Wildcats Prequel Ch. 01


Wildcats was published here on BigCloset in 2017. Since it appeared here, it was rewritten and published by Doppler Press on Amazon. As Book One and Book Two have appeared, and Book Three is due out sometime in June, 2018, I wrote a story that would have preceded the original story. I hope you enjoy it.

Edited by Eric. Posted by Dawn Natelle.



Tonight the Wildcats were opening for a month of shows at the Rendezvous, the biggest club in Allentown, PA. They waited in the stage shadows ready to come out rocking.

Tasha stood on the left hand side of the darkened stage. In the dim glow of her amplifier and the work lights, she looked down at her familiar red high top sneakers and grinned. Her eyes followed up her spandex and denim jeans, so skin tight they had little zippers in the cuffs to get them on. Inside those black jeans, she wore a spandex thong so no panty lines would show across her padded hips and bottom.

A thin red spandex spaghetti strap tiny tee covered with sequins revealed her thin underdeveloped upper body but did nothing to hide her black A cup bra. But that was the look her sister Lisa was going for.

Hidden deep inside the 5’10” rock and roll goddess with the dirty blonde hair was an eighteen-year-old high school senior named Terry Nelson. Tonight he was disguised as Tasha, whose heavily styled punk haircut was sprayed with bright red highlights. Tasha’s creative eye makeup and pouty, red lips contrasted sharply against her pale skin.

This was Terry’s first time dressed as Tasha playing in front of a full house of crazed Wildcat fans. With his stomach churning, he quivered with excitement and shook with fear.

Tasha held a guitar pick in her right hand. She was strapped into a Fender Stratocaster with a mic stand six feet in front of her and a huge Marshall amplifier looming behind her. She was ready to go.

Terry’s hand nervously brushed across the thick black ribbon of velour that circled his neck, effectively covering his Adam’s apple from view. He resisted touching his makeup even though he could feel and smell it. He feared smearing the carefully applied mascara, eyeliner, and all the colors that had been feathered into his skin. He was trying his best to ignore the crimson red color that coated his lips.

‘This is no dream,’ he thought. ‘This is crazy!’


Chapter 1

‘I’m the king of the world,’ Terry Nelson thought as he sat back on his bed, propped up with two pillows. He smiled as his mind wandered.

His mom walked by his door holding a basket of clean laundry. She stuck her head in his room and saw him grinning. “Well, look at you. What’s got you all cheery first thing in the morning?”

Terry looked over and laughed as he saw his mom standing there. “Hey, mom! There are a lot of good reasons to celebrate. It’s Sunday, it’s spring vacation, and no school for a week. And Lisa just texted me. They’re almost home.”

Amy set the laundry basket down as she checked her watch. “I’ll bet they decided to drive straight through. Are you planning to get a shower? You know your sister’s going to use all the hot water when she gets here.”

Every year, Lisa and her band returned home in the spring to recharge their batteries. They’d work downtown as the house band at the Rendezvous through the month of March.

Terry hopped out of bed and into their bathroom. He smiled as he ran the water waiting for it to warm up. He hummed the song he’d been trying to get out of his head and on paper. He already had a title, ‘Skip This Ad in Five Seconds.’

Thirty minutes later, Terry was still trying to get all the water out of his ears. Standing in the living room, hopping on one foot, and shaking his wet hair, he watched Lisa drive up and park the Wildcats fifteen passenger band van in the driveway. “She’s here!” He yelled, then walked down the driveway. Lisa dragged out a pair of duffles.

Terry hugged her. “Hey, sis. You look as beat up as your truck.”

After eleven months touring on the road, Lisa was exhausted. She tossed one big bag at him trying to knock him over. “Yeah, here you go, little brother. We drove straight through from Charlotte. When we finished playing last night we packed up and got outta town. Zoe and I split the driving. Nothing like fueling up on coffee and the desire to get home to keep you going all night.”

Terry shook his head as he walked the oversized canvas bag into the house and up to her room. “Better you than me. Sometimes I wonder about the life you’ve chosen.”

Lisa followed playfully bumping him with the second duffle. “Well, you’d have to walk in my shoes to understand. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. And if someday the band breaks out with a record contract and a tour, all this slogging around will have been worth it.”

Terry tossed the duffle into Lisa’s room and grabbed the other bag out of her hands. “Yeah, wouldn’t that be cool. But, I don’t know, sis. Four years of touring with the Wildcats, all this lifting and hauling, practicing and playing, I think you’re past crazy.”

“Then you would have loved this.” Lisa made a muscle. “We just unloaded all the equipment from our trailer into storage at the Rendezvous this morning.”

Terry shook his head. He was allergic to any physical labor. “All that’ll do is make you hot and sweaty.”

Lisa laughed. “Uh huh. You know it! The heaviest thing you lift is a game controller. But I’ll bet you and your little dweeb buddies would have bought tickets to see the Wildcat women stretching out their muscles, lifting amps, and sweating hard.”

Terry grinned. Lisa was right. His high-school buddies were all pervs and her band mates were all babes. He’d never say it aloud to Lisa even though his friends talked about the Wildcats all the time.

Lisa just kept talking. “The whole way home all we thought about were hot showers and clean sheets.” Lisa stopped and pointed. “Now, drop my bag, little brother, and please get the rest of my stuff from the truck.”

Terry smirked. In the past years, he’d grown a few inches taller than his sister. He stood up straight and looked down at her. “Lisa, you haven’t changed. You still like to boss everyone around.”

After showering and getting a snack, Lisa disappeared into her room for a nap. Terry retreated to his bedroom. He pulled out his acoustic guitar and worked on some chord changes for this new song that was driving him crazy.

An hour later, he was still sitting on his bed trying out some new lyrics when Lisa appeared in his doorway. He looked up at her. Her clean hair was pulled back in a high ponytail. She was wearing a tee shirt, a pair of jeans, and an over-sized hoodie. She looked tall, skinny, and sixteen.

He laughed. All his buds could talk about was his sister, Lisa. They referred to her as a blonde bombshell. Looking at her now, he had trouble seeing that image. She was his older sister and always a pain in the butt.

Even his girlfriend, Jenn, said Lisa was gorgeous. “C’mon, Terry. With her athletic figure and beautiful face, she’s as beautiful as they come.”

Terry listened and nodded when Jenn talked. Sure, Lisa was blonde. But he didn’t understand why guys drooled all over her.

The Nelson kids had always been different from each other. Lisa was the Energizer Bunny, constantly in motion. She’d played on all the sports teams, had tons of friends, and dated a lot. And while they both had musical talent, Lisa was the one who played in a rock band.

Terry was the loner. He saw nothing wrong with eating by himself at school. He loved music and enjoyed the challenge of taking weeks to master a complicated Bach piece. Everything else was just okay.

But two years ago things changed when Terry played Lisa a rock song that he wrote for her band.

Lisa listened carefully then asked him to play it again. He remembered her getting a strange look on her face.

Lisa looked really surprised. “Wow. That’s good. Seriously, you wrote that?”

Terry nodded. “I write a lot of stuff.” He gestured to his notebook full of songs. “I hear songs floating around in my head. Sometimes they are just bits and pieces until I work them out.”

Lisa nodded. “What’s this one called?”

Terry laughed. “It’s called ‘Downward Spiral’. It’s about almost failing Chemistry.”

Lisa laughed. “Oh, dear, old Allentown High. Eleventh grade with Mr. Darrel?”

Terry sheepishly nodded. “Yeah. ‘Darrel the barrel’. What an ass wipe! He made it easy to hate school.”

Lisa nodded her head in agreement. “Well, at least you got a song out of it!”

Terry smirked. “And a D! Let me tell you, mom was pissed!”

Lisa laughed. “Darrel was a royal pain even when I had him. All his weekly quizzes drove me nuts. He used to stroll around the classroom, fart silently, and keep walking looking all innocent like.”

“We call it ‘Crop Dusting’.” Terry smiled.

Lisa laughed as she left the room.

Terry called out into the hall. “Hey, where ya goin?”

“To get my guitar. You’re gonna teach me ‘Downward Spiral’! It’s too good to pass by! I want to play it for the band.”

The Wildcats loved it. They encouraged Terry to write more songs for them to play.

And that’s when Terry knew he wanted to be a composer.


After her shower and a nap, Lisa appeared in his doorway and listened to him play a new tune. “Oh, that sounds sweet. What’s that one called?”

Terry didn’t look up but shook his head. “I call it ‘Monkey’. I’m headed out into uncharted waters with this one. It’s all about a guy expressing his love for a girl. It’s just not working.”

“Well, I was looking forward to hearing your latest and greatest. The songs you’ve been sending us are working out well. They help separate the Wildcats from all the cover bands we compete with.” Lisa smacked him on the back. “Hang on. I want to jam it out with you.” She went back to her room to get her Martin guitar.

Lisa and Terry joyfully spent the afternoon catching up and playing his new tunes.

Lisa was blown away with her brother’s gift. “Jeez, little brother. You’re knocking my socks off. This new music is sweet.”

Terry grinned when his big sister complimented him. After all, she was the closest thing to a celebrity he knew.

Lisa’s Wildcats were regional stars. The band was in high demand playing beach and shore rock clubs from New England through the Carolinas. In the winter they were booked throughout the South in all the bars and dance clubs.

As their mom got dinner together, she directed all her questions towards her daughter. “Okay, Lisa, my love. I want to hear all about the Wildcats and their winter tour. We haven’t seen you since Christmas and I want to catch up. How are the girls?”

Lisa laughed. “We’re all healthy and trudging along. We didn’t make as much money this year as we had hoped. A couple years ago, clubs would have places to put us up, saving us motel costs. But, that tradition has disappeared. The money has gotten tighter.”

Terry got out the placemats and the plates.

Lisa got out the napkins and silverware. “We played every week. So we got paychecks. But covering our bills used up a lot of our money. Tiffany has pointed out more than once that her cousin was making more money being a teller at First Savings downtown.”

Terry was content to sit and listen. He loved hearing her stories. Lisa always had some good ones. A lot of the tales were about the tough times on the road. It was another reason he was determined to go to college.

After Lisa shared the high and low moments of the past two months, Amy started to clear the table. She was happy having both kids under her roof again, having everyone back together. She loved feeling the glow.

Standing at the sink helping clean up, Lisa turned to Terry. “You know, little brother, I was thinking. Since it’s your spring vacation, how would you like to come over to the club and jam with us tomorrow?”

Terry was thrilled. It was something he’d thought about since the Wildcats started playing his songs. “Sure. I’d love to. That would be awesome!”


When he talked to Jenn that night, he excitedly shared the news.

Jenn didn’t take it as well as he thought she would. “Yeah, that’s all great for you. I thought we were going to have more time together over vacation. All you’re doing is spending our time with your sister’s band.”

Terry tried to reassure her. “Jenn, we’ll do a lot of stuff. We can hang out every day. I’ve been invited to jam on Monday. We have the whole week to spend together.”

Jenn’s voice brightened. “Okay. That’s good to hear. My mom is away on business this week in Chicago. I was hoping we could hang out at my house.”

Terry couldn’t keep the grin off his face. “Hmm. I wonder what we can do at your empty house?”

Jenn laughed. “Ha. And I’m not telling Brian, Don, and Tony about the empty house. I don’t want to see all their video games dragged over here. I want it to be just us!”

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