School Life Chp. 16

Lindsey stretches when she gets up. It was the first day of Spring break and she didn’t have to be at school. Her mother had already left to go to work and she didn’t have anything planned for today, except to work on her music. The guys had talked about maybe coming by later and going out for lunch.

She heads towards the bathroom first and does her morning business. Doctor Alden said her blood test had come back as showing she had Pernicious Anemia. According to Doctor Alden, the genetic test he performed showed that she had inherited it from her birth mother. So, he had her on a B12 regiment and iron diet.

She heads into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee and to have breakfast. She makes herself a sausage and egg breakfast and turns the television on to see what the weather was going to be like. As she is sitting there, enjoying her breakfast and watching television. Her band appears on television. They were showing images from the restaurants they played at and the festival they had played at.

Lindsey calls Terry and the guys “hey guys, were on tv. Turn your tv to channel 26. They are showing us playing at the restaurant and the festival. Also, clips of us performing at school as well.”

Lindsey sits there and couldn’t believe they had been captured on camera. She had no idea they had been filmed, not that she would know. When she was up on stage, she concentrated on her performance. She had to admit to herself that this was the first time she has ever seen herself as she was playing. Most of the time, she was hiding behind her set-up of synthesizers. Being careful not to trip over her saxophone and guitar.

“This is going to up our popularity.” Terry and Jamie were excited. Ian and Dan were quiet.

“Has anyone spoken with Brenda yet about our next gig or appearance?” Brenda was their manager.

“She’s been swamped at work helping the partners with a big case. I’ll get with her and see what she has. Thanks for letting all of us know about the broadcast, Lindsey.”

“Your welcome. I’ll talk to you guys later.” Lindsey ends the call and finishes her breakfast. She cleans her mess up and heads back to her bedroom. She slips on a pair of purple shorts and a light purple color blouse. As she heads into the spare bedroom to record a tune that has been bouncing around in her head. She promises her mother that she wouldn’t lock herself away in the house playing on her instruments or recording.

Lindsey decides that she needed to take a break. She heads into the backyard to get her bicycle. Barbara had bought her a nice mountain bike at a yard sale. She could hear Ian practicing on his drum set. She just smiles as she heads down the road towards town. She could stop by her mother’s office to see how she was doing.

Lindsey was enjoying the weather and the ride. She had her iPhone playing music while she rode her bicycle. It was a nice day out and it was Spring break. Once she arrives in downtown. Lindsey heads towards one of the many old fashion stores that cater to teenage girls. She pulls her bicycle up to a post and locks it up.

It’s been a while since she has had money of her own to buy things. Her closet was almost full. She looks at a few blouses, camisoles and tank tops. There were a few Bohemian dresses, slip dresses and Chiffon dresses that were on sale. She spotted some shoes that that would go great with the dresses. She leaves that store and visits a few more stores.

She wasn’t looking for anything, she was just killing time and keeping her promise. She stops at an antique store to browse through some items they had. There were a few that could be used for costumes. She buys them and continues shopping. She heads home and just as she pulls up in the driveway, the guys pull up behind her in Dan’s SUV.

“Hey, guys.” She stands there with her bicycle.

“Hey, Lindsey. Why don’ you go and put away your bicycle and bags, so we can go out to lunch?”

“Alright, give me five minutes.” Lindsey drops her bags off by the back door and put her bicycle in the storage shed. As she heads back towards the front of the house, she stops and takes her bags to her bedroom.

She heads back outside to the SUV and climbs in with the guys. If there were any other guys, she wouldn’t be getting in, but since these guys were her bandmates. That meant they were safe to be around.

Once they were on their way. Terry turns around in the passenger seat to look at Ian, Lindsey, and Jamie in the back seat.

“I heard back from Brenda and we have several gigs lined up. We’re scheduled for a Pirate Festival in Charleston, South Carolina on June 15-17th, Haborfest in Norfolk, Va. From June 8th to June 10th. A Renaissance Festival in Covington, Tennessee at the end of May 25th-27th. We have also been invited to Los Angeles, California by the Steampunk community out there for two of their festivals to perform June 22nd-24th and June 29th-July 1st. I’ve also entered our music in a songwriter contest taking place in Nashville, Tennessee. Grand Prize is $5,000.00 dollars and to perform the song in Nashville. All accommodations and travel expense are paid for.”

“Terry, how are we suppose to afford the California gigs?”

“With the money, we already have from the few gigs we have performed and from the money, we make from the gigs coming up also, the
money we have made while working at the restaurants.”

“Okay, but we will need accommodations for a few of the gigs.”

“We are renting hotel rooms for the South Carolina and Norfolk gigs, the Renaissance Festival, we are camping out, as for the California gigs,
we are renting hotel rooms. The community out there is arranging it for us. July, we have several more Steampunk events and another Pirate Festival to go too. That’s not counting Brenda is in the process of setting up a road trip for us. She couldn’t speak long and will send the rest of the gigs and such by email. We need to get together and select our performance costumes for the Pirate and Renaissance Festivals.”

“How much is it going to cost to ship all our equipment to California or are we going to rent?” Lindsey prefers to take their equipment.

“We’re taking our equipment with us.” Terry hopes they weren’t getting in over their heads.

“Are you driving us for the other gigs, Dan?” Lindsey towards Dan while they traveled down the highway.

“Yep, we’re taking my SUV for the other gigs. I also have all the camping equipment were going to need for the Renaissance Festival.”

“Oh, poor Lindsey. She won’t have access to a hairdryer during that time.” Ian looks at Lindsey with a mischievous smile on his face.

Lindsey sticks her tongue out at him. She wonders how the guys are going to handle not having showers. She’ll have to remember to pack a lot of baby wipes. She does wonder if Barbara is going to let her go with the guys.

“Guys, we do have one problem. Unless the Renaissance Festival has power. We’re going to have to play our acoustic instruments. My keytar and my Casio run on batteries. However, our amps and speakers don’t.”

“Don’t worry Lindsey. We have some at the music store we can buy or rent that run on batteries.”

“How about soundboard?”

“We have a few around the shop.”

Dan pulls the SUV into the parking lot and parks. Lindsey hangs her purse off her right shoulder and follows the guys inside the mall. They head towards their favorite restaurant. Lindsey sits next to Ian and orders a nice huge burger with free French Fries refills. Everyone else places their orders.

“So, did Brenda know anything about us being on television?” Lindsey was curious if she set everything up.

“Nope, but she’s checking into it to see if they want to interview us.” Terry had found out that Brenda didn’t even know anything about them being video recorded.

George was on his lunch break when he walked into Acadia. Normally, he didn’t pay that much attention to who was in the restaurant, but as he was being escorted to his table. He walks right past a group of teenage boys and one girl. As he looks at them, something about them seems so familiar.

He keeps looking at them as the hostess shows him his table. As he waits for his lunch. He keeps looking over towards the teenagers. There was something about them as he takes his cell phone out and starts looking at the news. When he gets to the article about a High school putting on a play. He spots several people who were in the play and notices three members of the group had been in there. Then he comes across a video of them playing at a Steampunk theme restaurant someone had recorded.

He comes across another news article and shows them playing at a local festival. That’s where he recognized them from. One of the local television stations had broadcast a performance they had done at a local steampunk festival. He’ll have to have them come in for an interview on his radio station.

He gets up and walks over towards them “excuse me, I don’t mean to interrupt your meal, but I was wondering if you were the ones that had been shown on channel 26 this morning?”

“Yes, sir.” Lindsey looks at the guy and he sounded familiar to her. She normally doesn’t forget a voice.

“Your Good Morning with George Burstock on WNNX Radio.” Jamie knew who he was. He couldn’t believe they were talking to George
Burstock. He was a famous morning radio jock.

“That I am. If you don’t mind me asking. What is the name of your group?”

“We’re Dusty Gasket. I’m Jamie Knotts, Bass guitarist, this is my older brother Terry Knotts, lead guitar and lead singer, our drummer Ian
Smith, Lindsey Weathers, she plays the synthesizer, saxophone and writes most of our music and our rhythm guitar player Dan Welles.”

“Why don’t you guys come down to the station on Thursday morning around 8:00 A.M., so you can get some air time. Bring a demo of your music so I can play it for our listeners.” George pulls his wallet out and hands Terry a business card.

“We will do that Mr. Burstock.” Terry hands George one of the bands business cards.

George spots his food on its way to his table. “well, it’s been nice talking you and hopes to see Thursday morning.” He walks over towards his table.

“First we’re on the local television station and now we’re going to be on the radio.” Lindsey couldn’t believe their luck so far.

They finish their lunch and do the typical teenage thing of walking around the mall. Lindsey felt special walking around with four guys. She knew Terry and Dan were looking at the older women with curvy figures. Jamie was dating one of the girls from the drama club. She and Ian were friends and enjoyed each other’s company.

They spend the rest of the day at the mall. Later in the afternoon, Dan takes everyone home.

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