How I Became My Mother

Ivana heads bop back and forth as her father forces his huge penis deep into her throat. It hurt each time he drives his penis deep into her throat. He continues till he finally erupts and fills her mouth.

“Swallow it, bitch!”

Ivana couldn’t breathe as he holds her head close and makes her swallow. She wanted to throw up, but she manages to swallow everything. Tears were streaming down her face. She felt so dirty and used like she was just a slab of meat.

The corset she was forced to wear was restricting her breathing. It was on so tight, that the skin underneath was bruised. Her breast was hurting her from the milk she was producing.

Over the baby monitor, the sounds of two crying babies could be heard.

Ivana’s father shoves her backward away from between his legs. She lands on her butt hard.

“Go feed the babies, you cow. When you are done feeding the children. I want this house spice and span. We are going to have a guest tonight. Put on something revealing and sexy tonight. Who knows, if you play your cards right, tonight. You can have some more cock. You’re turning out to be a better slut then your mother was. Oh, that’s right. You are your mother.” Ivana’s father gets up and heads into the bathroom.

Ivana picks herself up off the floor and uses a wet napkin to clean her chin. She goes towards the nursery to take care of her sisters. She sits down in the rocking chair that her mother uses to rock her in and breastfeed the twins. As soon as they start suckling off her, she starts feeling some relief. The dosage of the drugs the doctor has been giving her to produce her own breast milk was extremely strong. They were making her breast produce enough for both twins. They were making her breast bigger and heavy. She rocks back and forth as she cries.

She misses her mother and wishes she was still alive. She let the tears come as she finishes breastfeeding the twins. Once they are done, she burps them and checks their diapers. She needs to find a way to get rid of her father and try to get her life together again.

She goes about cleaning the house. As she is dusting, she stops when she comes to a picture of herself and her mother. She holds it as she thinks about what was done that night. She had been made over to look like her mother. She had been kidnapped off the street by two guys working for her father and taken to a private clinic.

When she woke up, her mother was laying nude beside her. She was naked as well and strapped down on a table next to her. Her father was standing nearby, and he looked to be talking with a doctor by the way he was a dress.

“I want her to be an exact copy of her mother. Every scar, every bone that had ever been broken and healed. I don’t care what you do, just do it. Because without her, I can’t get my hands on the family money.” He looks towards her and smile.

The doctor he had been talking too, walked off.

“Since you and your mother were so close, Kevin. I decided that you will be taking her place as my wife and as the twin’s mother. You’re going to be just like your mother and if you tell anyone or try to escape. Well, you never know what will happen to the twins or the pictures I have of you.” An evil smile appears on his face.

Her father had been true to his words. Her body was made over to be just like her mother’s body. No part of her body was left untouched. Her fingerprints had been removed, along with her own and transplanted onto her hand. Her finger was shaved down to the same size as her mothers.

Her father didn’t even give her time to heal before he broke her in. After her father was done with her. He brought a few men in to break her in even further. She was sexually used for two weeks straight either by her father or different men. They made sure she understood that this was what she is to expect.

Her father needed to make it seem that her mother was still alive. Even though he was her husband, he couldn’t touch any of her money otherwise. Any money her father wanted had to come from her. Which meant at times, she had to go to the bank and draw the money out. Lucky for her, her mother had put in certain safeguards she never told her husband.

The safeguards prevented her from drawing out large amounts of money without her lawyer present. There was only so much money she could withdraw per month. When her father found out about the restrictions. He took his anger out on her. So, now he had to wait to get what he wanted.

She did leave a letter for her that was in a safe deposit box her father knew nothing about. It was instructions should something happen to her and who to contact. She followed the instructions and was just waiting to hear back.

For the next two weeks after that night, which she ended up servicing several guys and her father. Things become unbearable around the house. Her father becomes sadistic to her. He sexually abuses her every way possible and leaves her tied up or chain up sometimes.

One day, while she is recovering from what her father did to her the night before. She hears someone knocking on the front door. She carefully slips on her robe. Her whole body had been abused last night and her shoulder joints were hurting her from being pulled straight up and left like that.

She had been made to ride the rail last night for a long period of time. She felt like it was going to cut her in half, as the sharp angle dug into her bottom. She walks carefully towards the front door. She gathers herself before opening the door. Standing on the other side of the door was a police officer.

“Morning officer. What can I do for you?” Ivana was curious why a police officer was visiting her.

“Do you mind if I come in, ma’am?”

Ivana steps aside to let the officer in. She shuts the door behind him.

“I was about to make some coffee, Officer. Would you like a cup?”

“No, ma’am. I have some unfortunate news for you. Your husband has been involved in an accident and is in critical condition.”

“What happened?”

“Your husband was hit head-on by another car. It seems that your husband was busy texting and not paying attention to the light.”

Inside Ivana was happy as a clam. She was happy her father got what he deserved, and she was no longer his or his friend's whore. She was finally free of his controlling nature and could lead a normal life.

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