Eyes Finally Opened Part 20

Victor and Tielo had been sent to find crazy Freddy. No one really knew where crazy Freddy lived. He had at one time been in the military during the Vietnam war. When he came back from the war, he had a hard time adjusting to being, a civilian again. Victor and Tielo knew they had their work cut out for them to find him.

They try his trailer out first. The place looked like someone else was staying with him. The place was too clean, even for him. It had a bunch of herbs and plants hanging down to dry. A few were finely crushed up in mason jars.

“Looks like he has someone else staying with him.” Tielo was curious who it was.

“From the smell of it, whatever it is, part avian and part human.” Victor had taken a deep breath to scent the area.

“Why do you say it’s part avian?” Tielo hadn’t picked that up.

“Because of this.” Victor had found a feather laying on the floor, sticking out from under the bed.

Tielo couldn’t believe it. The feather looked like it belonged to a dove.

“I wonder who that belong too?”

“Well, whoever it is or whatever it is, it is a female that is for sure.” Victor heads back outside to see if he can locate Crazy Freddy and the winged person that is with him.

Tielo follows behind him. They managed to find a scent that had to be at least a week old. They followed the scent and begin to move faster as they followed the scent.

“He’s heading towards Canada, through Glacier Park.” Victor looks back towards Tielo.

“Let me call Lady Joyce and tell her.” Tielo pulls his sate phone out and calls the manor house.

Manor House:
Lady Joyce was looking at Amy’s blood sample and was compared it to when she first came to live at the manor. She notices her blood had been changed from some sort of virus. Whatever made up the ruby was changing her blood with some type of unknown virus.

“We need to find crazy Freddy right away.”

Amber looks over towards her Alpha “do we know what type of virus?” As she walks over to look at the blood sample for herself.

“No, I have no idea,. All I do know is, it is changing Amy’s blood as fast as she heals.” Lady Joyce looks at her assistant as she examined Amy’s blood.

“Dam, your right, Alpha. Whatever infected Amy is changing her blood.” Amber looks up and over towards Joyce.

Joyce’s cell phone starts ringing. She takes it out and looks at the id. She notices it was Tielo calling her.


“Alpha, crazy Freddy is heading towards the Canadian border. Do we have your permission to pursue?”

Lady Joyce tries to remember if there was any supernatural that claimed the area north of Montana. As far she knew, the only tribe or group was on the right-hand side of their area.

“Proceed with following him and if you run into any trouble. Call me or Cain right away.”

“Yes, Alpha.”

Victor and Tielo:
“Lady Joyce said to proceed with caution and if we run into any problem to call her or Cain.” Tielo puts his sat phone away.

“As far as I know, there isn’t any group that claims the area north of Montana. We own the whole state.” Victor knew the area pretty good.

“Lady Joyce said there was a group in the right-hand corner of the state.” Tielo changes into his hybrid form and waits for Victor.

Victor changes into his Hybrid form and leads the way with Tielo following behind him. Victor follows the path Freddy took “there’s a small group up in the right-hand corner that has taken sanctuary up there and is in the process of refurbishing an abandoned town as their own.”

“Cain is allowing this?”

“Yes, they aren’t very big and is being led by a friend of Cain’s.”

“Why don’t they just move down here?” Tielo didn’t like traveling far from the manor.

“Because they aren’t Were-Cats and they have other races with them. They also want to be left alone till the group feels safe. A few of them
are refugees from the HSL detection center.”

“Interesting. Well, we have a hike ahead of us. Let’s get moving.”

Victor leads them as they travel through the woods and follow a hidden path. A few times they had to avoid a bunch of normal people out jogging the paths. The rule was, they couldn’t be seen in their beast form.

It took them some time and when it started to get dark. They stopped for the night and camped out. Lucky for them, Tielo special ability allowed him to summon clothes. That way they wouldn’t have to stay in their hybrid form all night.

Victor forges for some food for them. After about an hour, he comes back with two rabbits and a few other edible plants.

“You know, we could have hunted down a deer or something.” Tielo’s had gotten a fire going and used his claws to make some wooden cups for them. He found a creek nearby that had clean water they could drink from.

Victor skinned the rabbits and put them on a spit to cook. He found some herbs while forging for the rabbits and use them to spice the rabbits.

“Where did you learn to camp like this?” Tielo knew he needed to learn how to forge.

“When I was first turned, I spent three years by myself in Alaska, getting uses to being a Were. It took me a while to adjust.” Victor found it hard after he was turned, because every time he got angry, it brought forth his animal.

“Did the person who turned you, helped you with your new status?”

“I killed the one that turned me. It happened while he was trying to kill me. It took a Were by the name of Edward to explain to me, what I had become. He stayed with me while I tried to figure out what I was in Alaska. After we came back, he went to be with his family and said if I ever need him, to let him know.” Victor knew Edward saved his life. At one time, he had thought about taking his own life.

When morning came around, the next day. They started back on their search. The trail ended near a path that went up into the mountains.

“How good of a climber are you?” Victor glances towards Tielo.

“I’m not very good, but my cat is. It shouldn’t be a problem with his help.” Tielo starts following Victor up a path.

After three hours, they come to a cave and go inside. It was where Freddy’s scent was leading to. Victor looked at the cave and could tell it wasn't made by nature. The walls were to smooth and glass like finish to them. As they went deeper, they find that it was furnished.

“I wonder who lives here?” Tielo was curious.

“I do and why are your trespassing?” Arial had spotted two unknown Were-cats entering her cave. Freddy was still out collecting some plants.

Victor and Tielo turn around when they hear a voice coming from behind them.

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