Eyes Finally Opened Part 19

Amy stretches in bed when she wakes up later in the afternoon. She was so tired when she got home from helping Cassandra and Angela. She fought a whole group of ruby enhanced druggies. She hadn’t noticed before, but as she gets out of bed. Her joints felt stiff and her muscles were protesting.

She sits on the side of her bed trying to adjust to the pain and stiffness she was feeling. She doesn’t know if the stiffness and soreness she was feeling were caused by the tinted saliva from all the ruby druggies that had bitten and thorn her flesh.

She manages to stand up slowly and painfully makes her way to her bedroom door. Her body was protesting with every step and movement she took. She has never felt like this before. Her body should have flushed any toxins she got out of her system by now. The pain was starting to become too much for her as she used her door to support herself.

"Mom, can you come and take me down to the pack healer please?” Amy mentally sends to her Lady April.

Lady April was going over some reports when she felt Amy contact her. She was curious why she needed the pack doctor.

“What’s wrong, Amy?”

“Pain, mom. Can barely move.”

“I’ll get your aunt to come up and take a look at you.” Lady April sends a mental message to her sister Joyce.

Joyce was in the study with Cain taking care of pack business when she receives a mental message.

“Sis, can you meet me up in Amy’s bedroom, please?”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“Don’t know. All she said is that she is experiencing extreme pain. I can feel her discomfort through our mental link.”

“I’ll meet you up in Amy’s bedroom.” Lady April and Joyce arrive at the same time at Amy’s bedroom door.

“What do you think is affecting her?”

“Don’t know, but I hope it is something we can fix.” Lady April opens Amy’s door and spots her using her wall for support. She rushes towards
Amy. She could see the pain Amy was experiencing in her facial features.

Amy was doing everything she could to keep the pain she was experiencing from affecting her. All her joints were refusing to cooperate with her commands. Her muscles were acting the same way and didn’t want to respond to her.

Lady Joyce walks over to Amy and lay her hand on her exposed shoulder. She sends her power into Amy’s body to discover what was making her feel ill? As her power flows throughout Amy’s body. It met some resistance and it wasn’t coming from Amy. Joyce could feel that whatever was affecting Amy, was resisting her power as well. It was extremely strong and was coursing through Amy’s veins.

Joyce removes her hand from Amy’s shoulder and looks into Amy’s eyes. She could see traces of redness found in most ruby user’s eyes.

“Amy, how much ruby were you exposed to?”

“I fought over a hundred people jacked up on ruby.”

Lady April glances towards her sister “you think ruby is affecting her?”

“It’s a modified version of it. Something was added to it and because she was exposed to a large amount of the tainted ruby. It’s affecting her
body’s natural healing capability and resisting my healing energies.”

“How is that possible? We know ruby is made from vampire blood. The older the vampire, the more potent it is and the stronger the user becomes.”

“I don’t know sis, but there is one person who does know, Crazy Freddy. He’s been dealing with illegal drugs for a while.”

April walks over to Amy and carefully walk her back to her bed. She was using her abilities to try and block the pain.

“Lay back down, Amy.” She carefully lays Amy back down in her bed.

The blurriness Amy was experiencing was getting worse. She could only make out shadows now.

“Mom, I’m going blind.” Amy holds onto Lady April.

“It’s because of the ruby in you Amy. If we can find out what mixture they took, and you absorbed. We can counter it. I’m going to draw some of your blood and have it tested.” Joyce summons Mia to bring a few test tubes from the medical lab.

April fusses over Amy, trying to make her more comfortable. She could feel how much pain her daughter was suffering through.

“Amy, I’m going to put you in trance, till we figure out what is going on with you. I know how terrible the pain is.” April puts a mental block in
Amy’s mind to block the pain. Then she puts Amy into a deep trance, so her body can try to fight whatever was affecting her.

April looks towards her sister “do you have any idea of what is affecting her?”


They hear a knock on the door before Mia opens the door. She notices Amy laying in her bed sounds asleep.

“Here are the test tubes you requested Mistress Joyce.” As Mia hands the test tubes to Lady Joyce.

“Thank you, Mia.” Joyce accepts them and goes about taking blood samples from Amy. They knew from experience; Amy’s blood didn’t follow the standard classifications.

“There, that should do it.” As Joyce looks at the blood level.

“Let me go and check her blood. I’ll send Victor to bring crazy Freddy back to the mansion.” Joyce knew Tielo was the best enforcer to send.
The man was a rare Were-White Lion. The only mated pair she knew of, were members of their pard.

“I feel sorry for crazy Freddy. Tielo isn’t someone to mess with.”

“I know, that’s why Troy likes him so much. He’s been a real asset to our pard. Just as Amy has been. She has retrained our enforcers to be deadly.”

“I just can’t get over the fact that the HSL trained her to be so deadly.” Lady April brushes aside a lock of Amy’s white hair.

“Me neither.”

A couple of minutes later. Lady Joyce heads down to the medical lab, while April heads down to the gym to check on Arya. She knew Arya wanted to talk with her big sister.

When she steps out of the elevator, she spots Arya training with Erika. Erika looked to be correcting her form. She just stands back and watches Erika put Arya through several katas.

Troy’s Office:
Troy was reading the report he got from the enforcers that had worked last night. They had broken up several bar fights and had to rush a forced turned Were to a Sanctuary center. According to the report that was filled out by Markus Norewood. He and his partner, enforcer Voss came across the girl laying out in the middle of the road while doing their patrol.

According to the events, she had been found nude with needle marks at all the major pressure points and joints on her body. There were needle marks going around the top of her head and neck. He glances at the pictures Markus had printed out to go with the report.

Troy takes a magnifying glass to take a closer look at the picture. The girl looked to be in her teens and was nothing, but skin and bones. She looked like she had been experimented on from the marks on her skin and joints.

As he is looking at the pictures, there is a knock on his office door.


Lady Joyce heard Troy giving his permission to enter. She didn’t need it, because she was an Alpha, but she gave him the same respect she would want. When she walks in, she notices him looking at some pictures. One was still in his hand.

Troy looks up from the picture to see who just entered. He notices that it was Lady Joyce.

“Joyce, what can I do for you?” He sets the picture back down on his desk.

“I have a task for Tielo. I need for him to find and bring in crazy Freddy.” Joyce stops in front of Troy’s desk.

“If you don’t mind me asking, Joyce. Why do you need crazy Freddy?”

“Amy has been infected by tainted Ruby from helping Cassandra and her daughter. She defended herself from a hundred druggies hooked on ruby. She became infected from the numerous bites marks that are on her body. Whatever mixture the Russian Magi Bogdan gave the ruby users is affecting her and interfering with my healing ability.”

“And your hoping crazy Freddy might be able to identify what the magi did to it?” Troy could see the logic in that.

“I’ll get Tielo on it right away. It’s hard to believe anything could bring Amy down. She’s too good to be brought down by a bug. Oh, Tielo made the rank of investigator now.”

“That’s good to hear. He deserves the new rank. As for Amy, she’s tough and will survive.” Joyce will have to remember to tell Cain when she gets back.

“So, how are things going otherwise?” Joyce normally read the security report, but she still liked hearing it first hand from Troy.

“I’m afraid we might have either a secret lab conducting experiments or a government black Op’s site conducting experiments.”

“What type of experiments?”

“Forced Were experiments.” Troy picks the report up and hands it to Joyce.

Joyce accepts the report and reads what happened. She wasn’t liking what she was reading so far. She looks up from the report and at Troy.

“Has there been any others like this girl found?”

“Not that I know of, but I have the trackers out seeing if they can find anything.”

“Keep me and Cain informed, please. If this is happening in our territory, we need to put an end to it.” Joyce didn’t like any illegal experimentation or force change to happen.

“Will do boss.” Troy knew he better put more people on this matter.

“Alright, let me know what you find out.” Joyce leaves and heads back down to the medical lab to run a test on Amy’s blood.

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