I Was Turned into Lola Bunny

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Chris couldn’t wait to get home from school. It was the last day of school and his Lola Bunny costume was coming by FedEx today. He was going to a furry con as Lola Bunny along with several of his friends. One of his friends was a brony and was going as his favorite My Little Pony character. Which was Rainbow Dash? Another was going as a half-dragon warrior.

Chris rushes into his house as soon as he gets off the bus and spots his package sitting in the foyer. He grabs it as he heads upstairs and lay it on his bed. He opens it and looks inside. There was the whole complete outfit of Lola Bunny. The Basketball outfit and the suit itself.

He strips out of his clothes and heads towards the shower. He wasn’t putting on the new costume with his body being all hot and sweaty. While he is in the shower, he wonders if Betty is still coming as Lexi Bunny from Loonatics Unleash. He knew Kevin is coming as Ace Bunny and Robert was coming as Tech E Coyote. Robin had thought about coming as Rev Runner but wasn’t sure. They didn’t have anyone that wanted to come as Danger Duck or Slam Tasmanian.

He scrubs every inch of his body and when he gets out. He dries off and put some baby powered all over his body. Once he was done putting baby powder on, he heads back to his bedroom and starts putting on his costume. It was a good idea that he put baby powder on his body.

The costume was skin tight as he worked the suit up his body. There was a place he could put his penis, so he could pee from. There was a spot in the rear where he could do number 2 while wearing the suit. It kind of went up inside his own anal opening. There was another opening and wonders if it was meant to be there.

Once he had the suit completely covering his own body all the way to his neck. He picks the head piece up and put it over his own head. He looks at his new body in the full-length mirror hanging on the back of his bedroom door and couldn’t believe how much he looked like Lola Bunny. He looked just like her, except she had his height, which was fine with him.

He rushes out of his bedroom and downstairs to the kitchen where his mother was.

“Mom look” he had put on the gym clothes that came with the suit.

Carol turned around to look at her son. She knew how much he like dressing as furry characters and didn’t see any harm in it. She smiles at him because he looked so cute as a female rabbit.

“You look cute dear. Are you going to wear that to the Furry Con you and your friends are going to?” She had given him permission since he
did so well in school.

“Yes, ma’am. I’m going to sleep in it tonight, so I can get used to it.”

“Well, if you do. See me before you head to bed and I’ll let you wear one of my nightshirts.”

“Thanks, mom.” Chris walks over and gives his mother a hug.

Carol returns the hug and shoos him out of the kitchen, while she finishes getting dinner ready.

Chris runs back upstairs to his room and sets up a conference call on his laptop with his friends that were going to the Con. Most of them had their costumes on already and was loving them. Robin had gone ahead and dressed up as Rev Runner. Her costume looked like she was Rev.

Lexi Bunny looked at Chris “you do know I’m your great, great, great granddaughter?”

“I know, which is fine.” Chris didn’t mind.

“Dam, George. You have me and the rest of the girls wet between our legs.” Betty loved the way George looked as a Half-Dragon in human form.

Chris was feeling kind of strange looking at George’s Half-Dragon form as well. He didn’t know what was happening, but it felt nice. He could feel moisture between his legs. He sticks his hand down his shorts and between his legs and found an opening and it was moist.

He pulls his hand out of his shorts and notices that his fingers were wet.

“Hey, Betty and Robin, do you guys feel wet between your legs? Chris was curious.

“I don’t.” Robin had a different feeling.

“I do.” Betty had touched herself and felt the moisture.

“How about you Sammy? Do you feel moist between your legs?” Chris was looking at his friend dress as Dash from my little pony.

Sammy did feel the moisture from between his legs as well. It puzzled him why he felt like that.

“I feel something as well.”

“Dang guys, you really know how to make the rest of us feel.” Kevin was feeling a little jealous because George was getting attention from the girls.

“Oh, come on honey bunny. You know you’re the only bunny for me.” Lexi blows Kevin a kiss.

Kevin catches it. He felt better now that Lexi had blown a kiss his way.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys and gals, but I’m going to wear my costume to bed tonight. I want to get used to wearing it all the time.”

“That does sound like a good idea.” George liked the idea and so did Kevin.

“Well, I’ll see you guys tomorrow at the Con.” Chris ends the conference call on skype.

Chris felt kind of strange but decided not to dwell on it. He walks back over to the mirror and just couldn’t believe how cute he looked like Lola Bunny. He manages to even wiggle his little fluffy tail. He stretches and jump around and felt wonderful.

He just couldn’t help himself. He goes outside and grabs his basketball from the garage. He starts playing basketball like he has never played before. He knew he was lousy at basketball, but he practices hoping he would get better. However, tonight he didn’t have that problem. He played like he has been doing it all his life.

He didn’t even break a sweat as he heads back inside and takes his place at the dining room table. His father just shakes his head as he eats his meal. He was lucky that he had normal human shaped hands.

After dinner, Chris joins his mother in her bedroom. She gives him a pair of panties he could wear, after modifying them for his tail. She also gives him a nightshirt he could wear.

“Thanks, mom.”

“You’re a welcome, sweetie. If you're leaving early tomorrow, you might want to go to bed early.”

“I will mom.” Chris hugs his mother and his father as he rushes off to bed.

During the night he has a weird dream that compels him to masturbate. He explores his body for a while in his sleep, including between his legs. It makes him feel something he has never felt before. The orgasm was unbelievable and his body squirted, as he arched his back off the bed.

When he wakes up in the morning, he felt tingly and he didn’t know why. He also felt wet between his legs and underneath his butt as well. He stumbles into the bathroom and was about to pee when he realizes he had to sit down. He sits down on the toilet just in time, before he peed on the floor. It felt weird to have to sit down to pee.

He steps into the shower to see if the costume was waterproof. As soon as he got the temperature right, he could feel it through the costume as if it was his real skin. He uses the shampoo to wash and condition his hair and fur. It felt nice as he scrubs it in. No wonder the suit was so tight when he put it on.

He gets dress in the clothes that came with the suit and heads downstairs to have breakfast. Once he was done with breakfast, his friends show up dress in their costume. George was kind of bent over in the SUV they were going to the Con.

“You know, you could have put your costume on when we got there.” Chris was looking at George as he got in.

“I know, but when I tried to take the wings off last night, they wouldn’t come off. so, I just left them on and slept on my belly.”

Chris had a weird look on his face “your wings wouldn’t come off?”

“Nope! They wouldn’t come off.” Chris looks at everyone else and wonders if they experience anything weird.

He looks towards Robin since she was a girl in a male suit “Robin, when you went to the bathroom this morning did you?”

“Yes, I had to do it standing up. Do you guys always wake-up with a hard-on?” Robin looks at all the guys in the group.

“Sometimes, if we had a really good dream. Do you girls wake-up moist and laying in a wet spot?”

A playful look appears on Lexi’s face “only if we masturbated or pee in bed. Which did you do?” She looks directly at Chris/Lola Bunny.

“It happened to you as well, Chris?” Sammy was looking at Chris.

“Okay, this is weird. I had a wet dream last night, but I was thinking about making out with Lexi.” Kevin/Ace looks at Lexi Bunny.

George pulls the SUV into the parking lot of the Con. He stretches his wings and back when he gets out of the SUV.

“Hey, George and Dash, why don’t you see if your wings really work?” Chris was curious.

“Okay, it’s worth a shot.” George spreads his wings and starts flapping. After a few minutes, he is lifted off the ground and into the air.

Sammy/Dash tries a running start and is lifted into the air as well. He loved the feel of the air as it rushed by him.

“Woohoo!” As Dash dives towards George and pulls up at the last minute.

“How about you Robin?” Ace/ Kevin.

Robin concentrates and then moves like lightning and could pinpoint everyone, like the cartoon character. She was loving the speed as she comes directly back to her group.

“You're turn Lexi and Ace.” Chris/Lola looks at the other members of the Loonatics.

Lexi tries her sonic hearing and brain blast. She manages to shoot a bolt of energy at an object.

Ace tries his eyes and discovers he has Ace’s abilities. He manages to shoot his eye lasers and see in the infrared range.

“Okay, this is weird. Where did you guys get your costume?” Chris is wondering why everyone could do what they could do and have a sinking feeling he couldn’t take the costume off. He would be stuck as a female bunny for the rest of his life.

“The same place you got yours. They had good prices on the costumes.” Robin brings her laptop out and brings the site up.

Robert comes over to look at the site since he was Tech E. Coyote. He locates the address of the store, which wasn’t too far from them.

“I think we better go and ask the manager why we can do this.”

“Why?” George and Dash land near them. They had been enjoying the fact they could fly.

“Because we are stuck like we are. I’m a female bunny and Robin is stuck as a male Road Runner. You’re stuck as a humanoid girl My Little Pony Dash.” Chris looks at them.

“I don’t mind being stuck like I am, but I can understand you and Robin. Let’s go and find out then, but I’m not driving. I’ll follow you guys.”

“Me too.” Dash takes to the air, right behind George.

“Well, since I’m the technician of the Loonatics, I’ll drive us.” Tech walks around to the driver door.

“I’m going to follow you guys.” Robin didn’t mind her abilities, just the fact she was turned into a male.

“Whatever.” Chris heads over to the SUV and climbs in the back with Lexi. Ace takes the passenger seat.

They drive towards the location of the shop they bought their costumes from. There wasn’t anything special or unique about the place. Tech parks the SUV in front of the store. Dash and George land next to them and fold their wings.

Chris was the first to walk into the store. There were costumes and accessories all over the place. It looked like a Hollywood costume shop.
You could get any type of costume here.

“Hello, is there anyone here?” Chris was looking for the manager.

“Yes, there is someone here.” Astrid comes walking out of the warehouse. She had heard someone’s voice while she was in the back, packing her latest order.

Everyone turns towards the counter as a tall, blue eye, dirty blonde haired woman wearing leathers approaches the counter. The group couldn’t believe how tall and built the woman looked. She looked like something out of a Viking story.

“What can I do for you ladies and gentlemen?” Astrid looks out at the weird people gathered in front of her. She knew they were her costumes she sent out.

“Yes, we order these costumes from you and put them on. Now, we can’t remove them and why do we have the powers of these characters?”

An amusing smile appears on her face. This wasn’t the first time this has happened to costume she sold and the customers didn’t read the questions properly.

“Well, the reason you can’t remove them means they have bonded to your body and has assumed the functions of that gender. Which means
young lady you need to be careful if you have sex because you’ll have little bunnies. Also, you said you wanted those abilities for the costume.”

All of them were shocked at what the lady just said. Dash, Lexi, and Lola couldn’t believe that they would need to be careful and that they were stuck like they were.

“We never said we wanted these characters abilities or be stuck in these costumes.” Robin knew she never said that.

“Actually, young man, you did. There were twenty questions I asked about you and the costume. You said…” as Astrid brings up the order form on the Loonatics costume.

“You said that you wanted the costume to be realistic, have the abilities of the actual character, if you could, you wouldn’t mind being the character in real life and that you would like everything, including gender to match the character. You never said you wanted a female version of the character.” She looks up and looks directly at Robin.

Robin remembers those answers. She really didn’t mind being Rev. she loved the furry life.

Chris looks back towards Astrid. He had been watching his friend Robin “so you’re saying we got what we wish for? That our life is going to change because we wanted this?”

“Yep, you are stuck as the characters you are and how you handle that will be determined by you. Now, there is another choice, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You lose everything, and history will be rewritten if you decide to take that choice.”

Chris looks at his friends to see what they wanted to do. If there was no way to change their costume, then they were going to have to live with
it. He is stuck as Lola Bunny, Robin is stuck as Rev Runner, George is stuck as a Half-Dragon warrior, Sammy is stuck as Dash, Betty is stuck as Lexi Bunny, Kevin is stuck as Ace Bunny and Robert stuck as Tech E Coyote.

“Thank you for your time, ma’am.” Chris turns to leave.

“Wait, if there is a different character you wish to be, I’ll allow it just this once?” Astrid normally didn’t offer this, but she was feeling kind of compassionate right now.

“Guys?” as Chris looks at all his friends to see what they wanted to do.

“I’m fine. I like being an anthropomorphic female My Little Pony.” Sammy liked being able to fly.

“Me too.” George loved his Half-Dragon form.

“Robin?” Chris was concern about her the most?

She looks towards Astrid “can you turn me in a female version of Rev Runner, please? I don’t like being a male.”

“I can do that for you, dear. Come on back here with me, please.” Astrid opens a section of the counter to let Robin through. Once she is
through “I’m sorry, but only she can pass the counter.”

Robin follows Astrid back into the warehouse and over to a box that had all sorts of designs on the outside of it. She stops there when Astrid stops.

“I’ll need for you to remove everything you have on, before stepping into the box.” Astrid stood nearby.

Robin strips out of all the clothes she had on. Once she was completely nude.

“Now, step inside my dear. How big do you want your breast, my dear?”

“Mmm, how about a C cup please.” Robin uses to be a C cup before she put the Rev costume on.

“Okay, just imagine what you want inside the cabinet.” Astrid helps Rev inside the cabinet and secure her.

“Now, you’re going to experience some discomfort while your body changes. So, don’t worry.” Astrid closes the cabinet and taps certain symbols on the cabinet.

Robin watches as a mist comes up from the floor of the cabinet and fills it. There was a slight chill to it, as she felt a tingling sensation on her skin. She feels her chest starting to expand as her breast she wanted to start forming out of her body.

Then she feels things inside her body move around and shift. Then the sucking in of her penis and the area where her female opening rip opening. That pain she felt as the skin tore to form her vagina opening. She feels her inside start forming her uterus and such. Her body goes numb and then the mist retreat. After the mist disappears, Robin could feel her body again. The strange thing was, she felt so tired.

Astrid opens the cabinet door and notices the girl slumping in the cabinet. The only thing keeping her from dropping to the floor were the straps she used to secure her. Astrid carefully undoes the straps and carry her out to her friends.

Lexi notices Astrid carrying Robin out to them “what’s wrong with her?”

“She’ll be fine. She’ll just need to rest and eat a massive meal.” Astrid passes Rev Runner/ Robin to George since he was well built.

George picks Robin up in his arms like she was nothing. He couldn’t believe how strong he was.

“Here’s are her clothes. I gave her a female version of the costume you Loonatics wear. Also, if you hurry back to the Con, you’ll meet the other two members of your team. You can put your team together.”

“Thank you. Do we owe you anything?”

“No, you guys are fine. I hope you come to enjoy your new life.” Astrid watches as the group leaves her store. Once they drive off, she goes in the back and head to another one of her stores, where some customers were waiting on her.

George puts Robin/Rev Runner in the SUV. He looks towards Chris/Lola Bunny “can you dress her please?”

“I’ll help you, grandma.” Lexi had a smile on her face.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that.” As Chris starts dressing Robin’s unconscious form.

Tech drives them back to the Con to look for the other two members of the Loonatics Team.

It doesn’t take them any time to find their other two members. Danger Duck was showing off like the cartoon character and Slam was stuffing its face.

“I think this is your turn guys.” Chris/Lola Bunny look at Ace, Tech, and Lexi.

“No problem.” Ace and they go to handle their teammates.

Chris looks up at the sky and spots George and Dash chasing each other. She spots another figure joining with Eagle style wings. She just shakes her head and wonders how many people order from the same shop they did.

Half dragon.jpg
George's New Form, Name of Artist in Picture.

Picture By Warner Brothers Entertainment

Humanoid Dash.png
Picture By: Gapeagle

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big fan of Kristin Wiig's hilariously deranged Lola Bunny

laika's picture

So I had to read this. Loonatics Unleashed must've been one I missed, but I get the idea: they're superhero versions or relatives of traditional Warner Bros characters, with Lola Bunny being some superpowered variation on her Space Jam incarnation (and let me guess... Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd are Supervillains?); and your Rainbow Dash is halfway between the MLP and the Equestria Girls version- anthropomorphized a/la half the artists at Deviant Art these days. Cute...

The kids all sound quite happy being permanent flesh and blood furries---(Hey, who am I to judge? I've got a fish tail...)---but I wonder about the ramifications for life after the furry con, and what Mom and Dad will think of their fur bearin' varmint daughter....
~hugs, Veronica

I agree!!

Aine Sabine's picture

I agree with you. The other thing is Chris/Lola didn't seem to make a choice. I'm gonna read that part again, make sure I didn't miss something. I read kinda fast so some times I might miss something.
I also wonder what the parents will think.
Hey, can I have the name of that store? I got a costume I want to buy!



A really cute story. It does

A really cute story. It does seem like it could be a good beginning for more episodes. Wonder what their parents are going to be saying once they learn that their children are now permanent in their new bodies and status?

Definately one

Wendy Jean's picture

of the stranger stories I've read lately.