stopped by Paige asking "seriously, a sex joke for told to a four-year-old? I know you are funny but even you should have limits. Just be glad she didn't say anything to anyone or else Hannah would have your head on a platter!"

Cat just smirked and walked away, she got the fun she wanted even if it came at a price. Paige shook her head while Bryan complained to Anne "she's just like your aunt and cousin but without their ability to rein in their tongues. We love her but sometimes she can be a handful. She's going to get her just desserts-mom said that it's always worse for you when you have a mini-you doing the same things you did. Right, Paige?"

Paige didn't need to say anything, she just nodded. Anne got the joke, it was blood and it was how they learned. She was like Hugh and also not like him, they were family but still different from one another.

The family awaited the arrival of the other members of the Smiths. Nichole King and her husband Joshua arrived next and immediately embraced Anne. They didn't say anything, just hugged her and let her get her tears out over seeing her aunt again.

The couple was then replaced by Ethan Smith his wife Melinda. They carried a sleeping two-year-old in their arms and set him down for a nap upstairs in one of the bedrooms. They complained about him being sick again and keeping them up at night, somehow just like his namesake- his uncle Bryan.

Next in was Nigel Smith Jr. and his girlfriend Patricia. She was intimidated by the group but knew that they were a large group and even larger over in the UK. Both were happy to see Anne, with Patricia being surprised at how pretty she looked especially for only just starting to live openly as a girl.

No sooner had the Patricia and Nigel entered that Anne was told to not take any of what the man heard entering was saying to heart. She looked concerned but was told "he's a joker, he teases everyone. It'll probably end up blowing up in his face yet again, he's not as funny as he thinks he is."

The Bollingers entered and saw Anne introduced to Claire and Will as well as their 15-year-old son Simon, 10-year-old Lilly, and six-year-old Roland. Simon hugged and kissed Anne and asked if they brought back anything else from England or were they not getting any gifts. Paige smirked, then told him "we brought her cousin Hugh as well, but you can't have him. You are too old for toys and your sister is too young to play with boys."

Paige got a whack in the head for that joke but it hit the mark with Simon, she stole his thunder and the teen couldn't respond without getting in trouble. Lilly went over to where the other kids were congregating while Roland stood by his mother's side, he was like his second-cousins in his anxiety and shyness and wouldn't leave Claire's side until dinner. Anne didn't take offense either, it was intimidating to be around so many people that you barely knew especially the adults.

Next to enter were Pete, Hannah, Elise, and the sleeping Maxwell. He was oblivious to everyone but as soon as he was removed from his carrier and handed over to John to hold so Hannah could sit down he started to wail loudly. John openly complained "every single one of you! I swear I have been cursed! I should seek out a priestess to banish this lousy curse."

Anne looked for guidance while everyone laughed at John. Elise explained to her "babies hate Gruncle John. None of us liked him until our first birthday. Mommy said it's because babies know he is easy to make fun of so they tell one another to do that. Maxwell doesn't like anyone though."

John stewed while the Petersons entered. Emma and her husband David walked their 15-year-old son Jerry and 18-year-old daughter Sophia while 13-year-old twins Claire and Patrick walked behind them. The teens went for Hugh right away, there was no point in trying to hang around the adults and young kids especially as he was their age and they needed to keep the cranky Jae from doing something to the others especially as she got bored. They were the only two that she listened to, if they told her to knock off her jealousy and let Tracy and Hugh date then Jae would back away quickly.

Patrick and Claire lived up to their namesakes. Patrick was smart while Claire was empathetic to the needs of others. They could tell that Hugh needed friends and not lovers, something that Jae didn't see.

The two walked downstairs and immediately Jae backed away in fear while Miles told them "she was warned but she isn't happy. She is trying but it's pretty clear that she needs some girl-time. Tracy did a number on her, she really needs to work things out inside herself."

Claire led Jae away to the upstairs office. Inside, she explained to Jae that if she didn't stop trying to win a boy who wasn't ready for girls or had already found his true love with her cousin she would be in serious trouble that she couldn't escape from. Jae started crying and confessed "I don't understand it. I just saw him and can't stop thinking that I should have a boyfriend like him. None of the guys are like him and it's tough to see any older or younger boys who are good enough to kiss let alone date."

Claire hugged her and kissed her forehead, she was feeling the pressure to date but wasn't ready yet. Claire wisely stated "he wasn't ready and neither was Tracy yet they saw one another and clicked. It'll take time but you will find someone, we shouldn't be rushing into dating just because some of the skanks with falsies in their bras landed horny 8th-graders. There's a couple of boys in our class who are good with you, why don't you look closer at them and see that they are good enough for you. I know they like us, I hear them saying how pretty you are whenever you aren't around."

The two walked back downstairs and sat quietly in the corner watching TV as the guys played. Their parents had seen that Claire had calmed Jae and both were looking better. They didn't need to intervene, Claire had done all of the work and it would be tough to top it.

When Claire and Jae were downstairs, the last of the Smiths entered and were quickly followed by Leslie and Mark Sylvester. Karen and Nigel Sr. hugged Anne and asked if she was doing OK, getting a nod and smile from Anne. The two brought food with them and told the others "they send their regards, but want to meet them soon. They mentioned next weekend but understand if they start making plans on their own. He doesn't really need to go but it would be wrong to not invite him to go as well."

Anne asked who they were talking about, Bryan gave her a smile and happy "Great-Uncle Jorge and Great-Aunt Victoria. They made the food for everyone and send their regards. You are invited to come by next weekend but knowing Elise's friends, you are going to have a bit of fun at one of their houses. Their parents are fine with you and will encourage them to include you especially as they trust Elise."

The family called the kids upstairs to eat while the sleeping toddler Bryan was awoken and given some medicine and soup before being put back down to sleep. The entire group ate, with the kids mostly eating in the living room and games room while the adults ate in the dining room. It was organized chaos but it was like old times for the family, they rarely got together as a family except in times of need or for the sad funerals of their dearly departed elders.

Paige's phone rang during the meal and saw Paige's face turn red in anger. Bryan asked what had her so upset, Paige whispered "it's Camilla and Clara demanding to speak with Hugh. They won't take no for an answer. I don't think it's wise to let them talk."

Hugh looked at Paige who shook her head. Valerie spoke for all of them and said "put it on video. They are going to have to explain why they are so intent on upsetting their brother in front of all of us."

Hugh tried to tell her no but Paige smirked and complied. The girls gasped in shock while Hugh asked what they wanted, they were in the middle of a meal. The girls were fighting for words while Karen asked "are you trying to start trouble? If so, we will be sure to talk with your grandparents about your attempts to humiliate him in front of family and family of family. They are already upset with you for how you treat him at home, mistreating him elsewhere will only be hazardous to your freedom."

She dared them to try to say something. The girls backed down but Camilla accidentally let out a quick "the freak couldn't have kissed anyone." Clara added "even if he did he probably paid her. She's likely a prostitute or he forced her to do it."

Karen growled "we heard that and he did indeed kiss a lovely young woman. She is smitten with him and under no circumstances did he threaten her or is she a prostitute. You have some nerve to talk about any girls, you two have never even gotten close to a boy let alone kissed. You also happened to insult the niece of Paige and Christina here, they will be sure to tell father about your actions and I know that you will be barred from doing anything at the estate the next time you visit. You can also kiss earning any money at your aunt Sienna and Poppy's store as they refuse to hire girls like you. Don't try to lie to them because Emma heard you and she won't leave out ANY of what you said."

The girls were so busy trying to insult Hugh that they didn't notice Miles or Christina there let alone the other Smiths especially not Emma. She was Poppy's cousin, making sure that the news would reach the couple shortly. Emma nodded to Karen and placed her call, with the girls hearing Emma tell Poppy everything while the girls begged and pleaded with Karen to not do it.

Karen finally clicked off and hugged Hugh, telling him "they are jealous of you. They hide it poorly but they are clearly jealous of you. You are going to do great things while those two are just going to end up pregnant and married and kiss their dreams goodbye. Your parents will cut back on their spending and giving the girls whatever they want whenever they want it. There are few things that scare parents more, than the fear of losing their child especially due to something they cause or can prevent."

The meal broke up at that, the kids hugged and kissed goodbye with Hugh getting a big hug from Jae as she had to fight tears over feeling terrible about treating Hugh like a sexual object instead of family. The tired Bryan hugged and kissed Anne and telling her "pretty" which caused her to blush over the sick boy's honest response. It meant a lot to hear it from him, especially as it was from the heart.

The two sets of twins grabbed their personal items and walked over to their car, with Lillian and Harry driving it while BJ and Ophelia walked home. It took a half hour but the four twins were officially home for good and in their parents' care. BJ hugged and kissed Anne, telling her "your new big brother won't let his little sister get hurt" which meant the world to her.

The two kids went to bed while the teens kept awake. They were fighting their feelings but finally gave their parents hugs, with Ophelia crying into her father's shoulder. They missed their parents but would never tell them how much they missed them, their teenage pride wouldn't let them but it now showed.

The two went up to bed while Bryan and Paige were left to feel the gravity of their house now feeling full with two kids and two teenagers home. Paige finally felt like she wasn't a failure, the death of her unborn child and ability to have more kids was finally vanquished. Anne's coming into their life had started the change for the better while Hugh made them feel like they were they were great parents.

The couple hugged for a bit before Bryan pulled Paige up to their bedroom to enjoy some private time. The two slept through the night and enjoyed a small breakfast while the twins told them that the kids had been fed and were in their rooms doing homework. The twins were already showing how mature they were and gave the couple their privacy, they needed to adjust to living with parents again.

Paige and Bryan spent much of the morning watching TV on the couch while the kids were busy with their homework and the twins chatted with friends on their phones and laptops. Just before lunch, Paige received a phone call from her mother asking her to bring the kids over for lunch. Paige suspected that she had an ulterior motive and told Anne "if Tracy is going to be there, please don't go overboard about her and Hugh. The two are at a vulnerable point in their relationship and he just received a blow from his sisters last night. There's a spark there that is burning hot but it's too early."

Anne understood what she meant and told them to bring the kids over anyway. She would tell Jenna and George to calm themselves when they saw the kids together. If the kids were as infatuated with one another as Paige suspected, Jenna would need to calm herself from making plans for wedding dates while it was going to take all of them to keep George from overreacting to his little girl becoming a woman even if he had seen the start of their relationship already.

The six drove over to Anne's home, and could already see that it was going to be a packed house as the Finns were already there with Miles and Christina outside talking with Jenna and George. Paige had to take a deep breath then told Hugh "George and Jenna will want to talk with you in private. Please don't think that you are in trouble, it's just their overprotective parent act. Tracy is George's favorite and the one most like her mother so it's tough on him to see her growing into a woman. No father wants to see his baby girl start liking boys, especially ones as amazing as you."

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