Date with Spider-Man Part 1

Date with Spider-Man

Oddly enough this story contains Infinity War spoilers, so be warned.

"Abby, this is ridiculous."

"Glen, this is the bet. Or should I say Gwen? That fits you better now."

"Don't you dare call me that," I say, pointing with an admittedly dainty hand.

Well, she was right, this is the bet. We had watched Infinity War the other night, and beforehand we made a bet. We both knew some characters would die in the film, but I believed that my favorite superhero, Spider-Man, was safe from the slaughter. My girlfriend believed differently. And thus the bet was made, the loser had to do whatever the winner wanted for a month. First she wanted me to go to our local comic shop, which normally I'd be happy to do, but this time she had me dressed as a girl.

"Did the breast forms have to be so big though?"

"Did they have to be? no. But I got you the most realistic ones, you are very welcome," she said with a giggle.

We continued walking down the street, making our way to the store. I felt like everyone was staring at me.

"Uggggh, I don't wanna," I said, probably looking like a teen girl with a temper tantrum.

"Oh will you hush up, It's not like I'm gonna make you dress like this all the time, I plan on you undertaking mostly manual labor for me, very manly stuff. You just need to get through this little part first, okay?"

I took a deep breath, "Okay, sweetie," I said, in that girly voice she begged me to do earlier just to show I'll honor the bet.

"Good girl, Gwen, very good," she said, enjoying the control she had over me.

We enter the comic shop, and the bell rings alerting our fellow patrons to our arrival. To the guys in here it might as well be a dinner bell. Abby, my girlfriend is hot, like really hot, and unfortunately, I'm not to bad myself. Abby made me into a very attractive girl, or as she put it, "Oh my god, you're so cute and sexy, at the same time, oh my god." That was not my proudest moment. And neither was this. Abby, of course, strutted her stuff, confident as ever. I sheepishly followed her lead. We just browsed, for a while I forgot what I looked like (1). But then I'd catch some nerd checking me out, ewww. Can't blame them of course, I was that same guy a few years ago, or a few days. If this is some elaborate social experiment to make guys feel bad about looking at ladies, it's working, if this is how it feels, I promise to change my ways.

"Okay, I'm gonna go to the little girl's room, Gweny Girl, my next task for you is to talk to one person, for an extended period of time, at least till I get back, and use your voice, go."

As she leaves, I look around to find someone to talk to. There aren't any other girls in this place that I can see. Most of these people creep me out. There is one guy in the Marvel section, reading a Spider-Man comic that looks pretty normal, I think. He's got a hat on that obscures his face, but I gotta talk to someone, and maybe this guy and I have something in common based on the comic. I walk over, I wish I could tighten my bra, do bras tighten? It feels like my boobs are jiggling just a little too much.

"Hey, watcha readin'?" I said, in that sweet girl voice, I was too good at.

"Oh, hey, I'm not reading, well, I am, I'm researching a part actually," He says in a British accent. Up close this guy really isn't like the other guys here, besides being British apparently, this guy is seriously jacked, a little on the short side, but who am I to judge at a pathetic 5'3".

"Oh, really that's cool. Has anyone ever told you you look like the guy who plays Spider-Man, Tim Hallowed?"

"Yeah, I get that from time to time, what's your name?"

"Oh my name? My name is ..Gwen. Gwen Lee."

"It's very nice to meet you Gwen Lee," He says, taking off his hat, standing up, smiling, "my name is Tom Holland."

"Oh my god, you are the guy, you are the Spider-Man." I said, bouncing up and down with excitement, trying to ignore my jiggling fun bags attached to my chest.

"Keep it down, this is the last place I want to be swarmed at."

"Oh, oh, okay. Dude you're Spider-Man," I whisper. I have the sudden urge to feel him, I know that's weird, but dude he's Spider-Man. This is crazy, "So, Spider-Man, what are you researching?"

"Don't call me that," He says feigning seriousness, causing me to giggle. "I'm researching stuff about Doc Oct, see he's the next vil-" He stopped himself, covering his mouth with his hand. "I'm sorry, you're not supposed to know that, I have a problem, not spoiling things, especially to beautiful women."

That last part caught me a little off guard, "thank you, that's sweet," I said, brushing my long blonde hair behind my ear nervously, "So, do you come here often?"

"No, not really, in fact I gotta get going right now," he said, grabbing his stuff and getting up, "But it was really nice talking to you, we should maybe do it again, maybe over dinner. Can I have your number?"

Oh my god. What? Is saying yes, saying yes to a date or just my number, before I could fully process I spoke without thinking, "Yes, you certainly can." I pulled out some paper and a pen from the purse I was carrying. Wrote my number down, and drew a heart with webs in it for good measure, "There you go, tiger." I said, handing it to him.

He gives me a confident smirk saying, "Thanks, gorgeous, but it's Mary-Jane that says tiger, not Gwen Stacy. But you're cute, so I forgive you" And before I can react he leans over and kisses me on the cheek., "See you around Gwen." He walks away.

My blushing is out of control, I can feel my face getting red and I'm getting really hot, due to both the embarrassment, confusion, and strangely enough my excitement. I take a sit to try and collect myself, my head in my hands.

"So, Gwen, when's your date with Spider-Man?"

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