K&P Services Chapter 3

Marshal Bullock pulls up to K&P Services. He spotted Crystal’s car and a few others but didn’t see Kat’s black SUV’s. He gets out and enters the office. As he walks in, he notices everyone was there.

“Hey Bullock, we have fresh coffee and pastries if you would like some.” Kat had stopped at their favorite bakery for the pastries.

“Thanks, Kat.” He walks over and fixes himself a cup of coffee and grabs a pastry.

After Marshal Bullock gets his coffee and pastry. He heads over towards the conference table where everyone was sitting. He looks towards
Kat and Paul “is this room secure?”

“Yep, we had a military expert come in and redo this room to military standards. Nothing leaves this room.” Kat figured they needed some sort of safe room where they could retreat to and hold secure meetings in.

“Alright, what I am about to tell you can’t leave this room.” Marshal Bullock takes a sip of his coffee and liked what he tasted.

“Does this have something to do with the Federal Courthouse being blown-up?” Kat had a sneaking suspicion.

“Yes, it was the reason the place was blown-up. The person responsible was hoping to catch the judge inside and free the person we are holding. What they didn’t know is, we got wind of the attack and was trying to disarm the bomb they managed to sneak into the courthouse. Unfortunately, they managed to set the explosion off before our explosive expert could disarm it. He died when it went off.” Bullock knew the guy. He was a close friend of his and he had the unpleasant job of telling his friend’s mother what happened to him.

Kat could tell Bullock was hurting from the loss of his friend. “Who is so important, that they would blow-up a Federal Courthouse?”

“Sebastião Tavares Rezende.”

“The weapon dealer? The one they nicknamed Death Dealer? The biggest weapons dealer in the United States.” Kat couldn’t believe the Marshal’s had him in custody.

“Yes. We managed to arrest him on a sting operation a few months ago. We kept where we were holding him secret till the trail. However, it seems we have a leak in the Marshal service and I can’t trust having him here any longer. The US Attorney General has authorized me to hire you guys to transport Sebastião Tavares Rezende to Colorado’s, Supermax prison.”

“Couldn’t you just use the National Guard or something?” Kat was curious.

“We could, but you guys have experience in dealing with extremely dangerous fatigues. Your group would be low key, then a bunch of soldiers.
Also, I know I can trust you with this.” Bullock knew Kat and her people were trustworthy and could protect themselves.

After all, Kat was the daughter of a former SWAT officer, Paul was a former enforcer of a Mafia family, Alexa was a former MP officer and
Crystal was their trainee. He has seen them in action and their capture rate was as high as most of the legendary bounty hunters were.

“Where do you have him stashed right now?”

“He’s locked up at the local police station right now.”

“He’s not getting out of there. The Captain that runs that place is very strict and SWAT will shoot anyone that tries to breakout him out. I know most of them.” Kat knew the Police Chief and the SWAT Commander personally.

“And they know you as well, Kat. Especially, the Police Chief. He had some rather colorful things to say about you.” Bullock got an ear full from the Police Chief when he mentioned that he was hiring Kat and her crew to transport Sebastião to Colorado.

“Yea, I blame him for my father’s death. He was late sending back-up for the SWAT team my father was part of. They came under fire by a gang that was heavily armed and nearly killed the whole team. The gang had gotten their hands on military-grade weapons and used it against the team my father was on.” Kat remembered the night a police officer showed up at their door to tell them that their father had been killed.
She had lost her mother the year before from cancer.

“Well, he did say that your crew was the best in the Tennessee area. So, he must not totally dislike you. So, do you guys accept the job offer?”

Paul looks at Kat and wonders if she was going to take the job. They could leave the twins with Kat’s brother. Terry and Brittney could stay with their aunt for their safety. Sebastião associates might try to kidnap the girls and hold them as hostage and bargain for his release.

Samuel wonders if he was ready for this action. They were going to transport a very dangerous person and they didn’t know who might come after them. He looks towards Kat and Paul to see what they were going to do.

Kat looks at her people to see what they thought. She knew Crystal would do it more than likely Valentina would as well. The only person she wasn’t sure of was Samuel. She could see he was a little spook by this job.

“Sam, what are your thoughts about this job?”

“That it sounds dangerous and we could be killed.” Samuel wasn’t sure if he was ready for this type of thing.

“It is, but that’s what we do. If you want to sit this out, you can.” Kat wonders if Sam might have been a bad idea hiring him.

“No, I can handle it.”

“Are you sure?” Kat watches his body language.

“I’m positive.” Samuel wanted to prove he can handle this.

“Alright.” Kat turns her attention back to Bullock.

“We’ll take the job. Are we flying or driving?”

“Driving. I figured it will be better if you take the backroads and avoid all the major highways and Interstates. Also, I will be the only one that will know your route.”

“Well, it will take us about a day-n-half avoiding major highways and such.” Kat knew the location because of some of the police officers she talked with that had been there.

“When do you want us to leave?” Paul looks over towards Bullock.

“Tonight would be best. Can you come down to the police station around midnight to secure him?”

“No problem. We can transport him in the Teradyne. It’s tougher than the two SUV’s.” Kat was thinking of a friend of hers that could drive the Teradyne.

Paul looks over towards his wife “Are you thinking about who I think you are thinking about?”

“Yep, I was thinking Pauline might be a good person to have on this job. Her driving skills might be good to have.” Kat knew Pauline was good at what she did.

“Who’s this Pauline?” Bullock was curious.

“She’s a childhood friend of Kat’s that drives armor cars for Brinks. She’s never been robbed or tricked. She’s been driving for them for the past ten years.”

“She’s an armor car driver?” Bullock couldn’t believe they were going to ask a plain ole armor car driver to work with them.

“Trust me, Bullock. Her father was a SWAT officer and she’s been through several defensive and offensive driving schools. Her father pulled some strings and sent her through SWAT training. She’s more than qualified and perfect for this job. She and Sam can transport the prisoner in the Teradyne. Paul and Crystal can take the first SUV. I and Valentina will take the second SUV.”

“How you arrange it, is your business. I’m leaving this up to you and if you say she can be trusted, then I trust your judgment.”

“Oh, she can be trusted. It’s not the first time I’ve hired her to work for me.” Kat used her a few times before she met Paul.

“All right. I’ll see you tonight.” Bullock gets up and is escorted out by Paul.

Kat looks at everyone else “everyone is wearing full body armor on this assignment. I want you to check all your weapons and your body armor. Samuel, I want you to go with Paul to the armory and pick out what weapons you want to take with you. Crystal, I want you to check the FN P90’s we took possession of and make sure they are all in good condition.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Kat looked towards Valentina “You're going to the gun range with me and learn how to use the P90’s and a few other weapons.” .

“Yes, ma’am.” Valentina wonders what a P90 looks like?

“Are you going to call Pauline?” Paul looks towards his wife.

“Yep. I’ll meet up with her on the way to Garry’s gun range.”

Everyone leaves the conference room and start preparing for tonight.

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