Something Strange is Going On

“How are our patients doing today?” Dr. Victor Evans walks into the lab he had been given by the government to conduct his research.

“They are doing fine, sir. The serum you give them yesterday is already starting to rewrite their DNA.” Dorothy Crowfoot had been hired to be Dr. Victor’s assistant on project rebirth.

The government was trying to recreate the process they used to make Agent 345, however this time. Certain precautions were going to be placed inside the genetic make-up of the person. Instead of taking a fertilized egg and changing its DNA sequence. They were going to use a serum that had could rewrite the DNA of any person it was administered to.

The serum they were using had certain genes they took from different Were’s and other supernatural creatures. The serum had genetic material from Fae’s they had captured and collected from, plus from several pagan Witches, they captured.

Victor comes over and to look at each subject as they floated inside their chambers. The police they had on the payroll had managed to grab twenty subjects for him to experiment on. They varied in ages, gender, and ethnic group.

“How are the ones we used the vampire serum on doing? Are we going to have any that are changing into full vampires or half vampires?” Victor looks at Crowfoot.

“The five we gave the serum to are doing fine. They aren’t showing any signs of vampirism. They are, however, are physically changing. Their muscle tissue and bone structure are stronger, according to the readout we are receiving.”

“How are the others doing?” Dr. Victor walks over to look at the next five tubes.

“This batch we gave them the mixture of Fae and Witches DNA. You said that the HSL wanted to produce their own witches loyal to them. Since the Fae are powerful in magic, it was logical to combine the two.”

“Hhmm, I wonder how they will come out?” Dr. Victor knew Fae genetic material was kind of funny to work with.

“And the others?” As He stops in front of another group of tubes. These were going to be the ones they sent out into the world to capture the supes.

All their vitals are showing normal, except for these two.” Dorothy walks down to two chambers that had two males in but couldn’t figure out
why the serum they gave them was rewriting their DNA and gender.

“These two males are showing signs of their gender being changed. The serum I gave them, was the same serum I used on the others.”
Dorothy couldn’t figure it out.

“Did you take a blood sample, before giving them the serum?”

“Yes sir, I did. Their blood sample didn’t show anything abnormal.” Dorothy knew she checked the result twice, before administering the serum.

“Let’s keep an eye on them and see what develops. Also, bring me a sample of the serum you gave them as well.” Dr. Victor wanted to test the serum.

“Yes, sir. Now, for the rest, they seem to be doing alright. Their bodies seem to be adjusting to the serum you gave them. Their muscle mass and neural activity have increased. We won’t know exactly how their body has adjusted to the serum, till the process is done. They should be better warriors then Agent 345 squad used to be.”

Dr. Victor and Dorothy go about adjusting and adding additional serums. Some of the new serum they added, is to make the people more docile and controllable. Once they finish adjusting the serums, they leave the lab for a meeting they were scheduled to attend with their backers.

Ansger watches from the shadow with his partner in crime Aesael. They have been tracking these humans for the past week. Their friends were arrested by the police on some chump up crime.

“You know, we could just storm the place and kill them. They are no match for us.” Aesael looks over towards her Wolfe friend.

Her and Ansger had entered this world by accident during a bad storm from their own world. One moment they were looking for shelter and the next, they were in the middle of a nice clearing. They had no idea of what happened or where they were. After a few weeks of wondering, they found an abandoned town near Kettle River named Cedarville. Aesael and Ansger restored parts of the town claiming it as their territory.

They let a small community of Were-wolves join their town. Since Ansger and Aesael weren’t from this dimension and couldn’t change their forms like their Were-Wolf friends. Ansger allowed the strongest among the Were-Wolves to govern the town. That way their secrets would be safe.

When friends of theirs from a nearby town started disappearing, Ansger and Aesael started investigating the disappearances. They found out that certain sheriffs and police officers were being paid to arrest homeless people and people they consider to be trouble markers and bring them to this warehouse. Aesael had scouted out at least fifteen soldiers inside the place, wearing some sort of high-tech body armor and armed with weapons they have never seen before.

“True, we could do that and alert them to our presence. Let’s take out as many of them as quietly as possible. Do you still have those crystal balls from Icon with you?”

“I sure do, but you know. That once they are used, there is no way I can recharge them. The magical energies here are weak. Even the nexus where we appeared isn’t strong enough to recharge them.”

“I know, but in this situation, we can take a large group of them down without any problems.” Ansger didn’t know how tough the armor was that the soldiers were wearing. The magic he wanted to use would knock a lot of them out, while he and Aesael took the rest out.

Aesael reaches into her pouch to pull the crystal balls out. Just as she was about to toss them inside the warehouse.

“Wait, there’s movement.” Ansger sensitive hearing had picked up on the hidden elevator coming up from below.

Ansger and Aesael watched as the floor opened and the two people they have been tracking appeared. Aesael lets out a slight growl as the two humans appeared. She wanted to capture them and skin them alive.

“Easy Aesael, we can capture them on their way out.” Ansger felt the same way, but he had patience’s and would wait for the right time.

“Let’s get into position.” Ansger moves to his position and Aesael jumps up onto the roof of the warehouse and waits for them to come out.

Dr. Victor and Dorothy come walking out and head over towards their individual cars. The two of them could ride together, but their supervisors felt that was taking to much of a risk. So, they were required to take their own vehicles.

Ansger and Aesael wait till they were gone before they put their plan into action. Aesael drops the crystal balls she has inside the warehouse and watches as the magical energies inside are release. The magical energies drop half the guards. Ansger breaks through the reinforced metal door and starts charging the rest at the front of the building.

Aesael drops down from the ceiling igniting her force sword. She lets out a yell “Now you die!” as she swings at a nearby guard. The energy blade of her force sword cuts the guards in half.

“Aesael, don’t kill all of them. We need some to interrogate.” Ansger had entered the area

Ansger knew she would kill them all if he didn’t restrain her. She was bred and trained to be a warrior from birth. All she knew how to do was kill her prey unless he extended his influence in stopping her.

“Fine!” She mentally makes an adjustment on her force sword, so it only stunned her opponent instead.

She swings it at her next target and a blueish flash occurs. The magical energies of the sword pass through the body armor and shock the person inside the armor. The suit crumples to the floor as she moves on to the next target.

It doesn’t take them long to drop the rest of the guards. Ansger secures them with their own handcuffs and destroys their weapons. That included the ones Aesael used the crystals on.

“Alright, let's go down and see what those doctors were up too.” Ansger snitches one of the security cards off an unconscious guards.

The floor lift, they were standing on, starts to descend. Aesael lets out a low snarl as they go deeper and deeper. She had a thing about being underground and trapped. When they stopped, a door opens to their right.

Aesael ignites her force sword as Ansger pulls his claymore from the sheath on his back. All the lights come on as they walked into a changing room. They could see through a huge glass window, separating the changing room from the research lab at least twenty chambers with figures suspended inside of them with a mask covering their nose and mouth.

Ansger proceeds first, followed by Aesael as Ansger shatters the glass door with one swing of his claymore. They move over towards the chambers and couldn’t believe what they were seeing them.

“Are they still alive Aesael?” He knew her mystic training could tell what state they were in.

Aesael’s eyes glow as she looks at each person or what use to be people they knew. “These five have been remade over to be Strigoi’s. At least one of them can drain the bio-energy of their victim. These five looked to have been given Fae blood and witch blood. They are slowly turning into the fey they had been given blood from.

She moves down to the last ten tubes and spotted the two males that were slowly turning into girls. She couldn’t believe the information she was getting from the two.

“These two boys are turning into girls and will be shapeshifters. Somehow, the HSL have gotten their hands on the blood of shapeshifters and have introduced it into the serum they are pumping into these two. The others have attributes that will keep them human but make them as agile and as strong as Were’s.”

“Can we take them out of these chambers?”

“No, we might kill them. However, I think I can do something that will destroy what they added to some of the serums.” Aesael waves her hand and changes the properties of the chemical that would make the people submissive.

“So, if we can transport them. Then we need to secure this lab, till we can release them.”

“Easier said than done, Ansger. It’s just the two of us for now. It will take time for Greg and what few enforcers he has to get here.” Aesael turns back around to face her friend.

“We could ask Talon and some of his people to help us out. He has always been kind to us.” Aesael knew Talon had a romantic interest in her.

She had felt the mate bond for him, but she wasn’t ready yet to take a mate and he understood.

“Are you sure you want to ask Talon? I know he is your mate?”

“Don’t remind me.” Aesael didn’t like being reminded.

Ansger just grins as he checks the rest of the lab out. He couldn’t believe that Aesael’s mate had been in this world, instead of the one they came from. He was still looking for his mate.

“I’ll be by tomorrow, hopefully.” Aesael walks over to a full-length mirror in the changing area and taps the mirror. When she taps it three times and say the magic word to activate the spell. She steps through it and reappears on the outskirts of McCall, Idaho.

McCall, Idaho:
She starts walking towards Talon’s pard Castle. It was an old Castle built way back in Talon’s family when Idaho wasn’t even a State yet. She walks up to the main door and knocks on it.

A man dress as a butler opens the door “Hello, Ms. Aesael. Mr. Talon has been expecting you.” As he steps aside to let Aesael in.

“Thanks, Max.” She walks pass him and into the great hall.

Max shuts the door and escorts Aesael upstairs to Talon’s private office. He knocks on the door before entering.

“Enter, Max.” Talon knew Max was on the other side of the door.

Max opens the door and steps aside to let Aesael step through.

“Thank you, Max.,”

“You’re welcome, ma’am.” Max closes the door behind him as he leaves Aesael with Talon.

Talon looks at the female humanoid gray and black spotted leopard standing before him. He could feel his cat stir when he looks and smells her scent. She was his mate and it drove him crazy that she wasn’t by his side.

Aesael nostrils flare when she catches his scent. She could feel her heart beat faster, her lower region tighten and becomes moist. Talon was a fine example of a human Were-cat. His strong muscular chest, his short dark hair and piercing gray eyes. A low growling sound could be heard in her throat. She gets her emotions under control before she gave in to them.

“What brings you here today, my beloved?”

“I need your help, Talon. I and Ansger broke into a research laboratory to rescue their victims, but we can’t free them right now, without killing them. I was wondering if you could send some of your enforcers back with me to secure the place.”

“They aren't only mine to command, Aesael. They are your enforcers as well.”

“Not until I become your mate, Talon. I don’t have the right to command them until I accept to mate you.” Aesael wanted too, but not right now.

“How about this. Once this mission is over, you accept our mate bond?” Talon could feel how Aesael felt, even though they weren’t mated yet.

“Agreed, I’ll become your mate after this mission is over with.” Aesael knew if she didn’t agree soon, she would start to hurt them both.

Talon walks over and gives her a kiss on the cheek. He knew if he kissed her on the lips, they would never separate.

“Come on, let’s get the troops.” Talon leads Aesael downstairs and to the conference room where the enforcers he summoned will show-up.

After fifteen minutes, a group of twenty guys and women show up. They were dress in skin-tight black jumpsuits and wielding swords and other type of ancient types of weapons.

“Will these folks be enough to hold the place?” Talon had a smile on his face.

“More than enough.”

Research laboratory:
While Ansger was waiting for Aesael to come back with reinforcements. He went about gathering the human guards and stripping them out of their body armor and sending them in their unconscious from where Aesael’s portal opened at. As long, as the spell lasted on the mirror surface he could join her, but once the spell wore off. She would have to recast it. Only she could bring people back through the portal.

He checks on the twenty people in the tubes and the two that were turning into girls. They were starting to look like each other and sprouting wings on their back. He wonders what the research scientist did to them.

He wonders what is taking Aesael so long to get back. After checking on the tubes one more time, he steps outside for some fresh air. The night air felt nice and the cool breeze brought a unique scent to him. He sniffs the air and follows the scent to a nearby tree where he spots a humanoid female Jaguar with long light brown hair wearing a dirty white torn dress sitting on a branch dangling her legs.

“Who are you?”

“Angie.” Angie had heard some noise earlier as she was scouting for some fresh water.

She had kept a safe distance from the warehouse because she knew what it was used for. She had managed to escape from the truck that brought her here a few weeks ago. Her curiosity got the best of her, so she decided to check it out.

“How long have you been observing me and my partner?”

“Only for a little while. Why are you, and your partner here?”

“We’re saving our friends from the HSL scientist and their experiments.” Ansger didn’t know why he was telling a total stranger their business.

Angie just looks at the wolfman standing before her. She wonders if he was turned like she was.

“We’re you always like you are or did the HSL or something turn you?”

Ansger just smiles at her “I was born this way on another world. Humans don’t exist there. They managed to kill themselves off. How about
you? We’re you turned by the HSL?”

“No, I am a human that was turned into this. I was down in South America when I came across an ancient temple dedicated to the Jaguar.”

“So, you were mystically changed into a humanoid Jaguar?”

“Yes, I’ve tried to be changed back, but the last shaman I talked to. He said the change couldn’t be undone.”

“So, why are you here?”

“I escape from the van that brought your friends here.”

“So, why are you hanging around then? You could be safely away from here.”

“Because like you, I have two friends that are in that warehouse and I want to rescue them.” She drops down off the tree limb and walks over towards Ansger. Her nose starts twitching as it pick-up his scent. She starts to feel a little light headed and her nether regions start feeling moist. A low growl sounds in her throat.

Ansger could sense that this strange woman was his mate. He got one whiff of her scent and it got his attention right away. He steps closer to her and leans in to get a closer whiff of her scent. As soon as he does, he feels her jumping onto him. He falls backward from her jumping onto him and roll over in the grass and take her.

Several Hours Later:
Aesael arrives back with reinforcements. Ansger wasn’t in the warehouse, so she follows his scent outside and a little away from the warehouse. She finds him curled up with a female Jaguar woman. She could smell his scent on her and her scent on him. She nudges him with her foot.

Ansger wakes-up and reaches for his sword when he felt his shoulder kicked. He looks up and discovers Aesael standing nearby.

“You look like you got laid while I was gone.” She had a playful smile on her face.

“She’s my mate.” As he gently shakes Angie and sits up.

Angie wakes-up and picks up a familiar scent she had smelled before. She spots a gray and black Leopard wearing some sort of high-tech body armor. She starts blushing, being caught with no clothes on and smelling like Ansger.

Aesael just smiles when she notices the woman blushing “don’t worry about it. I have seen my parents and friends make-out.”

“How many enforcers did you get?” Ansger helps Angie up and give her, her ruined dress to slip back on.

“Twenty and I noticed you tossed the guards that were here, through the portal where I was in their underwear.”

“Yep, sure did. I figure your people could disguise themselves in their body armor. This way we can ambush the scientist when they come in tomorrow.”

“I like it. Let’s get set-up and prepare for their arrival.”

Angie follows Ansger and Aesael into the warehouse and helps fifteen of the people Aesael brought with her into the armor. The others head downstairs to see the twenty people in the tubes. Angie spots her friends right away. One of them was the soldiers they were making and the other was the first five that had been injected with a vampire blood.

Plans are made for ambushing the scientist when they come in. Angie stays by Ansger since he was her mate. She felt that it was kind of strange where she uses to be a normal college male student with the peace core and was changed into a female jaguar.

Dr. Victor was the first to arrive at the warehouse. He walks in like he normally does and checks in with the security personnel on duty. When he arrives downstairs, he is grabbed by two men and taking before a humanoid wolf.

“Good morning doctor. I do believe you have some answers for us we would like to have.”

“Who the hell are you?” Dr. Victor had never seen a humanoid wolf person before.

“Someone who holds your life in his hands.”

A few minutes later, Dorothy shows up and as soon as she steps inside the warehouse. She is apprehended. The enforcers take her down the lift to where Ansger and Aesael were holding the doctor.

“Now, that we have your accomplice. We can take you to Talon for questioning.”

“Roger, take these sick people back to Talon for questioning.”

“Yes, my Alpha.” Roger and another enforcer come over to take them away.

“I’m not your Alpha yet.” Aesael just glares at Roger.

“Whatever you say, my Alpha.” Roger snickers under the helmet of the armor.

Roger takes them back through the portal to Talon.

Several months later:
“How are you feeling Carrie and Bonnie?” Aesael comes walking over towards the twins.

They hadn’t been born twins, but because of what Doctor Victor did to them. Not only were they twins but had the same exact gifts thanks to him. Their gender had been changed to make them women. The fey the doctor made the serum from, was preparing her body to be able to get pregnant. She had extremely high estrogen in her system. When they pumped her blood through the two males, it affected them. It also gave each of them their own set of angel wings. Their wings were fully functional, and the twins were still learning about flying from a Were from another pack that could fly.

“We’re doing alright, Aunt Aesael. We’re slowly accepting what has been done to us.” Carrie spoke for her sister as well. The two of them were linked and knew each other’s thoughts.

Aesael looked at Bonnie to see if she agreed with her twin. She knew Bonnie normally didn’t talk unless Carrie didn’t answer for her.
Bonnie just nods her head yes to Aesael’s unspoken question. Bonnie was still getting used to her new form and abilities.

“Have you girls seen Leroy this morning?”

Carrie and Bonnie point up at the sky towards two forms flying above them. Leroy and Angela were still learning to fly as well. Their flight abilities were special gifts they got from the vampire blood. Two of the five who had vampire serum pumped through their body gave them the ability to fly. One had the ability to teleport herself and the last two could turn invisible. Four of them were like dhampir’s, while the last one needed bio-energy from a volunteer to live.

The other eight that had been turned into warriors, were as strong as Were’s and just as quick as they were. The five that had Fey blood pumped through them, could control the elements and cast magic, but their body had changed to look like the fey and could be affected by cold iron weapons.

Angie was being trained by Ansger, who never took it easy on her. He was a hard teacher. A custom set of body armor had been made for her.

“Thank you, Carrie and Bonnie.” Aesael heads back to her office to catch up on her paperwork and reports from the enforcers.

She finally accepted to be mated by Talon. The thing was, she liked Talon a lot, but she does regret that she couldn’t shift like him. Her body couldn’t be changed by the Were virus.

The abandoned town she and Ansger found was growing with Were’s that had been forced from their homes by either the HSL and the Hunter organization. They had a meeting with the Supernatural council and with Bryan to establish them as an official pack. She knew she was already an official member of The Evening Warriors pride.

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