Dollie Finishing Academy 5

.Dollie Finishing Academy 5

Written by Dauphin
Our boy gets a new babysitter and struggles to keep hope

Dollie Finishing Academy 5

My heart sunk as Miss Victoria opened the door. It was Gloria! She was the girl that seen me in the backyard and teased me. Now she was standing close to me and could be certain that I was a sissy and a baby. I could feel my eyes water up, but I remembered that I promised I would not cry. I would survive this sissy treatment from the witch. The problem was that Gloria was from my class and she was one of the few girls that I really liked. I was going to ask her out at some stage. I was shy every time I saw her at school, imagine how I felt now!

Miss Victoria invited her in and told her to have a seat. I was put in the playpen. I couldn’t say much, as I had a pink pacifier in my mouth. I didn’t want Gloria to hear me talk anyhow, as for some reason I started to lisp. It's not like I got a chance to speak. Miss Victoria told Gloria that she saw how Gloria spoke to me in the backyard, and this is what I needed. I needed a girl that could accept I had the body of a boy but was far happier living as a girl. I needed a girl that was dominant and would work to achieve this goal. She knew Gloria would be a perfect babysitter for me. Gloria smiled and assured Miss Victoria she was the right girl for the job!

I sat in the playpen and threw a ball against the sides as if I was in a real prison cell. It was not a good thing that Gloria would now be my babysitter. Now I had two women trying to convince me I was something that I am not. I was more alone in my fight to keep my sanity. The problem was also that I could not trust her. I am sure the whole world would know after Gloria told them.

I am a boy. I am a boy…

Gloria helped me out of the playpen and sat down next to me and played like I was a little toddler. She didn’t say much, but I could see that she was eying me closely. I looked down as I did not want to see her in her face. After a while, she tried speaking telling me that my dress was nice. I said thank you in a low voice and continued playing. Then she would ask me if I was wet. This was so embarrassing. It was obvious that she was bored of playing with baby toys. I did not want to show that I was getting used to playing with them, so I held my doll and just looked around. Gloria wanted to look at the doll, so she took the doll out of my hand. I spit the pacifier out of my mouth and cried telling her that it was mine. This shocked her as she said it was obvious that I was changing.

Miss Victoria came rushing again and she looked quite worried and mad. Gloria must have noticed this too and asked her what the problem was.

“His mother rang and suddenly had second thoughts of him being here. She signed custody over to me and I warned that this academy had a success rate and told her son will be more feminine. At the time, she did not care. She could no longer control this boy. Now she wants to come and visit!”

“Is that not good, that she can visit?” Gloria asked while I wondered if they did not realize that I can understand everything they were saying.

“No, it's not. He is not ready. His mom will come and feel sorry for him. She will want to take him away. As I said, he is not ready for it. I told her he is getting better, but this takes time. It will ruin all my work. I will not let her take my princess. I will finish my work! I would rather take him underground where no one can destroy my work.”

I was confused. Mom suddenly missed me and wanted me back and asked Miss Victoria for permission to take me home, and now she was threatened not to think about it. I hoped that my mom was braver than a chicken and would come to save me.

Miss Victoria calmed down and sat down next to me.
“It’s time you go to the next stage,” she said. “You will now be treated like a toddler girl. In fact, you will be more and more like a girl now and will consider yourself a girl. You will be more comfortable being a girl than a boy. Who knows, you may even be in a pageant! So no more diapers, you will now be wearing cute cartoon panties! I think this is something to celebrate!”

Miss Victoria came with some coke. Mine was in a sippy cup, but I have to admit that it tasted so good. I was smiling knowing I did not have to wear diapers anymore. It was a small plaster after any hope of my mom coming to save me was over. I still had to remind myself that I was a boy and I this was just a nightmare. The witch could force me through the stages she had and I would survive them all. This did not mean that she would control my mind. I knew I was a boy and this would not change.

Wearing panties were strange. It was like I felt older. I felt like I could walk better and I could move around lot more. It also meant that I did not need to use highchairs and sit in the playpen. The only thing that reminded me of being a baby was the crib in the bedroom. Gloria tried warning me to be careful as I could have lost some control of my bladder. She warned me that I could wet myself until I got some control back. This made me sigh as there was always some bad news.

Miss Victoria seemed to have forgotten all about my mom's phone call as she was very busy. She said several times that it was good that she had Gloria to babysit me, as she had lots to do. This made me curious as to what strange things she would force me to do now. So I followed her around the house and tried to get a clue to what she was up to. When she sat at the computer, I asked her. She smiled and said she was so proud that I was happy at being a sissy that she was going to enter me in a pageant. This pageant would be a test if others would see me as a girl. This means we had lots of work to do- We had to find outfits for the pageant and we had to find some talent I had. She thought that I could sing or maybe dance. I tried my best to smile.

I went to my room and hid behind a huge dollhouse and buried my head in my hands. I could not help it, but I started crying. I thought being a baby girl was bad enough. Now the witch wanted me to be in some beauty pageant. The witch thought it would be a test to see if people could see I was a girl. I knew that people were not so daft. Everyone in the world would know that I was sissy. They would think that I wanted to be one. They would think that I really wanted to be in the pageant. I know I promised not to cry, but this was now too much. Once again, I asked myself what I did to deserve this!

I could hear Gloria calling my name. I quickly wiped my tears away and tried to get my act together. When she saw me, she started giggling. To make things worse, she told me that no one at school would believe her when she told them how much of a sissy she was.

“This is so weird,” she said while giggling, “You were one of the cutest boys in class and now look at you! You are wearing a summer dress and playing with a dollhouse. You are a sissy! Admit it! You want to be here!. You could just run away. I can't believe how strange you are. I am sure no one at school will. They will think you are just a sissy wimp and even gay! Don’t expect any compassion from me. I am here to make your life hell and I even get paid for it!”

She told me I had to put another dress on. It was a white lace Sunday dress. She put flowers in my hair. Then I wore these white cotton tights that felt so strange. They felt like they were part of my skin. I actually liked the feeling of them. She told me to go to the toilet and sit on it until my bowels were empty. I did as I was told. As I sat on it, I was cursing Gloria's name. She was another tormentor in my life. To think I once fancied her! She was right with one thing. I could fight this more and more, even if it meant that I was electrocuted by the collar.

When I was done, I walked out to the sitting room. A girl a bit older than me was there with an older lady. I quickly hid behind the door, but Miss Victoria must have seen me and told me to come in. I never felt so embarrassed in my life. I walked in with my head hanging low. The girl was so pretty. She most likely was like Gloria in thinking I was weird. Gloria giggled and said how it was so cute that we were blushing. I really wanted to throw something at her! I sat on the sofa and made sure my legs were closed. Then I noticed something special. The girl had the same collar as me. Could it be that she was also a sissy, but at a later stage?

His mom or whoever she was told us to get to know each other. So the sissy sat beside me and tried to hold my hand. This was too much for me and I snatched my arm back. I told him I was not gay. I must admit I was mad and scared. I was not mad at the sissy boy. I bet he was forced into being a sissy. His Miss most likely told him to hold my hand. He was probably starting stage 201 where he had to find some boyfriend. No, it was not his fault. It was the witches fault.

It did feel worried, that Miss Victoria would want me to find a boyfriend.

The two witches talked about the best place to get clothes for us. Miss Victoria talked about how bad I used to be, and she said I was a problem when I first came here. However, now I was very willing. They talked about the pageant. The other witch said I would be very cute with my lisp.

It was time for them to go. They wanted Sissy Boy and me to give each other a kiss, but I refused. I gave him a hug because I felt sorry for him. I was not at the front door as I did not want people to see me. As I seen them get in the car, I noticed a shadow. It was a woman standing beside a light pole. The more I looked at the shadow, the more it looked like my granny. I know I could not see the woman's face. But she was wearing a hat like granny does and had a walking stick. It most likely was not granny, but it sure looked like her. There was a chance that it was her! I ran to the front door and looked for her at the light pole. There was no one there. I nearly collapsed on the ground thinking that this was my chance to be saved.

I had to be alone. I did not want to be around Miss Victoria or Gloria, so I hid under the crib. I closed my eyes and remembered what it was like when I was a boy. I remember playing sports with my friends, playing video games. I remembered my clothes. It was so easy putting jeans on and a t-shirt. What colour was my bike? While I looked forward to putting my old clothes on, I was also afraid. No thanks to Gloria and my friends, everyone would think I was a sissy. It would difficult starting back at school, but much better than staying here.

While I was thinking, I had a strange feeling. It took me a while to realize that I wet my panties. I was so mad at myself. I felt like a little girl that wet herself. I had to remember, I was no longer in diapers! I crawled out and took the wet panties off. I washed myself with a baby wipe. Then I found a new pair of panties and put them on.

Just as I had them on, Gloria came in. She looked down as she said, “Please forgive me, I have been so mean to you. I let power get to me. You really do not want to be a sissy? Did you?”

I forgave Gloria and said I would probably have done the same. Then I told her everything. She was in shock, especially when I told her the doctor gave me shots that stopped my boy's hormones and I would not grow. Gloria was in shock. She said it was like being kidnapped. There was silence from us for a while. I asked Gloria not to tell anyone from school. She promised not to and told me my so-called friends showed pictures of me.

“This must be illegal!” She said, “I wish I could stay and help you, but I have to go home. Promise me one thing…”
“OK, what?”
“Remember that you are a boy!”

She admitted that she thought I was one of the cutest boys in the class, and in a way she always fancied me. Gloria warned me not to be brainwashed into thinking I was a girl. Then she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. It was a small kiss, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was like there were fireworks all around me.

Gloria left to go home.

So I was stuck with Miss Victoria. We were having dinner when she talked about the upcoming pageant. I would be wearing a gown dress and have a tiara on. I closed my eyes and could see me at some stage looking like a princess while people that looked were asking if I was a boy or a girl. Miss Victoria was still rambling on that we would need to practice as she expected me to do well, so I could go to the next stage. She was still worried about the talent part of the show. She said most would dance or sing. I needed to be special. Maybe reading a poem would make me shine.

She then looked at me and asked me if I was happy to be here. I looked down and was about to say something when she asked me did I love her.

I was saved by the doorbell.

Miss Victoria was annoyed saying that Gloria should remember her things. I stayed in the kitchen while she answered the door. Then I heard a man speaking, but could not hear exactly what he said. Whatever was being said was not good, as Miss Victoria was screaming. I heard a lot of commotion. I could hear the voices get close. It didn’t take them all that time to stand in the kitchen. It was a policeman and policewoman. The policewoman told me to come with her. I was lead outside where Mom, Granny and Gloria waited.

I gave Granny a hug and then Gloria. I did not want to give mom a hug as I was still mad at her. While I was giving Gloria a hug, she explained when she came out, she met granny by the lamppost.

“I asked her was there a boy in the house.” Granny continued, “I explained I was your granny and did not hear from you. Gloria burst out crying and told me what that evil woman was doing with you! I told your mom to ring to the police and so here we are!”

More hugs were given. I even gave mom a hug. While I was doing this, Miss Victoria was lead out in handcuffs. She was still shouting and asking me did I love her.

I did not answer.

This is the final chapter in “act 1”- If you want an act 2, send me a message on what you think should happen

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