The Blue Whale Chapter 8

The young girl in the Maid Cafe Uniform slowly walked over to the table blissfully unaware that she was wiggling her bottom in a highly calculated manner designed to draw all eyes to her. She sat down carefully brushing her petticoat and dress under her as she sat down concentrating on heeding the warning of The Woman to avoid flashing her very naughty ruffled panties.



My name is Josette Du Pres. Jackie Eaton on her first night in Collinsport will have three nightmares. Each one representing a possible future for a very confused young woman...


The strange Woman sat down across from the young woman and they began to eat their dinner. During the dinner, The strange Woman teased the girl about how quickly she learned to wiggle her behind, flutter her eyes, and speak in a sultry voice designed to draw all attention to her. For her part, the young woman mostly remained silent blushing furiously.

After eating, The Woman got up and went into the bathroom where she filled the tub with hot water and heavily sented bubbles. She called the girl into the bathroom where she saw the bathtub filled with a massive amount of bubbles. The Woman got down in her knees and started to remove the girl's Mary Janes and stockings. The girl tried to protest, but she was still weak from loss of blood and a newly filled belly. Her protests were feeble and ignored by The Woman. The Woman stood up and moved between the door and the tub and unzipped the girl's dress. The girl attempted without success to resist as The Woman pulled down the dress until it fell to the floor.

The girl instinctively tried to cover her budding breasts with her hands. The Woman quickly lifted up each of the girl's legs and pushed the dress away from the girl. The Woman then quickly picked up the girl's shoes, stockings and dress and left the room closing the door behind her.

The Woman threw the clothes on a chair and stood next to the door with her eyes closed until the girl took off her panties and entered the tub. As soon as the girl sat down in the tub, The Woman went over to the dresser and pulled out a baby doll nightgown, a pair of tight but matching ruffled panties, and a matching sheer robe.

The woman placed the girl's clothes on top of the toilet seat and picked up the ruffled panties the girl had dropped on the floor. She then left with the ruffled panties and quietly shut the door. The girl was asleep within minutes.

The Woman hung the dress up in the closet next to her other dress and placed the shoes on the floor. She put the ruffled panties and the stockings in a plastic bag she found in the shelf and placed the bag outside the outer door. She waited about twenty minutes and entered the bathroom where the girl was still sleeping. The Woman placed her hand in the water to check the temperature [The temperature was unchanged from when the tub was first filled?].

The Woman picked up a washcloth, a package of wipes and gently waked the girl. She carefully removed her makeup and started to wash her back. The water felt too good for the girl to resist or complain. She handed the washcloth to the girl and stood up watching the show (the girl was careful to not expose her budding breasts).

When the girl was finished, The Woman told her to dry herself off and get dressed before leaving the bathroom and softly closing the door.

The Woman moved over to the dresser and carefully partially opened the second drawer just enough to draw the attention of the girl. She left the room and sat down in the drawing room.

After the girl got up and dryed herself off, she looked over and saw the clothes on the toilet. She picked up the clothes and examined them. She thought {I can't wear these - I'm a boy! I am going to tell her...Tomorrow - I'm just too tired to deal with this tonight}. She reluctantly put them on. She moved over to the sink. Again, the mirror looked like it had been spray painted over. It looked like a grey cloud???
She thought {I am going to ask that weird woman to look at this mirror}. She decided it could wait until tomorrow. For now, the girl just wanted to avoid any more embarrassment and just get some sleep. She opened the door and entered the bedroom intending to immediately get into bed. Unfortunately, she was drawn towards a partially open drawer in the dresser. When she reached the dresser, she felt her heart start to pound as she started to open the drawer and peek inside. The small drawer was filled with some very weird things. She was afraid to touch them, so she retreated to the bed and quickly sat down staring at the drawer she had left open.

As soon as she sat down, The Woman (who had been sitting down with her eyes closed) opened her eyes, stood up and entered the bedroom.

When the girl saw the woman enter the bedroom, she asked:

"What is all that weird stuff in that drawer in my room?"

The Woman walked over to the dresser and picked up several items in the drawer. The Woman walked over to the bed and said to the girl:

"They're just toys. Some teenage girls like to use them when they go to bed. It helps them feel safe."


"Normal teenage girls like to experiment and have fun. You look like you want to try them out."

Jackie whispered "No way."

"You said no, but it sounded like you meant maybe. Your eyes said yes."

Jackie felt herself blushing and whispered so quietly that she could barely her herself over the sound of her heart pounding "They weren't saying yes."

"You're blushing Jackie and your eyes are begging please!"


The Woman picked up a collar from the pile on the bed and moved towards Jackie's neck. Jackie froze and her heart was pounding. She felt the collar go around her neck and could hear the strap being closed. Her breaths became short and fast as she felt the constriction on her neck.

"There now, how does that feel?"

When Jackie didn't respond, The Woman picked up a wrist cuff with a chain attached and put it on Jackie's wrist. Jackie was shocked and unable to move as the wrist cuff was strapped onto her wrist. She could hear the sounds of the chain rustle and her rapid breathing, but she was unable to hear The Woman ask " How are you feeling?"

Not hearing a response, The Woman picked up a ball gag and slowly moved it toward the girl's mouth. Terrified, the girl said "Please" but before she could complete the sentence, the girl felt the ball being rubbed across her lips. Instinctively, she opened her lips and allowed to ball to be pushed inside her mouth. Still frozen, she issued a silent scream as she felt the strap being moved around her face. She closed her eyes and waited until the ball gag was securely attached.

Her eyes remained closed as The Woman pushed her down on the bed. She offered no resistance as the Woman strapped her hands and feet to the bed posts. When she finally opened her eyes, the deed was done. She was securely bound and gagged.

The Woman sat next to Jackie and began to softly stroke her hair. Her breathing began to slow as The Woman spoke to her in a gentle voice:

"Most teenage girls experiment at least once with bondage. They get one of their friends to bind and gag you for a night like I just did to you. The next night they usually change positions and the girl's friend gets the opportunity to experience being bound and gagged. If the girl's are really close, the bound and gagged girl will have her breasts kissed and fondled."

The Woman moved her hands down towards the bound girl's budding breasts but stopped just before touching them...

"I know you're curious what it feels like to have your breasts kissed and fondled Jackie but I feel more like your Mother than your girlfriend. I think you should wait until you're ready, but experimenting with a little bondage is okay for a young girl like you."

The Woman pulled her hands away and bent down and kissed the terrified young girl gently on the forehead.

"Good night Jackie. Sweet dreams."

The Woman got up and turned off the lights. The exhausted and confused girl was asleep before The Woman was able to exit the room.


{Jackie was wearing her Maid Cafe Uniform. The girl and the Woman were walking in a huge crowd of people (most of them looked like Japanese). The Woman held Jackie's hand tightly. Suddenly, they were surrounded by several pretty Japanese girls all of them in Maid Cafe Uniforms. The Maid Cafe girls were speaking in a language Jackie could not understand.

Suddenly, Jackie felt someone put their hand under Jackie's petticoat. A second hand belonging to another Cafe Maid soon joined the other hand. One of the hands was rubbing her butt and the other hand was trying to pull down her naughty ruffled panties. Instinctively, Jackie let go of The Woman's hand and tried to pull both hands from under her dress. Almost immediately Jackie was surrounded by a half dozen Maid Cafe Girls who grabbed Jackie and dragged her away from The Woman. She saw two of the Maid Cafe Girls push The Woman to the ground. As Jack was being dragged away, The Maid Cafe Girls began to fight amongst themselves. Four Maid Cafe Girls pulled her into a building and the doors slammed shut.

Jackie was quickly brought before an old woman. She looked Jackie over carefully and said:

"400,000 yen!"

The four Maid Cafe Girls said at the same time "Hai!"

The four Maid Cafe Girls let Jackie go and steped back. Two Japanese men moved to Jackie's sides and grabbed her by the arms.

The old woman said:

"I buy you. You belong Blue Dragon Maid Cafe. Gaijin Woman make deal sell you to Gaijin Boy To Japanese Girl Maid Cafe. I buy you first. We mark you so Gaijin Boy To Japanese Girl Maid Cafe know you property of Blue Dragon Maid Cafe!


Another Japanese man comes over dragging a Maid Cafe Girl by the arm. He lets her go and grabs the front on her dress and rips the dress off her leaving her standing in front of Jackie wearing only a pair of panties and Mary Janes.

Jackie stares at the girl. She has a tattoo starting from above her breasts and running down her right leg to her ankle.

The Tattoo is a bright blue dragon. The dragon's snout nestles between her breasts. The head of the dragon extends from her neck to the top of her breast. The neck of the beast winds around her left breast. The left breast is covered by a yellow egg being held by one of the dragon's clawed hands. Only the claws can be seen grabbing the egg as the hand is behind the egg. The other clawed hand is in front of the right breast covering almost the entire breast.
Below her breasts the beast's neck curls down to his body which covers almost her entire front from below the breasts to her waist. The dragon's tail extends down to her ankle wrapping around her right leg twice.

After seeing the full measure of the girl's dragon tattoo, Jackie promptly fainted}...

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