Going Home Chapter 9

Vicky checks her navigation charts again as she exists from hyperspace. She was bringing relief supplies for Vesta V colony. As she approaches the planet, the sensors were picking up several destroyers that belonged to the Orgaian Confederation.

“Captain, we might want to get the hell out of here.” Jexa was worried about the three destroyers in orbit.

“Are we picking up anything planetside?” Vicky knew what would happen if she and Jexa were captured by the Orgaians. They would be turned into slaves either as sex slaves or servants. She knew Jexa would be turned into a sex slave, her they might turn into an organic robot.

“Just ruins. They have leveled everything down there.” Jexa was getting ready to do a one-eighty and take them back the way they came.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here.” Vicky prepares the weapons and shields.

Jexa does a one-eighty and starts heading back out of the system.

“We got company coming towards us, boss.” Jexa had picked up a squadron of fighters coming towards them.

“Dam! I was hoping they hadn’t picked us up on their scanners yet.” Vicky forgot that the Orgaian Confederation ships had the best sensors onboard. She’s been out on the outter edge too long.

“Their getting closer, Vic.” Jexa has been watching the incoming fighters coming towards them. The Monkey Wrench was fast and could defend itself against a heavy cruiser, but fighters were another thing. They were faster and about as agile as the Monkey Wrench.

“I’ll take care of the fighters, you handle the Wrench.”

“Good luck.” Jexa begins basic avoidance maneuvers.

Vicky heads towards the weapons chamber and jumps down into it. She is suspended in the middle of the chamber as the interior switches to looking like if she was outside of the ship. She loved the design of the weapon chamber. It gave her complete sensor reading around the ship. She turns to face the fighters coming up from behind the Wrench.

Green energy beams flash by as she feels Jexa takes evasive action. She pulls her hand back sling it forward. The plasma cannons mounted on the back of the Monkey Wrench fire towards the fighters that fired at her. The plasma cannons hit three of the fighters.

Several more fighters open fire on the Monkey Wrench. Jexa avoids the attacks, however, one energy beam manages to hit the shields. The Monkey Wrench rocks slightly.

“How dare you fire at my ship.” Vicky fires two skipper missiles at the fighters. The Monkey Wrench wasn’t your typical freighter. She was an old military escort ship from the Federation and was equipped with military grade weapons, shields and armor meant for a cruiser type starship.

Several missiles start coming towards the Monkey Wrench. Vicky fires the countermeasures as she feels the ship dance. She knew Jexa was one hell of a pilot and was lucky to get her away from her people. Most Mephitidoids stayed with their family, but Jexa wanted to explore the galaxy.

“Vicky, I’m picking up an incoming ship.” Jexa had noticed an energy spike directly in front of their path. She avoids the incoming ship and its escorts.

Viminacium Command Bridge:
Captain Vellutus had received orders to head towards the Sirius system to protect the Uav'yk people from three Orgaian Confederation ships. The long-range communication station had picked up on Orgaian communications They were sending three destroyers and several cargo carriers to gather the populous of the planet.

“How much longer, Lisa?” Captain Vellutus didn’t know if the attack has already taken place or not.

Lisa looks down at the jump counter “right about now, sir.”

The Viminacium emerges out of hyperspace and right in front of a small freighter. Captain Vellutus watches as the freighter veers off. It was being followed by several Orgaian fighters.

“Launch fighters and head towards the planet.” Captain Vellutus stands up from his command chair.

“Launch all fighters, I repeat, launch all fighters.” Lisa wishes she was going with her fighter group, but it was her turn at the navigation console.

Launch Bay:
Henry heard his wife’s voice to launch all fighters. He grabs his helmet and runs towards his new fighter. He was just given one of the new fighters equipped with cloaking devices. It had twice the weapon systems that his old fighter had. He launches with the rest of his squadron.

Henry and his squadron intercept another group of fighters that had been launch. He spots the freighter dodging and firing at the remaining fighters that had gone after it.

“Lisa, there’s got to be a carrier around here hidden somewhere. See if you can find it.” Henry knew the Destroyers weren’t designed to carry fighters.

“I’m on it, Henry.” Lisa looks over towards P9 since he was on the bridge with her.

“P9, scan for Orgaian stealth carriers.”

Captain Vellutus was watching the fighting going on outside of the ship on the holographic screens in front of him. He notices the destroyers had chosen a protective stance around the cargo carriers.

“Sir, the Challenger, Aramis are heading towards the destroyers.” Lisa transfer the readings to the holo-screen Captain Vellutus was watching the combat.

“Good, give them cover fire and send fighter squadron Delta and Gamma to cover them.”

Lisa does as she is instructed to do. She looks over towards P9 “come on P9, I need those coordinates for those carriers.”

Monkey Wrench:
Vicky notices the incoming ships and continues to fire at the fighters coming after her ship. She spots something out of the corner of her eyes while inside the holographic weapon chamber.

“Jexa, concentrate our sensors towards these coordinates.” Vicky types the coordinates in mid-air and sends them towards the bridge.

Jexa receives them and concentrates the Monkey Wrench sensors towards the coordinates. She makes a few adjustments to get a better scan. The sensors were still having problems locking on. It seemed to her that the carriers didn’t want them to know they were there. She boosts the sensors and ties them in with the old Gravity sensors that were no longer used.

“Vicky, I’m picking up several ships hiding over there.” Jexa watches as the images fade in and out.

“Who is that other ship with?” Vicky knew the Monkey Wrench wasn’t carrying enough firepower to attack the carrier.

“According to the marking on their ship, they are with the Ailuro Federation.” Jexa had done a scan of the ships that had jumped in.

“Send those scans to their flagship. It should be their carrier if they have one.”

Jexa does as Vicky instructs.

Viminacium Command Bridge:
P9 finally manages to lock onto the stealth carriers, using all the sensors from all the fighters. He now knew where they were located. He sends those coordinates to Lisa.

Just as P9 was sending the coordinates to Lisa, Brenda was receiving a transmission from the Monkey Wrench.

“Sir were receiving a transmission from the freighter.”

“Put it through, Mrs. Jones.”

“This is the Monkey Wrench to Ailuro carrier. There are three Orgaian carriers hiding at these coordinates. I repeat, there are three carriers hiding at these coordinates.”

Lisa looks at the coordinates that were being sent and they matched the ones they had.

“They are matching, Captain.” Lisa was ready to head there and take them out.

“Lisa, recall Alpha and Echo squadron and have them join us. We’re going after those carriers.”

“Yes, sir.” Lisa gives the recall to Alpha and Echo squadron to form upon them.

Monkey Wrench:
“Vicky, the Carrier is heading towards the others. Do you want to help out?” Jexa wanted to have some fun.

“Nope, we’ll play support for the fighters. Take us towards the destroyers.” Vicky arms the Atlas ship killer missiles the Monkey Wrench was carrying. Using those missiles were going to cut into her profits, but they were powerful enough to disable the destroyers.

Jexa flies the Monkey Wrench like it was a butterfly towards the destroyers. The ship danced like it was a living organism. If there was one thing Jexa was good at, was flying the Monkey Wrench.

Once the Monkey Wrench was within range, Vicky fires the Atlas ship killers. The fighters had already done a nasty job to them, but when the Atlas hits them. It just makes matters worse for the destroyers.

A big gapping hole opens up on the Destoryers.

“Remind me later to paint three destroyers on our hull.” Vicky had an evil smile on her face.

“You can’t count that as a full kill Vicky. They were already damaged from the fighters.”

“Ya, ya.” Vicky leaps out of the weapon unit and heads towards the bridge.

“Let’s see what help we can provide.”

Viminacium Command Bridge:
The Viminacium rocks as the energy beams from the enemy carriers hit the protective shields protecting the Viminacium. Captain Vellutus watches as the powerful phase cannons from the Viminacium struck the protective shields of the Orgaian carriers. They tear right through the protective shields and go straight to the hulls. The energy tore right into the hull of the other ship.

“Keep firing.” Captain Vellutus wanted to make sure the Orgaian commander got the message from them.

The Viminacium phase cannons kept pounding and passing through the protective shields of the Orgaian shields. The secondary weapons of
the Viminacium intercepted any incoming missiles or fighters that tried to get close to the carrier.

Lisa was watching the activity going on outside of the ship. She kept a close eye on her husband’s fighter. He was out in one of the new fighters and she wanted him to come back safe.

Once the Orgaian carriers were destroyed. She looks towards the captain to see what he wanted to do next.

“Send our medical team over towards the cargo carriers to check on the prisoners.”

“Aye Captain.” Lisa sends the order to the medical team standing by down in the shuttle bay.

Monkey Wrench:
“Vicky, what do we do with the supplies we were sent to deliver?” Jexa looks over towards her boss.

“Let’s see what is going to happen with the people from Vesta V colony. They might go back down and resettle the place.”

“If they do, they better hope the Ailuro Federation is going to station either a space station here or ships.

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