Nora Midnight Part 20

Christine couldn’t believe she could finally get the operation to finally fix her birth defect. She wonders if Cheshire offer, to pay for the operation still stood and meant it. She figures she’ll ask Nora if Cheshire meant what she offered to do. She could smell the scent of cooking food drifting from the backyard.

She heads back towards the backyard and could hear splashing going on. She steps outside and notices Ginger and Melody in the pool splashing each other. Kelly was in her skimpiest bikini and so was Nora. Nora had an apron on protecting her as she stood at the barbecue unit fixing dinner. The unit had everything Nora needed to cook outside. It was like a second kitchen in her backyard.

“Christy, put your swimsuit on and join us.” Ginger was moving some of her wet hair out of her eyes.

“P-Please-e C-Christy-y?” Melody swims over and stands next to Ginger.

Christine notices Ginger was wearing her emerald green bikini and Melody was wearing her sapphire color bikini. She was doing better since
she came to live with them.

“Alright, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Christine loved Melody and Ginger as if they were her younger sisters. She wishes she had sisters like them when she was younger.

Christine heads back into the house and changes into her swimsuit. After she changes, she fixes drinks for everyone. She knew Kelly like Long Island Ice Tea, she fixes Nora a Margarita, and for Melody and Ginger, she fixes virgin Margarita’s for them. She fixes herself a Long Island as well. She may not be twenty-one yet, but Nora didn’t mind her having a drink at the house. Since she uses to be a bartender at the restaurant.

Christine walks back outside with a tray filled with drinks. She walks over towards Kelly first “one long island ice tea for you.”
Kelly sits up and takes the offered drink “Thank you, Christine.”

“You’re welcome.” Christine moves over towards Nora.

“The Margarita with the salt and lime is yours, Nora.”

“Thank you, Christine.” Nora takes the Margarita with the lime and salt on the rim.

“Ginger, Melody I have drinks up here for you.” Christine takes the tray and sets it on the outside table.

“Thanks, Sis.” Ginger gets out of the pool with Melody following behind her.

“It’s Margarita time!” Ginger and Melody starts singing the Margarita song by Jimmy Buffet.

Nora just shakes her head at their antics. She loved watching the two of them dance and sing. She was proud of Melody as she overcame the things that were done to her.

“How long have the two of you been working on that?” Kelly was proud of both girls as well.

“We didn’t.” Ginger takes a sip of her Margarita.

“Well, you two did a wonderful job performing it.” Christine liked it.

“Thanks, Sis.” Ginger and Melody hug Christine.

“Girls, could you come over here and grab the food, please?” Nora was both happy and proud of the girls.

“C-Coming-g m-mom-m.” Melody heads over towards Nora.

Ginger was right behind her. She gooses Melody.

Melody jumps forward when she gets goosed. She turns around and notices a smile on Ginger’s face. She just wiggles her butt as she grabs a tray of meats Nora cooked.

Ginger just laughs as she grabs the next tray of food. She follows Melody over to the table and set it down. Christine carries a tray as well.
Kelly comes over to the table and takes a seat. Melody and Ginger sit across from Christine, while Nora and Kelly sit across from each other.

“Dig in.” Nora takes some meat and passes the tray around.

Once Christine ha her plate like she wants, she looks towards Nora “mom, I finally got my letters from my doctors saying I can get the surgery
to fix my birth defect. I was wondering if Cheshire meant what she said about paying for it?”

“Who’s Cheshire?” Ginger and Melody were both curious about this Cheshire person.

“She’s a friend of the family. She teaches and raise big game cats.” Kelly knew who Cheshire was. She had asked Nora once when she came
across her picture in Nora’s phone and a few books in her library.

“She’s a school teacher?” Ginger was curious.

“Nope, she’s a zoologist that specializes in big game cats, like Tigers, Lion, Panthers, Cheetahs, Leopards, and Ligers. She owns a Liger that
is named Shur Khan.”

Christine looks confused at Nora. She thought Cheshire was a special agent or something. Then she thinks about what Cheshire told her when she visited her. She said she was a zoologist, but something told her that wasn’t true.

“W-What’s a liger-r?” Melody was curious.

“It’s an offspring between a Lion and a Tiger. It’s extremely rare for one to be produced from a mating.” Nora knew what a Liger was. She met
Shur Khan once.

“Awesome! I would love to meet one.” Ginger was excited.

“W-What is-s an offspring-g of a Tiger-r and Lion-n called-d?” Melody was curious.

“That’s a Tigon. I don’t think Cheshire has ever raised one.”

Nora wasn’t sure, but as far as she knew, Cheshire has never raised one.

“If Cheshire has offered to pay for your surgery, then she means it. Did she say where you would be having it done?”

“She said she was going to call the doctor that operated on her oldest daughter. Was she the one I pulled from the burning building?”

“Yep, she is a police officer with the HPD special division. Which means you’ll be having the operation in Hawaii and more than likely staying with Cheshire at her place.”

“Hawaii? Dang, sis. That’s the most beautiful place to go. You can go down to the beach to surf and relax. I’m also jealous you can have your
operation.” Ginger wouldn’t mind having her birth defect removed. She and William were getting serious in their relationship. She had been
honest about being trans to him and he had been stunned at first when she told him, but he got over it.

“She won’t be doing much surfing after her operation, Ginger. It takes about two whole months to recover from the surgery.” Kelly knew a few trannies’s that had the operation and they told her what it felt like.

“Still I want my birth defect fixed and if that means I have to be down for two months, I’ll do it.” Ginger knew she was going to have to wait till she turned 18yrs. old before she could get her surgery.

Melody places her hand on Gingers and gives it a little squeeze. She knew how much Ginger hated that she couldn’t experience everything Melody did.

“It takes two months to recover?” Christine looks over towards Kelly.

“About that. The first month is the worse. Have you talked to your boss yet about taking the time off for the operation?”

“I just got my letters today, but you are right Kelly. I don’t know if I can take the time off.” Christine knew she was still new at the company she worked for.

“Talk with your boss and tell him that the operation is necessary. I don’t think he’ll mind. When do you plan on doing it?” Nora was curious.

“I was thinking about over the summer vacation. I know you, Ginger and Melody will be starting summer vacation next week.” Christine wanted to be home and knew Nora, Ginger, and Melody would be home for summer vacation.

“Hawaii does sound like a nice honeymoon place, Nora.” Kelly looks towards her wife.

“We could see if Cheshire will show us, Shur Khan.” Ginger wanted to meet him.

“Alright, let me talk with Cheshire and arrange things. Do you want to talk to her Christine?” Nora looks towards Christine.

“Yes, ma’am. I just want to make sure I didn’t hear her wrong.”

“Knowing Cheshire, I doubt you heard her wrong.” Nora knew when Cheshire spoke to you and told you something. You can bet she meant every word of it.

After dinner, the girls and Christine help clean everything up. They have a water fight in the pool. Melody team up with Nora, Ginger teams up with Kelly and Christine was the judge. Ginger accidentally causes Kelly’s top to come off when she falls from her shoulder.

“Sorry, momma Kelly.” Ginger hands her top back to her.

“That’s alright sweetie.” Kelly puts her top back on.

Ginger couldn't help but stare at Kelly’s breasts and how big they were. She wanted her breast to be as big as Kelly’s.

“Momma Kelly are your breasts natural or enhanced?”

Kelly was a little taken back by the question, she knew Ginger was just curious. She was bigger than Nora in the breast department. She also knew that her breasts was one of the features Nora liked.

“Mine are natural Ginger. Why, do you ask?”

“I want mine to be as big as yours.”

Kelly looks at Ginger’s frame and tries to imagine what her breast size would be on her. Ginger was slim and petite.

“If you really want to be as big as mine, I would get a D cup, Ginger. Anything bigger, you’ll have back problems with your frame.”

“T-Trust me sis-s. H-Having b-big breast-t isn’t-t fun-n.” Melody knew what she was talking about because she was a 38DD cup and was only 13 years old. She was only 5’5” tall.

“Can I get that as a birthday present?” Ginger looks at Nora and Kelly.

Nora just shakes her head at Ginger “I won’t make any promises, but if you can wait till your 18 years old, I’ll pay for you to have your operation and get a breast increase.”

“Thanks, mom.” Ginger hugs Nora.

Nora knew the money Ginger was supposed to get from her parents dying. It had been recovered and put in an account Ginger couldn’t touch till she was twenty-one years old. Nora tickles Melody as she holds her against her body.

Melody just giggles as she is being tickled by Nora. She never thought she would ever have a loving mother again. She felt loved being held in Nora’s arms.

Nora glances over towards Kelly and she had Ginger in her arms and was tickling her. A smile appears on her face as the laughter of the two girls filled the air.

Afterward, the girls and Christine head inside leaving Nora and Kelly outside in the pool. Kelly slips her bikini off and undoes Nora’s.

“You know, we don’t have to wait for the girls to go to bed, to do this.” Nora holds Kelly in her arms.

“I know, but I do like it when it is just you and me in the nude out here under the moon in the pool.” Kelly kisses Nora.

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