Blood Moon Part 16

Daigh and Sparrow are woken-up from a large crash coming from downstairs. Daigh changes instantly and Sparrow summons her Grim Reaper cloak as they appeared downstairs in their living room. They see a young girl dressed in ancient Roman armor defending herself against five vampires.

Daigh and Sparrow have encounter vampires before and could recognize them right away. Sparrow draws her sword, as Daigh shifts to his hybrid form and attacks the nearest vampire. Sparrow swings her scimitar at the closets vampire. As soon as her blade cuts into his body, it burst into flames.

Lucy blocks two attacks that were meant for her throat. She spots two other figures fighting the vampires that had followed her through the portal she had hastily opened. She had walked right into a nest of bloodsuckers. She had been looking for a ruby user that had the blood of an extremely old Master vampire lowing through their veins.

She feels a blow to her abdomen through her chest armor. The blow sends her flying backward into a nearby wall. She didn’t know who the Grim Reaper was or the biggest Were-Wolf she has ever seen. She didn’t know where she hastily constructed portal took her. She was aiming for her sister’s place, but she ended up somewhere else.

Lucy swings her sword towards the vampire in front of her. The blade goes through the vampire like a hot blade through butter. The vampire burst into flames and before she could recover. She feels a blade at her throat and the Were-Wolf looking at her.

“Who are you and why did you disturb my household?” Sparrow had her scimitar an inch from Lucy’s throat.

Lucy could feel the death energy in the sword at her neck. She looks at the Grim Reaper and the Were-Wolf who looked like he was ready to rip her heart out.

“I’m Lucy, daughter of Athena, sister to Titanis. I accidentally opened a portal here to your home. I apologize for disturbing your household.”

“You said that you are the sister to Titanis. Who is your second sister?”

“Theia is my older sister.”

Lucy feels the Grim reaper remove the sword from her neck. Daigh changes back to his human form and stands before Lucy in the nude.

“Why did you have vampires attacking you?” Daigh was curious.

“I was looking for a ruby user that had the blood of an extremely old vampire running through his veins. He’s responsible for the death of four families.”

“Where are your sisters?”

“Titanis is in Afghanistan rescuing some women from the Taliban. Theia is in Africa, helping our cousin with poachers. I was asked by my mother to investigate the matter. One of the families that were murdered worships my mother.”

“Do you know who’s home you are in?” Sparrow wonders if Titanis has informed her little sister.

“No ma’am and I am sorry for disturbing and trespassing in your home.” Lucy puts her sword away.

Sparrow looks towards her husband and then the damage was done to their living room. There was a bunch of damage furniture and the wall where Lucy had been sent flying into it. Maybe she should charge Titanis for the damage done to her home.

Maria and Carolyn come walking into the living room. They had been woken from the crashing sound and Daigh growling at whoever had caused the noise. Maria could tell Sparrow seemed a little flush.

She walks over and takes her hand “you, bed right now. Daigh can handle this matter.”

Sparrow was going to resist Maria mothering when she caught a glance from Daigh. He wanted her to go back to their bedroom and get back in bed.

“Fine, I’m going back to bed.” Sparrow heads up to her and Daigh’s bedroom.

Maria was following behind her to make sure she went to bed. Once Sparrow was in her bedroom, Maria checks on all the children and make sure they were still asleep. All the bedrooms in the house were soundproof, so not to disturb the occupants. It was built that considering they had Were’s that lived in the house.

Once Maria was done checking on the children, who were sound asleep. She goes back downstairs to see what she could do.

Daigh looks at Lucy “you say there is a ruby user running around with the blood of an extremely old vampire in their veins killing people?”

“Yes, sir.” Lucy still didn’t know who this powerful Were-Wolf is or the Grim Reaper who she was.

“Do you know if he is here in my territory?” Daigh wanted to protect his people.

“I’m not sure. I have a feeling he might be here.” Lucy had a hard time locking onto his magical essences. She wasn’t as practiced with that ability of her nature, as her sisters were.

“Carolyn, call Isa and assemble the enforcers.”

“Yes, sir.” Carolyn rushes to her bedroom to grab her cell phone. She dials Isa’s number first.

Isa’s and Betty’s Place:
Betty was spooned against Isa’s back. She wore her poor lover out and she was sleeping soundly against her. Her artificial surrogate was still buried deep inside Isa’s vagina and locked into place like a normal cat’s penis would. It was taking the fluid her body would normally produce with a male partner and injecting it into Isa’s body.

She licks the bite marks she left on Isa’s shoulder where she had bitten into her shoulder to keep her still. She knew Isa was in a deep sleep because her breathing was barely there. Betty moves carefully and snuggles tighter against Isa’s back. Just as she was falling back to sleep, she hears Isa’s cell phone ring.

She reaches over Isa’s sleeping form and grabs her cell phone. She checks the number and notices it was Carolyn.

“Hey Carolyn, what’s wrong?”

“Daigh is summoning all the enforcers and wants Isa here at the house.”

“We have a little problem with that Carolyn. I’m kind of stuck inside of her. If I pull out before I shrink some, it will injure her.”

“That is a problem, is there a way to speed the time up? I know you're using a surrogate.”

“There is, but it will still hurt her and me. Let me see what she wants to do. Just give us ten minutes.”

“Alright, you have fifteen minutes to get her here.”

“Thanks, Carolyn.” Betty ends the call.

Betty hated to do this to Isa “baby, Daigh needs you at the mansion.”

Isa could still feel Betty stuck inside of her. She knew from past experiences that it was going to hurt a lot when Betty pulls out. She tries to relax enough to let Betty pull out of her.

“Go ahead baby, do what you have to do.” Isa pulls Betty’s arm up to her mouth to sink her fangs into. They have gotten longer recently.

Betty didn’t like doing this to her mate, but she knew it had to be done. Betty pulls out fast, so not to cause her wife to much pain. She feels Isa sink her teeth into her arm and lock them as she drinks her blood.

Isa screamed when Betty just yanks her surrogate out of her body. She could feel the barbs inside scrape into her, tearing the lining of her vagina as Betty yanks out. Normally, the pain gave her a massive orgasm when Betty pulled out, but since Betty's cat penis was still enlarged in her. It made her feel like she was giving birth to a watermelon.

Betty could see and smell blood coming out of Isa. She holds her wife to her “I’m so sorry baby.”

Betty bites Isa's shoulder and to help release endorphins to help Isa. She felt Isa’s teeth clamp down harder on her arm. She could feel herself getting weaker from Isa drinking her blood to heal the damage done to her.

“Baby, you need to let go. You’re taking to much blood.” Betty had released her bite to speak.

Isa let’s go when she hears Betty asking her to stop. She licks her lips as she tries to move. It hurt and she more than likely was going to need to double up on maxi-pads to absorb the blood still leaking out of her.

Betty watches as Isa tenderly moves around the bedroom. She gets up out of bed and helps dress Isa.

“I’m so sorry baby.” Betty didn’t like hurting her wife. It went against her nature and bother her.

“It’s alright, sweetie.” Isa cups the side of Betty’s face and jaw. She leans in and places a kiss on her lips.

Isa grabs a protein bar from the kitchen as Betty helps her outside to her motorcycle.

“Ow!” as Isa swings her leg over the seat of her motorcycle.

“Be careful, baby.” Betty gives her one more kiss.

“I will.” Isa puts her helmet on and starts the engine.

Betty rubs Isa back before she drives out and heads towards the mansion to meet with Daigh. She watches as the tail light on Isa’s motorcycle disappears into the darkness.

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