Fools Rush In: The Unicorn Hero

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Fools Rush In: The Unicorn Hero

by Jennifer Sue

Jimmy Warren trudged down the street with his hands forlornly thrust into his pockets. The eighth grader was lost in his muddled thoughts of only seven months more of middle school hell. Then there would be four years of high school hell. Maybe, if he survived, college would at least be tolerable. The week before Halloween chill wind whipped and swirled the brown dead leaves willi-nilli across the sidewalks and streets. As usual the backpack he carried was filled with books and weighed nearly half his scrawny seventy five pound weight. The added weight hunched his undersized four feet eight inch frame forward making it look like he was fighting hurricane force winds rather then normal fall zephers.

Unfortunately the day had been normal for the smallest boy in his class. Twice Gary Newhouse slammed him into the lockers as they passed from class to class while his stooge Will Kilmer knocked his books and notebooks from his arm immediately followed by crony Jeff Gray kicking them down the crowded hall. In phys-ed they took every opportunity to trip and jeer at him. No matter how hard he tried to avoid the six feet two inch two hundred twenty five pound fifteen year old the bully still unerringly sought him out.

While he’d always been teased and tormented by classmates, the torment had begun in earnest the first day of middle school. Gary had failed sixth grade and Jimmy was an easy target. Will and Jeff followed Gary like puppies hoping for tasty treats. The only good thing was that the threesome were, to be politically correct, academically challenged, while Jimmy was academically gifted earning, with the exception of phys-ed, all A’s.

Jimmy did his best to keep a low profile, trying to fade into the mass of fellow students. However his academic abilities earned him enmity even among his fellow gifted pupils. That wasn’t even considering the effect his lack of masculine interests had on peer relationships. Still he silently persevered, doing his best to maintain a hopeful positive attitude even though the frustration of the constant bullying exacted a heavy toll on his self respect.

At home Jimmy was a model child. An only child, his mother doted on him as best she could. They lived in a nice condo that wasn’t too big nor too small in a gated community offering wonderful amenities. Lily Warren was a single parent since his father’s unexpected death in a traffic not so accident when he was five. A driver for an international package delivery corporation who, by the company rules, should have been removed as a driver if not terminated for repeated road rage incidents flipped out at another driver. Using the big local delivery van, he sideswiped the driver who had upset him. Both vehicles lost control and an eight vehicle pileup resulted. Hank Warren was crushed into the back of the pileup by a speeding eighteen wheeler. Between the settlements from the at fault delivery service as well as the at fault the trucking company and the triple indemnity life insurance policies, Lily would never need to work and Jimmy had a college fund that would take him through a doctorate degree at the best universities in the country.

“LET ME GO!” the terrified voice of a girl broke into Jimmy’s fugue.

The barking laughter that followed chilled Jimmy to his marrow. During the last few years he’d learned to hate that hyena howl... Gary Newhouse! Anger and fear swelled from Jimmy’s tortured soul. Trembling with dread he turned to look in the direction of those voices. While he felt a strong urge to help the girl he knew it would be utter foolishness for him to even attempt to interfere. Gary outweighed him 3 to 1, Will and Jeff each outweighed him better than 2 to 1. There was no doubt in his mind that if he attempted to help the girl he’d probably die. Scared and embarrassed, like a beaten puppy with it’s tail between his legs, he turned to continue heading home.

“No! No! OH GOD PLEASE Nmmmf...” Jimmy’s sense of righteousness took over as he turned and began to run as the girl’s desperate plaintive voice cut off in mid plea.

“You fuckin bitch,” Jimmy heard Gary snarl as he reached the alley and saw the girl being held down by Will and Jeff. “You think you’re too damn good for us. Bitch, you’re about to find out what it’s like to be the whore of a REAL man! Then my buds will get sloppy seconds and thirds!”

Gary’s back was turned towards Jimmy but he could see the lecherous leers on the eager faces of Will and Jeff. As Gary began to unbuckle his jeans Jimmy knew he had to act fast to save the terrified girl. Knowing he couldn’t even begin to take on the three goons the desperate boy looked about for some sort of weapon to serve as an equalizer. Then he saw what he needed. Beside a dumpster lay several pieces of lumber. Springing forward he snatched up a three foot length of 2x4. In a few steps he was behind Gary without being seen by the eager excited thugs.

With a mighty swing like a batter hitting a home run, Jimmy blasted the board across Gary’s shoulder blades just as the would be rapist’s jeans fell to his ankles. With a loud “OOAAFF” the thud staggered Gary causing him to stumble and trip slamming his face onto the asphalt paved alley with an audible SPLAT!

Totally shocked and caught off guard Will and Jeff hesitated as they watched in stunned disbelief as their fearless leader ignominiously face planted on the hard rough surface. They were totally surprised to see that the huffing and puffing, wide eyed and jazzed up Jimmy was the one who laid Gary out.

As Will shot up to grapple Jimmy the anxious panting inept and unsuited hero swung the board once more. The solid 2x4 solidly caught the charging henchman from jaw to ear with an audible SPLAT! Will’s momentum carried him upright as the impact sent him sideways as he toppled unconscious and bleeding to the ground.

Jeff was a second slower in rising than Will but swift enough to jump Jimmy before he could fully reset for another swing. The pair crashed to the paved surface... sort of. Jimmy had the board straight in front of him when Jeff struck. As they fell one the end of the 2x4 hit the unyielding alley surface while the other end jammed inside Jeff’s unzippered hoody. With his entire charging bulk behind his fall, the board crushed five ribs on Jeff’s left side before momentarily dislodging only to snag under his shoulder. The board also acted like a lever to guide Jeff off to one side. Other than bouncing his head off the ground Jimmy was relatively unscathed.

As Jeff gasped for breath and thrashed about Jimmy used the 2x4 as a brace to scramble unsteadily back to his feet shaking his head to clear the cobwebs and dispel the stars. A bull like bellow did wonders in focusing his scattered thoughts.

While Will and Jeff went after Jimmy, Gary kicked off his sneakers and his jeans. Naked from the waist down and bleeding from the nose and split lips where he’d faceplanted on the macadam he let out a bellow of unbridled rage as he scrambled to his feet while flicking open a nasty switchblade knife he’d retrieved from his jeans. Seeing his cronies down Gary roared with madness while charging like a crazed bull with Jimmy as the taunting red flag.

Jimmy reacted without thought swinging the board with every ounce of strength in a massive overhead stroke. The board impacted the top of Gary’s head with a sickening squelch jarring loose Jimmy’s grip on the board. No one had noticed that near the end of the 2x4 board two nails protruded three inches. They were now buried through the top of Gary’s skull effectively nailing the board to his head. The blow itself instantly knocked him out. Unconscious but still moving the charging giant stumbled forward as he dropped. Still tightly gripping the sharp knife that had been clearly aimed at Jimmy’s guts his bulk slammed into Jimmy. As it did so the razor sharp blade dug into Jimmy’s groin. Jimmy screamed in pain and twisted to one side avoiding being buried beneath his long time nemesis. Jimmy was popped to the side as the knife dup deeply. Stumbling, Jimmy toppled to the pavement grasping his bloody crotch while groaning loudly.

As soon as the guys released her the girl crab scrambled away from the horrific brawl. Retrieving her purse she pulled out her phone and called 911 as the fight raged.

“911. What is the nature of your emergency?”

“Please send help,” the distraught girl squealed in desperation. “Send the police and ambulance! There’s blood everywhere!”

“All right miss. Can you tell me where you’re located?”

“We’re in the alley off Walnut street... about three blocks south of Fourth Street,” she squealed as she looked with horror at the ongoing carnage. “Oh my God, PLEASE send help!”

“The police are on their way, miss. Can you give me your name?”

“Sandi... Sandi Herr,” she anxiously replied.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

“I was walking home from school when three guys grabbed me and pulled me into the alley,” Sandi sniffled. “They were going to rape me. I screamed before two held me down and covered my mouth while the other dropped his pants. Jimmy must have heard them. He jumped them... OH GOD, Jimmy’s down! He’s bleeding! Oh God! Please send help! Please!”

Sirens could be heard approaching. Seeing Will and Gary lying still while Jeff twisted about gasping in agony she dropped her phone and scurried over to Jimmy. Seeing the blood she snagged Gary’s discarded jeans and pressed them into Jimmy’s bleeding crotch with as much pressure as she could apply. Realizing she was trying to staunch the bleeding, Jimmy did his best to remain still as he sucked in the pain.

A police cruiser with lights flashing pulled past the alley and stopped. An officer jumped out and ran to the kids. “Dispatch, there are four down, all bleeding. Two are moving about in obvious pain but two are down not moving. I need backup and medical STAT.”

Things moved quickly as back up officers, paramedics and ambulances arrived. The initial paramedics called for backup and more ambulances. The first thing they did was to check all the injured to prioritize treatment and transport. Once that was done the three still breathing boys were stabilized.

Since Gary was dead they simply covered his corpse with a blanket. Initially knocked unconscious, when he hit the ground the his head bounced up from the impact before hitting it a second time. That double tap caused the nails buried in his brain to jiggle about effectively pureeing a cone an inch wide at the tip of each nail.

Will was out cold, his jaw shattered, most of his teeth either broken off or knocked out, his left cheek and eye socket fractured, and his left ear was crushed with the underlying skull fractured. Considered the most seriously injured, he was treated first and transported in the first ambulance.

Jeff had five ribs on the right die of his chest shattered some of which punctured that lung. After the board dislodged from the initial impact, it slid up under his shoulder shattering his clavicle and dislocating the shoulder. By the time the paramedics arrived he was unconscious. Judged to be second priority he was transported in the second ambulance to arrive.

When the knife entered Jimmy it was angled down about three inches above his manhood. It sliced an ever deepening slash as it descended getting snagged on the metal zipper of his jeans. Except for a bit of skin the blade severed his penis. The zipper then altered the path of destruction. The deflected blade dipped into his scrotum severing the blood supply and seminal tubes before the blade twisted from Gary’s deathgrip. Most of the scrotum was firmly attached leaving the now disconnected testicles inside castrating him. Loss of blood and shock finally knocked him out before the paramedics stabilized him. The third ambulance rushed him to the hospital.

Clearly shaken up Sandi was able to identify the four boys and give a brief description of what went down. As she recalled the events she began to tremble. As the adrenalin dissipated she passed out from shock. A fourth ambulance took her in.

Jimmy slowly returned to consciousness hearing someone softly moaning. As his thoughts began to coalesce he heard his mother desperately calling his name. As more of his senses returned he felt his mom grasping his hand. As he opened his eyes he saw her tear stained face hovering inches from him just as he realized the moaning was coming from him. Feeling as if he’d been run over by a truck he managed a weak smile for his mom. Too weak to do much of anything Jimmy and his mother just held hands. When the liquid diet meal arrived, Lily spoon fed him.

Shortly after he’d finished the meal unexpected visitors arrived, Sandi and her parents.

“Jimmy, I’m so sorry you’ve been hurt so badly,” Sandi declared with genuine sincerity as she walked up to his bed and tenderly touched his hand. “I can’t begin to thank you for saving me. I was so absolutely terrified... I... I knew they were going to rape me.” Sandi began to tremble as the horrific memories came flooding back. “I... I had no d... doubt they intended to k... kill me wh... when they were d... done...” with that she broke into tears.

Mrs. Herr instantly swept Sandi into a protective loving all encompassing embrace burying the traumatized girls face into her shoulder. “You’re safe, baby, you’re safe,” She soothed as she stroked her hair. The she looked into Jimmy’s eyes. “Jimmy saved you before those hooligans could hurt you any more. He’s our hero!”

“You ARE our hero,” Mr. Herr declared with utter gratitude. “Sandi is still having issues dealing with what happened. If you hadn’t stopped those thugs... she’d be a basket case... if she’d have survived. We owe you for saving her. We’ll do everything we can to help you... whatever you need.”

Sandi recovered after a few moments. All three called him a hero and again profusely thanked him for rescuing Sandi. Mr. Herr was one of the best attorneys in the area so when he said he’d do everything he could to help Jimmy, he was quite serious. Recognizing the boy was tired and weak they didn’t stay long.

The next morning Jimmy was strong enough to be questioned. He related to the waiting DA investigator what had happened. She assured Lily his testimony matched Sandi’s and the evidence and that no charges were going to be lodged against Jimmy. Needless to say Jimmy was shocked to learn he’d killed Gary and severely injured Will and Jeff. The woman did mention they should not be surprised if the families of the three boys sued Jimmy. Jimmy was also surprised that he’d been unconscious for twenty hours. The only good thing was that he’d saved Sandi.

When he asked how badly he was injured his mother tearfully clammed up. All she could say was that he needed additional surgery that afternoon adding that was the reason he had no breakfast. Her response left Jimmy worried. Twenty minutes later two doctor’s arrived.

After exchanging greetings the lead doctor spoke. “Jimmy, your actions were commendable. While your injuries are serious they are not life threatening. However, your life has been severely disrupted. There is no easy way to tell you so I’ll get right to the point. The knife sliced into your groin perforating your large intestine. That has been addressed and will heal. You’ll be on a soft food only diet for two weeks. The surgery you’ll undergo this afternoon are life changing.”

“Because you were the least seriously injured, you were treated last,” the second doctor began. “Unfortunately the unavoidable delay had serious consequences. Your penis was nearly severed at the base. While we were able to save the more resilient outer flesh, the interior structures of the penis were unsalvageable. We could only save the skin.”

Jimmy paled. “C... Can you fix it?”

“Unfortunately no, but there are options if we move quickly, today,” the doctor explained. “While the flesh is still alive, it is fragile and further surgery is needed without much delay. In addition to the penile injuries, your testicles were severed and had to be removed. Again we saved the flesh but the contents were beyond repair.”

Jimmy sank back into the bed. Gone... the very essence of boyhood was gone!

“Jimmy, we need to operate today,” the first doctor picked up. “You have three options but none will restore fertility, you’ll never have children although you could adopt. The first option is to simply streamline you down there. That would leave you looking like a doll down there. You’d have sit to relieve your bladder and you would be genderless with little options for any type of sexual life.”

Jimmy found the mere idea of having a sexless doll like existence was horrible

“The second option is to attach the flesh that remains from your genitals to your groin leaving obvious fleshy folds of the extraneous tissue. It would be necessary to reroute the urinary track so you’d also have to sit down to relieve your bladder. Testosterone can be administered so your body would appear to go through male puberty. You’d have to take testosterone supplements the rest of your life. The down side is you would have no way to express or experience normal male sexuality until genital reconstruction surgery. You’d have normal male desires with no way to relieve those needs. Once you’re fully grown the excess flesh can be reconstructed to resemble a penis and scrotum. However there would be no natural erection possible. Just as in female to male gender correction genital surgery the only way an erection can be achieved is by artificial means.”

That option didn’t sound too enticing to Jimmy. He hoped the third option would be better.

“The third option is to use the remaining flesh of your penis to create a vagina as is done in male to female gender reassignment surgery. The flesh of the scrotum is used to create the labia. The reconstructed genitals would look like those of a normal female. By taking estrogen supplements, you’d experience puberty just like a girl does. Of course you’d never have a period but you could engage in normal sexual relations. You would be a girl so a heterosexual relationship would be with a male. A relationship with a female would be lesbian. Both options would be open to you. You’d have to take estrogen supplements for the rest of your life.”

Jimmy’s head was swimming. Life as a neuter, a functionless boy or a functional girl were his options. An impossible immediate decision was needed. “Mom, what should I do?”

“Honey, I’m sorry but I can’t make that decision for you,” Lily sighed. “I do promise that I will fully support whatever you decide.”

“If I decide to be genderless,” Jimmy asked the doctors. “Could I decide later to become a girl?”

“You could but it would be difficult,” the second doctor answered. “The excess flesh we’d use to create a vagina and labia would be gone so we’d have to use other tissue, most likely a section of your colon.”

“If I decide to stay a boy, I’d have to hide the fact I don’t have a penis and any dating would have to platonic,” Jimmy thought aloud. “But I think the frustration of having desires but unable to do anything would be terrible. If I go that route and later change my mind, could the flesh be used to make me a girl?”

“Yes, but unless you decide to become a girl now, you’d have to follow the normal protocols for transgender treatment,” the second doctor declared. “No surgery could be done until you turn eighteen and most insurance will not cover the costs. Also if you start taking testosterone, undoing the male puberty could be difficult,” the doctor replied.

“I don’t know what to do,” Jimmy sniffled. “I know I don’t want to be genderless. If you can’t do the gender reassignment surgery until I’m eighteen, why can I get it done now?”

“Your current medical condition requires immediate surgical intervention,” The first doctor explained. “Since it’s the result of an attack, your insurance will cover it. Because it’s critical surgery, all three options are open now. If we wait even a week you’ll lose the expedient nature and treatments will fall under the transsexual treatment requirements.”

“Mom?” Jimmy cried. “I can’t decide!”

“Neither can I,” Lily wiped tears from her eyes. “I remember going through puberty as a girl. Like most girls I enjoyed it. I assume most boys enjoy going through puberty too. As a girl you could have a normal puberty. As a boy without genitals I think you’d have a highly frustrating puberty. I’ll love and support any decision you make.”

“I’m a guy and don’t want to be a girl,” Jimmy moaned. “But I can’t be a normal guy. Hell, I’ve never been a normal boy! I know the crap I’ve taken for being small. Trying to be a boy without a penis would be hell on earth! But if I become a girl I’ll face just as much crap.”

“I know the family of girl you saved, and you did save her life” the first doctor said. “Those goons most likely would have killed her. Even if they didn’t, the trauma of such a brutal rape would have left her scared for life with severe PTSD. She’s being treated now for PTSD for what did happen! She and her parents will have your back no matter what choice you make. I’m sure her friends would also whole heartedly support you. On top of that the guys you tangled with to save her were universally disliked so you’ve become a hero to most of your classmates. If you have the SRS now, we’ll be telling the truth when we say your injuries were so devastating there was no option other than to become a girl. If we let that news out now everyone will know you had no choice.”

“If I let you change me into a girl,” Jimmy sniffed. “Would I have to live as a girl?”

“You wouldn’t have to live as a girl,” the second doctor said. “However, if you pretend to be a boy and your secret is discovered, most likely there will severe repercussions. Admitting you’ve become a girl now will be much easier for those around you to accept since it will be seen as a direct result of the attempted rape. Your current status as a hero will help gain acceptance for the change. Hiding your change will make it seem creepy. Without the luster of being a hero, well, people accepting the change be rough at best.”

Jimmy sadly nodded his head and sighed. “Okay, make me a girl.”

“Honey, I won’t force you to become a girly girl. You can be a tomboy although when an occasion calls for being dressed nicely, you’d have to wear a dress. I’ll call Sandi and her parents to let them know you’re going to become a girl,” Lily said. “I’m sure her father will handle all the paperwork and legalities in regard to your gender change. By the time you’ve recovered enough to have visitors, I’m sure Sandi will have drummed up a lot of support for you.”

“We’ll be contacting the school asking to address the students in an assembly on your behalf,” the second doctor added. “We’ll let them know the injuries you suffered required a change of gender. Now, we need to prep you for surgery.”

Jimmy cried in Lily’s loving embrace. The decision to become a girl was a horrible one but was the only one that gave him the most options. Rationally he truly felt he had no viable choice. Accepting it emotionally was another matter. All through his school life he’d had his boyishness impugned because of his small stature and the corresponding ability to physically compete with other boys. It had not been unusual for him to be called a wimp or even worse a sissy. Each year it had grown worse culminating with the daily harassment by Gary and his cronies. Well, he’d shown everyone he wasn’t a wimp or a sissy! He’d taken down the three bullies, killing Gary and at least temporarily crippling Will and Jeff. It wasn’t that he’d enjoyed doing so... it was more like satisfaction that he’d resoundingly proven he wasn’t a wimp or sissy. But the consequences of the fight were high... he’d lost the very essence of what he had proved... his boyhood was gone... quite literally cut off!

A nurse entered to give him an injection to begin the prep for the surgery. The relaxing medication swirled through his brutalized body and swept away his worries.

The beeping sound of the monitors slowly drew him back to consciousness. Every part of his body seemed to ache, especially around his groin. As his senses returned he recalled he’d been sedated for the ‘corrective repair surgery’. That explained the ache and fatigue. Opening his eyes he saw his clearly weary mother asleep in a lounge chair with a blanket draped across her. The sight brought a smile to his face. There was no doubt she loved him... or more correctly her.

Obviously he was on some sort of pain meds which left his mind just a bit foggy but it did suppress his emotions. If not, the terror he felt of facing life as a girl, currently lurking beneath his consciousness, would run rampant. Thus temporarily freed from the emotional panic of the unwanted gender change he was able to think somewhat rationally.

Was losing his boyhood really such a terrible thing? After all, he was never any good at sports. The teasing he suffered at every attempt to play soured him on all macho sports. At thirteen he had shown no sign of puberty. That resulted in more teasing and ridicule in the locker room during and after phys-ed where all his classmates proudly displayed the changes puberty was making in their bodies. So, his penis was gone... the only thing it had been good for was to stand up to piss. However during his time in middle school even that lost it’s luster since he’d been goosed so often while standing at a urinal (making him squeal and jump usually pissing himself in the process) he’d taken to using the stalls for privacy and security. Sitting down to pee wasn’t really bad since he did it when he did a number two. Sitting every time would also mean he wouldn’t have to wipe down the commode at home after each standing use since his mom so bitterly complained about splatter. Losing his pecker really wasn’t a terrible thing. Having lost his balls would eliminate the unpleasantness of guys giving ‘crotch shots which was a major plus.

Was there anything about missing out on male puberty he’d miss? Since he’d never experienced any of it, there was nothing to miss. Having witnessed how testosterone effected his puberty blessed... or was it damned... classmates during the last few years, he honestly felt a sense of relief his body wouldn’t be poisoned by the hormone of crudeness. In truth, he’d never looked forward to growing into manhood. The more he thought about it, the idea of becoming a girl was becoming more attractive. Guys had to be tough and except for anger and often inappropriate laughter had to hide their emotions or face being labeled sissy or gay. Girls were free to express their emotions. Girls had a wider choice of styles and fashions too. The culmination of his ruminations was that Jimmy decided to give being a girl an honest trial. He... no SHE... just hoped the docs were right that his fleeting status as a hero would go a long way to smooth the bumpy road as he skipped down the primrose path.

Thus the internal argument was settled. That’s not to say there was not emotional turmoil and worries, there were plenty. But the emotional part of his mind slowly yielded to the inescapable truth that he’d become she.

The first few days after the surgery were rough physically, emotionally and mentally. Lily was relieved that day to day Jimmy begrudgingly accepted, more and more, his feminine fate. Together they discussed a new name. When asked if a girl’s name had been chosen at his birth, Lily blushed.

“Your father and I were big fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Lily admitted. “Looking back I’m glad you were born a boy. Buffy would have been a terrible name.”

Jimmy nodded agreeing Buffy would not have been a good name. “I kind of like Becky, you know, from Tom Sawyer.”

“Becky,” Lily smiled. “I like it! So, Becky, do you have a choice for a middle name?”

“Lynne, Becky Lynne Warren,” the newly named girl tentatively smiled.

“That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” Lily smiled as she blinked back tears of joy. “I truly loved you as my son and I’ll treasure our memories. But I confess I’ve always wanted a daughter. Becky Lynne, I’m sure we’ll create a lot of fond memories as we move forward.” With that she swept Becky into a loving hug which was eagerly returned.

Several times each day the bandages were changed. Becky winced when she saw the bruised flesh of her girlishly reconstructed genitals. The doctors and nurses reassured her that once the swelling and bruising faded, she’d look like a normal girl. The doctors recommended she begin hormone replacement therapy, the sooner the better. They were pleasantly surprised when Becky agreed to begin HRT as soon as permissible after the surgery.

Four days after the surgery the mass of bandages was reduced to a maintenance level. Having kept them apprised of the situation, Lily called Sandi’s parents to tell them it would be okay for Sandi to visit.

When Sandi and her parents, Ben and Sylvia, entered the room Becky’s face lit up then blushed with concern and worry about how her gender change would be accepted. Fortunately her fears were quickly quashed.

“Becky!” Sandi squealed with delight as she rushed the bed to give her savior a warm hug.

Becky began to cry tears of relief that Sandi so readily and openly accepted her. Sandi quickly joined in followed by both mothers. Once the tearfest was over Sylvia presented her with a colorful mylar balloon bouquet.

Becky smiled to see the silvery balloons, some decorated in vibrant pink, others in shimmering purple, and others in a rainbow motif. All featured cute unicorns. Like many kids, Jimmy had always been fascinated with balloons but as he’d grown older societal norms had forced him to rein in such unmacho fervor. That onus of false machismo was removed for Becky.

“They are so cute,” Becky gushed as she happily gazed at the sparking assortment. “I’ve always loved balloons and unicorns but as Jimmy I was afraid to do so. Now that I’m Becky... oh thank you so much!” She effervesced excitedly as Lily tied the floating bouquet to the bed rail.

Ben, Sandi’s dad, presented two gaily wrapped packages. Carefully opening the largest gaily wrapped gift to save the paper, ribbon and bow Becky squealed with delight as an Aurora World Dreaming of You Unicorn in pink plush was revealed. Again Jimmy’s forced suppression of the desire for soft cuddly stuffed animals was vanquished for Becky. “Oh! It’s so cute! Thank you,” Becky smiled as she hugged the unicorn to her face. “I’ve always loved plushie unicorns!”

The smaller gift came last. Inside were two knee length flannel nightgowns, one pink the other peach. Both featured a unicorn happily prancing through a field of flowers. Tears of joy flowed from Becky’s eyes as she cuddled the soft flannel. “Thank you so much,” she blubbered. “The doctors just told me this morning that I could bring in my own jammies but all I had were the plain ones Jimmy wore. Thank you!”

“I’m delighted you like unicorns,” Sandi smiled. “They’re my favorite and I feel that you are a magical unicorn who, against all odds, came to rescue me.”

“If I knew how badly I was going to be hurt I’d still have helped you. I just don’t know about the unicorn part, but I was definitely a fool to rush in,” Becky smiled. “A willing fool!”

“Becky,” Lily asked. “Would you like to slip into a nightgown now?”

“Yes please, if it’s not too much trouble,” Becky politely enthused.

“I’ll just step outside for a few moments,” Ben smiled as he exited.

In moments Becky was back in bed happily wearing her new pink flannel unicorn nightie. Ben reentered when given the all clear. The conversation then turned serious as Ben said he’d filed the paperwork to legally have Becky’s name and gender changed. With the statements from the doctors no problems were expected to delay official approval. Becky and Lily thanked him as one major challenge to beginning her new life was covered.

Becky became serious. “How did the kids at school take the news about what happened?”

“They were surprised, that’s for sure,” Sandi smiled. “Everyone knew I’d been attacked by Gary, Will and Jeff. No one was upset to learn Gary died and Will and Jeff are in rough shape. Most thought they deserved what they got. They were shocked that you came to my rescue and took the three of them out. No offense, but no one EVER expected you would even attempt to take them on. They weren’t surprised that you’d been seriously injured. Everyone knew that before I returned to school. Naturally everyone wanted to know how badly you were hurt. I told them Gary knifed you in the abdomen and that I’d applied pressure to the wound. They were glad to know you’d recover but sad that you needed additional surgery.”

“Then rumors began to swirl that your penis had been cut off,” Sandi continued. “I told them I knew you were injured down there but not how bad. Then yesterday my dad, your doctors and the assistant district attorney came in to talk to us in a special assembly. The ADA gave the details of the incident and that the only charges were against Will and Jeff. Then your doctors explained how seriously you’d been cut and that there had been no way to save your boy parts. Nearly every guy winced and grabbed their stuff. Most of the girls were really upset and concerned about you.”

“Then the doctors explained the damage was so severe you were no longer a boy,” Sandi added. “They explained the only way they could repair the damage was to make you a girl. Everyone gasped. They explained becoming a girl was not your choice but your only option. Then my dad explained the courts were processing the paperwork to legally change your name to Becky Lynne and that you would be legally a girl. As such when you return to school you would do so as a girl, using the girls facilities. Then he and the ADA said that anyone who hassled you for your unwanted gender change would face criminal charges. The principal stated that there would be zero tolerance on anyone bullying you.”

“You’ve been all everyone has been talking about since then,” Sandi sighed. “The guys don’t know how to react but they know to leave you alone. All my friends and most of the girls will have your back. They’re all eager to meet you.”

“That’s a relief,” Becky smiled nervously. “I’m still anxious about going back but at least it seems it won’t be too terrible.”

“You have nothing to worry about, girlfriend,” Sandi declared. “My other girlfriends will all meet you when you return. We’ll go inside together. Anyone disses you, Girl Power will set them straight!”

That made Becky smile.

“There is something else I’d like to discuss,” Ben sighed. “The investigation about the attack has revealed that Jimmy was severely bullied. There is also evidence teachers and administration ignored the bullying, especially the phys-ed department. The ADA was quite upset and is contemplating a formal abuse investigation. I’d like to file a lawsuit against the staff and district for failure to protect you.”

“I’m not sure,” Lily said. “Won’t that make the school have it in for Becky?”

“Just the opposite,” Ben smiled. “They will bend over backwards to ensure Becky is not hassled. The community already knows Gary, Will and Jeff were unchecked in their bullying. It’s become general knowledge that Jimmy was abused on a daily basis. I’m sure the district’s insurance carrier will want to offer a hefty settlement to settle rather than going to court.”

With her eyebrows raised Lily looked at Becky.

“I know I’m not the only one who’s been tormented,” Becky sighed. “If being the goat helps the others, go for it.”

Sandi hugged her new best friend. “Even after all you’ve gone through you’re still thinking of others. You truly are a hero! I never realized how much I missed not getting to know you sooner. I’m ashamed for acting so snobbily but thanks to you I’ve learned my lesson!”

Lily brought Becky home two weeks after the incident. Sandi stopped by every day with homework and mostly positive news from school. Just before thanksgiving, the male phys-ed teacher resigned and the principal of the middle school retired. The district’s insurance company agreed to settle the lawsuit out of court while insisting the district set up a no nonsense anti-bullying policy including mandatory training for the teachers and staff.

On Black Friday, Lily and Sylvia sheparded Sandi, Becky, and a dozen other teen girls into the crowded mall. The girls had decided that for Becky’s return to school they would all dress identically. Becky agreed to dressing girly but not saucy. She was still much too new to girlhood for that! Besides, Sandi had issues about dressing to saucy. Neither wanted to attract boys.

Becky giggled nervously as she had her ears pierced, getting sparkly unicorn studs. The other girls though they looked cute so they bought matching earrings as well as unicorn necklaces. Becky told them her brave knight errant, Jimmy, had sacrificed his life saving her maidenhood and that the mystical unicorns would always remind them of his heroic immolation. Becky blushed deeply but accepted the truth and gratitude.

When school reopened after the Thanksgiving holiday, Becky returned to school. Needless to say she was quite nervous. Sandi and Becky as well as a dozen other girls all wore the outfits they had selected of black Mary Jane shoes with low heels, white knee socks, a pleated tartan skirt and a warm long sleeved angora sweater. They each had their hair styled with bangs and twin angel wings. They wore their matching unicorn earrings and necklaces. Under the watchful eye of parents and the new principal, Sandi’s girlfriends greeted the returning timid heroine on the sidewalk outside the main entrance. The girls were quite impressed by the shy unassuming girl Becky had become.

With Sandi at her side the other girls forming an encompassing wall of femininity and despite the horde of butterflies buffeting her tummy, Becky bravely entered the school. Nearly everyone turned to look at the girly phalanx as they swayed down the hall. All were looking for a glimpse of Becky, curious to see if she still looked like a boy. All who gazed upon the coterie of fourteen girls could only see the epitome of young teen girlishness. There was no evidence of a boy in a dress. As they checked out the girls they recognized all but one. Although the smallest, she was just as pretty as the others but her face betrayed her anxiety. They’d found Becky and all were surprised. Someone began to clap their hands. Others quickly joined the applause until the halls resounded with enthusiastic clapping.

The majority of students and staff accepted Becky who shyly thanked them but politely deferred all attempts to label her a hero. The few who were upset by her transformation kept quiet under the peer pressure of acceptance.

By Christmas the school had settled into a routine with the new girl unquestionably accepted by the vast majority of students and staff. Becky was firmly ensconced in Sandi’s circle of friends. Several sleepovers over the holidays cemented her position. By the end of the school year, few questioned Becky’s girlhood. In fact, Sandi and Becky were BFFs.

Sandi managed to overcome the worst of her PTSD, but with the exception of her father, never was able to fully trust boys. With the aid and support of Sandi and girlfriends, Becky steadily slid into girlhood. However no amount of counseling could overcome her innate revulsion of dating boys. By the time they entered high school, the rest of the girls in their junta were checking out boys. They understood and accepted Sandi’s and Becky’s reticence about dating boys.

No one was surprised when at the first dance Sandi and Becky politely turned down all offers from boys to dance. They freely danced en mass with other girls. Finally they danced together. Their friends saw the spark of romance ignite that night. It would take several weeks until the girlish duo realized they had fallen for the other. Fortunately, Becky’s mom and Sandi’s parents had no objection to having their daughters be in a loving lesbian relationship. The loving couple shared their first kiss on Christmas Eve. Many more would follow.

Jimmy had been a reluctant and unlikely knight, who paid a horrible price in saving the beautiful princess from the nasty dragons. That in turn led the grateful princess to salvage the battered knight with her magical unicorn.

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I remember

Wendy Jean's picture

this story being publish before. I enjoyed it then too

big oops!

I sincerely apologize! I did post this 2 years ago. I have about 2 dozen story threads in a file that I got stuck on and wait for inspiration. Normally when I complete a story I pull it from that file and place it with another file of completed. Unfortunately I failed to do that with this story so it was still in my incomplete file. I did make adjustments and edits.

I apologize for my error and hereby withdraw this from the contest. If anyone feels I should delete this story, please post a comment and I will do so.

Boys will be girls... if they're lucky!

Jennifer Sue

Keep it!

It's even better the second time around.

I don't think that anyone will, but if someone who matters insists that one be deleted, delete the earlier one.

But I vote that you keep both.

I just reread it again,

Wendy Jean's picture

I enjoyed it the third time as much as the first, actually I think the first was slightly better.

Even if you publish the story

Even if you publish the story every year, it is such a wonderful little story, I would love to see more of it. Say like 8-10 years later, so we can see how the two BFF's become much more than simply BFFs, perhaps becoming wives to each other? :-)

Shit happens,

Monique S's picture

especially with multiple file systems, I know what You are talking about, same here.

I like the idea of simply naming it a Retro Classic, i have not read the old one, but this version definitely is one (a classic I mean). I absolutely love it.


Monique S

Hey we get

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to read it again, and if nothing else comes of it, then that's good anyway. Thank you for the "oops" moment :)

"Reach for the sun."

Really nice story

Jamie Lee's picture

This is a very nice, and well written, story. The emotions expressed by the characters easily came through because ofor the writing.

Strange the school went in for zero tolerance of bullying after Jimmy was injured and had to have surgery. Where was that zero tolerance when the three stooges were terrorizing the students? Was this another case of bullying will toughen you up? If this is the case maybe those with that attitude should experience the same problem in their lives.

Jimmy may have been small but had a big heart. Even though he knew he might get hurt, based on his past experiences, he grabbed an equalizer and applied it to the main problems of the situation.

Gary died because of how he lived, thinking his size gave him special privileges. Thinking he could do what he wanted when he wanted to whom he wanted.

His cohorts got exactly what they had earned, and what should have happened long ago. They lived by violance so violance put them in the hospital. Their violance also got them charged with attempted rape and whatever charge the ADA could charge them with.

The real question is where were the parents while their sons were terrorizing the school? Why were their parents thinking of suing Jimmy when their sons were about to rape Sandi? And likely kill her so she couldn't bear witness against them.

Ben hit knew if he sued the school and school board they would react faster to insure Becky's safety then if she just returned without the school being held responsible for not stopping the three goons. Plus, the school and board needed to pay through the nose for their inactions. The PE teacher should have been barred from further teaching anywhere in the country, his attitude is not conducive to a safe school environment. The principal got off easy, being allowed to retire. Neither one should have got off scott free, needing to pay as individuals.

Jimmy made a very brave, and mature decision when the doctors gave him three surgical choices. Lilly couldn't advise him because it wasn't her life for the rest of his life. He made a very wise decision after reasoning the choices he was given, none what he preferred.

How did his school year finish, aside from loving Sandi? What about those who were upset with the change, as if that was what Jimmy wanted? Did they make trouble outside of school? And what about high school, was Becky readily accepted or did others cause her problems?

Others have feelings too.