Be careful what you wish for ...

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Be careful what you wish for ...

This is Jaci's I'm just publishing for her.

There is an old saying, well it is now as I think I may have started it. Be careful what you wish for as you may get it.

How do you ask? Well back in 1972 I visited a fair. Yes a fair. Back in those days having a fair was a fairly common thing. Amusements from shooting games, to horse rides, stage shows, and in particular these little wish fountain things.

Like most I tossed in my coins and made a wish. Mine was "I wish I could get into the head cheerleaders skirt'

Her name was Melissa and she was like heaven.

Well my wish came true but not in the way I wanted.

The next morning I woke up in a different room

Normally i slept with my younger brother Dave. This time I slept in my own room with pictures of David Cassidy on the walls,

My mom yelled through the door'Time to get up Cassie..."

You have to remember my name was Cameron back then not Cassie or , heaven forbid Cassandra.

On the end of the chair, all poofy looking, was the head cheerleader uniform

That first day should have been a total loss but somehow the magic that granted my wish just made things go well. I put on whatever looked comfy and as I walked out of my bedroom poof I was in the total head cheerleader outfit, shoes, socks, tiny skirt etc.

Hair done up just right makeup, the whole shebang

The other cheerleaders even showed up at our place to escort me here there and everywhere.

Now if that wasn't bad enough I stayed that way as head cheerleader the whole year. Even went to junior prom in a gown after i tried tying myself to my bed and blocking my bedroom door. One moment I was in my bed and the next I was being lead out of the fancy old convertible to the dance.

I have attented many dances over the years, more than a few competitions, most of which we won.

You see the biggest thing is as the years went by my date of birth went up one year.

Every year was grade 11 for me ..again and again and again. With me as the Head cheerleader..again and again and again.

So, for the last 50 years I've been cursed as the head cheerleader. I cant get pregnant, kill myself, or anything
So when your about to make that wish that you think you want soo much ...

DONT Run the heck away and dont look back..ever!

Signed Cassandra Blinkly head cheerleader class of 2018


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