Ring of Zulo

Long ago a magic user of normal skill came across the Medallion of Zulo. Divining its purpose on the first day he studied the item for weeks figuring out every nuance of the mystic item. Using a specially designed box and a ring of the same metal, he was able to link some abilities of the medallion to the ring. Not satisfied he tried several more times to add the full abilities to the ring, but nothing changed. In the end she lost the medallion and surprisingly happy with her new role as a witch.

Unknown number of generations later

“I am tired of you never fitting any clothing I buy. I have had it up to here, so from this day forward you are going to wear this.”

“What is it mom?” A boy takes a ring hanging from a chain from his mother.

“Touch the clothing you need to wear to the ring and it will fit you better. I used it when I was growing up and never had a problem with anything fitting.” He looked at the clothes tossed on the bed as they just didn't fit right. The pants being to long and the shirt a bit too big. With the faith of a child he touched the two pieces of clothing and got dressed. He marveled at how they fit perfectly and did the same for his shoes and belt.

He was not a curious boy and went with what worked, as he never really experimented with anything else. All he knew was a warning never to use it on clothing worn by another or clothing worn specially made for a woman. Like he would ever wear a bra or panties. He had retained the strange look his mother had given him when she issued the warning. A look like she knew firsthand what such action would lead to. It was a warning that only his subconscious noted.

Several years later

“Did my order come in from E Clothing?”

“Ya, I left it on the table.”

Morgan came further into the room only wearing a towel. Justin looked at him with a hidden desire that he shook from his mind. Still, it brought up further thoughts of how his best friend attracted him. Morgan was five six, thin but with a toned body of very little fat. His long wet hair smoothed out from combing. He still had a boyish face and very little hair. Justin had to shave twice a day some times yet Morgan didn't even own a razor. His voice was not as deep as most guys he knew and not that anyone else had ever confused him in person or over the phone, Justin could just hear it wouldn't take much for him to sound like a girl.

He watched Morgan walk out of sight with his box and shivered as he adjusted himself. Justin had never looked at another man like he did Morgan, and he never had any trouble finding a girl, but there was just no reason for his attraction. He had tried to understand when he thought Morgan was gay, but his buddy never looked strangely at any guy and always acted friendly to girls. When they had double dated in high school Morgan and the girl he was with never shut up and whispered constantly to each other as they made out. He was sure his friend was not a virgin, but he never acted the same as his other friends bragging with truth or lies of what they did with their girls.

Now that college was over, and they both found jobs in their fields he wondered how they were still roommates? Justin had a steady girl and the talk had come up now and again. He wasn't ready to rush and neither was she, but girls dream and it comes up now and again. Morgan had not had a date since the middle of college as it had been a bad break up. It took six months before Justin tossed him out of his funk.
“Son of...!” He heard Morgan yell, and he got up to see which computer he had that just died. As he got to the door, Morgan burst out of the room putting on his tie. He looked a Justin and headed to the door.

“What's wrong with you?”

“Nothing okay.”

“Well the last time you swore like that your computer caught on fire.”

“Look I don't want to talk about it.” Justin shrugged and looked at his watch. Maybe he was just late or something, he thought? As he put on his jacket, he noticed something odd. Was his ass bigger? He could see his jacket did not sit right, and he couldn't ever recall Morgan in anything that didn't fit him perfectly. His own strange thoughts forced him to look away as he shook his head. He looked in Morgan's room and the scattered wrapping on the floor. Morgan was a clean freak and this was even stranger behavior than what he had just witnessed. He needed to get to work himself, so he pushed the strange thoughts from his mind.

Justin came home and tossed his keys in the bowl and walked into the living room. He took one whiff and grinned as he walked into the kitchen. He had a good day, flirted with a pretty girl, and Morgan was cooking Italian. Of all the dishes that Morgan made, Italian was his best. Not that Justin didn't know how to cook, and he could make a killer Gumbo or tasty Jambalaya. Any creole dish for that matter courtesy of his grandma.

“Honey I'm home.” Justin watched as Morgan jumped. He chuckled as he stormed over to him.

“I told you to stop saying that.” He waved a spoon in front of his face as Justin grinned. “I have had a crappy day.”

“You don't cook Italian on a crappy day.”

“Sure I do.”

“Okay, but kale salad, toscana soup, quinoa chicken, and meatball muffins? Something happened at work didn't it?”

“Look I had a crappy day and this is turning out perfect, now set the table and shut up.”

Morgan turned back to the stove and bent over the sudden urge to slap his butt was barely caught in time ass his hand was so close. Only an iron willpower and a shiver stopped him. He sighed as he set the table. Not that it was nearly set that bothered him as he couldn't get this image of a different Morgan out of his mind. It bothered him all through the perfect meal and the tiramisu was a delightful surprise that would be having him add another thirty minutes to his workout in the morning. It was only marred by Morgan sitting there moping.

“Now that was one of the great meals of Chef Morgan. You should really think of opening a restaurant one of these days.”

“Thanks, but making meals for a bunch of critics that expect food that isn't like they expect it to be, is not something I want to do.”

“If it is always this good they will shut up and eat, but now that my stomach is full, I want to know what is bugging you?”

“Nothing, just had a bad day.”

“You don't have bad days.”

“I do now and again.”

“Okay let me rephrase. You don't have bad clothes day.” The two men stared at each other and Morgan finally frowned.

“Fine you know the clothes I got today?”

“Ya, what about them?”

“The shirt was a size smaller and the pants bigger.”

“Okay, but how can that have been the cause of your mood all day?”

“Well you saw how they fit.”

“Those were the clothes you got and you wore them anyways?”

“Yes I was going to wear something else and I got tooth paste on them then as I went to get another shirt I found an ink stain. Which wasn't so bad as I could have hidden it once it was tucked in, but the pants that go with the shirt were ruined.”

“You could have just worn another pair of pants.”

“No, because the only pants left were beige and you don't wear beige and beige together, and all my dark shirts were dirty.” Justin could agree with that, but he was sure that Morgan had more clothing than that. He had a job that if he wasn't mistaken made more money than he did and that is saying a lot since he pulled in 75k last year.

“You could have asked me for a darker shirt. I think I still have one that wouldn't be too big.”

“It's okay I am washing my stuff now. Can you get all this in the dishwasher? I need to check on it.”

Morgan hurried out of the room as Justin frowned. Such a meal was reduced a bit once you had to clean up. It wasn't too bad, but he smiled remembering the arguments in the past about him not cleaning up after himself in college. He resisted until one of his other friends stated they argued like a gay couple. That it was one of his girlfriends at the time that agreed had got him to clean up after himself. He had a hard time getting a few dates because of it, and a few dates he didn't expect after they broke up since she spread the rumor around.

“Son of a...” Pause, then a few bangs got Justin rushing to the laundry room. He didn't say a word as he got the mop and bucket as the floor was covered in dirty water.

“Why me? Tomorrow I have my annual review. I can't wear the same clothes.”

“I'll get this cleaned up and it isn't too late to go buy something.” Morgan just gave him this paltry look as tears formed in his eyes as he pushed passed him. What was that all about? Justin looked at the water and then down the hall torn between the spreading mess and his distraught friend. He so wanted to comfort him, but the idea felt gay to him, so he dropped the mop in the water. Once it was cleaned up he had no more excuse as he walked to his friends door.

That it was open was another thing that Morgan never did. The mess was gone, but Morgan was face down in the pillow still crying. He went up to him and tried several times to touch him only to rest his hand near him as he sat down. Morgan turned his red eyes to him as his butt pressed into Justin's arm. Justin was hit with how strangely soft it was, and that image came back to his mind as Morgan's hair had come loose and the way he looked at him screamed in his mind. That bothered him, but he couldn't just move. Luckily Morgan moved as he sat up and leaned against Justin's shoulder. His back pressed against his arm as he looked to the ceiling as his head leaned back. A chill ran through Justin's body as he fought with the two images in his mind.

“You get ready, and we'll get some new clothes.”

“I can't just go to a mall any pick out any clothes.”

“Why not millions of people do?”

“I just can't risk it if someone tried them on.”

“I don't try anything on. I know my sizes and buy what I need.”

“I just can't. My mom never did try stuff on. Neither did my dad. Not until I turned sixteen did I know why.” Justin waited for him to continue until he suddenly scrambled off the bed with a lot of shocked fear.

“What's wrong?”

“I said too much.” Justin blinked in confusion. He didn't think that was too much it was just the beginning of an... Oh wow no way there was a reason? He looked at Morgan on how he was dressed in a tee shirt and the same pants from this morning. It again showed him how he looked too wide in the hips and the tee hung as if... Justin got up and grabbed the lower front of the tee.

“What are you doing?”

“Checking something.”

“Let go.” Morgan pried his fingers loose, but Justin got his question asked. Morgan's waist was way too narrow, and it sent more images through his mind. He suddenly reached out and pulled Morgan closer as he stared into his eyes. That both of them blushed got Justin to let go.

“Okay get your shirt back on we'll go get some things I know of a shop that doesn't let anyone try on anything.”

“Fine, but I still don't think that is a good idea.”

“Trust me on this. They will have exactly what you need tomorrow.”

Morgan watched Justin leave, and he went to the bathroom to wash his face. He had to take several deep breaths before he could put the shirt back on. He had been getting strange looks all day and a few questions wondering what had changed about him. It all revolved around if he lost weight or was he changing his workouts, or whether he did something else. He couldn't say anything to them what the real reason was as he stared at the ring he wore around his neck. He couldn't even remember that last time he took it off. He had thought to do it from time to time, but never did. In fact, he couldn't remember any time that he had it off longer than the time it took to inspect the chain for damage or to switch it to a different chain. Fifteen minutes later they were at this shop that looked closed.

“The shop is closed.”

“Only by appointment and I called ahead.”

“I can't afford a shop like this?”

“You make more than me and I know you have a huge account. Plus there is nothing better than a tailored pair of pants or shirt.”

“I am not getting measured. We get something close and that's it.”

“Whatever come on.” Morgan rolled his eyes and found himself opening the door and following Justin to the entrance. The light came on as the door opened to Janice.

“Evening Janice, finally got him to come here.”

“Been waiting for this too.” She looked Morgan over. She so wondered if he had gained weight? Not that he would be so rude as she made way for them to enter.

“So the washer broke and that was the only last thing in several bad day events. Think you got anything to fit him quickly with?” She looked Morgan over again and went off to the side.

“I think this might work and this here.” She took several pants and shirts off this rack or another.

“I don't need to be measured. I take a thirty six sized shirt with a fifteen inch neck and a 30x32 pair of pants. I need it straight out of its packaging.”

“Not happening with that shape, and I carry very little back stock in that size. I only have what is on the racks. Plus I need to hem the pants as you wear them.”

“I told you this wasn't going to work.” Morgan started for the door.

“Fine you don't have to wear the pants, but I do need to take your measurements. No one wears my clothes without a perfect fit.”

“They'll fit whatever you give me. I just need a shirt and a pair of slacks that work together.”

“Justin, now I know why he doesn't come here.” Justin chuckled as he shrugged. Janice sighed before putting what she saw would fit and what she knew would never fit him. How could he even get a pair of thirties over those thighs? She insisted on him taking a different size, but he was so sure they would fit, but she gave up when Justin said he wouldn't let him out of the house without sending her a picture that they did fit.

“What was that all about in the shop. Janice is not going let me get anything again from her shop because of you. Thirties over that ass of yours.” Justin was mad, but couldn't hold it in any longer.

“They'll fit.” Morgan looking at his watch for the tenth time in so many minutes.

“And what is with you looking at the time? You don't have anywhere to be. The crying earlier, the bad mood, great food, and pissing off Janice. What is going on?”

“Okay fine I'll tell you!”

“This better be good.”

“The reason I have so few clothes and why everything fits perfectly is because of this ring.”

“A ring?”

“Yes, I knew you wouldn't believe it.”

“Sorry no ring can make your clothes fit.”

“No, it doesn't change the clothes.”

“Excuse me.” Morgan gave out an exasperated sigh and dragged Justin to his room. He took off his clothes and touched the ring to the shirt and then the pants. He then turned and watched Justin's reaction.

Justin glared at Morgan as he took himself down to his briefs and then touched the ring to the new shirt and pants. He was about to turn and leave as he saw the unusually wide hips shrink back down to something his mind told him was normal Morgan. His grew as he put the clothes on, and they fit perfectly.

“How is that even possible?” He reached over and picked up the slacks he just had on. 38X32 was clearly on the tag.

“The ring changes my body to fit my clothes. Remember the time you thought I shrank?”

“Ya, but you just said it was your shoes being flat and my shoes having a Cuban heel.”

“That day I got a short sized shirt with a pair of 30x30 pants. I was five three all day. I can only use the ring every twelve hours. I got in that habit after a while. I take a shower dry off and touch my ring to my clothes before putting them on. I really don't have to do it each time, but it helps as clothes stretch or shrink a little bit.”

“Okay I really find it hard to believe, if I didn't see myself, but you do it with your clothes every time. Underwear and tee shirts too?”

“Now if I did that, then the pants and shirt don't fit right. I only do that after I wash clothes on the weekend.”

They continued to talk about everything the ring could do and Morgan continued to claim it only affected him a little bit each time and there was no other things it did. However, that was no ordinary change growing eight inches around the waist?

Justin had been thinking about his ring for weeks. It was just something he couldn't get his mind wrapped around and his recent breakup had him thinking about it more and more. He thought about it and then acted with a clear plan. Clear and right were not together on this one as he bought certain things. A black dress size four with matching underwear, shoes, and accessories. Even makeup picked out by an old girlfriend just as an added measure. He thought about it and nearly did the smart thing and brought it all back, but by the time he really wanted to, it was too late.

For a long time he had forgotten about the plan as he had really no way of pulling it off as he wore the ring all the time and that he never put himself in a compromising position. He could just outright ask him, but the thought of ruining their relationship made him never ask though as they had a small party and Morgan suddenly went to bed with a headache it hit him hard. The other guests took this as a clue to go as well, and he was left with Janice. The rest of the evening could be with her in his bed or could he complete his plan?

“Justin, you never did tell me how he got into those pants. No one ever loses six inches in their waist overnight.” He smiled as he now had someone to help him.

“Would you believe in magic?” Justin cringed the second his mouth closed. Not only had he outed Morgan's secret, but her eyes lit up with curiosity.

“No, I can't really but you sound way to serious not to belief something that strange.” Justin was thinking fast, and then he smiled as it popped into his head.

“Morgan dresses up and well he used a bit too much glue down there and since the washer ate his clothes and all we really didn't think when I dragged him to your shop.”

“He dresses en femme?”

“Well ya, but never in make up or anything just runs around in a dress sometimes.” Justin was to the side of himself as the lie was worse than the truth.

“Oh that would explain not getting measurements that night. I have a friend, and he is so good at makeup. I mean you would never know one from the other. Oh here I have a photo.” Justin leaned a bit closer as she showed a photo of a guy and then a girl on her phone. You could tell they were related, but that was all.

“Want to mess with Morgan?” He couldn't believe he asked as his moral self was locked up inside his mind screaming.

“What do you have in mind?” Justin leaned in and told her what he planned it all sounded so innocently helpful to bring Morgan the girl out of the deep closet. They snuck into his room and Janice expertly applied makeup to the sleeping form as Justin watched. Morgan didn't even wrinkle his nose the whole time and when Janice was finished he could see the girl he had in his mind even more it made his heart skip and his mind short out. As they took no flash pictures, Janice kissed Justine as he noticed this really turned her on. He felt strange as the kisses moved to the living room and could have gone farther, but he pulled away. She didn't get upset as she noticed his face and left.

Justin's crazy plan was now in effect, and it needed to be complete. He quietly got the other things minus the dress and went back to his room. He was still there in same position. He gingerly put on rubber gloves and picked up the ring off his neck. He touched the ring to Morgan's lips cheeks eyebrows and to the fake eyelashes he just pulled out of the pack. He didn't see any change until the lashes. He then touched the panties and the bra to the ring and saw his hips widen and her chest form. The maleness of his body was gone and the last item he touched was the size four shoes. He took one more picture and went off to bed himself not able to trust himself further in the same room as Morgan.

The urge to kiss her was just too high mixed in with the guilt. He didn't sleep long and was making breakfast as Morgan came shuffling in. Justin nearly jumped out of his shoes as he was expecting a freak out. His guilt nearly spilling his crime, but Morgan just opened the fridge and took the orange juice out and disappeared back into the bed. Justin was puzzled how can you not know? He moved to his room after turning the stove off and listened. He heard the shower running yet still no screaming or any other freak out. What was up with her? Why didn't she freak out and why did this hurt even more?

Justin went back to his now cool breakfast and ate everything there as he had made some for Morgan as well. He cleaned up the kitchen to make one of her favorites as Morgan came back out in a tee shirt and shorts. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail with a loop in it. Not unusual on the weekend and the makeup was still there though it had this perfectly natural tone with not a single blemish. The girl he saw in Morgan was right there.

“What's for breakfast?”

“Pancakes sound good.”

“I was smelling, sausage and eggs earlier.”

“I can make that too. Sorry I ate before you.”

“Oh no problem I wasn't feeling right earlier.”

Justin couldn't belief it. Her voice had raised just the slightest bit, and she had no reaction to it at all. Why wasn't she freaking out. She looked a bit tired is all. He got to work and whipped a meal for one with a couple extra pancakes as they talked like this was any other morning. Accept this really wasn't. Morgan was so a girl right now. How could she not notice with her breasts pertly pushing out of her tee shirt. He looked at the clock and there was still another six hours on the timer.

“So since you are here want to go shopping with me.” Justin spurted the juice he was drinking back into his cup. Morgan never went shopping other than for food.

“Shopping, you?”

“Well ya, we need groceries and I wanted to get a few things from the mall.”

“You shop online only or at Janice's Place.”

“Come on Justin you didn't think I only shopped online. Normally you are still in bed sleeping or gone with, some fling of yours, on the weekend. You never come with me shopping or you shop for yourself sometimes. Not so hard to not notice.”

Justin couldn't handle it anymore, and he went to the sink just for the distraction. He pounded his fist on the counter and turned back to Morgan with a few tears running down his face. Morgan got up and surprised him even more by suddenly hugging him. He pulled away once his shock let him.

“How can you not be freaking out?! How can you stand there after taking a shower and not noticing you are not a guy anymore?!”

“You never figured it out did you?” This suddenly calmed Justin. Her smooth sexy voice hinting at a bit of amusement.

“Figured out what?”

“I was never a curious boy, but that didn't mean I didn't discover what all my ring could do. One night in college Karen and I were having a good time, and we started a pillow fight, and she ran out of pillows and started throwing whatever came to hand. That she tossed a bundle of panties my way was the first time it happened. A single panty flew over to me and touched the ring. We were both naked and within a minute I had vulva and all the other bits down there.”

“So this is nothing new?” He paused, and then he fully noticed the hug she gave him. He had felt a bra. “Wait you have a bra on?”
“A bralette. I am too perky for a normal bra and it has that bra less effect. You got my size perfectly.” Justin still felt guilty, but it was now mixed with a large dose of confusion and shock and a little bit of oh so dumb that he never noticed.

“But still I should have picked up on this?”

“No I hid it well thought I did have times that you nearly caught me as we just so happened to be in the same club or when I came in late and forgotten my sneaking clothes. Finally, I decided to be caught, but you never took the bait.”

“Men are blind and I am one.”

“True, but nice touch on the makeup. Not sure if I will get rid of it or not as even I didn't know something like this would work. You have nice taste going for a natural look.”

“Well I had help from Janice. She did your face and brows. Can't believe you didn't wake up from that.”

“I can't believe you didn't know I wasn't sleeping.”

“What?!” Justin's mind was blown as she giggled. He was floored with how she knew everything. He didn't notice her coming closer and leaning up to give him a kiss that he willingly returned until his mind snapped back into focus, but it wasn't because he felt like he was kissing a girl that is normally a guy, but that he recognized this certain kiss. He pulled back with searching eyes of wonder.

“You're that girl?” Morgan nodded.

“But I slept with you?” She nodded again.

“I could never find you in college and I searched everywhere.” Morgan shrugged.

“I know, and I was always right there.”

“I always wondered how she escaped my room or the apartment for that matter. Why not tell me? Why not come right out and tell me?”

“I was afraid and you were never ready. Then you started dating Vivian and it just got more complicated. I nearly did the few times, but you didn't pick up on it. I thought showing my girl hips would get you to ask, but you never did. Janice figured it out right away.”

“So, that is how you got her to help me.”

“Guilty. Now can we go shopping? I have my eyes set on a certain dress.”

“Mmm, I think I have that dress?” Morgan giggled and then pulled him in for a kiss.

“I know you do, so let's do something else.”

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