I Was Turned into Wonder Woman

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Peter couldn’t believe someone would be willing to pay him $80,000.00 dollars if he could get the Wonder Woman outfit that Lynda Carter wore. He had searched the web and called people he knew to see if anyone had one of her original costumes. He comes across an article from Fox News Magazine that she kept one of the costumes from season one and one from season 2 of Wonder Woman. They were being stored in her closet and might be falling apart.

A smile appears on his face. If he could break into her place

He does a search and brings up Lynda Carter's address. She was living in Potomac, Maryland. It would take him about three-n-half hours to drive there. He packs a gym bag and put his burglary tools in his car. He makes sure to pack rubber gloves, so he doesn’t leave any fingerprints. He figures the most he would be charged with if he is arrested is breaking and entry at best.

The $80,000 dollars would come in handy. If nothing else, he could steal both costumes and get another $80,000 or more for it. He stops at a mom and pop gas station to fill his car up and heads towards Potomac, Maryland. Once he arrives there, he figures he’ll have to do some discreet asking around for her exact address.

Peter listens to his favorite songs as he travels towards Potomac, Maryland. He had never felt so calm and excited at the same time. This was going to be one of his biggest scores. He wonders what other Wonder Woman memorabilia she might have.

He finds a little out of the way hotel outside of Potomac, Maryland. He didn’t want to be captured from robbing Lynda Carter’s place. He goes through the information he has so far and knows she was going to have a security system.

His research had turned up that she and her husband had gone on vacation for the week. Also, the two children they had were away at school. That meant he had the place to himself.

During the next day, he does some discreet asking around town and gets the address to Lynda Carter's home. The first problem he finds when he does his scouting is the place is a gated community and has Security buildings at the gates.

That meant he was going to have to get over a fence and the place was near a major highway. Once he got over the fence, he could use the woods for cover. That was going to add time to his timetable. Which means, he was going to need to park his getaway vehicle somewhere close but had many escape routes. Also, he might need a motorcycle, instead of a car. A motorcycle would mean, he couldn’t carry much loot.

He looks at the calendar and notices there wasn’t going to be a moon. Which would work for concealing his movements? He puts his gear together and put it in a backpack. Everything he would need to break into the place and disarm the security systems. He goes out and does some searching for a nice motorcycle he could steal and conceal. He was looking for something that was fast and concealable.

He finally spots the type of motorcycle he was looking for. He watches the owner and where he takes it home. He takes his car back to the hotel and catches a cab to the location where the motorcycle was kept.

He picks the lock on the motorcycle, unlocking it and pushes it a safe distance before starting it. Once he has it started, he heads towards the location where Lynda Carter lives. Peter finds a nice concealable spot where he could hide the motorcycle. He moves to the fence and climbs it before a car could come by.

It was a good thing he was in good shape. He makes his way through the woods quickly and quietly. There were some obstacles in his way.
One of them was a couple of dogs that guarded one property. He had a thing about killing dogs, but not against putting them asleep. He tosses some spike meat treats to the dogs and watch as they ate them. After a few minutes, the dogs fall asleep.

After thirty minutes, he finally arrives at Lynda Carter’s house. He looks around where everything was coming into the house and finds the main phone line. He splices into it to kill the alarm system.

It takes him a few minutes to pick the locks on the house and heads towards the alarm to disarm it. Once the alarm is disabled, he moves about the place. His intel was right about no one being home. There were some nice Wonder Woman and other items he could take and sell.
The problem is, they would be missed.

He doesn’t touch anything and heads upstairs to the Master bed and looks around for the costumes. He does stuff some of her undergarments and clothes in the Duffy bag he brought with him. He knew some people that liked to buy panties and other articles of clothing of celebrities.

He is careful as he searches through her closet for the outfits. He finds a few costumes from other shows and movies she was in and packs those. He finally finds the two complete Wonder Woman outfits and all the accessories that go with them. They were buried so far back in the closet, he doubts Mrs. Carter would even notice them missing. That goes for the other costumes and such he found.

Once he has everything, he resets the alarm and disconnects the device that by-passed the line. He made sure all traces of his visit are cleaned up. Getting back to the stolen motorcycle took him a little longer, but he managed to get there without being seen.

He heads back to his hotel room and tosses the items he had stolen into a secret compartment in his car. He leaves the motorcycle where it could be found and wipes it down clean. Afterward, he heads back to the hotel and checks out.

By the time the sun was rising, he was on the road. He waits till he is about an hour-n-half away before he stops and buys a large coffee. He couldn’t wait till he gets home and examines the costumes to see how bad they were.

The rest of the ride back home was uneventful. Peter was still feeling excited because he just ripped off Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman. He pulls his car into the garage and takes the duffle bag out and up to his spare bedroom. Where he gently takes everything out and lays them out on the bed. He had taken a handful of Lynda Carter’s panties, which he made sure were her sexy type. Several of her bras,
corsets, lingerie, stocking, a few pants, and dresses. Ones that she had been seen in, so it would be easier to sell.

When it came to the Wonder Woman costumes, he was excited. He was getting a hard-on just form holding the costume. He also felt a tingle sensation when he held the costumes in his hands. There was some wear and tear on them, but they looked so nice. He arranges the costumes on the bed with all their accessories.

He picks up a pair of Lynda Carter's panties and sniffs them. He could smell the scented dryer sheet she used to clean her clothes. He puts them back down on the bed and heads towards his bathroom to take a nice relaxing shower. After taking his shower, he heads to bed to get some sleep. He’ll start posting the items on the website to sell them when he gets up.

Six Hours Later:
Peter gets up and walks into the spare bedroom, he looks down at the costumes laying on the bed. A smile appears on his face, as an idea appears on his face. He strips out of the clothes he has own and starts putting the first season Wonder Woman costume on.

At first, he didn’t think he could slip it on with his thin frame, but it goes on tightly on his body. Once he has the costume and boots on “look at me. I’m Wonder Woman.”

He starts twirling around like he had seen Lynda Carter did back on the show. As he spins around, there is a bright flash and he feels like he has stuck his fingers in an electrical outlet. He stumbles some as he comes to a complete stop.

Peter was still tingling as he tries to keep from falling.

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!” He stops when he hears that it wasn’t his voice that he just heard.

He walks over towards a mirror that was in the room and looks at it. He was stun at the image in the mirror.

“What happened?” He looked just like Lynda Carter when she wore the costume on the television show.

“What the fuck. How did this happen?”

A woman wearing an ancient Roman dress, with long black hair appears in the spare bedroom.

“You took something which doesn’t belong to you and then you mocked it. So, now Peter Roe as punishment for the crimes you have committed, you will wear and be the companion for justice.”

Peter turns to look at the woman that just mysteriously appeared “who the fuck, are you and what do you mean I will be the champion of Justice?”

“I will not tolerate such language from someone like you.” Nona's eyes glow as Peter/Lynda Carter is forced to the ground on her knees.

Peter couldn’t believe he was being pushed to the floor by the woman. All she did is looked at him as he was falling to the floor.

“Now, you stole property that did not belong to you. Then you dare to put the costume on and mock for what it stands for. So, as punishment for what you did. You will look like the last person who wore that costume and you will be required to help and defend against evil.”

“But, I don’t want to be a woman. How is what you are doing to me any different then what I did?” Peter didn’t want to be stuck as Lynda Carter and be forced to wear her old costume.

“You put the costume on and mocked what it stood for. The woman who wore this suit before you brought honor to it and didn’t mock it.”
“It was a bloody television show made for children during the late 70’s. It wasn’t real for god sakes.”

A smile appears on Nona’s face “that’s what we wanted you to think. Everything that occurred, was real Mr. Peter.”

“I don’t believe you.” Peter didn’t believe it.

“It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. You are stuck this way until you earn the right to be returned to your male form.”

“You can’t leave me like this.” As he watches as the woman disappears.

Peter felt whatever is holding him down, disappears. He manages to stand up and tries to remove the costume but is unable too.

“How am I supposed to take this off?” As he looks up at the ceiling.

“Do what you did in reverse.”

Peter turns the opposite direction and there is another flash and he is standing in the nude like before.However, he isn’t a male anymore. He looks just like Lynda Carter did when she filmed the Wonder Woman series.

“AH!!” As she faints.

She wakes up a couple of hours later and picks herself up off the floor. She looks in the mirror and she still sees herself as Lynda Carter. As she stands up off the floor, still in the nude. She notices there is a purse sitting on the dresser. She walks over and opens it.

Inside the purse, she discovers new Id’s, credit cards and cash inside a nice wallet in the purse. She pulls one of the Id’s out and notices it was a driver license with her picture. The name on the card said Diana Prince, Age: 24, 1025 Lexicon Rd, Williamsport, PA. Sex: Female

“Great, I don’t know the first thing about being a girl.” Diana stands up and slips on a pair of panties, bra. She heads into her bedroom and discovers all her wardrobe has been changed to fit her new form.

“You have time to learn, Diana. You have time to learn.” As the voice fades.

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I do hope this story will

I do hope this story will continue, as it does look like it will be a rather interesting one indeed. My second favorite female character after Mary Marvel, later followed by Supergirl. What fun!

Pre-breast cancer I hope

If this story doesn't continue, I'm breaking out the gold lariat and getting to the truth

I loved the series

Wendy Jean's picture

and I always thought Linda Carter was beyond pretty.I would not mind being her.

I was turned into Granny from Beverly Hillbillies

laika's picture

But I don't want to talk about that...

Another fine transformation story, Lady Dragon.
For all its cheesiness, what I liked about the original Wonder Woman series
was that it was a period piece. Would be cool if on top of getting turned into Diana Prince
she wound up back in the 1940's, having to deal with not just becoming a woman
but the whole different culture back then (not to mention having an invisible plane
and fighting them dirty Nazis!) but contemporary can be fun too.
~hugs, veronica

I wrote a story with Wonder Woman in it a year or so back
but I think she was the version from the Justice League cartoons...

Giggling now.

WillowD's picture


He might learn a valuable lesson...

That it's rather rude to mock the costumes of a hero, whether the hero is real or only fantasy. Strange things may happen.

I guess I'll to watch this to see how he copes with the end result of his mockery. Perhaps a wiser person will come forth?

I remember watching Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman on TV in the late '70s, likely because my two younger adoptive sisters loved the show. I also recall watching the show again in reruns in the '90s. It was still as enjoyable then as it had been in my adolescent years.

He deserved what he got

Samantha Heart's picture

For what he did. He srole & mocked Wonder woman & desecrated the Amazon women.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

How i became wonderwoman

He is stuck like a woman until he earns the right to be a man again that would be a dream come true for me