The Blue Whale Chapter 7

Exhausted by blood loss and overwhelmed by his ordeal, Jack could barely keep his eyes open. The Woman smirked and said:

"You look very cute in makeup and a Maid Cafe Uniform. I can tell that you are really enjoying the experience. I enjoyed watching you deliberately sway as you walked so that you could feel the sweet caress of your petticoat against your willing thighs. I bet you thought I wouldn't notice - Didn't you?"
You just couldn't help fluttering your eyes and smiling to show off your makeup and display how much you
liked wearing your Maid Cafe Uniform...



My name is Josette Du Pres. Jack Easton is embarrassed to be dressed in a maid cafe uniform and wearing makeup, but he has found much to his suprise that despite his embarrassment, he has found that the experience is remarkably enjoyable. Pressed by the strange woman, he has reluctantly acknowledged that his name is now Jackie Easton...


The woman fell silent and waited for her exhausted charge to fall asleep. As soon as she was sure the girl was asleep, she turned and triggered a secret switch opening a hidden compartment holding a red phone. Instead of picking up the phone, she hit the speaker button and then the number four...

"Good afternoon Mlle. Duval. It is Afternoon up there?"

"Yes it is. I would like to speak to Nicholas."

[Blood curdling sounds in the background...]

"Mr. Blair is admonishing one of his assistants. He will be with you in a couple of minutes"

The woman waited until she heard a man say:

"I'm really busy! What do you need?"

"I've picked up a runaway."

"Yes I'm familiar with your assignment. What do you need?"

"First, a Maine Driver's License for a seventeen year old girl named Jacqueline Eaton. You can use the cheerleader picture. Five Feet Six - One Hundred Thirteen Pounds. Auburn hair and brown eyes. Use my local address."

"Secondly, a court ruling declaring me her guardian."

"Next the admission letter for our Swiss Girl's Finishing School with a starting date of Next Tuesday."

"A letter from her Doctor confirming her TG Status."

"Finally, a flyer from THE GAIJIN BOY TO JAPANESE GIRL MAID CAFE in Akibahara, Japan."

"What are you up to now? - What is he wearing?"

The Woman Whispered:

"A Maid Cafe Uniform."

"WHAT IS IT with you and BOYS in French Maid Outfits???"

"Alright, I will have everything you asked for Tomorrow Morning."

The woman hit the speaker button terminating the call and told her driver:

Take us to the Collinsport Inn.


When the limousine parked in front of the Collinsport Inn, The Woman gently waked the sleeping girl. Once she was awake and alert (as much as possible considering her condition), The Woman said:

"We're here. Wait for the driver to open the door for you."


The driver opened the door for The Woman first. Before she got out she said:

"Watch how I get out of the car. When the driver opens your door do exactly what I do. If you don't, you will be very embarrassed when you flash your very naughty panties. Remember this time you will have an audience just waiting for a peek at your very naughty panties. If your aren't careful, you might even fall and really give a good show."

Admonished by The Woman and afraid of embarrassing himself, Jack waited and carefully followed The Woman's directions.


The cute young girl in the Maid's Uniform carefully exited the car without incident. She attracted the attention of several people including a beautiful woman who exited from the other side and waited patiently for the girl to carefully exit the limousine without flashing her panties to her audience.

Grabbing her hand, The Woman led her into the Collinsport Inn stopping at the front desk.

The Desk Clerk smiled at The Woman and turned to the very pretty girl in the Maid Cafe Uniform:

"Good afternoon Miss Eaton." She picked up a key waiting on her desk and handed the key to Jackie saying:

"Your room is ready. It is number thirteen. You will find it to your left at the end of the hall. The bellhop will bring your baggage in from your limousine. I must say you are the cutest young woman to ever grace our humble Inn. If you need anything just pick up the phone in your room."

Jackie reached out and took the key from the Desk Clerk, she blushed, she smiled and she said in a low but (accidently) sexy voice:

"Thank you."

Highly embarassed, Jackie turned as slowly as possible and walked down the hall (unconsciously) swaying her bottom as she moved. The Woman was bemused by how quickly the girl had developed a gait designed to attract the eyes of men and the jealousy of women.


After Jackie and The Woman entered and shut the door to Jackie's room, The Woman said:

"The door to your right is the bathroom. I'm sure you need to go. I recommend you take off your petticoat first and hang it on the door. Secondly, you should pull down your panties and pull up your dress. Then you should sit down before going. If you don't, you will make a real mess. If we have to ask the attractive Desk Clerk you were batting your eyelashes at for help, you will be really embarassed. You are going to find that it is going to be increasingly difficult to look down over your breasts as they get bigger. It is best if you start sitting down to use the toilet now to get in the habit of sitting down first. This is really important."

In a minor act of rebellion, Jackie slammed the door as she entered the bathroom. However, she did remove her petticoat, and hike up her dress before sitting down. When she got up, she flushed the toilet adjusted her clothing, and went to the sink to wash her hands. When she looked at the mirror, it looked like it had been spray painted! The mirror looked like a floating grey cloud. She couldn't see her reflection!!!

When Jackie left the bathroom, The Woman smiled because the cute girl had put her petticoat back on before leaving the bathroom. Before The Woman could complement the girl, she mentioned the problem with the mirror.

Ignoring the girl's question, she quickly distracted the girl by telling her:

"Come here Jackie, you need to practice how to curtsy."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes! If you are going to wear a Maid Cafe Uniform to the Cosplay Convention, people are going to want to take your picture. Some of them will ask you to curtsy while they snap a picture of you!"

"I didn't agree to wear a Maid Cafe Uniform in public."

"You just strolled into the Collinsport Inn wearing a Maid Cafe Uniform. You can't get more public than that."

"I didn't want to do it. I was totally embarassed the entire time."

"Liar! I was watching you the entire time. You were deliberately wiggling your butt for the enjoyment of your audience. An audience that was lapping it up. Everyone was starring at your cute behind as you wiggled like a worm on a hook. You were smiling the whole time and you batted your eyes at every boy as you passed them."


"I can see your face. You are blushing. You are so busted!"

"You're exaggerating."

"Tell me did you enjoy feeling your petticoat caress your thighs as you swayed you oh so cute bottom?"

"You are blushing again."

"Can we change the subject?"

"Sure, now here is how you should curtsy."


"Now you try it."

"I don't want to."

"Okay, then let's go back and talk about how much you enjoy wiggling your sexy bottom when in a petticoat."

"Just forget it I'll try a curtsy."


"Not bad. You're a natural. Let's do it again,"


"Even better. Now try it again only this time hold the bottom of your petticoat in and throw it out when you rise."



"Try it again only a little faster."


Hearing a tray coming towards the door, The Woman moved so that Jackie was between the door and the Woman before saying:

"That was very good. Try it just one more time."

Just as Jackie finished her curtsy, there was a knock at the door. Since Jackie was closer to the door, The Woman said:

"Please answer the door, Jackie."

Jackie reluctantly opened the door part way trying to hide behind the door and saw a man with a moveable tray filled with their dinner.

"I have the dinner you requested. May I come in?"

Jackie opened the door wider and said quietly "Please come in."

Unfortunately for Jack, without intending too, Jackie's voice was very sexy. Even Jackie noticed how sultry she sounded. She felt herself blush.

As the man moved the tray into the room and placed it next to the table, The Woman moved next to Jackie and placed some bills in her hand. The Woman then whispered in Jackie's ear:

"When he is finished, thank him and hand him the money. And don't forget to curtsy. Remember don't forget to curtsy after you say thank you and give him the money."

When the man was ready to leave, The Woman gave Jackie a gentle push towards the man. Jackie reluctantly continued foreword towards the man. She said "Thank you." and held out her hand giving him the money. She then reluctantly (which signaled to the man that the cute young girl was very shy) curtsied!!!

The man smiled at her which caused Jackie to blush again. He said "You're welcome." He turned and left the room softly closing the door.

The Woman who had been watching the interaction as if she was a cat eyeing the canary, said with a smirk:

"That was a very sexy curtsy. I couldn't help noticing that you were flirting with him the entire time."

Blushing furiously, Jackie indignantly responded:


Unfortunately, it sounded more like a teenage girl with her arms around a boy telling her mother "We weren't really kissing."

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