The Bunny Journals, Journal Entry 4

June 27, 2018

Okay, today I so wanted to deck a few guys. I was out working in my front yard, trying to earn some allowance. When some older teenage boys came by and made comments. First, they wanted to know if my tail was real or was I wearing a butt plug with a bunny tail on it. Secondly, they wanted to know do I fuck like a rabbit, and you know what that means. Thirdly, they were saying how they would love to see how I was in bed with all three of them. They did mention that they couldn’t figure out how I had such a nice rack of tits and what they wanted to do to them.

I just ignored them and continue to plant some flowers my mother bought to plant in the front gardens. Later, in the day I get a call from Lexi asking if I was busy. She wanted to meet me at our normal hangout. So, I met her at our local library. Yes, the kids came running up to me and wanted to get pictures and such. The same thing happened to Lexi as well.

So, after two hours of taking pictures and reading a story or two. The two of us managed to sneak away to talk. She informed me, that the team had been approached by a guy from the Secret Service. They wanted to recruit the team as special agents to protect the President and his cabinet members.

Lexi said that they turned them down. One, because they were still underage and would need their parent’s permission, and Two, because they didn’t like the President or for what he stood for. They thought it had ended there until Tech discovered that their homes, cell phones, and computers were being monitored. So, he destroyed their capability to monitor or trace them. After all, he was the character in the television show.

That had brought a smile to my face. She did say that Tech helped a family member win the lottery. That was how they afforded to buy the building they were in and turning it into their headquarters.

The other members of their team were growing on them. She said the dynamics of the team was just like the cartoons. Ace was in charge, with her acting as second in command and then Danger Duck. Which, she had to admit wasn’t as egotistic or a showboat like his television version.

After we finished our conversion, we hit the mall and spent some money. It was nice to learn a few girl things from Lexi. She was already a girl before she became a female bunny. She suggested a few things too about how girls masturbated and suggested a few adult toys to please me. She told me, her aunt had bought her, her first vibrator when she turned sixteen years old.

While we were shopping we had a nice lunch at our favorite pizza parlor. Afterward, she had to leave to meet up with the rest of her group. I caught the bus home. I felt someone stroke my tail while I was getting off the bus. By the time I turned around to see who it was, the bus was already moving.

It didn’t bother me so much, but still, they could have asked to rub my tail. As for the rest of the week since my last entry, everything has been normal. Getting used to being a girl is a full-time job. My mother has been drilling into me proper manners and such. She said I had some catching up to do. Especially, figuring out what type of style and what type of woman I want to be.

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