Angel Of Justice Chapter 19

“You know it was a good idea that we scouted this route and attached that GPS device.” Rat and Katlain sat watching the gas tanker for it to leave the yard.

They had scouted out several possible locations where they could hi-jack the tanker without being seen. Katlain had planned with Detective Harrison and Police Officer Williams where Ventusky Ricci was receiving the truck.

“I thought so. It makes hi-jacking the tanker easier.”

“You know this is dangerous as well?” Rat glances to the side to look at Katlain.

“I know, but it needs to be done. If we stick to the game plan, everything should go as planned.”

Katlain doesn’t tell Rat she was feeling nervous as hell about pulling this off. The dangerous part will come to when she is trying to get onto the tanker itself, while they are moving.

Her original idea would have been to pull the tanker over while she impersonated a State Trooper. The problem with that idea, the driver would know which troopers patrolled the Highway and would have called his dispatcher to see if they were one of theirs. She just waits for the tanker to leave the yard. She had gone in and saw which tanks they had placed the plastic containers containing the liquid cocaine.

Rat munches on a slim Jim he had brought with him as they continue to wait for the truck to leave the yard. Katlain checks her watch to see what time it was. It was almost eleven o’clock.

“They should be pulling out soon. Get ready to follow the truck.”

The two of them watch as the driver finally climbs in the cab and pulls out of the yard. Rat waits a few minutes before he starts the jeep up and follows behind it. Katlin notices it had a ladder on the back of the tanker.

“Get as close as you can to that ladder.” Katlain closes the visor on her helmet and turns on its optics.

She takes a deep breath before climbing out onto the hood of the jeep. They were doing sixty miles an hour to keep up with the tanker. Katlain was glad they had changed clothes after scouting the route out. She holds on tight to handhold on the jeep. She was nervous doing this. She just hopes the truck driver keeps the tanker straight.

Over the mic in her helmet “move closer.”

“If I move any closer, we’ll be hitched to the back of his bumper.” Rat was watching everything and trying to keep from being one with the tanker.

“Just get a little closer.”

“Fine.” Rat steps on the gas pedal and inches forward.

“That’s good.”

Katlain moves her foot off the bumper of the jeep and onto the ladder on the back of the truck. She grabs hold of the ladder and moves onto it
“alright, back off.”

She watches as Rat backs off. She knew he was keeping the Renegade in the blind spot of the driver. She grabs up on top of the tanker and slowly crawls along the top. The wind was extremely strong. If she wasn’t wearing gloves leather gloves like she was. Her fingers would be freezing and cut off by now.

Katlain and carefully makes her way towards the front of the tanker. She manages to climb down towards the area right behind the cab. There wasn’t much room for her to stand. She puts her home-made cellphone jammer on the back of the cab. She unhooks the brake lines to force the driver to pull over.

Katlain feels the tanker slowing down and pulling onto the side of the highway. She hopes Rat has dropped back because right now she couldn’t contact him. Her radio and cell were being affected by the jamming. When she hears the drivers, door open. She gets ready with the taser. When he steps in front of her, she shoots him with the taser.

Randy was surprised to see a black-clad figure where the airlines were. The things he felt were two sharp objects hitting him in the chest and dropping to the ground from a massive electrical shock.

The last he hears is.

“Sorry about this.” As he is rolled over on his stomach and his hands are secured behind his back.

Rat pulls up behind the tanker and gets out to help load the driver into the back of the Jeep.

“Now to set the trap.”

Katlain grabs the jammer from the back of the cab and turns it off. She pulls her cell phone out and calls Detective Harrison first to let him
know she is on her way with the tanker.

High School parking lot:
Detective Harrison was waiting nearby with a strike team for Katalin's call. He checks his watch to see what time it was. He notices it was close to midnight. After checking his watch, he hears his cell phone ring.

Detective Harrison looks at the caller id and notices it was Katlain’s burn phone number.

He picks it up and answers it ‘it took you long enough. Are we a go?”

“Well, hello to you as well. Yes, we’re a go. I have the truck and I should be at the trucking firm within in an hour. Remember, to keep your guys hidden. I still need Officer Williams to meet me and make the deal. Remember, Ventusky Ricci will be there as well. This has to be kept quiet.”

“It will be. How much longer are you going to be?”

“I should be arriving within the hour. Let me call Officer Williams to set him up.”

“Alright, we’re all set-up on this end. I’ll see you when you get here.” Detective Harrison ends the call.
Katlain dials the number Officer Williams gave her.

Officer Williams Apartment:
“Oh, yeah baby that’s it. Take I all.” As Officer Williams pounding away on a slim oriental girl.

He pushes harder as uses her body. He had arrested her a year ago selling herself down on 45th street. In return for keeping her out of jail, she became his personal little whore.

While he is pumping away inside of her, his cell phone starts ringing and notices it was the number for Elizabeth Hicks. His newest little slut.

“Take a break slut.” As he slaps her ass extremely hard, leaving his hand print.

“You better have something good for me, for calling me at this hour, slut.”

Katlain holds her tongue. She hated that word and found it degrading.

“Sorry for bothering you Master Williams, but I have the drugs you wanted. If you’ll meet me down at 5647 Progressive Drive. I can give them to you.”

“How do I know, this isn’t some sort of trap?” He looks down at his Oriental slut as she kneels waiting for him to finish his call.

“Because how am I going to hide something inside a gas tanker?”

Officer Williams thinks about it for a minute “how much drug are we talking about?”

“About six million or more.”

“When will you arrive?’

“Within the hour, sir.”

“Alright, I’ll meet you down there.”

Officer Williams disconnects and looks down at his slave.

“Clean me off.” As he pushes her head towards his cock.

A smile appears on Katlain’s face “the trap is set.”

“Rat, I’m going to need for you to drop back and cover me with the sniper rifle. It might get messy.”

“Okay, let’s hope I don’t need to shoot anyone.”

“Me too, Rat. Me Too.” Katlain continues to drive towards the truck yard.

As she is approaching the truck yard. She spots Officer Williams with two other people with him. She slows down to pick him up.

Officer Williams spots the tanker with Elizabeth behind the wheel. He didn’t know she knew how to drive an eighteen-wheeler. He flags her down.

Katlain pulls the tanker over. She watches as two more guys join him. She hasn’t seen them before.

Officer Williams opens the passenger door and climbs up into the cab.

“You’ve done good slut.”

“Thank you, Master. I’m to meet Ventusky Ricci. There is supposed to be some money in this load and he wants to make sure it arrives.”

“Does he now?”

“Yes, sir. It's supposed to be a large amount.”

“Well, let’s not keep the man waiting, shall we?”

Detective Harrison and his task force watch as Officer Williams and his two men get on the truck. Once it starts heading into the truck yard.

“Get ready guys.” Detective Harrison watches as Katlain drives the tanker over towards Ricci and his people.

They were waiting at the pumping station to pump the gas out. They also had guys with hooks to retrieve the drugs as well.

“You’re not Randy and who’s the other guy.”

Katlain climbs out of the cab “your right, I’m not Randy. I’m Elizabeth and this is Harry. Randy asked me to fill in for him. I normally don’t go anywhere without Harry.”

“It doesn’t matter who she is or who I am. These drugs and money are mine.” Officer Williams had his gun pointed at Ricci and his men.

“What drugs and money? I think this bitch has been telling you lies.”

“Really? You think I was telling him lies? You're dumber then you look, Ventusky. You know as well as I do, that you have close to six million dollars of liquid cocaine in the tanker.”

“Even if I do, you’re not leaving this yard alive.”

Several guys come out of where they were concealed with uzis and AK 47’s. They surround Katlain and Officer Williams.

“Actually Mr. Ricci, you’re going to let me go or you're going to have a new hole in your head.”

Katlain notices the red dot on the center of Ricci’s forehead. A smile appears on her face because she knew Rat had her covered.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Officer Williams had his gun pointed at her.

“Really? Are you as stupid as Ventusky?” She saw the red dot move to his forehead.

Just as Officer Williams was about to respond to her taunt.


Detective Harrison and his task force surround everyone. Katlain drops to the ground with her hands up in the air. Everyone else drops their weapons and did exactly like Katlain.

Officer Williams was about to show his badge.

“Don’t bother Officer Williams. Everyone already knows how dirty you are.” Katlain stands up and places a set of zip cuffs on Officer Williams wrist.

Detective Harrison walks over and looks at Katlain like a proud father.

“Instead of catching one bad cop, you caught three.” He knew the other two cops that came with Officer Williams.

Rat comes driving in with the Renegade.

“I have one more present for you.” Katlain walks over towards the Renegade and pulls out the driver she zipped cuff.

“Have fun gentlemen.” Katlain hops into the Renegade and heads towards Rat’s place to drop him off.

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