From The Past To The Future Part 7

Lupita watches Black Wolf as he teaches Haloke to ride a horse. It has been a total of five months since Haloke came into their life. She has managed to figure out most of what has happened to herself. Haloke, on the other hand, was still a mystery. They had gone into Rapid City to see if Haloke was listed as a missing child, but there was no record.

They had told the local police department what happened, but nothing appeared about Haloke. So, a birth certificate had been created for Haloke and Black Wolf was listed as his mother. She had to use a little magic to overcome the procedures the officials were required to follow.

She did notice that Haloke was starting to show signs that he would rather be a girl, instead of a boy. So, they were slowly letting Haloke dress how he felt. The elven body she took over knew of a spell that required certain items and ingredients that she was slowly collecting that would allow Haloke to be physical change into a girl. However, the magical energies needed to perform the spell wasn’t readily available.

When she spoke with Black Wolf, he had said he knew of a place they could go that had what they needed. They had to wait for the right time, till Haloke was ready. There were things about Haloke they still didn’t know, or he didn’t know about himself yet.

“Chow time!” Lupita waves towards the guys to grab their attention.

Haloke spots Lupita waves towards him and Black Wolf. He turns his horse around and heads back towards her, with Black Wolf following behind him. He was enjoying his riding lessons.

Once Black Wolf and Haloke were over where Lupita had set-up lunch. They dismount and let the horses graze, while they have lunch. Black Wolf couldn’t believe the spread Lupita had made. Since she has come to live with him. He has gained weight by all the food she cooks or prepares.

“You know we are going to have leftovers again, Lupita.” As Black Wolf takes his seat.

“Actually, no we won’t. Weayaya and Kewanee are joining us for lunch.”

Black Wolf spots two people on horseback riding towards their location. Weayaya he knew. He was almost as old as he was. Kewanee was in
her mid-thirties. She just moved onto the reservation to take care of Weayaya.

“I hope we’re not late?” As Kewanee dismounts and lets her horse and her father horse join the others.

“Nope, you’re just in time Kewanee.”

“Good.” Kewanee walks over and sits next to Lupita.

Weayaya sits across from Black Wolf. He looks at the spread and couldn’t believe how nice it looked. He had heard how good of a cook Lupita
was. He has sampled some of her cooking before. All the food she cooks was fresh and used naturals ingredients.

“Lupita, you really need to show me your secrets when you cook.”

“It’s all about the ingredients I use Kewanee.” As Lupita takes a bite of her steak.

“Well, I still would like to learn which spices and ingredients you use for all your food.” Kewanee was enjoying a nice flatbread roast beef sandwich.

“I think she should open her own restaurant. All the delicious foods she makes would bring people from all over in.” Haloke loved Lupita’s cooking and was learning a few her secrets of how she cooked things.

“Maybe, once you learn my secrets Haloke, you could open your own restaurant?” Lupita looks over towards Haloke.

“I hadn’t thought of that.” Haloke knew he still had a lot to learn.

The doctors they had seen about his condition said maybe his memories might return one day. Even Lupita when she used a little bit of her magic, couldn’t bring anything up of his past. All anyone knew, was the blow he took to his head, were the cause of him to lose all his memories. Every once in awhile when he picked something up, he has handled before. The memory of that object would come back.

The luncheon goes well. Kewanee helps Lupita clear the table and put things away. Afterward, Lupita gets her horse and with everyone else, they go for a ride. It was warm out and the air had a nice clean smell to it.

They cook out and eat what Lupita and Kewanee forged. The guys hunt a deer down and field dress it.

“Look what we caught Lupita?” Haloke was proud he had managed to hunt the deer down.

Lupita looks towards him like a proud mother “you did good, Haloke.”

Black Wolf and Weayaya just smile and watches as the women went to work preparing the deer for dinner. Both men were amazed at how well Lupita managed to find what she needed to prepare the meat.

The older men show Haloke how to make a camp, while the ladies prepared dinner. Haloke pays close attention to what Black Wolf and Weayaya were teaching him. He was starting to love the outdoors.

When the deer was ready to be served, the women cut a few slices off and serve it to the guys. They cut a few slices for themselves and sit down to enjoy their meals.

“You outdid yourself Lupita.” Weayaya looks over towards Lupita.

“It wasn’t me, Weayaya. It was Kewanee. She did all the cooking. I just assisted her.” Lupita takes a sip of her tea she brewed to go with dinner.

Haloke was laying back on the ground enjoying the night sky. He wonders if they had the same type of stars where Lupita was from.

“Lupita was the stars the same from where you came from?” Haloke looks over towards Lupita.

Lupita looks up at the night sky “yes and no. These stars were in a different position where I am from.”

Lupita still couldn’t figure out how she got here, but she thinks the magical energies where she is from, was the caused of it. She knew for a fact the magical energies were weak here and it took a major event to cause them to become stronger. She does know in certain areas the energies were strong at certain locations. She found the information in an old Time-Life book.

The Haloke curls up next to Lupita when everyone starts to get tired and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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