Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency Case 4 Part 5

Case 4 Part 5

Leetha waits patiently for the robbers to show-up again. This was her third night waiting to ambush the robbers. She and Mr. Blackstone had a heated argument about taking matters into her own hands. He understood, that where she came from. That was the way matters were handled sometimes. He didn’t approve of that form of violence, but he did compromise if she could capture the intruders, then he would allow it.

So, here she was waiting for her prey to show up. It was the third night and she was in her familiar hiding spot, using the magical enchantment of her cloak to hide her. She knew Luna was on guard as well.

Luna wanted to help capture the two guys she had fun with a few nights ago. She was hiding on one of the desks as she waited for the two to show-up again. She had a gummy bear she was chewing on. She stops chewing on the gummy bear when she hears some noise.

Luna flies up off the desk and hovers high near the ceiling. As she is looking around, she spots some movement. It was like a shimmering effect.

Luna flies over towards where Leetha was hiding. She points in the direction where there was movement.

Leetha saw the movement as well. She pulls a golf ball size marble from a pouch on her waist and rolls it over towards the guy. She watches as there is a glow as the shimmering figured stepped on it.

Harry and Dave had managed to come in the same way they had before. As far as they knew, no one knew they had broken in and no new security measures had been installed. Just as they were about to touch the biometrics pad, they heard a crunching sound. Then they felt a tingling sensation and they couldn’t move.

“What the hell?” Harry couldn’t move anymore.

Dave realized he couldn’t move either. He was standing next to Harry still invisible. He heard the crunching sound and then felt a tingling

“What the hell? What just happened?” Dave couldn’t lift his leg off the floor. It was like someone had poured superglue and he had stepped right into it.

“That’s because you two are stupid.” Leetha appears and walks over towards the two men.

Harry and Dave watch as a beautiful woman with long light brown hair, wearing some sort of full body mottled grayscale mail armor. Her hands were covered in black leather gloves and she had on a black cloak. They watch as she came closer to them. She didn’t look too happy. A bluish light drops down from the ceiling and lands on her shoulder.

“Who the fuck is you?” Harry looks at the woman walking towards him. How could she see him with the suit he was wearing turned on?

“I’m someone that doesn’t play by the rules and laws you have here.” Leetha back-hands him hard across the mouth.

Harry winces from the backhand he just received. He felt like he had been backhanded by a loaded glove. He glares at her.

“I have rights.”

“And the people who own this building don’t? As for your rights. You forfeited them the moment you decided to rob this place.”

Leetha turns to face Dave “as for you. You will die soon from your potion.”

“What are you talking about?” Dave was curious.

“The potion you are taking. It is slowly killing you. I can smell surrounding you.”

Harry glances towards Dave. He had seen a rash on Dave’s body, but he had thought it was just something else.

“Now, I want to know why you two are so dead set on trying to get the necklace so badly?” Leetha stood close by ready to make the men talk.

“We’re not telling you anything.” Harry wasn’t scared of the elven looking lady.

An evil smile appears on Leetha’s face. She summons her personal energies and “dolor!” as she directs the spell towards the two men.

Harry and Dave double over in intense pain. Every fiber of their being felt like a hot iron was being put to them. They fall to the floor on their knees.

“Now, you are going to tell me why that necklace is so important or the next word you’ll hear me say will cause you to burst into flames. Now speak!”

“Screw you, bitch!” Dave looks up at Leetha.

“Praemium!” Leetha directs the spell towards Dave.

Dave screams at the top of his lungs as his body burst into flames.

Harry watches as his partner burns. He had seen this before when Jacob put some sort of red glowing ball on a member of the group. The
person had failed an important task he had been asked to perform.

“Now, do you want to join your friend there?” She had her sword raised and pointed at his throat.

Harry hadn’t even seen her move or the sword at his throat. He looks into her eyes and could see she wouldn’t hesitate to cut his head off. All he could see was death in her eyes. It was like looking into a green sea and then falling into a dark hole.

“Exstingue flammas!” Leetha directs the flames burning Dave’s body to go out.

“Luna, can you open the door to air the place, please?”

Luna zooms over towards the garden door and punches her passcode in the keypad. She’s learned to use her ability to push the door open. She freezes the water at the base of the door to hold it open to air the place out.

“Dr. Jacob Smythe. He needs the necklace to continue living. He has cancer and it is slowly killing him and he isn’t ready to die yet.”

“Where can I find this Dr. Jacob Smythe and don’t lie to me either. Because I can yank the information out of your head if I want to.” Leetha
didn’t like using her mother’s old headband that allowed her to yank people memories from their head.

Harry looks at the sword and then back up at Leetha “are you planning on killing me?”

“I should for all the evil you have done, but no. I have something else better for you.” Leetha felt the magical salts from the Lake of Zaysan were strong enough to erase his memory permanently.

Harry takes a breath before he spills his guts to this woman “He resides at the Castle. You’ll find him there.”

Leetha puts her sword away and knocks him out. She secures his hands and looks over towards Luna. She spots Luna out in the garden talking to an elven looking woman with wings and long white hair. She had on some sort of silver vein tiara and wearing a blueish gaze dress. It was also snowing out in the courtyard.

“Who is that?” As she walks towards the courtyard.

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